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Fast food, retail, grocery store work stories...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Fast food, retail, grocery store work stories thread???

>Nigger comes to asking we have a dollar menu
>we dont
>"what you say cuh" he said
>"how the fuck am i suppose to feed my family
>I recomend him to go to the mcdonalds up the street
>"you think im some cheap nigga that you tellin me to go to a Micky D's!!!" he said
>goes ape shit start cursing at all my coworkers
>All of them were inshock
While he was going ape shit my manager calls the cops
>nigger starts breaking trays and throwing the ketchup despencer
>Cops pull up to the parking lot
>Nigger sees them starts running thru the front entrance
>Cops tackles him to the ground And arrest him
>Cop says he might have been on crack
>Clean everything that the nigger left
>continue with my day
Self bump
>work in relatively nice area full of middle aged white families and children
>area surrounding my town are full of niggers
>sometimes seep in and go to local grocery stores or restaurants
>working new job
>in comes nigger of all niggers
>pimp stereotype
>orders $35 in food and another $20 in cheesecake
>help him carry to his car
>hands me $5
>"be safe outside this town little nigga, happy valentines day"
Work at a braums
>like a dq but better in every way
Minimum wage
6.50 hour
Working regester/ drive through
Busy as Fuck
Give kid ice cream go back to window
Bitch and her hubby come up to register
As I'm taking her order she lifts up her foot and looks down
> tiny ice cream drippings
Apologise put out wet floor sign get trainee to clean up
Finish taking order go back to window
2minutes later look into the Lobby and this bitch is sprawled across the bench with like 3lbs of ice on her ankle
Says she slipped and knocked out pins from her surgery
Have to sign statement saying she's full of shit
Bich gets no money and we no longer served her
>White guy orders a hotdog
>Asks if the hot dog has pork
>He says hes allergic to pork
All of the items with meat are beef
>takes a picture of the hot dog and then takes a picture of me
>proceeds to eat the hot dog and gives me the thumbs up

Was he taking a picture so he can sue us????
Eat a salad if you dont want a pork on your food
Few months before this I'm sick with strep and tired as fuck working front line ice cream and milkshakes
Huge mega church rhema lets out and all these faggots come to our store
1 teenage asshat is particularly dickish
Asks for a banana milkshake trys to redefine the bannana milkshake with his instructions the whole time he's super condescending
Go behind the line hock up a giant strep filled mouth slug and spit it in his shake /b/ro who showed me b sees this and says nothing
Watch that fucker drink the whole thing
Have a giggle with bro
Pork Allergies kek
I had one customer like that he ordered fries and we let one of our co workers make his food, she was starting to catch the flu and she sneezed on the fries by accident, but i just grabbed them and put it on his tray
Still working at braums now have a phone
Find number of payphone by the bathroom
Dis gonna be good
Every shift I work in the grocery section I have my phone under the counter pay phone onspeed dial learn to time it perfectly and scare the Fuck outta customers and co workers
Management too
Would sometimes call them when they picked up and vaguely describe them in a creepy manner
/bro is the only one who knows
Best way to spend the day
Did this at a airport once during a 5 hour layover wouldn't recommend tho tsa started snooping around
I'm confused, what exactly did you do?
Ice cream shop
"Have a giggle with bro"

You are fucking cooked mate.
>Work in Costa coffee
>when get people come in five them skinny milk
>one fat couple were actually allergic to milk but I was too stoned to listen to them
>start throwing up
>super ill
>try and say I poisoned them
>stfu fatties and lose some weight you cunts
>get fired
>browse 4chan
>work at grocery store
>we offer carryout service, no place for carts outside
Yesterday i take an empty cart from this old guy at checkout, come back, he yells "hey! I need that cart!" He has one light bag of groceries. I smile and say, "sure no problem" and bring it back where he left it. The bagger hands him his single bag. We walks around the cart and doesnt touch it. The fucker
>has a nice day
Ok last one before I hit the sack
Ass hat assistant manager in a nutshell
Creeps on 15 year old co worker
Former meth head the kind of guy who bitches when you take a piss but then takes a hour and a half to shit
Working drive through
End shift with regester prolly $40 over even
Can't accept tips and this was early enough when I gave a shit
Come back next day after school
Management lady brings me into the "office"
Just a book with a computer and a chair
Asks me If I took money from register
With slimeball ass over her shoulder repeatedly tell them bolth no
Finally looks through footage
Mfw jackoff assistant manager takes a wad out of the register
>I have no pic to describe the combo of fury and gotcha bitch feel
Guy blames me when I'm not even there and then doesn't even get fired just moved to another store
That lovely Italian manager chewed him out like a peice of fucking tire though
Like job wise or with the phone?
File: image.gif (425 KB, 460x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when get people
>come in five
>skinny milk
>mfw a skinny cow kidnapped some customers and raped five of them
File: 1440937063272.jpg (15 KB, 333x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>when get people come in five them skinny milk
>working maccas
>waiting on betafeg to cook value chicken(chicken 'n' Mayo)
>betafeg takes too long
>fuckmylife.png puts McNugget on burger
>gets 3rd strike suspended from work
Okay one more cause I don't have shit to do tommro and I love these threads
Working at grocery counter 70 year old lady comes through with more items than I thought we had in the store
1 1/2 carts
Check her out while following extremely specific instructions on bagging
Total comes too like $150 this bitch asks me to split it between food stamps debit card and a check
Help her to car and unload groceries
Goes to give me a tip
Her billfold has a fucking wad of twenties
Hands me one
Totally worth it
Get 21 year old co worker to Buy me and /bro a bottle of everclear with a old woman's social security money
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I used to work at a pizza shop/restaurant. Worked there a little over a year. I have a few good stories.

Backstory note: The main manager and his assistant manager are in a relationship. 45 year old guy and a 21 year old alcoholic party chick. We'll call them Ralph and Layla. Anyway...

>Go to work one morning
>Ralph and Layla are there
>Busy weekend ahead, lots of prep to do
>Cleaning, making fresh dough, fresh sauce, etc.
>Get caught up in work, loose track of Ralph and Layla
>Finish cutting up and organizing veggies and meats into containers
>Start bringing ingrdients to our walk-in fridge
>Open door
>Ralph and Layla are sprawled over some crates, tongue tied
>They immediately come to a halt
>Ralph chuckles and says, "Heh, hi Anon!"
>I just quietly close the door and continue working
File: 1441363447468.jpg (38 KB, 500x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x376
Bump. I wish anything interesting happened at my store.
If that is true then Top kek
Also how did he get his first two strikes
sounds like a nice guy, you were lucky
>nigga comes to asking
Are you one too? Why do you speak that way?
>chef at high end bullshit what
>faggots always ask for gluten free shit
>say shit is gluten free
>omg i need a sodium free rizzo
>oh ok
>mtw i need a 60 dollar filet well done
>hate my life and drink too much
>Same grocery store
>Different old guy
>this guy has a walker
Fucking idiot says he wants a refund for two loaves of moldy bread. He has no receipt and no bread. He doesnt even know what bread it is
>He swears up a storm. Threatens to "kick my ass."
Tells me he is going to send in his family to kick my ass when i least expect it. Fucker
>has a nice day.

He comes back a month later.
>remember me? He says
>remember the bread? He asks
>i'd rather not talk about it, i say
>i take his money
>he hreatens to kick my ass.
>i say "no. You're not allowed to say that to me or any of my coworkers. You're not welcome in this store again. Ever."

He leaves like a little pussy with his stupid walker and says he doesnt care, and his family takes the groceries without saying a word.

If i see that elderly mother fucker on the street, im taking his walker from him and throwing it in a dumpster.
No you don't I once had a coke head throw a display rack at a elderly couple with there grand children
Had to call the cops while my fellow /b/raums employee had to run him outta the store
They would constantly get in fights too.

>Come into work one day with Ralph
>Morning is fairly average, nbd
>Suddenly, phone rings
>First customer?
>Ralph answers phone
>I'm in the back, cutting dough into balls
>Ralph is becoming increasingly angry
>Starts swearing n shit over the phone
>Hear Ralph slam phone down
> He's screaming obscenities as he walks to-and-fro from the front to the back room
>This goes on for like 30 minutes, in between customers
>He's trying to talk to me about it
>"Bitch is talking like she's gonna sell my shit and tell her crazy mother"
>"She's also visiting her crazy ex boyfriend right now they're prolly fuckin' right now"
>Literally just nod and quietly act like O care.

This happens several times. She even comes in too drunk or high to work on several occassions as well, and that makes Ralph even more mad. I tried to talk some common sense into Ralph about Layla and how she's really not that great of a worker or a positive influence on his life. But she never got fired and they never broke up.
Work at Domioe's Pizza
>theres a grill there
>not that hot but she flirts with me a lot
>im not interested
>some weird kid starts working there and they become bf/gf
>need to take a piss one night
>they're in the bathroom together
>yell to the manager because why not
>manager yells at me because why not
>later that night
>manager is rushing me out the door to go to this address for a delivery
>i drive around for 30 mins for a non-existant address
>i come back and fucking quit
Now this... this sound like an interesting work day(night).
>be 23 work in a pub resturant
>learnt quickly to always keep a spare chefs whites in boot of car during a shift.
>just getting off my 3rd 14 hour shift
>had two new staff walk out due to difficulty, 1 sacked for fucking with peoples food
>got a 1hr drive to get home
>decide to stop off at a McD's on way home
>hit up a 24hr McD's at about 1am
>Staff consists of 2 niggers a sand nigger and a landwhale wearing the typical McD's white shirt
>Head inside to order, hate using drive throughs since you can't see what staff are doing.
>Order myself a Double Cheeseburger only cheese and fries with a coke
>end up waiting 20 minutes for sand nigger cook to do my burger I ordered it only cheese so he would have to make a fresh one
>Nigger fetches burger and fries over
>looks down his nose at me half drops the tray onto the table
>whatever i'm hungry unwrap burger and take a bite
>instantly regret my choice
>Stale bun, cold burger huge wad of what I hope was Mayo, fuckers had given me one of the burgers that had been sat on the hot counter for hours
>sigh take burger up to the counter show checkout nigger the issue show him the receipt only cheese is in block caps
>nigger calls shift manager over
>Shift manager pull the old you've taken a bite so we can't do anything defense
>fuck this drop burger on counter and head out to my car
>insane idea
>unlock my boot take out my fresh chefs white, grab my spare white netted hat
>get dressed grab a clipboard from uni bag head back inside
>walk right up to the nigger on the counter whos laughing with sand nigger
>take pen mark down a few notes for a few minutes, niggers notice
>"What you doin?" first nigger asks
>"I'm an EHO, doing a surprise visit" point pen to the tray of food I left on table
>landwhale hears the word EHO niggers trying to spell so they don't understand
>I write down some more notes LW rushes over
>I'm waiting for my plan to fail due to being asked for ID but nope LW just lets me through
>fucking alright lets do this
ah, always remember.
A relationship is like a pair of scissors. The two halves always bash at eachother. Anything that comes inbetween only gets smashed up. Never come inbetween
How high end? and how old r u? and how much u make?
I need you to answer those questions, and to do so truthfully.
Holy fuck plz cont. Im loving this
>Work at an electronics store
>Guy arrives in VW Golf, buys 42" plasma
>Wants to take it home in the back seat of said shitmobile
>We tell him that's not gonna happen and suggest he borrows one of the trailers we lend customers for free
>He insists we try
>Oh, all right
>No chance fitting the TV in there, and plasmas must be handled vertically
>Guy throws a tantrum and says he'll never shop here again
File: 1441365570846.jpg (18 KB, 240x212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 240x212

Some of our regular customers were real fuckin weird too.

>Dude comes in every Saturday for lunch
>Suppossed ex-worker
>Literally makes Ralph grimace every time he comes in
>First time I meet the guy I begin to understand what's up
>"Hi sir! May I take your order?"
>Dude orders two small pizzas, seems pretty average so far
>Then, it begins
>"Anon, flatten that dough out more."
>"Roll it out with the docker."
>"No, roll it more."
Dude literally wanted his pizza to look like a goddamn waffle that would hold no sauce
>"Too much sauce, Anon. When I used to work here, we had to..."
Endless stories of past employment, likely 80% bullshit.
>"Too much pepperoni, Anon. My mom can't take that much pepperoni."
>"And only put it on one side of the pizza."
>"Now that's too few pepperonis."
>"Sprinkle only a little cheese, Anon."
>"Make sure it's extra cooked, Anon."
>By now, I'm wondering who the fuck this guy is
>Is he the goddamn Gordon Ramsay of Pizza?
>Finally bring him his order, and he looks frustrated
>"I'll let it slid this time, Anon."
>Pays and walks out
I have so many stories about that place
Old woman drove car into the building
Guy tried to use counterfeit bills twice
Red neck got fucking trashed off of tall boys while taking a shit in the stall
>made a trainee clean up the wet fecal spray lol
Had to clean syrenges broken bottles human shit and a dead bloated raccoon out of the dumpster roofless shed thing
what a nijer
You outwitted someone with dementia and you are threatening them on the internet. Big fucking man.
I feel your pain.
>do onsite catering, "chef" is my position.
>im basically the guy at 7-11 who nukes the food, except i get to use convection ovens and make bomb ass sauces with no seasoning because old people hate flavor.
>end of the night packing my shit up and making sure kitchen is clean
>find a neat stack of melting deserts on island
>think nothing of it, random guests probably too drunk to find a trash can or whatever
>throw them away and wipe the counter clean
>leave the kitchen to get a broom, return to another stack of melting deserts on the fucking island
>clean it up again, as im throwing them away new server comes back yells "NO DONT THROW THEM AWAY!"
Well let's hear them
The phone
Am I the only one who read that in snoop doggs voice?
Got high on the drive thru, I wac behaving like any stoner from the movies, telling people yeah that sounds good you ahould get that.

Constantly taking orders my high is starting to fade away. One cholo ask me if i can give him extra fries for free if he let me smoke out his blunt
>fuck it
It was the night shift in Hollywood on a Saturday night
File: 1313084336151.jpg (53 KB, 200x181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 200x181

Damn nigger, you need some English classes.

Stop butchering my English and use your own 3rd world shit hole language.
Then, there's THIS asshole:

>Guy calls in
>Orders $50-$70 worth of pizza, sides, and drinks
>Usually like 3 pizzas, 2 cheesebreads, 2 salads, and 3 two-litres of pop
>Gather the items, waddle it out to my car for deliver
>Find out this dude lives just one city block behind the pizza shop
>Deliver his food, juggle it to his doorstep
>Dude is like the most disheveled creep I may have ever seen
>Literally like Danny DeVito's Penguin character irl
>He gets his kids to take the items
>Hand him the bill; He paid with card
>He takes bill
>Scratches out the tip area
>And hands it back to me
>"Thanks, bud."
>Closes door in my face

I delivered for that dude several times, and I clearly remembered that each time I went over there to get stiffed, he had different kids at his house. Weird.
This is why McDonald's is shit
Took a bite outta it my ass we had a old lady order a double 1/3 burger with chilly and a hotlink with a large fry like one a month she would eat almost the whole thing then ask for her money back
Poor Italian manager lady was forced to do so as it was corporate policy
Luckily this was the only person that abused it
I did horrible things to those burgers after the third time
You remember the nasty patty from spongebob
Dementia? Where do you get that? He remembered a bread situation from a month ago that he completely made up so he could get money for nothing. Then he threatened to have his family beat me up. I was incredibly friendly to him too. He was mean to me and rude to my coworkers. He rustled my jimmies, man. I dont like assholes that hide behind their disabilities like it means no one will ever retaliate and they can do the fuck they want. He was a disgrace of a human being, you'd know if you met him
>me: why?
>"cuz i feel bad about throwing away food, im leaving them here so someone can eat them"
>me: "ok, why dont you eat them?"
>server: cuz i dont like eating food thats been out on the floor
>me: so what makes you think anyone else does?
>server looks at me genuinely confused about my question
>i take the platter of desserts she's holding and dump them
>she looks at me like I clubbed a baby seal and scurries away
>turns out she went to complain to our manager
>He pulls me aside and asks why I'm harassing the new server
>explain what happened, we both laugh
>manager then chews out new server for "fucking around when theres an entire kitchen to clean and a buffet to dismantle and wash"
File: DYBOonJ.gif (2 MB, 390x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 390x285
>me, pizza delivery guy
>receive huge order of 6 or 7 pizzas (can't remember)
>city center, multi-story flat, 20th floor
>elevator is out
>take the stairs
>hear moaning and general sounds of sexual intercourse through the door
>moaning stops
>30 seconds later black guy (fully dressed) opens the door, pays
>"hey, thanks man, you are a really nice person"
>"you're welcome"
>closes the door, about to take the stairs down
>sounds of children yelling "pizzzaaaaa!" from the same apartment
Cant tell if youre talking to me or the guy im referencing.
File: evening.jpg (38 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 245x245

>Walking around like I own the place
>make tch tch noises while pointing at stuff with my pen before taking notes
>LW is half following me keeping a bit of distance
>after 15 minutes tell LW I need to check office records
>she takes me into the little managers office
>tell he I need to check the books alone
>she leaves I begin snooping around
>check for cameras, none in the office
>decide fuck it, pocket a book of those free meal coupons they give out to customers that complain
>make a few more fake notes take their little board magnets used for the notice board
>begin sticking them over the computers tower
>notice on camera, since the monitor was in the room that LW is wiping her eyes
>Fuck you bitch, just out of spite I spend 5 minutes taking out all the inks from every pen I find in the office
>time for the killer blow
>head out of office making sure to give a huge sigh
>LW is red faced she's obviously explained to niggers what an EHO is so their cocky attitudes are gone
>decide to give her the bad news
>tell her I found not only out of date food, but mold and several signs of pest infestation
>also tell her the books are off and the office is a shambles
>ask her how often she has breaks and eats the food
>fucking huge blow, she starts bawling, niggers a like spayed puppies now i'm holding back a huge shit eating grin
>tell her she has 48 hours to sort this place out before I come back
>head to office one last time to clear out petty cash tin
>on way out I ask can they sort me a mcnugget meal and my cheeseburger
>they do it, no charge
>I leave, niggers all look like they've been told their being deported LW is covered in sweat, tears and snot
>get in my car toss hat on back seat
>open my mcnuggets 9 in my 6 box
>open my burger just to check
>finally get it only cheese
>drive off never go back again

Total haul : $150 cash, mcnugget meal, cheeseburger, 50+ pen inks, over $1000 in free meal coupons, two magnets as a LW break down.
God damn, were do you live? Sounds like a pretty ghetto place.
Wow, that's a really good explanation of that.
Not much more to those in particular
But after the dumpster cleaning I said I'm going home and walked out
The Italian lady gave me no greif cause that pit was spotless when I was done
I think he meant that there was a olud af phone somewhere and he uksed that to scare customera
You sir are a god. Many of my keks and sides to you
Yeah I remember getting a customer like that where I worked, everyone wanted to fuck with his food, I refused, made sure his food was perfect everytime after his complaint

>Eventually on evening he's out with his wife
>thinks he can get a free meal
>orders his food
>make sure it's perfect
>kitchen staff think i'm nuts
>guy eats half his food, wife tries some aswell
>guy complains after finishing trying to get free meal
>wife flips her shit at him since he was ruining her anniversary
>they have huge argument in middle of the resturant
>she throws her ring at him tells him not to fucking come home tonight
>she storms out
>guy gets his refund but his face is visibly defeated
>he's ready to cry he leaves
>i finish myshift see guy outfront trying to talk on the phone
>hear female voice screaming at him
>he's crying
>i laugh and head home
>avoid mcd's

Guy complains, I fuck up his marrage by doing my job, was a good day.

Also as a trained cook you never fuck with someones food
I would quick dial as people were going to the bathroom and talk about there clothes and shit then lower my phone when they started looking around
With some of the co workers I would Say shit like see you at 11 or whenever they got off
Straight up scared some of them
Continue d to do this when I quit but eventually they removed the payphone
If you see one in public either use it to call your phone or check the bottom right corner for the number
Good work. Your first time with social engineering on this scale?
if this is real my hat's off to you bro
>even serving food is too difficult for this chmuck
File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 480x360
>Work in produce department of a supermarket
>At least 3 Co-workers also browse /b/
>decent town, rich old people (doctors, lawyers etc)
>Good hit chance of qt3.14 girls coming through
>Produce department located at the front
>Perfect view of the entrance where customers come through
>They have to come through produce
>Compulsory to wear hats in the fresh food departments
>Everytime qt3.14 girl comes through
>Tips hat like fedora to co-workers on shop floor then tip once more in direction of qt3.14 girl.
>Fat bitch comes into job, comes to checkout with a shit ton of stuff in her cart
>Proceeds to say she forgot something
>I wait for her to come back
>she sees me waiting and pulls her cart behind register where i am
>tells me to unload her cart while she goes back to look
>acts like a huge bitch the whole time, acts very condescending
>doesnt come back for a long time, then checks in on me every few minutes making sure i unload her cart, bag it, and reload it
>fat bitch is too lazy to unload her cart herself, hence why she is FB
>bitches about how i bagged her shit and loaded her cart
>finally leaves
>she doesnt know i charged her for multiple shit she didnt have in her cart
All Braum's stores must be like this. I worked at a Braum's for 2 years and some of these stories fit closely to some of the ones I had happen to me.
We had the black kids that lived down the street from us that were nothing but trouble. Little faggots were banned from most shops in the area because they liked to steal shit all the time. You could even watch them break into empty trailer homes to steal shit in the mobile home park across the street. Now, these little 12-14 year old assholes apparently had beef with some of our workers. One dude was just constantly being an asshole to them, the other (who we'll call RayRay) apparently had "hood" beef with these little fucks.

Shit got real crazy once.

>Working late one night, about 11 at night
>Business is kinda slow, but we have some customers
>The little shits are out and about too
>RayRay comes up to me
>"Nigga they cousins from Detroit wit 'em today, dude."
>Soon enough, the little shits and their older cousins start scouting out the shop
>They walk by constantly, making little shooting gun hand signals at us
>Flippin us off too
>While customers are in the lobby ffs
>At one point, the biggest little shit opens our front door, steps in
>"RayRay, we gon fuck you up tonight, nigga."
>The current assistant manager on duty, Dale, intervenes
>"Kid, get outta my store."
>Niglet looks Dale dead in the face
>"We gon fuck y'all bitches up too."
>"Leave, kid."
>"We gon show you, pussy ass bitch."
>Kid leaves, but his whole crew walk away giving us gun signals and middle fingers
>Customers are asking if we need help, Dale tells them we have it handled
By now, I'm seriously concerned. But it gets better/worse
>Little faggots show up again
>We notify the cops by this point
>They're vandalizing shit outside the store
>One of the other workers on duty, Jake, starts loosing his cool
>I ask him what's up
>"Anon, I don't feel too good..."
>Totally forgot Jake was an Iraq veteran
>But Jake also totally forgot to mention he had PTSD
>Dale calls me over as I'm trying to help Jake keep his cool

How often do you hide behind your autism?
File: hqdefault (2).jpg (38 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hqdefault (2).jpg
38 KB, 480x360
>Work in tool shop
>3 Niggers walk in
>Decide to avoid them and pretend I am cleaning up the door seal mess
>Creep up behind me "White dog"
>Turn around "Fucking help me white cunt"
>Decided "If it gets them out of here" "Yes sir, everything okay?"
>"Need a matress for the footy"
>Take them to the matresses and hear the phone ring
>Answer it "Hello Tools store this is anon"
>Sales manager answered it before me
>"Come here and do your fucking job"
>Be paitent and talk to them
>They grabbed cheapest matress and I walked them to the counter
>Watch one put a pool repair kit in his pocket
>"Can you put that back please sir?"
>"I aint touch shit cunt"
>You fucking serious? "Sir, I saw you grab the pool repair kit"
>Old guy behind them gets angry
>"We should of killed all of you when we took Australia"
>Niggers scream for an hour then walk out forgetting the matress
>"You just cant reason with them. Apes and blacks, apple doesnt fall far from the tree"
>"You said what I've wanted to say when they walked in this store"
>"Thank me later son"
Used to live in broken arrow ok 422 w Broadway ave it's a nice place but the ghetto is mixed in if you know where to go
Used to mix everclear and rock star at 16
Smoke weed and k2 had to deal with the cops 3 times
I fucking miss that place
not that guy but i can answer the others.

culinary industry is in a weird funk.
demand for skilled work is high but supply is low.
but most places cant/wont pay anything above min wage to new employees.

getting a job is easy but getting paid something decent for it is gonna take a lot of bargaining skills

your starting wage will often be minimum, with a chance for a raise if you stick with it long enough.

place I work at is considered High end.
I started at minimum when i was 17, raised to 10 when i turned 18, and now the position i started with pays 14.50, my current one pays 20 {12 if you start at that position) the one above me pays 35 (20 if you start in that position) USD

best advice? Get good fast and go above and beyond.
culinary school for the paper and priority
and socialize ask questions make yourself look like the guy who wants to learn and use what they teach you
Used to work at Target. 4 years of hell.
>Old guy walks in asks where the bathroom is
>Point in the direction and go back to what i was doing
>Happen to look down, little turd balls in a line to the bathroom.
>Manager asks me to go get something to clean it up
>Tell her no fucking way its hazardous material
>The very next day and old woman came in and left pooplets around the entire fucking store before anyone found them. people had walked through them and slid on them and shit.
>had to hire a special cleaning company to come in
Did you work in ba?
I might have worked with you
>Selling clothes to lady and daughter
>having a nice little chat
>pull out eftpos receipt and sign it
>about to complete sale and put eftpos receipt in till
>suddenly the lady grabs my hand with lightning fast reflexes, yanks pen and receipt out of my hand
>Proceeds to frantically draw little backwards ticks (flicking towards the left instead of the right) all over the receipt
>I'm in shock
>daughter's in shock
>entire store went dead silent
wtfing so hard
get the strong feeling someone has ptsd over ticking methods
>quietly reply: "Um, thank you. But... I-I do t-tick that way, ma'am."
>lady stares at me in silence
>entire store staring at us
>she hands the pen and receipt back.
>whispers "oh".
>I complete the sale in silence and bid them good day.

I don't even know.
fucking legend
yeah first time
it is wish I had gone back to be honest just to see the aftermath.
That guy will probably lose all his future court cases.

TL:DR i made up a story about going to McDonald's.
Please, continue...
Im not taking the bait this time, dude.

>"I'll be back soon, Anon. I want my gun. I gotta get it."
>Dale, you gotta be shittin me
>Dale leaves
>Right on qeue, loud bangin at the back door
>Older faggots trying to kick the shit in
>"RayRay we gon' git you, nigga!"
>RayRay's getting heated
>Jake is loosing his shit
>Dale is afk
>And I'm left to hold down the fort
> I tell Jake to go sit in the restroom in the far back where he'll be safe
>RayRay is talking all kinds of shit
>"Look man, Imma 'bout to fuck them lil niggas up"
>Tell RayRay if he goes out there to fight them I will personally kick his ass
>Kids eventually stop banging on the back door, move to the front, which we locked momentarily
>They're screaming all kind of bullshit
>I'm sweating everywhere right now, shit's getting real as fuck
>Suddenly, flashing lights
>Nigglets scatter
>Dale shows back up with his gun just in time for the cops to arrive
>Tell cops the whole story, have shitloads of evidence
>Little faggots literally left shoe-shaped dents in the steel back door they were banging on
>Cops decide to patrol the area for the rest of the night
>In the end, luckily everyone is fine

Ralph eventually came in too, and personally cussed Dale out for both leaving the store and bringing a gun into the workplace. Ralph argued, "Dude, they were just a bunch of dumb kids. What were they gonna do?"

Yeah, apparently Ralph isn't familiar with alotta hood stories.
This happened when i was a shift manager at mcdicks
>new guys first day
>sucks on the grill to slow fucks up procedures
>put him on prep instead still terrible
>tell him i need him to go look for spatula grease
>spends the last 2 hours of his only shift at my store in the back looking for it
>it doesn't even exist
This is why you're always nice with people who serve food.

dat captcha
Nope, I worked at a site in MO. But it's funny how Braum's attracts shit people.
37/10 would appreciate again
Never happened.
Last post for the night it's 5:18 here
The only reason I left braums was because they kept changing my schedule which is fine if they had told me but I would walk home from school get a call saying that I was late walk to work work till 12 walk home and do it all over again
I put in for 2 weeks vacation on the schedule and when it came around I put my 2 weeks notice in and that was the end of that
got a call once to price up a new kitchen window full replacement, went over and spoke to the guy, probably late 70's living on his own, seems casual as, got the measurements and went off to have it estimated, called him with the price he says yeah that's great order it, when the frames/glass are all ready I call him and say 'I'm free tomorrow if you're there to let me in'
'Yep no problem' arrange a time, get my kit ready on the van, next day I call to confirm the time is ok with him, he says it's fine. Drive over, knock on the door,, guy opened the door, looked at me for a second and punched me in the face
Dementia's pretty hit and miss
Truth man
Loved the head managers
Always liked how there names are
Mary Gerry sherry and Terry
All older women none of them took shit or gave shit
Gnite b
I hope you guys get the job you want
Are ralph and ray ray the same person?
>working at video store
>busy Friday
>working register with a long line
>lady's turn comes up, looks really pissed but says nothing.
>ring up her rental and some movie she bought for a kid.
>tell her the total.
>hands me an expired coupon for snacks.
>stare for a moment and repeat her total
>"i returned something earlier, they wouldn't give me cash, there should be like 200 dollars on that "
>this is a coupon for licorice. It's not worth money
>ma'am, calm down. Nobody is trying anything
> she's sweating
>still yelling about Jews.
>I'm trying not to laugh at this woman in a pantsuit waving a coupon and calling me jew.
>manager tells her the same thing.
>immediately calms down and leaves.
>Work in grocery store
>Customer comes to my check stand
>Seems he/she brought his/her own bag
>"All this stuff in the bag I'm buying, but you can just throw them back in"


I can't think of a worse kind of customer. Literally 20000000% mad

>when get people come in five them skinny milk

No wonder you were too retarded to follow simple instructions, but no, fatties are the degenerates we need to worry about, not potheads.
>Work at Mexican Restaurant
>Boss had just hired two stoners (Stoner 1 & Stoner 2)
>One in bar (Stoner 1), other with me on floor (Stoner 2)
>They have been working for about a week, still have to shadow stoner 2 while he takes orders tho
> Table of 6 come in, cant remember the others but there was kid about 3 years old, (Still in high chair)
> I listen as Stoner 2 takes their order, mum orders a strawberry mocktail for kid
> am satisfied that Stoner 2 got the order, so let him go put the order up
> Stoner 1 starts making drinks and doesn't do a strawberry mocktail, but an alcoholic strawberry margarita
>Stoner 2 goes to run drinks and is two stoned to realise the difference between a margarita glass and the jars we use for mocktails
>Stoner 2 runs drinks to the table
>gets kinda busy and have to stop following Stoner 2
>20 minutes later look around restaurant to see 3 year old kind in a high chair with a margarita glass about 3/4 empty
>decide to let kid finish drink and quickly clear glass from table, because don't want to tell parents their toddler just drank 2 shot of tequila
> Parents don't find out and leave
>mfw we gave a whole margarita to a 3y/o
>occasionally laugh about it with stoner duo while ripping bong
This is pretty fucking annoying when they make you unpack it then repack it. So fucking frustrating, old people sure but young cunts can get fucked
File: 1442610265908.jpg (35 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 300x300
>work at book store /video store.
>black people come in.
>they never steal books.

>not continuing to work there with minimal effort while making constant complaints on the manager, than when you get fired sue the shit out of dominos or at least getting free gubment monies
Jew me once, shame on you. Jew me twice, shame on me.
Fucking KEK
>walking up to McDanks where I work
>walk past homeless looking couple
>man is leaning against the store, doubled over
>holding his stomach, plastic grocery bag in hand
>bag full of liquid
>assume something normalish, like broken water bottle or something
>go inside, clock on, work like normal
>10 minutes into shift
>manager yells "Hey, they came back in, call the cops"
>ask for context
>40 minutes before I got there
>breakfast rush
>bathroom line 6 people deep
>homeless looking guy has to shit
>says it's a "medical emergency" and asks if we have an employee bathroom in the back he can use
>"wtf no"
>homeless guys gf goes off about how we treat customers like shit
>they both stalk off around the corner to the bathroom line
>5 minutes after that episode
>customer tells us there's a problem in lobby
>manager goes out to find the guy with his pants partially down, pissing and shitting into his grocery bag
>manager tells them he's calling the cops and they need to leave immediately
>fast forward to me passing them outside
>cops come, don't wanna go near guy because bag of human waste
>guy finally throws the bag in the trash and police escort couple out
>I had to change that trash
>manager gives me a free burger for handling the trash
I do this all the time for people. Never even occurred to me to be mad about it. Seemed like a good idea, in fact.
I worked at a record store

I'm not kidding, we had to kick a guy out multiple times for putting copies of his mix tape in with Dr Dre, Eminem, and 2pac.
>work in bookstore
>nobody reads anymore
>never see any customers
>cry myself to sleep everynight

please be real
>special cleaning company
Fuck, when I was a cart attendant and faggots forgot what a restroom was, it was MY job to slip on some gloves and clean that shit by hand. Fucking glad I left. Now they're calling asking if I can come back for the holiday season since I was their best worker and I just can't be bothered when I remember that shit.
Fuck off, greentext or I ain't feeling your shit.

sounds like a fun work environment tbh
I'm doing cart work at a superstore at the moment what's the deal with cleaning up gross shit, that's literally the purpose of dedicated cleaning staff everyone bitches about having to touch a bin etc
That would have clearly fucked that kid up to where the entire restaurant would notice. Bullshit.
File: 5874hreu.png (175 KB, 640x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 640x430
This one was interesting.

>Dude calls in and orders two large cheese pizzas for delivery
>Ralph, who is taking the order, is clearly having a hard time understanding the guy
>He's at least able to make out that it has to be delivered to a distant Red Roof Inn
>One of the grimiest motels in the area
>Basically an ideal eat-n-fuck location
>Prep order, load car, drive to hotel
>Go to door number that was written down, knock on door
>Guy answers
>"Here's your pizza, sir."
>"Uhm, I didn't order a pizza..."
>Apologize, begin to leave
>Try to call number of customer, no answer
>Call shop about the situation
>"Bring it back, anon. Prolly a crank call."
>Get halfway back to shop, phone rings
>"Dude called. Room 224, not 424."
>Fuck me again
>Drive back to hotel
>Approach door
>Knock again
>No answer
>I'm just about to leave, when suddenly door opens
>Like a portal to another world opened, a wall of smoke falls to the floor around me
>Literally like a goddamn spaceship door, with faint glowing light
>See faint silhouette through the smoke
>It's a ginger in a beanie
>Eyes red as blood
>"Dude, you got my pizza?" he mumbles
>Give him pizza, he hands me a wad of cash, tells me to keep change
>Basically falls back into the roomas the door closes

I swear to God I got a contact high from just giving him his fucking order.
>Work as a cashier in grocery store.
>Woman comes with her husband, speaking really loud and acting dumb.
>She buys a David Guetta CD and steaks.
>Tell her it costs 13€.
>"What ? But I only have 10 !"
>Husband looks at me like "U wot m8"
>I look at both of them, kind of still processing what's happening.
>Ask them to pay 13€, or take one or the other article.
>Husband looks at me like he's so fucking mad.
>The wife asks him what they should do, for like a good 5 minutes.
>People are waiting.
>I tell them to make a choice, because I can't do anything about them not having the money.
>She takes the David Guetta CD, looks at me with piercing eyes, and tells me "I'll take this. It's impossible to have a summer without David Guetta".
>Husband looks so mad at me, I still have no idea why.
>They pay.
>I hear the husband say "So what will the kids eat tonight ?"
>She answers "They'll eat tomorrow."

Stupidest customers I've faced so far.
No. Ralph is the main manager. RayRay is just a part-time, in-store worker. Huge, football player type.

On any topic in particular? I've worked for Subway, a pizza shop on a club strip and am currently working in a costume shop.
Kek the kid fell asleep
and why the fuck would i waste my time writing that long ass story

She probably lurks pol
Literally anything. Tell a story nigger!
Because this is /b/. The board that has a disclaimer that people who post be are mostly full of shit.
Top fucking kek. I gotta know what they looked like
Had a fuckin garlic allergy the other day.
> couple sitting at chefs table 10 ft from me.
> have to tell this lady to her face literally everything I have has garlic in it.
>she's sits there Pissed for 2 hours while husband eats and shoots the shit with me.
Sucks to be her. Can't have too much garlic.
The dad looked like a ginger "Son I'm disappoint"... And the woman was like... Dark messy hair, bitchy type of woman, like snooky but in a much worse way. She looked like shit.
Alright grocery store workers. What are your top 2 WORST customers. But in return, mention your favorite type as well.
If you have folks that come in and clean for you, I'm jealous. I was probably store janitor and cashier for more of my shift than I was out fetching carts.
>Take pizza order
>Make, bake, 'n deliver
>Walk up to the porch of the respective address
>Hear yelling, not sure where it's coming from
>Ring doorbell
>Yelling intensifies
>A sea of obscenities begins to flow
>Suddenly, hear the crashing of glass
>Hear several more glass crashes
>Obscentities continue
>Not sure if I should leave or call cops
>As I'm just about to leave, the ruckus stops
>Door opens, woman steps out
>She's incredibly ragged and dissheveled looking
>"Sorry about that. Thanks for the pizza. Here's a $10 tip."
>Door closes, silence
>Obscenities and shattering glass immediately starts up again

I still dunno whatever became of that.
>Work in UK spoons (restaurant)
>Walk into work to find a dismantled high chair.
>Parents had jammed their fat child into it,
>Colleague had to take it apart whilst fat kid was still in there,
>Laughed all day long.
>Cash Payers
>People who tell dad jokes

>Credit payers
You were probably the last person to see her alive, anon.
I work at a gas station/convenience store, and it's not too bad of a job but I get sick of asking people if they want a candy bar or if they have a rewards tag. (We have to do it or we get fired.)

This one customer in particular hates it even more. His name is Charles and he will FLIP OUT if you ask him ANYTHING.

"Swipe your rewards tag if you got one," I say.


"...s-swipe your tag..."

"I don't have a tag! I don't want a CANDY BAR! What's a rewards tag for anyway, points and stuff?"

I start to explain, and he interrupts me and walks away screaming "Ohh, that's REAL interesting!"

Customer service can be okay at times. Esp when people are professional and quick.

But usually it's full of people who love to play fucking mind games with you.

Then the absolute characters. People you could swear walked straight out of a damn movie.

Depressed, poor, sick, drug addicted single moms of 25 that would pay for cigarettes with food stamps if they could.

They cry what they want to you. I used to feel sorry for em, but now I'm just like oh come on! Get your shit together!

>Charles comes in again
>he is super pissed today
>not gonna ask him if he wants candy or a tag
>he complains about the price of tax
>i ask if he needs a receipt
>says no but he wants to make sure it went through, and it did
>"otherwise I'll get the beat down from goddamn gestapo"
>"of course you've already got fucking cameras watching me"
>storms out in a fit of rage
>doesn't say bye
I'm sure there's two sides to this story.

For instance: She burns the roast after he's come home from a hard day of working the oil field. Now they have to order pizza for the third god damn time this week Catherine, and oh, you seriously gave him a $10 rip are we a fucking charity now? Jesus, you're sister doesn't even charge that much for a blowjob! Yeah! EVERY DAMN WEEK, maybe if you would once in awhile you frigid bitch!
>Get a customer complaint about me
>Get talked to the next day by all the managers of the store
>"What you did you insanely unbelievable"
>Threatened to fire me
>Didn't get fired

ez game
Had a four top tonight call at 745 to make a reservation for 930, we close at 9 so I told them 815 was the latest. They got all Pissed off but took the reso any. Faggots ordered starters, waited till 850 to tell the server they didn't want entrees. Not to mention I had two cousin fuckin inbred hill Billie sitting at my chefs table acting like "we never dun had no fancy eats like them there cookin shows." The fat cunt wife shouts out "Its just like hells kitchen!". The idea of slicing my throat in front of a chefs table gets more appealing by the day.
Charles sounds pretty cool.

My favorite customers were always the harmless weirdos. Might complain, sure, but if it was slow enough and the mood was right, they could tell you a good story.
File: 1415880674748.gif (1 MB, 256x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 256x169

Welp for Subway:

>chick comes up asks for a certain sup
>put fresh gloves on
>look up at her questioningly
>Oh I'm deathly allergic to seafood
>demands I change gloves and use fresh knife
>cunt doesn't understand that fragments of seafood are all over the rest of the food
>bitch never died
>bitch fucking lied


>serving customers
>move to the back to make pizzas
>hear shouting and angry voices up the front
>go ask what's wrong
>girl says that this customer called her a racist
>turn to customer
>of course it's a black guy
>turn back to her and she points to the last customer she served
>he's also black
>guy makes a scene
>go to cops
>guy wanders away in the hopes of not getting in trouble
>banned from the strip
>this shit happened nearly every weekend

Costume shop:

>customers ring up everyday
>have obviously looked us up online
>can see the full name of the store which has "costume hire" in it
>Hey do you guys have costumes
>kills me a little bit every time.
Read "white dog", ahh, abos
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>doesn't say bye
Fuck son
>Jack in the Box wageslave struggling to pay loans
>There was this asshole that came in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturday mornings that uses the bathroom.
>I worked the Monday morning shift while my two friends worked the other two days
>There's been shit all over the bathroom walls.
>As if someone ate puree dog food mixed with laxatives and warm milk.
>Shit everywhere, and everyone here is female so they use the "women can't go into the men's bathroom" excuse.
>Notice my two buds complain about the same shit (haha no pun intended)
>Checked the security cameras.
>Same fucking Mexican on those days coming in at 8:15 AM
>Decided to fight back against the burrito shitting menace.
>Took a counter shit all over the bathroom walls at 7:30 AM
>Waited 35 minutes for the Mexican arrives but also endured countless customers complaining about the god awful stench in there.
>Buttery Jacks did the job m8
>MexicanShit comes in and uses the bathroom.
>Went in after him two minutes later
>Caught him shitting on the floor while yelling "REEEEEEEEE"
Get the fuck out of my resturant /r9k/.
Had to screen shot that anon.
>worked for Circle k for 2 years
>seen everything from methheads to barefoot beaners. (In arizona)
>was nightshift whole time.
No real story I can think of but I feel you. It's fucking amazing the shitbags you encounter.
>full cart coming up to the register at closing
>"uh, these were on sale" when something doesn't ring up on sale

>friendly bros who pay with card
>By now, I've been through several episodes of Ralph and Layla's ridiculous relationship shenanigans
>Ralph is a hopeless idiot and Layla is manipulative addict cunt
>Go to work one day
>Get halfway through shift with Ralph
>Phone rings
>It's Layla
>Ralph comes up to me
>"Look, I kniw I shouldn't do this, but I got to go. I'll be back in an hour."
>Leaves me, by myself, in pizza shop near lunchtime
>I've literally had enough
>Heat up a plate of 10 chicken wings and dine gloriously
>We ain't supposed to eat the chicken wings because of limited availability, but fuck it
>This one's on you, Ralph.


>First two weeks working there, an assistant manager, named Robert, is fired
>Robert constantly smoked weed in the back of the shop and left lights on n shit
>On his last day, Robert makes his stand
>Goes through his day, seems pretty normal
>Next day, take store item count
>We're missing two bags of boneless chicken tenders
>Robert made off with 100 chicken tenders and several dipping sauce cups
>Ralph is livid
>Robert is never heard from again
>Most amazing munchies revenge story I've ever heard
File: 1409016125541.jpg (66 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 480x640
>when get people come in five them skinny milk
Delusions of a young faggot...
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