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i need to kek, post some you fagets
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i can't stop laughing at these two
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Learn to spell before posting, lurk moar faggot

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What's your opinion on parents dragging their kids to cons?

Story related: This chick asked if she could bring her 1 month old baby to a con in a convention group, multiple people advised against it, including a staff member who she tried to argue with
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Inconsiderate to people around you
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Someone was asking what to dress their kid up as before it was even born on the ohayocon (lol) group I think last year. As in it wouldnot even be a year old.

Otherwise as much as I dislike kids and kid-worshipping it still warms my heart a little to see kids (not toddlers) enjoying conventions. Recently my friend's siblings went dressed as Inklings and they got a free print from an artist alley person.
>tfw you know the best part of your life is over but you deny it to avoid killing...
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and to the baby, who cannot handle the levels of stimulus and stress of a convention.

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Where, oh where is my ita thread, oh where, oh where could it be?
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kids are allowed an ita phase, anon. if they could make good choices they wouldn't be children.

> homestuck ita

there's poor choices and there's this.

We haven't had a worn thread in a while...

Requesting pics of this cut of this Meta goblins OP dress in any colorway.
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Bumpin for some white Karami JSK? Pls?
not to be rude but what is this thread?
You ask for pictures of people wearing a certain piece of clothing, mostly to get a feel for coords or how it might fit.

has anyone ever seen or know people that cosplay 4chan related stuff/memes ?
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4chan cosplays were fairly common in the late 2000's. Lots of pools closed Afro guys and other memes.
haven't really seen pics, didn't show up on google either.
what terms should I use looking ?
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moot and snacks.jpg
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There's the board-tans, if that counts

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What do you think?
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Wheres the fun in that
Eh, cheaper to wear shorts. Or panties over your tights over your actual panties, if you're trying to be accurate.

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Do post suggestions on what the next thread image should be.
Is Corky-Lunn's guide in the right place here, or should it be placed in one of the other sheets? I get the feeling people might not find it then.
Not quite sure if I understand your question you think it should be attached to one of the spreadsheets???
Yeah, sorry, that was worded a bit vague. Should the link be in the OP, or should it instead be inside one of the spreadsheets, is what I meant. It could be in the Taobao/Alibaba spreadsheet, but I guess it's OK like this, because it's the easiest way to find it. It'll prevent most of the basic questions.

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dream dress graphic.jpg
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Since salty anons were complaining in the dream dress thread.

Paid more than I wanted to for Dream Fantasy because of my SS fucking up the snipe. Kind of salty about it but I got Queen of Snow for a decent price so I suppose I can't complain.

Also snagged Sweetie Chandelier recently, which I'm pleased about.
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Cinderella jewelry OP in blue
Cameo window OP in wine
Metamorphose pintuck jsk in black

I know they're somewhat common, I'm just waiting on the price to be right lol
No this is bullshit, you can post tiers in the dream dress thread, that's what it's fucking for. We don't need two threads for this, stop trying to make it happen.

Jesus, I wish we could sage still.
Apparently not according to salty anons.If you don't like the thread just don't post in it.

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"Do Gothic Lolitas Just Wanna Have Fun? An Examination of the Goth-Loli Style Tribes in Hong Kong and Tokyo" by Anne Peirson-Smith
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Cute uniform fashion~

Just going to dump from the tumblr as I'm away from my own collection.

>What coats and accessories do you like to wear with nanchatte?
>Do you wear tights or just thick socks?
>Thermals? y/n
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Nanchatte general, fucked it up, I'm sorry.

Last one in auto-sage and sinking faster than the bags under Jessica Nigri's eyes.

Most hated cosplay photographers
Coffee maker macaroni and ironing grilled cheese
How many fur coats required to keep warm outside the hotel

Previously >>8799519
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Should I bother with pre-reg or am I better off just buying there?
wondering the same question. I got flight and room already paid for but I'm debating on badge pre reg or not.
Pre reg line takes less than half as long as reg line.

Reg line can take like 4 hours.

Pre-Reg for the love of all sanity.

What are you guys doing for Valentine's day?
I'm hoping to have a Valentine's Day themed meet/photoshoot with some friends, but I'm kind of stuck on ideas. Can we post co-ords and inspo?
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I'm working.

Shit sucks because it's CNY too. That'll teach me to look more closely at my work schedule next year.
I'll be lucky if I can just pull a regular meet with some card exchanging and candy at a local spot.

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mail horror.png
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Old one disappeared. Post your mail horror stories here, from missing parcels. props/accessories not arriving on time, bad packaging, damaged items in transit etc.

I'll start it off with this:

>ordered from WW a few times
>recent order, AATP Clock Rabbit Salopette in black
>package arrives and opens
>this is blue, not black
>flips the item over and sees a row of buttons
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>order dream skirt from Australia
>arrives in US, clears customs, gets to distribution center
>no updates for two weeks
>guess I'll go… ask at the post office
>run into my mail carrier a couple blocks over
>"Hey do you have anything from Austra-- HOLY SHIT THAT'S MINE!"
>address was written on a customs...
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Wow, that was lucky! Was the skirt ok, anon?
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I literally just got this email. Let me take you on a journey.
>December 5th, arts bovine has a "buy now and have it in time for christmas!" sale
>buy daki print
>after christmas husband says he got a tracking alert that something he ordered from japan was returned to sender.
>we just moved and the post office thought the house we moved into was uninhabited and bounced back all the mail we were supposed to get before christmas

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Limited edition is out so how about a Life is Strange thread.

Working on something?
Will you get the artbook?
And general the good, the bad and the nightmare fuel.
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Was thinking of cosplaying Max or Chloe, but seems that every lesbian couple is doing it because "huhhhhh ummmm lis lesbianz" and I just gave up on the idea.

Also, Max cosplay pet peeve is people who don't use black eyeshadow for max and/or forget the freckles
Don't abandon it anon, I'm cosplaying Max and I'm not really into the whole lesbian shippy aspect of it. And I aggressively agree with everything else you said, plus people using thick ass eyeliner for Max when she most obviously doesn't.

I'm currently working on her shoes right now, and trying to figure out how to draw on freckles without looking like my face is smeared with dirt.
Hated the ending of the game, pick a bad ending none will make you happy. Could not sleep for a few days. (Always to emotional invested in games or anime)Also thanks to that I am addicted to polaroids. There are some good max cosplay but god dammit put some freckles on your face if you do.

Most of you thought lucky pack season was over - and obviously we're wrong. AP USA newsletter #3 announced new lucky packs.

Otherwise, post hauls, reviews, and horror stories.
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Is this in store only? Also does someone have that bodyline sleeves lucky pack story?
Yes I believe so, in the newsletter this is all that's said, so It's a safe assumption it's instore only.
Did someone took the risk with bodyline this year? Just curious, want to see more IW too

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