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>Cosplay with your friend
>Your friend gets more photos because she's prettier than you
>Have to wait for her photos to be taken while you watch

How do you cope?
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Stop being jealous and accept that some people are prettier. You're probably prettier than some people.

Be happy for your friend and don't be a petty bitch about it.
Is that the reason she got more pictures taken? I've gone to several cons with a friend, and while she's beautiful, she's gotten more photos of her taken at certain cons because of the popularity of her cosplay, or because of how revealing her costume was. At those cons, it was kind of hard to watch photographers trip over themselves to take her picture, but I chose to focus on the meaningful interactions I had with people who were so excited about my character that day.

If at the end of the day, cosplay is a contest of who gets the most photos, you're...
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How do you know she's not being asked for more pics because her character is more popular?

Is there a way to make yourself look nice, even though you're overweight and chubby?
Like this dude. The costume seems fine, but the way he looks and the way he is photographed make everything look like shit.
Is there a way to avoid looking like a pear shaped piece of mozarella?
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Shapewear, makeup, wigs.
Angles angles angles. Three-quarters angle with camera slightly above you works wonders.
lose weight

flattering angles

Slightly warm lighting so you don't look pale and sick

better posture, That guy should roll his shoulders back and lift his head head up, instead he just threw his neck back.


Get the photographer to stand back and zoom in. this will slim the face and make you look taller (mirrors give a similar effect, if you've ever wondered why you look better in the mirror than in photos that's why)

Hunger Games cosplay thread? Bonus if book inspired.
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Last one is saging.
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I want to cosplay pick related.

Any suggestions?
Want a very large red bow, anyone know where to find one?
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Is the last help thread gone? I wanted to post the questions unanswered and answer the ones I can't but I can't find it.

Did you try the suggestion thread first for that? Are you a big guy? I hope you are not a girl trying to do that. For the feet you would need invisible shoes so you don't walk around barefooted and/or take off your shoes during photos. For the bottom half you would need something to cover close to your knees like the...
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Tall girls and Jfashion thread
for girls 5'7" and taller

Share your tips, tricks, where you get things for your height, and tall girl feels.

to get us started, here's some questions

>how tall are you
>what fashions do you wear
>where do you get your clothes (for both normalfag and jfashion wear)
>most helpful advice you can give to other tall girls
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Off topic, but does anyone know the source dress on the left?

On topic, for me personally I never wear OTK socks. I always wear tights. OTKs give me too much gap and it ends up looking slutty even if the dress is an appropriate length. Sadly for me, since there's so many cute OTK prints that don't come in tights.
>height: 5'10"
>alternative (wanting to get into nanchatte and mori or maybe strega)
>thrift stores, yard sales, malls, and handmade (sometimes ebay/amazon)
>if a dress is a little shorter than you thought, don't be afraid to wear it with panty hose and a thin jacket/shaul that falls below your butt to make sure your dress doesn't fly up. Also if it bothers you enough, buying chunky boots a size bigger make your legs look thinner so while...
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File: gangster lolita.png (2 MB, 1380x966) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gangster lolita.png
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With every special snowflake with a tumblr account trying to make up their own super cool new take on lolita fashion, I figure we should do it too!
Here what you do: take some stupid thing shit has nothing to do with lolita, and fucking make that shit lolita. Make coord collage and post it too.
You like hiphop? Well gangster lolita could be the next big thing!
Wear cutsews instead of blouses, sag your bloomers, find a kawaii snapback and throw on every piece of brand jewelry you own.
Who knows, your unique new style could be the next hit trend!
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what the fresh hell is that
read the op
it's a make-fun-of-tumblr thread

No FrostCon. No Con-G. No life. Is there anything fun to do this winter in Canada(Toronto)?
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Generally curious about this too, anyone got anything?
>1 poster
Bad samefagging, there's already a Canadian general so.

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Hey guys, where could I find white mascara and what products are the best? It must make my eyelashes completely white for my cosplay.
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Mascara primer is usually white, what cosplay are you doing?
Shiro from Deadman Wonderland
I had a feeling it was that.

Btw i would recommend colouring some false eyelashes white as well, with light lashes they will get lost on light skin tones.

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Accessories and jewelry from indie brands. Favorite places to shop? Stuff you wish you saw more?
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>waiting for mossbadger to update like
Western indie:
Honestly I buy more vintage accessories than indie, but I love vintage-inspired indie stuff.
I think DarkWhisper is gone now, though, which is a real shame. They had nice gothic/classic jewelry.

I'd like to see more mix metal/glass bead/faceted stuff, stuff like Schwartz Schmetterling. Not necessarily quite as OTT,...
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Favorites include Peppermint Fox, LOTV, and tournewsoul.

Tournewsoul is doing lucky packs this year and I kinda want to go for it but I'm saving for my dream dress too so yeah...it's so hard to save money during Christmas time. Wish more brands would do lucky packs though, they're pretty fun.

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Couldn't find one in the catalog, so new lens thread. Please share photos, reviews, and recent purchases!
Honey color is having a end of year sale, and I'm in the market for some new lens. I have blue eyes and need pink lens, if anyone has good suggestions or recommendations I'd appreciate it!
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I recently bought the lens in op pic related https://www.honeycolor.com/beaucon-jewels-pink
They should actually be arriving in the mail soon. I can do a review of them then if you'd like OP.
That'd be wonderful anon!
Is Honeycolor's credit card processing actually working again? It seems like it keeps going up and down... it didn't work for me during their black friday sale but I haven't tried since then.

Let's talk sponsorships, CGL. What is your opinion on cosplayers who are sponsored by lens/wig companies, or even mass-made cosplay sites? How about sponsorship programs where cosplayers are paid to post photos of products? Are they beneficial to the company and/or the community?

Post your experience if you have a sponsorship of your own, or if it's something you've considered.
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I don't mind people getting sponserships, I'm always a little bit jealous of the free stuff they get. I do have a problem with people who are happy to be sponsered by companies that sell replicas and art theft, encouraging companies to keep ripping people off and stealing designs just so you can get free goodies is shitty
a couple days ago, there was drama about some lousy german fetish photographer, who offered 200€ sponsoring to a cosplayer commenting under their facebook post with their planned cosplay project, but they had to hand him over all the corporate rights of their taken pictures
Photographers automatically own rights to the pictures they take.

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How does cgl feel about buying likes? Who are some cosplayers who obviously buy likes? Have you ever bought them yourself? What was the outcome?
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I've been tempted to buy ad space for my cosplay page because I'm finding it to be a pain in the ass to get people to actually notice and appreciate your work unless you do titties 24/7; social media algorithms can be a real dick about what people see.

I don't do a lot of revealing costumes but I work in the arts and want to beef up my portfolio a bit for hopefully teaching workshops at cons.

I've met a lot of people whom are pretty low key and friendly irl but looking at their pages it's pretty apparent they buy likes. I guess its ok if...
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There's other ways to work the social networking system without buying fake attention.
But that's not what this thread is about.

>guy in op has 20k likes in 1 month
>only gets 10-15 likes per post

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Saw a thread specifically for "meet killers", but not for discussing meetups overall. Feel free to ask for any help regarding meetups if you are planning one as well.

> How long have you been going to meetups for?
> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
> Worst?
> How often does your comm hold meetups?
> Are you satisfied with the amount/quality of meetups that your comm holds? What would you...
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What do you think about themed meet ups?
> How long have you been going to meetups for?
About eight years now.

> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
That's pretty hard to pick. We've had some really nice ones over the years. The ones I like best are the ones that allow everyone to chat, though. So picnics, high tea, etc.

> Worst?
We had one picnic that people wouldn't let go. Some of us tried to convince the organiser to move it to another day because the weather forecast was...
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>> How long have you been going to meetups for?
only nine months
>> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
probably our recent ILD meet or our aquarium meet! I like smaller meets but I also enjoy bigger meets where I get to see more people and do something fun.
>> Worst?
I don't think I've been to a bad meet yet! I have been to a couple meets that had a small turnout though. Those...
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Can cosplay lead to modeling, ect? Some cosplayer have built up a fan base and started acting (Luna Lanie) and others who are modeling for companies (pic related)
Is it possible to break into modeling from cosplay?
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It's possible, as you've already posted two examples, but it's highly unlikely. Best way to get paid for stuff like that? Lots and lots of fans. Companies will contact you because they want to use your big fanbase and you cooperate because you want free stuff.
Depends, does it have to do with Niles?

And should it lead to her going to sleep?
If you want to be a model, pursuing actual modeling work will be a hell of a lot faster than hoping cosplay will get you discovered.

If you honestly aren't the traditional model type body or face wise (I'm not trying to be mean I wohld describe myself that way) and you're hoping getting popular with cosplay will get you modeling gigs by association then... it does happen sorta when popular bloggers and instagram users are sponsored by small businesses but it's a really far fetched goal and I'd reccomend setting more useful goals for yourself.

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Link to old thread ^
Discuss: All things Lolita
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Oh my...
why is there a shitstorm going down tho

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