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Last thread went pretty well.

>post your favorite original character cosplay
>post your own of character
>post your og character cosplay
>post cosplays of popular original designs for existing characters. (not crossovers)
>characters from video games with customization options also accepted.
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The last thread was cool, I'll share this time.
Part of me wishes my OCs were popular enough to inspire more terrible faun make-up on tumblr. That's when I'll know I've made it.
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I finished another one of my idol witch characters. She was originally going to have green colors but that didn't make much sense with the bat wings. Shy personality offstage, flirty on stage

Im thinking the next girl would be moon/cloud themed. a girl who loves to sleep
Previous thread >>8779780

Your style is so cute anon, I love the soft amavel-style colours of the school uniform

File: Ardella Power Girl.webm (3 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ardella Power Girl.webm
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Power Girl cosplay thread
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3 MB, 1920x1080

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Has anyone any sewing patterns for similar short yukata's like pic related?
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Please use the catalog, newfriend.

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I was recently looking through some old cosplay pictures on my computer when I got reminded of this.

>Had been out of cosplaying for almost 3 years
>Decide to make super-eleborate costume as a comeback, worked on it for almost a year
>Pretty damn proud
>Contact photographers from back then, almost everybody quit or asks big amounts of money now
>Character is ultra-niche so nobody is going to ask for pictures if I just...
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>>8814023 continue

At the con
>Meet photographer. First impression was very bad: small, unhygenic guy with a very pervy face,
>As long as he doesn't touch me or tries anything weird it's okay I guess.
>During shooting he keeps on reminding me how he's new. So I give him tips about directing me and telling me if any part of my costume starts failing to notice me asap (I had a few "weak spots", such as the wig...
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>>8814025 continue

>Photographer asks for feedback in the same message with the horrible pictures attached.
>Take hours to give him feedback that is honest, but doesn't bash him.
>He replies with "Oh...okay, I was hoping you would like them, but you don't?"
>Feel guilty and don't want to crush this newbie guys' heart, so I come up with a plan (if I could reverse time I wouldn't...
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Why did you want to shoot at the convention wouldn't it be better to shoot outside at a better location that represents the character you are cosplaying. Con photos arent always the best. I mean I've had one or 2 bad shoots before but didn't give up.

What was the con and fandom scene like "back in the day", like between the 70s/80s and mid 2000s?

Was cosplay drastically different from now?
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There weren't many cons in general. Anime was its own niche so the couple cons that existed back then were exclusively anime and much smaller.

Cosplay didn't have quite as many resources and standards didn't exist so you had a lot of spray-dye and party city wigs, cheap satin, and improper footwear. Obviously no Facebook, so cosplay was more of a small local community thing and everyone just did their own thing. There was a little drama but it was minimal and mostly only within those small local communities. DA and Coscom didn't start being used for...
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Anime cons outside of Japan have only really been a thing for the last twenty years. Most cons in the 70s/80s were sci-fi cons.
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You were into it because you were really into it. Not mainstream. Average age of attendee was a l higher.

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I'll Start.png
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Let's play a game Cgl.

Take your favourite Jfash and compare it to the Google Images search results you get for it.
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Left: random photo saved on my phone
Right: 3rd result on google images
File: Gyaru.jpg (287 KB, 936x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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seems legit

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I'm ignorant of cosplay and I have a question!

Why do outfits almost always look like their using material that you'd never actually use to make regular clothes?

pic related. It looks stiff as fuck and super bright. Like it's made out of carboard. Wigs are similar. They almost always look terrible imo. Why not just dye your hair that color instead?
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This is because you're looking at cheap, shitty cosplays. You also seem to be looking at cheap, shitty wigs. Dying your hair to look like an anime character for a weekend is retarded, also.
Can you imagine the godawful condition of someone's hair who dyes their hair for every character they cosplay? What about length, unrealistic styling, and going from dark colors to light?
I'm guessing OP is no older than 14.

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It's been a long time.
Weaboo horror stories thread. (Plot twist, you are the weaboo doing cringy stuff in your story)
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>starts thread
>has nothung to contribute
This trend needs to stop.
File: 1447185137983.jpg (48 KB, 494x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>whines about not contributing
>doesn't contribute either

Anyway, i remember an old story like 7 years ago about a girl wearing a terribad gothic lolita milanoo-tier thing with a cheap ass wig and dirty sneakers who tried to seduce a Sephiroth cosplayer and got him outside,in a corner where nobody was (she told she "really needed to tell him something" and he thought if he did he would finally get rid of her...big mistake) and she...
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>took him appart

CGL, what are your thoughts on keeping your piercings in while in cosplay, both at cons or at photoshoots? Is it just a small thing to overlook, or does it make a cosplay look lazy? Are there any suggested characters for people who can't or won't remove their piercings?

Pic related has been plastered all over the internet and even Fallout's Facebook today, but I can't stop looking at the nosering.
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Tattoos and piercings are distracting unless they are accurate to the character.

This topic comes up like, weekly.
I saw this on reddit and thought the same thing. Sure a stud isn't as distracting as a huge septum piercing but unless it's still healing why wouldn't you take it out? It's as lazy as cosplayers who don't remove their glasses for photos.
I didn't even notice the tiny nose ring until you mentioned it. If something that tiny that blends in with the surrounding paint bothers you so much you should probably rethink your priorities and stop being so unbelievably salty. Seriously, this topic has been beaten to death.

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I don't lurk here very often, but I just wanted to know if there's like a "too soon" kind of unspoken rule about cosplay.
Would it be rude to Cosplay as Snape at any upcoming events, as an homage to his passing?
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My personal opinion is that cosplaying the character is fine, since you're cosplaying the fictional person and not the actor who played him in a movie. Cosplaying the actor or making note of his death is not fine. So Snape is good, but Snape in a halo is bad.
The actor just died.
Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I didn't know Alan Rickman died today until just now. I thought you were talking about Snape.

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I'm getting married y'all. can you gulls post some lolita or kawaii wedding inspo?
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usually, when you make a thread like this, you have to do a pic dump.

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How do we co-ord randoseru with the stuff we have? Where to get cute randoseru? What kind of randoseru do you want?

Let's discuss the holy bag.

>How do you like to co-ordinate randoseru?

>What colour?

>What style(fairy-kei, lolita, etc..)?
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>How do you like to co-ordinate randoseru?
I don't really co-ord, it's casual for me. Designated handbag because convenient.

>What colour?
Deep red because I am a girl

>What style(fairy-kei, lolita, etc..)?
Otome, nanchatte, and lolita. It's perfect for otome, and I'm pretty much a red-scheme loli anyway.. Nanchatte takes a little more work because of the bold colour, but as long as I'm outside of JP it just looks slightly eccentric.
Shape takes up too much space in randoseru, inconvenient for bento. -2/10, try harder.
The print is just awful. Do you have any other brands saved?

Can we get some inspiration for super casual lolita coords - ones that would make normies think you're simply dressed kind of quirky, but not quirky enough that they would feel the need to ask you if you were wearing a costume? Some that normies might even - dare I say - like? Outfits that aren't actually lolita but use lolita main pieces are okay too, anything so long as it's a way to wear your lolita without standing out a whole lot!
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I believe what you are looking for is otome.

Also I hope sweet cream house never has to suffer that bad of a coord irl.
Don't live in fear anon, just come out of the lolita closet.
Don't pin this on otome. For one thing, the print is way off.

File: 815ADuXZYPL._UY879_.jpg (52 KB, 659x879) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Everything you listed is tacky as fuck, except the backpack, which like anon said, is for small children. You are not a small child.
Personal taste. I just thought the things were cute, tacky or not. I'm not going to use the backpack daily or anything it's just something on my list that I think would look cute around my room, calm down. I'm aware that I'm not a child.
Not OP, but I like the form of the backpack, it's not like you're wearing it in Japan, who cares?

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So Shuto Con is happening in two months (or three if you're counting the one that we are currently in.) Anyone planning on attending? Cosplay plans?

I know I've heard a few negative things from it about /cgl/ but is it worth going?
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I'll be attending but am curious, what are the negative things from it?
This is about an hour north of me and I didn't even know about it until a couple months ago.

Also interested in these "negative things". I might go regardless since it's not that much of a trip, but I'm curious.
It's a good con but the tumblr influence has really gotten bad over the last couple years.

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