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I looked through all the Jfash threads (minus Lolita) and it seems like most--if not all--the models are east Asian.

Can we get a thread where we post other races wearing various J-fashion styles? White, black, hispanic, doesn't matter. I just want to see what it looks like on other people.

(Also please don't turn this into a race war. It's not meant to hate on Asians)
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Oh, and self posts are very much welcome!
Peaceful thread, everyone. Peaceful thread..
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Have some content.

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ohwvky tristate.png
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Anyone from around this area? There's a bit of a cosplay/lolita community here. Some of the biggest people in the comms seem to be assholes from my experience, though.
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Alicia, is that you?
No, but I know of that person.

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New year, new thread! Old one has been dead for a while >>8754521

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
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I've been waiting for someone to make it! All the registrations are probably my favorite part of the new year. I'd post tables, but that folder is on a drive I left at home.

>Voluntarily go on the wait list (was accepted) for Momocon's 2015 alley since I was finishing school around the time of the con.
>Am currently on the wait list for 2016 because they forgot about me until after registration.

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I really like this girl's setup, it's clean and makes her art stand out.

Europeans, how do you price your acrylic charms? 8-10 dollars seems to be the US standard, but it seems like they're a way bigger thing over there so they might be able to ask more. I want to keep my prices nice and round but 5 euros seems way low.
(I'm getting double sided clears from vograce, for reference)
Maybe a bit of a stupid question, but how did the shipping go from Vograce to europe for you? I've been wanting to get charms made for quite a while now.

Also I decided to not go to an upcoming con in my country to table, and rather start working on starting up an online store for merchandise.
The main reason being that I didn't have enough time to prepare since the organization is slow as fuck and I've never tabled before, and that it's a small con and I'm afraid I'll over-invest into it and I already don't have too many funds.

Can we get a complicated/complex cosplay thread going?

I want to start a big sewing project this year but can't find anything that inspires me.
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Is there a type of design you're looking for in particular ? Armor, big dresses, Sakizou-like stuff that is covered in details from head to toe ?

In the meantime, here's Dorothea from Avalon Code since she always pops up in these threads
Here is the queen of hearts from ever after high. She also did the hat party version of Lizzie, iirc.
I'm pretty open anon! I'm probably leaning more towards big dress and Sakizou like designs and I'm trying to avoid armor as I'm working on an armor project at the moment.

New Closet of frills thread

old thread >>8785724
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The old one hasn't even saged yet, you walnut
I'm out of the loop, what does it mean for someone to be a walnut? Is it from the word filter?
I want to be a peanut.

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Are there enough cons to go to one every week for a year?
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If you don't mind paying a million dollars in travel costs

US only

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Can we have a kigu thread? I just bought my first today! Feel free to post yourself in your comfy kigu (yes, consider this an excuse to get into pajamas no matter how early it is for you).

>What's your opinion on Kigu versions of cosplay?
>Have you ever made your own kigu? How did it go?
>Could kigus work in Japanese fashion? For example, blending them into the currently non-existent hiki-Kei?
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File: Oppurtunity.png (1 MB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saw this picture while scrubbing the news and thought, "Why not?"
Let's start a "Saw the opportunity and took it cosplay thread."
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OLdy but goody
more people would reply if your thread wasn't so specific. it makes it hard to post things that fit exactly into your topic.
Would have been better and probably get more replies with a "cosplays in appropriate places" thread, as it's less restrictive or at least sounds less restrictive. But it's a good thread idea

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Old one maxed out, let's get a new one going!
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"Finished the under-bust corset for my steampunk Peridot cosplay at 1 am this morning @_@"

I feel like this desperately needs a caption

Didn't see one in the archive.

I recently bought some honeycolor lenses and they were so comfortable all day, I was afraid I'd fall asleep with them in!

Now that I've opened them, how often should I be changing the contact solution to keep them good between conventions and events?
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They say to change with every wear, but I've been wearing contacts for over a decade now with no issues, and I only change my solution when I see shit floating around in it, or if the lenses feel like they just need fresh solution. You can feel when your solution is dirty, even if it looks clean.
When should you throw out circle lenses, especially if they've been hardly worn? I know rule of thumb is 8 months for open pairs.

Also, anyone know a reliable shop that sells G&G A21 brown lenses? Bonus points if they're in Canada. I used to order with Kiwiberry1 but they've closed down.
Gross. It may be a small chance - but why even risk infection?

Happy New Year gulls, old one is sagging.
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That coord is so damn adorable.

I feel lost on a couple things with this coord. I'm not sure what kind of bag would look good and what color to make my accessories. I have a rough idea, pic related.
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I'm planning a Kuro Coord!
The hat on the image is on its way to my home, so I can't show it yet.
I plan to adorn it with ostrich feathers :)

I think it's a bit plain though. any tips for making it more interesting or you think it's fine that way?
I'd go with the IW bag and maybe white shoes instead of blue.

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Seen some threads for other states, so here's an Ohio one. We have some conventions and a big Lolita comm so let's discuss some stuff. What conventions are you going to this year? Ohayocon is coming up this month. What is the comm up to?
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I'm not going to Ohayocon but I am going to Zipcon
Yo. Reporting in from pilot territory. Ohayocon does not seem worth going to.
Where is there even a Lolita comm in Ohio?
They seem to be located mainly in the Akron/Cleveland area and Columbus.

I saw this today and I think that's great idea:
Are you going to participate?
I'd love to see your experiences/answers to the challenges if you take part.

inb4: No I'm NOT the blogger of Lace a la Mode and advertising this, I really just like this idea/project.
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Pretty simple to start with. I am looking forward to this. I just want a more wearable daily wardrobe.I also need more hosiery and cardigans. Blouses never suited me and I think the appropriate cardigan/bolero makes the coord look more mature..
Honestly I think it's a good idea too but I feel like it'll start out strong and then loose steam in a couple of weeks. But my wardrobe goals are simple this year: get more stuff. I finally got my first brand yesterday and I want more. And that fits in perfectly with my New Years resolutions "smaller waist bigger closet"
>smaller waist bigger closet

This is the perfect way to put it! Thank you for giving me a giggle this morning. I will now be summing up my New Years resolutions in the same manner.

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Can we have a nail thread?

I am working on growing out my nails and I am using pretty nail photos to remind myself to use my cuticle oil every night.

Post your favorites pictures and tips for nails that go with different Jfashions.
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i just started doing acrylics again. i really want to go to rounge in NYC for some awesome gal nails cause all i can get here are gems and similar things. but my salon has a lot of them. will post some inspo!

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Can't wait to get these, oh boy
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Jesus, that's one creepy lookin dude..
>Hello ladies, I'm also for sale
>the jizz under the star

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