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Embarrassing/public/caught masturbating stories?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Embarrassing/public/caught masturbating stories?

Or caught fucking, y'know, if any non-virgins are on at midday on a Saturday.

I was on last week and I promised to share something with you guys today - but I don't know if anyone will be around...

Pic related.
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Ok, so, I want to hear you guys' stories anyway. Gimme gimme. Or let me know if you want me to continue posting this.
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closest thing I have
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>last year
>get absolutely wasted drunk at a party
>can't get any girl, all are either too sober or too drunk
>decide to jerk off in some privacy
>for some reason dog house seems like a good idea
>blow load inside, later fall asleep
>by morning realize everyone knows what I've done, they were standing outside last night and laughing
>asshole friends find the event so funny they rename our band after it
>Doghouse Masturbation™
>when people ask us what the fuck the name is about guys just point at me and laugh\wink\etc
>we don't get many gigs since, but drummer is rich asshole that paid for out instrubments and he decided the name stays.

seriously fml
Ever considered someone was turned on watching you? Just wonderin'
for all I care they could have filmed and uploaded it to efukt
I just want people to stop talking about it at present already
was it at least a good fap
Keep posting it's giving me a weird boner.
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I always forget how fucking long this shit is every time I repost it
Upon looking at that image, I see it left on a cliffhanger. Is there more? Who knows?
.......God Damn
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Is anyone here who was here last week?
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Im here
Congrats! But you weren't here last week.

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised no-one came back.

So, the last image is 8 posts all in one. It's the last stories. You guys want it?
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Fap away.

I came back because, last week, I posted this, and I got chatting to some of you, and a few of you convinced me to try something like this again...
well tanks anyway
That was some of the hottest shit I've ever read. Thank you femanon.
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>be me 15 old in high school, 9 years ago
>drinking from 22-4 in mornig
>was in a club on a hip hop there were pete rock, dj premier and mop
>met some cool people
>went home
> for some reason put all my clothes away
> put headphones on max and start jacking off to some porno
>probably private--tropical...good shit back then
>next thing i know my father opens door
>looks for 2 seconds
>closes door and says
> you should use that energy on something useful
>was embaresed as fuck for a week
please share something with us today puddle-chan
Tentanon was a lucky motherfucker and my jealousy is through the roof
I've got a fucking cringey story that i want to kill myself over
it involves wanking in a room with my sister and female cousin
anyone interested?
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Yes and sweet story from the first person haven't read a good one in ages I
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Thanks for dumping that, best greentext I've ever read. Reminds me of my childhood, I might post some of my stories if I can write them out quick enough.
its not some epic just a short story that makes me want to die painfully
>Be around 11 or so, young and fucking dumb
>female cousin (must've been around 7 or 8) is staying over at our house for the night
>she's staying in my sisters room (my sister is 12 at the time)
>hang out with them have fun and lols even though its with 2 girls
>surprised how much fun i had with them so i asked to sleep in my sisters room with the two of them
>permission granted
>side note: Only discovered wanking recently, i didn't really think about the whole social aspect of it being an extremely private thing
>later that night I'm lying in bed, my sister and cousin are in sleeping bags on the floor
>all three of us talking and joking and asking questions etc in the dark while we lie there waiting for sleep
>suddenly for some reason get this BRILLIANT FUCKING IDEA to have a wank right there and then
>start wanking while sister and cousin keep talking
>wanking is making noise obviously as i continuously move my hand beneath the covers
>dont realise it over time cos was focused on wanking but sister and cousin have stopped talking
>the noise i was making was fucking obvious
>sister suddenly says "anon if you're going to w-word yourself at least be quiet about it"
>stop completely frozen with fear and anxiety
>cousin asks sister what "w-wording" is
>she says she'll tell her later
>silence for a while
>my ingenious fucking retarded goddamn downy 11 year old mind reasons that my sister is fine with me continuing as long as i'm quiet about it
>continue at a slower pace, thinking back now pretty sure they can still hear it
>silence apart from my shuffling until i finish
>reminded, I was in my sisters bed not my own, extra cringe
>no one ever mentions it ever again

Thinking back on this really makes me want to hang myself
I wonder if my cousin ever went home to my Aunt and asked what "w-wording" was, or if my sister just told her
and thats that
got another very small one about me fondling my dads balls when i was like 8
dooo eeet

Sorry, I had to go away. Am back now
.......mmmm, that was pretty entertaining

but did you uh

did you like, make a mess in your sister's bed?

I'm not sure that's okay dude
>I'm not sure that's okay dude
Non of any it was even close to being ok
I started wanking before i was even able to produce cum(may have been 11 but i was a late bloomer to puberty so there you go), and that happened pretty soon after i discovered it, so i just 'gasm'd didn't make a mess

I hope
This is my favourite thread everrr
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Ok, lets see how long this takes, bit of fore warning, some of these might or will cross into incest territory.

>9 years old
>Visiting dad and step-mum and 4 step siblings with 2 of my own siblings
>2 younger twin boys, 2 older girls, 10 and 13 respectively
>Visiting with two younger sisters of 8 and 6 and brother of 13
>they live in cabins in the woods
>End up chatting with 10(We'll call her Misty short for mistress)
>Gets onto subject of masturbation
>Sound familiar
>She explains it a bit, like penises getting hard and cumming
>Oh yeah that, I can do the hard thing
>Can't cum yet because lol 9 years old
>Conversation moves on but not the end this by a long shot.

Okay so preface is done, onto my awkward flailings of a year with misty, if I can recall it quick enough.
keep it up
Oh yeah just remembered another i had when i was around 14 or so
>in car with dad and sister
>pull up outside small shopping centre place cos need food
>decide to stay in car while sister and dad go into centre
>sitting there bored with nothing to do
>"hey why dont i wank in the car"
>have stealth wank checking my surroundings like a pro for anyone that might see me
>successfully pull it off with no one seeing it
>dad and sister return shortly after i finish
>didn't think to open any windows
>sisters says "does anyone else smell that?"
>dad doesn't say anything
>stutter "uh yeah some guy parked next to us and when he got out i started smelling something too"
No way in hell they bought that, especially not my dad
For reasons of science, I'd like to hear if femanons have anything in their history of 'caught mastrubbatin'
...now I'm kinda imagining being in a car next to you, watching without you noticing.
Well, I'm the OP of this thread and the screencapped thread I posted. I posted it last week and I was told to masturbate in a Starbucks the next time I had opportunity, which was this past Friday. Thing is, I weas hoping some of them would be back to hear about it...But...I guess not.

But I could let you all know how it went...

Though honestly, compared to the greentexts already posted, it's awfully anticlimactic.
Wouldn't be surprised if you did tbh
I was not nearly as smart or alert as i thought i was when i was younger, and even then i didn't think i was very smart or alert

Hey do you get fidgety when you pass a campsite and see a load of tents

nope...But I do still love to watch guys squirm a little, if I can ever make it happen.
Mother fucker tell us all right now
also give current age so i can get a really rough imagination of the woman in starbucks i'd be watching while i jack it in the parking lot outside
>But I do still love to watch guys squirm a little, if I can ever make it happen.
that explains why i've been seeing you posting your story pretty often over the past few months
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>Skip ahead a year or so
>Split family dealings happen
>End up moving in with dad, step-mum and co
>Sister of now 9 comes too (lets call her Asi short for assistant)
>Family has moved to a farm house with a disabled man
>Family lives mostly in his fuck off huge shed
>Actually a pretty sweet set up
>Bunkbeds galore only one section walled off from the rest for the parents
>Get settled in, skip ahead a couple of weeks
>Can't remember the specifics before this, a bit of a touch of the leg here or there, but this is the earliest notable happening
>Playing Chinese whispers with all kids on big ass bed
>Sitting next to Misty
>Blankets everywhere
>Specifically blankets on laps
>Fell something on hand
>Its Misty's hand
>Sideways glance but no other actions
>She takes my hand and puts it on her leg
>She nudges my hand
>Smart kid me catches on
>Gently rub her leg
>Still trying to pass those whispers
>Continue rubbing, she's fidgeting
>Everyone starts getting tired
>We decide to call it quits

And so it begins. Sorry for the slow pace, trying to remember the details isn't easy.
Tell us.

Too bad you're not in my country or I'd try to convince you to do it again.

I hate to be that guy but some "visuals" would definitely get some solid tenting happening.
File: 1421799834804.jpg (27 KB, 347x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gonna need to know moar.
Bull sht ur not mask chan.

U still here on /b/ kek
...yup, I'm an attention whore and I kinda get hot thinking of making guys hard.

What difference does the country make?

I'm old enough to have a job. Gimme a bit to write it
Well it's not as fun with out the actual potential voyeurism is it?

Mind you there'd be more than enough people here for *someone* to be nearby..
Does it eend with you being given a royal title in the western part of Los Angeles?
Why do women almost avoid men who are virgins? Inexperienced my ass.

We have built up the perfect dirty mind from all the porn and stories we've heard and watched and sex is like a fucking instinct. Don't judge us please!

I seen too many reddit stories where guys were about to get intimite and mentions they're virgins right before sex, which ends up in FUCKING BREAKUPS!!!

I am 24 and I will be lucky if I even get a whore wife. I like techno and sushi, both despised by society here in Chicago. Hell, don't you women like yo see what built up potential a virgin could deliver?
dont you even dare try derailing the thread
eh if he bumps it while other stories keep coming i'm fine with it
son you better keep this coming

>Night time, playing me some spyro
>Step-mums asleep in the next room
>Everyone else is wither in the house watching a movie or in bed
>Misty comes in
>Sits next to me
>Hand on my leg
>Whispers in my ear
>Don't remember the specific words
>Something arousing I assure you
>Starts rubbing my dick through pants
>Pause game and put down game controller
>Rest hand on her leg
>Start massaging her inner thigh
>Apparently that's really appreciated
>Spend five or so minutes suppressing moans
>Da faq was that
>Step-mum shifting in sleep
>Remember there's a plywood wall between us and her
>No door either
>I get spooked
>Take my hand away and take her's off my pants
>Tell her its too dangerous to continue
>She doesn't try to continue but obviously isn't pleased
>Go back to playing spyro
>She goes to bed five minutes later.
>Not sure if right move

In hind sight I curse 10 year old me. Though I can't really blame him.
>yfw porn aint reality
Can you post tits then

So I went to Starbucks on the way home from work. It's got no windows other than the front walls being all glass.

>Change into a skirt in the bathroom
>Get a hot chocolate and take a seat in the back
>Put bag between myself and the front
>Still basically visible to everyone inside...three people not counting the staff (they can't see me)
>No-one looking my way
>Hand up skirt
>Think about guys fapping to this (srs)
>Rub slowly
>Is pretty fun
>Close my eyes while rubbing
>Occasionally open them to sip hot choco and take a look around
>stealth maintained
>Get into a rhythm, closed eyes for a while, rub, open and look around
>no-one is paying any attention
>A few minutes of rubbing like this go by
>Thinking about getting adventurous, don't notice someone new has come in
>Finger goes underneath underwear
>Rubbing clit directly
>Sigh a little and don't open my eyes as soon as I should have, but I'm still not being terribly obvious
>Two fingers rubbing up and down on clit.....mmm, feels good
>Eventually open my eyes
>Some guy in his twenties has taken a seat almost directly opposite me and is looking at me
>turn bright red, look away and stop
>Feel like an idiot

Pretty sure that, between things like the table and my position, he couldn't see anything explicit, but...
porn are made with real people. people can learn from video as well, that's why youtube have many educational channels.
please tell me something more happened

Oh plenty more happened, I'll tell you when I'm gonna stop posting, but right now I'm having a hard time deciding which story comes next. I think I'll go through three quick fire situations before another major event.
guess I'll post another small one to bump
>be around 12
>chilling out with my usual group of friends on our street
>consists of me, my sister, my friend( We'll call him J he must've been 13) and his sister(We'll call L must've been 11), and this other guy (we wont call him anything)
>hanging out outside J and L's house
>kicking balls at the NO BALL GAMES ALLOWED sign thats hung on a huge wall across the street from their house
>starts raining so we all dive into J and L's house
>we're a pretty tight group and non of us were really assholes so our parents didn't really mind when we ran around the place, wouldn't be surprised if they just saw us chilling on the couch or whatever
>we decide to play hide and seek
>J is the first one to be it, we all fuckin' bail and hide
>me and L had been kinda flirty before, once she danced naked infront of a window for me, thats flirty right
>other guy and sister go hide somewhere, L and I run upstairs and she drags me into her parents bedroom
>we jump on the bed and hide under the covers
>we were both more in the mood of hyped and scared of getting caught trying to hide rather than just horny btw
>anyways couple minutes pass and we're just holding each other tightly cos scare hype, and every now and then it gets a bit calmer and we just touch each other
>eventually we hear J come through the door and he jumps on the bed grabbing L making her it
>game restarts, idk where other guy and J went but me and my sister went back to the parents bedroom
>L comes to the bedroom as soon as she's done counting, leaps ontop of me, pulls the covers back over my face to see its me
>she doesn't try to make me it or pull the covers off my, she just sits there ontop of me, her ass lined up with my cock and starts bouncing and grinding and laughing
>get super fucking hard, she can feel it under her and bounces on it
>rain stops, we go outside
Do it, I'm unzipped and waiting
nice dude, made my cock throb
maybe one day in a similar situation just go for broke and dont stop, see where it goes
would require balls of brass tho
ain't got no balls, but...


/b/ told me to do this last week

Why not let /b/ make the decision again this week?

Anyway, I wanna hear where this guy's stories go
I don't understand
he is fritzl
>Why not let /b/ make the decision again this week?

cam up yo'
I was both those posters, also car jacker and the one who wants to hang himself
unfortunately not that much really happened to me when i was younger, but i forget shit and it comes back to me, maybe in another one of your threads one day
I've always wished i'd gone a bit further with L, she could be an annoying bitch sometimes but she showed interest.
I'm gonna have to go sleep now its late i'm drunk and i've got shit to do in less than 5 hours
racking my brain and can't remember any scandals when i was younger, maybe some'll come back to me, I'd completely forgotten about the L one until tonight

as for stuff to do, maybe wear some really hot clothes, really spruce yourself up and make yourself look irresistible, then get in a situation you'll be on show for guys for an extended period of time, so another stop at the coffee shop, library, maybe even bus or train but that could be too short
The point of this, is maybe you'll be able to pitch some tents, that could give you some encouragement to take it places
Then come post here so we can blow our loads over your escapades
g'nite, i'll be looking out for your threads
Okay three quickies

>Cold, lazy afternoon
>Movie time in the farmhouse lounge room
>3 couches, 7 people and a tile floor
>Doubling up it is
>Me and Misty jump on a single seater
>Throw our blanket over use
>Get comfy, Movie starts
>Me and Misty have other unspoken plans
>Hands on thighs
>Light rubbing to get the motors going
>I get a little bold
>Shift hand over her crouch
>Rub through pants
>Meanwhile boner alert is at code rock solid
>Rubbing her crouch through two layers is loosing fiction
>Move hand up to her stomach slowly as to not shift the blankets
>Slide hand down pants
>Reach down for that sweet wet spot on her panties
>Meanwhile she follows suit and has her hand going down my pants
>I'm a boxers boy at the time
>That silky grip is sooo good
>Boner alert upgraded to diamonds
>Give her as good as I get
>Panties are getting wet, fingers damp
>Boxers aren't designed for hand play
>Boner slips through fly
>Misty lightly runs her fingers up my shaft
>I visibly shiver
>Don't even care if anyone noticed
>Realise my hands stopped
>Start back up, can't leave her hanging
>She teases my cock with light finger tip touches
>Continue for another good 10 minutes
>Step-mum comes in
>Apparently dinners ready
>God damn it

Well that actually turned out better than I expected, I suppose once you get into it, it starts to all flow back.
Yep, it's fun and quite on theme. Good job anon.
I agree, cam up. If you like that excitement then this'll give it to you. Plus we get to put a pretty vidual to all those great stories. ;)
Wanked on cam today, cumming on my own face. Stupid, but I was very horny.
Not sure what the fallout will end up being... The dude who gave me instructions has my email, which means he'll be able to find my phone number easily etc
Sleep well

if I make threads they'll usualy be pre-noon (England time) on Saturday

As for making myself look hot, frankly I have no idea how
>>Doghouse Masturbation™
mmmmmm ... hmm
That makes sense as to why I see your threads often, your Saturday morning is my Saturday night, I'm always on /b/ on a Saturday night cos I've no life

Good night all you horny /b/astards
>i shit myself infront of everyone (kindergarten)
>everyone laught at me everyday
>nowadays- i'm the only guy who is remembering this
>no one believes me
>did i realy get shit in kindergarten ?

Think about masks.
Moist begins.
Are you from the UK? We could get the same bus route. Don't even have to say a word.
There is absolutely no way this could end badly.
I am that person.
Please do rapeplay with me on the bus.

Trust me, I'm OP
>be me, younger
>Budding diaper fetishist
>ordered samples
>be into light bondage as well
>tie self up in only diaper
>get stuck
>home alone for what felt like a good couple of hours
>had actual wetting accident
>diaper has wetness indicator so its obvious i wet
>sister gets home
>they laugh and mock
>take pics
>eventually untie me
>they wont leave so i can change
>eventually have to just put on pants and shirt over the wet diaper, causing them to laugh even more
>one of them comments that i make a really cute baby
>sisters friends finally leave
>sister blackmails me with pics later
>still cant look sister in the eye

OP or not... What County?
should probably just got the ol' cockaroo out, you've already pissed yourself in front of 'em, why not
I live within fifty miles of Manchester
File: image.jpg (100 KB, 466x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Puddle girl,
Cheers for the stories made me rock hard. It sounds like you're from the UK, so where abouts? I'm near Oxford



Though I really do wonder why you're asking.....Even a description as precise as this means we have basically no chance of stumbling into each other.
Well I'm from Bedfordshire. All these places are pretty close.
With all the stories of your pleasure and tents:
Didn't you ever reciprocate?
File: image.jpg (138 KB, 960x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 960x534
Just wondering, was hoping fate would tell me you're near me and I'd have a chance to catch you in the act one day. Public voyeurism is a huge turn on for me - not quite as entertaining seeing a bloke jacking off in public. That shit would get you arrested. I can't get enough of women stroking in public
cont anon?
has some decent greentext
it wasnt in front of them. I was still tied up which is why I had the accident. And I didn't want to degrade myself further in front of them because they were all attractive. Some of them still bring it up and it makes me want to die.

If I wasn't terrified of the consequences, maybe there would be a chance. But I am, so there isn't. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the area I named, there is no chance of you happening to find me.

Sorry man, I'm adventurous but not when it comes to the Internet and definitely not when it comes to /b/. You guys are awesome and I love getting you hard, but you're a bit fucking weird sometimes.
Really doesn't sound like it could've been any worse.
verb re·cip·ro·cate \ri-ˈsi-prə-ˌkāt\. : to do (something) for or to someone who has done something similar for or to you.
It would have been worse to me.
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 640x640
Don't worry, I won't be coming up from Oxford just to try and track you down. /b/ is weird yeah but not that weird.

Tits or gtfo
Is this the end?
I think I might post one more with just Misty and take a bit of a break.

>Late night, most of everyone is either on the veranda chatting, watching TV in the farm house or long asleep.
>I'm getting tired so I decide to call it a night
>Go hop in bed
>Get comfy
>Start to drift off into sleep
>Something slips under the blanket
>Oh look its Misty
>Oh look, I'm suddenly no longer tired
>She snuggles into spoon with me
>I'm the big spoon
>It's be cute if we weren't such horny rabbits
>She grabs my hand
>Don't even wait
>Move my hand to her crotch with earnest
>Skip straight into her pants
>Start with a slow rub
>Boner isn't standing by
>She can't not notice it
>She tries to reach around and help me out with that
>Terrible angle, ain't happening
>I run one finger up the length of her pussy
>She gives up on the reach around to concentrate at the matter at hand
>I don't blame her one bit
>I focus on giving her as good as I can
>The feel of those cotton panties getting soaked is heaven
>Fuck it
>They may be heaven but hot hell lays below
>I jump my hand down those panties
>Start rubbing up and down her pussy
>Shes breathing heavy and getting into it
>Legs clenching every now and then
>The softest of moans
>Oh god dat moan
>I give her as good as I can.
>Her fidgeting increases
>Legs clench
>Pretty sure I did good
>Start slowing down and she puts her hand on the underside of my arm
>Seems to say to me
>She turns around to face me
>Goes for my cock
>Hand straight down pants
>Going straight for the money
>Not too bad but the angle is still a bit awkward
>Feels good still

>Suddenly hear the sounds of someone coming into the shed
>One of the other girls
>Oh shit!
>Misty with reflexes of a rabbit is out of my bed
>Quietly makes here way to her bed.
>Well fuck that was close

I think I took a bit to long with this one, sorry guys. I'm gonna stop here for now, I'll probably take some time later to write the rest out but for now its just taking too long for my liking.
Check the one called 21-29 underneath it...
File: little bill.png (141 KB, 688x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
little bill.png
141 KB, 688x800
>be me
>around February time
>visiting gf because I had to move country last year
>not seen her in months
>both sexually frustrated
>in a busy city not able to do anything until we go to hers
>chilling in a park
>decide "fuck this I cant cope"
>whip my donger out
>she tosses me off sitting on a bench
>jacket over my lap
>dog walkers go past without noticing
>start touching her
>we get worked up
>go into the bushes
>pull her pants down
>start railing her harder than I ever have before
>literally pelvic thrusting at the speed of light
>in the heat of the moment forgot to choose a better bush
>its right next to the path
>group of about 15 joggers come past
>all stare at me with mixed emotions
>make direct eye contact with them all
>me and gf finish our business and leave
>still laugh about what happened
>pic related, it was mfw staring into the souls of the joggers
non-virgin here
waiting for gf to get to my house though
so yeah

>be me, 15
>4 years ago, same gf since then
>she's over for the day
>relatively new relationship, only 3-4 months together
>we started fucking at about a month in
>we go upstairs to my room
>start making out in bed
>she reaches down
>rubbing my dick through my pants
>unbuckles my belt and takes my pants off, hers too
>starts riding me
>squeaky bed
>moaning from her
>i'm rubbing her clit while she does
>she cums, hard
>she's on the pill, so i'm fine to cum inside
>i get close
>grab her ass and pound faster
>mom walks in with a plate of fucking melon
>cum hard
>my mom gasps because surprise
>make awkward eye contact with mom while cumming
>she doesn't say anything, leaves the room
>gf went home
>my parents don't say anything, ask like nothing happened
>my parents are the greatest

pic related, my gf
> be me 11-12 years old
> about 9pm
> sitting in my chair wanking
> watching porn on pc
> sister 13 opens my door
> i fucking panick, cover my dick
> she realize what i do, freeze
> panick and say she will tell parents that im still up (9pm...)
> never speak off it again
*act like nothing happened

Welcome to discuss other means of communication. Would you be interested in another woman? My girlfriend is very interested in you and your stories.
Goddamn, Anon. As a producer, stories like this are God-Tier gold for short videos but finding the actual anons that write them in order to start a collab is a total nightmare.
any chance of archive this thread? i m on my phone, cant pdf print it.
Thanks for this, man

Moistening happened, I can assure you

Fuckin' sleepy as hell and I want to spoon while moist now
>be me early 20
>live at cousins house and husbands
>cousin and husband work dayshift
>I had to work around 10 am
>I start to fap while they're working
>close windows courtain (because neighbours)
>close door to livingroom because of annoying dogs
>i didn't heard the door open
>cousin comes in yells
>I go upstairs get dresseed up
>arrive at work early
>go back get lectured
>moved out

>mfw She didn't even offered to give me a hand
Not sure what you mean? You want to make videos...of this? I don't know what you mean by a collab. You have my greentext, I can't stop you using it, and I don't have any more to give you, so I've got nothing to collaborate.

Interesting, someone asked this very same thing a few months ago when I posted this...
I am diamonds reading it. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you based anon.
no sex?
File: 1394653414456.gif (952 KB, 245x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
952 KB, 245x180
Misty's guy here.

So question puddle-chan, besides the masks thing and the other obvious stuff, what other little fetishes have you picked up from your escapades?
Sadly no. Didn't bother me at the time, but now.............

if I could go back I'd fuck him in that library. No joke.
ever do any completely out of the blue things with random guys?
No. After tentanon I had a massive negative attitude about things like that (things ended really, really badly). By the time I got over it, I was old enough that I was more aware of the consequences if I were to get caught - and the consequences would be a lot more severe, too. Being called a slut at school is one thing; being treated like one at work is quite another, y'know?

I slept with a girl from work, worst mistake ever. Always a bad idea to dip your pen in the company ink.
Producer-anon, here.

So, one of my projects that has excited pretty much everyone I have told about my interest in is a series dedicated to making Live-Action retellings of the beat GreenText stories that end up on /b/.

Thing is, even though legally everything is up for grabs, it doesn't feel right without the involvement of the original writer which is exaggeratly rare on a site with no usernames where anyone can say they are anyone.
Sounds to me like you need to find a smarter, savvier tentanon to suit your tastes
No other fetishes to report that I can think of (thought I'm super sleepy right now), unless you count being able to make a guy tent just by letting him touch me as a fetish.

Oh. Well...It's not like I can prove I'm the original OP. These greentexts are way old. If you believe me and it makes any difference to you, though, then go ahead and use them.

But uh, good luck finding actors of the right age...
Hah! Not really. We got caught, school life got shit, he got forced to leave. Not his fault.
some other anon here.

you mean you are a pr0n producer like brazzers ?
tell us about when you got caught
Ok My turn

>Be me, 17
>Out on back roads of farmland with some friends
>Current FWB (lets call her Alice) is driving her shitty farm sedan
>The rest (3) of us are hanging out of the car sitting on the window bit
>Having a blast when I feel Alice rubbing my dick from the drivers side (small car)
>Look inside and she's got her *lets fuck* face on
>Not paying attention to the road+leaning over to touch me up leads to some "interesting driving"
>No one notices, assumes erratic driving is part of the fun.
>We eventually get bogged (That's Australian for "Fucking stuck halfway up the wheels in mud")
>It's getting dark, Alice calls her boss (he owns the farm) to pull us out
>Sun goes down, stuck in the bush waiting for a tow, "I'll go wait further up the road so my boss can find us, Anon can you come with me?"
>Being the gentleman I am I oblige
>Halfway up the track I push her against a gumtree and unzip her shorts
>We're making out like crazy and I slide my hand inside her
>She's wetter than a half drowned emu.
>Bring her to the edge of cumming and slow down
>"Please Anon, don't be a tease"
>Fuck I love it when she pleads
>Start fingering her like a madman when we see headlights.
>We look at each other,
>"Sorry babe"
>Withdraw hand as she composes herself
>She has the most miserable look on her face
>Her boss hooks the car up to his ute and tells me to ride in the cab with him because he needs me to hold something
>It's the cutest fucking baby sheep you've ever seen
>I ain't even mad
>Alice comes up to the window to tell the boss she's ready to go
>Sees the lamb,
>Now she's horney AND jealous.
>Hours later
>Back at her place, stealth fuck while friends sleep on the floor
>Friend still to this day bring up the time(s) we fucked while she was in the room with us
>No fucks have been given to this day.
gotting caught? can you green text that? that sounds kinky as fuck
It was the stuff we did on the bus. People saw it, it got reported to school.
Could we have a timestamped picture of your thigh? Thigh is all I'm asking for, it'd be amazing too see what tent anon was running his hands along as I reread the story.
>Doghouse Masturbation™
fucking kek
What the fuck is all this masked shit
I was more referring to someone that can do kinky things with you, without getting caught.
The actors age isn't exactly a problem as long as they are over 18 but can pull off looking real young.

I tried to get in contact with the Anon that wrote "The Poop Avenger" but that shit was a bust. Same with this femanon that wrote this heartbreaking story about her and her father who had ALS in Austrailia.

Even if the story is "unfilmable" on a public platform, this was still some great Greentext.
The risk is all part of the fun...
>I push her against a gumtree.
>She's wetter than a half drowned emu.

Bloody 'Strayans.
Oh and a current guy, I'm not disrespecting to tentanon at the time of the story, guy did pretty good for his lack of experience.
far from exciting.
You love us ;)
My production team is mainly just funders for other big projects across YouTube, Vessel and Vimeo. Only recently have we started expanding to produce our own content after running into issues with the platforms like YouTube not wanting Gore or Sex. Uploading content that is 18+ to our own Network online and everything that fits under that age group on everything else makes the content that much easier to distribute. Anon's story for example, no fucking way that would fly on our current 3 platforms but on ours direct? Easily.

Brazzers, ha. Those dudes are more strict than Unions and their budgets are often shit. You get bad talent and you are fucked with no real way to bounce it back.
Think so?
>veruca salt
Jesus, I just rediscovered that shit the other day. They put that bitch in a skirt that barely reaches past her snatch
>(gene wilder one)

Respect /b/rother.
Yes it is... Ack what I'm trying to say is that it sounds like you need a guy that knows how to do risky, kinky stuff without getting caught being too much of a problem.

Its a thing core to good BDSM play in all its forms.
File: Man shrugging.jpg (39 KB, 400x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Man shrugging.jpg
39 KB, 400x267
mfw you
Those were the best bits
Too bloody right mate
Thanks to all the puddle anons for trying, but your inability to continue a consistent writing style for this fan fiction killed my boner near the end.
Puddle-chan here about to fall asleep. I wake up at 10pm; it's nopw approaching 4pm. bluh.

I'm going to lurk for a few more minutes then go to bed.
That's what happens when one person tries to translate a teenager's diary into a coherent narrative four times over the course of one year
'Bloody 'Strayans' adj.
Endearing Kiwi slang for our mates across the ditch.
I see you're making the most of your bank holiday weekend...!
I'm glad you liked it.
Let's see you
I wanted to hate fuck the shit outta her when I was like ten years old.
I don't even get bank holidays off
File: 1408833844368.gif (4 MB, 240x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 240x170
Well have a good night then Puddle-chan, sleep well.
i would drive that like one of these gentlemen
You inspired tents all around the world. I hope you have a moist dream Puddle-Chan. Night.
And we love you too.

Hope you enjoyed the hot lamb-on-teen action
>I'm not sure that's okay dude
top lel
Gutted, I do. I booked off extra days around each bank holiday this year, pissed everyone off at work. Gave me some power, I've been trading days for favours. I've got 6 days off right now
Here's one for you if you're still here.

>be 17
>In AV class -- gf happens to be in same class
>sitting at computer, fucking around in photoshop, not really concentrating
>feel hand on leg
Well, that's... Good.
>Tent up pretty fast, her hand just stays on my upper thigh.
>teacher suddenly asks a question, I was miles away, of course.
"Oh, um... Yeah... uh.."
>the sneaky bitch's hand moves up a little, stroking my cock slightly with her little finger
>brain freeze, luckily the teacher moved to someone else

>told her to stop, no such luck.
>Reaches in, starts stroking me softly, even leans in and moans in my ear when no one is looking

That has to be the quickest I came, and the most. Went to the bathroom pretty fast to clean up. On the plus side, she avoided most of the mess, except for a bit on her finger.

Which she licked up.

God, I miss her and her crazy shit.
>make direct eye contact with them all

File: 1426812124672.jpg (168 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 900x675
>GF and I are into public sex and flashing
>she loves showing off
>take her out back of our apartment building where we like to mess around
>I strip her to nothing but her underwear and finger her until she cums
>bend her over with her face up against the wall
>Start fucking her doggy style
>She's moaning - trying to be quiet but not very well
>Suddenly a back door to the building 25 feet away opens up - GF doesn't notice.
>A woman comes out, lights cigarette.
>I start fucking my gf harder and faster
>She start moaning louder
>Woman looks over in surprise
>I cum buckets into my gf's pussy
>GF comes to her senses see's the woman
>"OH MY GOD!" GF shouts and runs around to the other side of our building.
>I follow her inside
>GF says her heart has never raced so much
>We fuck again.

Pic related.
Awesome story. More pics of her?
>be in 9 grade
>dating a solid 4/10
>doesn't feel so good
>Been together since she came over to my house, and fingered her
>apparently she had feelings for me
>anyways, back to story.
>during pep rally for sports
>she's sitting on my lap
>just sitting there for the entire thing
>she takes my hand and places it on her upper thigh
>whispers in my ear
>"wanna rub me dry?"
>lol fuggit yeh
>mind you, we are sitting in the bleachers, in a crowded gym
> start rubbing her, I'm trying to pay attention for anyone that is looking
>pick up pace
>she starts to have a silent moan
>I can barely hear it over the cheering
>while on routine scan for people looking, see a person about 4 seats to the left is staring right at us
>start staring back
>he catches my eyes and looks away
>take my hand away from her crotch
Pep rally finishes about 5 minutes later
>everyone leaves
>get text from her couple of hours later
>"heyy, wanna skype and watch each other finish"
>didn't answer it
>start to slow down with a lot of the stuff we've been doing
I was regretting that, because the year after that, she had gotten with this emo 1.5/10
Then I really realized how fucking bad she looked
Do you ever look up at the big blue seaside sky? The vast blueness so blue you could get lost in it. Where sea and the sky look like one, you can't see where one ends and the other begins? That is approximately the color of my testicles.
Fuck this cunt. All that fingering for a fucking legjob? The least she coulda done is suck his dick. What a bitch.
File: waiterflash.jpg (375 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 900x1200
Yeah. Dared her to flash the waiter here. Turned her on so much. She dragged me to a dressing room to fuck her after this.
Is that guy a faggot or something? He looks disgusted.
He was kind of awkward about it. Still gave him a great tip.
She kinda looks like one of my exes, aha.
fuck girl from work
fuck girl at work
get better job
keep ex coworker as fuckbuddy
Great thred
Goodnight guys.

Perhaps next Saturday ill see you again
Goodnight. :)
goodnight puddle-chan
I have a couple stories of me and my gf getting caught in high school. I can share if there is interest. Sorry for getting in here so late
Share dubs man
Get on it, keep the thread alive!
post 'em
Might take a minute. they aren't typed.
make a backup thread
>be summer before freshman year
>meet girl at the pool, I knew who she was but never talked before
>she was friends with the guy I was with
>That night she got my number from guy friend
>text all the time
>start dating right before school year starts
>we are only 14 and I am her first real boyfriend so we take things really slow
You didn't destroy their phones and slap their shit for being huge cunts?
The waiter's face looks just like a decent reaction picture.
I got one,

>Be 17, gf was chubby with awesome fat ass, 18 yo
>She likes the idea of sex outdoors
>Fuck yeah
>Decide to go on walk to find a spot to fuck in
>Get to big field, long crop growing tall
>Stamp down an area, lay down blanket, remove her jeans
>Looking around to see if we've been spotted yet, there's some houses nearby and a dog walker down the hill
>all is good
>I don't need any time to get hard, immediately start working her clit to make her wet
>Start fucking her, dog walker is nowhere to be seen
>She is cold, not enjoying it at all
>I'm balls deep and don't care that she's not enjoying herself
>She tenses up and I think she's finally getting into it
>nope, the dog walker had approached us and gf had made eye contact causing her to freeze mid-fuck
>I look around and see dog walker and dog.
>fuck sake
>Slowly pull out, say nothing
>we both pack our things and walk home
>see dog walker at end of trail
>walk on by
>didn't even get to finish..
>she broke up with me a month later by starting a huge ordeal in the middle of town. Crying and shit, so embarrassing
First time:
>about six months into dating
>she runs cross country and track and I play baseball
>this leads to busy schedules and we don't hang out that often
>finally get a chance to be with her
>in basement watching some stupid movie
>start cuddling
>cuddling leads to kissing
>decide I am going to try and finger her for the first time
>hand on her thigh gently rubbing
>like I said she is a runner so she has great thighs and I am getting hard. Try to conceal it
>she is into it and parts legs a little
>slowly working up her leg
>as soon as I start to rub her pussy over her jeans my mom comes in stealthy as fuck
>gf notices but I don't so I am confused when she stops kissing
>hand still on her vag when I see what she sees
>mom silently grabs what she wanted and leaves
>after gf leaves mom won't look me in the eye for about a month

I have more if there is interest
I'm from Bradford, that 50 miles?
Thats why you dont do shit like that unless you know you wont be disturbed. Shoved a banana in my ass, no one in the world knows.
continue anon
Fuck, OP, I think I remember you from when you were sharing these stories the first time. Didn't someone nickname you puddle-chan because you were always getting wet in class?

>Doghouse Masturbation™

Coming soon! In a venue near you.

shit or get off the pot you attentionwhoring faggot.

tell it or don't. whatever

>not gonna beg
File: 1365110001011.jpg (45 KB, 621x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 621x444
>be like 11-12
>around the time I first discovered masturbation
>be riding my bike around
>see my friend's little sister (around 10, curly brown hair) playing with a ball with her other friend (blonde bish)
>she had the ass of my friend's mother (fat as fuk)
>they always have to bend over to grab the ball from the ground
>initiate fap mode.jpeg
>inconspicuously start fapping through my pants ON THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET
>idgaf dude this feels amazing
>finish right there when she picked up the ball in front of me, showing off all of dat ass

I also always used to fap during French class cause the teacher had a phat ass as well (great tits too), and she dropped shit all the time (probably on purpose 4real) and for the rest of the day I'd walk around school with a cold wet jizz stain in my pants.

>mfw everytime I think back to these moments

I wasn't exactly self-aware, and now I am TOO self-aware.

>makes me want to hang myself

relax, they probably wank thinking about it to this day
File: nike-shorts.jpg (129 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 600x600
>fast forward to summer before junior year
>we have been dating for almost 2 years now
>over 2 years she really fills out and goes from 6 to a hard 9/10
>I am like a 7
>anyway we are at my dad's house
>I have a pretty big room with a tv and a couch as well as my bed
>start off on couch watching movie
>same as last time, we start kissing
>she moves into my lap
>I carry her to my bed
>she has told me before that she wants to wait to have sex
>I love this girl so I don't even care
>rubbing her pussy inside of her shorts
>pic related. The shorts she was wearing
>get idea that I will really treat her to a good time and go down on her
>Go to slide her shorts off and she gives the little hip raise and helps
>kissing her neck, get down to her panties
>she is trembling
>throw panties on floor
>I am under blankets and she is moaning
>we got so carried away I forgot my Dad was home and my door was open
>Dad walks past my room because he was doing laundry
>Sees panties and shorts on floor, Me under blanket only feet poking out, girlfriend moaning
>dad loudly clears his throat and walks away
>we panic she quickly dresses
>after 5 minutes of awkward silence "I think I should go" I agree and she goes home
>I walk into kitchen for snack (guess I hadn't eaten enough lol)
>dad was in there
>he looks at me kind of laughs silently, nods at me and walks away
>never spoke of it again

have more if people are still lurking

lurking hard
got any pics of your gf?
>but for now its just taking too long for my liking.

that's what happens when you're 15 years old using the internets on a fucking phone
i know

I didn't know they taught French class in the school on the hill with the short buses.
File: Untitled.png (1 MB, 964x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 964x956
obviously not going to include faces but this is around the same time as the last story at Winter Formal
>my IQ is actually 138

Nice try, Untermensch.
Dump requested, via imgur if possible. Your GF looks just like my neighbor, so good faps will be had. Does she do requests?


moar story
moar pics moar skin
discussing gender inequality in middle school... the fuck
Is this actually you puddleanon?
I thought this was a repost.
I've read some of these before, but do you have any more?

I'm wondered for a long time, how old were you then? How old are you now?
top kek

>>my IQ is actually 138

there was always one retard that didn't know enough to not fap in class and walk around with a visible cum stain.

>hate to tell you but YOU were THAT retard

One thing is a fact, at 138, you are no genius.

Oh yeah, story.
>be 14, bit of a NEET already
>have equally nerdy sister, 13, both gifted as fuck and our parents were always honest about the birds and the bees so we knew it all
>really close with her, we shared everything even our fapadventures and pornfinds but never interacted
>used to steal her panties to fap in them, something I never told her, and admittedly she's the very hot nerdy type so incest fetish followed naturally
>one day happily fapping in her pink, thin panties while looking at creepshots I made of her, thought I was home alone and was enjoying a new batch of pics
>about to cum, suddenly door opens and sister asks if I've seen the exact same panties I'm currently fapping into
>can't hold back and cum into 'm, she's looking right at me and realises it while my brain is frozen between "oh shi-" and pleasure
>she smiles (wtf), walks over, grabs the panties right off my dick and puts 'm on under her skirt, the cum clearly on her pussy and bush (she never shaved and it's my biggest fetish, sue me)
>while I'm still mortified she leans in, french-kisses me while she softly strokes my dick and balls, breaks the kiss and tells me "next time, just ask"
>stands up, licks the cumdrops off her hand, winks and me, blows me a kiss and leaves
>I sit there for a good 15 mins in confusion, wondering wtf just happened
Of course this continues but typing on phone is a bitch and I gotta make some dinner, if a kind anon gives me the opportunity to dump it somewhere I'll write out the entire saga.
>I was actually stealthy as fuck about it
>the fap stain was covered by my shirt because I wore long shirts because I was insecure about my fat as fatass body

And I never claimed I was a genius though, but definitely too smart for the short bus.


>implying it doesn't take a genius to fap in a room full of curious kids without being caught

If people knew I was fapping they would definitely call it out, since my school was full of mean bullies (like you)
14? NEET?
I'm sure I ready your story last year. Have you posted it before?

It's fucking amazing to actually talk to you. Your story is as good as if not better than porn.
That didn't happen
>full of mean bullies (like you)

says the autist who faps and thinks no one knows

I really don't believe in blaming the victim, but jezuschrist you were asking for it
File: image.jpg (66 KB, 698x655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 698x655
Here's one from another time she wanted to be frisky outdoors.

She doesn't do requests.
okay I was doing shit but am back now. Have one more story if you are still here or if anyone wants it

>super gifted you
>hot + nerdy sis
> doesnt get u r using her panties
>catches you, frenches u

the "sis" was probably a 8 year elder brother, who butt-raped anon
>typing on phone is a bitch

that's why we adults use computers
not gonna beg anon, not gonna beg

>dem thais

dont cut yourself on that edge
>Be me
>To young for erections n' shit but still get the pleasure of an orgasm
>Minus the messy aftermath
>Humping bed cuz no erection
>Sister starts opening door
>Sister walks slightly through the door
>Sorry, no dinosaurs
>I am wrapped in a blanket and I fucking hobble my ass as fast as I can to her
>hobble because my pants are to my feet
>Blanket covering up nude 10 year old dick
>Shut the door
fuck my life
buwahahahah... These sound like some fat landwhale wrote them.
Unless the writer can prove otherwise.
Really sad.
File: 2a7io14.jpg (19 KB, 657x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 657x683
Another one because why not, this one happened earlier than the other one.
>Humping the floor with a blanket on it
>Hear someone coming
>As fast as I can get up, move blanket, zip up pants
>mom opens door
>"Oops sorry to bother you being naked on the floor"
>She actually said this
>"I.... uh.... was just changing you people need to learn to knock"
>Mom leaves
I will never be the same
>Have one more story if you are still here or if anyone wants it

shit or get off the pot

tell it or don't

don't be an attentionwhoring faggot
File: 1303244341161.png (450 KB, 490x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
450 KB, 490x493
>and thinks no one knows

Can't you read? I said people would definitely call it out.
Hell, the same year some other kid spilled some juice on his shirt and he got a nickname because of it for the rest high school. (something like jizz wizz or cum chum, it rhymed in my language as well but it sounded better)

you just mad your teachers were all old hags

you're lucky you weren't arrested and/or beaten within an inch of your life for such anti-social deviant behavior

>he was voted "Most Likely to Have to Register as a Sex Offender for the Rest of his Life" by has classmates
Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to type this for no reason.

>at this point as you can probably tell we aren't very sneaky
>after the last incident we pretty much only hung out at my house if parents were gone
>mom worked nights so that was easy
>in our senior year
>we have been dating for over three years and at this point I am sure I am going to marry this girl
>well as I said earlier she had told me how she wanted to wait and I respected that so I never tried to take things further than occasionally going down on each other
>well about a month before she initiates
>we had been close to having sex before (her with no panties grinding on my boxers and what not)
>this time she starts to take my underwear off
>asks me if I had protection
>I did just in case this situation ever happened
>well a few months after this we are at my place
>mom at work as usual
>start to have sex
>we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we don't hear my mom come home
>she worked for Wells Fargo at the time and their computers went down so she got sent home
>walks into my room
>no knock, nothing
>gf is in middle of third orgasm and I am about to cum
>here my mom yell "WHAT THE FUCK ANON"
>we both freeze mom slams door
>she gets dressed and we just sit in my room for the longest time
>eventually I go to walk her out
>Mom is mean mugging the fuck out of us
>after gf leaves mom has calmed down considerably
>warns me of std's and pregnancy and all the usual bs
>get ballsy
>tell her how this isn't the first time and tell her I always wear a condom
>tell her std's aren't possible because I was my girlfriends first kiss back in our freshman year and we had been together ever since
>she is shocked but surprisingly mellows the fuck out and walks away
>things were awkward for a while but she got over it
That was the last time we were actually caught but we are still together today. Still intend to marry this girl when we are done with college
Yeah, playing vidya and studying all day with zero ambition and social contacts outside the house. Didn't feel like doing anything with my life then anyway.
Would if I could man, I'm outta the house now at the grocery store. 27 years old now btw, adult enough?
Hey Krolis I know you're in here.

Ty for linking me.
>at the grocery store
fucking kek who goes on 4chan in the grocery store
Been following this thread from home, was outside smoking and left it open on phone. Also, who gives a fuck and why am I answering this.

So, you fags wanna hear the rest or not? Is pastebin a solution? Otherwise I'll pretype and dump it all later.

at the grocery store taking the time to type wanks stories on /b.

>adult enough?

apparently not

>cool enough mom, anon
more pics of your gf?
>arresting a horny 13 year old for fapping
>calling me anti-social

Top kek brah
Chronology for you, since your autistic brain makes you feel so worked up over this:
>home, smoking, browsing /b/, see thread, type story, head to grocery store for dinner, react to fags while walking / browsing products / waiting, the end
See? It's okay, you can calm down now.
File: 02-04-2013.png (995 KB, 724x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like I said not going to include face but this was during our senior year. She is on the left

okey dokey
moar greentext
Those were the only stories I had of us getting caught.
Don't want to derail the thread
File: sexoffenderforlife.jpg (106 KB, 715x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 715x704

>for fapping

in class in front of everyone

and then walking around with wet cum stains for the rest of the day

I made that just for you faggot. See, you ARE special.
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Yeah bro.
>back in highschool
>dating some girl
>spending time at her house because no parents home
>want to pound that ass but she keeps saying no because her 12 year old sister is home
>gf leaves to shower
>decide to fap because i needed some release
>getting into it
>12 year old sister suddenly barges in
>sees me fapping
>yells and runs out
>gf asks what that was
>tell her what happened
>gets pissed at me, goes to talk to her sis
>that was the first dick she ever saw
>Asks her sis "Why is it so ugly?"

got any more with more skin?

>so ugly
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 1024x768

>so ugly
damn.that shit is hot

moaaar, anon. Pussy/tits pics please.
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She love it when I dare her to do things like this. After I took this picture we fucked center court. It was late at night, but sometimes people still come to the park to smoke and stuff. The thrill was so amazing. She came so much.

anon, you dun goofed

Hnnng, still requesting full dump somewhere, getting my fap on something fierce.
Ah, my savior. Thanks bro.
/shrugs, they're still my pics. Don't care if you believe me.
you post pics not on that thread, i believe u
My dick is diamonds
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