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Mememe/girl thread. Cosplays from either video. Go.
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a thread died for this. was it worth it? are you happy now?
Shut the fuck up with this meme. We've had tons of Mememe! threads before.
I could fap to her all day <3

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new larp thread, now with 110% more elitism
previous thread in autosage
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PostApoc dude here who posted the first few NERF blasters in the other thread. Just finished a rampage with some new paints and techniques. I like this better than my previous work. (See old thread) The light is washing out alot of the orange rust, it's more obvious in real life.
I was gonna say, it looks unfinished. Like something that was used a lot but only in sterile environments, steel corridors, not a speck of dirt.

I'd give it some more wear and pitting with browns and reds.

Might just be the camera though.
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Got a horizontal pump-grip in the mail and can use the worker stock from my AK on it, too.

Here's my getup so far, I've wrapped my armor in chicken-wire and ties a bunch of crap to it to form some kinda ghetto-ghillie. I'm aiming for a STALKERish wasteland survivalist who goes out looking for cool junk to come back and trade with. So, the camo is supposed to hide me from natural (or un-natural) predators rather than other wastelanders. Thoughts? Looking at it now, it still needs to be filled out some more.

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Why do I feel too guilty and ashamed to cosplay as a girl character?

Girls cosplay guys all the time
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homophobia/patriarchy etc.

men are given a lot of shit for even seeming interested in feminime things. just grow confidence and know it is not at all unusual to crossplay at a con.
true. guys showing an interest in anything remotely feminine= gay, in most people's mind. I have a straight male friend who crossdresses for anime girl (actually passes pretty well) and everyone pretty much laughs when he says hes straight. they either assume hes trans or gay and just in the closet about it. similarly, a lot of people think a guy dressing up as a girl has some sort of perverted connotations
I'd love to crossplay as sailor moon one day.

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Is this true?

>Cosplayers spend upwards of $200-$600 on a single costume's material, sometimes even double that!
>There are 5 major facets of cosplayers. They are ranked below by popularity.
>Comics > Steampunk > Gaming >Lolita > Anime
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This is so ridiculous. Lolita isn't cosplay wtf
>can't even spell the store name correctly

this is unprofessional, what the fuck kind of lazy ass threw this presentation together?
You do realize though that normies do see it as cosplay. Sorry, anon, but that's basically how it is. No need to be so upset. Just educate.

Is this con worth going to? I haven't been in a few years so I haven't experienced the new location. Anyone here planning on attending?
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There's already an a-kon thread.

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lets post cosplays that Blows the fuck out of people bitching about unrealistic female char.
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Her waist is shooped. You can tell by the blur on her back.

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swiggity swag.png
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What are your must haves for con going?
Mine looks something like pic related, post photos of what you like to carry and what its use is.
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I am going to my first convention so I am getting all my stuff ready. I tend to go to video game and art events but nothing as massive as this. Pic related will be pretty much what I will bring since I know my friends will bring nothing at all and I will be the first aid kit person with everything on hand.
>hello kitty first aid kit

Kek i thought of our ol' kotex (KotaKoti)
OP here, I have the same first aid kit, forgot to put it in my pic! DS is a good addition.

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All of the horrible things you can find on etsy.
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vaporeon lolita.png
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>not using the catalog
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This whole store is a goldmine.

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/cgl/ confession/secrets thread, haijmaruyooo
(you guys know the drill, post confessions that are related to cosplay and lolita or even other jfashions)
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I have a bad habit of internet stalking.
I don't know how or why but sometimes i just get stalker-ish on facebook and just stalk some lolita's facebook, her wardrobe album,...
It's kinda fun actually? Oh god. I feel bad saying this. Off course in real life i'm a totally normal girl and act perfectly normal, i am actually shy and don't talk a lot and they all find me cute, nobody would suspect me doing such things.
i often daydream of stealing in lolitas' closets at night and just selling the dresses for money and nobody would never know about this.
Actually i daydream quite a lot, sometimes just by looking at a print and i can daydream for an hour, once, i opened my lolita wardrobe and stared at it and began daydreaming again for one entire hour.
I get super salty when my coords don't receive enough attention. I compare the likes I get on CoF and tumblr to other people. I hate it when someone who has a bad outfit, photo or just posted something very uninteresting gets a ton of likes while my posts get overlooked. I don't mind if someone better than me does better, but I hate it when it feels very undeserved.

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Post your favorite sweet coords and discuss.
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Gimme a sec and I'll do a dump, I'll try and say why I like all of the coords I post!
I like the mature aspect of this coord, the more muted accessories make it much more toned down but still looks really nice and fancy!
I think my favourite part of this is the huge puffball hairclip, I think it adds a little bit of fun to a really nice, simple coord!

I've fell in love with some brand prints, but the cut of actual pieces looks too boring to me, so I ended up thinking about ripping it off for printed fabric to make a new pieces of it. It doesn't look like common practice, even more I've seen a lot of negative attitude towards brand remaking, and now I'm worrying a bit about the whole project and looking for advice.

- Do you have any experience with remaking brand clothes? Pros, cons, horror stories.
- Would you ever consider buying of remade brand item? How do you think, is it fair to sell professionally...
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By ripping it off, do you mean altering dresses you buy from AP? That would be cool

If you mean stealing their creative works of printed art to print your own fabric, I hope you die in a fire
What a wierd line to draw in the sand.
how new are you?

that's not even weird in the first place.
if you own it already, sure make something out of it, but unless you can print fabric at home you'd be paying for someone to steal the print off of the dress for you. and it doesn't seem likely to keep a dress you can't wear.

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idk what you were going for. She doesn't look like Gothel at all.
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lol nice selfpost morgana

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What are some /cgl/ approved sewing youtube channels? Also channels for absolute beginners at sewing.
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I think we all know about Yumi King by now- most of them are pretty much terrible and a pain to watch, but the bloomers one is kinda pretty. There's also Attitude Lolita, which I like better.
is yumi king considered bad?

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Post impressive feats of cosplay craftsmanship.

Starting with makeup/SFX because that is my jam. LARP is fine too, I know y'all got some mad props and shit.
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Have you ever felt unsafe at a convention?
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yes, it is why i will not go to NYCC again.

the crowds are insane and the line control makes me think of the inevitable stampedes when a fire alarm goes off. there is not enough space for the number of people they allow in the building.
Yes, but not for the reason that you would imagine

>be in a "not official" relationship with a huge manipulative and mental abuser
>finally end contact but he always is trying to contact me still
>go to convention with friends
>in one of the AA rooms that is busy and confined
>wtf he's here
>he spots me instantly and makes a full on b line to me
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>b line
*bee line (fyi)

i have stalker relatives (one abusive, diagnosed schizophrenic and some enablers who believe all she needs is Jesus, not treatment). i have no contact with them but they are out of touch with reality and sometimes do shit like hire PIs to track me down.

every time i go to a convention, i am worried they will find me there. this is why i used to only cosplay using masks and why i would duck away from photos. i cannot vlog or post my face to social...
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