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Posting makeup tutorials, from gal to larme.
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What about make some money with stolen pictures?
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Salty you weren't asked to join?
All these photos were submitted by each lolita themselves.
A Japanese lolita sought out international lolitas though online comms and asked them if they would like to participate in the book, over a year ago.
Get your facts straight.
If it was an actual book I would buy it. But digital? Nah, I'll just scroll through COF.
Kind of embarrassed since half of the coords on the front cover aren't very good. Or at the least, eye-catching as cover photos should be.
Kind of makes it look like some lolitas asked to be added on haha.

>Time for a new hair thread?

I've been dying my hair black for the past ~6 months.
Now I want to put some very small, sparsely scattered white streaks in it (and maybe a chunk in my bangs. Damn it, Rinrindoll.)

The most that any part of my hair has been dyed black is 3 times. I'm wondering if I should try to do "colour stripper foils" in the areas that I want to lighten first, to lessen the damage? Is it even worth the effort?

>I'd really appreciate recommendations for colour strippers.
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Idk, anon. I have reddish/brown hair and last time I tried to add white streaks I had a really hard time getting the brassy yellow out to make it white, so I don't know how well it will take to your black hair without it being really damaged at the end. If you could get it to work, awesome.

>Damn it, Rinrindoll.
I always think about adding a streak in my bangs like her. I probably won't do it.
Ah, I should have mentioned that my natural colour is basically grey with zero red tones. I've gotten it from virgin to white in two sessions before, it's just that I've never bleached over dye..
Anon from the last thread who asked about black dye.

I fucked up.
I got the brown dye (as recommended by a seagull) and it came out fake-looking and jet black. It clashes with my skin so much and there are massive patches of red at the back of my head since my hair was too thick for just one box. I tried rinsing it with clarifying shampoo but it did nothing. I've lectures in less than a week, and my hair is dry, gummy and when I let it down I look like Tommy Wiseau.

What do I do?

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Last thread hit archive.
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Old thread >>8806381

Closet of frills >>8809163
Coord help thread >>8791454
Nitpick thread >>8806124
Handmade Lolita >>8776803
Price Check thread >>8768105
Lolita Communities thread
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The old one is only at 311... Autosage is like 320 now.

I absolutely love that, though. Too bad (or good for my wallet) there's no dark navy
> that white OP
Hnnng, but I know I can't afford it unless CAD suddenly shoots up like something shooting up really fast.
I really hope the print is more visible in person. It already gets lame points for looking awful in any photo.

how would I go about making a good General Hux uniform?

Does anywhere sell first order patches and whatnot?
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blease resbond :'(

People generally wont answer because you started a whole thread for no particular reason when there are already threads for asking questions like this (for example >>8806851), and you haven't contributed anything yourself. Ask in the help threads about stuff like this and people will be more responsive
I meant for it to be a general like >>>8773452

the question was just to start things out m8

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So, Festasia just announced it was canceled and again blamed everyone else but themselfs.

APC all over again?

What do you think really happened?
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They deserved to be canceled.
No store wanted to go to the event, even with a 50% discount on booths, being 200 euros for a massive space. no partners because noone believed in them. And when they start looking down on everyone else like we are the ones who neeed events? yaeh right, you're the ones who need us, so go speak like your god to your diarys, because boohoo, noone cared about your stupid event.

They couldnt keep with their promises with some partners and they deserve this cancelation.
This event had everything to fail!

It was far from everything!
It was completely OVERRATED!
They had no partnerships worth being called by that!
They had no program!

It was "produced" by a company that was completely clueless about the market they were entering.
And the company's experience is to organize small meetings.

Like I said had everything to fail!

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What's something, or multiple things, you would have liked someone to tell you as you were first getting into conventions, cosplay, jfash, etc?

Keep it as board-relevant as possible, but life advice that applies to the hobbies counts as well.

> Bring that stack of ones with you to the hotel. Don't be that embarrassed fool scrambling for small bills when you need to tip housekeeping of valet.
> Keep your head down and your eyes open. Don't spread shit when you've heard about someone behaving...
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Please for the love of god dont try to make your own cosplay with household items, just get something off amazon please
Buy a goddamn petticoat
And save your money for a few brand pieces instead of buying a bunch of inferior quality bodyline
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>Put down the styrofoam and hot glue, and focus on your studies. You're only 12, cosplay can wait. School can not.
>don't let boys ruin your con for you. Keep your head held high.
>You ain't ready for a big con yet, boo.
>Don't go to a meet up without poses.
>As you get older those Japanese snacks in the dealers room won't agree with your stomach, stop buying that shit. Instead of spending $5 on...
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I'm not entirely certain if this is the right place (/tg/ denizen), but are there japanese people who are obsessed or greatly enjoy western culture in a manner similar to weaboos?

Eating nothing but hamburgers, having a confederate/union/nazi flag on the wall, wearing full plate in their downtime...

Or just, y'know, interested in western culture in a reasonable way.
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They're called reverse weeaboos.
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>Texas and Oklahoma dialect

Lol. This can't be real.

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new larp thread, previous in autosage, etc, etc.

previous thread
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and I'm still waiting for the answer from this guy >>8808242 on which group and camp he will be in
Postan my Finished LARP NERF blasters. Here is the "Lever-alone"
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Deadpool dressed up as a Red Ranger with Stormtroopers... What's your posts?
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Australia has Cons?
Supernova in Perth, Pendulum's hometown.
There's rotation and there's rotation.

Have not been to this board in years. Anyone gave up on explaining the whole Lolita-is-a-fashion-not-costume to the normals? I was really particular about it when I was 18 but these days I feel like I don't care and it's tiring to always have to explain. I mean, normals will never get it and I don't really care if they do. Plus we /do/ look ridiculous and costume like in Lolita. If they call it a costume I kinda just go with the flow and brush them off with "yea its a costume fashion where you dress like a Victorian doll"

Am I the only one? Also...
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Not everything looks like a costume tho. I wear lolita daily and even I admit I stand out in school but it's not really more costume than someone else's clothes. However, in my opinion OTT has taken too much place in the fashion: it should be something represented in fashion shows and big events. The majority of the fashion should still be something you are really able to wear daily. In school nobody has ever asked about my "costume". Because it's just frilly pink clothes.
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LOL. No one's asked me if I'm in a costume for a long, long, long time. When I first started, yeah, I'd have to explain I'm going to a dress-up party. But now I've learnt to dresss down, mix my lolita stuff with casual normie stuff, and the most I'd get is someone saying I look too nice for the grocery store.

As for tea parties, meetups and such, I'm going to guess that most people can see it's a party -- we're eating food, we're chatting and laughing, we're taking selfies, we turn down photos and don't interact...
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I live in one of the biggest cities in the US so I rarely am the weirdest looking person on the street, even on the odd occasions I'm out in OTT. Usually if someone is asking about my outfit I just tell them the name of the brand I'm wearing.

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New CoF thread, the old one is saging.
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Beluga makes me think of tiny whales in IW dresses. I wish IW would make a classic whale print.

I love this with all of my cold dead heart

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No online comm thread?

What the fuck am i looking at gulls
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what community does this relate to?
Posted in LSE
wow. hope mods get on that.

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xcom 2 soldier.jpg
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Anyone else here into doing cosplays that require military gear? If so then what's your next cosplay you're planning that has to do with it.

After my next con I'm planning to look into trying an XCOM 2 cosplay. Alot of the gear on them is custom-made so I feel I'll have to improvise or add onto current stuff I have. I know I could use a TF2 NEST vest for it but I'll have to look a bit further for the other stuff.

What else are you guys working on?
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I would really really love to do a Terran Republic soldier or MAX suit from Planetside, but I simply just don't know where to start.

I've seen pictures of an almost PERFECT chainblade knife or badass looking MAX suit but I can't find it now.

Pic related.
Left side is from Planetside 1 (2003) and the right side is Planetside 2 (2013)
Oh man it's stuff like this that makes me nervous too. You got a big enough space to make that?
Well, to be honest, I've never actually made my own costume before.
I'm very very new to cosplay, and the few cosplays I have done I was young enough to have my mom craft them for me.
My most recent one I had a company make for me.

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