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Ohayocon 2016: Now with less runaway teens!

This is coming up in a few weeks. Anyone going?
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I wanna go and wear my shitty Remelia Scarlet cosplay... I should probably finish it, I though I had plenty of time
Where's the schedule?
A prelim was just sent to panelists today, not sure if they'll publish it to people any earlier to the con

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Old thread >>8740583
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I'm only a little bit taller than you so I hope it looks ok.

How long did it take to get to you? I've been checking the tracking and it nothing is really being updated. Am I just not checking it correctly?
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I don't even have anything to match these tights right now, but when I have money planning to find/get a Wonder Queen special set that I've been wanting. The tights would look great with that.
Sauce on the rings?

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Post cute handmade things, tips, guides, questions, whatever.
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bustle skirt.png
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I bought a JSK with a damaged bodice for cheap because it was my dream print. Part of the skirt is unusable because of a large rip. Now I don't have enough material to gather into a skirt that will fit my waist and have enough space for a petticoat, and adding a bustle like pic related is what came to mind to fix that. The problem is the skirt material isn't a single continuous piece, it's in two pieces and has a seam in the middle. Where's the least awkward place to put the bustle?
This may be better for the sewing thread, but anyway I don't think there's really a good solution to this.

Cut the narrower panel into another two pieces. Put your bustle there. Use the wider panel as the front of the skirt. This way the seamlines will be at the sides of the skirt, not front and center.

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share the good, the bad, and the dramatic here instead of in the general thread
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My comm seems to be turning over and I couldn't be happier lol bye bitches
We only have one comm here and it's full of itas. There's only one in there that is almost decently dressed but always decides to set their brand off with terrible accessories, wigs, and shoes.

I'd love to go to a meet but... I feel like I'd be completely out of place.
I want to join my comm, but everyone that's semi decently dressed are so cliquey that I can't budge in. I don't want to be stuck hanging out with newbs, so I've failed to join. Any ideas on breaking cliques?

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It's coming up in a few weeks, is anyone going to this small con? Any cosplay plans? Expectations? Will the masquerade be horrid again?
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Free drinks at the hotel. That's a win.
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So when the fuck is the schedule coming out? It's getting awfully close.
Not sure how well it will go because it's sort of last minute but i'm planning on going as a white mage from FF and bringing my friend whos going as Link. It's generic I know but I'm still relatively new. Not planning on going to masquerade.

Show me your vampire princes, melancholy lords, and dark rock 'n roll poets. Any style allowed, as long as it's within the Japanese Gothic realm of meanswear. Crossdressing or androgynous ladies are fine too!

The darker the better: I want to believe these models weep blood and bleed bats.

Let's have some macabre fun.
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Anyone got any sakizou projects they're working on?
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>Order Christmas dress from Glitzy Wonderland on the 2nd
>Sure that website says 7 days processing, pay extra for EMS
>12th, no dispatch notification, message via contact us page
>17th, no reply, turn to facebook and ask for refund as no way it'll arrive in time
>18th, open paypal dispute/claim to try speed things up
>20th, they post the dress

MFW now I can't get my...
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I tought you can't open a PayPal claim before 45 days, it was changed?
They must have changed it, they let me open a dispute and let me escalate it to a claim straight away. Wonder if that might be due to this seller though, they don't seem to be the most organised and others on their facebook have been threatening claims. I bought a hard to find colour way of an indie dress from them last year, and they sent me the wrong colour, then sent me a second dress on top on the first by accident. Only bothered with them this time because they were the only site that (I thought) didn't...
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Not cosplay or EGL related but
>Gets external hard drive for christmas
>Suppose to come last friday doesn't
> UPS Notice straight up states could be lost ask for refund or new copy
>Ensue panic as it's a two terabyte for a computer on it's last legs
>Arrives sunday and propped against the door so when I open it falls in.
>Feel bad for anyone with that driver shipping fragiles...
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Do any of you have an issue with you boobs when wearing lolita? I know there are lolitas who have problems with their boobs being too big while other lolitas have problems with their boobs being too small. This is a self-esteem issue for a lot of us. Lets talk about it.
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I think anything C cup and under is fine. Anything bigger and you should probably think about binding.
I have a B cup and Jane Marple is way too big for me. It's very sad.


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>Stories from cosplay competitions
>Any corrupt wins or judges?
>What do you enjoy when competing
>Best prize
>Worst prize
>Fun stories
>What competition are you entering next
>Worst competitions
>Best ratio for Costume vs Skit

never seen...
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There are no cosplayers here, this board is for talking about dresses, hair to go with your dresses, or to blog.
i'm entering my first cosplay competition in a couple weeks and i'm really nervous!! so i'd love to hear from other gulls who have competed in the past.

it's at a super small con near my house so that makes me feel a little better about it, but if it goes well i'm thinking of working my way up to competitions at bigger cons.
I won a xbox one this year.
The competition was announced last minute and luckily I had a costume almost done that fit the rules.
It didn't need a skit, but then in the last minute we has to do something on stage for the judges.
I didn't really think that I would win, but the results were based on Internet votes (the contest was being streamed online) and I got around 40% of the votes or something.

If there's anything I can say to help people who plan on trying a competition is: don't act like you're the best, be humble and don't...
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"I'm ghosting this con because it does not deserve my money!"
>I think the con is still worth going to and will drop huge sums of money for transportation, multiple cosplays, and room.

"I cosplay for fun"
>I can't be arsed to make a descent outfit and instead of getting better, I'll hash out this excuse to deflect any valid critisism

(While talking to another cosplayer from the same series) "Oh I'm also planning a cosplay of ___.
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>It's cosplayers, not cosplays

anyone know which boards, sites, etc.. to request high quality cosplay commissions? If possible I'd like to specify regions because getting a fitting in person would always be ideal..

Pic kinda related, it's what I want to do but don't have the talent/time to make myself!
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Facebook, Etsy (you'd have to go to them instead of having them come to you though) and you could post in forums related to what you're cosplaying from.

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Let's talk about really unfortunate things that have happened to our beloved frilly dresses and cosplays. I'll start.

I did a daytrip to a con a few hours away and when i was ready to leave I had to decide whether or not I wanted to take time to change out of my coord or hit the road ASAP. I was nervous about driving in my beautiful JSK but I was so sleepy and wanted to get home, I felt so pretty in it and didn't want to take it off, and I reasoned that nothing bad happens to my regular clothes when I drive, so what was the worst that could happen? Bad...
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My stick-on velcro fell off my skirt halfway through a convention, making the whole thing fall apart (it has a huge slit open at the front). If I hadn't had bobby pins on me and been able to pin it back together I would have had to hole myself up somewhere and cry.

Last time I ever used stick-on velcro to try to save time. Never again.
A few years ago I was getting ready for my first meet and I left my coord hanging out so I could steam it after I showered.
Got out of the shower and saw my mom ironing my skirt.
"Anon, I thought I'd save you some time and iron your skirt for you!"

She'd ironed most of it fine... Save for a patch of the hem lace which has melted holes where there wasn't cotton.

You couldn't see it from far away but I sadly never felt brave enough to wear it again and ended up selling it not long after.
Oh man, these are the saddest stories to me....someone thinks they're being helpful and inadvertently just makes things worse. Did you wear it to your meet at least?

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I know this is still a couple months away but I'm gonna be going to this con for the first time and it'll also be my first time doing some actual travelling (plane) to a convention.

what's it like? things to avoid? must-do's?
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>what's it like?
A bunch of cosplayers side-eying each other and measuring each other up.

>things to avoid?
Formal ball unless you're with a decent size group.

Picture in the Sacred Gazebo.
book photoshoots with all the photogs
>photogs are already booking
>sumiko.foto is spamming the photography comm

Kill me.

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