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ITT: Solid color dresses/skirts with beautiful details. All Jfashions are welcome
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Please keep discussion as civil and related to /cgl/ as possible.
> I fucking love bonnets, and I think they look the best in gothic lolita coords.
> I don't mind seeing side-swept bangs/fringe on a hairstyle as long as it doesn't look like a mess and is styled accordingly. IMO there's too much of an expectation now to have straight bangs as part of your hairstyle. Let's be honest - some people's facial structures don't go well with straight bangs.
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Wait, are bonnets unpopular now? I've always loved them.
I think bonnets in sweet are more frowned upon since it gives off a much more "baby" vibe then in classic and gothic.
It doesn't fucking matter if you don't think bittersweet or country sweet are real styles or even substyles. Just let people use those terms without being cunts about it. Using labels helps people find what they're looking for better. It hurts no one.

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Since somebody didn't want to make it.

Previous thread: >>8786704
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looking for btssb x koitsukihime love moon princess 2006 stained glass angel seraphim print jsk in black only
(sorry, that was a mouthful)

can pay right away
PM me at http://lacemarket.us/author/empire
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my new years resolution was to finish all my coords before buying any mains but im dying to find the halter in mint.
once again, I am amazed by your ability to post within the first few replies

Old thread autosaging >>8786134

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

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Can I get sizing review for AScos/AScosing?
Slightly in between sizes, so just wondering if it's be better to get a better fitted S or to get an M and alter myself. If they run large though then I can just get a S.
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Re-edited the image because I realized I skipped some items. But yeah. Waiting on this one.
Sauce on the Jiji dress?

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I'd like to see some photos that people consider good Photoshop edits. Images you would consider advanced post-processing.

I want to get better at editing so let's see some inspiring photos!
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Is this an example of your editing that you want to improve, or what you consider a quality photo?

This is an example of what I'd consider a really good edit.
Wtf is even happening in the photo? It's just a bunch of sparks and motion blur covering the actual subject

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Share your favourites, your own (if you want), etc. Jfash & Cosplay welcome.
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I'll start. I'd rather not share mine (it's really boring right now), but some favs are:

Opened my app, here's some lolitas I follow:

Oh yay, ive been waiting for one of these threads.
I'm looking to follow more lolitas, and i usually f4f.

My account name is snackysnad. I post my outfits and things i eat. https://www.instagram.com/snackysnad/

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I think we could use another one of these.

General discussion on fabric suggestions, fabric care, and where to purchase different types of fabric can go here.
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OP here. I will start:

Where do you guys buy wool? The fabric stores where I live are shit.

100% wool would be ideal but I can settle for blends as long as they are good quality.
How expensive is it to work with leather? I want to make leather boot covers instead of using vinyl but I'm kind of a poorfag.

I can probs afford the leather itself but tools etc. are another story.
All I have is JoAnn and there is wool in only two sections in the store: wool felt and a few of the suitings. Some of the wool suitings do go up to 100% and they are super nice (compared to the other scratchy stuff), but colors are very limited (black/navy/brown/gray only) and I can't think of any project needing it.

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New help thread? Old one is beginning to autosage >>8766423 .

Please help out your fellow gulls.
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Get some sock glue and attach some black ribbon or fabric to your legs in the right spot.

A petticoat will solve a multitude of problems.

They make silver square labels that you could cut into smaller shapes and glue on. Just sticking them probably won't last long. Or you could get some metallic silver fabric, add heat n' bond paper to it, and cut it into tiny squares.
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Which would be the best way to do the seams/darts on this dress? Options I've thought of are (seam lines in red):
>A) Seam down the middle front of bodice
>B) Princess seams
>C) Shoulder princess seams
>D) Bust darts + lower dress darts
The dress will be made out of bottomweight poly/spandex, if that helps. It needs to be extremely form-fitting around the torso.
B or C are your best bets since they'll match the leg cuts

Because I need a new one. I love Minori and think she's is stunning, but I would like to see some different Shironuri styles and concepts. Like these two.

Let the white face commence.
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Whos going?
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I want to, but its far, and I don't even have a room yet.
I'll be there mostly for Bill Nye and Big Bird on Friday. Might get some of the Rocky Horror peeps to sign my old 25th anniversary dvd set.
Probs going Saturday. Would do the weekend, but the ticket prices are ridiculous.

old thread a kill >>8799349

Closet of frills >>8792395
Coord help thread >>8791454
Nitpick thread >>8806124
Handmade Lolita >>8776803
Price Check thread >>8768105
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They should rerelease other prints. And British bear was so meh in my opinion. But I guess enough people liked it.
Can we talk about the amount of shitty board culture on here? I'm really tired of seeing constant "ur a sjw" accusations in every god damn j fash thread.

This is the only place I like discussing lolita and all I ever see are people throwing text tamtrums because oh my lord, someone has an opinion and it reeks of sjw!!

Like can we all just ignore this stupid shit please.
>not hating SJW
Wrong website mate

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Old thread saging into the archives

Itabag FAQ:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE
/a/'s Buyfag Guide (mostly about figures, but helpful if you're really new to buying chara goods):https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1Y1U5YDGrvgFW-5H_cBnDoHwCfWjPDaQ6p05-HJMcVh4
buyf/a/g guide: buyfag.moe

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories
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Just saw this on my Twitter feed. First time I've ever seen official socks.
>specifically told to change the OP twice in the old thread
>doesn't change it
>both buyfag links are broken anyway
God fucking dammit.
Not last threads OP just tried to keep the ita love alive but noted salty-anon noted

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It's been a while since we have had one.
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Something about this throws it off for me. I think it might be the headdress and the shirt under it. I want to like it but can't.
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You don't even have a contribution yourself?
Shoes are too bright, ugly shirt and that sad, sad waist sash. Also her headdress is white and everything else seems cream. This is seriously bordering ita.

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What? No PAX thread?

Badges just got mailed out! Whos hype? Who's cosplaying what!
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Got my badge yesterday, ive got a week of classes then ill be up there as Shay Cormac from AC: Rogue. Shits gonna be fun.
Finally have full weekend tickets this year, get hype.
I wish they'd release the Exhibitor list. I have a hard time getting hyped when I have no idea what is going to be there.

The panel list is lackluster.

Do I just head to conventions in a costume?

I don't know anyone to go with, should I just show up by myself?
Do i need to create a costume from scratch or can I buy one online?
Is it an accepting community and will i quickly meet people who will help me understand it more?
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You need to sacrifice your first-born on the night of a full moon at an orifice located due east from you. Only then you you truly become a cosplayer.
Just be yourself man.
>scratch or can I buy one online?
>Is it an accepting community and will i quickly meet people who will help me understand it more?
LOL. No.

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