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> highschool stories greentext thread
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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> highschool stories greentext thread

Heres a warm memory

>be me 16 y/o shithead
>be the first day of sophomore year
>know this year gon be shit just like last year
>sitting in the lunch room with buddies
>friend points at qt 3.14 redheadedfreshman girl
>"why don't you try and talk to her anon?"
>I dont do it because beta pussy
>day ends
>sitting on bus
>waiting for all the faggots to get on the bus
>same qt bitch walks up the steps
>all the seats are taken
> shes walking down the isle getting closer to me
>stops right near me
>"uhhm can I sit with you maybe?"
>realise she's talking to me and not my imaginary friend next to me
>"uhhh sure yeah"
>shitting my fucking pants as this gorgeous girl sits next to me
>look down her shirt because tallfag
>her tits have little freckles on them
>she notices that im gazing at her tits and smiles
>"they're nice right?"
>just nod like a moron

Will continue if other contribute.
Fake and gay

Kill yourself OP
>getting laid in high school

>say fuck it and chat her up a bit
>shes eating my bullshit up
>laughing at my shitty jokes and touching my arm
>"you're so funny anon"
>the bus stops and she gets up
>"I look forward to seeing you tomorrow" she says
>and I dont know if I was imagining this but I think she winked at me
>go home
>realise that there is cum ALL OVER my boxers
>get to bus stop in the morning
> get on bus and qt waves me over to sit with her
>continue to chat her up and give her the ol beta charm
>make it extremely obvious that im interested
>get to school
>before we get off the bus she discreetly puts a piece of paper in my hand
>its her fucking digits

Please do OP
Yes Op
pls more of this autistic work of fiction
lll tell my story
>be me
>get laid
Yes, pre-write it up, then copy paste it.
Don't drag it out, just tell / write a good story
(or don't)
who the fuck are you and how do you know my name
File: aEPSKmn.jpg (48 KB, 460x862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm waiting anon
Its your cousin.
Fuck outta here boyo
I got a hell of a story /b/ where on how I lost my virginity and how I lost one of my best friends, and learned a valuable lesson about loyalty. I'll greentext it if anyone wants to hear about it.
>they're nice right
>I look forward to seeing you tomorrow

The fact that there is an autistic beta who is shit-brained enough to come up with this and believe it's passable for "real" is just goddamn hilarious. Please op continue your story. I can't wait to read what's you came up with in that special little mind of yours.
File: 1435879137460.jpg (15 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 300x225
Stop asking, no one wants to read your autistic fantasy

>not pretyping it
>being this much of an obvious newfag and faggot
Please do
its your Mother, Ryan> I heard the sanitized version of this story, and your cousin sent me this link to this awful website
>be 16
>go to punk rock shows every night
>get hit in head with beer bottle
>punch some emo good Charlotte girl in her tits
>go to school and be beta as fuck
Not op
Will continue

>call her when I get home
> we start talking about weed and shitty indie music
>"I noticed how close you live anon"
>"we should hang out and shit"
>"uh uh sure that sounds sweet"
>thats actually what I said
>so a couple days go by and she invites me to her place
>were chilling on her couch watching cheers
>she breaks out a bong with fire shit pre-packed
>get baked
>cheers is 20X better
>she starts lauging uncontrollably
>I start lauging uncontrollably as well cause high
>heres where it gets gud
Will cont last bit
OP is a faggot
Best story here so far
File: 1436946102463.jpg (831 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
831 KB, 1680x1050
Plox Continue

Well alright, here we go.

>I never had a weird Middle School phase or High School phase.
> Instead I had a weird Elementary School Phase
> Long hair, mildly overweight, etc
> In spite of that I made a group of friends who I suppose in hindsight were pretty normal people.
> These friends would become near family to me
> But lets not get ahead of ourselves
> I became very good friends with a girl who we will call, Jasmine
> Jasmine was one of the popular girl next door types who I had a little bit of a childhood crush on
> I go on in my younger years as the small, high voiced, little brother type to every one.
> This changed once I began to play sports in Middle School
> Puberty hit me like a bus
> I grew to my current height(5/11)
> I know I'm not very tall, but I was a soccer player so It helped in all honesty.
> Regardless, I went from the little brother to being an actual object for girls
> I was never really attractive, like the guy every girl wants, but I would like to say I was above average.
> Anyway, I dated a bit, got into a couple relationships, never lasted longer than 6 months.
> I really hated dating, still do honestly.
> Anyway this went on for a while
> Me and Jasmine and another guy who we'll call Jake were the closest friends anyone could ever be.
> We were all childhood friends who wanted to go to college together etc.
> Eventually Jasmine went to another school to continue her schooling in Art/Music
> Some Prep school like 15 minutes away.
> She never moved, but the group started to fall apart.
> Me and Jake to this day are like brothers.

Part 1(Stick with me guys, this isn't pre-typed)
I'm still lurk
Oooh, op is a beta faggot AND a beta pothead faggot. Now his terrible story writing makes sense.
File: tuZrLnO.png (230 KB, 1818x892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 1818x892

>she stops laughing and looks me dead in the eyes
>she stars kissing me
>feel alpha as fuck
>then I feel a hand on my benis
Will continue

>call her when I get home
> we start talking about weed and shitty indie music
>"I noticed how close you live anon"
>"we should hang out and shit"
>"uh uh sure that sounds sweet"
>thats actually what I said
>so a couple days go by and she invites me to her place
>"holy shit anon"
>the craken has been released
>starts playing with my dick
>I suck on her delicate freckle titties
>absolutely beautiful
>she takes me to her room
>fucking pigsty but who gives a fuck
>making out while we strip down
>cute little red panties that match her hair color
>lay down on her bed
>"im a virgin anon, so be gentle"
>she slowly slides down my benis taking it all like a fu king champ.
Cont because boners
pls cont
I have royally fucked up
Here how it was supposed to go

>call her when I get home
> we start talking about weed and shitty indie music
>"I noticed how close you live anon"
>"we should hang out and shit"
>"uh uh sure that sounds sweet"
>thats actually what I said
>so a couple days go by and she invites me to her place
>we are chilling in her livingroom watching cheers
>breaks out a bong pre-packed with fire shit
>she starts laughing uncontrollably
>I also started laughing uncontrollably
>she stops laughing and looks me dead in the eyes
>she stars kissing me
>feel alpha as fuck
>then I feel a hand on my benis
>"holy shit anon"
>the craken has been released
>starts playing with my dick
>I suck on her delicate freckle titties
>absolutely beautiful
>she takes me to her room
>fucking pigsty but who gives a fuck
>making out while we strip down
>cute little red panties that match her hair color
>lay down on her bed
>"im a virgin anon, so be gentle"
>she slowly slides down my benis taking it all like a fu king champ.
this is really boring...

> Jasmine left in Middle School in case anyone wanted to know.
> Anyway, me and Jake still kept contact for a bit, but things started to drift away
> Me and Jake became very involved in Soccer and our school's law program.
> We both want to be lawyers(We both are pre-law majors too)
> Music and Art and Law don't really mix
> Eventually drift apart
> Enter High School
> Me and Jake make a new friend who subtly replaced Jasmine.
> We'll call her Sarah
> New friend group is, me, Jake, and Sarah.
> I don't mean to say we didn't have other friends, this is just the group we hung out with 24/7
> Me and Sarah immediately hit it off.
> Right before meeting me and Jasmine had a bit of a fight.
> Like I said I always had a bit of a crush on her, and her never looking at me like that frustrated me.
> I would say I was friendzoned but looking back, I could have done something if I had a backbone talking to her
> I wouldn't say I was a beta, but with her I was kinda one.
> Anyway me and Sarah meet through a mutual friend who was trying to get into my pants.
> But she was just a friend
> Regardless Sarah attempted to get me to go on a date with her
> Sarah falls in love(or the High School equivalent to it) with me.
> I felt the same
> We had an extreme amount of sexual tension between us.
> We became best friends, but there was never a friendzone between us.
> We went to School Dances together, and always hung out alone.
> We even cuddled a few times.
> We both knew we liked each other but didn't want to mess up the whole dynamic I guess.
> Jasmine comes back into my life unexpectedly
> Sarah hated Jasmine so it was very difficult for me to juggle both friendships.
> Me and Sarah have a small falling out over it.
> Me and Jasmine go right back to being how we used to be.
> Except there's more now,
> She's dating some ugly musician from her Prep School.
> Guy is obviously cheating on her(No idea how he got with Jasmine)
Yes please cont
File: 50075783.jpg (69 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 400x400
Don't fail us now
Yeah why not? Continue
OP got totally ignored on this one.
File: images (1).jpg (4 KB, 220x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (1).jpg
4 KB, 220x229
>Anyway, me and Jasmine start watching movies together on her couch.
> It started out her putting her head on my shoulder
> It escalated to the point where we spooned.
> Sounds pretty lame, but we were in High School and Freshmen
> Move on and after Jasmine and the guy from her school break up, I finally kiss Jasmine.
> We were just talking, and we trailed off, and I finally grew a pair and went in.
> It. Was. Fucking. Awesome
> I've kissed other girls, but this felt entirely different.
> Fireworks /b/
> I didn't know what this meant at the time, so I just played it down for a bit.
> However her and another friend of mine, we'll call him Dave got together.
> This was unexpected as hell.
> Me and Sarah still had a thing, but Jasmine screwed up my entire dynamic.
> I had a thing for both of them I guess
> Dave and Jasmine got together, oh well, sucks, but saying Sarah is a consolation prize would be an insult to Sarah
> Just as attractive if not more than Jasmine.
> Later me and Sarah finally get together, it doesn't last very long though
> She was the jealous type long story short
> And I don't have it in me to stop being friends with someone because of a relationship.
> We still were friends, even briefly dabbled with friends with benefits.
> Stopped after a while and just kept to being friends.
> School work is seriously starting to pile on at this point
> Fucking Junior year man.
> Juggling Mock Trial and 4 AP Classes killed me
> Still have nightmares about AP Psychics.
> At this point, after me and Sarah broke up I kinda swore off dating
> It was way too much trouble and I never really enjoyed it anyway.
> Dave and Jasmine date for half of Freshman Year, all of Sophomore Year, and half of Junior Year.
> Long ass time
> Never went all the way though
> Dave was a bit of a bitch in that regard
> Believed in no sex before marriage.
> His loss I guess
> Jasmine really started to develop.
> Nice C cups and a bubble butt.
> Solid 7 or 8\10
> Jasmine and Dave really cut off all ties with other people
> They only had each other for the years they dated
> So when they broke up Dave started to talk to Jake and Sarah, and Jasmine instinctively talked to me.
> Dave and Sarah have a thing.
> Started out as innocent flirting
> Important info, Jake and Jasmine had a huge fight during Dave and Jasmine's whole thing.
> They came to hate each other.
> Jake was always an honest to a fault bastard and called them out on how they were cutting each other off from the world.
> Jasmine and Dave got pissed.
> Said they only needed each other.
> I still stayed on friendly terms with them though.
> Anyway Jasmine starts talking to me.
> No matter how long we went without being close, when we began talking it was like old times.
> It was great, but those feelings I used to have weren't there I guess.
> I mean she did just break up with one of my closest friends.
> Anyway, turns out Jasmine and Dave hadn't done anything intimate in months.
> They barely kissed or anything
> This pissed Jasmine off.
> Jasmine was literally a nympho in the making.
> She craved physical intimacy.
> She sounds slutty, but she was very reserved about.
> Only dated people she trusted completely(and found attractive I suppose, aside from the musician from her school, still will never understand that)
> Anyway Jasmine starts hitting on me
> Hitting on me a lot.
> It started out innocent but quickly evolved.
> She eventually started sending my nudes.
> ohshit.jpg
> This girl I used to have the biggest crush on just sent me a pic of her perfect tits and ass.
> Oh fuck
> Oh fuck
> She says she will show me things that Sarah couldn't have dreamed of.
> She starts low key sexting me
> I resist, Dave was one of my closest friends
> Says she will break me.
> Turns into some sick game
> Every night I get a nice little pic of her
> Eventually says next time I see her we are going to make out hardcore.
> damn.jpg
keep fucking going
OK, teenage soft core bullshit.
Tell the who story and it better be good, not some stretched out after school tv shit
this will 404 before op deliver
>try to be the good boyfriend in high school
>strike out
>discover skanks in their 20's
>easy lays, fucked up relationship perspective
>somehow didn't catch an STD
let me finish
>meets her in white van
>gets a deathly rare STD is writing this with his last breaths
>goes to hell
>Jasmine is there
>she fucks him this time
> /b/ I can't describe the mixed emotions I had when one of my oldest friends turned into a sexual deviant who's prey was me.
> Plan A was to just straddle me
> Plan B was to take off her shirt
> Plan C was to get my pants off
> Plan D was well plan D
> Told me she would love to see me say no as she licked circles around my head.
> Told me she wouldn't blue ball me like Sarah(even though I never upset over us not having sex)
> She told me that she really wanted to give a blowjob, and she would swallow too
> Oh. My. Fucking. God
> I keep saying no, out of respect to Dave
> Jasmine knows me really well
> She knew exactly what I was into
> Eventually stopped
> Said she wanted to apologize for the way she was acting and got me a present
> Invites me over.
> And so it begins.
> I drive my motorcycle and notice no cars in the drive way
> Not her father or mother
> Should have taken this as a warning
> Too naive
> I knock, and she calls me from her window and says come up to her room
> We used to do this all the time as kids
> I go up with my helmet tucked under my arm.
> I see her, in the skimpiest clothes
> She knew all too well, my thing with girls was sports clothes.
> Wearing Spandex that was way too short
> Sports bra
> Glasses
> Glasses by the way are the sexiest thing girls can wear I think
> She knew all of this
> Damn you childhood best friend secrets
> I literally drop my helmet to the floor
> She smiled and said, Hey, there you are.
> I kinda just mumble hey whats up and look away
> She told me to sit down.
> I sit down on her couch in her bedroom.
> Take off my Jacket and put it on the couch.
> Kinda just look around
> Shes on her phone looking up occasionally smiling
> Her dog is sitting between us
> Her dog was such a bro when I was younger
> I loved that dog.
> Anyway he eventually gets up and she looks up finally and smiles.
> She says innocently if I was okay.
> Uh.. y..yea Jasmine I'm great.
> Knees weak
> Palms sweaty.
> God help me.
I know this girl. It's her FB pic
>mom's spaghetti
>rush to bathroom
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everyone walk the dinosaur
this thread has been deleted or pruned.
OP write fucking faster
include some pics finally of ur chicks
Nah, just fucking with you.
Dont drag the story out OPs.
It's not epic, its just an cute anonymous story.
Just tell it and finish
plz op write faster these melodrama threads is all I have
> Next thing I know she is on my side of the couch straddling me and sticking her tongue down my throat.
>The last time I kissed a girl was 9 months ago and that was Sarah
> Shes kissing my neck and rubbing her hands all over my chest.
> I'm not even kissing her back
> I'm literally frozen in shock.
> She stopped a moment and chuckled.
> You really should have seen this coming Anon
> I chuckle a bit and try to make a joke
> She puts her finger to my lips
> Shut up, you always try to joke around in the worst times.
> It's true I have horrible Gallows Humor.
> Anyway she goes on
> I need you right now Anon
> I want you more than anyone right now.
> I get you are friends with Dave, but he won't ever know.
> I will literally pull down your pants and suck you off right now if it goes to that.
> But I would much rather us get there voluntarily she winked.
> Oh fuck me I said.
> I will she states with a sly smile.
> She goes right back to kissing me
> I slowly but surely start kissing back.
> I eventually starting making our with her just as intensely
> Eventually start moving my hands around
> First to her ass
> God how I wanted to grab this ass so hard when I was younger
> Now I'm here squeezing it and slapping it as I make out with Jasmine.
> This is my life
> Nice
> Anyway I slip my hands under her pants and start really feeling her ass up.
> She chuckles and says if I was just going to touch her ass
> Joke and say what more do you want? Me to grab your boobs?
> Oh god yes she moans as I start kissing her neck.
> I'm not even thinking straight anymore.
> I immediately move my hands under her bra and start squeezing her tits.
> I never even touched another girls boobs up to this point.
> And I'm touching Jasmine's
> Lord
> I told her I wanted to see them
> Lift her shirt up and infront of my face are two glorious C cup boobs.
> Immediately start sucking them.
> Holy shit they tasted bad
> Like sweat
File: 1444919297730.jpg (133 KB, 900x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 900x644
bumping so it wont 404
don't 404
bamp type fastar

let me guess:
> Then I prematurely cream boxers
> she notices inadequate PP.
> I rewrite this story in my journal, next to mlp haikus
> To be fair it was very hot we both were very sweaty.
> Don't really care, I'm a Junior sucking on a girls tits.
> Life is good man.
> She loves this
> Fucking loves it.
> Starts moaning really loud.
> Thank god no one was home
> I stop a bit and look up at her and she is panting and goes right back to making out
> I can literally smell her right now
> That musky scent coming from her crotch was a good sign I was doing something right.
> She chuckles and says you're pretty good.
> ... Pretty... Good?
> She says she's really horny and hopes this wasn't all I was going to do.
> Oh no, you didn't just say that
> She gets off of me, and bends over a bit.
> Those spandex were way too small
> She looks over and goes to her bed and says come on then.
> I follow her and she says she hopes I'm good with her other lips as I was with her mouths.
> Peels off Spandex, she's going full commando
> Little minx knew this would happen, and no wonder I could smell it.
> I kiss her thighs first, and start breathing on her lips.
> She says oh no, you're not teasing me and pushes my head down.
> Oh god the rush of emotions I had
> I'm face first in Jasmine's pussy.
> I eat her out like it was cupcake frosting.
> I've never done this before but one of my friends was a town bicycle who gave me really good tips on how to eat a girl out right.
> She was really drunk
> Anyway I'm just focusing on her at the moment.
> I see her clit start to pop out and flick it with my tongue.
> This drives her fucking nuts
> I start to suck on it a bit(Thank god I had basic idea what I was doing)
> She says she's about to cum
> I just keep sucking on her clit like I was told.
> She cums pretty intensely.
> I get up and look at her with her juices all over my face.
> Tastes like fruit right? Ya you're welcome Anon
> I chuckle a bit and look down, and realize my dick is really stretching the denim
> Kinda hearts to be honest
> She says she can help with that.
> Alright then
its fucking 5:25AM, i want to go to sleep, fuck you, hurry up
Confirmed fake, qt gets off the bus before him. And the next day is already on the bus when he gets on.
Bull shit meter on high.
> She whacks out my dick
> I'm not small
> Also not huge
> Little over 6 inches
> She doesn't even comment just goes right to sucking
> She's never done this before
> But fuck is she doing it right
> I look down and her head is bobbing up and down
> God damn
> She looks up and I stare at her blue eyes as her mouth is over my dick
> I get that sudden realization of where I am.
> I look over to her couch and realize I first sat there in fifth grade before we went to the town pool
> I was 10 years old
> Look now and see Jasmine still going at it.
> Forget whatever I was thinking about and realize I'm about to cum
> Jasmine, I'm about to you know.
> She just chuckles and keeps going
> I'm not kidding Jasmine seriously
> She just keeps going
> I start moaning a bit and finally finish in her mouth
> She keeps sucking
> She swallows all of it
> At least shes a woman of her word.
> She laughs a bit and moves over to give me a big kiss.
> Realize my semen was just in there
> Laugh a bit and a say let's hold off a bit on that
> We both have a good laugh
> We look around and see her room is a mess
> Bodily fluids all over her sheets
> Clothes on the floor
> We laugh
> We laugh hard
> We're still best friends you know.
> She goes over to her dresser and grabs a condom
> I give her a stare
> What? I figured this would happen, give me a little credit, I wasn't going to let you go bareback.
> I look down and see I'm growing back up.
> Alright then, throw the condom on and go into the missionary position
> Just occurs to me that we're both about to lose our virginity
> Are you sure this is what you want Jasmine?
> Anon shut the hell up, you've been the best friend any girl could ever ask for
> You're sweet, you're loyal, you're honest, and you're funny.
> There isn't a soul out there I wouldn't trust more than to take my virginity
> I smile and say alright Jas
> I push in and holy fuck
> She's tight
> And its warm
> And it's wet
> Damn
jesus christ
is this as long as the script for The Bold And The Beautiful or something?!

shorter version
cum on
this story better end with you both losing your anal virginity, or Imma gonna do it for you
This thread is cancer
> I starting pushing in and out
> I'm actually having sex
> Really didn't think this would happen as I woke up this morning.
> Oh well
> Really get into it
> Thank god I just came because of I hadn't I really think I might have exploded 5 mins into it.
> At this point I'm just trying really hard not to cum to not look like an idiot
> I don't know how much time has passed but I start to feel as though I'm getting close
> Thank god she says she is too.
> Eventually start going faster
> She loves this
> Starts moaning really loudly
> She cums
> Thank Christ, I just let go and finish.
> Sorta fall into her and kiss her.
> I get up and take the condom off and tie it.
> Toss it on the floor.
> We giggle a bit
> I jokingly say we need to change the sheets
> My parents won't be home till tomorrow Anon, were fine.
> We get up and take a shower together.
> No sex or sexual activity just showering.
> I'm really tired.
> It's around 9 and it's a friday.
> Call my mom and say I'm crashing at Jasmine's.
> Normally would be weird
> But we've known each other for so long my mom just says as long as her parents are okay with it.
> I hang up and look over at her.
> All of a sudden like a ton of fucking bricks guilt hits me
> This is Dave's ex
> They broke up like two weeks ago.
> And I just fucked her.
> What. Have. I. Done...
> She sees I'm upset and feeling guilty and hugs me saying, no one will know.
> I'm going to know...
> She says come on lets throw on some TV and go to sleep.
> I take off my shirt and sleep in my jeans. Jasmine changes into sweat pants and a t shirt.
> I fall asleep with her on my chest.
is this the end?
File: image.jpg (154 KB, 640x983) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 640x983
>Be me
>Senior year
>Like art, so take a class for drawing
>the teacher literally did not give a shit, we're all seniors
>says that we can get a hundred for the day as long as we turn in a drawing at the end of the class
>stick figures will get you an instant fail
>a few weeks into the class, everyone is either on phone or just dicking around
>my amazing package comes in one day, it's my DnD rule books and other shit
>part of after school group of adventurers
>bring books to class one day, want to read up on them, learn this shit
>teacher actually gives a fuck right now
>"Anon! Is that Dungeons and Dragons!?"
>yes? What about it?
>teacher starts to go into how he loves to play, has his old characters that he made when he was younger
>talking about his rogue elf, miss Alagora "dick stabber" Everwind
>guess how she got her nickname
>he talks about it so excitedly, some of my friends ask about it
>decide to print out some character sheets and make characters
>class is only about 45-50 mins long so it will take a few days
>our grades are mostly for our character portraits and we add to them every day
>Make a half elf sorceress, Anthea, who spent her entire life inside the Great Library of Durin
>give her lots of Int, give her a lot of bluff and constantly roll to say these words:
>always got good rolls for it
>after making characters and starting our quest to save the world from generic bad guy number 27649, other students in class start paying more attention to us
>we literally played DnD in art class, every day with the teacher

I have some stories to go along with this, anyone want some?

>Pic sorta related, that's my character but I can't find the original drawing I made. Lost my old art book when I moved.

typical i fucked a girl " i respected" for the first time thread.


Im gonna find you and fuck you for wasting my time. I got important stuff to do all over /b/, yo
>I got important stuff to do all over /b/, yo
such as?
stuff and shit,
I'm a different anon, but have you taken a bus before? That's usually how they work. They have this thing called a routine. Big word for a faggot like you right? But it's generally This They stop at point A then B then C
If anon's qt is at point A, anon would have to either be at B or C as the morning routine is ABC and the afternoon routine is ABC how absurd is the science of life.
> I wake up the next day and see Jasmine's already up
> I check my watch, it's around 6:30.
> I go downstairs and see her making pancakes
> Gives me a big wet kiss and says sit down
> She pours me some coffee and gives me a stack of pancakes
> I eat like I was a starving Ethiopian child.
> Realized I didn't eat anything previous night except Jasmine's pussy.
> She tells me she can't wait till next time but her parents are going to be home soon so I should probably head out.
> Alright Jasmine, give her a hug and put on my jacket and helmet.
> Start up my bike and start heading home.
> Sun is coming up.
> The guilt is real.
> I keep thinking back to last night, the events were playing back like it was on repeat.
> I know I need to tell Dave
> I don't go home
> I keep driving a bit.
> Go to my favorite spot in town
> The River
> Me and Sarah found this place when we were on a date
> Sarah
> Fuck me...
> I park my bike and walk to the river's edge
> It's a little beach like area.
> Really starts hitting me what I terrible person I am
> I actually shed a tear.
> A fucking tear
> Because I just lost my virginity
> But to one of my best friend's ex.
> The same ex who Dave was in a state of depression over.
> I sit there for what seems like hours
> I go home and throw myself into school work.
> Jasmine keeps texting me
> I say I'm too busy to text right now, and I'd talk to her later.
> Turn off my phone, and throw my notebook at the wall.
> I need to tell Dave
> I walk outside and ride up to Dave's house.
> Knock on the door, and his little sister opens
> Hey Anon, looking for Dave?
> Yea, where is he?
> In his room, come on in
> I walk up to his room and see him there
> Fuck me
> Hey Dave...
> Anon! Whats up brother I didn't know you were comin in?
> Brother...
> That hit me right where it hurt
> Listen Dave we need to talk...
> Sure, what about?
> About Jasmine...
> Okay.. What bout Jasmine..?
the thread's going to 404 soon so get on with the fucking story
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>... Listen Dave, the other day... She invited me over.
> Okay, well don't worry I know nothing happened I trust you man.
> I look away, no Dave listen...
> He stops and looks at me
> Anon...
> She invited me over to apologize for the whole nude's thing
> Okay, fair enough.
> But when I got there, she was basically waiting for me.
> He is dead silent
> I go on, she jumped me and starting to kiss me.
> Still silent.
> It... It escalated Dave.
> I fought it at first, but there's only so much self restraint a guy can I have
> He's dead silent for a good minute.
> He finally looks up and asks if we had sex.
> ...
> He gets up and looks away
> Dave listen man I-
> He turns around and punches me straight in the eye
> Dave is a black belt in karate
> Fuck that hurt
> I fell to the ground
> Yea... I deserve that.
> I look away ashamed.
> I walk out, and get on my bike and head home.
> I get home and lock myself in my room
> My mom is getting worried, tell her everything is fine, but I'm starting to cry.
> She tells me to open the door
> She comes in and starts holding me like I was 8
> I tell her everything
> Thank god for moms /b/.
> She tells me everythings going to be okay.
> It won't be, but it helped.
> Check my phone, Dave told everyone.
> Sarah hates me
> Jake actually was impressed
> Jasmine can't believe I told Dave.
> My life is in shambles at this point.
To be blunt /b/ as this threat is soon to 404
Eventually everything worked out, Dave forgave me near graduation, Sarah and I never really talked after it. Jasmine and I had a relationship but it never worked. Jake and I eventually get accepted into College and go to the same one.

My life was never really the same after that, everyone found out. Some were disgusted, some impressed.

Be a good friend /b/ be loyal, and never betray your friend. When I saw Dave crying over what I said, well I'll never forget it.

I hope you all enjoyed my High School shenanigans. There's more, and some College stories too, but that's for another day.
I cant be that angry over this
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