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Old thread is nearly gone >>8792947

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet

I'd like to request pics of shared table setups. I only ever see full table setups, and I'll be sharing a table next month. Looking for inspiration!
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Reposting from the previous thread.

Where can I get stuff like notepads/notebooks and card wallets made? Getmeds and jimi agency are pricey and their slots fill up fast, so I searched around alibaba but couldn't find any good suppliers. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
Also reposting, anyone have tips for drawing double sided charms? I get that the back is a reverse of the front, but trying to figure out how I'm gonna get the lineart for the outer edge to be exactly the same (unless you're usually just supposed erase the inside??).
Yeah, you erase the inside and basically "fill it in" for the backside. If you're worried one side sticks out a little, you could always overlay each side on the other as a mask. Then they'll match up exactly.
I usually put an extra stroke around the outside because I like the look of it, which also makes it easier to match front to back.
(This is only an issue for clear charms, anyway.)

File: 1438505804822.jpg (74 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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couldn't find one in the catalogue, post your worst
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Good body and nice face though.
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Uh oh Eevee's getting a little risky!

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Last one died.

Is their messaging/email notification system back up yet?
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I'm not sure, but I'm still waiting for a seller to invoice me and all my messages are unread, so I'm going to go with no.
I actually got a couple today. They hadn't been working since before the 7th. Seems to be fine now
I only just noticed that they started replying to people on the facebook page before Christmas. It still feels like nobody moderating the site though, replicas and non-Lolita shit everywhere.

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I love those threads
Post tutorials or questions about general sewing
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I have a rokku dress I want to take up, however its knitted with fairly chunky wool, how do i go about this with out it unravelling?
I was thinking of sewing a line of zig zag before cutting but would this work?
How would you alter the middle one for shirring? Do you have a graphic for this
I have a fairly general question about sewing - tried /diy/ earlier but they mentioned that /cgl/ might be a good fit:

I was wondering how much of an investment, time-wise, it would be to pick it up as a skill. I buy clothing quite rarely - part of the reason being that reasonably priced stuff either a) fits terribly, b) falls apart in under a year, or c) both.

I'm not really at the income bracket where I can afford to pay a tailor for practically every piece of clothing I own, so I figure this could...
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Ever got a temporary tattoo just for a cosplay?
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Two of my cosplays involve tattoos. One has a smaller tattoo on the wrist, so I just drew it and had it printed as a temporary tattoo. Saves a lot of time and there's no way to fuck it up, but the stuff the company uses for their tattoos does get kinda gross after a couple days from dirt and dust sticking to it, so unless I cover the tat when I'm done cosplaying, its too gross to wear multiple days in a row.

The other one has a large lower abdomen tattoo, and going the custom tat route would be too expensive so I made a stencil out of thin, flexible cardboard,...
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Printer tattoo paper is your friend. I just draw up my own stuff and print it myself.
How did you keep your tattoos from looking terribly fake? I used the printer paper and after I applied it, the tattoo was very shiny. I was also cosplaying pic related so getting it off was a bitch.

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I'm going to be participating in my first lolita fashion show and I'd really appreciate a photo dump full of cute poses, lolita or other J-fashion. Bonus for twinning.
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I'm confused. What did I do?
I think lolitas need help with posing in general. I think this will be a helpful thread.
Shut up, this thread is fine.

I like this pose, but I wish she'd made the twist of her midsection/hips a little less extreme,

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New feels thread

Old thread:
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>dream dress MTO
>makes reservation
>next week
>dream dress on LM
>buys it
>next week
>dream dress being re-released as a MTO
>makes reservation
>the next day
>another dream dress on LM

This is what I get for signing that contract. Why does it keep...
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I wish.jpg
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>Study literature in university.
>Know it's a useless degree.
>But discussing poetry with educated people makes me feel so elegant and refined.
>Wish I could organize a poetry meet in my comm.
>Already know that no one would be interested.
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>have feelings for a guy
>full blown doki sickness
>reduced appetite
>fluttering heart
>gooey smiles
>all for the past 6 months

>only see him in person once a year for four days
>only real contact is through social media

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Why don't they ever work in the USA, gulls? Even in a place like Detroit where you can pay rent with Monopoly dollars they can't bang out enough to keep the doors open.

What would you do differently?
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Location, being weeb bait and unattractive and non similar girls.
As in bad foot traffic or costly rent?

>weeb bait
Fair enough, but you would think that gimmick would get people in the door.

>unattractive and non similar girls
probably the biggest offender. its surprising to think that there arent plenty of cute girls who would love to work part-time at one.

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Anime Impulse.jpg
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Just around the corner. First time going to this con. Honestly, I've never heard of it until I did some intensive research on 2016 cons.

It is also the Asian American Expo? I'm not sure but it is happening in the Pomona Fairplex.

Soooooo.... Who's going? Lolita meets? Cosplay meets?
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I just looked at the guest list and its mostly just cosplayers. I understand bringing in established cosplayers to judge a masquerade or host panels but this looks more like they said "If you have a lot of followers on social media and going to the con, we'll put your name up on the guest list" Seems kind of circle jerky if you ask me.
Don't forget about their "game room" where you'll pay $15 to come in and play LoL

is it fair for parents to force cosplay on their children?
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Parents force harsh expectations on kids, I think cosplay is nothing compared to that.
All parents force the things they like and agree with on their children. Making it cosplay or nerd culture specific is silly.

Parents give children religion, they dress them, they choose their schools based on their own wants, they choose their food, make them take all kinds of classes and regulate what shows they can't watch and what music is played most around them.

Like all grown adults children grow up and form their own tastes regardless of how their parents feel. Some kids will take away a happy loving memory and remember it as a good thing and may...
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If others can force religion and sports onto their child I can force weeby things on them. Why does one get children if not for this?

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Only four days away. Who here is going?

Do you think there will be less people after the price bump for the tickets?
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Went a year ago and this was literally the shittiest con I've ever been to
What didn't you like?
The panels were pretty shit. Specially the ones where people were acting as the characters.
Name an anime convention that *wasn't* shitty its second year.

protip: You can't

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Hey so what would /cgl/ pay for a helmet like this? Full sized fibreglass helmet replica of a Halo Spartan
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File: DSC_0004.jpg (985 KB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Goodnight, sweet prince.
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fuck i'm too sad to continue
Oh my god, anon, no. I didn't even realise.

>going to watch labyrinth today and cry

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Zap has come and gone. Did any gulls make it? Pictures, complaints, dramu?

How was the masquerade? I wanted to go because my friends were in it, but I got caught up in a tournament.
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Pic related.
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2 MB, 3264x2448
I am blessed to not have caught that.

That being said, I didn't take many pictures this weekend so here's a Metatron.
File: image.jpg (195 KB, 750x1334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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crazy cat lady.jpg
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Can you all tell me stories from when you first started wearing lolita?
What mistakes did you make? How did you learn to improve your coords? Could you handle being patient waiting for items to show up to see if they'd match?
What was it like to change your wardrobe if you did?

I mostly want to hear from people who have been doing this for awhile and what it was like to start out and how you feel about it now.
I'm a huge newbie myself and I only started buying stuff last year. I'm curious as to what the progression is like and what I should and...
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>Mistakes made

Trying to use normalfag skirts for lolita, using mediocre handmade items such as bags/headpieces in coords, wearing way too heavy of eye make up, buying from milanoo and bodyline.

>How did you learn to improve your coords?

I learned that when you buy items you need to have an idea of what they will match with in your wardrobe. For example, if you have a lot of brown/wine/navy in your wardrobe, don't buy pastel pink...
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>What mistakes did you make?

My biggest mistake was wearing replicas and supporting replica makers. While I regret it in that respect, it helped me to appreciate the quality and design that goes into original garments. Back then, I really honestly believed that because I was larger, I had literally no options other than replicas. The amount of options and viewpoints have changed since then. So I feel better for more fatty-chans getting into the fashion.

Other mistakes was buying everything I liked because the price was right, or it...
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>What was it like to change your wardrobe if you did?
I went from buying everything I kinda liked that would fit and it grew into having a lot of main pieces with few options to coordinate with them. I had a lot of dresses I couldn't do much with. I sold a lot, kept my absolute favorites, invested money in blouses, accessories, legwear, shoes, etc. When I had the money saved up, I started buying high priority items off my wishlist.

Now my wardrobe is at a point where even...
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