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ITT: Wierd Paranormal/Life changing events...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Wierd Paranormal/Life changing events that happened in your life

I'll start.

>few years ago
>16 years old
>playing with my nephew, 2 years old
>I go out of his playroom to get him a snack
>come back in
>he's giggling and waving at the window, which the shutters were closed
>"What are you laughing at, Buddy?"
>"Jesus had to take Mimi back home."

Mimi was my grandmother who had passed away years before that, which my nephew never was told about Mimi.
My nephew has no idea who Mimi is, yet he connected Jesus and Her together.

If this doesn't make you question that there is a Devine being, I don't know what will.
>In elementary school my favorite teacher was this lady named Miss Harris.
>She was out one day, we had a sub.
>went on a bathroom break because I had too many tendies the night before and ran into Miss Harris
>She walked me to the bathroom and told me she would miss me.
>Get back to classroom and tell everyone our teacher was back.
>Substitute looks noticeably disturbed. Asks me to walk with her to the office.
>They inform me that the sub was there because Miss Harris had passed away the night before and they were waiting until the afternoon announcements to inform the school.

So who the fuck walked me down the hall?
I have another story too. It didn't happen to me. It happened to my cousin. But I did see an apparition of some sort. Weird and creepy as fuck story about a pedophillic ghost. Keep this thread alive while I type it up.


the first house I had lived in was haunted by some native american person and we were talking about getting a parnomal expert to see what we should do about it and while we said we were getting the paranormal expert the back yard table flew across the back yard and that night there was no god damn wind ;_;
Ive got one some fag read a book and belives in fairy tales called religon

I always had memories of relatives i never actually met. my parents pulled old photos out and I was pretty sure I knew them since I was about 3, i remember them visiting me and once i visited them, but they had each passed away before I was born (one while i was still in the womb).

I work for a psychic now and he says its pretty common cuz im in my second validation cycle. all of his clients are still in their first so they seem to hold me in high regard.

this was an actual conversation at the spirit workshop we did last week:
>so what powers do you have?
Bumpin to keep it alive
>Uncle, his wife, and their daughter move into old plantation-style house built in the 1930s-1940s i believe.
>Looks a little like the Amityville Horror House
>It looks creepy as fuck even without knowing what I'm about to tell you.
>It's dirt cheap for it's size, but my uncle had never had money before this and it was burning a hole in his pocket so he purchased the house.
>never inquire much about the price or why the previous owners left.
>over the next six months random ghost shit starts happening.
>drafts, cabinets opening and shutting, refrigerator door will be wide open, lights go on and off.
>this is annoying, but not really scary. It doesn't even phase them after the first couple of weeks.
>Until one night.
>Parents notice a pattern.
>When these supernatural occurrences happen their daughter (I wanna say ~4-5years old at the time) goes into the room where it happens.
>The parents wouldn't let her at first because they were scared, but once the whole "haunted house" thing stopped bothering them, they didn't mind. They never even got up to check on the noises anymore.
>Their daughter was gone for an awfully long time one night and they went to check on her
>When they got closer to the room they could hear her talking and when they opened the door they saw a foggy "figure" that disappeared almost instantly.
>She starts crying and says "Mr Smith left" (not the guy's name, but I can't remember it. It was a distinguishable name. Something in Italian)
>Daughter gets put to bed.
>a few weeks pass, she's not allowed to go investigate the noises anymore.
>Teacher sends note home saying that daughter has been complaining about not sleeping at night.
>Parents confront her about this
>Daughter says "I can't sleep when he's watching"
>Parents ask who
>"Mr. Smith"
>Parents are genuinely freaked the fuck out but still kind of think she may just be having bad dreams.
>Give her some Benadryl to knock her out and stay up all night investigating the house.


> Be 20
>Go on 4chan
>Make a thread
>No one calls me a faggot

And that was the day I started to believe in jesus again
Fucking continue.
My officially spooked.
You and I know you're making this up.
This didn't happen either.
100% honest.
There would be no gain for me to lie.
Oh look everyone. There's an atheist among us!

One of the most dangerous 'movement' groups in America are the atheists. Atheists are a cult somewhat similar to satanists, but based on the idea that no God exists. Atheism is taking much of Europe, especially France and Germany and even much of Canada by storm.

Atheists believe that all people evolved from monkeys and rocks. They also believe that the universe was created by an explosion called “The Big Bang”. Even a child knows that explosions destroy (rather than create), however I only mention this as a means to illustrate just how preposterous and unscientific the core beliefs of Atheists actually are.

Some Atheists call themselves “Intellectuals” or “Agnostics”, but all of them have something in common; specifically they do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and therefore are going to Hell... but more than that they wish to drag us all along with them!

You may not personally know an Atheist, but there are over 500,000 active atheists in the USA. Despite the relatively insignificant size of this group, they are part of a well-motivated conspiracy to destabilize our values.
Woah dude, you might cut someone with that edge.
You're at least lying to yourself. You know deep down this didn't happen.
That nephew's name? Albert Einstein.
Shit, he's on to us!
good bait
OP here, got another story with my nephew, it happened with my brother though, I'm telling from his point of view.
>in living room watching tv
>nephew playing with toys
>"Mimi! Come play!"
>nephew is signaling towards an empty chair and patting ground beside him, as if he wants Mimi to sit next to him
>speechless, almost in tears

Going from what he told me
No need to state the obvious.
>muh intelligince
>omg guy talks about religion
>fedora to te rescue
>stupid fairytales
>am saving yu all from ur stupid delusions bcuz im super smart
How's about you shut up and just let people be instead of trying to maintain your ego you fat little fuck
>Atheists believe that all people evolved from monkeys and rocks

Actually we evolved from fishes and plants. I'm a atheists, I know these kinds of things.
OP here, All the people calling it lies and bullshit, has anything like this ever happened to you?

Part 2/2
>Parents do some investigating. Find out when the house was built, who built it, etc.
>Still nothing, but have a few numbers to call the next day.
>Hear very loud noise from daughters room and daughter crying.
>Run in there and see drawer of daughters dresser on the ground.
>Underwear drawer* (this comes in later)
>Daughter starts sleeping with them and is allowed no alone time. Noises still continue.
>A week or two pass as parents continue researching. Finally find something. (I forget what it was they found, but it led them to a list of the crew)
>Mr. Smith was part of the crew that built the house
>Mr. Smith was also a registered child molestor.
>Mr. Smith was killed during the construction of the house.
>Can't remember if I mentioned it earlier, but this was the first time my uncle had ever had money and sank it all into the house.
>Which means he wasn't able to just pick up and move to another house.
>Hired a paranormal investigator (kek)
>Suggest building an addition to the house because the spirit wouldn't be able to go there.
>Uncle uses what little money he has to build an addition to the house.
>Daughters room is moved to there.
>the first night she stays in there she starts screaming hysterically.
>Parents dart out of their room and see a white figure standing at the spot where the old house ends and new one begins, staring directly into the daughters room.
>disappears almost immediately.
>Uncle's family goes to stay with grandmother while they put the house on the market.
>They hired a company to go get their stuff, a realtor would sell the house, and the family has never returned to the house since.
>be at some summer camp for church kids
>camp counselors telling ghost stories
>holy fuck they're really good story tellers
>scared out of my mind with the rest of the kids
>literally feel like the darkness is collapsing in on me, can feel the hands of darkness pulling the heat away from my body
>all the sudden, smell the most putrid thing
>someone shouts "TAYLOR POOPED HIS PANTS!"
>everyone scatters out of the room
>feeling passes
>have new respect for what the brain can convince itself of.
And where did the fishes and plants come from?
single-celled organisms
And where did those come from?
Matter cannot be created or destroyed.
happened to someone I was with. I've had moments where I saw something mysterious in the sky that I swore was moving nit I used a frame of reference and it wasn't my eyes were just tired.

Your brain fools you. There is no such thong as the supernatural.
I'm liking this thread. Bump.
That's not true.
And the story about me seeing the ghost is a shorter one.
>during all this time I continue to go over there, albeit very seldomly.
>she never spoke of the ghost
>no one did
>we were going to play in her creepy ass attic one night
>this shit was seriously fucking creepy. It was basically a crawlspace until you got to the top of the steps.
>once we walked up there I switched the light on and she started screaming like she was about to be fucking murdered or something.
>I didn't know what the fuck was going on.
>I turn the light off and walk downstairs after her. As I'm turning to leave, I see a white silhouette at the window. Like smoke, but different somehow.
>that's exactly what she saw too.
>That's the last time I went to that house.
Matter can be created by other matter particles
You do know that your body contains heavy elements like iron right?
>be last year
>brother killed
>driving back home for funeral
>look up to heavens
>bro if you're there, say something, do something, let me know
>open heart for any response at all
>keep waiting

sorry guys, no god
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Aunt and uncle own a ranch that had a mail path in the 1890's. There is a guest house that served as the waypoint station for travelers.
>2 year old wakes up one night.
>Won't go to bed, wants to walk around and play and talk.
>Fights going to bed, looks at the wall and says "Bye bye"
>Goes to sleep.

We are in line to inherit the 2300 acre property, I'm not quite sure I'll stay there overnights.
Matter can and is created and annihilated all the time.
OP here, here's another story my mother told me.

>mother made a little commemoration box for Mimi and hung it up in the hallway
>she is admiring it one day, strolling through memory lane
>she just examines it for at least 15-20 minutes
>I'm playing vidya in my room
>I rush out to her
>she points to two footprints right behind her, as if someone was standing behind her
>my father had already left for work, works nights
>only me and mother in house
>"My mother is here with us, Anon."
>we both start crying
>"Shit's freaky..."

They say your loved ones will always be around after they pass and help you more than they could when they were alive.
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>Be me
>Look in mirror
>Am vietnam fucking shit
your bro is in hell, atheist
File: 1400706435579.jpg (103 KB, 640x419) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Probably remembered the time when you blamed him for using socks to cum inside of you dick.
> a few years ago
>Begin commute to work
>Pull over for gas
>Turn out of gas station
>Guy in front of me is texting or something, car is veering off to the right.
>Few yards down, homeless man stands on curb
>Homeless man reaches for something in the gutter
>Car in front of me slams into homeless man's head at 50mph
>Guy's head comes off, body shots up into the air
>swerve to avoid body Landing on my car
>pull over, run over to body

>nigga dead.

I have since had a profound change in the way I appreciate shit in life. I quit the job I hated, cut out poisonous people in my life, started treating my gf right and became closer with my family.

Oh, and I also stopped texting and driving. Fuck that.
RNA faggot get educated holy shit
no it is true, i am an atheist, but you're fucking stupisfd
Did that sound better in your head?
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stupid* my bad how ironic
It's all gonna have a cheesy ass punchline
>uncle died recently
>having family lunch at grandma's
>uncle would stay at grandma's whenever he'd visit
>see uncle walk around the corner
>heart races
>it's just my step-cousin Travis
The mind messes with you under severe stress and grieving
File: 1365101403018.jpg (81 KB, 600x836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It just doesn't happen like that.
You can't just force it to happen.
You must keep your eyes open and truly have an open heart.
You were trying to force an answer, and got shut down.
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I can post my few stories, but they're not exactly "life-changing"

>about 3 or 4 years ago
>sleeping in my bed, suddenly wake up
>glance over at the digital clock, it's 3am, or sometime around then
>as I'm still looking at the clock, the minutes start to go by like seconds
>this is very startling, so I reach over to turn on my bedside light, while keeping my eye on the clock
>as soon as I flip the switch on the light, there's a loud bump in my closet, but the clock stopped ticking off time so fast
>feel a bit braver now with light in the room, so I go check out what's up in the closet
>the hatch that leads to my attic located in my closet is askew
>nope the fuck out of the closet
>keep my lights on all night
>don't sleep till daylight
>when I check my phone for time in the morning, it matches up with what the digital clock says
I still don't know what the fuck was going on that night.
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>a few weeks after the last incident
>sleeping in my bed again, pretty much forgot about prior occurrences
>suddenly woken up by my name whispered in my ear
>open my eyes
>black smoke swirling around, about 3 feet in diameter is a foot away from my face
>my heart drops, pure adrenalin shoots through my body
>reach for the light switch again
>the second I turn it on, the smoke-shit is gone
>maybe 4 or 5 seconds elapsed from the point of hearing my name whispered and seeing it disappear
>look at the clock
>it's 3:33 a.m.
>same drill as before, lights on all night, no sleep until daylight
Don't know why, but this shit always happens at 3:33 or close to then.
Next story is one my friend also experienced, so I know I'm not schizophrenic or some shit
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yeah dude that means your brother's in hell save yourself before it's too late
Not life changing but:

>Be 16
>We used to have field parties, essentially we'd go to a random field in the country and drink until everyone left
>Farmer finds us in his field, kicks us off
>Walking through the streets in the country, with friends
>See triangle of red lights in the sky, too close to be aircraft and not blinking. Too big. It wasnt aircraft 100%. Not a wheather balloon. Nothing
>Coming closer, moving, then dissapear
>Reported on the news a couple of days later
>See all over the world, no one knows what it is
>Don't want to say aliens but dont know what else to suggest
>be hanging out at my friend's house all night, playing video games, shit like that
>we notice how late it is, so he decides to drive me home
>turn the corner to my street, my house is maybe half a mile down, and the last one on the street
>while we're approaching my house in the car, I'm looking out the side window from the passenger seat
>I suddenly see weird light refractions, and bends in the light coming from in front of the car, but only glimpse it out the corner of my eye
>even seeing as little as I did, I get that familiar pit of despair feeling in my gut
>my friend stops the car and says, "anon, did you fucking see that?" in a shaky voice
>I'm like, "fuck, I saw something, don't know what, but it made me feel like complete shit."
>He tells me he saw a black figure appear in front of the car's headlights, and it made the headlight beams bounce off of it in weird ways, so it appeared straight up black.
>well shit, that must have been what I was seeing. Kind of glad I didn't see the black figure
>It just so happens to be 3:33 a.m. again
>we nope the fuck back to his house, and I spend the night there
>the AC in upstairs has crapped out
>it's the middle of the summer in Phoenix, so me, my brother, and my sister all sleep in the downstairs living room that has working AC
>I'm on the couch, they're on sleeping bags on the floor
>wake up in the middle of the night again
>the only light is from a streetlight outside, barely coming through the blinds. Everything's barely visible
>look over and see the silhouette of my little brother standing up on top of his sleeping bag
>I say, "James, go back to sleep. It's late"
>As soon as I say it, he jerks toward me and just stands there seemingly staring at me
>I keep saying "James, lay down"
>still staring
>the remote for the TV is next to me on the floor
>grab it and turn it on so I can see what's up with my brother
>as soon as the TV light flickers on, my brother's silhouette disappears
>look down, he was in his sleeping bag the whole time
>check my phone, of course it's 3 fucking 33
I used to have really dark dreams about a little girl telling me to kill my mother. Just shouting that I know what she did to her, then maybe a year later my mom implied she had an abortion.

I chalk it up to hearing it and my crazy subconscious projecting, but sometimes it really freaks me out.
What is E=mc2

What is matter antimatter reaction...
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if that's all real anon i'm fucking spooked right now you're possessed
Calling people fedoras doesn't make believing in fairy tales any less pathetic.
I'm literally huddled in my bed right now.
Fuck you man. I'm about to go to sleep.
Open yourself to suggestion. Right.
To all those who are spooked, enjoy some kitties, courtesy of OP.

It's not.
Believing in "fairy tales" doesn't make a person pathetic. Not realizing we're all going to fucking die and if there's an afterlife we're all fucking screwed (except maybe the mormons and the catholics), well, that's pathetic AND just plain retarded.
I got a few pictures in and thought there would either be a jump scare or kittens being murdered so I turned it off.
Spoopy unexplainable things do happen, anon, just not to you because you're boring
Feels good to be Catholic right now.

I'm going to be banging angels one day while you're all burning in hell.
matter is condensed energy and can be converted into energy and vise versa
matter and anti-matter reactions
creates enormous amounts of energy, corresponding to the mass being converted

i know my shit nigga
He lived a good life, went to church, wife and new baby, killed by drunk driver. Why would he be in hell?
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>They say your loved ones will always be around after they pass and help you more than they could when they were alive.

Shit, so my grandparents can see me jerking off to beast porn?

That sucks.

Fucking perverts.
File: 1394419556103.jpg (88 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 480x480
The edge is unreal, I was fifteen once too.
God forbid other people have their own beliefs. Stop trying to be such a sour, edgy fuck, it's probably why everyone hates you

>Be me 8 years old
>Getting ready for school
>Brush my teeth then take a piss
>While taking a piss I notice something in the corner of my eye
>Look at the corner of the bathroom curtain
>see black spirit like hand trying to grab me

Saw the samething in a paralysis I had. I spoke to a christian fanatic cousin of mine and he told me it was the angel of death.
I wonder this from time to time lol. If our loved ones are watching over us or can read our thoughts, all the deceased hate me and think I'm one sick motherfucker

It also explains why I've lost many close ones in my family.

>Grandma died at 8
>My aunt died from cancer when I arrived to our family home in Cuba
>Uncle shot himself and his wife because she was abusing him, and he couldn't take it anymore
what church did he go to? maybe he's in purgatory
Here's a vid of a litter of kitties and some random guy.
The other link is legit as well, but I understand if you'd rather take a YouTube vid other than some sketchy sounding URL.
I'm in my twenties and no people hate me for other reasons. I don't actually talk about atheism that often I'm just sick of the fucking fedora meme. I've never even seen one of those people irl.
>They say your loved ones will always be around after they pass and help you more than they could when they were alive.

What if I never visited them?

Did I mention the black spirit in my sleep paralysis was talking backwards?
File: 1406099319071.jpg (895 KB, 1417x1890) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
895 KB, 1417x1890
>They say your loved ones will always be around after they pass and help you more than they could when they were alive.

This wank's for you, grandma.
File: 1305161823507.jpg (9 KB, 197x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me at 19
>jacking off
>have a cast on
>dad walks in
>pic related.jpg
>"son this is pathetic"
>still finish
>i dont give a fuck
That is fucked up.

Not a ghost story, but we had this guy in our town who had just got married and gone on his honeymoon, then on the way back they noticed that a black guy was standing on the porch of their house. He drove by like it wasn't his house and even waved to the guy. He dropped his wife off at a neighbors down the street and went to investigate while waiting on the cops. He asked the guy if he was new to the neighborhood and went along with everything he was saying just to keep him there until the cops got there.
All of a sudden a guy walks from around the back of the house and says he loaded everything up and that they needed to leave. The man who came from around back notices the guy as the owner from the pictures inside the house and flips out. Guy on porch shoots him in the head and they run away. The guy started out kind of doing okay (was barely able to talk to get the story out), but his condition got worse and worse and he died after about two weeks.

Niggers gonna nig.
All these people are just as stupid as god believers
File: image.jpg (120 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Implying grandpa didn't have his fun with the family dog
File: image.jpg (155 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have you even tried to open your heart to Jesus?
The memmory of this thing haunts me till this day.
>Be me
>8 years old approximatley
>awake at night needed to use restroom.
>bathroom is a walk across the hall
>Walk hall everything okay
>Use restroom, great relief. Turn off lights get instant blindness from eyes dialating.
>Walking back to room, feel strange feeling on my back, that tingling feeling you get when you know something is watching.
>Feel frightened freeze for a moment...
>I slowly turn my head around
>It was ssomething, a somewhat demonic looking apperition.
>Looked like a mummy rapped in raggs. Yellow glowing eyes...Waving at me... but not normaly... its hand up in a goodbye kinda way...
>Not waving... only moving its fingers in a cynical way...
>I stare at it in fear for a moment frozen... as if it had me locked there staring into its glowing eyes...
>I finally felt mobale again and dashed into my room.
Anyone else seen something like this before?


This shit used to fucking spook me.
File: image.jpg (136 KB, 780x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 780x1024
>be 4 years ago
>mentally unstable and weird shit always happens
>in bed one night, complete darkness
>start drifting into sleep
>suddenly awaken to see a shadow looming over me
>its touching my body
>tell it to stop, it doesn't listen
>it looked very very tall, was wearing a tophat I remember
>kind of like babadook, but this was 4 years ago
>turn away from it and fall asleep again
>wake up scared as shit
>feel body being held down
>legs are spread open
>feel something huge enter me, literally hurt so much
>can still feel it to this day
>open eyes
>fuckimg babadook creature was about to missionary with me
>i don't even say anything just sit there
>thing starts fucking me
>felt better than any time I've had non-ghost sex
>actually enjoy it and orgasm
>fall back asleep
>masturbate to it all the time
>tfw raped by babadook
once I felt like I was on operation table by big eyed people in wierd suits and I couldn't move my eyeballs even one bit to see what's on the side.
OP here.
I'm surprised that this thread (my second) is going well.
Thanks for a decent night /b/

>tfw my grandma spoke to me in my dream and said it's going to be alright. I'm doing better now.

Hope you're chilling grandma
Why would you put a spooky image.
Now I need moar kitties.
You got raped by Professor Layton
File: image.jpg (77 KB, 587x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For u anon
Statistically majority of heart attacks and other conditions happen around that hour
>Be me
>14 Years old
>Wintertime in Eastern Michigan
>Been in and out of foster homes for the better part of my life
>Fed up with everything
>constantly acting out, temper was on a hair trigger
>One day decide I've had enough
>Run out into the woods, unsure of what my plans are, just running.
>Plead with the world and universe to help me on my way.
>I kneeled down and looked up at the moon as I begged for some proof that my cries we're heard
>"Are you there God, Are you real?"
>A howling wind tears through the air.
>Every tree in the forest remains still except for one white birch tree towering above me.
>It sways gently despite the winds
>Instantly feel warm and reassured, as if everything was going to be okay.
Our family were hardcore Presbyterians.

Obeyed everything, lived good lives, Church every Sunday, he died, bro talk to me, give me a sign... nothing...

woah kid best not play with those edges
your samefagging game is off
well technically protestants are heretics because they don't follow the original doctrine so he's probably in purgatory.
That's where I live. So how did your life turn out, Anon?
OP here.
When my first lover left me, I cried every night for 6 months.
One day, I sat on my bed, look up, and just said "God, I give my life to you."
I instantly felt just the same as you did.
I felt weightless and like the world was a better place.
Is that Marky Mark?
I like to think I've given myself over to God but I don't go to church, I don't read the bible. I just hope that simply being good is enough for him.

I turned out just fine, thanks to his guidance. Still on that journey though but I know he will never lead me astray.
By which I mean strokes and such. Which may suggest that since it was this hour around which the body is generally weaker, you are more prompt to hallucinate or have weird dreams
He is constantly speaking to us all we just have to take the time to listen
File: history.gif (2 MB, 376x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 376x278
Yes he participated in the Vietnam war.
OP here with moar eye bleach consisting of kitties. :3

You are the kind of godly person I really look up to.
>be 4
>would cry whenever i saw a specific closet
>would wake up at night and throw up
>claimed there were clear balloons floating in my room
>ran to my mom holding a clothes hanger and apparently told her the nice lady in the closet gave it to me

My mom told me stories of weird shit i did when i was a kid, idk tho.

That explains one thing, but that doesn't explain the other thing like how a black shadowy figure was trying to grab me.
>be me
>19 or 20
>Living at my moms home
>spinning a DnB dark set with headphones on
>I cue unknown error - hellraiser up
>Mixing it in
>Look to my left
>See a shadow or spectre of a cat
>take off headphones
>see cat growl or roar like really fuckin mean
>went to psychiatrist after that
>2 weeks later
>Mom brings home a cat
>She names him freddy krueger

Thats when i knew having sex with ghosts in my spare time is probably not a good idea.
fuck doctrine, what matter ,feeling and intentions
I kek'd in my pants a little
>don't follow original doctrine

No, that's exactly what we Protestants do, we follow the Bible, not some guy who's declared "pope" and spews out shit he makes up.
Fuck that

>claimed there were clear balloons floating in my room
>ran to my mom holding a clothes hanger and apparently told her the nice lady in the closet gave it to me

No more please.
you were in the profession thread right

We're all used as a vessel for his word at some point or another, I hope he has given you what you needed to hear.
File: image.jpg (171 KB, 956x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 956x637
I'm gonna assume you don't like cats.
So here's some puppy shit. :333
>Clear balloons = condoms
>Coat hanger = abortion
You didn't want any siblings, did you?
Im allergic to cats 3:
File: image.jpg (120 KB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 1600x1600
this is not uncommon for sleep paralysis, not paranormal at all.
Anon bravo! Sitting iN the dark in my room. No sleep tonight i guess lol
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 640x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also, couldn't help it.
Hallucination may not be only visual. People often recall hearing (my friend after his little sister passed away) or smelling stuff (father Pio). I know really little about it but I think a psychologist could tell you more. Also Maybe try checking some info about nde and science behind dreams as such
>Be 8
>Having lunch with my parents in the small kitchen
>There was this microwave just next to me and I used to watch it over and over because it was like a mirror but a blur and I had a weird feeling
>Parents asked me what I was looking at
>Out of nowhere, I said a name that I had never heard before "Aurelien"
>Mom was shocked as hell and couldn't say a word while my father was still confused trying to understand what did just happen
>And this is how I discovered that I once had a brother who died at birth
And fuck man, that's fucking weird.
File: tjvpzLy.jpg (456 KB, 1673x2193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456 KB, 1673x2193
>laying in bed
>set alarm on phone for school
>Start to fall asleep
>not asleep but not awake state
>see angry lady
>tells me to get out
>Then screams it
>wake up
>phone makes loud screeching noise
>look over to see the screen is white
>seconds later it goes to the home screen

Slept in the living room for a week, was afraid of my room. I have another not as scary thing too
>is late
>is tired, eyes are dry, half open
>am sitting in my dark living room alone
>only light comes the the back lite keys of my keyboard
>reading this 2spoopy4u thread on the 4chans
>suddenly the pitter patter of little foot steps running up behind
>stop breathing, pretty sure heart stops, turn around
>kid got quietly got out of bed and snuck up on me
>I pooed
lol bye bye babby
I don't dream often, usually really restless. But on the odd chance I do dream it usually ends up happening. I freaked my girlfriend out once because we were watching a movie and I told her what happened next. Then I told her that my sister was going to open the door, walk halfway down the stairs and ask what we wanted for dinner and then I said shed trip going up the stairs. All of it happened literally 2 minutes later. It just came to me in a dream. My girlfriend didn't talk to me for 2 days because she was freaked out. Every time it happenes I just let it happen even if it's bad because I don't want the butterfly effect to happen. Scares the shit out of me every time
there is a God His name is God
And he is a massive fucking cunt 98% of the time.
this thread seems to be dying. i wish i had something to contribute. i'm agnostic, i don't know if i believe in any kind of god or not (not really convinced 100% either way, tbh) i sure as fuck don't believe in jesus, the bible, or anything pertaining. i want to believe in ghosts. i'd LOVE to have a non-violent/non-scary encounter. my mother died of cancer when i was 19 (34 now), i've lost all 4 grandparents, and my best friend in 5th grade. i'd think if anyone was going to get contacted by a loved one from "the other side" it'd be me...

What sort of stupid fucking hipster name is that?

Are your parents niggers?
Sweet dub dubs.
And yes, it's sad to say he is, but he works in weird fuckin' ways.
>works in weird fuckin' ways.

Because he's a fucking jerk and loves to make people suffer for all eternity.

Fuck god.
It's just a bit slow.
Also, why don't you give Christ a try?
Maybe that's why you haven't experienced anything.
Your loved ones could be in heaven, but since you are a non-believer, they must not be able to contact you.
(I don't know, you never know how things could be in the afterlife.)
>At friends' house last night
>sit down to watch netflix with them
>turn on a nature doc
>window to the right of the tv rises open as if something trying to get in

the window was spring-loaded and opens occasionally due to changes in the house's air flow and indoor pressure.

In other words, the subconscious mind is a bitch, OP. Your nephew probably heard the name before and was making shit up.
Your life is like a book.
There are shitty parts and they are parts that you just never want to stop continuing with.
I couldn't stand it when my first lover left me. (OP here.) but whenever I accepted that life was meant to be this way, the next chapter of my life started. I got my first blowjob a couple of weeks ago and I've never been happier with this girl I'm with now.
gave christ a try in highschool. not for me. i have christian friends still, just not my thing.

>Be me
>Be like 10
>Family is sitting around the dinner table talking about having a get together of family and friends
>I'd been silent all dinner
>Someone says "we should ask Lillian if she wants to come."
>I felt fucking sick as hell
>Must have been to many chicken tendies
>Feel like I'm going to pass out
>Say to family "but, Lillians dead."
>Threw up
>Lillian was my great grandmothers home nurse, wonderful lady
>hadn't seen her since I was like 3
>Mom calls Lillians last known number after I was sent to bed
>Someone answers the phone (assuming it was her daughter) she had been rushed to the hospital
>She died that night

I've always had weird tendencies like that
He's 2 years old.
He couldn't make something up like that if he tried.
>I got my first blowjob a couple of weeks ago and I've never been happier with this girl I'm with now.

Yeah, fuck you too, buddy...
I have other encounters I can share

>Be 13
>New flat in a very old building who once was an hospital
>Trying to sleep
>Feel something touching my feet and playing with my sheet
>Think it's my cat so I just chase it over and over with my feet
>It quiets down for a moment
>Suddenly something quickly pulls the whole sheet out of the bed
>I jump to switch the light on
>Nothing, not even the cat
>My door was closed the whole time

This one is a little less creepy but still odd

>Be 15
>Summer time
>In the car with my mom, aunt and two cousins
>Road is surrounded by corn fields
>Suddenly, at 50 meters, a strange smokey/half visible man shapped thing jump on the road from a corn field and run straight to the other field
>Cousins and I scream at our parents to be careful about not to hit the thing
>Mom and aunt didn't see a fucking thing while, we the kids had seen the same thing.
I'm telling you, you gotta experience hell before you are welcome in heaven.
Shut up, faggot.

Worse, they're french.
Not being able to detect sarcasm.
A year after my grandfather died my mom told me that once I woke up, I told her that Grandpa wants to let you know that he's alright and he loves you. It's weird to hear that this isn't the only occurrence of that kinda thing.
>be me
Whatever you say m8

I've worked my ass off, tried hard for 6 years to have a nice body had one relationshit when I was 16, 24 now, no matter what I've done, I've NEVER been able/allowed to be close/intimate with someone.

Your god is a fucking cunt and so are you.
>random bullshit anecdote on the internet
>There is a God! Let us worship Him!
damn bro you an atheist? must be a smart dude. I'm atheist too. I read between the lines and am really smart
>be me
>usually have trouble falling asleep
>tonight worse than usual
>4am already
>can't move body
>sleep paralysis
>see friend who has depression
>blood everywhere
>can't move
>watching her shank herself
>feel some crazy electric current go through me
>wake up after ordeal
>talk to depressed girl
>end up saving her life from suicide
>thanks sleep paralysis
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57 KB, 1000x566
Ever think it's because of the way you treat people?
I haven't told anyone to worship him.
I just wanted to share a story that happened.
When you think about it, god is condemning every unbeliever to eternal punishment. So pretty much every non christian person no matter how good of a person they are will be in hell forever. So that includes my aunt who was the nicest person I have ever known. If god is real he is a piece of shit and I would rather worship Satan (not even joking).
I'm usually pretty good towards people in person.

Fags on the internet don't count though.
File: XQixU4t.gif (79 KB, 312x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 312x312
Sleep paralysis is the scariest thing that's happened to me. I once thought that Satan was in the room and was unable to move. I than had feeling of being in hell. (Atheist here BTW)
What about people who have been raised in a family of other religions/people who have never heard of Christ. Do they deserve eternal punishment for not knowing anything???? Fuck god
What allows a Jeffrey Dahmer (Google him) a man who killed 16 people and fucked their corpses, to go to heaven after converting to Christianity while someone like ghandi or the dalai lama to burn for ever. Fuck you god
File: 1407371616514.jpg (114 KB, 637x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 637x619
>God creates eternal shit pit of burning, torture, rape, poking with pointy sticks

>Absolutely no hope of escaping it once you get there

>It never ends

>God/Jesus don't lift a finger to help the people stuck there.

>"lel it's all your fault you're here despite the fact that I built this place and sent you here"

>I warned u, u had ur chance!!!111oneoneone

>But I loooooooooove you soooooooo MUCH

Judeo-Christian/Islamic god confirmed for worst god.
Why do atheists talk about things they don't read? I believe there is a passage in the bible and Qur'an about disbelievers going to heaven. Calm your tits m8 you sound retarded. I don't even believe in any of it.
Where, cockbreath?
Find the passage than. It says multiple times that those who don't accept jebuz go to hell. God is a cunt
>which the shutters were closed
stfu OP you fucking faggot cuck nigger shit dick.
Underage ban?

I don't own a bible or Qur'an dumbass I just pointed out I don't believe in it. I'm just sick as fuck of edgy atheists who parrot Bullshit that they haven't even been reading. Particularly Christianity is the go to religion to mock.
>the Jews are my people
>Lol holocaust

God is so loving amirite
I'm not being an edgy atheist. I'm just stating that the morals behind it are fucked up. At least I'm not going "Lol Jesus can't come back to life/snakes can't talk"
tahts cuzz tey killt jeebus

Despite the fact that it was the Roman Empire/Roman Paganists that did it.

>One kikes kiss dooms an entire ethnicity
Religion is fukt
>doesn't accept abortions
>allows miscarriages and autism
>Itt: atheists get trolled and assblasted.
>ITT: atheism vs autism
I keked
File: 1423651157192.jpg (14 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pardon me sir can I use that edge of yours to slit my wrists because if there is no god then there is no point to life
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