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I feel like this is going to be pretty accurate (except maybe not fully opm) what are your opinions? What will the 2016 con scene look like?
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>Star Wars cosplayers

It's true. All of it.

Plenty of Kylo Rens and Reys incoming.

Anovos is also preparing to ship out Stormtrooper armor kits this month to thousands that preordered them. I'm in that group.
You thought Deadpools were bad before
Yep. Tons of OPM, Star Wars, and even more Deadpools. I already saw Undertale and Steven Universe cosplayers last year, but the number will probably keep growing.

I intend to attend a couple as Dragon Ball characters (Jaco, Vegeta, or Krillin, probably), and I'll be a volunteer at least one of those.

Feel free to include other Texas cities too!

Basicially I want to take a trip to Houston in April for my Birthday to see the Shop in Wonderland store, GLW store, and the FIT store (since there is no daiso). Just wondering people's opinions on these things, and if there are any other things that I should look into seeing while there(other alternative fashion/weeb shops)

Inb4 don't support shitty businesses, I know, but I can't afford the trip to New York or San Francisco right now.
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>Inb4 don't support shitty businesses, I know, but I can't afford the trip to New York or San Francisco right now.
... and this is how AM keeps on kicking.
If people who have seen the store first hand honestly don't think it's worth it (super overpriced and no variety, etc) then I probably won't but there's not a lot of information online about it. Probably because of the drama but still.
Honestly? I went to the store, it's actually....really good, which rustles my jimmies a lot. Everything is priced around retail, the decor is lovely, and the store is right in the middle of a nice Chinatown plaza, a few stores away from FIT.

It seriously assblasts me that it's the only store in the US that sells Meta. Honestly, if I had a little less morals, I'd buy from it immediately.

Moving into a new place next month and need some inspiration. Post some lolita inspired bedrooms or post your own!
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Haven't seen any discussion about this.

The person who has keeping ikkicon from drowning quit and is starting her own convention.

Thoughts? Will it fail?
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The people who run it look like they have a good head on their shoulders. It should do ok.
Do you think they will announce the date and location of the con at the launch party? This looks like a promising con and i wanna know details
From what I heard, all good staff at ikkicon/AO left (or will be working both) with Melissa and will be working Anime Austin.

I'd like to discuss some things I thought about recently.
Here are some questions:

- Do you compare yourselves a lot to other lolitas in general?
- Do you compare your style/ability to coord to others?
- Do you compare your wardrobe (amount of dresses & items, amount of brand stuff) to others?
- Do you unintentionally make lolita fashion a kind of competition?
- Do you get angry when Lolitas wirte sth. like this: "This is just my SMALL lolita dress collection" [List with 30+ dresses & other items follows] ?

I shamefully have...
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I have to say no to all of those. I'm involved in my local comm and am somewhat involved in the international comm but generally I don't really care what other people are doing, what they're wearing, how big their wardrobes are or how great their coords may or may not be (though I do love looking at other people's coords for inspiration). I wear lolita for myself because I love it and don't concern myself so much with others.
Yes to all of them. Lolita is kind of a collecting hobby for me, and I'm quite competitive when it comes to things like that. I'm trying to be more confident and not care so much, but it's a process. I'm staying away from most online comms to focus more on my own wardrobe.
Like roses.

Nice to look at for the season but always covered in cutting thorns.

Or dolls, beautiful in appearance but empty inside.

Do you believe in this?
Can love really bloom on the convention floor?
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Obviously partners who shares common interests are going to stay together longer than those who don't.
If you're both interested in cosplay then I think it's a fun way to bond as a couple. You just have to figure out how to split the work up on the cosplay so that one of you isn't overwhelmed while the other sits back and does nothing.

But overall it's pretty fun. I taught my SO how to sew and make props and now we have a bunch of cosplays we're going to work on together.
My past partner and I pretty much only had cosplay in common. Not a reciepe for success, I'm telling you.

Current GF and I met at a con and we've cosplayed together a few times and I love it. OPs pic is kind of goals if we stay together during the year; Morticia is gorgeous and she'd be super hot as her. I'm not so sure about me and moustaches, though, lmao.

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Does anyone have scans of any of these books? Or any costume design books in general. I would be so genuinely grateful for any help.
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>What is a fucking library
i intended to post this link in the OP: https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/costume-design
i don't know of any libraries near me

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New cringe thread

so I found this

is this what weaboos have been doing while I've been gone? goddamit it
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It is a bit cringy but her voice is nice.
she's like an actual singer (well more then most) she has sung songs various things (black butlers ending song) etc. the video is a little awkward but not SUPER cringy

I think it would've been better if she altered the english lyrics instead of doing the actual translation. The lengthening of words made it sound weird. Besides that she does have a good voice and the video is more weird than cringy.

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I won't be cosplaying but I will be doing some panels
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The rule is you can only start an AZ thread the weekend before a con
Someone understands the rules.
what's up, mike ya meme fuck

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Old thread

Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/! Post odottemita/dance group related videos, cringe, and performances!

What is odorite/odottemita?
Odorite (踊り手) are dancers who upload their dance videos on Nico Nico Douga and post them under the category Odottemita (踊ってみた, lit. tried to dance) which is a sub-category of Yattemita (やってみた)....
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>How did you learn about odottemita?
Youtube is where I found it originally. But I found out what it was actually called through /cgl/ and studying japanese.

>Did you know what odottemita was before or after you started covering dances?
I knew what it was but didn't know it had a name.

>Which odorite dancers inspired you to start covering?
りりあ, かや,愛川こずえ and some others

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idk how I ended up putting "desu" but I meant tbqh***
Ok so I'm one of the coordinating members of my college's kpop/jpop/cpop dance club (weird I know). The ratio of kpop to everything else has gotten better this year but I'm still tired of Perfume every time we get an opportunity to go a girls jpop performance. Does anyone know any decently well-known groups with good "kpop level difficulty" dances I can look into?

Male dances also super appreciated. The tricky thing is how there's a lack of dance vids that aren't vocaloid or aidoru in the first place.

Jpop from the past two years:
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There's a Hunger Games thread, but we had one of these a while ago and it was a lot of fun.

Wicked, I guess, is kind of borderline because there IS a visual adaption, but anything book based counts! Suppose graphic novels would also be welcome.
Bonus points if it's not Harry Potter.
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Oh that dress is cool though overall this is a bit meh.

Requesting any good cosplays of Good Omens!
no one guessed this from the Obscure Cosplay thread: Shallan from Stormlight Archives
Is this okay?

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This is to clear out the clutter of people posting not-quite-dream-dresses in the dream dress thread.

What is a dream dress? It is your one or two most desired items. You search everywhere and can't find it. You will consider buying it for a scalped price because you saved for months, or will pay any reasonable price. It is your priority and you should let us know. Please don't waste anyone's time by calling all shit you want dream dresses.

What is shit you really want? Stuff you're looking for seriously. Maybe stuff you want but won't...
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Sage for double post, but if anyone wants to clarify my terms, feel free. I was just basing this on what people were saying in the dream dress thread
no one wants to clarify your terms because no one else here is this salty about this
someone reject your offer anon?
Not OP but desu I'm a little bit salty about this because it doesn't just happen on cgl. In my comm's facebook page people constantly post their 20+ "dreamdresses" I wish the definition of dream dress was included in the basic handbook we have up

I have never seen a lolita on real life, nor fairy kei or anything like that, only on cons. Even tough I believe there's plenty of lolitas in my country.
Do you wear your cool fashion in public? Does it affect you?
I wear it sometimes, but I am not very confident.
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No, I fill my bath tub with milk and rose petals and wear my burando there.

Of course I wear it out. They're my clothes. Even when I save my more ott coords for big meet ups, I still have to get public transport to reach them, and I might be going somewhere else after. What's the point on spending money on expensive clothes and just wearing them at smelly conventions?
I'm a daily lolita so I wear it every time I go out. My style is very simple compared to what you normally see online, mind you, I usually stick to classic and don't wear prints.
>Does it affect you?
Depends on how you look at it. I've been a daily lolita for a few years now, at this point I've gotten used to it and I don't mind the attention most of the time (even when people are rude, and sometimes they are) so I guess it's helped me stop caring about the opinions of strangers and how they look at me or what...
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I actually have seen a few lolitas outside of meet ups from time to time, but mostly it was around Japantown/ japanese fashion shops.
I used to wear lolita daily but can't anymore because of my work and don't want to anyway because my style changed a lot, but you know, those are clothes meant to be worn.
After a while being into alternative fashion you just get used to the stares and comment. I don't notice them anymore, and mostly go on and about with some music on anyway. But I found that if the style suits you and feels natural, you won't get much criticism really.

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Post League of Legends Cozplays
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I want to fuck her in her sonahole
How could she fuck up the wig so badly?
It's a real pity too, becasue the cosplay looks really good, but that wig needs a brush asap

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Katherine Mary vs Hioshi Jackson edition.

First one his bump limit.
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*Hit bump limit

My bad
Hioshi Jackson the lying fraudster who just got BTFO on Twitter by ProJared and Sheena Oum?
i think this shit is hilarious to be honest. I went on one of his "Interviews" and he says he quote. "Has his agent make all of his props." Im pretty sure he just had one of his friends ask him some random questions nothing really pertaining to current projects or workshops like the description. He deleted me off facebook before he could beat me to it.I really hope hioshi is reading every single one of these because he literally doesnt fool anyone.

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