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>> 613333059
Join us. Stoner or trip tread.
Good times, or bad.
Share with us.

Guy who felt dead off 25i here
Last thread was fun, we need more comics
will post wallpapers
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So I'll start.
> Baby shower. Coworker invites my brother and I. This guy smokes wax from a skillet bong. Father in law is a big time toker as well.
I can tell the tale of my wife's first trip...

>I tripped a shit ton as a student, but not in years (I'm into my 30's by now)
>wife did shit loads of pills and ket as a student, but never trips (she's late 20's).
>both stopped doing drugs at least 5 years ago cause we got old and boring basically.
>planning on having a kid, and she has always wanted to try trips at least once, so we decide to go to a psytrance festival in the summer for one last blow out before becoming parents
>go, weathers great (we're British so thats a rarity), tunes are banging
>get a little buzzed on weed and booze, find trips later in the day, take trips
>holy shit it's strong, I'm fucking tripping balls and I'm experienced, slightly worried about wife.
>wife loves it
>gets dark, make quick trip to tent for jumpers
>holy shit clothes are confusing
>keep just tripping the fuck out and spacing out staring at random shit in the tent getting changed
>meanwhile also start getting really horny
>start fucking in the tent with the door wide open tripping fucking balls
>always told my wife that you don't get horny on trips, but with her, seems that I did
>super intense experience, we can't tell who's body is who's, it's crazy intimate.
>people looking, we are aware door is open and other groups are very nearby, and keep trying to close it but every time we stop we trip the fuck out and get confused by all the zips then forget and start fucking again
>this is basically the entire trip - about 8 hours, listening to tunes in the distance, and confused unintentional public sex
>meanwhile wife also has mild food poisoning form the shitty festival food, so is puking every half hour or so
>she takes it like a total fucking trooper, doesn't freak out at all despite tripping balls for the first time and not even being able to figure out how to put a bra on.
>she's preggo now, so no more drugs for us for 18 years. She was the best trip buddy ever, can't wait to do it again, made me love her even more.
just made a Waterfall bong for tomorrow night. going to be me my GF and my roommate and his GF. i am the only real stoner in the group so they will all be knocked on their asses quick.

bottle is half gallon

last time with waterfall bong got interesting
>be 5 years ago or so
>smoking with friend
>2 joints down, lets see what we can do with this waterfall bong i made the other day
>Arizona liter bottle
>pack tight but with airflow
>buntane lighter cashes it 3/4 the way through
>awe shit nigga
>i take first hit
>doesnt look like anything came out of bottle
>weezing used smoke screen
>cant see shit
>cant stop coughing
>almost throw up because coughing so hard
>calm down and lay down in tub
>we pass back and forth and do 2 more waterfall bongs
>stay in bathroom for 4 hours
>walk out of bathroom with smoke billowing out like a fire.
>one night I was toking a bowl with a buddy of mine
>around 8pm, and the weed was dank
>already super high, we try to make a gravity bong.
>use a Gatorade bottle and a slide from a broken bong
>I managed to drain the water and was about to take a hit
>I ended up not unscrewing the slide and tried to sip the bottle
>I just inhale the bowl

>my friend stares at me, as I stare at him
>I swallow the ash and ground weed

Even to this day, I don't know how I was that autistic.
bumpin with last few stories from last thread
Florida checking in. Wake and bake time. Getting ready for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!
We all start smoking, I was driving beers, because I love drinking. Several bong rips and four Hollandias later, coworker brings out the skillet.
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My friend sold me 3lbs of this shit for only $500, he said that it's ak-47 strain. How much is it really worth?

>pic related the weed
>captcha 420
File: IMAG0339.jpg (1 MB, 1520x2688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Califag here, smoking a latenight bowl of Trainwreck
File: 1430523926376.jpg (1 MB, 2400x1483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My bro has this post on his wall, and I remember one time I came over and got very drunk, then he drove us to a smoke shop, got a new bowl, and we toked when we got back, and he has this poster on his wall and I almost melted into it, I was one with the gnomes
File: 32804-2560x1600.jpg (420 KB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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iam smoking since a few years basicly every day. the amount increased gradually over that time. usually a strong one before going to bed. i feel like i couldnt stand not smoking before trying to sleep. and while university seems to work just fine i feel more and more detached from life. like iam a observer witnessing my life passing by. any of you having the same issues?
worth everything if you're hungry. Pack that shit in a bowl, fire it up in a microwave for 60 seconds, inhale delicious aroma, add butter and eat. You'll get high as fuck from the vitamins.
Ate a cookie with about 50 mg thc in it

Feelin fine
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this is only stoner related because of how long i've just been staring at it... stolen from ylyl
kinda cute story

Debating whether I should smoke can't go back to bed, fuck it, half a joint.
>finally get legit LSD
>10 tabs at 120 ug each
>had tripped on one a week and a half earlier to test strength
>decent trip
>roommate had wanted to try it, since he had only tried one tab of what probably wasn't even acid before
>give him two tab, I take three
>watching movie, listening to music, chill time
>drink some vodka, him more than me
>friend starts tripping out on the tiger rug we had on the wall to cover the windows
>says it's alive and shit
>falls on floor and stares at the ceiling mumbling about the color blue and how it's fucking with him
>I'm playing Skyrim
>He goes to his bedroom and can hear him moaning l like he's in pain
>go over and ask what's wrong
>he get's up and heads to the bathroom
>pukes his guts out
>lays next to shower
>I give him water and make him a sandwich
>he calms down a bit, but still a little scared saying everything is still fucking trippy as fuck

Going to be getting some more tabs soon, I plan on taking 4 and he said he would want to try one, with another roommate on 2.

This time we're going to plan it out a little better, and maybe not drink so much.
Its le broccoli lOoool xDDDD
Hey thanks man! I'll try it sometime soon.
man, that gives me the squicky feeling you get leaning out over a precipice.
Have a long break and stop smoking regulary, it fucks you up mentally
> be me FOB in great Cali
>find some stoner friends
>smoke Cali Kush 1st time
>they made me kill everything in the bong
>pass the fuck out
That is the start when I begain to smoke everyday
atm on a tolerance brake, because to get me high I would need 5 bong hits to maintain a 20 min high
back in 2001, when i was 17
>Working the front counter at Walgreens
>Roommate who works in photo labs and I go on break together
>Tell me to follow him to the stock room
>Manager is waiting there with papertowel tube steamroller
>Asks if I'm cool
>Friend vouches for me
>Wake up in snack food aisle surrounded by a mountain of empty wrappers and bags
>Somehow keep my job
>My eyes light. "Dis gon be gud.", I said.
> Take some good rips. And had two High Lifes we also brought. About half an hour later, I was tripping like life depended upon it, for three hours. Wide eyed, couch locked, and sitting at 45 degrees. Past, and present, all the people I met, all the moments I experienced. You name it. It was intense.
Damn what strain is that? For a moment I thought those hairs were all crystals.
Faaaaaag.. Yuo made my dyao. xD
from the looks of it White Widow
Its called le hairy ballsack
i always think its only weed and iam overreacting.
i feel like there wouldnt be much to wait for each
day. i basicly work 7-8hours learn 3-4 hours and
sleep. life seems pretty far away at times. in
the end everything we do is trying to make
the most out of it while forgetting whats essential.
Fucking on trips. Fuck that.
Just quit at least for a while, it makes you feel more connected to yourself.

Weed is a killer for the brain and for your personality
shit man, that's some potent shit. I only tried it once but that shit hit me hard. You could easily get 1500-2000$ for that
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> Everything. From infancy, til that day. And trippy electronic music I never heard of.
After I was finally able to stand up straight.
>I go out, and yak it in front of this baby shower party.
I was not invited again to that house again. I defiled the side of their garage, and their empty pool.
> Would do it again. HAHAHA!
You are correct, sir.
So I see you saw your mom naked.
That's pretty boss, where could I get one?
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You know, to get the best hit. You should get a bucket, drop that "dank" in, then add bleach and ammonia into it. Breath in deeply. Yo won't forget about it.
What a girl. Did you meet her in college?
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found an old photo from work. now that i think about it, i got away with a lot there...
At work. I had finished uni, she was still a first year.
you have no upper lip
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Anyone every smoke this, the first sheet cover of a pack of Juicy Jays? I mean out of desperation and somehow it was left. It has the water mark logo and feels just like the other papers.
File: large_4[1].jpg (179 KB, 573x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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watermark *print
They get high?
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