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How do you guys feel about peeking bloomers?

I'm planning on doing an oldschool inspired coord- the shoes, socks, headpiece, and certain aspects of the dress are oldschool inspired. Although the coord isn't oldschool, I'm hoping that it will remind people of it when they see it.

I would just have the ruffly part peeking out barely. I read online that they're ruffly at the bottom so you can peek them out to add detail- is that true? I feel like in a lot of coordinates it would look out of place, but I think it looks lovely when done right.
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Can we make this a "pushing/revisiting theLolita guidelines" thread? Such as jsks that look good without blouses?

I guess for you, OP I wouldn't be sure what to say without a reference photo that more accurately depicts what you are going for. You say its not old school but that's all I'm getting.
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>I read online that they're ruffly at the bottom so you can peek them out to add detail- is that true?
It's true but only when it's done right. Ones like in pic related don't look good in my opinion because tulle lace looks too thin (torchon, eyelet, and good quality raschel are my personal favorites); it looks cheap compared to the OP pic.
I await the day JSKs will be accepted without blouses. Not all work with it, but a lot look really cute without a blouse.

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What are some really amazing panels you've seen that you wish went to more cons.

I for one am a huge fan of Banzai arcade. While the whole thing is made with RPG maker but a lot of TLC was put into the sprite creation. In addition all cutscenes are voiced not to mention the crowd gets really hype. It's a treat to both watch and partisipate.

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This guy looks like a douche.
One convention I went to had a panel on disabilities and special needs in anime. I really wanted to go, because I am a special education teacher and it sounded interesting. But it was cancelled. I was thinking of making my own panel with indepth information on this topic, but I feel that I would be overreaching and no one would care anyway.
He's been nothing but kind to every person I see
But I can understand having a hard time separating a character someone cosplays from their actual personality

What are some characters that have the same (or nearly the same) measurements as you? Height + weight and/or 3 sizes count.

Do you look like them otherwise? Do you ever plan on cosplaying them? Why or why not?
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And how exactly does one find out the measurements of fictional characters? Unless it's a show with a filler "oh let's all go get check ups and have our boobies measured" episode there's no way to tell what size most characters are
>5'7, 28-23-34

Fucking never.

Many animus will have official chara art that lists their exact measurements. It's very common.
Dumb thread.

New undertale thread, last one is auto saging >>8784391

So how are your cosplays coming undertale anons? Seen any good ones online or in person?
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I've got plans drawn up for a helmet for Sans. The hardest part should just be getting the helmet itself made, and the eyelids and eyes are just simple switches and LEDs.
Nice shitty selfpost
How are you going to go about making it? The LED's sound cool!

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I'm trying to explain to a friend how to coordinate properly but she doesn't seem to get it, she knows some normie fashion theory but it isn't really helping her in her coords. Does anyone have any blanket advice or maybe even infographics to help fledgling lolitas?

Pic slightly related, coord theory.
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wouldnt it be the same as normie ? match shoes to bag and balance colour top + bottom?
Super basic fool-proof coording (at least to me).

Match headwear and shoes to the main colour of your dress/skirt. Blouse and legwear should be the same complimentary colour. Bag doesn't matter so much as long as it matches. So if your dress is mainly brown, your headwear and shoes should also be brown with perhaps ivory legwear and blouse.

That's two-colour coording. If you go three colours, you use the thrid as an accent. So if you have a pink dress with a lavender print, your headwear should still be pink and should your shoes but perhaps headwear...
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Bump limit reached on old thread >>>8777658

Kitacon tickets went on sale today; the convention sold out in around 20 minutes including all VIP spots.

The rules list is pretty strict this time. Committee members have said that many of the rules have been set by the hotel. Your room will be cleaned daily, and any DND sign ignored after 11am. If you get too drunk they can escort you to your room and/or kick you out of the con. Real fur is banned, as is outside food. Nobody's clear if this is just in the entire hotel or if...
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Can I still have sex in the pool?

This is an outrage. I bet they don't even have decent toilets to do Coke!
The fur ban is odd
>"Is that real fur?"
>"no, it's a good quality fake fur"
There, ban bypassed.

About time the Hilton started giving a shit. Plus there are other events going on there this time as well as Kitacon, that should be interesting.

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Alright, NC/SC gulls! Ichibancon for this year! Small convention in Charlotte, NC. Talk about the drama, the good, the bad, masquerade, etc. Let's begin!
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a friend of a friend went, from what I saw of the pictures there was enough bad cosplay to fill a thread
There were a lot of terrible cosplays, especially when it came to Undertale.

A lot of the skits/dances seemed really uncoordinated and not in synch. It was a disappointed, but the winners were great imo.

> see a steven universe cosplayer leaning on a wall
>cosplayer stands up
>left red paint residue the shape of their back all over wallpaper
It was filled with Steven universe and horrible Undertale cosplays but there were some really cool ones all around.

There was so much cringe in all of the skits other than the ones that placed. I didn't get Tohma's at all either.

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/cgl/ nostalgia thread. You know the drill. Discuss,share,...be it about weeb times,lolita or cosplay.

I was thinking about Princesse Skye and decided to sneak around a bit to see if there was like anything left of her today...i finally found something..pics are from 2015 on sabatomic.com who always took her pics when she was lolita and she'll turn 30 this year since she was 21 in 2007/2008. It made me at peace to see her looking "fine" at least, and not some trashy model or dead or on drugs like some anons rumored. Not going to attempt anything or stalk...
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holy fuck i can't believe you found her back she looks so peaceful and sweet there i hope she's fine
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where is Spoony now?
Being an idiot on r9gay and the farm.

Whatever happened to dakota rose? why isnt she famous any more?

a few years ago everyone was going crazy about her and there were countless threads bitching about her
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shes still modelling and shoops her face like a baby alien.
>pic related

is she an idol now?

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there's already so many posted are they all worth looking at?
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Just look at the first picture and you will see whether the picture quality is worth it.
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I'm still waiting for the old school wardrobes but so far HD-chan, Amytsukada & xlempickax are my favorites.
I'm a sucker for Meta, Baby/AatP, Atelier Pierrot, BoZ, Moitie, gothic in general and old school sweet & gothic wardrobes so I hope more of those pop up soon.

Pic: part of HD-chan's Hospitality Doll collection. HNNGGG.
Is EGL the only place people usually post wardrobe posts? I want to make a wardrobe post just so I can kinda track my wardrobe progress but I've never used EGL. Would it seem weird to make an account just to post my wardrobe?

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So for the first time I'm the one organising the con room and not sure what ground rules I should lay down. Where's it all gone wrong in the past? What/who should I avoid? Also roommate horror stories so a thread isn't killed for nothing.
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as the room planner, beware of flaky friends. the biggest problem in room planning for me in the past has been people dropping, especially last minute. i instated a rule that if you drop within two weeks of the con (unless it's for a legitimate reason like you're in the hospital or someone died etc) you still have to pay your share of the room fee, because it's really unfair to everyone else expecting to pay a certain amount and suddenly having to pay more.

even better is if you can get people...
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I've been doing hotel rooms for cons and raves/festivals for years, I only have a few horror stories and they're not all that exciting, but here's a few lessons, some learned the hard way:

>Money up front or ASAP
Chasing after people for money *sucks*, but it sucks more if you have to do it after the con and people have all vanished off back to their lives. This is the age of paypal and venmo, and everyone in the room knows *months* in advance we're all doing this, so they have time to save up. Weird cirmstances always happen and you don't have to be the finance nazi, but if you're sticking your credit card out on the room, it's only fair to ask them to give you their chunk.

>Discuss who are the partiers and who are the sleepers
Some people wanna stay up until 4 talking about anime. Some need their sleep. Some came to get drunk, and some are uncomfortable around rowdy drunks. But if you find that all out BEFORE the con, and talk about what you're gonna do about it, you can have easy solutions like "okay you guys can pregame in the room and then go to so-and-sos or the lobby while we sleep" instead of "Keith shut the fuck up it's 2 and I need to be up early for a panel."

>Have a "put it away if you don't want anyone touching it" rule
Gadgets, chargers, food, drink, makeup and toiletries, hairbrushes, sewing and crafting supplies... even really nice friends will sometimes think "we'll it's sitting out and SoAndSo won't mind if I borrow it for a sec." If someone's got something they don't want borrowed, keep it in your bag.

>Don't be the room that throws the big hotel party
Dooonnnnnn't. There's a 99% chance you'll end up sleeping on a floor soaked in mysterious substances. Damage deposits almost always go poof, if something gets broken or stolen there's a chance it belonged to you. Just not worth it, let someone younger and drunker risk getting kicked out of the Marriott. Show up to their party with a bottle of something and be the heroes.

>Discuss who's bringing what foods specifically
If you're not gonna fend for yourselves meal-wise, bringing food and drink makes the trip cheaper. Having a grocery list y'all've talked about means there's no "oh I don't eat those" "I'm vegetarian" "I'm allergic to that." And get a cooler! Even if it's a really cheap styrofoam one. The fridge is gonna be small or nonexistent.

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Sup /cgl/. This is my first time in this part of 4chan but long story short gonna cosplay for the first time, need help. So if you can please answer my questions.

>1) What type of foam would you recommend for a beginner that's cheap but will look very good?

I've stumbled upon a bunch of boards saying E.V.A foam or wonderfoam and all that crap.

>2) Are there any tutorials out there that show first timers on how to actually make armor pieces and such

>3) Instead...
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> what is google

Just look up eva tutorial on youtube. It's not that hard you fuckwad.
Lurk a bit in the help thread before making a topic like this otherwise the regular here will just ignore you. There is also a general armor thread up right now that might be worth looking at.

1. EVA foam is cheap and a common go-to. It can be gotten cheaply at walmart, harbor freight etc. Its usually sold in 4 panel packs as workshop flooring or slightly thinner as yoga floor matting. EVA doesnt look good for armor though without considerable work.

2. Here is a guide showing some of the steps needed to make EVA foam armor look good. www.otakuandfit.com/seal-paint-foam-armor/

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At least go to a help thread

I've heard of photographers trying to sabotage the photo shoots of other cosplay photographers by delaying cosplayers from going to their shoots by continue to talk to them or taking them away from locations, but now to offer a discount? Fuck up!
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His photos are shit.
stop self posting
This ad is shit, that photo is shit and his business plan is the shittiest shit wtf

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let's talk about this train wreck of a weeb fest.
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I wish they would make back episodes available. Even on a rotated schedule.

toppest kek
It's so hard even to watch the stupid show. I wish they did.

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