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What was the worst thing you were sent to...
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What was the worst thing you were sent to the principal's office for?
Being bullied.
Fuck this fucking schooling system blaming me for being bullied. Till this day I don't fucking understand.
destroying a window with my backpack
being too cool
accidentally throwing another kid into the heater, busted his eye open, 3 day suspension, mom took me to the movies for "standing up for myself"
Raping a chick in the middle of the hallway.
But since we live in a rape culture he high-fived me as i walked in the door and we shared cuban cigars and cocaine while discussing football and cars
How bout the Packers, Anon?
Kinda like how you PACKED 'ER, amirite??
Can't decide between getting caught with knife or smearing chocolate muffin on my face.
>I stomped Mike June. In the face when I was in kindergarten, at recess..
>Went back to class zero fucks given
> got paper cut wanted to go to nurse
> mikes there
> anon, you did this?
> fucks given
> go to the office
> principal has California raisin dolls to stare at while yelling ensues
>he wears cologne it smells good.
Took a shit in the library
Our school is right next to the train line. I thought it would be smart to throw a hammer over the fence at a train. Lets just say I got suspended for 30 days and a 10.000 dollar fine for damages
Some kid said I spit on him in 5th grade when I didn't. 3 days of no recess and I continued to stand up to this shit lord through out middle and high school. He wanted to give me shit, so I gave it right back
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leaking everyone's phone numbers and addresses. got no punishment, no anything for doing it.
Assaulting the Principal's office.
In middle school I pretended I knew Spanish and made up words and started calling the Puerto Rican kid them, since he didn't actually know Spanish himself he tried to punch me and I apparently went WWE on him, took my chair and bashed him over the head... 3 days ISS

cut a mate's thumb off with a hinge

only potatos on my mind

Hope you all burned something together again

Hello Mr FBI
Refusing to cut my hair and beard in a highschool that had a strict uniform policy, almost got kicked out
i was a witness to sexual abuse at the all boys catholic school i went to, i didn't snitch though, other than that not much else really
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>Assaulting the Principal's office.
a whole $10.00? woah, talk about hard core
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Slapped a girl in the face with a half of a ham and cheese sandwich. Walked into the principal's office, she was sobbing and her ear was full of liquid cheese. Was charged with assault.
>worth it
So I had this teacher that always left their windows open. One time, said teacher was out of the classroom, and some guy started pissing me off. We got in a fist fight, and long story short, I pushed him out the window. He broke an arm. I got suspended for a week. Worth it.
>year 6, bragging about my penis length

>year 7, logged into school computer administrator account, changed all computer wallpapers to anal gape porn, changed all teachers names on the file system to things like "pig face", "mr baldy", "ms dyke" "gay pedo"

>year 7, watching dildo bike video on my ipod nano in a crowded hallway showing my friends, were laughing Mr Baldy grabs it and is shocked,

>threw a tampon covered in tomato sauce at a kid in year 8

>year 8, teased an autistic kid until he started shoving me and i punched him once and he fell to the ground crying, principal was total bro caused he hated autistic kid, i felt guilty 5 years later and tracked him down and apologized

>year 10 stole teachers keys for all the classrooms

>year 11 pretty much RKO'd a kid and bashed him after he pulled my hair .
made an elaborate raid on the music rooms

me and my drummer friend were the 'good kids' from music, and so one day during lunch (we had a gig upcoming and the teacher let us practice) teacher asked us to take out some rubbish. needless to say we packed a few boxes with cymbals, microphones, cables and any other random shit we wanted and dropped them, in the dumpsters.

Fast forward to that night, a friend of ours (who just so happened to be our guitarist from another school) who's house lead onto the school.

We blacked up jumped the fence, and retried 'our' new musical equipment. the heist was a success and for 2 days everything was normal.

At some point music teacher obviously realised the equipment had gone missing, and launched an investigation.

I was a a professional little shit, having done similar things before, I made sure to leave no evidence.

But I did expect suspicion from the start.

I get called into head teachers office, questioned, knowing there is no proof I think nothing of there threats to call police.

My fag friend cracked under questioning, because he was a fag and fully admitted everything, including getting me into the shit.

Never trusted this dude again.

Not sure if its because of the betrayal or the faggotry.

>have since grown up to be a failure but a law abiding one.
Sexually harassed my french teacher in grade 8
I said the word "balls" in 3rd grade and that was the only time I ever went to the principal's office
Senior year, math class. My teacher caught me using my phone. When she took it an looked at the screen, she saw I was watching hentai. I don't honestly remember what happened to me as punishment, I just got sent to the principal's office.
Some fucking manlet that was held back twice decided to start a fight with me because I was 5'10 in 8th grade and he had to prove he had a big dick to his friends or some other bullshit. I beat the shit of of him and was suspended for a month because he ended up in the hospital for broken eye socket and a severe concussion.
I broke a teacher's ankle with a folding chair.

Broke multiple light fixtures in the gym.

Pooped in urinal.

Beat the shit out of guy when he wouldn't stop flicking my ear in class. Pounded his face and sliced my knuckles to hell on his braces.

Threatened to stab a senior with a pair of scissors when I was a freshman when he wouldn't stop bullying me.
Completely trashed the place, threw chairs around.
Secretary was terrified.
>be me, 7 ("dam anon u a savage")
>friend had a birthday and gave everyone in class an item
>forgot what it was, a sea salt rock or something. It was blue
>kept it in my room
>next day I see my bro
>look in his hand, was a sea salt rock
>fucking bro took my rock
>went and bit him in the ear
>blood came out and stained the concrete ground
>went to principles office and principle asks me if this was the rock I had
>shows me rock, wasn't mine

That blood stain was still there when I graduated elementary. It's probably still there.
>asscunt lispy kid cuts in front of me when we're playing kickball
>I was already way behind home plate, getting ready for my kick
>nigger jumps in between me and ball last second
>don't bother trying to stop, I'm sick of this faget
>basically stiff arm this bitch with two hands in the middle of his back
>his foot punts ball as he goes chin first into asphalt
>he's bleeding from elbows, palms, chin, nose
>I run bases while pitcher and catcher are helping him up and trying to get the crying to stop
>count it, bitch
>home run
Had to sit out from recess and PE for two straight weeks. Worth it.

Third grade
>be out in hallway with friend on special request from teacher to get her something from the office
>this stupid bitch sent me and my best friend
>big mistake
>we end up outside first grade class
>looking at the drawings and shit they hung up for Christmas
>they all had to draw+write a paragraph about what their biggest Christmas wish was
>find one that says something along the lines of "I wish my daddy would come home and my mommy would stop drinking"
>me and my friend think this is the funniest shit we've ever read
>the picture is the kid with just his mom
>no background, house, trees, sun with a smiley face up in the corner, none of that shit
>just a crayon drawing of a kid and a lady with a forty in her hand
>principal is called by first grade teacher(my first grade teacher)
>principal calls our current teacher
>she's pissed
>goes on long, angry rant about how she trusted us and we fucked up or whatever
>sent to office
>principal just thought we were being loud dickheads in the hall
>not such a big deal
>but she can't figure out why our teacher was so pissed at us(demanded we be held in the office until lunch)
>we chill and eat lunch with principal
>she's a nice lady
Never got to do ANYTHING with that friend again, but again, so worth

I guess I got pulled into the office quite about a dozen times over the years. I was such a dick
Are you autistic?

>friends with the cool kids
>cool kids and myself befriend class retard
>he's chill and has no friends because retarded
>hang with him/crack jokes on/with him all the time
>he doesn't mind being part of the ball busting
>get in trouble all the time by SJW female english teacher
>one day
>eating lunch with retard and rest of friends
>retard grew 1980's porn mustache
>"hey anon, you look like a black johnny depp" (talking about my highschool phase of flat ironing my curly ass nigger hair and wearing circular sunglasses like a faggot)
>"yeah whatever retard, you look like a pedophile" (citing his pedo stauche and huge thick retard glasses)
>everyone lawls including me and rere
>SJW female teacher starts crying
>yelling at me like i was stigmitizing this kid i've hung out with everyday for 2 years for being retarded
>screams at me in her shrill voice "go the fuck to the deans office"
>mfw I get suspended for 3 weeks
>mfw i have a citation filed against me by female teacher
>mfw she wants to file a hate speech talk against me and get me expelled
>mfw he is literally still the homie and we smoke doobies almost daily
>mfw i have no face.
>One time I called a girl a shithead
>She went crying to the principal saying I was being racist (she was Indian)
>I got suspended for 3 days

I also once got suspended for talking in class.
The teachers at that school did not like me one bit.
I threw a mandarin orange through a house's front window during lunch hour. I cried like a little bitch, no lie.
>Biting his ear
What are you? A faggot?
>threw a phone in a teachers eye in grade 6
>made another teacher cry in year 7
>told a girl her pussy made the entire school smell in year 7
>put moldy bread in the classroom and we couldnt use it for 2 weeks, year 7
>put a dead squirrel in the gym, year 7
>jumped from the classroom window, year 7 (also got assigned a social worker after this)
>cut myself and smeared blood on the whiteboard, year 7
>put a dead bird in my teachers book, year 8
>glued a teachers notes together, year 8
>threw myself through a window, year 8
>got into numerous fights all through grade 6-9

There is more but these are all I could remember at 4 am

Remember kids, if you do these things, you can win a trip to the childrens psyche-ward!
Pulled a kids pants down in the dead center of the cafeteria. Managed to snag the underwear and everything, everyone saw. Got caught red handed by the lunch lady cause she watched it happen, 1 week in school suspension and 1 week of detention. Ended up rubbing my dick all over the principals shit cause her office was connected to the room I was held in for detention.

I genuinely felt sorry about it too. I don't even know why I did it. He was a good friend at the time and we basically stopped talking to eachother afterwards. I heard later on he attempted suicide, I hope it wasn't a contributing factor.
i tattled and ruined a few lives/careers. turns out there are rules called laws and the real world isn't high school.
breaking the chord of a flagpole
>last day of school
>bored as fuck
>get backpack (it weighed a fuckton)
>tie it to the chord
>lift it
>realease it
>chord snap
>some kid get hit in the eye
>got expelled on the last day of school
>mom cried a lot
>i got a gba cartridge for this
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Accused by local police of having weed during a drug search

>TFW no weed

To this day the principal still thinks I just hid it somewhere
Looking up gals skirts

Back when I was in 3rd grade, me and some friends I used too have where playing a game of Hide and go Seek, having the genius idea of hiding under a Tumblr blue table, when suddenly a group of 6.5 girls, 4 to be exact sat down, they didn't somehow fucking notice us hiding there, there was 2 of us,let's call them Normie #1 and 2.
Well the normies chuckled a bit and #1 said "Hey anon, look at em' pwetty cute girls, I saw maw da da do this to mah maw maw and she likwes it, I gon try it." (Anon #1 grew up in a troubled household, where shortly after the story the Child protection services, or "Child Pornography Salesmen". Showed up and too him away) Anyway btf to story
He slid his goddamn hand up a 6.5's and yet, she didn't notice, due to Normie 1's luck, as I got scared as Normies 2 looked on, yet our luck soon changed, a 6.5 saw us finally, as she squirmed her ass Off , and lept up, but before that I put my hand up her skirt out of curiousness, as she kept up, my hand got hold of her skirt, as it slid down and her damn panties showed as she laid covered in mud on the ground, as a Nigger aide saw in shock, and rushed over, giving me a Nigger look to a beta fag look. In short, I was suspended from school for a month, grades dropped from sadness, and as I write this now no College can face me.
I was late for three days. Called me in and I got a detention. I was pretty low profile through out high school, never caused any problems.
Knocking a girl down accidentally and not saying sorry because she was a bitch.

Getting sucker punched, because it's American and we punish kids for getting assaulted.
I turned out to be gay, so there's that.
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