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Hello! I'm cosplaying for my first time this summer, however I need some help. Does anybody have a multi-profiled photo of Sakuya? Also, what would be the best material for her outfit? (Patterns would also be much appreciated)
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>photo is Sakuya

Your choice. Broadcloth maybe.

Also google.
Do you want me also sew it for you and fap you tonight so you can relax?

Fuck off, lurk more.
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Post your favorite classic coords.

I haven't worn lolita in years and also sold most of my dresses. But I found the cutest fabric today and I really want to make a new lolita dress out of it. So I could use some inspiration.
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Does this girl sell her designs?

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Working on a bigger cosplay and I'd love some inspiration.

Everything from mascot costumes, mecha-cosplays, Godzilla monsters, show me your favourites!
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I've always wondered what sort of fabrics were best to skin these larger cosplays.
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Some of my favs
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /cgl/ the gf just told me she would wear a umaru-chan cloak if i bought her one, but only if it was "comfy and warm".
So here i am taking this golden opportunity asking where you guys recommend i buy it from!
I really dont want to buy the first shit i see on amazon for $13 and the shit is made out of fuckin discount fleece.
so yeah, suggestions?
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sweet, thanks!
I have the $13 one from Amazon! Very comfortable, it wraps me up completely and it's perfect for lounging, I'm 4'10" for reference.

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Post your favorite J-fashion coords using bloomers / pumpkin pants!
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bloomers and pumpkin pants are two totally different things
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Bloomers are like underwear. It's not supposed to be shown in public.
I just want to know what wig this girl is using.

I think I'm probably the only one who cares but the inner weeb in me is really pumped for mikuexpo...
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when is it?
will it be in LA this year?
i was at the new york stop in 2014. the concert was amazing, the expo itself blew, shit venue couldnt handle the crowd. spent 45 minutes in a line on the sidewalk talking to some people who came all the way from japan.
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Already got my VIPs for the Microsoft Theater.
It says "Miku Expo" but I'm not sure if it's going to be an actual festival with the little exhibit and such like a couple of years ago. I'm thinking so far it's only the concert.

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German thread! Let's have some nice cosplay talk again, German anons!
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C'mon Germans, LBM is coming!
A german thread!
Guess there is not much going on right now. LBM is still too far away and so are Lolita events.

Not much to talk about sadly.
Since it is not that far until May:
What do fellow German anons think about Japantag in D├╝sseldorf?

I was there twice a couple of years ago (I guess it was 2011 and 2012) and was fairly disappointed besides the whole hype it gets.

A few booths with merch, a big stage with different japanese related stuff and I smaller one for dunno what kind of stuff (was always unused when I passed it). The firework as the grande finale is nice to watch but doesn't make up for the long wait IMO.

Shops @ Immermanstra├če don't bother me that much since I live...
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Let's discus the most beautiful and stylish lolitas in the world community.

In the picture: Aless FM from Saint-Petersburg
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Isn't it too cold there in Russia?
I feel sorry for you, anon.
what do u mean?

Old Thread >>8838931

Discuss AA stuff. Out of pic related what are you as when it comes to displays or products? To answer/help keep the ball going, I'm considered a Cubist cause of all the plushies I sell and can be multi-functioned to hang art badges and hang prices
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Girls and guys please tell me about your experience with other metchants on the Alibaba google docs list apart from Vograce!
First for Metrocon being shit at AA.

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Only one week to go.

/cgl/ Meet up is on Friday @ 8:30pm by the atrium coffee hut. Save the date, and be there or else.

Old thread >>8825330
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So the schedule is finally out. Apparently incomplete, but it's out.
>The ship has sailed on the Slash high Seas
>OBJECTION! Krystal LaPorte: Attorney At Lawl.
>Kill The Vampires!!!! Yuu's Guide to surviving the Apocalypse
>Make Your Own Kandi Bracelet
>Dressforms for Dummies
>Sweat Out Your Burando: Lolita & J-Fashion Dance Party
>Me! Me!...
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This is why im not upset that i scheduled shoots through the whole con.

Who the hell would pass up shooting with pretty girls to go to these shitty panels?

Except for the Me!Me!Me! one. Ill probably be there for that one. ;)

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japanese - blog.jpg
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Old thread autosaging >>8763375

Does anyone have recommendations for BB creams with heavy coverage? Korean or otherwise doesn't matter, I'm trying to reach moon face status.
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You are likely going to have to pick something other than a bb or a hybrid due to most bbs are more like tinted moisturizers. I believe that lancome has a really nice lightweight heavy coverage foundation.
>ywn have rin rin doll's face
why live
Does anybody hand any good rec for an eye primer?
My eyes fold a little, get oily and crease heavily.

File: girugamesh.jpg (19 KB, 355x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-5p5pmOHQg
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It has been some time...

Grab your favorite blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, and share with your fellow gulls those precious con memories that once upon a time ma
de your cold, drama loving heart melt!
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I wish for all the world I had a picture but I dont.

>AWA 2014
>Dressed as Armin from SnK
>Had only been in cosplay about a year, just having fun being my favorite characters, nothing serious
>Browsing dealers room for merch
>This tiny little Armin, probably like 11, approaches with me with her mom
>She wants a picture with me
>Super flattered, I hadn't...
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I remember this one the most, since it made me smile so much afterward, and really made me glad that I gave cosplaying a shot.

>Go to my first con last year and get pretty hyped for it
>Cosplay as Mikorin from GSNK
>Think I did pretty good for my first cosplay (even though I admit it was simple), get stopped every so often for pictures
>While walking around I get approached by a girl dressed...
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>At local con last year, in very large and cumbersome/uncomfortable costume
>come out of costume judging to huge line for maid cafe my mother who was acting as my handler and I will have to somehow navigate while my feet are killing me
>random sweet lady maid/worker of the hotel notices we're struggling and offers to guide us through closed off back rooms to get out
>This lady literally had other workers telling her we couldn't be in those rooms but insisted it was fine and guided us through
>Finally get out and thank the lady profusely, my mother tips the lady like 20$ and she nearly cries.
>We get back to our hotel finally, and later call the hotel she works in to talk to her superior and give her a reccommendation ect

Idk anons that lady was a godsend, my feet were in so much pain and she was so sweet. Makes me sad how hotel staff can get treated so poorly during cons.

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What's made your blood boil lately, /cgl/? What's made you want to rip the hairs out of your painstakingly-ventilated wig? What sort of asshattery did you see at your last convention or meetup?
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Just saw this in my local cosplay group. She also posted a few days ago asking if anyone was interested in making cosplay videos with her, as she was a "pretty good Levi Ackerman" cosplayer.
>paying for a con
>no money
>cant just use a plainclothes cosplay with maybe a sign or name tag

Good shit, i mad 8/10
Does she not comprehend that people require compensation for goods or services? She's asking for charity for cosplay. Jfc.

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Is there a website with a tutorial on how to cosplay as a generic SWAT team member?
Things like helmet type, BDU prices, tactical vest comparisons, boots, and all that?

I'm planning on going to Fanime as one for the many generic SWAT members seen in numerous anime.
I also love wearing uniforms and like the attention I get from girls when they see me.
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No, that's the weapons board, I'm looking for cosplay guides.
I'm just gonna use some plastic guns and a banana for my pistol holster.
Literally go to a surplus store and buy an outfit.
Fucking google whatever SWAT team you want to imitate to see the uniform.

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