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Describe your first orgasm.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Describe your first orgasm.

>be 12 years old
>stick penis in a vacuum cleaner for no reason
>something comes over me and I almost faint
>no sticky mess because of the vacuum
>penis head extremely sensitive
>don't realize it was an orgasm until I did it several more times
>mom catches me
>don't figure out how to give myself an orgasm for like a year later
Green text story about how you got caught?
someone told me if you grab and tug your penis it felt good, so I tried it that night and I orgamsed. I wonder why it stopped feeling good, little did I realise I orgasmed

it was just a silent "oh crap" met with supposing eyes after she came into the room because it was the 4th time vacuuming my room in 4 days and she asked what i was doing in there.
is putting your penis in a vaccum really good?
It's ok. No real advantages though
>be 12/13 years old
>be fooling around with younger 8/9 boy in his closet
>put hard penis between his butt cheeks
>commence humping
>feel something explode in my whole body
>get kind of nauseous, thinking I broke my dick
>stop humping
>"my turn"
>roll over and "bottom" for younger friend, thinking I did something really bad to my body
>realize about a day later that it was an orgasm
>try sticking dick in bathtub faucet to replicate
I stuck my penis in a vacuum just yesterday. Shit was so cash.
I can't even get it up any more for anything less than deep space vaccum honestly.
>be 11 years old
>wearing sister's panties in bathroom
>rubbing the tip of my shaft like a female masturbating her clit instead of jerking off like a guy
>dreaming about boy 3 years older than me being all aggressive with me and treating me like a girl.
>dreaming about his dick slapping my face
>dreaming about his dick jammed up my 'pussy' while he grips my hips and tells me "I'm his girlfriend now"
>eyes roll back in head
>cum buckets into the lace
>panting like crazy wondering what happened
>afraid cum is like glue so start washing it immediately
>put away panties on radiator hoping they dry before she home
>got away with it
>did the same many times until I got panties of my own
>be 15 years old
>found boyfriend who wanted to treat me like girl
>been in love ever since (age 19)
Im going to need sauce OP.please.
How can 11 yer old boy think of something like this?
You sure you werent raped by your father while he was whispering "i wish i had a girl"
I found it just yesterday. A very unreliable source said she saw a guy cutting off his own dick.
Don't know. Just the way I always felt.

Even before this, I used to get naked in bed and massage my smooth body like the way I imagined a guy would feel up a girl.
I used to fantasize about chastity and toilet training when I was like 3 or 4. Some of my earliest memories.
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Top kek
Was 11, in bed with my sister (just happened to be, i don't like incest)
just gripped my dick and pulled it up and down, i just felt like it for some reason like natural instinct. then i came and it was damn good and did it 3 more times that night. sister told me to stop shaking the bed
Femboy faggot, but yeah.
File: 1421549754428.jpg (2 KB, 227x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is it sad that I dont remember? I started rubbing and tugging verry young. Good old pre cum days.
so your not like transgender or anything you would not want to be a real girl right?
All those sexual orientations and fetishes get me confused these days
>be 13 years old
>looking at nude drawings of cartoons on dial up
>have hard on but no idea what to do about it
>steal a condom from my dads dresser
>has spermicide in it, so it's slippery inside
>find dirty drawings of lice in Wonderland
>move condom up and down on my cock
>feels amazing
>cum for the first time inside the condom
>forever have a fetish for cartoon porn, and Alice in Wonderland.

Pic related, the actual first picture I ever came to.
gif is reaction to huge tip on webcam
name is Le_Lea
Question, do you have a very dominating mother and a father who isn't present or that he is very submissive to your mother? Do you feel that your sisters are your mom's favorites?
Like $3000 tip?
OMFGLMFAO xddddd!!11
le_lea yes, but she was watching a guy on a webcam shoving scissors in is urethra
I put a sheep-fur on a pillow and humped it, didn't notice what happened until it kind of did. Almost fainted, I might have been like 12 or something
I would love to be a real girl. Because I feel like a real girl inside. Have considered going on hormones.

But so far I kind of lead a dual life. Family don't know the full extent of it (although they probably suspect - people have said I'm effeminate and girly my whole damn life)... boyfriend and close circle of friends know it all.

I can't even get my dickhead up inside the hose. Is yourt dick that small?
Dude vacuum tubes are usually pretty big... How fucking thick are you?
I've had this problem too, might be different sizes in different countries. Shit I dont know.

I do have a big dick though, for all the fucking good it does me.

>Question, do you have a very dominating mother

Not really.

> and a father who isn't present or that he is very submissive to your mother?

Father not present. Mom and Dad still together, but he is emotionally introverted and completely sealed off. He puts food on the table, but I don't know him at all.

He's not submissive to my mother though. Neither is in charge - they're just like cold business partners.

> Do you feel that your sisters are your mom's favorites?

No. I was the favorite when I was young, but I do have 3 older sisters I looked up to.
File: 1441805513293.jpg (582 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You either have a huge dick or a tiny hose
Prob depends on the vacuum. I mean, shop-vacs are like, huge hoses, but they'd probably literally rip your dick off. But some are like the size of a toilet paper center, and I can't fit mine in one of those. I know, I've tried.
Oh lmao well in the US they're pretty big. Def bigger than me but I'm nothing special.

Got a pic? Just curious.
This is now a trips thread
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got an above average dick. But it doesn't fit. pic related
> Be me on toilet shitting, bout 13
> nobody else home so take my time
> just realized that the jerking off motion could be applied to dick
> hey feels breddy gud
> I guess people just chill and do this to feel good
> all of a sudden feels a little better
> white stuff
> did-did I just cum
> feel dirty
> do it again the next day
>be 12/13
>bed time
>laying in bed
>feel dick get hard
>pillows have a silky feeling cover on them
>start rubbing pillow over hard cock
>feels so good
>get weird feeling
>have to pee?
>get up go to bathroom
>go back to bed and start again
>same good feeling
>keep going
>felt so good
>hear someone coming
>pull up pants
>mom comes in, making noise she said
>tell her I was having a bad dream
>she leaves

Jerked off like that for a while until I saw a porno and saw a guy tugging so I started doing it like that
Post pics of sisters
Ok here's mine

I can't greentext, it's not simple, kinda fucked up. My mother was/is a bitch. My sisters, 3 other them are bitches too. While my dad is offshore working they would gang up on me and force me to put makeup on me and put me in girl's clothes. My mother would always tell me, especially when I did something wrong, that she would love me more if I was a girl like her sisters. They would do this while i was 7, 8, and 9 years old, but not when my dad was home. Don't know why they stopped 10 and up. They would take pictures and send it to their friends in church and laugh at me. I was the laughing stock of the town, although me being young and not having an active choice in this. So anyhow, when I was 11, I would have these dreams that I was being held tied in a chair, forcefully being turned into a girl. When I would take a bath, I would take my sister's panties out of the hamper and try them on, put makeup on, etc. and that's where I experienced my first boner. I touched it and it felt good and bam, masturbation.

And to this day, I have conflicting feelings, I am shamed to say that I like s&m, crossdressing shit, and cuckoldry. But that's starting to change. I realize that I don't have to submit myself in order to get attention from women. They like a strong man. And my now girlfriend makes me feel more like a man than I ever have. She says that I'm the only man she needs and that I make her feel like a woman. I don't know if it's true really, I still don't feel like a man, but kinda I do, it's strange. I still don't know. I always think that women have a hidden motive. Im fucked in the head, I know. Don't want to go to a therapist though. I need to sort this in my head first.
Might be a faggot. But not that kind of faggot.
gay and fake. you're fantasizing as you write.
No, I'm not, being dead serious man. I'm being really fucking serious.
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This isn't what I was expecting to find.
>Be 15
>Hot summer night
>Wake up with a boner
>I had tried jerking off before but always stopped because I didn't think anything was going to happen
>This time something is going to happen
>Shoot with so much psi I knock the roof tile on to me
>Still shooting cum, nose is broke, omfg this is awesome
>Blood and cum everywhere
>Mom walks into room
>She slips on blood/cum mix on floor
>Ejaculate shoots her out the window
>Go to Juvey for killing my mom with semen
File: ace ventura no.gif (537 KB, 286x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ace ventura no.gif
537 KB, 286x319
Enjoy your well deserved AIDS you subhuman
Still more believable than this:
Kind of weird for me

>into self bondage at the age of 11-12
>like tying myself up
>like tying my balls and cock up
>have this thing where I wrap a sock around my dick, tie a rope around it real tight, tie other end of rope to my foot and pull my cock down while pressing it between my thighs
>feels good (and a little painful too) doing this
>keep getting excited as I do this
>do it harder and harder until this feeling washes over me
>suddenly I don't feel like doing it again

did this for months and months and came down with an unrelated kidney infection and thought I caused it by my playing like that. got it cleared up and couldn't resist doing it again.
>be 11
>friend shows me porn in school toilet
>coaxes me into stall
>undoes pants
>'what the fuck are you doing?'
>'trust me'
>do the same
>we jerk off to a vid on his phone
>occasionally went to his house afterward to jerk off with him
Fuck you motherfucker, this shit is fucking horrible. How can anyone fantasize over this shit? I feel like a worthless fucking POS and tried kill myself on multiple occasions. How is this fucking fantasy? Fuck you, you sick fuck.
And now us: your real friends.
>be 12ish
>little grill
>Taking a bath, faucet running
>lay down on my back under it to wet toes
>slide my body back and forth to make waves in bath
>stream catches between my thighs
>tickles so I move back under it
>stay there for a while
>feels good
>shifting to find best position
>tub filling up so I let the water drain a bit
>do again, starts feeling better legs twitching
>feels better and better till my body tenses and my pussy starts throbbing
>slide back really fast confused and feeling dirty
>finish bath because taking too long
>pray about it that night
good story bro
File: 1421616525076.gif (2 MB, 139x215) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 139x215
Well my first orgasm didn't involve cumming. Was like 9 or 10 and had a very close female friend who was also neighbor so we spent a lot of time together. She was a year or two older and besides being incredibly cute was also an "early bloomer".

>Come out shower one afternoon and head to room to change
>She was over so she was just chilling in my room while I showered
>Ask her to turn around while I put meh undies on
>She giggles and does it
>Drop towel and reach for tighty whities but it's too late she turns around
>I freeze up and she stares at my soft wood
>Doesn't really rub herself but moves her hand to her crotch
>Don't even know what that means at this age but still makes me hard
>She watches it get hard while I blush like a little Japanese girl
>Comes over to me and slowly jerks it while staring
>Takes like 15 seconds before I'm spazzing out and don't know why
>Get angry because I think she's doing it to me, but it feels so good
>No cum obviously but all the good feelings

We never did anything again after that, but I started furiously humping my pillows from that day until when I first jizzed, then switched to the hand technique.
>be about 13
>watch mtv
>see Shakira she wolf
>looks nice
>get hard
>start playing with myself
>Video is over
>no cumming now
>keep jerking
>late night mtv commercial
>female jeans commercial
>fuck yeah
>cum like a madman
>cum everywhere
>dad comes in asked what happened
>Dont know what to say
>bill murray comes in
>explains slimmer was there
>saved my honor
File: image.jpg (28 KB, 298x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 298x470
Faggot, that sounds like a shitty anime plot
13, been touching my cock for a while whenever it got hard, move hand up and down, cum.

thats it, no fucking bondage bullshit
but its true. I don't have to prove anything to you fucking assholes. For a board to fucking hate feminism so fucking much, you fucking hate on someone who was fucked around by fucking cunt women. Fuck you.
>be 11
>jerk of to vid on phone

I do not believe you're old enough to be on here.
>Be 14 or something
>Living in Catskill region NY
>small town life, amish ride bus erry day to school
>be home sick with insane cold
>hallucinating and shit
>start having vivid dream while still being awake
>about amish girls, but they're actually clean and not hairy
>start rubbing my cock
>cum bucketS

I didn't learn what sex was until I was around that age. Fuck small bible- town sheltered bs. I now live in a big city with my gf, and have a few side-options at my job.
I'm not hating on a man fucked around by women. I'm hating on your fake fantasy story. (Also stop saying fuck so much, it makes you sound like an edgy 11 year old)
>first orgasm

Fucking idiot.
Not that guy, but iPhone 1 came out in 2007. That means he could be 18
>be me around 12 years old (kinda old i know)
>on second thought probably younger, drfinitely elementary school days
>be in school library, project was to create and design a webpage
>searching for "clip art" to decorate page
>still dont know wtf clip art is
>use about a hundred different adjectives in my search
>cool hot crazy awesome electric firey great sweet clip art
>find some weird black page wth red text just full of weird tags
>teacher says time is up, lame
>get home, decide to find the sight again so i can bookmark it and check out some of my sweet finds, after some digging around manage to find the webpage, scroll down quite a bit and randomly click a tag that looks ok
>suddenly fucking porn pop ups all over my fucking screen, videos if blonde women cumswapping, dark haired women anal prolapsing, dozens of girls getting railed in all manner of positions, facials, you name it
>my preteen boner pressed against my jock like a fucking support pillar (waiting for my friends mom to bring me to hockey)
>hear beeping outside, panic and shut down pc, go out to their van still combating my pre teen erection

Later that night thought about it and tried to suppress my boner with my hands, but it felt really good and i would basically just edge every night, i thought that if i actually climaxed i'd explode or have a seizure or something
Fuck you too. You don't fucking know how it is. In a small town no one fucking forgets. No one fucking forgets, everyone knows everything about you, and my girlfriend who isn't from here will know sooner or later. How is this fucking hell a fantasy? Fucking explain that you fucking aqssshole!
Rubbed lubed cock while listening to parents fuck in the bedroom next to mine. Came everywhere. Felt good man.
T.Hanks Israel
You're so mad! Ha, you need to chill. Turn off the computer or just close your eyes if it's too much to handle.
I count 7 fucks and 1 aqssshole
File: 2745428765.jpg (39 KB, 356x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 356x437
underrated /dubs
>be 11 years old
>very aware of sex and puberty for a kid my age, but don't know everything
>had watched a lot of porn at friends houses. Mostly hentai though
>most of my friends are 13 or so

>at home I'd masturbate kinda like a girl
>rather than jerk it, I pushed the head inward while it was still soft and rubbed
>do this until I get hard and keep playing with the underside of my head
>normally I'd tense up and orgasm, but I never came. It just felt good.

>do this again one night
>at the end a single drop of cum like a small bead comes out of my dick
>didn't realize what is was for a few seconds. thought something was wrong
>remember what I'd been preparing for and realize I could get someone pregnant now.
>my next thought as 11 year old me went something along the lines of
"I'm weaponized now"
>continued masturbating every night before bed as usual. Nothing else changes really.
File: 1441920288436.gif (864 KB, 160x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
864 KB, 160x270
The story of my first orgasm isn't that interesting but I have a pretty good story about the grill I lost my virginity to.
>be 12
>had a close female friend
>show her porn on my old computer because watching people fuck looked silly to me and made me laugh
>she says it makes her feel "funny"
>we reenact the scene we saw
>a few weeks later it's my 13th birthday
>I'm playing some GameCube game trying to pull off a glitch I saw
>girl who took my v card comes over first
>hear the doorbell
>tell her to hold a button until the controller stops vibrating as part of the glitch so I can go check who's at the door
>it's like 5 or 6 of my friends at the door
>I walk them up to my bedroom
>grill has her undies around her ankles and jacking off with my controller
>friends and I start laughing our asses off
>she drops the controller and runs home in tears
>stops talking to me
>whateva nigga.webm
>mfw my mom who's friends with her mom tells me she tried to kill herself by taking half a bottle of Flintstone vitamins
11 years later and it's still funny to me.
People get off to humiliation fantasies
And I cant seem to make enough money to leave this hellhole, tire pops, taxes, hospitals, its like its trying to keep me in this fucking festering shithole of a town. The only escape is death and even that I cant fucking do. I bought a gun and it wont fucking fire. It wont fucking shoot. How many times do I have to fuck up? I was born a pussy and I'll die a pussy I cant hang myself or even take pills and i tried and i tried but the very fucking moment i do try to and i fucking fail fuck this goddamn fucking earth. fuck you too women have a grip on you and you'lkl never be successful because they are lying cunts
>lice in wonderland
insect fetish?
Take pictures or go faggot
Masturbating with a live weapon? You could have killed someone!
Wow I didn't know guys did that. I didn't know guys had those kind of fetishes. This is a very cool story actually.

Thanks anon
will you be my girlfriend?
What if he is a dude?
Sounded like it was a girl
File: maximus.jpg (96 KB, 596x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 596x628
>Tried killing herself with half a bottle of Flintstones vitamins
YESSSSSS,,,THIS IS HOW I USED TO MASTERBATE....push it up into its self and rub it, lay on front and have my hand down there and grind against it. use to cum bucketloads like that then pull dik out and inspect all the cum,
Why did you stop?
learned to mix it up between that and i actually started sleeping with girls god damn tho, i swear it feels better than normal masturbation tho, 100%
>rub dick in the bathroom
>thing exploded in the ceiling
>never repeated the feature again
You're not very smart are you?
File: kekest.jpg (81 KB, 419x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 419x480
Imma throw in another question.
What is the first thing you remember fapping to?
>12 years old
>parents' house had a big ass forest next to it
>forest was near an elementary school, middle school and highschool
>kids would go there to get drunk/stoned, smoke cigarettes, make out, fuck, ride mountain bikes, whatever
>in the middle of the forest was an old rusted shed with a box of porn mags in the middle
>kids would go in, pick a magazine, go to a corner, fap, cum on the wall and leave
I used to see lines for the damn thing. Honestly for a forest used for teenage fuckery it was pretty organized, the different age groups would stick different sections, there were subsections for drinking, fucking, etc., older kids never picked on younger kids. Anyway,
>go in the shed and fap to an old Playboy from 1987 with 3 other boys in the shed
>eventually someone swiped the box of mags
>mfw damn near every boy in my 6th grade class was in a pissy mood for the week after the magazines were gone
Good Christ the time before the internet might as well have been the fucking stone age.
Hmm perhaps, but it's a stretch.
It really does. It doesn't work now that I'm older though. Dicks too big, and it doesn't take a million years to get an erection now.
yea if you get hard its doesnt work, ima deffo try it again soon tho haha, im sure i can keep tcking ma dick away until its just head haha, take care bro, happy we share the same ways,
Even before iPhone in 2007, a few kids in my middle school had blackberry phones back in 2006, and the more sophisticated razor flip phones got internet and video in 2005.
Best orgasm I ever had

>me and my friends increasingly interested in sex
>friend claims if you get a boner and rub it enough white stuff comes out
>no fucking way you liar
>I tried this in the shower a lot, kind of felt good but nothing happend
>one day go to my room and put sock on dick
>super fucking horny thinking about some fat lady I saw on tv
>holy shit
>all of a sudden eyes roll back in my head and waves of pleasure shoot through me
>cum in sock

Been chasing the dragon ever since, became an obsessive masturbator for many years. I'm 27 now and have yet to ever have an orgasm that powerful

I've tried everything ;_;
Shop vac. I was 12

Your dick vibrates inside the tube and rattles around like no vibrator could possibly do. It's great. MFW I'm too big now to fit nozzle that size. New shop vacs come with hoses too small. Maybe an adapter might work. Acrylic tubes from pet store for cleaning aquaria might work.

Caution: It's Noisy as Fuck when it feels the best!!
LMFAO You're happy that 11 to 14 year old me and you share the same ways. Good luck and all man, but I don't have have a 12 year old dick anymore, and I'm sorry as hell if you do.
File: 1444078524765.jpg (8 KB, 245x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 245x196
>kill herself
>flintstone vitamins

>lice in Wünderlande
I'm almost afraid to ask but, what fat lady?
12 years old and I dry hump a pillow in my bed until I spooge. For some reason it hurt my spooge tubes when I did it. Then I spent the next 4 years of my life chronically masturbating.
put beanie babies in my underwear, from there it evolved to humping stuffed animals
Shop vac Won't rip your dick off.
One have me my 1st 6 months of orgasms...

It feels scary at first but if you put it all the way in and the tube is against your body and the airflow builds up an oscillation your dick vibrates Everywhere.
There's nothing like it except sinking into a tight wet hole that grips you, and it attached to a smiling face

I honestly dont even remember. It was on comedy central and she was being mocked but it was overtly sexual and she had big jugs. I got fucking turned on by everything back than and masturbated literally everywhere

>in class
>on the bus
>in church
>with my friends moms underwear
>in my tree house
>one time put a tampon applicator in my ass without realizing that it deposited a tampon, shat it out the next day and almost had a heart attack
>put vibrating tooth brush up my ass

Even managed to get my lips wrapped around the tip of dick for awhile there, though I hurt my back doing it.

Good times.
Tru mah nigga
File: 1432030215069.jpg (19 KB, 280x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 280x400
>She slips on blood/cum mix on floor
Ok edgelord
Mfw when mt hope had the same thing
>be 13
>suspended from school
>given yardwork while suspended
>often go shit to pass time
>sit in bathroom with flip phone
>flip phone has interwebs
>browsing internet
>search "shower boobs"
>dick feels weird
>naturally begin touching/rubbing
>wtf is going on
>feel weird sensation in stomach
>think im about to pee
>stand up
>knees buckle and weird ass shit comes out my dick
>goes all over floor
>had no idea what just happened
>cleaned up and ran downstairs
>next 5 days, preceed to replicate process
>now i iz man
Didn't have to give my story.
This Anon got it for me
What's she horribly fake reacting to?
Feels good, man...? How old now?
I do the same thing except Im a straight guy. I just want a sexy femaly rugby player to dominate me. Not necessarily in an erotic way. Like working out together or holding me down and wrestling n stuff
>9 years old
>in 5th grade class
>sat in the very back of class
>got the days classwork done, was super bored
>for some unknown reason, started doing this gentle slapping/rubbing combo on my dick
>did it as quiet as I could so no one would see/notice
>after about 5 minutes or so of doing this, feel this numbing wave spread across my body
>wasn't scared of it, it actually felt quite amazing.
>later went home and proceeded to do this 4 more times

I kept doing it this way up until around the time I finally had my first wet orgasm. Then it was the ol' tug and pull motion to this day.
I'm male, and I started having orgasms at the age of like three, didn't even know what sex was, I just knew that touching myself felt good and eventually ended feeling REALLY good for a brief time.
Didn't have any semen come out until I was like 12 or something.
Oh you old blowhard you!
>be 17
>masterbate for the first time

You all have far more interesting stories
File: chad.png (237 KB, 963x1340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 963x1340
>Bathtime. Older sister was 12, I was 11.
>She was taking a bath, I had to use the toilet.
>For some unknown reason, we used the bathroom concurrently: one person could bathe, one could use the sink, another could use the toilet. Seemed normal.
>She was in the bath, curtain closed.
>I just urinated. Something felt good. Got erect. Turned and sat down, pants around my ankles.
>Started examining. Slowly twisting, turning (knew nothing about the universal jerkoff motion).
>Neuromuscular seizure begins, can't understand what's happening
>Gobs of fluid spurt out, across my hand, legs, floor.
>I enter into a warmth I've never experienced.
>I open my eyes, my sister is watching from the tub. We make eye contact.
>I have no idea what I've done.
>She witnessed her brother's first sexual experience.
12 and 11 sharing a bathroom with your sister?
Were your parents christian or catholic or something?
You gotta wait several months in between faps.
File: f3c.jpg (9 KB, 200x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 200x263

> Be 7 years old
> be a city boy
> go to our village house with family
> hanging out with my village redneck friends
> ey joey, u know how to fap?
> What is fapping I ask
> they laugh and whip their cocks out and start fapping
> wtf
> whip my dick out and start doing the same
> feels good man
> ever since I was 7 I fapped every day, when I started cumming real cum I was really happy
> my dick is insentive as fuck.
> rip
Is having an orgasm the same thing as cumming for men?
I was 11, watching SpongeBob, decide I'd give fapping a go, got myself off to Sandy the fucking Squirrel, jizzed all over the wall, got scared because I thought my parents would see, spent hours clearing it away, stain gone, great success
Sort of?
>be me
>around 12~13
>look at sexy latin grill on my 1995 PC
>stroke dick because it's hard
>keep stroking
>confused; it feels strange
>move body a bit left and right whilst stroking
>realize there's liquid coming out of my dick while I'm shaking around
>liquid is squirting out fast in small sparkles
>penis is literally a water hose
>panic because I can't find where my semen fell
>give up looking for semen stains because there are none visible
>sit on chair
>look at latin chick with joy
>close pic
File: 35xyux.jpg (16 KB, 234x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 234x268
File: blues-clues.jpg (33 KB, 433x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 433x327
>be around 13
>be home alone in living room
>'jerked' it before, but never had an orgasm
>kind of just played around for a couple of minutes then went on with my life
>anyways, watching blues clues. (This has nothing to do with the orgasm though, I just remember it very vividly)
>put penis in the soft, foamy crack, where the parts of our corner-sofa meet.
>after a while get tingly as fuck
>Steve proclaims "We just got a letter"
>run to the toilet thinking I'd have to piss or cum buckets or some shit
>fucking naive kid-me. Cumming took another approx. 2 years.
>mfw I had my first orgasm to Steve from Blues Clues opening a letter.
>be me
>11 years old
>start playing with penis
>feels good
>start rubbing it with my hand
>white stuff shoots out
>almost faint
hope this helps
I think he's fucking with you XD fuck fuck aqshole
about 12 IIRC
happen to meet ex scout leader in nearby park
he proposes we play a game
have to drop trousers
he puts my penis in his mouth
one hand on my left thigh, other hand on my right ass cheeck with his a few fingers over my crack, the middle finger over my asshole itself
get a hard on, no clue what was happening
takes his hand off my ass and tells me to suck his index finger the way he's sucking my penis
eventually takes his finger out of my mouth and starts rubbing my asshole, slipping it in a bit after a while
feels uncomfortable, but not painful, and the feeling on my penis more than compensates for it anyway
end up orgasming in his mouth, with his finger halfway up my ass
No no no
Did you tell anyone?
no, I was always pretty shy, and especially something like that was too embarrassing to talk about IRL
Give the girl in the GIF the Oscar plz.
>be me
>be me
>be 12 years old
>been messing around with my 13 year old cousin for a while, kissing, touching
>at a family birthday, messing around in her room under the covers
>she starts jerking me off
>no idea whats happening but feels good
>feels even better
>cum and almost pass out from the sensation
>we kept doing shit for a couple of years after
Have you met the incest guys? You can join them by jotting down your stories and dumping them.
>Reading Penthouse Forums with brother and friend
>Lesbian stories.
>Get so hard go to bathroom to I don't even know.
>Sitting on toilet trying to pour handcups of cold water from the sink on my dong.
>Start rubbing the cold water onto my dick.
>Have first cum.
>Just a what the fuck just happened moment.
File: 1445219731748.jpg (67 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 500x500
i have never masturbated in my entire life.
goddamn you're stupid
Fucking liar
sure thing pepperoni

Nope. I typically cum with out it feeling very good, something that I am working through. I have also orgasmd without cumming. i did this by rubbing my dick on my first gfs clit for like a half hour because we didnt have a condom. It was a crazy experience. I felt like I had came but didnt produce anything. Really weird.
same thing happend to me

Ive gone as far as a week and a half without cumming, and it did indeed feel alot better. But several months sounds fucking extreme. Guess I'll give it a shot, but I would have to give up sex to. People say that its different, but cumming during sex decreases my sensitivity as well. It will be difficult because I have a horny af gf who loves sex as much as I do. I'll see how long I can last
>wash dick n balls
>wtf was that
>jerk off
>start fapping every day
>the end
no way kids had an iphone in 2007.. he is propably 16 now
>maybe if I just keep jerking it then something will happen
>oh my god something's happening
>HOLY FUCK this is the best feeling ever
>pinch my dick shut before I cum
>run to the bathroom
>cum into the sink
>omgomgomg I actually did I'm so happy
File: leotardo.jpg (88 KB, 236x197) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 236x197

Re-shingle my shack you dirty wop dago
I was about to break my no fap... You saved me anon. Thank you. <3 :* xxx
>be me, 12
>living in a boarding house
>me and my friend in the room
>he sleeps on the bottom bed
>both knew about jerking but both couldnt cum
>so every night for about a week we both masturbated in our beds
>asked eachother if you came yet or not
what happened after that?
File: SteamPicture2.jpg (38 KB, 599x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 599x346
>Be me, 9 year old
>Have access to an ancient computer
>Decide to type in something like"funny naked girls xd"
>Holy fuck theres tits n shit
>I felt a boner come through
>No idea what it is
>Decide to scratch it to make it go down
>Do it for around 5 mins
>Jizz everywhere in my underwear
>Flipped the fuck out
File: Krieger.png (214 KB, 371x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 371x481
Hey Archer
>jizz at the age of 9
no fucking way
File: 1445137614507.gif (2 MB, 460x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 460x256
> Be 11
> Stick barbie doll halfway up my ass
> tie elastic bands around my dick
> fap furiously
> throw the doll back in the kindergarten class I jacked it from so my parents don't think Im gay for having a Barbie
I don't honestly remember when I started Jizzing,But hey I still had orgasms.
File: Untitled.png (6 KB, 460x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 460x242
I object.
This is how I started, that silky material feels good huh?
Tbh I still use this method. I prefer it over jerking... Is that weird?
Mine goes like this.

Keep in mind this was way after sex education since my teachers were retarded and explained sex simply as simply "put penis in vagina" no thrusting or anything apparently so I had no idea until that fateful day.

> 13 IIRC
> Taking a shower
> Time to clean dick and balls
> Feelsgoodman
> Keep going because it really feels good
> Feel sudden release down there
>WTF that felt fucking amazing
> Suddenly really sensitive down there
> Can't even touch it
> Finish showering

I showered like 5 times a day for a few months until I finally realized what was going on...

I still remember that first orgasm. Never felt any as powerful since that one...
>Sounded like it was a girl
And I guess you're so desperate for that to be close enough
>Never felt any as powerful since that one...
I'm sure everyone feels the same way. The second time I did it didn't feel nearly as good as the first time.

Maybe I should only fap every 13 years.
File: my ass.png (41 KB, 954x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my ass.png
41 KB, 954x652
>first boner
> nope.jpg
Why are you so mad at this anonymous person? Seriously, do you have nothing better to do? It's ridiculous.
I see these guys not believing you. To be honest I don't believe you.
Make me believe you, I'm not going to be a dick about it, but prove to me you aren't lying.
Let's have a serious chat.
>age 14
>sitting in shower
>"im gonna masturb8 lol"
>suddenly white stuff out ma dick
You underestimate how spoiled rich, white gen y kids are.
sorry dude
>gen y
Quite possible actually. Just not likely. When raised in a high stress environment along with the right kind of diet, you can trigger puberty at as young as 8 years old.
It means born after generation X, but before the year 2000. If you remember dialup growing up, not being able to use the phone and Internet and the same time, and flash videos taking ten minutes to load, you might be in Generation Y.
>be me
>be 11ish
>watched Star Trek in the evenings at my dad's job.
>dad is an assistant superintendent for the school system
>job is at the central office
>board of education meeting room is at same office
>you know, like where elected officials talk about elected official stuff.
>Deanna Troi got them big ass titties
>nobody ever told me how to masturbate, but I'd seen the hand gestures
>lock myself in the boardroom
>Deanna Troi wit dem big ass titties and the curly hair I love to this day
>locked and barricaded in boardroom.
>start tugging without any lube
>starts feeling even better
>then I get the sensation that something is wrong
>da fuq is this
>stop becuase I'm freaking out a bit
>start up again
>oh shit there it goes again
>get the idea to let it built up and not stop when things feel weird
>keep going, keep going
>then something explodes in my head
>I shot blanks though
>didn't actually blow a load until 2 years later
>be 11 or 12
>saturday..No school...babysitter
>have the DirecTV card with all free channels even PPV
>catch my cousin/babysitter watching PPV porn in our den
>Get home
>Mom goes back to work everyday for a couple hours.
>Decide to look for what my cousin was watching
>Found it
>penis gets hard
>know what to do
>very aware of sex
>start rubbing
>feeling the urge to pee
>stop try to go
>go back and start rubbing again
>urge to pee comes back
>again nothing
>start again
>nothings gonna stop me now
>blow load
>wipes with sock
>"no one will ever find out
>dad goes to watch TV in the den
>for got to change the channel when I turned off the TV
>Tells my mom
>Get yelled at
>Did it over and over again after
>always remembered to change the channel after that

Too long?
who said that im mad? this took me 5 seconds to do... if you are so slow doesnt mean everyone else is
>be 13
>All the neighborhood kids don't want to ride bikes
>Go home
>Play PS2 for a little
>Play Tiger Woods PGA tour 2003
>Play DragonBall Z Budokai
>Then play Ratchet and Clank but can't get past the level with the water
>Get pissed off
>Start throwing around and punching a microbead pillow
>Take a nap
>Wake up and decide to explore my privates
>Decide to cut a hole in pillow
>Put my little erection inside
>Feels sinfully good
>Decide to keep going
>Rubbing it around all the little beads inside until I eventually cum
>"What the hell just happened? Did I go Super Saiyan?"
>It felt wrong though.
>Goku would disapprove
>Feel guilt and throw the pillow away
>That night I can't sleep and contemplate what sort of Pandora's box I've just opened

***Exploring my privates was literally experimentation similar to how the Nazis treated the Jews.
Punched myself in the balls to see how long I could take it.
Put dick and balls in bowls of ice water for as long as possible.
Shoved things in my uretra
Tied off blood flow from dick
Would shove balls into inguinal canal
Would shove my dick into itself and tape it off so I was flat
Would kind of roll my soft dick around my two palms near the head which felt good

Don't know why I did it...
i nearly never had phone internet, i used ikport when i was little, im 18 now
I was 11, had been manipulating my boners as far back as age 3. Mostly mattress humping etc. Properly jerking with lube since about 9, found out it felt the best. Had older good friends in the 13 14 range. One night sleepover at the ones house 4 of us in total, rest of his fam gone. Starts a porn and introduces us to the circle jerk, whoever cums fastest wins. I came in 3rd place, never ejaculated before this, didn't know i could. I would always get to the verge then pee. Had a jerkoff pee bottle i had to empty until that point. Also only gay thing ive ever done.
Same here
Didn't actually see any cum until I was like 15
When I first saw it, I almost puked
File: clinton123123.png (424 KB, 450x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 450x430
>be me
>around 12
>friend wants to show me something
>nakednews com
fast forward a few days
>keep gonig to nakednews
>wiener gets hard, don't know what to do
>start rubbing it
>after school always go to computer and rub wiener to hot news ladies
>one days I get a feeling
>freak the fuck out, think i'm dying
>strange urge to keep going
>say goodbye to my family
>cum everywhere
>constantly skip school to masturbate to news ladies and cumming in toilet
Are you trans?
You are fascinating
I independently study fetishes and would like you to email me
You young fuckers have no idea how good you have it now growing up with the Internet.

Back in my day when we were learning to the slap the old man with a hat we had to find some friend lucky enough to have a perverted step father who stashed nudie mags under his mattress. Then we had to take turns looking at them.
File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 480x360
>Be me
>Aged 12
>Staying at granny's house on this particular night for some reason, can't recall why, possibly Christmas Eve now that I think about it, we usually have dinner there each year.
>In bed of spare room, it's fairly late, still awake playing WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2006 on PSP.
>Dem loading screens (Pic related) that would last forever because the loading times in the PSP version sucked ass.
>Had never came before, but frequently pleasured the peen by putting my junk between my legs and embracing the tightness whilst humping a large wash basket in the bathroom in addition to just playing with myself the regular way.
>Decide to jerk off since I'm gonna have to wait an eternity for the game to load anyway and the overtly sexual loading screens are getting me in the mood.
>I put all my energy into it because I can feel something rising, something big about to happen that I've never felt before while doing it.
>First ever load shoots into the air
>Feel suddenly exhausted in addition to being frozen in shock.
>Quickly clean up the cum, save game and go to sleep.
>Wake up the next morning and my dick is in agony.
>Hurts to the touch, super sensitive,slightly red and swollen looking, feels like it's fucking broken.
>Walking hurts it's that sensitive
>Make way into living room, attempting to act like nothing is wrong. Pain eventually passes and peen returns to normal.

To this day I don't know what in the fuck caused my dick to be in that much pain the next morning. Didn't deter me from jacking off more in the future though. If anyone here has the slightest fucking clue about medical issues of that matter though, feel free to throw in your two cents as to why that happened.
fucking gold
>be me 12 years old
> older sister who is 14 and her boyfriend who is 13 are in living room
> they are watching a movie on couch
> don't remember the movie but he keeps inching closer to her
>cheesily puts his arm over her shoulder
>spying from the stairway because why not
>she leans his head on his shoulder and her arm starts moving to his pants
>I hear him moan a little and he starts touching her boob
>still watching because im a faggot
>eventually after they make out for a bit he tries to reach for her crouch
>she blue balls him right there on the spot
>lets keep watching the movie she says
>bf groans and gets up
>he starts heading toward the staircase
>turn into complete retard and hide around the corner
>he looks at me and asks if if I saw the whole thing
>i dont say anything but I have a boner
>he takes my hand and we go to the bathroom
>he starts sucking me off
>feels good but confused as fuck
>he starts jerking off
>i cum in his mouth
>I feel light headed and wonder what the fuck had just happened
>he finishes and cleans up then goes back downstairs
>I go lay in my bed wondering what the fuck just happened
>back to present day I have a wife but still wonder why I did that.
You have sex with her later in life?
No man that's the way to do it

Going on huge quests with your friends to find the elusive secret that Adults hide from you.

Those are the best memories...

>Be 13
>Riding bikes with 2 friends
>Friend 1 passes a recycling bin with some guitar magazines on top
>He picks it up
>Underneath the 1st layer of guitar magazines is hundreds of Playboy and Hustler magazines!
>It's a 3x2x2 ft cubic rectangle full of porno mags
>Must have been at least 100 mags we grabbed
>We grab all we can and pedal as fast as we can back to my house
>Grab a bunch of walmart bags and then pedal back to friend 2's house
>Hide the mags in the woods in a dog carrier

Then we get into all sort of hijinks, pranks and shenanigans with those magazine.
>tfw that was the best time of my life
>be me 10 year old
>start rubbing my dick for no reason
>feels good
Fuck adjectives or story arcs

Dont be so vague. Details faggot
I had no idea what it is i saw other guys doing it in porn vids didnt even know what its called so one day i was sitting and watching tv some artoon and i got a boner and i started to fap after fapping for about half an hour i felt pain and magic i was only 8 and i dident know what to dobut i did it again like 3 times i did it 2 times evrey day it hert idk why 1 day pulled down the skin it hert so mutch and i saw a punch of sperm
>fapping it to blues clues
>be 11 wacht porn at night when parents sleep.
>used to stroke and rub before ut nothing happens.
>but something is building up and just a few strokes more...
>2m high and 4m in front of me my first splat on the floor
>"the force of the unknowing"
>try since them to come with this force and feeling again.
>but it will never be like in this sacred night a boy has become a man

Im the faggot? But sure

>he takes me into the bathroom
> didnt understand then but now I know
>he was breathing kind of heavy and his face was a little red
> he asks me if I was watching the whole thing
>I dont say anything im just comfused
>he looks at my crotch and sees my boner
> he looks at me again and gets on his knees
>he starts rubbing my legs and around my penis
>just stare at him because I didnt know what the fuck was happening but it felt good
> slides my pajama pants down and my dick pops out
>he stares at it for a minute and touches it with his hand
> he moves his face closer to it and licks the head
> he starts sloppily moving my dick in and out of his mouth
>make eye contact the entire time
>feel something building up
>grip the sink behind me and I moan
>bust a load in his mouth
>realize what I had done and look at him
>cum dripping out his mouth as he continues jerking himself off
> he finishes and I see the cum dripping from his hand
>he stands up and washes his hands in the sink
>doesnt say a word but just leaves
>i stand there for a second trting to process what just happened
>i pee then go lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling for an hour
>be 12
>stay home "sick" from school
>find porn on tv
>already know that touching my dick feels good
>playing with self and watching porn in sisters bed
>cat comes in and starts meowing
>i try to get her to leave, but shes retarded
>cat rubs on my dick
>dick explodes cum all over cat
>have panic attack and give cat a bath before anyone comes home
>cat never likes me again
File: 1444587343254.jpg (37 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 640x1136
>be 12
>put on sister's clothes
>feel good down there
>put on sister's Hermione costume
>rub my dick against sofa
>piss myself
>freak out

It took me months of rubbing my dick against things to realize it was cum and not a piss and switching to hand. Good times.
>think about this tomboy in my class
>dick gets hard
>the fuck is this
>try to push it back in
>cause I'm fucking retarded
>starts to feel good
>squish the head for maybe an hour
>all of a sudden my body clenches
>white stuff dribbles out my dick
>scared shitless I broke something
>don't jerk off for 6 months
girls have orgasm, mens have ejaculate.
>be 12/13
>been watching porn since I was 10, but didn't masturbate.
>Sitting in my father's office chair, watching porn on his laptop.
>In a t-shirt and underwear, pitching a tent.
>lean forward a little bit in the chair and rub my dick.
>keep going
>dick skin is literrally pulled into itself by force of friction.
>finally cum in my underwear.
>look down, feeling good, but then immediately disgusted.
>dickskin is curled up against my bare shaft, doesn't retract normally.
>I have to sort it out in the shower.
>Meanwhile my preteen load dries apparently very quickly, so underwear isn't too messy.
>Do this or hump the mattress to orgasm almost every other day.
>Don't learn how to actually jack off until I'm 14.
>be me
>fapping from 3 months or so but with no success
>studying for geography test
>think of this cute girl from the other class
>decide to wank
>orgasm and cum all over my bed and book
>still aced the test
>Jerked off
same here but with porn and I was around 9
>tell story of how I jerked off to a chick
>get called a faggot

pic sauce?
>be me, 11 years old
>parents at work
>watching t.v.
>sister sits down next to me and watches t.v. with me
>after some time of doing nothing she tells me about how she made herself "feel good"
>I ask her what did she do assuming she meant happy
>she stands in front of me and rubs her vagina
>she tells me to try
>I rub her vagina for about 5 minutes
>have rock hard erection now
>she points it out
>ran to bathroom and tried to pee
Do you still crossdress to this day?

How old was your sister?
>had been trying to masturbate for months
>didn't know there was motion involved (dad just told me "penis goes in"
>using sunless tanner
>says "rub in"
>used it all over
>get erection
I wish I jizzed that much every time
File: 1445140425899.jpg (61 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 480x720
Was she moaning
from what I remember, there was some grunts and huffing. nothing too serious
Grill story sorry guys

>be 12
>going to sleep like every other night
>me and sister start playing games instead
>both seeing who can hang off side off bed sideways the longest
>half on half off bed
>frame of bed puts pressure on clit
>wtf this feels good
>keep playing game until mom yells to go to bed
>wait til sister is asleep
>use finger to press my clit
>holy shit it feels good
>start playing with clit
>leg twitches and it starts feeling really good
>body tenses and I start orgasming
>god damn that was awesome
>try again but clit is sensitive
> what the fuck did i break it
>dont try again for 1 year
is any one else like wtf, he used a used condom??
Wait... why do you have the same image saved twice?

It was for his pleasure
Yeah. Though I had a pause for a few years when parents found my stash.
I guess you don't grow out of faggotry.
File: lol.jpg (14 KB, 316x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 316x350

Mfw I like to wear silk underwear after shaving because it feels good
File: 1442642975544.gif (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x720
>be me
>never actually masturbated
>It's 11:00 and I still can't sleep, so I just go on my phone and decide to look up porn to masturbate for the first time
>I open the website and am about to search up a video
>I hear some soft moaning
>I pass it off as some snoring bullshit
>I hear it getting a bit faster
>At this point I'm thinking my my brother is watching porn
>I look down at my brother (we sleep on a bunk bed, he's bottom bunk)
>Bro is dead asleep
>I turn off my phone and the moaning is louder and faster, and a bed squeaking faster and faster
>I then realize it's coming from my parent's room
>I'm pretty rock hard and the moaning is pretty hot..
>I masturbate furiously to the moaning and unload just as my parents finish

Till this day I wonder just how fucked up I was.
>be me
>first year of High School
>be on lunch break
>walk through cloakroom
>Hear two top years bullying a first year
>Bullys are asking first year if he "Milks" Himself
>Later at home
>Goes to have a bath
>Remember the "Milking" thing
>proceeds to milk myself
>Body tenses up
>Shoots a long stream of white stuff
>Gets out of bath and watches white stuff go down the plug
>does it again every night for a week
>feel dirty
>do it again next day

couldn't have written that better - exactly the same experience
Wow - thought I was the only one. Mazeltov.
File: 1443681991911.jpg (16 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 250x250

File: 50-1.png (10 KB, 72x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Underrated post
>be 12
>for about a month i've rubbed my dick (not knowing how to actually masturbate
>tried rubbing the tip with a pillow extremely fast
>suddenly feel wierd
>thought i hurt my penis
>no cum becuase no puberty
how old was she?
How I started. Rubbed on pillows and the rest is history. Didn't cum until I was 12 years old. Dry orgasms before that.

>be about 8/9 or so
>watch cartoons on FoxKids while in bed (Digimon, etc...)
>suddenly dick gets hard
>i'm laying on my side watching the TV, i slowly rub my dick against the matress
>suddenly dry orgasm
>do it frequently for the next few years
>21 now but i only stopped fucking the matress about 3 years ago
do you have ED?
There's actually a dissertation about penis injuries from masturbating with vacuumes
It's in German though:
egg disorder?
I wish I could go back to the days before I fapped
Dont get the same feeling anymore
I think those may have been mine. naaaaw Mine were usually barely legal and club.

I loved throwing them in the recycling bin at the Baptist Church.

First orgasm = spent summer with my cousins on a farm when i was like 11 or 12. boy cousin my age was a boring piece of shit. Only wanted to play baseball all day after farm chores.

>younger cousin was like 3 years younger than me and a girl

> she liked to run around and play with the animals and climb trees and shit

>hung out w her more.

>climbing trees and she is in a dress.

> I can see up her skirt looking at her tight panties

>get that funny feeling

>start fiddling with my dick throughmy pants

> she says I am being dirty

>I say you are showing your your panties

>she hangs from tree by her knees right in front of me with dress falling all the way down. see her nipples (no tits yet) and the outline of her pussy through her thin cotton panties.

>dick is a full erect 4" (maybe) and her face is like 3 ft directly in front of it.>she wants to see me in my undies

>noway - run away

>be me 11 years old 2002 August before 6th grade
>taking bath, my penis became itchy so I start to scratch it
> keeps feeling good so keep doing it
>cum blood and white stuff
> get done bath go to room close the door
>first masturbates standing up watch nice tits on scary movie
> then masturbate while laying in bed
> masturbated at least once a day since then even if have sex
> masturbated in class first week of sixth grade girls got fucking hot

Erectile Disfunction?
No, why? lots of kids like hentai
Humping the pillow or mattress too often sometimes gives people ED so I've heard
File: CODEPEPE.gif (607 KB, 800x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607 KB, 800x792
>be me about 9
>older kid hangs with me and my bros
>tells me if I rub my dick a lot I'll cum
>have no clue what he's talking about
>rub my dick in the tub later that night
> no cum but amazing feeling
>I immediately pray to god cuz feel bad
> learn what I did later
>I haven't stopped since
>be 12-13?
>tried on sister's old prom dress.
>keep pulling down on skirt to hide buldge
>i think i was 7
>cut hole into a stuffed animal. littlefoot from land before time
>fuck it
>dry orgasm
File: 1441659944047s.jpg (14 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 250x250
>be 17
>sitting in my room
>my dad comes in an grabs my cock
>startes rubbing it real fast
>cum all over
>he drink it all
>mfw this story is totally belivable
File: 1445110943373.png (198 KB, 550x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 550x535
>littlefoot from land before time
You monster!

> a day or two later, same running around farm and shit, climbing in the hay loft

> girl cousin ahead of me on ladder

> no panties, see her bare ass and pussy


>get to top of ladder and she is sitting there

>"did you see it?"

>act alloof..."no. see what?"

>calls me a liar, pulls up dress and shows me her pussy

> says to she her my dick

>wtf.., pull out dick

>she gets close to it, asks if i want to see her "hoohoo" up close.

>fuck yes so say, "i guess"

>get in front and open it, stick my finger in it. then stick a finger in her ass.

>we freak out and stop

> goes on like this a bit but still no cum

>one morning feeding the lambs...lamb starts licking my hand then sucking my thumb.

>cousin says she saw one of the wroker guys put his peepee in the lambs mouth...tells me to do it

>no way

>2 days later, same place but she wants me to play with her pussy

> i do and get super hard.

>le lamb suck it

>cum so quick and hard...think lamb tore it off

>pull out, dick still there

>tell her to let the lamb lick her, she does

>we end up doing this every morning and like a week later start fucking.
>be 16
>sleeping in bed at night
>dream about fucking a girl in her boobs
>black out in dream feeling exhausted
>wake up and feel sticky in my underwear
>jizzed for the first time
>still haven't jizzed since then
>fap, but only pre-cum comes out
>never get the feeling i get in that dream when i fap

Please continue
when i mean in her boobs, i mean thrusting my dick into her nipple, pushing her nips in
File: 1444952215875.gif (1000 KB, 260x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1000 KB, 260x146
>be 8
>legs tired from football. Sit down
>jet shower head
>hitting my dick
>doesn't feel like much
>suddenly heavenly sensation
>orgasm with the force of 1,000 suns
>not much comes out due to young age
>30 minute shower every day after
>don't realize what it is for like a year
what ratchet and clank game?
wow nice
i sincerely had a thing for one of my younger cousins.
I wish i could be like you, damn
>be me freshman year hs
>my sister had basketball practice everyday after school
>would constantly always watch porn and never masturbate
>walk in from school one day feeling really horny
>watch blowjob scene from bible black
>cum buckets
>feels amazing
>5 mins later faps again
>clean up
>a hour and a half later my sister and mom are home
>mom cooks my favorite food chicken parmesan
>go to sleep feeling like a champ
Three times, since this is the second copy
If he had it twice it would be ...(1)
Gr8 m8
Sounds about right for me.
Well OK

We got these mags and then decided a good idea would be to ride our bikes to a gas station a few miles away and buy condoms and jack off in the woods.
I have no idea.

> Be in gas station with 3 friends
>all of us are too scared to buy the condoms
>I decide it would be a great idea just to be nonchalent about it and also buy some candy too.
> friend 3 decides we should all go up to the counter
>He places the condoms on the counter and I place some FUN-DIP candy next to it
>This is just like those threads from 4chan that say buy a few things to make the cashier go "wat"
>The 40 year old male cashier stares at us for a full 10 seconds...
>"Uh....you boys are a little young aren't you to be doing those things?"
>We don't say anything
>"Umm not really" says my friend
>"Well ok...stay safe"

>mfw he thought we were dipping our dicks in FUN DIP powder and sucking each other off
The first one

It was on the planet you get the R.Y.N.O
It had a part where you had to cross this maze like portion that filled up with water
File: confused-face-2.jpg (10 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 300x300
>be 11/12
>find maxi pads
>find silk panties
>find maxi pad instructions
>put pad in panties
>put panties on
>mfw "what that fuck is this supposed to do?"
>starts to feel good from friction
>start grinding against pillows
>Be like 11 or 12
>Late at night
>Laying in bed
>On my stomach, reading "Chicken, Chicken"
>Near the end, the girl rapidly turns into a chicken and age regresses, something like that, don't remember
>Dick throbs
>Underwear is now wet, but I enjoy the throbbing until it's finished throbbing
>The fuck was that about?
>Go to the restroom and clean up
>No clue what the fuck just happened, but that was cool

I didn't realize it at the time, but I developed a TF fetish years later after discovering the Shrinking Women fetish and moving on from there. Pic related.
Then we rode back to a friends house, went into the woods and jacked off into condoms for some reason.

Then the younger neighborhood kids started wondering what we were doing and found our stash.

They ripped pages out and left magazines out in the rain.
Fuck those kids
Their negligence destroyed our stash.

We were pissed off for about a week then decided that if we could jack off to these water damaged, ripped up pictures, we would have some more fun with them.

We would take them to school and put a nude picture in a random library book on a random page.

We would often ding dong ditch people and now we would leave really offensive Hustler picture on their porch. Like full spread eagle anal fisting pictures on the old people's porches.

It was a great time
>be 13/14
>ridding bus, older kid in highschool starts to talk to me
>"oh cool, older person thinks I'm cool"
>he tells me to check some files he has on disk
>get home, load 3.5" floppy
>open it, jerk it to bestiality
>think this is normal - since I was new to fapping
>print off eels in puss, show to kids in school next day so I can be cool
>forever labeled as dog fucker in school
>still get diamonds from the shit
sperm inside

File: dawg.jpg (107 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 640x640
>playing VIDEO GAEMS with brother
>drop controller into lap for a second to lean over to get drink off table
>he shoots me
>in the midst of screaming HEY, i realise that something feels weird

>deliberately get myself shot in singleplayer campaign
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eab_beh07HU

Became a regular thing until I discovered porn and worked out other stuff.
>be 10
>play in tub
>have toy sharks that squirt water from box of gummy sharks (?shark bites?)
>press nose of shark against hole in pepe
>fill dick with water
>feels kinda good kinda bad
shindekure, kuso
The internet never ceases to amaze me.
File: 1444323564156.jpg (320 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320 KB, 1280x960
>be me
>be boy
>be 10
>grew up on naturist beaches, so oogling young pussy since 6
>used to masturbating in the back seat of parents car, hiding my cock whenever mom turned around, but putting on a real show for the neighbouring car during traffic jams. Got an amazing kick out of that
>even tried to get mom to jerk me off in the shower when I was 7, showing her my boner
>no idea about orgasms, just got horny and it felt good
>rubbing against the sheets one night, as I usually did before going to sleep
>raging hairless smooth boner
>secretly taking off my pyjamas to rub directly against the bedsheet
>feels so good humping the sheets that I don't ever wanna stop...
>this weird feeling takes me by complete surprise, shocks me, making me curl my toes
>I'm convinced I popped a blood vessel inside my body or something. Terrified for days
>try it again anyway...
>feels amazing
>start to realize I've had 2-3 of these now, and still not dead
>get completely addicted to orgasms
>ashamed because everybody acts like children+sex=horrible
>try to jerk off as little as possible, but usually happens 2-3 times a day
>amazing orgasms, easy to attain, can easily do 20-30 in a row without loosing boner, horniest time of my life
>no sperm until 5-6 years later
>so exciting, so good... I miss my hairless boycock
>wanted to film myself for when I got older, but had no camera (sorry /b/ros... :/)
I got seriously hurt by it. Was a dumb kid and thought it was gonna be good. Truth was the suction from vacuumcleaner was too strong.
Are you a grill btw?
>be 12
>lying in bath
>turn shower on, direct on penis
>hmm this feels kinda good
>wait something is happening
>be 13
>watching late night girls gone wild infomercial on tv
>start rubbing head of penis on inside of basketball shorts
>keep going
>dick convulses and a stain appears
>run to bathroom
>I think this is cum
>ask god for forgiveness
I was awful
Why are there no girls in this thread?

You expect us to discover your orgasm for you?

Get fingering damnit.
See >>647299711
File: 8yma3v.gif (860 KB, 353x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
860 KB, 353x361
>Be kid, maybe 1st or 2nd grade
>Realize that if I climb up the slidey-pole a certain way it rubs my dick and it feels good
>Sometimes so good that it squirts a tiny bit, start doing it intentionally. Slowly over a few years pieced together that it was sexual and thinking of/looking at girls made it better.
>Mom worked at school, but had to stay late so I just wandered unsupervised after other kids left
>I would prop myself at the top of the pole with my arms and use my legs to make the climbing motion that rubbed my dick.
>Sometimes I could watch the older girl's sports teams practice, used to look at their butts and wonder what their not-dick things were like.
>One year had a slutty student teacher (didn't realize/understand it at the time) who always wore low cut tops and I got a view down her shirt many times, like at least once a week I got to see some mad cleavage, often some bra action too
>Began to fantasize about her. They were weird, clueless, ultra-virgin fantasies but hey, at least I tried.
>Pictured her in just a bra or with an open shirt showing bra all the time in class. Fantasized about going into the adult (single person) women's bathroom with her, watching eachother pee, touching her boobs, letting her touch my cock, putting it in her mouth, seeing/touching her girl thing, all that good stuff.
>Blew countless mini-loads to her
>Was heartbroken, or rather dickbroken when she left.
File: 1416791763304.jpg (35 KB, 449x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 449x319
>Couple years later
>Pole no longer needed, just use hands, but still no "jacking off" motion yet
>Looking at bikini/underwear girls in magazines, no porn mags but I had some stolen Cosmos and other women's magazines from aunts and older cousins, and sometimes the odd cosplayer/attention whore in a GameInformer.
>Get the idea to rub various things against dick
>After several other objects, fold pillow in half, stick dick in it, cum, make mess, freak out
>But, I finally learned the whole up-and-down jerk off.
>Start wrapping dick in toilet paper, making a disposable cum-cocoon each session
>Took way to much time and effort, always ripped apart when it got wet with cum anyway, and made a mess
>I got tired of having to pick a million little bits of toilet paper that were cum-glued to my dick each time
>Just started doing it into the toilet or into socks like a normal person.

And that's how I started masturbating earlier than most people. Maybe that's why I'm such a fap and sex addict now. I fap like 3 times a day on average, if I get a whole day at home (rare since I have work and/or school 7 days/week) I can get like 8-10. As far as sex goes, I can have sex like 4-5 times if I spend the night with my gf. usually once during the day/evening, again right when we go to bed, sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and fuck again, and then again in the morning if we don't have to be somewhere right away.
I loved using my sisters lingerie also moms. Once I used my moms soft panties and layed on bed face down. The presure on my erected penis felt like heaven and I humped the bed to orgasm.
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