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Thread numero dos.

How you seagulls getting to the con? Train, bus, carpool? By some sort of jumbo sized slingshot perhaps?
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MFW anime LA isn't in LA this year
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Should have renamed it anime San Bernardino desu

Hi there, I'm super new to cosplay but fell in love with a background character from the new Star Wars. He has a pretty killer helmet but I'm not quite sure how to make helmets at all and all the instructions from a cursory google are pretty "high tier learning" situations.

TLDR could you give me some good links and tips for helmet creation in cosplay? Please?
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What's with the recent string of newfags unable to use the catalog? Con season's starting up?
I love it when little boys lik you post here- but this is not the place to make your own thread! Mommy is very dissapointed and is going to punish you for not posting in the help thread like a good boy.

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Please can we have a regretsy/regretstorenvy/regretlolitasalesy/whatever you regret exists for sale thread?

Is it too soon to wear David Bowie's smirking face stretched across your butt? (This was tagged cosplay, for when your ass wants to cosplay the goblin king.)
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How many grannies' curtains were sacrificed to make this
File: 2.png (332 KB, 1037x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For all your "I got stuck in a fence" fashion needs.

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I often see the photographer horror stories thread. But do you photographers have horror stories about cosplayers ?

>met some cosplayer at a con
>asian, quite ugly but tons of make-up make her look rather cute on pics
>she always want to redo 2-3 times each pic cuz she doesn't want her ugly chin to be seen but anyways

>a few weeks after the con, she asks for a shoot
>she was a bit pissing me off but her costumes...
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I love you for this thread. I was trying to make it, but was too busy too. Will support wholeheartedly.
I have a jfash one, I'm a grill for reference.

>photoshoot with a group of girls in an alley with graffiti and stuff
>it's cold, like 7C
>one girl has on fishnets, booty shorts, a pleather crop and a jacket with buckle sleeves
>not even jfash why
>"aaaaah i'm so cold"
>why don't you just unbutton the sleeves while you wait for your turn for photos?

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Anon, this is a thread specifically for photographers to share their side of horror stories. There's already a photographer horror thread for cosplayers/lolitas

Hey there seagulls. I'm not to well versed with how smaller cons tend to operate, but I'm concerned about touhoucon 2016. There's no listed dates or anything indicating that it's in the works. Hell, all their official outlets haven't been active since around September. Is this par for the course for small cons, or is it likely that we won't be seeing touhoucon again?
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After the hotel thing, Bryan's been ignoring everyone.
There's probably not enough funds for next year, they didn't even make it in the clear this year apparently.
Hotel thing? Mind elaborating?
From what I remember, they overestimated attendance and other things and I think couldn't pay the hotel back in full, hotel started charging people randomly, and a big mess happened.

I've also heard rumors that there's a lawsuit involved now, against the hotel if I remember right, and that's why they got so quiet. So it's hard to tell what's really going on here now. Personally I was wouldn't call Touhoucon totally dead yet but 2016 isn't gonna happen. Maybe back for 2017....
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There are plenty of female uniforms out there for grabs, but where could one nab a male uniform?

Also, this is going to be a general school uniform thread.
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that style of uniform is called a gakuran, and you can find some on all the usual sites (y!j, ebay, etc)
Well just reposting from the taobao thread because I still haven't had any luck.

I'm looking for a boxy/shapeless blazer for nanchatte. The ones I found through the nanchatte google sheet have mixed reviewes. For $40, apparently the two I was looking at both wrinkle easily. For the cheaper blazers, the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes up a lot for the $20 ones.

I don't mind blowing decent money on this, I just want options before forking over $250 to conomi.

Also, I'm ordering my first, long skirt from taobao. I'm so excited.
>mfw I can't barely see the skirt

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I'm a professional makeup artist (licensed esthetician actually), and was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to find a way to provide services to cosplayers for conventions?

I worked in the dealer's room at Animazement last year, and I saw a decent amount of people that if they had their makeup professionally done, or done at all, their whole look would have been much better. Not to knock on their effort, because I'm aware of how difficult it can be to put together a costume--especially if it's from scratch.

It's also really...
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I think it's a good idea in theory, but I don't know how many congoers (especially the ones who aren't wearing makeup or are wearing it poorly, who tend to be the younger crowd or those who care less about their appearance in general) can afford or are willing to pay for professionally-done makeup for a con.

You're absolutely right. I forgot to mention I had already planned on providing my services for the congoers at a rate lower than what I would normally charge, on a sliding, time based scale.

Purely for example: $25 for a 30 minute application, lashes/other adornments a la carte, discount if you book an appointment ahead of time, yadda yadda. I can get a lot done in 30 minutes, especially with airbrushing. I want to charge reasonably, and be flexible with my pricing. I don't want to be taken advantage...
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sounds like a pretty good idea to me; i've actually been looking around for someone to do the same at a local con in my area and seen one or two people advertising on tumblr for it. I think you've definitely gotta make sure to book specific times/locations like photographers do in advance, agree upon the looks you'll be doing, show plenty examples of your work and agree on/pay the price upfront (because you and i both know how much of an issue convention budgeting can be, and you dont want to end up...
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I'm planning on going to Otakon in my home city of Baltimore. Time isn't an issue, I have plenty of time to prepare my costume. The problem is I'm Black. I have airsoft guns with the bright orange safety tips but I'm scared to walk around with them.
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Then don't. Is it worth getting shot over cosplay?
Airsoft guns usually aren't allowed in conventions anyway.

Also this is prolly bait but whatevs.

As long as you aren't stupid with them, you should be fine. Like don't wave them around carelessly, stow them away when you're not on convention grounds, make sure your weapons align with the weapons policy etc.

If you wanna be creative and not have to worry, just use one of dante's other weapons. Like lucifer or pandora. My life for a really good Gilgamesh or Luciferrrr
are you just going to make lame threads all night

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A design for the pokemon espeon. Thoughts on this sort of cosplay?

(background : so I have a degree in Costume design and construction. Yes that is actually a university course! I love anime and cosplay but my designson are a little different to what I've seen at comic con. More performance based. I'd just like a few opinions on if you would like to see this sort of cosplay. Or if I'm deluded and wasting my time... I just want to make things for a living! Not work in a kitchen xx
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looks like you're gonna be spending a lot more time in that kitchen.
I suggest you trash this design and first google and study how other people have done an Espeon gijinka.
I kind of like it and I especially love the skirt/tail
Hate the bra-triangle part though.

Also, don't expect too much actual helpful and constructive critisism on here, you're better off asking your teachers.

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Hanayo Onigiri.png
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So how do you look for roommates to bunk with at a con to get a better rate?
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You go to your favorite cosplayers on Tumblr and Facebook and beg to stay in their room.
networking at cons before hand helps. I'm on pretty good terms with most of my local cosplay comm. You figure out whose going to what and ask any one if they are up for room sharing.

Alternatively look on Cosplay.com or the cons facebook page for people looking for room mates. What I did for a few cons and two up coming ones.

It is just my friend is a concerned people will bail on them or wouldn't pay. He had a previous unpleasant experience from that.

Akumakon is on the 22nd.
Who's going? Any plans for cosplay? Any panels you guys are planning to go to?

I would've liked to go to the later panels /pub quiz on Friday, but I can't make it that day (or that late regardless)
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Got banned. Let my doppel get loose in a local knacker's yard and basically fucked the local satellite internet.

Anyone got to Kaizoku?

Are the VIP passes really a load of expensive bollox?
First time going to a con lads. Any dos or don'ts?
Do bathe and wear deoderant.
Dont act like a cunt

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If anime characters didn't wear as skimpy clothes as they do, would you still be interested in cosplay?

Be honest.
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fanboy go home, grownups are working and swapping tales here
probably but id be going to larps instead of cons

I saw this type of thread a while ago. Post some of your past cosplays and some of your planned cosplays and anons will see if they can find a pattern in the type of characters you like to cosplay (personality, appearance, etc.)
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This looked like fun last time, so sure why not?

Daiya Higashikata - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Honoka - Love Live
Erica - Gangsta
Neferpitou - HunterxHunter
Kiyoko Shimizu - Haikyuu!!
Flame Princess - Adventure Time

Zelda - Skyward Sword
Ion - Trinity Blood
Shirahoshi - One Piece
I-No - Guilty Gear
P. Shitt - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Tewaku - D.Grey Man
I've actually thought about this topic before, I definitely think there's a connection to be honest.

Skyward Sword Zelda(LoZ)
North Italy(hetalia)
Honey Senpai (ouran)
Grell Sutcliff (black butler)
Junko Enoshima (danganronpa)
Juuzou (Tokyo ghoul)
Mikaela (owari no seraph)
Eli (love live)

Nico Yazawa (love live)
Jinx (league of legends)
DJ Sona (league of legends)

I also put that in chronological order btw
Visual Kei OC (My Fevered Teenage Brain)
Vampire OC (See Above)
Backstory!Voldo (Soul Caliber)
Crona (Soul Eater, in group)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Changeling Gijinka (MLP, in group)
Simon (Misfits)
Polite Leader (The Purge)
Zampano (House of Leaves)
Nightmare Stag Gijinka (Hannibal Series)

Wendigo (Hannibal Series)
Gabriel (Constantine Movie)
Dream (Sandman)

Charles Foster Ofdensen (Metalocalypse)
Leoben or Baltar (Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series)
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So...this will premier on the first day of Katsucon, and only a couple months before con season.

Are you guys prepared for the increased influx of meme-spouting idiots clogging up the halls, as they try acting in-character and simply being retarded the entire weekend? How long do you think it will last?
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Also post Deadpool horror stories and pics of Deadpools being idiots if you have any.
How bad can it be?
Really bad.

One year I had a Deadpool cosplay come and grope my friend. She was pretty upset about it and I ended having to get him to leave even though he wanted a picture with her. He kept saying it was for the pose. Probably should have asked first before touching.

File: IMG_20160117_101703.jpg (77 KB, 637x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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New Year Edition

Happy birthday, Hanayo! What does everyone think of the new cards? I think some of the idolised side characters are actually really cute.
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File: 526idolizedHaruka.png (131 KB, 512x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I really really love this Haruka.

TFW I like an idolized N more than some URs (sorry New Year Honoka)
how is this /cgl/? do you cosplay these cards or do you plan to?
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 546x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like a lot of the N cards (especially Ryo's outfits) but I wonder if anyone would recognize them at a con.
I might consider doing flower dress Coco if I can find a Yuri.

>pic not related

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