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Anyone got one to share (from either a staff member OR a attendee POV it doesn't matter)

The only one I can think of is a security guard at AX losing his shit at a girl for standing outside the dealer's hall (when it wasn't even that crowded) and then threatening to kick her out of the con when she started walking to get away from him and he took it as her ignoring him
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I went to a small con by myself. I spent time wandering around and people watching because my friends weren't there yet. A man from security accosted me 3 times and asked me why I was passing by so often. It was like he'd never seen an adult woman alone before. I had to pass by his table to go to the bathroom and he would say something to me or try to make eye contact every time he saw me, even when I was with my friends who showed up later.
Not really a horror story, but he made me uncomfortable.
Someone a year++ ago confirmed that he was hotel staff and that at a convention (dragoncon?) They had to bring in hazmat suits because a room was entirely caked in fecal matter (tv, bed, ceiling fan, etc)

People called bullshit until he posted his hotel badge and credentials lmao
Bump because this kind of thing is highy interesting to me.

Only thing I've ever had happen was this one time when I was in a line and a staffer (some volunteer fuck, not one of the real staff) started yelling at us to "GET AGAINST THE WALL", like we were convicts or some shit. It didn't matter that we were standing real close to the wall, and weren't impeding anyone or anything. Oh, no. We HAD to be all up on that wall like lizards before they were satisfied.

If you tell a volunteer...
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Post all your questions, concerns, tutorials, reviews and anything else having to do with taking care of those dead cells!
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So I've been wondering: 'What can I do to help my hair?' I've moved my skin regimen to an eight step process, but I'm falling short in the hair care department.

I've started using OGX shampoos and have a Moroccan argan oil I apply to the lower three inches several times a week. Any recommended masks or anything to step up my game is appreciated.
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Do you think conventions will ever be struck by copyright laws? With all the fanart debates and character rights arguements, what do you think the odds are of cosplayers and fan artists being hit by lawsuits?
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Pretty non existent till they try to sell their stuff on a larger scale.

Cosplay doesnt pose a threat to the copy right holders, its free advertising and an expression of fan passion. But if you start to mass market stuff you cosplay, like say, if you cosplay a disney princess and decide to start selling disney princess dresses on a bigger scale than individual commissions, thats when the cease and desist letters might stop dropping.

The cosplayers in question were only told to stop when they started to sell their uniforms, at least to my understanding.
The way copyright allies to garments is a 1000000% different ball game than 2d art. While a fanartist making an illustration featuring a character whose original depiction was also an illustration is violating copyright (arguments about transformative work aside), making a three dimensional garment based on an illustration is not. Garments can't really be copyrighted on the same sense - you can copyright sewing patterns and the illustrated pattern on fabric and once in a great while you can patent means of production if you can prove they're very innovative. But not...
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Garments are not subject to copyright protection but character designs are, as are things like Storm Trooper helmets. A lot of the superhero type characters are also trademarked. So some cosplay is 100% legal and some of it is clearly infringing, and then there's some stuff in between.

Peeled cucumber edition
Old thread >>8767100
Seriously considering making some kind of AE copy paste guide thing, like when you should chose it over taobao and vice versa.
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What the fuck is this and why do I kind of want one?
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>[...] Making an AE copy paste guide thing

Can peeled cuc be the mascot? Or perhaps pic related?
That would be awesome, I really want to get the blouse in the pic related along with some other items from this shop

(from AliExpress Android)

But idk if there is a taobao shop with the items at better prices.

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We always have cosplay horror stories, so let's get some funny /cgl/ related tales. Anything funny ever happen to you at a con? Out fabric shopping? At a meet-up? Tell us.
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Fabric shopping? I love my store.

>Meeting shop attendants who get interested in what I'm making.

It's a pretty large store which sells fabric only, from godawful furniture coverings, to wedding dress material, and most of my cosplaying dreams. The workers often have to help their customers find the what suits their need, nerds like me included. Once I bought fabric for a cape and the lady was nice and excited enough to help me roll out enough fabric to shake about, understanding what the final product would behave like....
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>Live next to one of the most dangerous, ghetto towns in the country. It's been getting better in recent years though.
>Regularly drive through it
>Going with family to some lunch thing. Drive through ghetto town
>Run down houses, township can't be assed to pick up trash on time, graffiti.
>Suddenly there is a D-Wheel parked in one of the driveways.
>Parents stop at light. Craning...
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From a Joanns thread way back.

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Okay apparently its gone
New one
I know nothing of this game at all and I'm pretty sure this isn't right
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mettaton has more teeth than that
Guess you could say she weighs

>a mettaTON

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Can we have a polyvore thread? Go to the site www.polyvore.com and put together an outfit you think one of your favorite characters would wear.
If this isn't allowed, sorry, I just though it sounded like fun.
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another example

Old Thread >>8809163
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Old Thread >>8816256

Bodyline Thread >>8814807
Comm Thread >>8799979
Coord Help Thread >>8791454
Dream Dress Thread >>8807220
EGL Wardrobe >>8794401
Old School...
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Hey does anyone know of any other dresses with buttons down the front? I think they're so cute
Putomayo check sailor op has bottons down the front.
Apollonia from Mary Magdalene
I noticed it's been popping up a lot recently. Just check around for classic brands like IW, MM, VM...

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Who's going? Any gulls cosplaying despite the huge cosplay restrictions? I'm hoping my sailor Jupiter skirt isn't too short
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What cosplay restrictions? Last I heard there were no restrictions except maybe nudity.
They really want to be "family friendly" this year for some reason. Skirts two inches from the knee, no bare shoulders, etc etc
Can I see your cosplay?

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I didn't see one in the catalog.
Any fun plans, cosplay lineups, good stories to share?
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Two years ago when they announced the theme as Kaiju vs Mecha at closing ceremonies I remember the entire place exploded in excitement and last year when they announced the theme as "field day" you could hear literal crickets chirping and t.b.h I still laugh about that.
I was in closing and I didn't understand what they were announcing (why would you call it "field day" and not just "sports"?) I got a lot more interested after the con when I realized what they were talking about. My friends were planning a big haikyuu group anyway so I'm excited.

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>disney Epcot Japan's idea of Lolita

look at it!

look at it and cry
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Sage because this doesn't deserve its own thread but
>all this decoden bullshit
>still no petticoat
god damn it what the fuck
other than the ratty ass wig, this isn't half bad for casual and is just missing a petti

did this really warrant its own thread though?

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I've been searching for decent looking lightsaber replicas/toys that i can use, however all of them seem to cost far too much, do you guys know of any place I can get quality lightsabers (I live in New Zealand btw)
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Your choices are either plastic toys or $300 ones. Also, use the help thread.
Quality ones are expensive, anon. That's if you want a LARP grade quality so you can actually hit people.

I got mine from Saberforge, but only because I drove three hours and showed up at their offices. That's the only way to get one in a decent amount of time after the new movie.

I've seen and got to play a bit with Ultrasaber's. They're lighter (but everything is lighter than mine), but still pretty awesome.

I don't know about any New Zealand specific ones.

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I was thinking of putting together Batman's League of Shadows costume as seen in this picture.

The only problem is, I have no idea what combination is used on the top portion of the costume. It looks like a japanese tunic of some sort plus some undergarment, but I'm not completely sure.

Can someone help this idiot out?
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Another clearer picture of the entire outfit.
uhm a judo gi? and thick woolen clothes underneath?

Hmmm. What would the linen beltbuckle be then? Is it traditionally part of another kind of outfit?

If you have ever been to Fanime you probably know the hell that is reserving a hotel. What do you think of their plan?
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i already heard about a few people who are pissed what with AA shit not being confirmed before hotel reg
Good. This needed to be done.
hate it....the lack of communication up front about it means that people get shafted. an easier procedure would be to limit hotel reg to 1 room per name.....this cuts down on scalpers at least.

i bought my badge today.....if i can't get a room i'm asking for a fucking refund or doing a chargeback on my CC. i was going to ghost this year, but the hotel debacle really canned that one.

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