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Sh0ta Throid Continued from >>613208197
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Sh0ta Throid Continued from >>613208197
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Dammit OP I have things to do!
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any of you have similar pics?
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Select all hamburgers; all roadsigns.
even the new captcha hates itself
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Yeah, me too.
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Ow yeah, post more like this
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Stealth shoata: He won't even know he's gay.
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Interesting piece here: Does Kyle always wear delicious little panties like that, or did Cartman somehow get them on Kyle without waking him up?

Or is Kyle just posing for pictures?
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I love socks and I love gloves :)
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Well, here's gloves and stockings.
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>mfw I jacked off with my best friend looking at porn a few times when we were 13
>mfw I pretended to like porn to jack off with him
>mfw I got hard from looking at him and his cock
Oh god that picture is amazing. I don't know whether I'd want to fuck him... or be him...
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More socks.
pretty sure a lot of us did that too
>be 13
>be at friends house
>we both start to jackoff
>turn on porn pretending to watch
>were both actually looking at eachothers cocks
What else did ya do?
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Go on please. :P
Did it ever escalate further?
Ewww niggers
not much.
compared our dicks sometimes.
I liked talking about sex to get him hard.
and we jacked off looking at straight porn a few times
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Yep, inothatfeel.jpg
Speaking of green text:

>be me
>be tubby most of my life
>except for a couple years in college
>almost too thin, but had long gorgeous hair
>never trapping
>don't discover how awesome it is to shave lower body, wear panties etc til I'm an old fat fuck
>mfw this could have almost been me
reminds me of
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Ever joke about kissing him? Ever do it?

I'm a skinny dude now... I haven't done much dressing up, but I do have some opera gloves and stockings I really like.
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I'm 18, I'm interested in trapping but I'd have to do it undercover. I tried shaving my lower body and for some reason I've broken into a horrible rash. Not very pleasant.
Mm.. I like to imagine they've been hypnotised or tricked into doing that :)
reddit.com /r/SuicideWatch/comments/34jqmx/im_killing_myself_because_of_my_sexual_identity/

Upvote this so we can get it to the top of /r/suicidewatch so yeah
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As an artist, all I can say about having this in a gallery is...
Well played, fellow artist. Well played.

I guess it's one of those exceptionally rare Semen-Benders. Or would it be Cum-Bender?
>Ever joke about kissing him?
No, I would have loved to.
Would love to hug.

Shame... I've kissed one of my friends. I liked it, I think he did too, but we don't tend to talk about it.
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w/e it is "My lonesome cowboy" sold for $15mil
dubs checked, more like this
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thats all
went home that same day and never talked about it again
Would you like me to strap you up, anon?
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Anon who posted that long story in the previous thread here, last post before the thread 404'd requested more. I'd be glad to give you more, if only someone can provide me with a site where i can put a txt file up for downloading, since if i were to post it piecemeal it would probably take up the entire thread... Unless you guys would actually prefer that, i do have time to waste.
Pastebin dude.

And also post the other story too?
whatever gives the thread more bumps, I say go ahead
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I've had this, and it sucks so much. Let me guess: Your legs weren't so bad but crotch/ass area was terrible?

Yeah. Shaving down there has to take several steps. You have to make sure the skin is super clean but not irritated, and also moisturized before and after.

Plus you have to make sure you don't do too many passes over the same area, which will irritate the skin. That's especially important to remember when you're shaving your ass, backs of your thighs and your zipper (I hate the word "taint" for that spot).

And you've got to make sure you're using a brand new razor, or that can also irritate the skin.

I've found that if I don't do all that, I end up irritating the skin and spreading whatever irritants/skin stuff around at the same time, so I break out badly and evenly throughout the area.

God, I need to start a fucking blog.
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Okay then, i will post it piece by piece. Here goes:

>Poker face mode is engaged at school, nothing out of the ordinary is said.
>After school, while walking to the bus, poker face is still on, mostly because everyone went to the same bus station, and we are in Serbia, so even saying "gay" instantly fires up all the gaydars within hearing range.
>But, the first Tuesday after the events transpired, we managed to meet and talk freely. We reaffirmed our decision to keep our new relationship a secret, to any of our common associates, that is.
>We decided there was nothing wrong with what we did. We still had to ask ourselves if there was, as you could not fully escape the mentality that plagued, and still plagues, the Balkans.
>Of course, soon enough, the topic of whether or not we would be doing "something like that" again soon, came up.
>We decided to not risk being outed, for it is better to be killed than to be outed in Serbia.
>When you are dead, you do not have to worry about financial stability, employment, and how society and your family looks upon you.
>Adding onto the fact you have to live with the consequences of coming out, is the fact that most of the "out" people in Serbia are truly living stereotypes, and we would rather not be associated with them.
>But i digress, the first time we were able to truly be ourselves, was when we went on an excursion.
>An excursion to Vienna.
>When i was little, i spoke German as if i lived in Germany. In fact, it was the very first language i spoke, even though i was Serbian.
>I was naturally excited about the excursion, so many things to see, and perhaps... we could be open when we were not around our classmates.
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These two go together.
My thighs had a moderate outbreak but the crotch and lower back/ass area is fucking terrible, it looks disgusting. Didn't shave lower legs b/c trying not to look like a faggot in front of my family (off to college this autumn).

I used a new razor, but I believe I may have irritated the skin. Probably not going to try again until college.

>Not to mention that, while i was still rather /pol/, i had idolized the Germans to such an extent, that you wouldn't believe i wasn't German.
>That view remained, as i looked at my family tree and found a German whose family lived in Dalmatia since Austria-Hungary came to firmly own the land.
>Most of the German i knew had been forgotten, at first it was supplemented by, and eventually replaced with English, due to a lack of German TV in Belgrade at the time.
>When we arrived in Vienna, you could see pictures that would surely be torn down, had they been placed in Serbia.
>Naked men every several posts, everyone in the bus immediately said "FUKN FAGS" or some variation thereof.
>Of course, Nick and i also said the same, to remain under the gaydar.
>But truly, during our chats the day after we confessed to each other, both of us realized we only felt attracted to each other.
>Other men and women did not concern us, especially not men on random posters in Vienna.
>We still made sure to fly low, one cannot be too carefull and all that.
>First we were all let loose upon a mall. The Parndorf, as i recall it.
>We walked around at first, looking as straight as ever.
>I brought 500 euros with me, he brought 300.
>Surprise, surprise, we stumble upon a Hugo Boss store.
>Earlier, Nick had a Hugo Boss coat that got caked because we fell, while drunk.
>This was the perfect time to buy a new one, in Austria proper...plus it was on sale.
>It was like a signal from the heavens that we should buy one.
>By this time, a day of sitting next to him on the bus had passed.
>A whole day, without me or him being able to show the slightest emotion towards one another.
>For Bi's and Lesbians, or perhaps even some straight men that might be here, imagine if you were right next to the girl you LOVED, for an entire day and night and you could not show your affection at all. It was torment.
thats a loli

>We took a Hugo Boss coat, and proceeded into the changing room. I took a black dress shirt, to make it seems like i had a reason to be inside there.
>We are inside the dressing room, and before i can even close it properly i get bombarded by a succession of kisses.
>Although they were many, they were not unlike the wild, passionate one we shared the first time we were together.
>Still knowing our classmates could be near, we sort of kept it under control, and actually did what one should do in a dressing room, try out the clothes.
>He looked as stunning as ever, and he told me my shirt was truly slimming, not that i needed to look slimmer at that time, but he still remembered how i looked before.
>We bought both the dress shirt and the coat, it cost 250 euros in total.
>Welp, 4 days left with a combined sum of 550. I'm sure we can pull it off, i tell him.
>We go to an Asian restaurant, it wasn't really populated, i thought we could finally be a bit more open.
>Nope. Suddenly, i hear someone screaming like a neanderthal:
>"ENGLEZ, ALO ENGLEZ" which, when translated literally, is "Englishman, hey Englishman".
>I realize it is one of my classmates, who calls me Englishman because i am the only person, IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL, that can speak fluent English. I even help the teacher now and again.
>Intimacy mode disengaged.
>"Gde si pederu, kako je?", i reply.
>Nonchalantly i imply he is faggot, and ask they how he is doing.
>Not that i really cared, nor did he care to answer.
>Instead, he said:
>"Jesi li sa devojkom, a? Ili si ti taj koji prima?"
>Which meant:
>"Are you with your girlfriend? Or are you the one taking it up the ass?"
>I reply with "Har har, what an unexpected remark.", and he drops it.
>We spend the following hour enjoying some Teriyaki chicken and rice.
>It was delicious, mind you.
>We all get back on the bus, receiving compliments for our choice in clothing.
>We get to the hotel, and for the love of God i can't remember the name of it.
fucking asshole


>The hotel was... not what i envisioned in my /pol/ influenced mind.
>I envisioned a glorious hotel, staffed by blonde women in adequate clothing, who make sure that our every whim is satisfied.
>Instead we are greeted by an Arab or a Turk, they look the same to us from the Balkans.
>All my dreams are shut down in a monologue, which can basically be put into the following sentence.
>Here is how it goes. You do everything yourselves here, you foreign cun- I mean, travelers.
>An ironic remark, coming from someone who looks like he came to Austria straight from Mecca.
>We get an entire floor, not that floors are that big, or the rooms for that matter.
>2 people in each room, we get to divide ourselves.
>I tell Nick to follow me, and we go to the last room at the end of the hallway.
>That way, there is one less wall to worry about, in terms of unwanted noise escaping.
>At least there is free internet.
>We decide to take a shower. We lock both the apartment and bathroom door.
>Better safe than sorry.
>Once again i play music, once again using the Ishit.
>Our clothes go off, and we get in the shower.
>We clean each other, and he tells me he is glad that he has me in his life.
>I tell him i am likewise glad, and we kiss while water pours from the shower handle, or so i think it is called in English.
>Soon enough, we get out, dry off and spend some time independently browsing various sites.
>Being Serbian, and remembering my /pol/ days, i wondered if there was indeed a strict ban on nazi music.
>Decide to gamble and play "Die Fahne Hoch" via youtube.
>It actually plays.
>I thought that, at any moment, a swat team would come to take my nazi ass away.
>Never happened.
>Many lels were had that evening.

>Finally, we notice it is getting rather late. We are told to get some sleep, and that we will have a "busy day" tomorrow.
>The beds are obviously separated, but much like Nick, they are lightweight.
>Making sure that the door is locked, and that the curtains are closed, i try to silently move the beds together.
>It requires some maneuvering, but i make it happen.
>The realization that our teacher had spare keys to our rooms, makes me a bit paranoid.
>Until i remember i can just shove our key into the lock, thereby effectively stopping anyone from getting in, short of tearing down the door "The Shining" style.
>We get into the bed, able to hear our classmates party and whatnot, through the paper thin walls.
>Soon calls of "Alo majmuni, ucutite" or "You animals, shut it" are heard from our head teacher. Obviously, she meant no disrespect.
>Not that Nick and I care, we are in our own bed, in our own room and have each other. Nothing could be more perfect.
>He is once again on my arm, and we quietly reminisce about our first time.
>We are too tired after all the things we did that day, so we simply drift off to sleep.

>It is 8am the next morning.
>A rather unusual alarm starts playing.
>Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
>SA marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt.
>Kam'raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,
>Marschier'n im Geist in unser'n Reihen mit.
>I get up and shut it, before any Austrians realize what it is.
>I look back at Nick, he is still sound asleep.
>I ponder how to wake him up.
>Remembering that he is as much of an Islamophobe as i am, after all, both of us would be dead under Sharia law, i simply searched for a "mujahideen nasheed" and start playing the first one i see.
>In an instant he wakes up, and looks on in terror, for just a moment.
>He sees me, remembers where he is, laughs and then calls me an asshole.
>I laugh like the asshole i am.
>We get dressed, just in time for the teacher to bang on our door, saying "Ajmo, ustajte" or "Come on, get up".
>I put the beds back into their original positions ASAP, undo the curtains, and we depart to eat breakfast.
>At breakfast, it is a buffet.
>Not that i am picky, Serbs survived for 500 years on nothing but bread and garlic, so i required no extravagance.
>I opt to take bacon and eggs, and on my suggestion Nick does too.
>Only later does he remember that's what he made me the first morning we woke up next to one another.
>Of course, we are as far from gay as could be in the hotel, seeing as we are surrounded by our classmates and teachers.
>No matter, there will be time.
>We finish our food, and go to the bus early.
>Basically only the two of us are on the bus, disregarding the bus driver.
>We take a seat further back, and i notice the bus driver went out for a quick smoke.
>As quickly as my mind finishes processing all the scenarios that could take place, the driver is back, and everyone else starts coming into the bus.
>In my mind i curse time for passing so quickly, on the outside i simply look out the window, seemingly bored.

>Suddenly, the bus starts.
>Slowly, we start going in reverse, and eventually moving forward.
>I look on in amazement, as i see more and more of the beautiful Austrian architecture, which brings back some /pol/ feelings.
>I felt at home, a great irony seeing as it was my first time in Austria.
>Eventually, we reach what seems to be the go-to place for tourists in Austria.
>The Maria-Theresien-Platz.
>Near it is the part of the city that, i imagine, would be regarded as the center. I cannot recall it's name for the life of me.
>There were many stores, on both sides of a sort of street, except it was only for pedestrians.
>We were let go, it was about 9 am by this point, we were told to return to the square by 13:00 pm, sharp.
>We went around for a bit, there were some Roman ruins and a church. There was a memorial to plague victims erected by the Austrian king after the plague wiped out a considerable part of the population, i believe.
>When we were at the church, i jokingly suggested we should go inside. Knowing full well that it is a catholic church, and that he was an Atheist, while i was Orthodox.
>He agreed.
>And so, we went inside.
>It was stunning, i do not know which words to use in describing it, really, i was speechless.
>But we did not have all day to admire the beauty of Austrian churches, we had all of Vienna to explore, or at least as much of it as we could.
>By now, many of our classmates were god knows where, but certainly not in our immediate vicinity.
>I asked Nick if he thought we should risk walking while holding each other.
>He says we could try, and style it off if any classmate of ours happens to come by.
>And so, for the first time, we walked without fear of being called out, and having our lives ruined at a moments notice.
>We visited all there was to visit, talking about everything we saw along the way, it felt like it was only an hour, but already 3 and a half hours passed.
File: usura.jpg (472 KB, 723x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472 KB, 723x800
File: P_21657.jpg (957 KB, 1100x774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
957 KB, 1100x774

>We disengaged our hold, and proceed back to the bus, as straight as arrows.
>Disregard the fact arrows are anything but straight when fired.
>We spent some time leaning on a fence near the Platz, while everyone else gathered.
>10 minutes later than we had originally planned, everyone is back in the bus.
>We were told we were going to the Prater, or "Wurstelprater" as the Germans call it.
>Being Serbfags, we though that by Prater, they meant only the "Wiener Riesenrad", which is the gigantic Ferris Wheel in the park.
>The entire bus is ecstatic, as if we were just told that Belgrade had been made the capital of a global empire.
>After a minute, everyone has stopped cheering and those of us with the privilege of having a seat next to the windows are too busy taking in the atmosphere to notice that most of it has been replaced by a lot of greenery.
>The teacher tells us we are at the first stop.
>We all look in bewilderment, this is not an amusement park. There is only a gigantic, slender building surrounded by trees.
>He tells us that, while we were ecstatic, he specified that we will firstly go to the Donauturm, the tallest structure in Austria.
>Everyone starts thinking with such intensity, that you could see the blood flowing at the edges of their foreheads.
>No matter, it is only a temporary setback. It can't be that boring, can it?
>We split up into several groups, because the elevators are not all powerful, they can only take half of each class at once. Along with a teacher, that is.
>We finally get up, and take turns looking at Vienna.
>It is impressive, Vienna is the size of several Belgrades.
>But there is not much to be done there, besides eat at a restaurant, but we already ate.
>Before we knew it, we were back in the bus and were looking forward to some excitement..
>We finally got to the Prater, and immediately, Nick and I went to the Wiener Riesenrad.
I want a shiny one-piece swimsuit so bad.

>The Wiener Riesenrad, basically meaning the Viennese giant wheel, lived up to its name.
>I swear it must have been at least 60 meters, maybe more.
>The Western Ferris Wheels were vastly superior to their Eastern counterparts, they had enclosed passenger cars, while we only had open gondolas. You had to tempt fate every time you went on one of the damned things.
>This time was apparently meant for us, seeing as only us Serbfags were there. Or perhaps we just got lucky.
>Barely any of them could handle the measly Ferris Wheel we had near the Belgrade Zoo, many were indecisive. Some claimed they could easily ride the Wiener Riesenrad, but "didn't have enough money" , which was nonsense, others still were afraid to even go near it.
>Nick and I knew what we would do. We would spring into action as soon as we saw a passenger car stop.
>Soon enough, we saw one was awaiting.
>We boarded the first one, and i jokingly proclaimed "Nur für Deutsche", seeing as both Nick and I had some German ancestry, a fact we both found out through our chats.
>Not a single eyebrow was raised, clearly we were just enjoying ourselves , no?
>And so, we had an entire passenger car at our disposal.
>We waited a bit, to figure out it's pattern.
>Apparently, the others had gained some courage, after all.
>But at the same time, others had bitten off more than they could chew.
>Every 10 minutes of rotating, it would stop for a time, so some could leave while others got in.
>Of course, no one really cared about being in our car, specifically.
>Realizing that as soon as we stop near the boarding point, and once they board it, we would have around 10 minutes of completely private time, I asked Nick the following.
>"Did you ever have any fantasies involving sex in public?"
>He could see where this was going, and so he said "As a matter of fact, I did, but it would be a huge risk, and we aren't prepared".
More superheroes/villains!
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Here's you go-to excuse for shaving you legs:
>invited to participate in charity fundraising bike-ride by a friend
>charity is for butt-cancer research
>small charity, not well-known yet, you don't really care so forgot name of organization, signed up because friend kept bugging me
>she was like "they even have loaner bikes from some bike shop!"
>but had to shave legs in case of a wreck
>first-aid volunteers use athletic tape and get you riding again fast
>removing bandage/athletic tape and (later) scabs from hairy leg will be 100 times worse than the scrapes will be

If you do it right, anyone who makes fun of you feels like shit for making fun of someone who volunteered to help fight butt cancer.

>Knowing he was right, I made a counter-offer "How about giving a blowjob in public, then?"
>This was met with "Are you sure i'll do it fast enough?"
> Was i sure? Damn right i was, although i kept the part where i was in danger of finishing rather unceremoniously, in no small part due to the fact this was basically the most dangerous thing we had attempted thus far, to myself.
>"Y-yeah" was all i could muster up, my throat clenched as tight as could be.
>He looked around once again, to make sure we had not miscalculated.
>Upon realizing it was all clear, he unzipped my jeans and got on his knees.
>"You really can't resist, can you?"
>I was read like a book, there was no point in denying something so obvious.
>Words could still not escape my mouth, my adrenaline was through the roof.
>I simply bobbed my head up and down, in a "yes" motion.
>This was all he needed.
>He unleashed the Kraken that was held solely by the tight grip of my underwear, and began passionately stroking and licking the head.
>My mind went to fuzz rather quickly, i was overwhelmed.
>As i was lost in passion, to those who could see me from the ground, i was lost in the beautiful skyline of Vienna.
>That was as good a cover as any, i suppose.
>But then, a rather strange feeling shook me out of my passive state.
>Upon looking down, i could see he was licking my balls, no doubt quite a feat, seeing as i never bothered to shave there.
>That was the straw that broke the camels back.
>I fired off a powerful jet of cum, luckily it didn't end up on the windows.
>This was followed by several smaller ones, which Nick took care of the way i hoped the would.
>By the time the first jet of cum finished, he put his mouth back on my dick, and jerked my shaft to wrap up the job.
>I couldn't restrain my hands, so i pushed him down onto myself, ever so slightly.
>That was enough for him to gag a bit, but hey, there's a first time for everything.

>Not that he held it against me, after all was said and done.
>As quickly as it could be done, i got my pants back on and zipped em up.
>Then, never letting me rest, Nick once again went in to kiss me.
>Perhaps he has a fetish for making me taste my own cum.
>"Oh god, w-"
>Too slow, and besides, i got what i wanted, so it's only fair he gets what he wants too.
>This was more like a French kiss, if anything.
>We quickly got ourselves together, and just in time too. Not a minute after our escapede, we were on the bottom again. It was time to get out.
>And so we did, deciding that we would wander around the Wurstelprater, enjoying the fine Austrian air.
>We went on other interesting things, which could have included the Lilitputbahn, had it not been closed.
>Of course, nothing of notice happened, after all, in our minds, we just pulled off a feat the likes of which was never before seen.
>Vienna has a strange way of making time pass, at least for me it did, and rather quickly we were told to go back to the bus.
>We were going to go to the city, it was apparently the way we would spend the time after we finish going to places, and before we go back to the hotel.
>That was nice to know, now we could make plans for the following days.
>Once again, we went to the Maria-Theresien-Platz, and this time Nick and i chose to go eat dinner in the city, so we may relax in our room while others ate.
>We went to a Nordsee restaurant, i took some Fischbrötchen, having been told that going to Vienna and not trying them would be like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.
>Never really understood why people liked those things, they tasted rather bland, to me at least.
>Anyway, while we were eating, a German couple approached us, asking if they could sit next to us, in German of course.
>I could still understand German, i just couldn't fluently speak it again.
>I replied, in English, that they can indeed sit next to us, and we spoke for a time.
File: 1428818704494.jpg (246 KB, 450x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, I was going to begin biking regularly after my last AP exam and use it as an excuse to shave my legs. I've started dressing up to a small extent, but all I have are some of my older cousin's clothes she left here a few years ago. Can't wait to get to college and have more freedom
File: image.jpg (238 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got another pic from that set
Damn..... I wish i had a fap buddy when i was a young/kid

>Anyway, while we were eating, a German couple approached us, asking if they could sit next to us, in German of course.
>I could still understand German, i just couldn't fluently speak it again.
>I replied, in English, that they can indeed sit next to us, and we spoke for a time.
>They asked me from what part of England i was from.
>I never knew England was divided into different parts, i assume they made a lapsus linguae and meant The UK, not that it matters now.
>I told them i wasn't from England at all, and that i was Serbian.
>They were shocked and appalled.
>"Serbia, as in the war zone?"
>"Hah, no, no. The war ended over 10 years ago. You must have confused Serbia with.... some other nation.".
>I knew that people in West Europe didn't care for other continents, but to not even care for the rest of Europe? We were told that schools in the west were more comprehensive and thorough in their studies.
>Apparently not, or maybe these people just couldn't be bothered.
>Nonetheless, the rest of the evening was just fine and dandy.
>I went to the nearest supermarket, put on a Casanova-esque face, and bought 2 packs of condoms. Surely this would be enough.
>Not that this stopped the cashier from looking at me sideways.
>We went back to the Platz, entering the bus because it was suddenly freezing cold, and we sat at the same spot we took before.


Huee, i'll need to halve the next part, hold on.
File: 1428818740240.jpg (386 KB, 603x931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There's a set??

Man I've love to help him into that outfit slowly... do his hair, help him with the boots... kiss him passionately.

>We played some games to pass the time, most notably tick-tack-toe, due to a distinct lack of imagination.
>Once everyone arrived, our Headteacher gave us a piece of paper. We were supposed to sign it and choose one of 3 options for an "optional excursion".
>Both of us read what was available, and you could envision a glowing light bulb over our heads.
>The options were as follows
>Option one, we stay in Austria tomorrow, free for the entire day.
>Option two, we could go to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, it being near Vienna.
>Option three, we could go to some sort of Historical site, not that i really looked into that option.
>Of course, we both picked one.
>Upon our return to the hotel, we handed over the papers, both of us signed, of course, that way there can be no mix up.
>Upon our return to the hotel, we handed over the papers, both of us signed, of course, that way there can be no mix up.
>Seeing as the Headteacher was, conveniently, also our English teacher, i was able to convince her to let us go back to our rooms. It would be around an hour before the others would go up there.
>I told her we had already eaten, which wasn't a lie, and that we wished to call our respective families and chat, which was.
>The hallways were empty, seeing as the entire floor was ours, we made haste to get to the end of the hallway, and into our room.
>As we got inside, i made sure to lock the front door. I once again closed the curtains, and took my trusty Ishit, not to hide sound, because we were the only ones, but by now i had started enjoying the music i was playing on it.
>I wanted to keep the fact i bought condoms hidden until after the shower, i had told him i was going to go exchange some dinars into Euros, which i also ended up doing.
>Thinking of a song to play, i chose Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise.
>Mainly because i didn't wish to bother and put on a playlist, the song lasted 5 minutes so it should cover a "quick shower".
File: 1428818818500.jpg (283 KB, 520x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 520x849

>As we were getting ready to shower, he told me how we should have bought condoms, and how we should do so tomorrow.
>Keeping my game face on, i agreed and told him i will buy them tomorrow.
>As we were showering, i asked him if he knew what a "reach around" was.
>"No", was his reply.
>I asked him if he wanted to know.
>"Invalid answer detected", i said. "Confirmation required".
>"Fine, i want to know, what is it?".
>"I'll show you later."
>"Oh joy"
>I couldn't help but let out a laugh, which was quickly cut short by a tight grip on my balls.
>"Shhiii, alright, alright trust me, you'll see".
>He sat in my lap while we were rinsed by water for a time, the sound of the water being all we needed.
>By now, surely 15 minutes had passed. This means we had roughly 30-45 minutes for the real fun time to be had. Not that he knew about it just yet.

>He sat in my lap while we were rinsed by water for a time, the sound of the water being all we needed.
>By now, surely 15 minutes had passed. This means we had roughly 30-45 minutes for the real fun time to be had. Not that he knew about it just yet.
>I let him get out of the bathroom first, and went to my coat to arm myself for the coming battle.
>I had made sure to take condoms that were sufficiently lubed, and also "rimmed for her pleasure*, not quite sure i'd use them as intended.
>Thinking of what was to come, i was able to quickly ready myself, and to equip my armor, not that either of us needed it really, aids doesn't appear out of thin air. We can all thank some chimp-fucker for that pleasure.
>But nonetheless, it was easier on the mind this way.
>As i was leaving the bathroom, i saw he was lying on his stomach, looking at his phone.
>I told him to turn around, and that i had a surprise for him.
>And so he did, took him a moment to look down and notice the surprise proper.
>"You bought condoms? When?"
>"After i exchanged the Dinars i had"
>"Is this why we are up here early?"
>"You know it"
>"You sly devil... just.. are they lubed up or..?
>"There's only one way to find out", i say, while knowing full well it's as lubed as can be.
>"Are you ready for this?" i ask, as i prepare to loosen up his ass using my, also lubed up, fingers.
>"Hurry up before i change my mind"
>"As you wish" i say, before slowly inserting a finger into his ass.
>"How does it feel?" i ask him.
>"Doesn't feel pretty pleasurable"
>"Just you wait", i respond.
>Soon, i up the game and attempt to insert two fingers into his tight ass.
>It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.
>After a while, deciding that i'd rather not risk loosing 3 fingers at once, it was time to bring in the heavy machinery.
Mmm more gloves and socks yay!

Oh shit, i just noticed that repetition. Time to edit that out, no wonder these parts are too big to post.

Anyways, i'll carry on with the dump now.

>I always fantasized about doing him doggy style, and giving him, if nothing else, a reach around so he can't say he endured it for nothing.
>I realize that, even though our floor is empty, the other's are not. I would still need to rely on the Ishit.
>As i think of something to play that would seem casual and that is also sufficiently long for me to complete that which i have set out to do, i remember a certain song.
>Well, actually i just put on a playlist, a playlist consisting entirely of a loop of Kansas - Carry on my wayward son
>I told him, out of habit, that he need not resist the urge to bite the sheets, to stop himself from moaning (though i hoped that this time he would moan all he wanted).
>I attempted to slowly inserted the tip in, things seemed to be going smoothly
>And then i encounter resistance, i tell him to brace himself, and that, even though i will be gentle, this may hurt for a moment.
>I attempt to maneuver my dick into his ass as painlessly as possible.
>I tell him that the pain will be over soon, and that it will be replaced with pleasure.
>His ass has not seen much action, going the other way, earlier than today.
>At least that's how it felt, he told me later he used his fingers to play with himself sometimes.
>Carefully, i had managed to insert my dick most of the way in.
>Now i slowly started moving in and out, once i started speeding up he grabbed the sheets and shoved his face into a pillow.

>About now i remembered that i should start giving him a reach around, not that i ever informed him of what it was.
>I did say i'd show it, didn't i?
>I grabbed his dick with my right hand, since my left was welded to his ass.
>He was hard, which made my job easier.
>It was a bit bigger than my hand, it was probably around 13 or so centimeters, i never bothered measuring him, i didn't want to, and neither did he.
>I still had lube close by, and so i put some on my hand, to aid me in my time of need.
>Slowly, i started synchronizing the speed with which i was jerking him, with the speed i was fucking him.
>It was very delicate process, the last thing i wanted to happen, was to need to explain why the entire bed is bloody and why Nick has a prolapsed anus.
>But, within moments, i had it right. I was going at a doable pace, Nick was moaning into the pillow, which encouraged me further.
Gay shota:
[Kashimada Shiki] Princess Factory [English]
[Hinemosu Notari] Mesu-Nized Festival [English] [SaHa]




Simone's Bra
My Nephew, My Lover
Your Son, Your Wife
Doctor Thomas' Good Little Boys and Girls Club
[Nao] Your Father’s Coming Home Late, So… [English]
[Yanagawa Rio] Pet Boy
[Yanagawa Rio] Haruta's Room (COMIC Masyo 2013.08) [English]
[Kokuryuugan] Haha to ko no Jikan | Mother and Son Time (Girls forM Vol. 06) [English]
[PBX] Mrs Valentine
[Nitta Jun] Toy Boy (COMIC MASYO 2013-01) [English]
[Mikuni Saho] The Lady With The Coaxing Voice [English]
[B.C.A.] Crossdressing Boys Assemblage [English]
[B.C.A.] Bondages and Queen's Days [English]
[Shiden Akira] Boy Toy [ENG]
[Jitsuma] Koukan Musuko | Son Swapping Ch. 1-5.6 [English]
[Yanagawa Rio] Kaikan Rankiryuu! First Fuck!! | Turbulence of Pleasure! First Fuck!! (Comic Masyo 2007-07) [English] {shinkage}
[Kuroiwa Menou] Fuki no Kan | The Mansion of No Return (Comic Megastore H 2005-04) [English] {sirC}
[Kuroiwa Menou] Keiko and Manabu [English]
[Hirohisa Onikubo] Distorted Portrait [ENG]
Mother And Son Gone Off TheTrack (Decensored) + Bonus


nice dubs, keep going

>I had hoped that i would be able to synchronize the time Nick came, and the time i came.
>Suddenly, Nick stopped grabbing the sheets, and put his hands around my thighs, pulling me closer to him.
>I had correctly interpreted this as a sign he was going to cum soon, don't ask me how i knew, i don't even know it myself.
>I start furiously jerking him, and accelerate the speed with which i am fucking him.
>Before i know it, i feel a familiar substance on my hand, i had come on my own hand enough times to have that feeling embedded in my mind forever.
>This meant i had free rein, so after a few more moments spent jacking him, i relocated my second hand to his ass.
>I barely endured it when his muscles clenched while he was cuming, and now i needn't hold on any longer.
>I started cuming, and, for several moments, i became frenzied, i couldn't nearly go as fast as i wanted to at that moment.
>And then, suddenly completely exhausted, i collapsed on top of him.
>Within a moment though, i rolled myself next to him, but was reminded that that the bed was rather small since i hadnot combined them like the day before.
>We kissed maniacally, while at the same time trying to regain our breath. A bit paradoxal, now that i think about it.
>With one hand i held his head, while i was attempting to remove the condom with my other one.
>After succeeding at getting the condom off, i brought it up to Nick.
>After again kissing him, i took the condom and placed it on his chest.
>He already knew what i hoped to see.

>He raised himself, just enough to not choke, and, while looking at me with his piercing blue eyes, he licked my cum out of the condom.
>I swore i would have cum again had i not done so a minute ago.
>I finally calmed down enough to speak.
>"So, how was your first time taking it up the ass?" I asked, barely maintaining a straight face.
>"Oh just great, how about i insert a pneumatic drill up your ass, for equality's sake?"
>"While i appreaciate the offer, i'd rather not accept it at this time. However, i hear that pneumatic drilling gets easier with time. Perhaps we should continue where we left of in the coming days, lest precious time be wasted."
>"Oh, you'd like to see that happened, wouldn't you?" He asked, as if not expecting an answer.
>"And you wouldn't?", i swiftly replied.
>"Indeed, ne-"
>Before he could finish, i turned the tables and, this time, i was the one initiating a kiss.
>I kissed him for so long he could barely breathe, i myself was fine, mostly due to having the lungs of an Olympic diver.
>"How about now?" i asked
>"I might consider it" he replied, with such a smile that one could assume he had been mugged in Glasgow.
>"That's good enough for me"
>I got up, turned off the infinite loop i had established, and brought us some clothes to put on.
>And not a moment too soon, others had started coming back to their rooms.

>Suddenly, the door opens. It dawns on me that i never shoved the key in to the lock.
>The Headteacher comes in, however by now everything looks fine, and we are both browsing the internet like the first night.
>She asks me what my family is doing, before asking "What" i remember my own cover story.
>"They're fine. They..." and so i conjure up a tale of how my family spent time while i was away, making sure to tell her that my family told me to say hello to her for them.
>That seems to be enough, and she leaves us to our own devices.
>I sigh, realizing that could have gone a lot worse had she come in earlier.
>I shove the key into the door now, to avoid any unwelcome visitors in the night.
>I move the beds together again, and we watch some youtube videos he kept nagging me about.
>Soon enough, we realize we are exhausted.
>We decide to play an hour long clip of rain
>As we hug, he soon falls asleep on my arm.
>I can now rest easy, and i swiftly follow.
>The next day we were not woken up, we woke up ourselves later than usual, around 11 am instead of the regular "early morning" wake up.
>And by "woke up ourselves" i mean i was comatose, and could have been considered dead, had it not been evident i still had a pulse.
>The advantage to being lightweight is that , you not only go down easier, you get up easier.
>Nick woke up first, and, seeing as i was fast sleep, had all the time in the world to get back at me for that stunt i pulled the day before.
>Being a saintly figure, he decided not to pursue such a course of action, opting instead to take a look at what i have on my Iphone.
>I, lacking his saintly virtue, had many unholy images on it.
>In fact, years of borderline hermit status had taken a toll on me.
>But the most noticeable change was a sharp increase in my interests regarding fetishes.
>Before my life was turned upside down (no there is not a Bel-Air incoming), i was your average Joe, really.

>What did i look for back then?
>Tits, and more tits.
>But eventually, a man can only see so many tits before it becomes common-place, like a junkie, i needed a harder hit.
>My tits days were long gone, and all that remained from them was my careless habit of leaving everything i do not want people to see in one folder, unprotected.
>I assumed no one would care enough to check, i assumed wrongly.
>"What was in this folder?", you ask.
>Nothing too taboo for us channers, mentioning specifics would only serve for a good laugh at how much of a NORP i still was.
>But there was enough... enough for him to see what sort of kinks i had.
>He made sure to take mental notes, i'd imagine, but something tells me the information already stuck like glue.
>he put it down the way it was, and proceeded to go into the bathroom.
>Soon enough, i began awakening.
>I attempted to raise myself, only to realize i could not.
>It didn't take me long to figure out why.
>Nick, his upper body a safe distance away, was using his legs to pin me to the bed.
>Not that he was pinning me with much force, mind you, but it was just enough to stop me from effortlessly getting up.
>Apparently, he stripped down to just his underwear, which made me realize i only had on my sleeveless shirt.
>Before i could complain, he shoved his foot in my face. To shut me up, i thought at the time.
>Apparently he was more skilled at maneuvering than i, seeing as he had started blowing me.
>One cannot describe the way one he bent himself to do such multitasking.
>Seeing as, by now he knew me as well as i knew myself, he was quickly able to, using a combination of sucking, licking and last but not least stroking, make me spill my seed like the heretic i am.
>This time he didn't swallow my cum.
>Instead, he spread it on his hands, before covering his face with it, like a lotion.
>This time he didn't swallow my cum.
>Instead, he spread it on his hands, before covering his face with it, like a lotion.

Do you have any shota + older man ?
>>This time he didn't swallow my cum.
>>Instead, he spread it on his hands, before covering his face with it, like a lotion.
>>This time he didn't swallow my cum.
>>Instead, he spread it on his hands, before covering his face with it, like a lotion.
*sings along*

>I questioned the wisdom of such a move, before offering my solution to the problem.
>"Lets take a shower"
>"That's an original option, no doubt"
>After some more satirical conversation, we go into the bathroom.
>As we start showering, i pop a question.
>"So, where'd you get that idea from?"
>"It was a combination of some images i saw on your Iphone."
>Once again, what could he have seen on that Iphone?
"Nihil novi sub sole" could be used in describing my experiance with different fetishes.
>Back in my hermit-like days, for hours on end i'd browse various sites, searching for anything that could arouse me, mainly because of how jaded my sexual fantasies had become.
>And while i, thankfully, never viewed many of the horrific things i saw with much regard, at times i'd be overwhelmed by some sort of curiousity.
>I understood what people could find attractive in most fetishes, or i thought i did. A phallic shape, a connection to an early sexual encounter, et cetera.
>And while i was no expert, you could say i was intrigued, not only for the general topic of fetishes, but also for the reasons people would find certain things, that may not even be sexual in nature, arousing.
>One fetish i never understood, was the foot fetish.
>It made no sense to me. How and why would this be considered arousing?
>So, i went on to do some research, and downloaded pictures i deemed "nice" for one reason or the other.
>I stored them in a folder that i used for general image storage, like a second "download" section, really.
>Later, when i got the Iphone, i copied the images from my PC onto it. Who knows when it can be of use, no?
>"I knew they'd be useful one day" i said, putting an emphasis on useful.
>"Besides...it's not like i didn't enjoy doing that", Nick said.
>Wait what

Hahaha, damn, gotta deal with these repeating parts, they're a nightmare.

>"Aah, so... you have a foot fetish?"
>"Not really, no. I just like showing some power while still being submissive."
>"Ah, aren't you a special snowflake?" i ask.
>"Not as special as you, that's for sure. I mean, how many gay, Orthodox fascists can you name?"
>Just one, as far as i know.
>Oh no, i am about to get told. Thinking fast, i declare:
>"You imply others like me don't exist, but we both know they do. They just can't be open about it, without being marginalized, that is.".
>Told status
>[ ] TOLD
>He start's washing his face, probably to buy time , trying to avoid being told himself.
>He looks up, as if to look into my soul.
>"B-but that still doesn't change the fact you are the biggest special snowflake that ever lived!"
>He may very well have a point, but acknowledging it would prove fatal to my sense of belonging. So i turn the tables, replying
>"That's because i'm with you, silly. Don't you see that you are one of a kind?"
>He blushes.
>Thinking i should somehow press on, i think fast. The only thing i recalled was a quote i remembered. I adapted it as best as i could.
>"In fact, don't you see? We don't have to dream that we're important, we are."
>Apparently that worked, seeing as he lunged at me, almost causing me to slip.
>Not that i could do much, other than return the kiss, i hadn't recovered yet recovered from our earlier encounter.
>He suddenly breaks the kiss, and attempts to whisper
>"You really know how to use that silver-tongue of yours".
>And although a bland and contrived sounding sexual advance was now laid before me, i was still not up for it.
>"I'm sure you'll learn to use yours too, in time."
>We soon end the shower, and, much to Nick's dismay, for some reason that waking up really took a chunk of energy out of me.
>Or maybe it was just be fact i didn't eat breakfast.
How do I get past the sad panda?

>We proceed to the main floor, only to be told that Breakfast has finished serving hours earlier.
>Deus, ut quid dereliquisti me.
>Doing our best to not think of food for the time being, we go to the nearest metro, in preparation to go to the city center.
>Seeing a sausage stand, we buy no less than 6, hungry eyes and all that.
>On the way to the center we ate in silence. There were many people on that train ,that, i suspect, would have become very violent upon the slightest suspicion we were romantically involved.
>Surely adherents of "The Religion Of Peace"™.
>As we finish our meal, we realize we should have gone out on the previous stop.
>Oh well, a little bit of walking never hurt anyone, did it?
>We go towards the Hohes Haus, not that i knew that's how it was called. I had always assumed it was the Rathaus.
>Unimpressed by the fact it was just a copy paste of Greek Architecture, we proceeded to the Hofburg Palace, like the previous days.
>Through it, we reached what we dubbed "The Austrian Knez Mihajlova".
>It was 3 pm by this time, we were supposed to be back no later than 12, so we had all the time in the world.
>We went to the first cafe we saw, Nick ordered coffee, whilst i ordered hot chocolate, being the contrarian i was.
>And so, in the warm cafe, we were able to relax and talk, while enjoying our respective drinks.
>We decided to discuss future plans, specifically, what we would do in case different unwanted scenarios took place.
>After all, success depends on forethought, dispassionate calculation of probabilities, and accounting for every stray variable, does it not?
>We decided that, in case, somehow, we are seen showing affection to each other in public by one of our classmates, to simply refute the claim.
>The logic behind that being the following
>If we were to try and seriously dispute the fact, this would arouse suspicion if it was just another jab at us.

Also, check those dubs

>On the other hand, if he seriously suggested it, and we simply waved it off, it would, in a way, prove how we do not care.
>That would, using Balkan logic, prove it was a lie.
>To Balkanites, the fact that, somewhere out there, someone exists who does not prioritize a persons sexual preference first and foremost, is absolutely inconceivable.
>And so, if you were to calmly and clearly refute something like that, it is undeniable proof of your innocence.
>And so it shall be, we decided.
>With that out of the way, we had the rest of the day to plan. This was the last day we would be in Vienna, while also returning to the hotel, that is.
>Tomorrow, we would start our return to Belgrade, but not before going to Schönbrunn Palace, not that it is very spectacular in the Winter, but i'll get to that in due time.
>Today was still on going, in fact, the day had barely started.
>With our combined sum of 500 Euros, we could do anything we pleased.
>We still wanted to conserve the money though, you just feel better when you know you have some stored away.
>Anyway, i wondered what we could do to help pass the time.
>After all, we had an effective 8 hours before we needed to start our journey to the hotel, for the last night.
>Rather than being the dictator i had always subconsciously been, i decided i will give democracy a chance.
>Or rather, i decided i will pass my dictatorial powers unto Nick, and let him decide what we shall do for today.
>"So...Nick. What do you think we should do today?"
>"I don't know".
>Well, so much for that.
>"Try to remember, there is surely something you want us to do today."
>"There is, but you refused the opportunity"
>How can i avoid admitting i was tired, thereby saving some face?
>I cant.
>"It's not that Nick, you just did a really great job and i couldn't keep up."
File: 121187990237.jpg (54 KB, 600x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 600x448

>"But rest assured that i'll be ready in the future. This was simply a slip up, after all, i'm only human."
>"I'll hold you to that, you know."
>"By all means, do so." I say, as i reaffirm my resolve.
>"And with that out of the way... what else did you want us to do today?"
>"Maybe... maybe we could go to watch an Opera?"
>God, how could i forget...
>We were in the Germanic equivalent of Paris, and i had completely forgotten about institutions of cultural significance , such as the Wiener Staatsoper.
>"Oh, alright. I'm sure there is nothing for at least... 3 hours though."
>"Well... let's just walk around until then"
>And so we did, for a time. We walked through Vienna, his hand under my own, without a care in the world.
>Eventually, we decided to start going towards the Wiener Staatsoper itself.
>We discussed what sort of Opera we would watch, not really knowing which ones will be available.
>Nick wanted something that involves romance. How very unpredictable of him.
>And while it dawned on me that what ever we watch will most definitely be in German, and therefore equal to moonspeak for Nick, i knew i could always tell him what it was about after we watch the opera itself.
>Besides, he isn't blind to not be able to see what goes on. He can surely pick up the pieces, i would just be needed in case finesse was required.
>Operas are watched for the lessons we can extract from them.... and, let's be frank, the massive boost to ones sense of self esteem.
>Or maybe that's just my superiority complex talking.

>Anyway, as we continued walking through Vienna on our way to the Wiener Staatsoper, a sudden realization hit me.
>We were not going to a Belgrade tier opera, in which there would always be a few empty seats available.
>This is Vienna, the tickets are probably bought in advance, and therefore, likely sold out by now.
>Quickly considering my options, i asked Nick:
>"What if... all the tickets have been sold out?"
>"Well... if that happens, you better be ready for the happening"
>"THE HAPPENING? Oy gevalt, you anti-semitic aryan, nazi scum! Do you want another Sho'ah!?!"
>I hope no Germans heard me say that...
>The night previously i briefly told him about /pol/, while explaining why i had the views i did.
>Not that he cared for them, in any meaningful way. My political stance was now, ironically, the last thing on his mind when he thought of me.
>Of course, while discussing /pol/, i could not resist the temptation of putting on my best stereotypically Jewish accent, and saying "Oy vey, /pol/ is a place filled with hateful anti-semites that cannot find a goy to be with, and so they take it out on God's chosen people!".
>How very spot on in my case.
>Anyway, it is important to understand that, at this point, we were not walking around Vienna speaking Serbian.
>I had enough time to give him a "comprehensive" understanding regarding the finer points of English.
>Not that he didn't understand English before, far from that. I just needed to tone down my own and stop acting like i was born with a silver spoon in me. Rather quickly, i grew bored of that, and decided to actually improve his understanding of the language.
>It is still something i consider quite a milestone.
>But nevermind all that, it is neither here nor there.
>By the time we arrived at the Wiener Staatsoper, it was already starting to get dark.
>Not that winter was ever associated with long days.
>We entered, and i inquired which Operas were available.
File: 0987676.jpg (136 KB, 696x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 696x1000
Bmp for knowledge

>Immediately, one of them caught my attention.
>Roméo et Juliette, by none other than Charles-François Gounod...a Frenchman.
>That Paris parallel i made earlier is truly fitting now, isn't it?
>It started in about 20 minutes, and surprise surprise, it had available seats.
>Obviously, the two of us fit the dress code, unlike 90% of Serbs, who dress like thugs in inner-city Detroit.
>We bought 2 tickets, and waited.
>When it was time to go inside and watch the opera, we decided to enact complete radio silence till the end.
>The opera itself, consisted of 5 acts. They were as follows:
>Act 1 was effectivaly the prologue of the opera.
>Act 2 contained the iconic scene where Romeo and Juliet firstly proffes their love for one another, and sow a plan for truce between their respective families.
>Act 3 is the high point where things are going as desired, Romeo and Juliet get married. But then, thanks to Jybalt, the effort for truce becomes a vanity project. As a result, Romeo is set to be exiled.
>Act 4 Seeing as she will be forced to marry another person, she receives a potion from the frair that married her and Romeo. It is planned that, after she is put in the family tomb, Romeo will come back, awaken her and take her away.
>Act 5 is the final act, and due to a tragic turn of events, it contains the suacide of the two lovers, so that, in the end, they may be together in death, when they could not be together in life.
>And so, the first Austrian Opera we watched had ended.
>It did invoke some emotions, obviously. I am not made out of stone, although my tone may make it sound like i am.
>And to think that, in life, everything can change drastically in a matter of moments.
>It is a terrifying realization indeed.
>How things were coming together, so flawlessly at first, as if all of Verona was humming along.
>And then, because of petty rivalry, it all went to oblivion.

>It's tragic, but thats one of the ways life can play out for you. Sadly, it appears to be one of the more common ones.
>The Opera had taken several hours, God knows what that has to do to your voice. For that reason, i decided it was worth every penny.
>I looked at my watch, it was half passed 9. Effectively nighttime. Vienna is such a beautiful city at night.
>We spent some time admiring the night sky, all the while walking in eerie silence.
>And so i decided to break the ice, surely caused by the chilly Austrian night.
>To break it the only way i knew how.
>With a pickaxe.
>"And so... do you identify with the character of Juliet, too?"
>He got my reference, i always knew he was a sharp one in that regard.
>"If i were to say yes, would you say you identified with Romeo?"
>"Are you implying your answer would influence my own? I would clearly have used it to manipulate your view point, no? Do you not know that i am impervious to such corrupting ambitions!?"
>"No i'm not".
>"Oh, forgive me for doubting you, your Holiness. I have sinned and must repent for my heresy! Forgive me."
>"Nay heretic, silence, from this point onward, thou art excommunicated! None of the cardinals of The One True Holy Apostolic Church shall help the likes of you!"
>"But there must surely be something i can do to repent, so you may lift the excommunication?"
>"... Art thou attempting to solicit a man of God?"
>"No father, no, th-"
>"Because you've succedeed at it. The official lifting of the excommunication shall take place within hours."
>"Oh, thank you, thank you so much, your Holiness."
>And with that, i turn off my Medieval Anglais auto-translator, and we chit-chat for a time.
>Once again, we find ourselves at the Maria-Theresien-Platz.
>Rather that proceed to the metro, that morning's encounter deterred me from isolating myself in a cage with adherents of the Religion of Peace™ any time soon.

>Thankfully, judging by all the times we passed it previously, there was never a shortage of taxis around the Platz.
>Unlike the various taxis in Belgrade, the ones in Vienna seemed rather uniform.
>We had more than enough money to pay the cab fare, and so we decided to take a cab to our hotel.
>We entered the nearest one.
>When the cab driver asked where to take us, we used the nearest metro station as a "landmark" of sorts.
>Both of us sat in the back, but still, the fact we were not alone stopped any potential intimate discussions from occuring.
>Instead of random chit-chat, we both looked at all the sights vienna had to offer.
>Not that you could admire them for too long, being in a moving vehicle and all.
>Soon enough, we arrived at the station, and manuevered around for a bit before we reached our hotel.
>We paid our bill and got out.
>I was expecting to see our bus parked outside, as it had been previously.
>To my surprise, that wasn't the case.
>This meant one of two things.
>Either they arrived, and the bus is parked at some other location.
>Or they didn't, and God knows when they would.
>Of course, there was only one way to find out.
>I entered the hotel, and quickly spotted the most kind Arab that had greeted us upon our arrival.
>I had asked him if the rest of our class had arrived yet, and, either because he was trying to be a smartass or because his English was lacking he failed to give me a straight answer.
>No matter. We would find out ourselves soon enough.
>As he got to our floor, you could not hear any sound. A knock on the door quickly confirmed that which i had suspected.
>We were alone, for the time being.
File: 1414947996900s.jpg (109 KB, 1023x844) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1023x844

>With this information at hand, we proceeded to our room.
>After some more Medieval Anglais smartassery, it was decided that we would, soon enough begin the official "lifting of the excommunication".
>I told Nick he had to disrobe and prepare himself for the purification that was to be unleashed upon him.
>Of course, i also mentioned that to be truly reborn, he had to once again be baptised, with me being the one who would do the rite itself.
>In the meantime, i made sure to fill the bath, in preparation for the baptism.
>Being as innovative as ever, i decided i would play something christian sounding during the baptism itself. I chose a chant.
>The chant itself was "Da Pacem Domine", it was a catholic chant, not that Nick would know the difference.
>As i left the bathroom, and turned the corner to face Nick, i was greeted by a most magnificent sight.
>Nick was lying on his bed, browsing the internet, his clothes resting in a pile on the floor, giggling like a schoolgirl.
>Seeing an opportunity before me, like a predator, i decided to move in for the kill.
>As silently as i could, i snuck around the bed until i was so close i could hear him breathe.
>He remained oblivious to my presence, thanks to his usage of headphones.
>I tapped his shoulder, and he turned around to look at me, with those piercing blue eyes of his.
>I acted quickly, and moved in for a kiss.
>A rather long kiss, one that he had to recover from. He wasn't blessed with lungs like mine.
>His reaction was one of surprise, i had interrupted him when he was clearly in the middle of something very important.
>Clearly, few things in life rank higher than "Cut the Rope".
>I told him to cease with his heretic ways, and to enter the kingdom of Heaven, lest he be cast into the flames for all eternity.
>And so, we entered the bathroom. By now, the bath was filled enough for its intended purpose.
>Thus, i started playing a Templar chant using God's phone of choice.

>The chant did not go unnoticed, and Nick made inquiries regarding it.
>He noted that it was in Latin, and asked me to translate it for him.
>Rather than divert my attention from the task at hand, i told him there would be time for translations later.
>And with that, he got into the bath.
>I must admit, i was enjoying playing "The Holy Father" a bit too much, but i guess everyone has a kink.
>With him in the bath, i was now free to disrobe, and to likewise enter it.
>It was a tight fit, but a fit nonetheless.
>Not that i myself needed to be immersed in the water. I was the one doing the "baptism", after all.
>As i was the messanger of God on Earth, i decided i would, if only at the end, make use of the little Latin i knew.
>And so i asked Nick "Have you accepted our Lord and savior into your body and soul? Do you renounce all of your heretic ways, and wish to be reborn as a Christian, thereby becoming closer to God?"
>"Yes, father."
>"Nay, mere words mean nothing in the eyes of our Lord. He tells me you must prove that your devotion to him is genuine".
>"But how, oh holy father, how can i prove this?"
>"The Lord works through me, and he has shown me what must be done. You are to accept his blessing, which he shall give you through me."
>"As a mere servant of God, i do not have the power to give you his blessings at will. You must show your faith and determination through the act of... extracting the blessing itself.
>And before i could continue with my monologue, Nick already knew what he had to do.
>He quickly positioned his head where it was implied he should.

>Then, he began licking the head of my semi-erect dick. Not that it stayed that way for long.
>After i was hard enough to cut diamonds, he did his best to accomodate my full size in his mouth.
>He had done this enough to avoid gagging, or, in the very least, to reduce it to a minimum.
>And indeed, he had apparently mastered the technique. He went as deep as he could, before he stopped in favour of going back and forth.
>One cannot describe what i felt at that moment.
>Indeed, one cannot describe what i felt from that moment, until the moment i realized i was, once again, sent over the edge.
>I did not give him a warning, but he knew based on my reaction alone. He knew what was about to happen.
>Refusing to back down, he began bobbing up and down faster. Thanks to his devoution, the blessing of God was freed, and his for the taking.
>For a moment, he withdrew. Raising his arms as if to speak. But then...
>He looked up at me, his eyes staring into my soul. He knew what was desired of him.
>He swallowed every drop, as if it was a delicacy.
>Then, after catching his breath, he spoke.
>"Have i proven my devotion to the Lord?"
>There was no denying it, he was devoted. And so, i finalized the baptism.
>"Ego te baptizo in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti."
>"Vade in pace Christi"
>I waited, before asking "How do you feel, now that you have become a Christian?"
>"Reborn... now let's get some rest, don't you think we've earned it?"
>We had indeed. After getting out of the bathroom, drying our hair and wrapping up various things, it was time for rest.
>Just as i was about to move our beds together, we heard some rather loud commotion comming from the hallway.
>It was our classmates, and indeed, our Headteacher. They had all come back, and judging from the amount of noise they made, they were not about to rest up.
>No matter. I double-checked the door, making sure that our key was shoved in the lock, disallowing anyone else from entering.

>And, using all the commotion around as a fine cover, i moved our beds together once again.
>While we were drifting off to sleep, i found myself thinking of all the times i had insulted Nick in one way or another.
>As a matter of fact, disregarding all of the females in the class, Nick was always rather... lonely.
>All the insults the guys... myself included, threw at him, did in no way help him feel welcome.
>I cursed myself for the way i acted, i wished there was some way i could change the past, and make it all right.
>But then, i snapped back to the present. Nick was sound asleep, his head on my arm.
>I hugged him, bringing him closer to me. I was never going to make him feel lonely again.
>And so, like Nick, i fell asleep.
>In the morning, i woke up relatively early, at least by Serbian standards.
>By that, i mean i woke up at around 9 am.
>Nick, on the other hand, had not only already woken up, but, as far as i could tell, already ate breakfast and sneaked some back for me as well.
>He was on his Instagram, surely reviewing how many likes he amassed since the last time he checked.
>For a moment , i thought about going back to sleep, for just a bit.
>But then it hit me. Today was the last day we would be spending in Vienna, or this hotel, at least.

>I quickly jumped out of bed, somewhat startling Nick in the process.
>Rather hastily, i wished him a good morning, before quickly going into the bathroom to take care of myself.
>After several minutes, i emerged, ready to take on the world.
>Nick was still far too busy repaying all the people that followed him on Instagram. He is one of those "follow4follow", "like4like" people.
>"Thanks for bringing me breakfast." i said, attempting to initiate conversation.
>"Did you know that today is our last day in Vienna?"
>Nothing. Radio silence...
>I would have to deal with this situation differently.
>I crept towards him, and, when i was near enough, i grabbed him from behind and jerked him off the bed rather suddenly.
>Before i lost this Blitzkrieg bonus, i started tickling him wherever i could, hoping to score a critical hit.
>This worked like a charm, and Nick was begging for mercy.
>I, being a merciful Lord, granted this wish.
>"You just can't keep your hands off me, can you? He said with a grin on his face."
>I was guilty as charged.
>"You know it. But did you also know that today is our last day in Vienna?"
>"Duh. Why do you think i packed everything?"
>What.. how did i miss that.
>"... Oh, i see, so when are we supposed to head back to Belgrade?"
>"Right after we go to some place called Schenbrun."
>"I don't know, i don't speak German. You did, why don't you correct it for me?"
>Thinking of what he could have meant, i asked "Did you mean Schönbrunn?"
>"Yeah, that's it... and we should probably get going. I was just about to wake you up anyway."

>I retorted with "What are we waiting for?"
>And so, i made sure to return the room to the same layout we found it in. And we departed for the bus.
>After we placed our bags in the bus, we took two seats that were still unclaimed by our peers.
>This time, we had an app to play Tic-Tac-Toe on.
>Technology, it does wonders.
>Soon enough, our Headteacher arrived and did a head count. All of us were accounted for.
>And so, we departed towards Schönbrunn.
>Nick and i passed the time playing that game, talking about current events and cracking occasional jokes at each others expense.
>As the bus parked outside Schönbrunn, allowing us to exit, i saw something which reminded me of home.
>A man was selling roasted chestnuts.
>Roasted chestnuts are abundant at home at this time of year, so i decided i would buy some.
>I coughed up 10 euros for 2 "large" servings.
>Westerners sure have a very strange definition of "large", i stated to Nick. He just giggled at the statement.
>With the chestnuts in hand, we decided to look around, and admire Schönbrunn as much as we could. It wasn't the summer, after all.
>When we entered through the gates, we noticed a shop to our left.
>We entered it, and surprise, surprise, what didn't it have?
>Books, souvenirs, and...
>Oh my god.
>I had completely forgotten about Mozart balls.
>I was bombarded with requests for them for an entire week before i set off for Vienna, and yet they slipped my mind completely.
>Not bringing back any would have been a faux pas.
>Upon seeing me buy some, Nick decided that his family should get a taste too, and bought some for them.
>After we filled our pockets with various trinkets, we left the store to visit the palace proper.
File: 31861050_big_p8.jpg (135 KB, 1200x952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 1200x952

>In an amazing display of competence, upon all of us entering the castle proper we realized our Headteacher had made sure all of us would have tickets readily available, and so we did not have to wait in line.
>It was then that we paid for our tickets, and we promptly excused ourselves, prefering to go ahead alone rather than stay with the group because "we had no time to waste".
>Again, it's not like that was an outright lie... We really did want to utilise this time as much as we could.
>We rushed ahead, leaving everyone else to their own devices, and probably pondering why we were in such a hurry that we could not wait for them.
>We received some devices which we could use to learn about the rooms and whatnot, but we didn't care for that. We just wanted to enjoy the castle in each others company, history be damned.
>Even thought it was not my main priority, i for one could not help but notice the grandeur of the palace. In many ways, it reminded me of Versailles.
>This reminiscence was not accidental, Schönbrunn was, after all, the Austrian Versailles.
>But, no matter how beautiful the palace itself was, my gaze was continually drawn to something even more beautiful, to Nick.
>While all these thoughts were going through my head, Nick was actually in his own world, but seemingly marveling at the magnificence of the palace like many others.
>Making sure that none of our classmates caught up with us, while Nick was still lost in thought, i moved closer and gave him a long, passionate kiss.
>This sudden move on my part, quickly snapped him back to reality, and he returned the favor in kind.
>Soon enough, he withdrew to catch his breath, and after doing so, asked in a hushed, sad sounding voice "Why can't this last forever? I... i don't want to go back to the way things were... i-"

>I put my finger on his lips, and said "Shh, it's ok, nothing will change. Things won't go back to the way they were, i promise you that. Whatever happens i will not let anything bad happen to you, if anyone wants to harm you, by God, they'll have to go through me."
>To make sure these were not just empty words, and that i meant them, not that he ever doubted that, i hugged him tightly, so tightly in fact i was worried i was hurting him.
>Nick immidiately hugged me back, and after the moment had passed, i put my hand around his waist and we carried on enjoying the interior of the palace.
>We were probably walking for quite some time, before we came to a sort of checkpoint where we had to return the devices that were given to us, which we did not even use, It is then that they took our cards to check them, and after that was over, i disengaged my hold because i assumed we were nearing the end of the tour.
>I was right, and before long we were outside again. Since the maze was closed this time of year, not that we would have much time to traverse it even if it was open, we decided to take a walk in the fresh air while everyone else finished with their group tour.
>Slowly, we made our way to a rather idyllic spot, where, once we looked back, we could see the palace in all it's glory.
>We were alone here, as far as we could tell, and i liked it that way. I thought it was romantic, being with the person i love, on a cold, yet pleasant day, overlooking the Austrian Versailles.
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gotta bump

>Now, being safely from prying eyes, i once again brought Nick closer to me. He looked at me, with wanting eyes, and i did not contain myself. We shared several long, passionate kisses, and we only came to our senses when an alarm i had set up earlier rang, reminding us to wrap the tour to an end, and go back to the bus.
>I could say i wasn't saddened by the fact the moment had passed so soon, but i'd be lying.
>But that would not matter in the long term, as i said to Nick, i was determined in making sure that nothing would change. we would still be together in Serbia, as a couple, even if the entire country was against us. Nothing, not God himself, could change that.
>And, as we went back to the bus, and as i relived everything that had happened, i was filled with a strong sense of... happiness. I had lived a monotonous life for so long, a life only temporarily blessed with moments of happiness, but now... now things would be different, this was truly a new chapter in my life, not a passing event, not "experimentation" or whatever other nonsense i initial tried to convince myself to believe. I had found myself, and more importantly, i found someone who i loved, and who, in turn, loved me.

God, dumping that was quite the task. Next time, i'll just fix it up a bit and pastebin it.

Here's an old pic of Nick... no way he will get recognized by it. I am debating whether or not posting a super cringy picture of us is worth it, perhaps i would do so if this was /lgbt/, but i can only assume that the picture would become a staple of cringe threads, which is why i won't post it after all.
>super cringy picture
Why would it be cringe?

Well... when i said i was 10kg overweight in the very first part of the story... that was an understatement. I was closer to 20, 30 kg overweight. That's why it's cringy, i cringe when i look back.

Thank god you lose weight faster the fatter you are.
he looks really cute.. what happened to you guys?
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where are these from?

Absolutely nothing (negative, that is).

Life continues on as it must, but i'm more and more open to the idea of moving, if only for education, rather than staying in Serbia, due to the new, traitorous government that's in power, and the fact it seeks to make us a western economic colony... He, on the other hand, just wants to move because our lives would be easier. We do share a common hatred of the current government, but for different reasons. While i view them as as traitors, he views them as unrefined neanderthals that are not worthy of their positions... I can't say he's wrong though.
Its in there somewhere.
>Well... when i said i was 10kg overweight in the very first part of the story... that was an understatement. I was closer to 20, 30 kg overweight.
Oh well I didn't really read any of it. I just got here recently.
Such a chore, having to save all that shota everywhere.
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3) Click on “Tools”, and open “Cookies Manager+”.
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Think that's it.
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As a belarussian who grew up and is still living in Austria, fond of english, latin, the most proper of german and enjoyed belgrade for about a week last year, I would like you to know that this was an absolutely amazing read. Hope everything turned out nice for you guys. Keep on inspiring!
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Oh, i can only imagine what a chore it is.... saving all the images in the thread. It's probably on par with posting this entire story again, actually.

Is it just me, or do you guys only ever get to select sushi and road signs in these reCaptchas?


Hah, thanks my friend. More is to come, but another day. I never finished telling the story to /lgbt/, the thread died while i was recovering from fever. Maybe these days i will post it there, and give one last update, before calling it quits and just browsing it as an anon, like i did before i was inspired to recount my, rather extraordinary, experiences.
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AAAAAH that guy was so adorable.
I wanted to hug him the entire show.

(and suck on his horn)
>do you guys only ever get to select sushi and road signs in these reCaptchas
I get wine, coffee and hamburgers.
it really helped to know Vienna as it is and Belgrade (to some degree at least ^^) to envision the Story more vividly!

once again great job :)
too bad i don't browse /lgbt/ at all, make sure to link the story (pastebin maybe) in future shota threads!
> I never finished telling the story to /lgbt/
Don't bother with them.
They're... Queer.
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Did this help you get past sad panda?
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OMG that picture.... I came buckets because my nephew has the same skin suntan and i've seen him sleeping in a similar position
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You are a hero
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Happy to help.
Any comics you want to add?
I want to stick my D in him! :P
File: 150963.png (582 KB, 1210x1010) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
582 KB, 1210x1010
If I had a big mutant cock I'd do that too
File: 140633548093.gif (201 KB, 532x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 532x627
File: 140633558221.gif (281 KB, 450x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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681 KB, 2256x3200
Same dream man, same dream...
To be honest when i was in my 16-18 i was more flexible and i was able to reach the tip of the head with my tongue. Now i'm ~2 inches away from it :-/
I love animals on boys.
Too bad that it's surprisingly hard to find.
I've sucked my head before, not easy haha!

So surprised when I came in my mouth. Surprised that I didn't stop myself that is.
More cutie face marking please?
i'm the anon from the other thread!
i had to leave and just came back, so great to see you have posted more! thank you so much, man!
File: 1wrftghh5HB7.jpg (213 KB, 1200x1530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 12.jpg (230 KB, 1128x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 1128x1600

Haha, no problem. Enjoy the story, that's why i've shared with you guys.
Damn I want to be taken and used by a tentacle plant!
File: 1wetghbv4.jpg (336 KB, 1200x1971) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336 KB, 1200x1971
File: 32uyj.jpg (516 KB, 747x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516 KB, 747x900
Technically it should be possible to make a plant that does exactly that to spread its seed.

It will be tough, but worth it.
File: 11.jpg (240 KB, 1128x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 1128x1600
File: 131054yhb39082425.jpg (449 KB, 600x847) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 600x847
but that face is a huge turn-off for me...
More riding cocks.
File: 23.jpg (166 KB, 1128x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 1128x1600
yeah, I just have to deal with it.
The other gifs are kinda better though.
File: 118929013869.jpg (95 KB, 554x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 554x738
>implying anybody here had at least one real friend when he was 13
I guess you are talking about imaginary friends?
I wish there was a magic warrior costume that turned me into a sexy shota
File: 1396965755648.jpg (144 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 600x800
File: axsma.jpg (947 KB, 2000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
947 KB, 2000x3000
you guys are probably going to love this ;)
>seeing that very thin guy
>looks like skeleton
>long ugly hair
>he probably never washes it or himself at all
>saw him in the shower in a public bath once
>long ugly pubic hair
>everywhere even on his asscheeks
Let me wear that ;-;

Oh my god yes please. Cutie dragnons.
File: Epix01.jpg (1 MB, 2880x4480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2880x4480
I do love that.
File: 1379255502414.jpg (617 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 13663563242.jpg (2 MB, 3200x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3200x2400
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my throbbing cock approves this
I want to be 10 years younger (25 now) and be the boy in the middle :P
File: 1421608805507.jpg (628 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
628 KB, 1680x1050
I know that feel.
I had to be a irrationally paranoid faggot instead of a cute slutty one.
File: 1c (1).jpg (414 KB, 2233x1434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1c (1).jpg
414 KB, 2233x1434
File: 461635616.jpg (121 KB, 582x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wish I had more to post.
File: x9.jpg (25 KB, 375x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 375x500
Being abducted by gay aliens. ;)
File: 1413699730446.jpg (573 KB, 1200x1804) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
573 KB, 1200x1804
This thread just got awesome. More from these please?

File: SummerSmells-1.jpg (226 KB, 976x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 976x1400
here anon, i think i've managed to copy it all in a non-suckish way

again thanks for all this

so happy i didn't close this tab before leaving

pastebin com/3Nga4RP6
File: SummerSmells-2.jpg (252 KB, 976x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252 KB, 976x1400
Thread is almost over, you will not be able to post full comic, give us a link?
File: 1424309164341.jpg (118 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 1200x900
Holy shit that was a frikken saga, read some at home, some waiting on errands and stuff, and come home to a fuckton more, and that was all one trip to austria, gd, you need to pastebin/ epilogue that shit if you're willing.
File: 1407911691969.jpg (157 KB, 500x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 500x344
File: 175585.png (333 KB, 1200x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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already took care of that here, mate

I wouldn't know where to start sucking
File: SummerSmells-3.jpg (301 KB, 976x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 976x1400
If you start sucking them one by one, when you finish with the last the first will be ready for action again
I'd like to see more Shota pics, Kik me at ElmerSchoolGlue if you have some good ones
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