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What is the gayest thing you've ever done?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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What is the gayest thing you've ever done?
I let your dad bend me over the hood of his car and smash his monster cock into my feces
come here
lick shit off a hobo's pissing dick
Went to a craigslist gloryhole and had some dude blow me better than any woman has ever done. Didn't really enjoy it too much, it was sort of weird and awkward
Didn't enjoy it but was better than any other bj
>not obviously trolls
i jerked off in the same car that had 3 guys in it
Once rubbed my dick against my cousins. Balls didn't touch though, so not gay.

fuck another man in the ass
I've shown my friend the real way to twerk
Took two cocks in my ass at the same time while I was in college. Felt amazing when they both came.
File: only thro.png (128 KB, 500x209) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
only thro.png
128 KB, 500x209

It wasn't me that was gay about it, but I played a prank on my buddy that revealed he was pretty gay:

>be 16 cruising around with 17 year old cousin
>he just got this sweet 'stang and we were flippin round the mall checking out bitches
>decide to play a practical joke on him
>reach over and grab his dick through his shorts and be like "I'll work the gear shift"
>he's all "lol wtf"
>take his dick out to see what he'd do and he's like "dude, wtf, stop"
>I start laughing pretty hard
>he's kinda laughing nervously but not stopping me
>he stops at a red light and I lean over and I'm all, "you probably like me jerking you off you faggot"
>we both start laughing
>he's semi-hard and I'm all, "YOU'RE GETTING HARD, ROFL, YOU FAG"
>we're both laughing so hard tears are coming to our eyes
>I lean in and kiss him on the mouth and give him some tongue
>he kissed me back softly and we're laughing the whole time
>his dick gets fully hard and I jack him harder saying, "I BET YOU'RE GOING TO CUM YOU HOMO"
>we are laughing so hard we can't breathe
>he shoots his load and I'm like "OMG YOU FAGGOT"
>he's all red faced and shit
>we laughed for a bit longer and I'm like, "Dude, I'm telling everyone what a fucking homo you are"
Was probably the best practical joke I ever played.
I 69'd with my brother when we were about 14. Still awkward sometimes but whatever
two things that were kind of gay,

1. I met a black guy on the internet who wanted to fuck me, when i got there he's like "my friend wants to fuck you too, i hope that's cool"
I let them fuck me and while his friend fucked me, he was on the phone with his girlfriend.

2. I got really drunk in ukraine and went into a dark room at a club called "lift". I perched on my knees and had a few random guys finish themselves off in my mouth. It was a little gay.
Got fucked in the ass by a dude
Didn't feel very good honestly. Not much pain or pleasure.
Pretty cool on the spot lies bro
>be me
>experiment with butt play
>love it
>have the best orgasms of my life when i have something in my butt
>would never suck cock or anything though
>fast forward couple months
>one of my best friends comes out as bisexual
>hes a bro i can trust so i tell him about how i like butt play to cheer him up about people making fun of him
>hes crying then suddenly looks up and asks if i wanna do it
>no i aint gay faggot
>says he'll only put it in the butt and nothing else will happen
>do it cause yolo
>he lubes and puts it in butt
>feels good man, boner goes to the moon
>after a while he pulls out and cums on my butt
>clean up and start talking about it
>leave, hit him up a couple days later for the same thing
>do this every other day without anyone knowing

been going on for about three months now

If you only knew. If you haven't been to Kiev...you really just don't know.
Honestly, you gotta give it a couple tries. I've had sex with several dudes and the only one that liked it right away was wasted.

You're bi, dude.
Had sex with a man. Twice

It has some pretty cool dark rooms
File: damnitwassogay.jpg (15 KB, 337x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>drinking with best friend and another mutual friend
>mutual friend is really ducking gay
>best friend has to step out for a sec so it's just me and mutual
>start talking about kinks
>mutual admits to loving to drink cum
>I'm really fucking drunk and somehow dont comprehend how ducking gay he is
>"20 buck says you wont do a shot of tequila that I came in"
>His eyes light up like its fucking christmas and practically throws a shot glass at me
>I ain't no bitch so I excuse myself, jack it to my fav hot anime babs, and come right in the shot glass
>Walk out with glass in hand to the mutual smiling with the bottle of tequila
>Pour him the shot
>thinking how ducking gay this is
>best friend comes back just as the shot is poured
>mutual downs the shot right in front of us both
>mutual chokes a bit, apparently it was really sticky
>best friend has no idea what just went down
>a bit ashamed of myself but I'm too busy laughing my drunk ass off to care

pic related. my best friends face when I tell him I came in his commemorative disneyworld shot glass
i once found a male friend chin well sculpted and admired it from afar
Same thing happened to me when I was in high school, loved being fucked by him everyday.
Stuck my dick in a chick's ass.
stop being a faggot man this is disgusting
>disneyworld shot glass
mutual was not the only gay there
Read this thread
Apparently get on 4chan
Masturbated fantasizing about two guys who were bullying me
posted in this thread
>read this thread
you're actually correct.

What the fuck.

You are not only gay, but, like, maybe trans. Women usually have rape fantasies, so if you fantasize about dudes banging you, you're gay, but if it's dudes dominating you rapey style, you're straight up female.
File: IMG_1484.jpg (605 KB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
605 KB, 2448x3264
Probably cuddling with my boyfriend after he cums inside my ass.

>pic related
>pic related
Yeah, you fucking wish.
You're so faggot you cannot even hit quads. Anyway, it just seems gay to me not trans. Needs a shrink to sort it out.
File: 1437311468219.jpg (1 MB, 2292x2074) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2292x2074
>Be 19
>Horny all the time
>Hit up Craigslist to meet up with a couple
>After two days I get contacted by a couple looking to hook up
>Nice married couple in their late thirties looking to spice up things in the bedroom by having a young guy fuck his wife
>After a day of planning I go to their house late one evening
>The door would be cracked so I could enter and undress
>I enter
>It's dark but I undress anyway
>Stand in the dark naked until I feel a naked body come up behind me
>Obviously a throbbing cock touching my ass
>I'm taken into a room and laid on the bed
>A tight bodied naked woman is in the corner watching
>The man who led me in told me she wants to watch him suck and jerk me off before I fuck her
>Too horny and turned on to care and agreed
>For almost a half hour I had a man sucking my dick and licking my balls while his wife masturbated
>I tell him I'm cumming
>He aggressively sucks me until I bust into his mouth
>He swallowed me good

That's it. The rest of the night was just as good since I had stamina to fuck his wife right after.
Am about to break up with my gf because she doesn't want me to fuck around with guys. I think I'm just going to go 100% gay for a while.
File: BpfT9De6jktLuPRW..jpg (144 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 1280x960

nah, I fucking KNOW.

It makes me good money on Chaturbate
Have a boyfriend.
File: Boy-Scout.jpg (105 KB, 550x862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 550x862
>be me 12 year old boyscout
>recently transitioned up from cubscouts, like 1 year ago
>16 year old scout kid charged with being our cabin leader for our overnight winter trip
>bring printed out sheet with all sorts of truth or dare questions and dares
>decide to play it that night with our cabin leader leading the game
>asking questions and giving people dares off the list etc...
>tons of fun for 12 year old self
>progresses to people flashing their dicks and some kids in their underwear, typical young boy stupid shit
>its late some boys have went to sleep
>my turn comes up
>choose dare yolo.jpg
>cabin leader dares me to play the tickle game with him wearing only his underwear
>tickle game is where you trace someones inner fly till they dont flinch
>start dragging hand up his thigh
>motherfucker wont move
>pull my hand away when it gets near his now bulging cock
>calls me out for not completing dare says i am a pussy and have to do it and grab his dick because thats the game
>reluctantly agree
>trace my hand up again and literally grab his dick
>he eye fucks the shit out of me the whole time
>go to sleep feeling like something wasn't right there but fuck it whatever
>find out years later hes flamboyantly gay and got caught sucking off some dude in the stairwell at school

Oh god typing this makes me cringe
File: 1444367150481.gif (475 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
475 KB, 200x200
>freshman year in college
>sleeping when suddenly jocks with super tight shirts rush inside my room
>hold me down and cover my mouth and all start talking at the same time
>i make out that this is some sort of initiation
>they pull down my pants (i was sleeping dick side down)
>one guy hands the leader of the group a dildo
>with no lube or anything he shoves it in my butt
>i feel my ass tearing and expect to be gushing blood
>after like ten seconds of it ripping my ass and them cheering me on it starts to feel good, like really good
>start moaning uncontrollably
>cheering turns into "wtfs?"
>guy stops putting dildo in my butt
>one guy yells "yo hes fucking gay!"
>they all jump up and down screaming and run out of my room
>get up and go lock the door
>next morning everyone is giving me looks
>mfw my professor asks me if i got a good nights rest
Watch the nfl

I jacked off to you the other night!
I aggressively fuck myself on my boyfriend's dick and then I kiss him goodnight.
lol u were raped
Anal masturbation.

wait, what?

Maybe it's time to take some new pictures lol
File: zero-fucks-given.jpg (76 KB, 864x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I fucked my ex-girlfriend's best male friend in the ass. He was closet gay at the time, and I have always been bi curious, so when my now ex girlfriend told me that he wanted me to fuck him? I did. She watched while I did it. To this day, that is the gayest thing i've ever done.
>have sleep over at my house with one male friend
>once the rents go to sleep he says we should dance in room naked
>we leep about with our dicks slapping belly etc but no touching
>he might of been staring at me didnt notice
>we go to sleep
>two weeks later
>sleep over at his place
>he says we should dance naked again in the living room of his house (so we could leap around couches)
>us go upstairs into living room butt naked
>his mother is in the lay-z-boy and hears us and stand up seeing both of us starkers
>we stare
>she flips and sends us to our room cause it wasnt a porn film so no incest mmf milf action

pretty sure if we had danced naked he might have tried something

Maybe ;)
The thought of kissing a dude, or cuddling with a dude, or being "intimate" with a dude is gross to me. However, I've wanted to suck a nice, big, uncut cock for a long time now, and sometimes jerk off to passable shemale solo shit.

So, three different times while really drunk I've gone on craigslist and found fit young dudes with big cocks and had them come over and sucked them off.

I enjoyed it, except for one dude, because he was trying to kiss me and trying to suck me off and shit, and I had to tell him multiple times that I'm not into dudes AT ALL dude, just the fucking dick.
You could kiss him next time. Let him cum inside you, you can wear a condom or not, doesn't matter if you two are exclusive for eachother.

this is maximum gay for me
Threeway kissed 2 other guys in a hottub to watch some girls eat each other out. It was kind of like "homo chicken"

Started off like touch his chest with an open palm and we (2girls) will kiss. We didn't go past the kiss kek
I can't believe every single one of these stories are real. As I expected, there is no fiction on this website. :) Cheers.
Let my friend Jack me off when he slept over in high school. We just shared my bed and at night he reached into my pants, jerked me off till I had pre cum and then stopped and went to sleep. No one talked thought this, never questioned him.
>Be gay
>get drunk
>hook up with straight guys that let me fuck them in the ass
>but don't want to kiss

Every fucking time
Like you bro, I'm seriously considering seeing guys exclusively, the sex is so much better.
i got molested a few times when i was a kid. does that count?
Never understood that, kissing another guy is one of the best parts
not really

i had to suck doc dick for two years and i dont consider any of those first gay experience

was my first sexual precocious 10 year old experience but i brought it on myself
ive had sex with several men and sucked a cock for 100 dollars.
I meant they don't want to kiss me. Like, I can fuck them and they'll suck my dick, but kissing? Naw man, that's suddenly too gay for them.
Become OP.
I got flirted with by a store owner over and over.
I kept going in because it was a neat store.
Ended up on a slow day walking up to him and asking him if he wanted to play.
He was much older in his 40s, I was in my early 20s.
He didn't even act like he didn't hear me or try to figure anything out.
We watched bisexual porn, made out, and groped each other.

At first I wanted to suck and get fucked by him, but he couldn't get hard, maybe old or nervous.
We got heavy and I ended up with him bent over getting pounded by me for a half hour.
I came in his greedy mouth.
We made out afterwards, mixing my cum around with his kisses and tongue.

I loved it.

So I came back the next day for seconds.

I really like woman, but in a pinch a man can be fun. Also, looking at cocks is nice, but men are kinda ugly lmao.

Still need to get fucked nice and proper one day :-(
straight dude who does gay shit secretly here.
I dont want kiss you at all, i would prefer not to see your face at all. Its hot to be fucked by this anonymous cock and be a slut.
File: IMG_2601_resize.jpg (166 KB, 1000x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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put all of these in my butt
Get fucked by another man
like i dont want any of the tender shit.
I want brutal butt rape when im on xanax that i barely remember the next day.

Yes, kissing is literally too gay.

Kissing is absolutely more gay than sucking dick. It's intimate, feeling based, it isn't sexual, it's emotional in nature.

Sucking a dick is pure sexual, and for a lot of guys is probably an elaborate masturbatory fantasy. By that I mean they start to find dick hot because they are constantly jacking theirs off. So they want to up that sexual experience by getting ahold of one they can suck.

However, that does not mean they find anything else male attractive.

This is why traps are so god damn popular. They get the dick experience they're horny for, but it's on a "woman", which is what they are attracted to.
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474 KB, 1024x576
I was once talked into doing a nude photo-shoot not unlike the one you did OP.
90% of the porn I watch has the exact same male porn star
thats some pretty hot man shit bro
how do you like those, I'm thinking of getting one because they look amazing
u gay man
File: 00568_full.jpg (450 KB, 1000x661) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
450 KB, 1000x661
They really are amazing and totally worth the cost. My most recent purchase is a large Rex, and it's my second favorite so far.

How much experience do you have and what kinds of things are you looking for?
File: 1444050360709.jpg (45 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 600x338
I cheat on my wife to bottom for black men.
>be 16 yr old me
>all boys school
>hormones and shit
>guy named Rakan passes by
>big bubble butt
>i go behind him and rub my bulge on his butt crack
>he leans into it
>10 min later in bathroom fucking his fat assed brains out
we did that for about the whole year on and off and never spoke of it again
I posted here a few times
I've got a basic 6 inch dildo and like to get fucked but never tried any of the big toys
I LOVE taking black cock in my ass! Always feel like such a slut with them fucking me.
File: IMG_2626_resize.jpg (305 KB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305 KB, 1500x1000
There are plenty of different sizes. I'd recommend getting something with a shaft you can take and a knot to work up to.

Taking the knot is pure bliss.
sucked a big black cock till he came in my mouth then swallowed it.
Been thinking about going to a porn shop with video booths and jerking and blowing guys. I've never done anyone with experience out there.
It makes me feel so submissive. I end up doing anything they tell me to.
reply this thread
How often do you play with them? Are they better then real cock with all their interesting textures?
10/10 copypasta
Me and my best-mate jerked eachother off once, it happend randomly, i dont know if i enjoyed it or not, it never happened again, and we never speak of it. Im 100% straight btw.
autofellatio and dealdos
Agree with you 100%. When I was 18 I found an older black guy who pretty much taught me the ropes. Miss taking his big cock.
File: IMG_2318.jpg (117 KB, 1000x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1000x666
>How often do you play with them?
At my peak, about 3 times a week. I could go from nothing to 3.25" diameter in about 5 min. After taking 2 months off I'm back to one or two times a week and it takes me 45 min. to work back up to that diameter.

>Are they better then real cock with all their interesting textures?
I do love the texture and varied shapes. Knots are amazing.
I have a regular black Master I see once or twice a month, but also fuck other black men.
you lucky bastard!
Damn the bottom one looks fun! Does the cum lube feel as good as it looks?
>shilling this hard
When was the last time you took black cock?
File: 1434995888038.jpg (332 KB, 1346x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 1346x1000
I put these in my butt sometimes.
Every single thing you just said is complete bullshit. How in the absolute fuck can anything be more gay than sucking dick? It amazes me how all you faggots try to justify all your dick sucking and butt fucking. Like somehow just because a dude threw on some make up and got some tits it isn't gay anymore. I honestly hate every single one of you and hopefully you die as painful and degrading as possible.
>house sitting for friend
>first time posting on cl
>looking for jo buddy
>a few replies
>can tell this guys looking to make it happen
>meet on the beach
>go under the walk
>were side to side and im looking to make sure its clear
>his hand starts rubbing the front of my pants
>WTF never told him i was just wanting to watch
>felt soo good to have someone else grope me
>go with it and grab the front of his shorts
File: IMG_2305.jpg (249 KB, 666x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 666x1000
Vergil is one of my favorites. It's like riding 2 knots.

>Does the cum lube feel as good as it looks?
It is nice, but more of a practical feature IMO. Cumtube toys are much easier to take because you can get that thick sticky cumlube deep inside where it's needed most without having to stop fucking the toy.

How do you like Trent? Looks like he would be great for stretching.
Not since college so around 4 years, been lurking on craigslist/grindr but haven't found what I'm looking for yet.
Gotta get them shekels.
I want a cumtube ones so bad. I wanna shoot the cum all over my face and then take it all.
You need to give your white ass to black cock.
I swear the more I see shit like this the more the faggots over at /pol/ start making sense. It's like this gay cuck interracial shit is everywhere constantly.
Trust me, I want to so badly
You have kik? Want to chat about taking black cock?
got fucked up on a bunch of drugs and alcohol with my gay friend back in 10th grade, ended up kissing him and let him suck my dick.
i learned a lot about myself.
Samefag faggot.
sucked my boyfriends dick
>in high school
>the spitting image of Tamaki Suoh, even similar personality/etc
>think male friend a year and a half younger than me is cute
>would never tell him in a million years (he's raised southern Baptist; would probably be too weirded out and not something I want to risk since I'm basically in denial)
>what little sexual interest I have in the girls that flock to me due to my nonthreatening manner is something that bothers me intensely for some reason
>start taking female hormones just for shits and to kill sex drive if possible
>friend goes through a few growth spurts, no longer has tiny cute little frame
>be sad
Then you are a fucking retard. It's not the jews. People have fetishes.
File: IMG_2040_resize.jpg (262 KB, 1000x1007) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 1000x1007
It's a hot idea, but doesn't work well in practice. The cumlube tastes nowhere near as good as cum and the PEG that is the active ingredient is a pretty potent laxative.

It does pump pretty well through a peristaltic pump though. You can get one with a speed controller from china for about $30 and then just turn a knob to have the toy cum on you.
Do you get them straight from their website? I'm checking them out right now. Is the company a good one to do business with? i've never bought toys online and am a little cautious about it.
Some time while wearing stuff like this.

>How do you like Trent? Looks like he would be great for stretching.
I find Trent to be a natural evolution from Nox. A little bit longer and a little bit wider.
Fantasise about cuddling a gay qt everynight
>he said he had a big d online, wasnt lying
>uncut, thicker than the tp roll and at least 3/4 inch better than mine
>by this point we got both our hands down each others shorts
>pull dicks out
>start jerking each other face to face
>have to slow down as almost blew
>get tugged for a few more mins
>wants me to finish first
>fucking explode like a burst hose
>watch him finish himself with some cum real quick
>both roll out opposite directions
Yeah like I'm going to actually take advice on this matter from some faggot. Go kill yourself and do everyone a favor. I'm sure your family hates you and you'll never be truly happy. Go ahead and call me a bigot or an idiot. I honestly couldn't care less. For some fucked up reason I actually feel pity towards people like you in a way.
Fucked her right in the pussy
Yet you take the time to post in this thread. Sure you aren't here to fap?
File: image.jpg (17 KB, 600x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 600x260
I dressed as a trap, put an ad on cl and sucked off a white guy in my yard. It was hot but he came in about a min. I swallowed most of it
> You can get one with a speed controller from china for about $30 and then just turn a knob to have the toy cum on you.

Oh my god. That is so hot.
Sucked a kid's dick while on bathroom break in detention years ago. Long story short, im stilling looking for a new job....
Watch out man, you'll trigger the faggots.
You have to stick to the pattern of black cock or
dragon dildos.
File: okay.gif (3 MB, 432x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 432x223
File: your gay.jpg (47 KB, 500x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
your gay.jpg
47 KB, 500x387

You're an idiot. How is it more gay?

Well, if you're attracted to what looks like a man when it's wearing underwear, and not attracted to what looks like a woman when it's wearing underwear, then you're gay.

A penis or vagina does not change the overall appearance of the person. So, if you're in a club and you want to fuck the guy with broad shoulders and a beard, you're gay.

If you want to fuck the petite feminine chick with the thin waist, big eyes and lips, and soft features, then you're straight.

That's... that's what gay and straight mean, you retard.

So if you were forced to kiss and recieve a blowjob from one of these two people, and you chose the one on the left, you are fucking gay.

I can't stress this enough, the fact that the person on the left has a vagina would not make you straight.

People are so fucking stupid.
Just here to do the little bit I can to make your fucked up lives even worse.
Had sex with a grill. Jelly?
Sounds like an Andy Samberg situation.
That was funny.
It isn't working.
File: 1395635143783.jpg (78 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 750x750
>fingered a 11yo's anus while he fapped
File: Capture.jpg (76 KB, 665x845) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 665x845
I wish

Looks like a good stretching toy. I've been thinking about getting an XL.

I have spent >$2K there and not had any problems yet. They guarantee their in stock toys will ship in 1 business day, but the custom ones may take 1+ months.
>from the south, raised onna farm
>get curiouse about fucking a dude
>go to New York City on vacation
>got really drunk at a bar
>this twinky looking guy keeps checking me out
>it took like 30 seconds to get him
out of the place
>straight to his appartment
>he says he's gonna freshen up and
to poor myself a drink
>calls me in after a few mins
>hes compleatly naked on his bed
>his 6.5 inch circumcised cock is pointing towards the roof
>his cock was mesmerizing, before i knew it i was sucking his dick as deep as i could
>his hot member pulsed as it slid into my mouth, the precum was the best thing i ever tasted
>eventually i was thumbing him in the ass as he undid my belt
>lubed up and fucked him while he sat on me, his cock bounced all over my chest
>left precum streaks everywhere
>he blew his hot load all over my chest and face
>took a 10 min break and had a beer with him

Back to it now

>get into a sort of 69 position, i ate his pretty little boypussy while he sucked my cock, ballsdeep
>thisnigga pulls a dildo from thin air
>perfect size (i have a similar one)
>he lubed me up and thumbed me while still rubbin my dick the whole time
>never felt this good
>he eventually gets the whole dildo in me
>three slow pumps and i shoot a thick steaming jet of cum down his throat
>my tongue and fingers work their magic and he burst all over my chest/stomach
>both wriggled in ecstasy for what felt like eternity
>fucked 3 more times on the trip, im going back in November
File: image.jpg (159 KB, 717x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 717x960
>be me 6 or 7 (young I can't remember actually number)
> would almost go out every day with best friend in his backyard and go hide under his pool and pull down our pants and suck each others dicks for absolutely no reason at all
> his dad saw us one day right before we were gonna start and we just had out pants down so he just saw us naked together
>told my dad I got in trouble blah blah blah
> still friends with this kid to date
> we talk occasionally but neither one of us has ever said a single word about it
> I'm straight I've never been turned on by a cock before
> I have girlfriend and love girls think they are sexy
>not homophobe
>he isn't gay either
>don't really know where this story is going but if anyone ha questions or opinions let me know and I'll do my best to answe
come here
Not even gonna waste my time reading more of your faggot rainbow covered bullshit. I'm sure it's more reasoning to make yourself feel better. I'm sure it's more "b-b-but he looks like a girl and it's really a feminine dick." Do you people honestly not know how fucking stupid you sound? Just keep going around butt fucking and licking balls but make sure those lips don't touch. Then it might be a little too gay right?
Fuck off with this shit. Tons of people like us find niggers gross.
At least this faggot has some standards.
Nailed it
You're so fucking stupid dude.
I spend all day long being in charge of life and other people, with responsibilities and shit. Occasionally I want all that taken away from me and to be forced to let go.
It's like you're 18 or something.
Fuck my cousin and suck his dick back when i was younger. We fucked around every other week giving each other handjobs and sometimes fuckin. such a long ass time ago. think it made me bisexual and Now i enjoy watching gay porn but have never came to it.
sharpie in my ass while watching bi mmf porn
Are you fucking serious? I have never been turned on by my own dick. I swear you faggots come up with the craziest shit to try to justify all of it. Goddamn just admit you're gay and you like cock. If you're gonna be a queer at least be proud of it.
I can also attest to their quality. Only problem I have with ordering more is that since I'm Canadian I can only use the expensive Fedex shipping.
And since its Fedex they won't deliver to my po box like everyone else will. And I work for 10 hours a day so I can't wait for the Fedex guy to show up.

tl;dr Shipping has fucked me harder than the dildo company.
Thanks man, looks like I know what I'm ordering this weekend!
You should invest in some cyanide and just make yourself happy.

Something hilarious for those of you who don't know. Research shows that homophobes (and the more homophobic the more likely) are actually latent homosexuals in almost all cases. They have literally tested this and homophobic guys are the only "straight" men whose dicks get hard while watching gay porn.

The theory is they are so angry and virulent about it because of self-loathing.

So, every time you, a normal straight guy (even if you want to suck a dick from time to time to spice things up) who isn't attracted to men see someone who claims to also be straight but is SO FUCKING ANGRY at "FAGS N'N HOMOS N' THE JEWS ARE CUCKING US!!!11##", just chuckle to yourself as you realize what's really going on.

Poor, self-loathing gay guy lashing out.



One of the studies.
File: MVI_2954.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
From what I've heard this applies double to Europe, they get to pay insane import and VAT costs.

Check the flops section. you can usually get nearly perfect toys for great discounts because of really minor things like bubbles on the bottom of the base.
Nah, I'll just continue to be happy and fuck whomever I want. Enjoy your rage.
How does it feel that we all know about your filthy little faggot secret? That deep down you really just want to be held in the arms of nice strong man who reminds you of your father, smells of Drakaar and tells you that everything is gonna be okay at the end of a hard day.
Fucking faggot.
File: image.jpg (174 KB, 634x951) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 634x951
I just came to this thread for gay shit. Why does any of this matter?
>somehow end up being fuck buddies with a co-worker about a year ago
>she puts the whole deal on hold after an argument and stops talking to me
>post on Craigslist from time to time looking for chicks to fuck because ronery
>have 3 encounters with a couple qts
>ended up moving from one city to another adjacent one, renting a room from former fuck buddy's family
>fuck buddy still not fucking me anymore, this time because she doesn't want to get caught by family
>after a few months of sneaking around only to make out with her, decide to post on Craigslist again
>whole experience is much different
>get tons of emails from bots and gay dudes
>read over most of them, but delete them afterward
>one ad contains a picture from a younger looking guy, not creepy like all the old, balding and moustachio'd white dudes I usually see
>offers to pay me if he can suck my dick
>don't really think about it, but don't delete the email
>a couple days later, he sends another email, trying to convince me and constantly complimenting the dick pic I posted on my Craigslist ad
>reply, talk details, but make it clear I probably won't be able to get it up since I'm not into guys at all
>fast forward that night after work
>sitting around in a dark corporate center's parking lot sitting on the second floor behind the cover of some trees
>originally hiding to see who the driver was, if there were multiple people in the car or whatever other weird situations that could happen
>car pulls up and parks in car port, can see it's who was in the photo
>walk up to car, he unlocks the door and I sit in passenger
>unzips my pants after giving me my money and engaging in some smalltalk
>can't get it up
>suggests I pull out my phone and look at some porn
>still not really getting to hard, but he starts sucking my semi anyway
>he's going HAM on my salami
>after like, 45 minutes, still not fully hard but eventually cum
>he swallows all of it
>didn't even give me a break
anyone into frotting

Holy shit, just read that and got access to the study and... holy fuck... it explains a question I've had for a long time.

I've always wondered, "why do some guys get SO fucking angry about something that has nothing to do with them? Like, I like to fuck women, what does it matter to me AT ALL if other guys like to fuck guys. It literally has no effect on my life. Why would a guy get so angry and spiteful about something that has nothing to do with them, that does not affect them."

Well, this explains it: it *does* affect them. Shit, it's hits them right at their core. It brings to the forefront the feelings they have to fight every day.

It actually makes me a little sad for these guys who hate themselves for how they were born. I wonder how many of these homophobes are actually victims of religion. Raised to hate "fags", but have those feelings, causing frustration and rage.
When I was 6-8yrs old I would slide under the water spout in the bathtub and let the water hit my asshole when I took a bath.
its 4chan. literal clockwerk.
>Be 25
>Smoking weed one night
>Come across trap porn, see hands free orgasm
>Realize that prostate orgasms exist
>Play with my butt but am too tight
>Goes on over course of months, start to wonder if a gay guy could do it better
>Masturbating exclusively with things in my ass now
>Go on craigslist, blow an asian guy while super high and horny

Now I'm 26 and have a thick 7" dildo and a vibrating prostate massager that I use almost every other day, but still no hands free. I hate the idea of being romantic with a dude but really enjoy the taboo aspect of being straight and getting fucked in the ass. Will probably do it in the future but haven't found the right guy to try it with
File: 1444713348843.jpg (787 B, 14x8) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787 B, 14x8
I fucked a man in Reno just to watch him die.
File: 1359063767169.jpg (18 KB, 260x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 260x285
>keeps on sucking until I cum again
>swallows every drop
>reaches into back seat and grabs a roll of paper towels for me to clean up with, taking a sheet himself to wipe his mouth off
>asks if we can make it a regular thing
>say why not, thinking it will get easier if I just watch porn
>it was also the best blowjay I've ever had despite me not even being fully hard
>get out of his car and proceed to walk home for half an hour with my dick still slightly sticky from man saliva
>making jokes to myself the whole way about the whole encounter to ease my mind about what just occurred, hoping I wouldn't be up thinking about this all night
>get home and immediately shower and sleep like nothing happened
>meet him a few more times once every couple of weeks, but tell him I'm done with this after I get a girlfriend
>he occasionally sends me emails asking how I'm doing and whatever, I ignore them
>5 months later, girlfriend breaks up
>post a Craigslist ad at like 4:00 AM the next day to attempt to get over her
>regrettably fuck a fatty the next day
>keep posting more ads every few days, meet some qts and some new hookers
>weeks go by, the gay dude messages me but I ignore the emails
>haven't bothered to reply since I've had more successes with Craigslist sluts and don't really feel like I need to get paid for activities I don't really enjoy
>another couple months go by
>moved back to old city but in a more "rich" area this time
>Craigslist replies are almost strictly bots or chicks wanting me to pay them hundreds of dollars for two hours
>gay dude messages me, but I tell him I won't do it unless he pays more
>he agrees, but due to having roommates now, I never have him over or go out to meet him because there are no good places to get a discreet blowjay in my new area
>that was only a week ago
>mfw the gay dude messages me while I'm writing this first post asking when we can hook up
stuck a comb handle up my ass then furiously double-fingered my ass until i saw blood. Worst part was I loved tht shit until I saw the blood would have kept going.
>Cousin and I would frequently jerk off to porn together
>One day out of nowhere he reached over and gave me a few strokes
>Week or so later we're jerking it again
>He brings it up and we laugh
>Mention how long it's been since a girl has blown us
>W-wanna tr-try?
>He hops on top of me ready to 69
>Not sure if we're joking or serious yet
>Counts down from 3
>Fuck it
>Both of us follow through for a good 5 minutes
>Switch to taking turns
>He asks to fuck me in the ass
>No lube so he didn't get far
>End up jerking each other in the shower
>Great orgasm

Never done anything with a guy again. Would be down though.
>talked to guy on cl
>go to his house like 2 am
>wearing panties under my jeans
>go in his room he take off his shorts in less than a second I'm blowing him
>take off my pants
>he slids my panties over and slides in me
>after a while he flips me on my back
>his dick in one hand mine in the other
>i get to edging point
>sees he's about to cum
>near simultaneous nut
>cover my face chest with our cum
>licked it all off his stick
I sucked some guys cock then let another fuck me until he was content. I'm going over to someone's house this wensday to get a gay oil massage and cock sucking.
holy shit
Yup. It's fun being a slut
Non-quads confirm you're wrong, I have rape fantasies about raping someone with a strapon or just my clit (not feminazi tho, love bros)
Do it, it's a win-win, she doesn't suffer and you can have a little fun :)
ate my own cum.
I don't understand this kind of pranks seriously, wtf? There's a point where it isn't a prank anymore, it's just gay.
Kek'd, but still cute.
>I don't understand
my boyfriend's asshole
You still know him?
what do you look like?
do you like it when they scream your name?
>just the fucking dick.

Continue faggot, I'm about to cum.
>be 21
>go on Omegle video chat and hide face
>a wild OLD PERV appeared!
>he starts jerking off beneath his shirt which was pulled down over his dick
>for some reason I didn't leave instantly
>we start chatting
>lie and say I'm 14, he likes that
>he asks me to strip
>normally I'd be the fuck out of there by then but I was really horny that night so I didn't
>I take off my shirt, he shows me his dick
>easily 8 inches, fucking monster dick on the old man
>instant faggot diamonds
>he can tell I'm turned on and starts telling me to do things for "daddy" while calling me his slut
>end up fully naked, sticking out my tongue and begging for his dick in my mouth
>bend over showing off my asshole
>he's being really aggressive and it makes me excited
>I'm about to cum, he tells me to cum on my face
>Pretty flexible, so I just bend down and aim my dick at my mouth
>cum fucking buckets
>he tells me to swallow
>rub my cum on my face while he cums on cam
>instantly disconnect
Since then I've only video chatted with a handful of guys, but it was never as fun.
File: IMG_5297.jpg (37 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 480x640

My Chaturbate name is TheAstroglider.

It'd be cool to get some /b/ tards in there. If cool meant worst fucking outcome possible.

check out the one i got for free lol

it glows like crazy in the dark
pics of you?
pretty much. I know no feminine dudes and I'm terrified of internet dating
sucked off my best friend. swallowed the cum.
beat the shit out of him afterwards.
Chill, man, you sound like a tumblr bitch
No, I'm proud of you.
You again
what are those cables for?
File: 50+.jpg (86 KB, 576x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 576x362

>mfw retards identify basic logic as "tumblr"
>mfw retards think 4chan is devoid of logic altogether
A big black cock gave me an anally induced orgasm. Pretty gay if I do say so myself.
I just sucked and fucked a guy it was awesome
That's fucking beautiful you know...
Fuck the roomies, bring him home and rape him in the living room while everyone is shocked
just finished taking by friends cock bareback, can feel his hot load dripping out my ass as we speak...
No, when they beg to let them cum, holy shit, makes me so playful
tonight i went over to a friends house we both put on my exs panties and jerked each other off and were rubbing cocks. he came all over my dick and panties and then licked it off then i came on his face.
I like it, very colorful
File: images (4).jpg (25 KB, 485x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (4).jpg
25 KB, 485x303
There needs to be a fucking containment board for the constant flow of trap faggotry and cock rate threads.

Seriously. Give the faggots their own board so I don't have to see their stupid shit day after day after fucking day.

Hell, I don't know why they don't get banned for posting here when /LGBT/ exists. Fucking retarded admin, FUCK YOU.

Pics of him?
I have the same problems, Anon.
Replied to your gay post, faggot.
used to suck off my brothers friend when i was 10, i suppose that's gay? lol

Other than that made out with my friend when we were 18 to get two girls to make out. I was indifferent but he's not really my type

When I was living with my friends, one of them had a girlfriend that everyone hated.

One time when they were out of town, I accidentally found her vibrator. I ended up using it while I did a show on Chaturbate lol.

Fucking bitch.
idk if this is gay or not.

>have motel room
>be 20 my gay friend 19
>i have 14 year old girl and he has 13 year old boy
>all four of us high on meth
>im having sex with girl in bed while hes fucking the little boy on the ground.
Come on now, that deserves a better greentext.
suck a dick

in my defense i wasn't even 10
Met a guy on craigslist tonight for some coffee. Had fun and will probably see him again!
Put my own dick in my mouth.
>basic logic
>People are so fucking stupid.

So, you must be underage, because that's just crying because the world is not how you want it to be, just like a fucking kid, get over it, I agree with your point but I'm not bitching about the people who disagree.
God damn off by one
went on craigslist
had a dude suck me off
went home took a shower, after pondering on what I have done I realised I'm actually straight and I just wanted to get sucked off too much. It wasn't that great
did you grow tits overnight aswel ?
Good for you, have fun next time! :D
aww why'd you delete the pics anon?
File: 20151008_121501.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5312x2988
cus its my dirty little secret ;)
fucking hell. You are a very hot cd.
I was the cute rich kid in an all boys catholic school when I was 12 years old. The gayest thing I ever did was being the class' faggot. I fooled around with about half my class. That includes sucking dick, eating ass, trying to have sex (we were all way too small for that) and kissing.

One time we got a little carried away and pretended that we were in a porno and I was being gangbanged. Two strong friends of mine held me down as two others took my pants off and flipped me around to eat my ass.

Come to think about it, the gayest thing I ever did was to remember that chapter of my life and getting horny doing so.
Do you have any good stories?
File: 1437878203727.gif (301 KB, 350x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 350x464
>be sleep drunk last night
>porn addiction leads to sissy shit
>learn to suck own dick
>cut up clothes to resemble grill clothes in a daze with full hard on without realizing what i'm doing
>dress up
>suck own dick and blow on my face
>look in mirror in horror

dae accidentally get a facial like this? :(
File: hi i'm op.jpg (269 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hi i'm op.jpg
269 KB, 960x640
well the gayest thing you've OP is posted on /b instead of /hm you attention whoring cunt...lol

I can hardly make sense of your fucking rambling. Go back to school, kid.
you in PA?
>accidentally touch balls with another boy during penis inspection
Shoved my dick up my ass once and got off.
File: shemale.jpg (13 KB, 563x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 563x331
Get fucked by a shemale.
look at your pic
File: youaregay.jpg (44 KB, 426x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 426x316
File: eyeroll.gif (388 KB, 500x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 500x382
Gayest thing I've ever done?

Looked at this GIF and thought, "damn, that dude is fucking good looking", then saved it as a "reaction".

Or at least told myself that's why I saved it.
I've fucked and have been fucked by 3 shemale, is that gay enough?
Maybe you should get an XL Sleipnir, and REALLY stretch yourself. ;)
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