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Didn't see one in the catalog.
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There's one literally on the first page
ctrl + f
You literally didn't try

Post "famous" cosplayers who started shitty trends you'd like to see less of.

>inb4 Jessica Nigri
Someone else please.

I'll start with the worst offender in my book: Reika.

>inspired shitty Levi makeup trend
>no blend contours

I always have an urge to reach out and blend out that contouring of hers with a sponge. How hard is it to blend that shit to non-ink levels???
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Blame the mangaka and his kind of shitty art for inspiring it to begin with

It's not just Levi but practically in every cosplay she has done.

>thread is about shitty trends
>talk about shit contour trend spreading amongst cosplayers
>"Geez anon, you're just buttmad because you are not popular"


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Puu plush.jpg
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Apparently was a prize for Japanese arcades. I have a con coming up soon and I'm going as Yusuke. I could really use one of these plushies to go with the costume.
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You're better off commissioning someone to make you one, anon. Good Puu plushes are really hard to come by or are stupidly expensive.
Also use the help thread next time.

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Does anyone have experience with buying fabric from this site? I've bought other things from them in the past, but now i'm into hand making lolita, I was wondering i their fabrics were any good.
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I bought some fabric from them a while ago. they are just resellers, but they do state the makers. with any other reseller, it depends on the source of the fabric for what quality you get, I got a japanese fabric and the quality was really nice.
Their price also includes shipping, so consider buying their "78 bucks to get free shipping" offer if you don't want to spend double...

New Undertale thread!

Previous one >>No.8804783

So anons, how are your cosplays coming? What cons are you all going to wear them to?

And just how deep does the bad MTT cosplay go?
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Oh woops link to old thread is being a dope.


There's the old thread. Also anons I have seen a lot of bad undertale cosplay... a lot of bad MTT's especially. But I think what gets me the most is the bad Sans cosplay. I've stared into the void /cgl/, and the void stared back... with this.
found a video of that one papyrus from Ikkicon

It's a little hard to understand him because of the mask, but he was pretty cool in person.
I'm so surprised as how many people paint their faces for Sans and Papyrus. I honestly expected more people to go the Halloween skeleton mask route.

Now that there are amazing plus size dresses, where can we get a good plus size coat? Bodyline is too thin, and FanPlusFriend wants too much for their also thin coat. MAXICIMAM has very cute ones, large sizes but it looks like it will only be good for fall.

Dumping gorgeous plus size lolitas to contribute.
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>inb4 "there are no good plus size lolitas lolololol"

pls, we've had some very good threads until they get derailed by shitheads. if you want to complain about fat people please feel free to make your very own thread.
This girl's coord is just my absolute favorite. I hope I can coord it as well as her if/when I get this dress.

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Does anyone know how much the hat in the black colourway goes for? Or the jacket and hat in the green colourway?
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i don't know the prices but good luck anon you're probably gonna have a hard time finding these
I have my heart set on this set but the only seller is asking for 350-370 which seems obscene considering the conversion to USD leaves it at just under 200.
Am I wrong?
Don't look for special sets or lucky packs on the western market, you'll get ripped off. Try the auction sites, you might get lucky. It was going for around 30000 yen on the Japanese market when it first came out.

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1000yd stare.jpg
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hey /cgl/ I have a question. I'll be attending Dragon con this year, and I'll be heading out from Germany. I have a very convincing full steel rilfe. I am wondering what's the best way to transport my gear without complications?

Pick related, its my costume.
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I have no idea about German law, but in the US the general rule is that you have to have that neon orange "cap" on the prop rifle. I would also avoid "brandishing" it outdoors.

I don't know what airports you'll be going through, but you'll probably end up in Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta at the end, lord help you. Here is their customer service line, they should be able to transfer you to someone that can answer your questions: +1 (404) 530-6667
If it's long and narrow try a hockey stick bag or ski/snowboard bag. People won't bat an eyelid at either.
If you get held up in customs over it, it might also help to have the OP pic on you to explain to the airport staff what you're doing.

Fellow ginger here looking for recommendations of redhead lolitas to follow on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr.

I can only think of Louvrianne (who I love, love, love) but I'm sure they are plenty others who I am unaware of. I'm looking for natural redheads but coords with red wigs would also be great for inspo.
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I'm very sorry but I just had to

These are legit awesome. Where did you find them?
I'm sure you can them cheaper if you dig around.

Let's get comfy today /cgl/
tell us about what make you feel comfy, try to keep it /cgl/ related.

For myself
>seeing old kera snapshots of lolita
>seeing old interviews when gothic lolita was more obscure
>wearing lolita and listening to game osts in fall in the leaves, or in the winter snow,strolling down the street with blooming japanese cherry trees in spring or on a warm summer afternoon... stereotypical but makes me happy
>harvest moon...
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choosing what wigs to display on my wig heads when cleaning my room

doing a long image dump and having an anon call me a hero or the best, etc.
Don't they get dusty, anon? I wanna display mine but I don't want to wash them all the time.
Relaxing in a bubble bath while flipping through Kera and GLB

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Old Thread: >>8799642

>Any of you guys working on any cosplays?
>See any good ones at cons recently?

I'll do a tag dump shortly to give the thread some life.
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i admire the work it took to make all those curls, but they just look so stiff and un-hairlike. her dress and sword look incredible though, and im not bashing her cosplay. i think doing barrel curls with a large curling iron might give some good results- but it could just be my personal preference, since thats the route im planning on taking with my rose wig.
starting dump

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So ihr Seemöven.

Who'll be there? What are your plans?
Anyone heard of the artist alley drama?
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>still mad that I can't go this year

The artist alley drama? You mean like those who where selected are either close to the conheads or friends of friends? Not that it would be new...
At least this time they supposedly chose 50/50. Like 50% were chosen by the organizers based on skill, FB likes and connections probably and the other half was drawn.

Still I would have loved to see the draw like they did for the FBM (minus weird cosplay chick thx), otherwise it's quite hard to see if they really did have any drawing at all.

I'm not too mad I didn't make it in, I kinda felt it, but I'm going to be there.

Any gull up for the Putumayo TeaParty? Any infos on that? I can't get myself to buy a ticket...
I will be at the party. I bought the tickets blindly hoping they don't fuck up (I somehow trust the Dokomi-Staff).
I hope they'll release more info soon but no matter of the program itself the location will be nice and I'm looking forward to meet so many old friends again.

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We don't have one up at the moment, so Youtube general?

I want to get into convention vlogging (alongside jfash vlogging, skincare/make up reviews, etc.). Who are your favourite vloggers who attend cons? Any tips, anything you particularly like/dislike, have you done it? Advice for not ending up on the farm?

>who is your favourite jfash/cosplay Youtuber
>what type of video is your favourite - haul, what's in my bag, tutorial, etc.
>do you vlog? how many subscribers...
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I just recently got into videomaking, I'm still pretty mediocre but it's a lot of fun so far.

Mango Sirene is pretty neat, not super interesting content but it's well made.
Any cosplay youtubers who're NOTjust doing "cosplay 101"?
I am going to start vlogging but I am curious about cameras and setups, I know basic ideas about it, but alot of it is a mystery. Any tips would be helpful! I am obviously looking up resources but incase anyone here who vlogs already has any hands on experience I'd like to hear it.

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Old thread is dying

Old thread >>8799641
Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first
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sell sell sell.png
3 MB, 2560x1440


Metamorphose's Lovely Alphabet JSK has feeling of wear, has damage on back with eyelets, the current given sizes is what I believe they are but they can be smaller

Bust: up to 92 cm *max stretch
Waist: up to 75 cm
Length: ~92 cm
Price: $50usd willing to go lower

Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Blouse: Never worn, tried on once, never taken outside, brand new basically

Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Length: 55 cm *more info on lolibrary
Price: $40 usd willing to...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Selling.jpg (736 KB, 1921x1737) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
736 KB, 1921x1737
1. Cherir La Famme dress, purchased for mori but I've stopped loving this style, not worn, tried on once. Bought for about 14000 yen, trying to get back at least some of these money. Made a discount since top button is missing, I clumsily ripped it off when I was putting it on a hanger and it got lost. It is easily replaceble though. extremely good quality, nice lace and details (50$)
2. Angelic Pretty Sugar dream OP in black. Not worn. (Make me an offer)
IW eine jsk in milk tea. New without tags. Measurments are:
Bust: 75~125cm
Length: 88cm (Skirt: 50cm) including...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Forgot email
And long-shot WTB: old meta velvet pieces (might be not picrelated, any colourway), meta long a-line dress with square yoke (I dont have photo ATM, but if you have it I hope you'll understand) and Dear Celine nightgown

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rule britannia.png
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New UK thread, since the old one is in autosage.

Who will be the bigger disaster, Kitacon or Pottercon?
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Potter con, assuming it even runs.

Even if kita is shit people will enjoy it since all they do is to go there and get drunk.
I wish Kita did day tickets for a tenner, i live in the area, i don't really care about the con goodies, i just want to check it out and meet up with some weebros

But nope, just a 3 day ticket for 40 quid
>I'm gonna talk to my lawyer friends about this :)

She sounds like an insufferable cunt.

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