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Lets get a wincest thread going guys
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Lets get a wincest thread going guys
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more of her?
What was story earlier of guy with gf who was fucked by her dad
Post your wincest and OP shall deliver
so many broads have so ugly tits.. this is the best you can get out of a normal size boob. 10/10. better to have smaller than juggernauts tits
Has robs or column been online recently also bump!
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> be me
> have younger sister, 9th grade
> lets call her hazel
> one night find her changing
> macadamiam, puberty blessed her
> peanut gets hard
> devise plan
> shower is across her room
> shower with door open
> drop husk when she comes out
> "eww anon"
> is grossed out but aroused
> asks if she can touch it
> " of course pecan "
> one thing leads to another
> don't have a shell
> fuck it
> no coconut oil
> gonna have to dry roast
> put it inside her
> nice and warm
> peanut is honey glazed
> chestnut to chestnut
> nibble on her pistachios
> almondjoy.exe
> start to feel myself cumming
> pull out and shoot my peanut butter on her face
> its good for her, it has protein
> " tastes salty anon "
> " that was fun anon, but i feel dirty now. lets shower together "
> " uh...yea. ok hazel "
> " now dont let me cashew jerking it when little sis is here for you big brother"
> shower that night with her like good old times
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>be me dubs age

>fucking waiting on stories!
I fucked my younger cousin. I was 26 and she was 18 or 19. Looks similar to that woman actually. End of story.
Alexa Jones, pornstar
fucked someone was related to
was cash
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...one more but I want real stories
I ain't clickin that shit, nigger! kek
Don't demand fag
Not sure but want new updates
Tiny hips, looks like a 9 year old boy. 0/10
>16 yrs old
>Watching my niece and nephew while my aunts out to the club
>Kids are sleeping go to bed myself
>Woken up by aunt stumbling in drunk
>Falls down halfway through the living room crawls the rest of the way to her bedroom
>I get a full on view of her ass/pussy because she's in a tiny little black dress with no panties on
>20 minutes go by I sneak into her room to make sure she's not dead
>She's sprawled across the bed passed out with her dress pulled up like she was trying to take it off
>Give her a shake and say her name no response
>She's out cold
>Naughty thoughts a brewin
>Start feeling her up
>Still no response
>Slip a few fingers in
>Doesn't even twitch
>Fuck it why not...
>Lost my virginity to my passed out milf aunt
>Couple weeks later she calls my mom and tells her she's pregnant and can't figure out which of the guys she was hanging around with is the father
>9 months later baby boy is born
>14 years later fucking kid is a spitting image of me
>People comment on it all the time say how my aunts genes must've been stronger then the fathers for the kid to look so much like her side of the family
Column here


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Sup :) went on google drive. Up to date on the story again think ur last update was last week not sure though
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>Be me
>Adopted as fuck
>No mental recollection of actual family
>At a boring ass county fair
>10/10 working the tilt a whirl
>Sliding into her DM's irl
>Smooth pick up line about her body and holding it against me
>Back at her house
>Get to talking about the past
>Things start coming into fruition
>Holyshit.jpg this girl is my sister
>Speed off and give myself a pep talk
>Realize I need to tell her what happened
>Back at her house
>One thing leads to another and we end up in the bed
>Hammering it harder than a blacksmith hammers iron
>Shaking the light on the porch
>Afterwards I have a talk
>Find out she's not my sister
>"Lets have sex again"
>Cant get it up. fuck.jpg
>"Would it help if you went back to thinking I'm your sister"
>"I'm no white trash perv"
>Fucking soon commences with the force of 1000 suns.

>mfw my name is Joe
>mfw I have no face
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does anyone have pastebin of em?
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I believe it is, I'm going to post more tomorrow. I'm back on my regular work schedule so I'm going to start doing one ginormous post a week.
awesome post
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She looks so familiar. Not even funny. Which state is she from?>>647096517

Full story here

https://docs.google com/document/d/1sI40fv5e0wwdLKUIBjxg6rZC5Panm8stpoy1iHA4C5c/mobilebasic
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> 4chan on monitor, incest time
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how about some twincest? thats when twins fuck each others. a twins' incest
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Good stuff ill look out for it tomorrow then thanks for the update :)
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yes please
anybody with submissive sisters?
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No problem. Wish I could write more and post more often though.
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Joe Fucking Dirt, i found you atlast
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Guys are hotter than girls. #GayPride
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haven't seen that movie in long time
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>be 17
>sister is cute 14yo brunette.
>Always had a good bro/sis friendship, lots of inside jokes, playfighting, telling dirty jokes, pranks, etc.
>As she's developing, I'm starting to get hard for her
>When she pisses me off I make it a thing to always tell her I'm gonna jizz in her food
>she starts out disgusted but eventually starts to wise up and tell me that if she knows it's jiz food she won't eat it, and if she eats it unaware then I've accomplished nothing, and I couldn't pull it off without getting caught anyway.
>Her scoffing gets me to up my threat, and I tell her I'm gonna jiz on her face then.
>she always brushes it off
>One day we're play fighting over an argument over some shit where she needed a ride and I didn't want to drive
>I'm aroused as fuck, but she semi-accidentally knees me in the balls, I tell her I'm gonna jizz on her face for the last time
>She still thinks she's safe
>later that night at about 2am, I creep into her room, aroused again thinking about our playfighting
>she's in a tight blue speghetti strap top, and little black shorts
>I stare down her shirt, while jacking like a pro, and finally unload all over her face
>the warm cum hitting her eyes cheek and mouth startles her awake and she starts screaming while I start laughing
>I'm nervous that this might be interpretted a little too accurately, so I make sure to play up the laughing in her face and scoffing and "I Told You So"
>She is yelling at me, but in whispers to not wake up our parents, and is also laughing and slapping me
>she bitches that she has to towel off but can't wake our parents by showering and kicks me out saying she'll get me back
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i got two stories i saved a while a go. dimping them.
also, pastebin:
1. story: pastebin DOT com SLASH 2M1GmBft
2. story: pastebin DOT com SLASH yvW7PCBB
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>The next day everything is fine, she acts the same as always and doesn't mention it, and continues picking on me as always
>later on the sofa she's sitting with her feet towards me and starts kicking me when I won't change the channel away from some shitty syfy movie
>I tell her I'm gonna jizz in her face again
>she starts laughing and bitching at me "I can't believe you actually did that you asshole, my hair was dried to my face this morning, I fucking hate you"
>keeps kicking me
>I let it go for a while because I figure she's more vigilant now
>eventually I'm raging horny one night, and decide this needs to happen again
>I sneak into her room this time with no shirt and just my boxers on, because somehow that has me more aroused and I feel like it might do the same back for her
>she's in a less revealing shirt this time, but i carefully manage to pull her shirt up like a half shirt and her shorts leg far enough to glimpse her pussy but so when she moves nothing will seem amiss
>I take aim and fire, this time point blank onto her lips for the first shot
>she's startled awake again like the first time, but earlier, so she actually sees my cock up close firing my last three bullets
>again she bitches at me and freaks out but intentionally keeps it low
>she tries to punch my balls, and I accuse her of trying to grab my cock and laugh at her
>she gets up and towels off all while telling me what a dick I am and laughing
>I tell her she deserves it, and push her
>playfighting ensues on her bed
>I'm rock herd again and she yells at me for it but keeps laughing
>eventually she kicks me out, but with a grin on her face...
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>One day I hear the most glorious news of my life, my parents are taking a two week vacation, and I'm in charge of the house
>after their gone, I immediately start abusing my power just to get Sis riled up at me
>we're pretty much wrestling all the time now
>she tries to cheat and tickles me to the ground, pinning me down cowgirl position while I'm laughing too much to beat her
>I tell her to stop or I'll jizz on her face right now
>She scoffs at my threat and keep going
>No choice boys, it just got ugly
>I use what little body control I have, and yank out my stiff cock from my shorts and start haphazardly beating
>she's shocked into stopping for a moment, but then starts slapping me and tickling again screaming stop!
>I yell I'm gonna do it! and keep beating, so now we're wrestling with my cock out, while I'm trying to get it close to her face, and she is trying to keep it away while still trying to tickle me
> obviously I can't cum under the circumstances so I let her get the upperhand and get a few feet from me
>I jump up and start running for her with my cock out
> she runs and hides in the laundry room
>I corner her next to the dryer where she is laughing so hard she can't breath, telling me to stop
>she covers her face half heartedly and laughs, until i cum all over her face, her hair, and down her shirt...
>I lean back on the opposite wall still dripping, and pleased with myself
>she's still laughing and intermittently saying "oh my god, you dumbass"
>She looks up at me and my dripping cock and my shit-eating grin, and she laughs again, and slaps my cock, just hard enough for it to look like an angry gesture but still lightly and playfully
>she makes a noise because doing so got cum on her hand, which she wipes off on the front of her shirt, which starts to make me hard again
>I shake the rest off nonchalantly as if I just took a piss, which splashes her with a a few more tiny drops, making her laugh and call me a dumbass again
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File: 132895.jpg (52 KB, 423x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>then I say, "So what's for dinner?"
>"Fuck you"
>I walk away to go clean up but...
>as I'm walking away I feel the force of Thor's hammer at my back, and suddenly weight on my shoulders
>I almost get knocked forward and fear I'm going to break my nose on the kitchen floor
>It's my sis, she's jumped on my back with her legs around my waist and her hands on my shoulders
>She starts whipping me with her hair like a car wash, and takes one hand and starts trying to slap me in the face with cum covered parts of her long brown hair
>She starts screaming "Eat it bitch!" and laughing while bouncing up and down
>I go down to the floor, and roll on top of her, crushing her
>I roll back over and hold her arms down next to her head while I'm hovering above her, dick still out and dripping
>I start waving it at her "I still win asswipe"
>she starts laughing and I notice she's totally not fighting me off
>I put the very tip of my dick into her little belly button and make a disgusting "pkllkkk" noise at her
>she laughs hysterically, and I can see her back arching and her chest rising: "fuck me" body language
>I let her arms go and sit up away from her but with my balls resting on her belly and my dick waving in front of her
>Her laughter fades from histerics to just light chuckling
>I put my finger into the cum on her face and start spreading it around while scoffing at her...
>she closes her eyes and laughs again while saying "eww dumbass" but leaves her now perfectly free arms out to the side, not bothering to slap my hands away
>I take a spot of cum, and tap it on the tip of her nose, which makes her laugh again
>she opens her eyes again, and looks down at my cock, and smiles and giggles a tiny bit again
>I take two fingers and touch her lips, taking the cum from the side of her cheek and brushing it over first her upper, then lower lip, she's still smiling and looking me right in the eye
File: 1436821796457.jpg (30 KB, 544x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>with the same two damp fingers I follow her neck, then start outlining her clavicles, the giggling has stopped but she's still smiling and looking me in the eyes
>I flatten my palm on her body and pull my hand down the center of her cleavage, down to her belly, then up to my cock...
>with my other hand I start lifting her shirt, she closes her eyes and leans her head back and and giggles again, breathing heavily
>I push my hand up and reveal one of her breasts, and I start caressing it
>She lifts her head again pulls her arms in and lifts her shirt the rest of the way off then leans her head back again and exhales loudly
>I keep stroking her breasts, and my cock, and touch her face again
>she laughs and pushes my hand back down to her chest, and towels off her face with her shirt while laughing into the cloth
>After she's dry, she drops the shirt to the side again and just looks at my with a sly smile and her eyebrows raised, I caress the side of her face, I really do actually love my sister
>She reaches down and starts stroking my cock all while still just looking at me and smiling
>She kind of doesn't know what she's doing, but her hands are awesome and she's using both of them...
>I put my fingers in her mouth and she sucks them while stroking, she moans and accidentally bites down a bit too hard when I squeeze her breast, but it's a good thing
>Her hands are covered in my precum and it feels amazing, I lean in and kiss her on the lips
>Our first kiss was sort of the weirdest part of it, like even when everything else was happening, kissing my sister on the mouth kind of felt like crossing the line, and I was almost more afraid she'd be freaked out by that then I was about the first time I splooged in her face
>She loves it and we keep kissing hard and long, she's getting distracted from my cock, but she was kind of fumbling that up anyway
>I pull off my shirt and then sit up and drop the shorts,
fuck off
File: 1346073289-picsay.jpg (62 KB, 320x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1434421173018.gif (55 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my sister and i are estranged because of adoption but weve known eachother our whole lives
>most of the guys she dates look like/remind our other siblings of me
>when i was a little kid i sort of romanticized her and she was probably my first love as fucked up as that sounds
>we kissed once when we were little kids
but i doubt she remembers now
>ive been over that shit since high school
but she still has this weird tension around me
>the only time she ever seems to relax around me and not be so tightly wound is when we smoke weed
>we cuddle a lot when we smoke but we dont visit eachother often and when we do we only toke up about 1 in every 4 times
>but we aren't really close and i feel like we don't really know eachother

File: le35907gq97e.jpg (76 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I pull down her shorts while she lays there with her hand on my thigh
>I lay back down next to her and we continue kissing and fondling for quite a long time...
>The kitchen floor is a shit place for intimacy, so it starts getting awkward and our hips start to hurt, so we get up, I push her against the fridge and kiss her as hard as possible standing up
>After I kiss her, her eyes are still closed and she sighs loudly with a big stupid grin on her pretty little face. I've only gotten a few girls acting this fucking high on pheromones
>she holds my hands as we walk up the stairs to my room, naked, me behind her looking at her perfect tiny round ass, back dimples and tiny little waist
>we go into my room and don't bother to shut the door, I lay her on the side of my bed and kiss her as hard as I can
>My little sister wraps her legs around me and squeezes so hard I can barely breathe
>I stroke her pussy as we kiss for a long time and I can feel that she's running like a hot tap down there, so finally I grab my cock and start to play my head againstr her little clit...
>I keep rubbing my tip along the length of her pussy (which is a shaved, light colored "innie" or slit or knuckle, or whatever you want to call that type)
>She's breathing heavily in my ear and I can make out the occasional little gasped "yes"
>I stand up just enough to see what I'm doing, and start to push my cock in her, I get the head in, and my Sis starts straining her neck to the side and clutching the sheets and hold her breath
> I push it in further and I can't tell if she's feeling good, or just in pain, so I ask, because despite this, I do actually have a conscience
>She tells me it hurts but she feels good too she wants my to still try
> I get it in half way and she squeaks in her throat, so I can tell it's more pain than pleasure, so I pull it back to just being the head, and just keep sliding my head in and out of her, while I lean back down and start kissing her again
Did you lose your parents in the grand canyon
File: 1440380931587.jpg (731 KB, 1587x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
731 KB, 1587x2448
#columnfag - join the kik group, incest lovers.

Here's column's sister, archived for prosperity and everything. (she's got one rekt cunt)
https://fgts jp/b/thread/637019539/#637025562


But why?
File: 3SMJGJ9.gif (706 KB, 192x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
706 KB, 192x144
>I keep poking her faster and faster, and she's moaning and flailing, then grabbing my ass and clutching me,
>I'm slipping out, because of how little I'm actually putting in her, but it only fucks me up a few times
>I can tell I'm really getting her hot and so I goo much much faster, and she squeezes me with every once of strength she has for maybe thirty seconds while she moans with each stroke, then suddenly she sort of squeaks again and her body goes completely limp like a ragdoll, except her thighs with are slightly shaking
>she smiles and lays back, and no matter what I say she doesn't move her body or open her eyes
>"having a good time Kiddo?"
>she just keeps smiling and nods
>"Did you just cum?"
>She just keeps smiling and makes a light noise that was sort of a cross between a giggle and a moan, and she nods
>We're calming down now, but I'm still horny as fuck, so I stand up and keep fondling her little round tits with my left hand while using my right to run the head of my cock up and down her pussy like I'm running a credit card...
>I start testing the water with getting it deeper inside her again, hoping her extreme wetness will make it easier/less painful
>I get a tiny bit further than before when I can see her face wince
>I don't pull out this time, but just move in and out very slowly while staying at about the same distance I was already in
>her pussy feels so good it's absurd, I will never have a pussy that tight again, and probably never one that's radiating that much body heat right into my cock
>I keep stroking and I can tell she's feeling good again (also she's regained some arm motion, enough to be resting her hand on my arm)
>I speed up, and then try to push it in a bit further with a slow stroke
>she makes a noise of pain so I back off a little, but she tells me to try to go in
Anymore comics like this?
OP you forgot to add some Comic Sans to the picture describing some made up shit about her being your sister so you can be a faggot cuck
File: 124375.gif (2 MB, 380x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I push it back in and keep thrusting, and I can tell she's in pain, but she's saying "yes" every time she can get it out, and she's touching my lips with her other hand, and caressing my face, so I keep going
>I hear her squeak out "Try" as I almost slip out again
>I bend back down, kiss her for a long time, and then stand back up and try to push it in slowly further and further
>she's making painful noises in her throat, but she's hold my arms and nodding her head to tell me "yes"
>I push it as deep as it goes, and feel her little burning hot pussy envelope the entire length of my shaft, and I start gently thrusting
>Needless to say, after all that, and knowing I can't put her through pain much longer, in very short order I cum
>P ress it deep inside her, as far as it goes, and feel my cock explode harder than I have ever cum before in my life, raw, in the deepest depth of my little sister's pussy
>I feel like I'm coming for and hour, and I probably unload 8 or 9 "bullets" if you catch my meaning
> I slowly pull out of her and lean back down and kiss my sister on the lips as hard as I could, she held the back of my head, and licked my lips once after our mouths parted
>I looked back down and she was smiling, with one tiny tear in the corner of her eye, from the pain.

mfw this was tuesday of the first week of my parent's vacation

The end.
File: good morning lilsis.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>speghetti strap top
Can anyone make out that vehicles license plate? We could find out where she lives from there
File: 1436826168658.jpg (87 KB, 750x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 750x544
File: 1348463586-picsay.jpg (31 KB, 320x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 320x427
what is this chick's name?
she looks almost exactly like my ex
the only thing that tells me it isnt her for sure
is my ex wears better jewerly and peculiarly has one dimple
File: 1360708481393.jpg (62 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 720x540
Liked the first story? Second one is also awesome.
And even better: OP delivered pics when he wrote it!

>going to bed one night
>see little sister's door open
>peek in, see sister sleeping
>in her sleep, her nightgown had ridden up her legs
>flower print cotton panties showing
>instant boner, always thought she was cute
>creep in silent like ninja unafraid as sister sleeps like she's in a coma
>poke her, and say her name. no reaction
>put my hand on her tit, still no reaction
>tit is small, but firm. I can feel her nipple
>slowly slide my hand down her belly
>feel pussy lips through panties
>start trying to slip fingers under panties
>hear a sound somewhere, get freaked out and leave
>jerk off in bedroom, cum with the force of 10 suns
>next time was the next night. I couldn't wait
>about 1 am, I peek in again
>this time, she's wearing shorts and a tank top
>shorts are lose, like track shorts
>again I poke her, and as I expected, dead asleep
>gently place my hand on her tit. like I said, they're small, but firm. Actually perfect in my opinion
>rub a little harder this time, try to get her nipple hard
>play with her other nipple, getting it hard as well
>realize that her shirt is too tight for me to reach under
>decide to go for pussy again
>softly lay my hand on her mound. I could feel heat through her shorts
>rub her lips a bit, and she stirs
>panic, and drop to the floor, pretending like I'm looking for the cat. (learned that one on here)
>she doesn't wake up, and I continue
>rub pussy again, this time I don't retreat when she moves
>slowly slip fingers under her shorts
>panties... dammit.
>slide my fingers under the leg of her panties, feel ever so soft pussy hair
>almost cum in my pants
>slide my finger down towards her pussy lips
>feel the top of her crack, run my finger inside
>slightly damp
>she breathes in deep, and rolls over
>i feel her ass for a bit, and decide to quit while I'm ahead
File: 1360708603188.jpg (55 KB, 388x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 388x534
>first night she's back
>I couldn't wait to try to get my finger in her again
>midnight I go in. she's wearing a nightgown again
>it's not riding up. as a matter of fact, it's actually all the way down
>think about giving up, no way can get the lifted up
>instantly hatch new plan
>poke her, see if she's awake
>pull out my dick, already hard
>pick up her hand, put it on my dick
>her hand is so hot, it feels like molten lava
>me, being a virgin, immediately blow my load upon contact
>I cum on her hand, and some gets on her nightgown
>I clean up her hand, but can't really clean up her nightgown
>realize that I now have a new nightly ritual

>goes on for many nights. I blow load after load into her hand.
>starts to become old hat. want something new and exciting
>late one weeknight, she and I are up watching TV
>sis complains of a headache, asks me to grab her something for it while I'm in the bathroom
>open medicine cabinet, see Ambien, and they look like Tylenol
>give them to her with a glass of water
>in an hour, she's fast asleep
>being the good big brother that I am, I carry her to bed
>grope her tits as I carry her, she never wakes up
>start to get excited at the prospects of what can happen
>again, she's in a tank top and shorts
>this time, no worries about her waking up
>slide hand up her shirt, feel her naked tits. (no bra, not that she really needs one)
>lift her shirt up, get her nipple hard
>lower my mouth to her tits and suck her nipple into my mouth
>after a few minutes, her nipples are like erasers, and she's kind of breathing heavy
>leaving her shirt up, I move down her body toward my ultimate goal
>I reach her shorts and start to rub her pussy through them
>feel more definition of her pussy lips
>reach under her shorts... NO PANTIES!
>feel for dat pubic hair, none
File: 1360708518666.jpg (71 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 720x540
>slowly slide finger down to her pussy lips
>again, she's damp
>run my finger through her lips a few times
>finally go for it, and dip my finger inside
>she's tight, but wet
>she stirs when I get my finger in her, but knowing she won't wake up, I don't react
>keep going
>after a few minutes, I notice her face is getting flushed. She's breathing harder now too
>keep going
>suddenly, she bucks her hips a few times, and makes a long sighing noise as I feel her get very wet
>OMG, I think she just came in her sleep
>pull my finger out and sniff it. It smells so good I have a taste.
>she tastes delicious
>put my head down there, and give her pussy a lick
>so excited, consider trying to stick my dick in her
>realizing I can't fuck her, I jerk off with her hand again
>blow another load on her hand, and this time some gets on her tit
>leave my cum where it is
File: 1334847801-picsay.jpg (38 KB, 320x427) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 320x427
Google drive link where?
File: 1360708800340.jpg (78 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 720x540
>wipe the tip of my dick with some cum on the end on her lips
>stand back and admire my handywork
>next morning, she is as if nothing happened and life goes on
>fast forward to labor day weekend
>parents go away for family reunion/get together
>take youngest sister with them, but leave sleepy sis home with me
>she has a game that she can't miss, and I have to drive her there
>have some friends over to party a bit
>in basement, booze and weed everywhere
>never take notice to what my sister is up to, assumed she was in her room
>go upstairs, find a friend of a friend sitting on my couch with my sister on his lap
>they are making out, and he has his hand up her shirt
>grab dude, throw him around the room a bit, then out the back door.
>come back to ask her wtf, and realize she's fucked up
>shut down party, kick everyone out
>come back upstairs, sister is not in living room
>worried that she followed the douchebag, I go out the back door to look for her
>find douchebag, and he starts to run away from me. sis not with him
>start looking around the house for her
>hear her in bathroom, she's puking
check that http://www.inb4.media/1v1/?id=3058
File: ds1380542273756.jpg (149 KB, 519x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 519x640

go on nigga
File: 1360708861518.jpg (93 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 720x540
>i figure, good, I'll be able to use her being drunk to keep her quiet
>ask her if she's okay, and she tells me to leave her alone
>about a half an hour later, I knock on the door to ask her if she's ok, no answer
>open door, she's passed out on the floor
>help her up, walk/carry her to her room
>she's barely awake, I tell her she needs to get undressed for bed
>she starts taking her clothes off right there while sitting on her bed
>she stops when she's down to her panties and t-shirt
>falls over asleep
>i can't leave, she's half naked
>start to get hard realizing this could be even better than the Ambien night
>leave her to get into a deep sleep
>come back in a half an hour, it was as long as I can wait
>go into her room, she's still asleep
>call her name loudly, shove her a bit.
>lift her shirt up and off
>her tits are glorious
>pull her panties down, her pussy is bald. realize she must have starting shaving since she had fur before
>bald pussy makes her look so young
>can not resist pussy, start licking her with no concern of her waking up
>eat dat box for about 10 minutes, notice her getting flushed again
>breathing heavily, she has some sweat on her forehead
>keep going, she starts to lightly lift her hips up towards my face
>suddenly, I her a sharp intake of breath from her, and her thighs close tight around my head
>she starts bucking her hips as I hear her moan as she cums in her sleep
>again, I'm soaked with her juices
>after a bit, she relaxes her legs, and I get up from her crotch
>hard as fuck, I stand up, and suck her tits a bit
>take her hand, and proceed to beat off with it like I had so many times before
>10 minutes, can't cum. wtf?
>need moar, look at her pussy
>still unwilling to fuck her, I decide that I will do the next best thing
>get in between her legs, and start to rub my cock on her pussy lips
>play "just the tip" for about 30 seconds before I shoot all over her stomach
File: 1445024672296.gif (534 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
534 KB, 320x180
File: 1360712763885.jpg (83 KB, 720x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 720x552
>next morning, I walk into her room, and start yelling
>she wakes up, confused, then realizes that she's naked
>she covers up, yelling at me to get out of her room.
>I don't move, and ask her why she's naked.
>she starts to cry, and says she doesn't know
>sit down next to her to console her. (playing the concerned big brother)
>I tell her it's ok, that she probably just got undressed while she was drunk
>get up, tell her to go get a shower while I make some breakfast
>soon, a plan begins to form in my head

Then all went 'this is bs, too fake', OP ragequit, saying he has to go help her with smth, doh he said he may come back.

I live to this day not knowing the end of OP... lurking every day 4chan to see if he will post it but no luck. I'm a hgue incest fag, I have a 6years older sister of mine, so it comes natural.
File: 1445081866998.jpg (3 MB, 1924x2573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1924x2573
File: 1378233334608.jpg (1 MB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1600x1200
>I have a 6years older sister
lucker fgt. raise her well.
File: 1441681269417.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>cam model is at college
>goes to weekend only to her house
>she and her dad get in to a fight, dad breaks the door of her bedroom
>cam slut begins to.. cam slut
>forget theres no door
>forgets she has a 9yo (or was it 11) yo brother
>camwhore's brother brings a capri sun to her
>cammoddel is all like wtf
>she later went on to her private/personal bathroom to continue the show
>cammodel later said she will have to go and talk to him and explain what he saw and what was happening

The sad part is that he saw something awesome and he might not remember it to cherish it and to be able to cum buckets to it or at least figure out The Internets and google it in a few years.
File: 1436818341669.jpg (135 KB, 500x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 500x367


It already got posted here >>647102121 just don't forget to add the dot
File: 1396094715164.gif (2 MB, 393x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 393x402
File: 1443134931487.jpg (407 KB, 652x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 652x999
shes 6years older than me
which was nice for me since i was perving on her while she was taking a bath or when she would go to sleep naked with just a blanket on her.

i do recall some weird event when i was about 5 that i had to massage her body and i ended up kissing her ass, but i dont know if it was just a dream.
i also have again such a memory of when i was about 5 and thus she 11 that she was naked and me also naked and i guess we were going to do it but our parents came early
>oh shit
>wheres my pants

i also once stumbled on her nude pics (10years a go, they were on paper, thus dont ask for links but>
>pic related)
it was weird seeing her sitting doggy style...
or opening wide her pussy with her two fingers..
grabbing her solid largeB/smallC cup tits...
they were like 5-6 pics, i did took a pic with a cam of them but they were on some really old 10GB FAT32 HDD that failed and nothing can be recovered since it had to be formatted
hey BRO let me see your dick BRO i want your dick in my mouth SON mom and dad aren't home
You just know he's going to legalize wincest if he wins.
File: 1399790574116.jpg (52 KB, 801x587) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 801x587
File: facingme.jpg (83 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 480x640
a man can dream cant he
about him legalizing wincest
File: kcIbSJK.jpg (675 KB, 1280x1392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
675 KB, 1280x1392
Feels good that I finally managed to write and upload all of my wincest pics and stories.
Finally I can archive the thread (it will be public some day. hint: check the pastebin)
Yea but if legalized, it wouldn't be as fun anymore
For what it's worth this is a 100% true story, (might be an excuse for my shitty writing skills)

Story of me and my cousin
let's call her Claire

Part 1/3

>at every family gathering we go to the bed and wrestle
>parents checks up on us every hour or so and just shakes their head and laugh
>I'm a looser in school but Claire doesn't know this
>I act alpha to her and treats her like shit
>she starts to crave my attention and "care/love"
>mfw I didn't realize what I was doing right years later
>we hit puberty
>wrestling turns into me "losing" and her holding me down while sitting on me
>starts to grind our sex organs together
>time goes on
>I start to learn the way of the sex
>when we wrestle I hold her down and starts massaging her pussy
>she's reluctant at first
>she tries to hold her legs together to stop my hand
>I keep forcing her legs apart
>I feel her legs ever slowly getting numb
>hear silent moans
>I drag my finger up and down
>I slowly put 1 finger inside her panties
>"wow this is really warm"
>first thing I touch is wet hair
>internally freak the fuck out
>for whatever reason I have a hair phobia
>go back to massaging her pussy from outside her panties
>parents calls us for dinner
Part 2/3

>after dinner she says that we cannot do that "thing" anymore since we're cousins
>I laugh and say ok
>we keep doing those things
>never do anything more then massage her pussy for fear of parents walking in on us
>they make us play with my stepbrother and stepsister
note my stepsister is borderline retarded
not diagnosed as a tard but a real fucking idiot
>Claire does some flirting disguised as a joke towards me in front of them
>stepsister goes "Claire and Anon sitting in a tree..."
>Claire goes eww no we're cousins!
>stepsister goes "so what? That's allowed here."
here is Sweden btw
>the fucking look in Claires face
>staring right at me
>Stepsister is fucking clueless what she has started.
>I stand up
>goes to my room and gets a condom and a person sized towel
>I tell my step siblings that me and cousin are going swimming
>"where?" stepsister asks
>"i'm not telling you"
>we go out and go across a few fields of wheat and down to the river
>yellow wheat, green grass, blue water and sky
>I put the towel down on the grass
>I tell her to lay down
>I pull of her pants and go down on her
>I stop with the licking and start kissing her while undressing
>I get my dick out and shove it inside her
>last for about 20 seconds
>cum inside her
>oh shit where'a that condom?
>find it strap it on and go again
>and again
>and again
>I let her go on top
>I feel the suns heat against my skin
>a light breeze rolls by
>my feet in the warm streaming water
>Claire bouncing on my dick
>this is what life is about
>after we both cum we go into the water and just hold each other and just "exist"
>go home
Part 3/3
>now at every family gathering we sneak away and fuck
>when we get tired of fucking we go into the bedroom and cuddle
>every time a family member comes by we pretend to wrestle
>we keep on this routine until I'm 18 and get a car
>I now drive to hers and pick her up and goes to our familys "summer lake house" and we fuck the entire day
>i'm now 28, married and have 2 kids
>still fuck when we get the chance

and that's me and my cousins story.
File: 1414886505521.png (2 MB, 1386x883) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1386x883
forgot to show a pic of my own sister
>pic related
I can see him campaigning to stones that he's going to "legalize it" with a wink. They get all excited and vote for him. Then he starts making out with Ivanka during his acceptance speech. And asks everyone what they thought he meant.
File: CousinClaire.jpg (379 KB, 668x1776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
379 KB, 668x1776
File: Say_desu.gif.png (139 KB, 320x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139 KB, 320x244
File: 1358706699648.jpg (165 KB, 474x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 474x700
but of course it would!
File: hehh.jpg (60 KB, 800x744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 800x744
It's actually my story, I feel honored that someone has made a pic for it, Sweet.
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