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Most incest thing you have done thread.I...
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Most incest thing you have done thread.I have done nothing.YET (pic not related)
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Fingered my sister, she jerked me off.
my brother made me give him oral sex :(
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This thread has failed
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Jerked my brother, he fingered me off.
>be taking a shower
>wash ass with shower head
>little spray of hot water shoots up my hole
>do it some more
>couple of wet farty bubbles squeak out
>get hard
>push shower head up my ass and spray boiling water on prostate
>balls starting to twitch
>suddenly I'm ejaculating semen and diarrhea
>boiling diarrhea shooting from my mouth and nose
>bathroom flooded with septic half-digested food and semen
>sister comes in, starts writhing on the floor massaging stinking semen mix into her vagina
>don't you ever knock?
>she starts giving birth to puppies
>every puppy has my face
>be 15 years old
>on school trip to a fucking zoo
>animals and so forth
>go in elephant house
>oh god it smells so fucking bad
>stench of elephant shit is burning the back of my throat
>feel something grab my waist
>elephant picks me up with its trunk
>srsly wtf
>forces me up another elephant's vagina
>for no good reason I get naked
>walking round inside elephant's womb
>holy shit my sister is in here too
>suddenly everything starts shaking
>look out of hole in cervix, see huge elephant penis thrusting in and out
>we both reach down elephant pee hole and massage it from inside
>it's throbbing and pulsing
>hot steaming semen starts to erupt over our arms, flooding our womb prison
>I punch my sister in the tits for a laugh
>she is so turned on
>massaging elephant cum into each other while I punch her tits and kick her in the cunt
>we're still in there
>zookeepers push sandwiches up elephant's cunt for us
>we have wireless internet in here
>be me
>be 15 or 23 or whatever
>be getting out of shower
>walk across to my room
>fall downstairs
>towel flies off
>land on my sister
>knock her unconcious
>all the blood rushes to my boner
>accidentally her bunghole
>beat her peepee to a bloody mess with a cactus
>she wakes up
>tell her she fell off her bike and hit her head
>to this day I still sometimes fall downstairs onto her
Why is he flying in on a rope instead of a spidey web?
>be me
>be 36
>have new baby sister
>rape her completely in half at the pelvis
>tell parents it wasn't me
>flawless victory
>alpha as ungodly fuck
details bruh
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That's rape by definition. U can use that against him, legally
Jerked my finger, she sistered me off :(

What happened next?
My sister saw me depressed and asked how she could help. I told her I needed a blowjob. She complied. I nutter down her throat.
Fuckin Rick Rolled
Sistered my brother, fingered him off.
I fucked my couisin a few time.. and in 5 days i will fuck her again... its crazy because: she ist do all the stuff i want!!
I fucked my sister's Guinea pig. It's funny because we're related.

>turned my male cousin into my sex slave
>recently raped his mother while she was passed out drunk
>when I was around 14 used my lil girl cousin to suck my cock, licked her pussy, lots of making out

>tfw I have no sister :/
touched mom's tits, we were sleeping same bed and all of my sisters and brothers because we were very poor to afford minisplits for every room of the house, only did it one time of that summer
my younger sister and I used to hump with our clothes on when we were little
>Be 14
>Sisters are 10 and 8
>Only at my mother's for holidays because parents are divorced so my room ended up filled with shit my mother kept just stocking in there
>Don't remember which holidays (probably spring or summer) it was, but I had to sleep in my sisters room because mine wasn't even accessible
>Don't remember why, but I decide that just masturbating isn't enought
>Slowly crawls to the older's one bed in total darkness, I can't see shit so I have to touch everything and guess
>Her bed is a fucking mess as always, so she sleeps without sheets
>Starts removing her pajamas pants (everyone in my mother's family sleeps without underwear. I never liked that but heh, I wasn't going to complain right then)
>Working super slowly, I don't want to get caught doing something like that
>She moves a bit but I manage to uncover her pussy
>Can't see shit but really, really gently touch it, just enough to feel the crack
>Sister wakes up a bit but I'm already on the floor (and no dinosaurs)
>Hear her clumsily try to up her pants and fall asleep again
>Wait until her breathing come back to "asleep mode", really fucking super careful
>Also really super fucking horny and frustrated
>Crawls in the room (pushing aside a fuckton of those annoying kids toys that makes light and noise that you can't turn off. You see what I'm talking about? Yeah, well the floor was fucking full of those shits)
>Reach my other sister's bed and try again, but this one have a really light sleep and I can't manage to do anything
>I crawl back in my bed. Don't remember if I even masturbated

Cont? I wasn't prepared to post this might take some times.
Blew and was blown my 6 of my first cousins. Shit was so cash.
hate it when that happens
Video tape relatives changing clothes
I also remember that I used to do "sexually arousing things with a cousin of mine when whe where younger. Like huming while in the same sleeping bag and such or playing doctor under the sheets at her anniversary (with like 8 other girls in the room and adults next door) but whe kinda did knew what whe where doing and whe didn't saw each others for like 15 years after that.
But hey, sisters story for now.
I fucked my father-in-law's daughter
How do you live with yourself?
I once sniffed my sister's dirty panties from the laundry before masturbating.
What happened to this?
>doesn't know that the original spiderman used rope
Are you 12?
I admit, getting to sleep at night can be difficult at times.
I fucked my sister when we were younger. Now that we're older she hasn't mentioned it once, but she is still touchy-feely (hugs etc.) so I guess she just doesn't remember?
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My cousin on left grinded her ass on me and let me finger her when she came home drunk one night. My aunt, her mother, let me spoon until I came and grope her tits but with clothes on. This was all last visit
Do go on
People always remember, But they are took afraid to talk about the past.

If you give no fucks about straining your relation (or building it) go ahead and remind her. Start with subtle hints and go stronger.
Got me good
Go on goood sir

>After my first try I remember having tried like 2-3 times, but I wasn't able to do anything to thel while they where sleeping.
>Did managed to slip a finger in ther pussy crack eventually, and I kissed her on the mouth (but once again she waked up so I had to hide real fast and pretend to sleep).
>Also tried to take pictures with my phone but it was just fucking dark and the quality of phone's camera at this period where shit (especially mine).
>Fast forwad not much later, maybe just the next holidays (and I'm pretty sure it was summer this time).
>My bedroom is now a liberated area, so I'm unable to have my nightly trip.
(I don't really remember which came first but fuck it).
>But I have acquired a computer! Which is a technological jump of 20 years for my mother's family.
>Of course, little sisters wants to play too and my mother buys them some first price serious game.
>They come in my room to play their daily hour, one of them on my lap and the other on another chair.
>At this tie whe weren't exactly wealthy so my mother didn't cared about pajamas, so most of my sister's pants had holes.
>And some of them where fuckingly conveniently placed.
>Started rubbing my finger against my sisters pussies while they where playing, acting as if it was nothing special when they react.
>I was trying to condition them so that they wouldn't be shocked when I played with their genitals.
>It only worked on the oldest one, the other would always give me an angry look and hit my hand so I decided to let her alone.
>It slowly became an habit for my to sit with her hand have either some fingers playing with her pussy when they where holes, or just slipping my hand in her pants when there weren't any.
>I never became too adventurous though, as not being caugh (or even slightly suspected) was my top priority. And it helped that my mother was depressing as shit at this moment (I think she even tried to an hero.
>But it was going my way so I didn't cared.
I just read the whole thing.
....... :O ..............
I feel like I just finished some mind blowing movie
closest i've come is spy camming mom and sis naked regularly. don't think either one would ever let me play with me though.
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My story
not my pic
lots but the screenshots are grainy. not up to /b bros standards

my whore Cousin had moved into my mothers Appartement.

She had a drawer with all her panties, I took out a Tanga wrapped it around my cock and masturbated
post em anyway
Gave my mom a shoulder massage, recorded her "moans" and jerked off listening to them while watching some mom/son roleplay.

Probably some of the best faps I've ever had. But I delete the recordings immediately afterwards out of shame. Really wish I didn't.
Continue please
My first time was with my cousin (female).
She got pregnant, had an abortion.
It wasn't mine, I'm sure.
The end.
Great story
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Post pics of my sister here and tell how bad I wanna fuck her
File: 5467687.png (144 KB, 299x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(Actually I think that I'm making an error telling you this. A secret is not one when it's shared, and even less on internet...I'll just continue)

Older sister will be Osis, and little one Ysis for now.

>During the same vacations my mother started to asks me help with taking care of the girls, and I was given the task to make them sleep after bathing.
>It would probably be better for the story to tell that I quickly jumped on that chance, but actually I didn't saw I. Sorry, not a evil mastermind of incest.
>But I eventually started to read the girls a story before going to sleep. My mother didn't even asked as when I wasn't taking care of it every evening was a fight.
>Ysis preferred to play with her dolls so I let her doing what she wanted as long as she wasn't making in problems when going to sleep.
>Osis took the bait and whe where going on her bed, she laying on me while I was reading the book and working the holes.
>Then I asked her to read, so that she could become a better reader, and it was giving me more freedom to have fun while keeping an eye on my mothers activities so I didn't get caught (most of the time the bedrooms door was wide open, so I was mainly doing this when she was showering).
>Then I made her bend forward while on all fours when reading, so would cuddle her from behind (basically doggystyle, but it was mainly because it was the way I could have the more contact with her skin without her seeing it.)
>Then I started to pull off her pants while she was bend, and take photos with my phone/humping her pussy from behind.
>When I couldn't take such an obvious position and had to laying normally I also started to take her and with mine when rubbing her pussy inside her pants.
>Usually I was just leaving them when my mother asked, and furiously masturbate on the pics I took before erasing them.
>Once again, I didn't wanted any proof of my actions.

Go on.
c'mon anon don't leave us hanging, we need more
Come on man. We are waiting
faggot smh tbh fam
I basically molested my cousin once
I want to an hero


>I was gradually becoming bolder and bolder as I was able to learn the timing of my mother washing, what songs to be aware of and so on.
>(If you're wondering, Ysis was always in the room. I just watched from times to times that she wasn't doing anything wrong and she ignored us, probably consciously).
>I gradually started to pull out my cock and make Osis jerk it from behind her back by guiding her hand, or just rubbing it between her legs/huming her anus while she was bend over.
>I didn't wanted to do anything too deep to her pussy as I didn't knew if my mother could actually see it (she was still bathing the girls at that time, yeah whe had issues) or if she would be able to tell if Osis was still virgin or not, so I didn't took any risks and just humped her ass instead.
>I know something happened at some point. To this day I still don't know for sure if I actually penetrated her but I felt my foreskin roll up and she moved a bit when it happend so it could have been that (yup, still virgin so I don't really know how it feels. Whatever).
>Masturbated like a madman that night, but I don't really remember how the vacations ended, I think it happened one or two other times but I couldn't be sure (I was only there for three weeks)


(I'll give you the whole story don't worry. Just hold your dicks or go fap on another thread if you really can't, I didn't planned to write originally)
My niece and i pkayed wuth each other as childs. she was 13 i was 15 she would give me hand jobs under the covers as we watch movies with everyone . one night we both get the urge to fuck ... My dick goes soft at the thought of fucking my own niece.. I eat her wet pussy out anyway
had a few things go on with my mother a while ago, dunno if its that exciting but, whatever.

>be me
>couple months ago
>chillin in my room, playing some vidya games
>mom sleeping in living room
>was out of shower recently so was wearing robe
>go out to get a drink and some crackers
>look over on couch
>think im hallucinating my mothers naked lower body
>get closer
>cock rises faster than light
>oh god not in my wildest fantasies
>head back to room set my stuff down
>decide this is an epic opportunity
>i strip all of my clothes and head into the living room
>look around carefully
>check shes really asleep, poke at her etc.
>kneel down over her and begin to rub her legs just to feel that smooth freshly shaved skin
>move up a bit and rub her pussy a llittle
>mfw im jerking off over my mothers naked pussy at 3 in the morning
>cum on the living room floor
>try to snap some pics but cant get a good angle, and eventually give up
>go back to room and chill, jerk off to it for next few days

My only regret is I didn't think to play with her tits at the time, feel like such a fucking dunce.
I also jerked off to her having loud sex with her boyfriend on the 4th of july,
regret i didnt try to sneak a peek up the stair with the wide open door,
but i came a little fast and didnt want to get caught. Gonna go jerk off now, havent told anybody this at all till now,
cant wait to have the opportunity again someday.
sniffed my sisters panties c:
sniffed and licked cousin's panties
when i was 10-11 yo my 8/10 italian cousin (who was 15) came in my house for the holidays, she got sick and stayed in my bed for a week.Later i found her panty under my bed, i still have it and fap with it from time to time

pic related
I fucked my cousin a couple times if that counts.
File: 1446294117397.webm (2 MB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumming so this doesn't 404

It's not gonna go 404 if the person before you posted a reply 1 minute ago kek
i sucked my dad when i was 2
What the fuck are you doing? Y aren't you killing Jews!?
>driving in the family car
>me and my sister in the back
>lays down on my lap
>she doesn't say anything
>but she's smiling

>Fast forward following holidays
>Between that I also did some things with the sister living at my father's, but it is a story for another time.
>Chillin' on my bed, probably playing pokemon.
>Osis enters (don't remember where was Ysis), she want's some advices on pokemon training as she started playing too (found out that it was a great way to distract her while I was doing my things).
>Honestly don't remember what happened, I really didn't cared about what she had to say. I probably just subtly derailed the conversation with something like "if you want I know something to help you being better", it was generally my strategy to make her do what I wanted.
>Had a quick look on the lving room, my bedroom is only separeted by two doors and a corridor and I didn't wanted to take any risks.
>Clear. My mother was reading a book so I could be sure she wan't going to move, eat or even sleep until she had finished it.
>Take some random clothes band that was laying there (I just started modelism so I was packing metric fucktons of shit that I eventually never used).
>Had my sister hold the clothe on her eyes and asks her to open the mouth and just "do as with an icecream".
>Pull out my dick and stuff it in her mouth.
>She licks it a bit but I really wasn't prepared for that so I jerked off directly on her mouth.
>"Abord mission" alarm is ringing in my head, try to pull it out as sister is koffing a bit, but I actually just blow some sperm on her clothes.
>DickRetreat.exe running
>Then look for Osis. She chocked a bit but seemed fine after swallowing it. Asks her if she wants a glass of water.
>She say she's fine but I asks her to go drink a bit, actually scared that someone could smell something.
>She goes to the bathroom.
>mfw the door of my bedroom was open all that time, as the one of the living room.

Eventually everything turned okay, whe where much more silent than what I thought on the moment with my heart booming on my hears, so no proofs...Kinda
Grabbed my aunt's ass under her pants at a wedding this summer. She was tipsy, so was I, thought she might suck my cock...not yet though...
>Home alone with 10 year old cousin
>She wants to sit on my lap watching TV
>Get diamond boner
>She feels it and wants to see it
>Pull down shorts and let her play with it
>She licks it and smiles
>I want to see you naked
>I think she's done this before
File: 1445896740293.jpg (103 KB, 600x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i sucked my moms tits
I also took some pics, but as always I followed my policy to "Take, Blow on, Delete" so I have nothing for you guys. (And I totally stopped fantasizing on my sisters since a long time so I would have deleted them anyway).

Also, cont.
>We get naked
>She plays with my dick until I want to scream
>Can I put your dick in my mouth?
>Cum gallons
>be 10
>little cousin just turned six
>best friends with one another since she was born
>always play together all day long
>one day we go into a closet at grandmas house
>she sits on my lap
>insta boner
>she laughs and says she feels it
>after some rubbing we stopped and continued playing
>years later im in college and shes in highschool
>tells me she is being pressured to smoke weed at school and that she is scared to try it
>offer to drive over to her city and smoke her up
>her parents and siblings are out for the weekend
>invites me over and is very excited to try it

cont ?
>She licks my dick until I get hard again then sits on it until it slowly enters her pussy
>I just let her work
>She gets tired after a bit so I let her lay down and I start licking her pussy
>She wants my dick in her
>I slide it in all the way and she cums fiercely.
>We get dressed and watch movie.
pornhub 660701595
Fuck yes, continue
I did too. When I was 1
underrated post
>grab some dank from my dude
>was suppose to show up earlier in the day, but plans got fucked so showed up at her place at night
>said she would make us dinner and that i should stay the night
>why not just let it fly
>drive 2-3 hrs to her city
>call her up and tell her im 5-10 mins away
>tells me to park inside the garage b/c neighbours know her parents are gone
>park my car, close garage and walk into her place
>as soon as i walk in noticed a few things
>cooking smelt amazing
>dim lighting throughout the house, kinda romantic
>candles were flickering in the living room
>music was playing on low

At this point, my plan was just to smoke her up. I truly did not intend on anything with her...

Why do all white people fuck they're family members?
Set up my phone in my older sister's bathroom to record her getting into and out of the shower.
Me and my brother would end up sucking each other off and cumming in each others mouths
ruff life dude
hod dogged my sister through he jammies


>Fast forward again following holidays, time for the Christmas episode.
>Off-screen I also kept paying with the girls on the computer and took some more pics of Osis back, but nothing really eventful.

So, Christmas time. I won't enter in the details fo this one as the anecdote is quite specific and I don't know where this story is going now that I released it on internet, or even how long it will stay.

>I came for Christmas Eve
>Sister felt for it again (I still don't know if she was enjoying it or if she was just happy to be able to hold a bit my attention, as my relation with them is anything but close, but actually I don't even care now) and I managed to take some pics with her only wearing a scarf.
>During the evening she gets mad at me because I must return at my father's the folowing day, saying that I should never come back.
>Act as if shocked
>Later that night she came to apologize and I managed to turn this for me and play with her pussy plus some more pics.

Next will be the last of Osis, but as whe are talking about Christmas, a little anecdote (again, nothing to specific) I just remembered. It was during blowjob holidays.

>console confiscated by mother
>for both of us
>In a locked safe, only mother have the key
>Localize the key by day
>Wait until mother is asleep
>Sneak, grab the key, open the safe, lock the safe, retreat to bedroom
>On my way back I find Osis sneaking to the living room
>Says that I can give her the key but she have to bring it back to me
>Wait for her in my room, she eventually come back
>Asks if she wants to play together
>Played two hours with my dick between her pussy lips while she was sitting on me.
>Finally falls asleep, I wake her up and make her go to bed.
>Sneaks back into living room, replace the consoles, lock the safe and repalce the key
>Ninja skills took a shitload of lvl.

does triforce not work anymore? or am i just a newfag?
let's see
  ▲
▲ ▲
there's your answer
Worth the read. Thanks anon.
Keep posting
>take off my shoes and head into the kitchen
>found my cousin preparing the table
>she was wearing tight yoga pants and a loose green top
>her tiny ass was poking out from the bottom of her top
>as soon as we connect eyes she runs up and hugs me for the first time in years
>we usually shake hands or just dab fists
>talk the shit as she's preparing
>looks like a little house wife
>told her she look cute prancing around in the kitchen
>she blushes and continues preparing
>she isn't shy and bends over to get things off the floor etc.
>i sit down at the kitchen table and start rolling a fat blunt for my baby cousin

aren't you afraid of your sisters all grown up remembering this and confronting you about it?
im doing it on linux with
ctrl+shift ua0
ctrl+shift ua0
ctrl+shift u25b2
ctrl+shift u25b2
ctrl+shift ua0
ctrl+shift u25b2
what am i doing wrong?
Lol this guy is gonna fuck his own sister
Anyone got the full anonJ story? Whenever someone posts the full story the beginning always says "let's fast forward a bit to when I was 14" which makes it seem like there was more. Is there? Thanks in advance
Also stole bikini photos off her boyfriend's phone.
ye cont
Heavy petting in our parents bed.
post them. blur face if necessary.

Did you ever cum on her? Like on her pussy or something or was it just you fingering her and then jacking off somewhere else?
Of course man just Greentext the whole thing for fucks sake, one more "cont?" And I'll report your posts for rule violation till you get banned, faggot.

i kissed my sisters naked butt when i was 4 and she was 5
You wouldn't like her. She's quite the chubster. Nice trips, though.
Damnnn. Anything else happen? Would u fuk aunt? Where are they from?
>ruff life dude
>ruff life
100% true, not really proud of it since we never talked about it again and I feel like I took advantage of him.

>be me
>was about 15
>little cousin 2 years younger
>both males
>both virgins
>met some cuties at camping
>we both kissed our new girlfriend but that's it
>later that night
>sleeping in the same bedroom
>horny as fuck
>"let's masturbate!"
>little cousin is hesitant but says ok
>we begin to jerk off under our sheets
>suddenly want to see his cock in the dim light
>don't know why, I'm not even into guys
>ask "have you ever done it with someone else before?"
>"no, what do you mean cousin?"
>removed my sheets and let him see my cock
>says "wow, I'm not that big"
>"well, we can masturbate each other to compare"
>he removes his sheets
>his dick is hard as fuck but very small tbh
>take it in my hand and start to stroke it
>he takes mine and strokes it too
>doesn't feel that great though
>want to make him cum
>says "I never came before"
>answer "let me help you with it"
>put my tongue out
>lick the tip of his penis in a sudden rush
>still doesn't feel very great
>put his whole dick in my mouth and suck it
>he says it's awesome
>made me hornier even if I still didn't really like it
>my cock is now totally soft and I start to feel bad about the whole thing
>ask what he'd like to do next
>answers he doesn't know
>show him my ass and say he can fuck me if he wants to
>put his hard wiener in my anus
>not that painful in fact
>fucks me for about 3-4 minutes while I still masturbate myself
>came in my ass
>came too as I felt his drops of cum leaking from it

That's it.
amy get off 4chan
kek this guy is crazy
is there a way to autodisable that shitty spooky youtube vid?

>inb4 lurk moar newfag
Sister asleep on couch, rubbed her pussy through her panties while i massaged my dick through my shorts. Came in shorts.
>finish a huge blunt, at least 1.5 grams
>get up to wash my hands at the kitchen sink
>i reach around her to get to the sink and we kinda bump into each other
>she is so tiny i barely felt her body bounce off mine
>she giggles and her body stays inappropriately close to me as a finish washing my hands
>i use this opportunity to get her wet
>splash some water down the back of her shirt
>she shrieks and hits me with a soft fist
>again barely felt it, she's so tiny and cute
>we plan on eating first, smoking up, then have some pie afterwards

i am 23 my sister is 18. You are sick fuck if you want to fuck someone in your family. We have good relationship, We talk and do stuff together. She can count on me and i will protect her. You musi be a sad virgin. come on! There are so many sluts out there and you fixate on your own family?

Some things happened after that, like my mother finding a husband and said husband being much more authoritarian and vigilant with the girls (it was a nescessity for their education though, really) so I wasn't able to do anything for quite a long time (and I didn't wanted too, it was way too risky).

>So, let's say fast forward maybe a year and some months after. I don't remmeber the exact date anyway.
>With the new husband and his kid, bedrooms had some changes.
>Now whe have bunk beds and Osis is sleeping on the upper bed.
>One night, says she can't sleep.
>Answer her that if she wants I can help her by telling her a story.
>"Okay". She come in my bed.
>I start asking her to invent a character, and I make some shit up on the fly
>I was just starting TTRPGs and I used that to make her think she was playing.
>She says she can't think of anything interesting.
>"No problem, I can help you with that." Starts masturbating her under the sheet.
>She is totally confused now and really don't make any sense, but I keep her hooked on the story as it grows stupidly mary-suesque
>Asks het to bend over so I can help her better.
>Starts humping her ass, dick is diamond.
>Dick slides smoothly in her ass, she winces a bit and moans that it hurts a bit.
>"Don't worry, it's normal".
>PelvicThrust.exe running.
>Blow my load in her ass.
>She still shakes a bit
>Says that story is ended and I need to sleep now, "Whe will continue this tomorrow"
>Never continued.
>Never did it again, I was worried this experience might be the kind she could actually talk about and describe.
>Lived for years with this sword of Damocles, hoping she won't remember.
>mfw she is now starting to do RPGs on her own.

The End.
Had my sis catch me wanking, also seen her changing
>No, what do you mean cousin?

Are you Russian
Fucked my 40 yo milf of an aunt at 16. Convinced sister incest was just brother and sister loving each other and got BJ's and boobjobs from her DDs at 18 and she 16. Will green text if requested but km a lazy fuck
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Fucked daughter
Nice trips + Greentext/moar
What a good story. Thank you anon.
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>start playing with my dick during early puberty, but haven't quite figured out this whole masturbation thing
>older brother catches me going at it one day
>he teaches me to jerk off properly
>also shows me his porn stash, and how to look up porn
>we end up watching porn and jerking off together
>happens a few times before he notices I'm spending almost as much time sneaking peeks at his dick as I am watching porn
>his is a lot bigger and hairier than mine, so I'm kinda amazed
>he eventually suggests we "help each other out"
>we jerk each other off, it feels fucking amazing
>happens a few more times before he suggests we trade blowjobs
>he goes down on me, and it feels even more amazing
>then he has me go down on him
>no idea what I'm doing, but he gives me pointers and I actually find it pretty fun
>we continue trading handjobs and blowjobs over the next few years
>though we start feeling more guilty and awkward about it as we get older
>he eventually gets a gf and stops wanting to fool around
>both basically start pretending like it never happened
>several years later (both moved out of the house at this point), we're both visiting home, end up getting drunk and hanging out
>end up talking about sexual stuff, and I drunkenly admit that I think I'm bi
>he laughs it off and says he "figured"
>starts casually reminiscing about all the gay shit we did as kids, as if it was no big deal
>admits that he thinks he's "a little bit" bi too, but hasn't been with any guys except me
>after a bit of awkward back-and-forth flirting, we start feeling each other up and end up trading blowjobs
>then he asks if he can fuck me, which he's never done before
>I'm hesitant, but he basically just bends me over and I go along with it
>neither of us mention it the next day
>this has gone down a few more times spread out over the last couple years, but we never talk about it except when it's going down
Fuck. Moar.
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I screenshot snaps of my cousins snaps and fap like crazy to them. Pic related
have more?
Got a vid?
That's what I was thinking
File: image.png (4 MB, 1242x2208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT bullshit stories and pics as usual.
>I don't know where this story is going now that I released it on internet, or even how long it will stay.
about 20 minutes then everybody will have forgotten your shit story faggot
people don't lie on /b, dude. never have. never will.
Me again.

Years ago, when I met my girlfriend and slept at her parent's for the first time, I realized her older sister ignored me the whole time. And when I say she ignored me, I mean that even when she went totally naked to the bathroom to pee at night, as if I wasn't there, her only reaction was "I thought you were both sleeping." while I hurried to avoid her because I heard some noise coming from her bedroom.

I don't like her and she doesn't like me as well. She's not even hot, her personality is really bad, and she's kind of a bitch tbh. But I'd fuck her so much, you can't even imagine. Her tits are small, her ass is pretty big, and I saw her naked a few times during those weird encounters at night. I didn't really see her pussy, because I never had the courage to look at her really well, but I could if I wanted to.

So one day, I was home alone. Her bedroom door was open so I sneaked in and tried to find sexy stuff. Sadly, the only interesting things were her dirty panties and bra. I sniffed it and masturbated in her bed. Everything went fine until I realized I forgot where it was before I took her underwear on the floor. The best idea that came to my mind was to steal it… I then hid her underwear in my backpack, then trashed it in a bin in the street.

I thought she wouldn't notice, but she did. A week later, she made allusions about it saying things like "I bought new underwear this week. I lost some earlier but I think I know where it disappeared." while smiling at me. The same day, in the evening, she wore a very slutty dress showing her thong and tights. I knew it was intended to me, because she was totally different, almost nice with me while she was such a bitch before.

Nothing else ever happened, but regularly she dresses in front of me, showing some upskirt, or with her bedroom door open knowing I'm just next to it in my girlfriend's bedroom. I'd love to fuck that bitch so much.
>Most incest thing you have done thread
All my friends always said she was a 10/10, but I just never felt anything or was attracted to family.
I just have a fetish imagining other people doing taboo things I guess.
>im doing it on linux with
>on linux
could you please be more vague
lurk moar newfag
>be 16
>hyperactive sex drive
>jerk off literally 3-5 times a day consistently
>aunt comes over for Christmas time
>can't Jerk off cuz house full of family
>aunt is raging alcoholic
>comes in my room at midnight drunk as fuck
>lays in my bed with me and passes out
>wtf no get out
>she's already out
>go to sleep in underwear
>wake up next morning at like 5
>she's cuddled up to me and naked except her underwear
>her hands start roaming
>I freeze perfectly still for what felt like forever
>says something about how she used to rub my belly as a baby
>her hand keeps going lower
>heart beating faster
>hand brushes my throbbing cock
>She grabs it like she's trying to figure out what it is
Yep, actually I am really afraid of that.
Now I have gf that I fucking love and I know that if she ever heard about it she won't look at me the same way (and I could also loose absolutely all my family support which I really can't afford).
It was definitely a mistake made by a crazy 14y old virgin unable to keep its sexual instincts at bay.
But she seems okay with that actually...not that i'll bring this topic ever again when using my real identity.

Apart from blowjob holidays and the last time, I've always managed to keep myself from cumming while in action. As I said, I really was dead-afraid of being caught or called-out so I was really cautious. Same goes for licking her, it was frontal action, so I did not tried it by fear of the memory being more "permanent" if she could see it clearly. (And my sorry excuse for a blindfold in bjholidays was really shitty and felt in the middle of the action, so I never tried after that.
>she is so tiny i barely felt her body bounce off mine
400lbs anon spotted
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