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feed me your rare peeps /b/
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feed me your rare peeps /b/
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Look, it's our old friend Pepe! Isn't he hilarious? No, not really. Not for several years now. But his popularity persists. His journey has taken him from a niche image to a post-ironic super-meme. However, the cancer has completely overtaken him at this point. The tumors are beyond malignant and today we're going to examine the evidence of that. Please bump this thread if you are in attendance.
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exhibit b.jpg
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Here we have a two-in-one package of cancer symptoms. Not only is he being presented on television (a sure sign of doom for any meme), but this image was posted on 9Gag. He enjoys significant popularity on the site, evidenced by their inclusion of this "dank meme" in all manner of out-dated comics and macros.
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exhibit c.jpg
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Here we have more evidence from 9Gag. The more knowledgeable 9Gaggers attempt to school the greener rookies on proper usage of this meme. The very fact that there is such an idea as proper meme-usage in the limited mind of a 9Gag denizen is proof of how riddled with disease the frog has become.
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exhibit d.jpg
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Here we have another double-header of dicking for our once chuckle-worthy creation. We see the aging cartoon being shared like a common whore between the dynamic duo of dead memes, Reddit and Imgur. These two go hand-in-hand, as we know. The numerous subreddits dedicated to their beloved Pepe link to Imgur, and the cancer-carriers flock from one site to the other in pursuit of the disgraced king of sadness and smug.
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KnowYourMeme is an awful site, it's true. Many a summerfag has found the road to /b/ from there. Certainly that doesn't mean as much as once did, with a new pseudo-scandal bringing them in several times a year. However, it spells trouble for any 4chan creation when an entry is as detailed as the one on Pepe. Take note that it's gone so mainstream that Smosh, cancer incarnate, and even Ebay are dipping their shit-slathered fingers into this piggy-bank.
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exhibit f.jpg
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Here we have perhaps the most damning evidence of all. Tumblr has a healthy Pepe-perusing population. Tumblr. Not much more needs to said. Enter yourself if you think you have the courage, and do a search. You will be horrified at what you see. Once a meme has fallen into the hands of Tumblr, it is off-limits for /b/ usage.

What can we do about this, you ask? We can bring about awareness. Bump this thread with your Pepes, to bring it to the attention of all browsing. Delete each image you dump and four more. Post this evidence in cancerous "rare paypay" threads. Never save another Pepe. Call out each Pepe poster on other threads for being the cancerous faggots they are. Eventually they'll realize this is not the PG-13 site Tumblr led them to believe it was, and they'll gravitate back to their hug-boxes to post funny frog macros. /b/ will always move on from dead content and create new material all of our own to replace what the cancer has taken. We always do.
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weird pepe.jpg
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Levi Pepe.jpg
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Two for one, one video and one image

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get on me lvl
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ultra rare pepe.png
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this again
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step aside, common folk
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rare pepe.png
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this again again, samefag here
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So rare guys
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