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Good job, everybody, you fucked the last thread so hard the entire thing was deleted.

Try not to fuck this one, too.
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What happened? I went out and suddenly it's been deleted??
Photog circlejerk

More collages please people
This thread:
>more competition discussion
>event discussion
>what are people working on

Stfu about:
>circlejerk of any sort
>KJ, Tabitha and Stacey

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Old one reached the image limit.
Does anyone know which skirt this is? I only know it's MoitiƩ.
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old thread, try not to repost

Check, Lolibrary, jfc. It's from the Logo Embroidery JQ series.

Could people try to make this thread actually all gothic? There were so many classic and sweet coords in black in the last one. >>8762208 is bordering on the classic side too much too.

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So how's the event going so far? I'm not in Madrid these days...is there any trouble with queues and stuff?
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We need salseo.
Surprisingly, no problems with qeue in a saturday
>not otaku kawaii nyan

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Stuntman gel Grillby edition.

Working on anything?
Seen cosplayers at recent cons?
Share tutorials, ideas, questions.
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For Muffet would it be better to paint black eyes over your closed eyes or do nothing at all? I am unable to wear sclera contacts.
i'd say just use heavy black eye makeup, don't just full on paint your lid black, itll look less try hard and silly
Not OP, but adding onto this, what if you just get black circle lenses with a large diameter and go heavy on the eye makeup?

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New feels thread? last one seems to be auto sage. >>>>8748166

>that feel when you sew an entire hem inside out by accident

I've been sitting here with this seam ripper for an hour.
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goddamn OP that sucks

my feel:

>wear earphones for cosplay
>wear earbuds while making cosplay
>develop impacted earwax with tinnitus

i'm an idiot.
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can you at least pretend to keep the thread on topic, bait-anons?
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>Dicking around on Y!Auctions, looking for a piece that I know is never going to show up.
>Stumble upon one of my dream items that I had given up on long ago
>In preferred colorway
>In good condition
>For less than $100
>Win that shit, thanks FJ

I'm over the moon for sure, but I can't help but feel anxious. Something has to be wrong, I can't be that lucky, right?

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Let's share some wintery coords~
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You might wanna start with a decent coord lol
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ITT: upside down poses
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Last thread reached autosage: >>8697142

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. Boystyle refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and aristocrat fashions. Google ouji, aristocrat, EGA, etc., before asking questions here.

Read the whole thread before asking any questions here.

OC and selfposts encouraged! Picspam discouraged, we've seen most of it by now.

DISCUSSION PROMPT: With Buttcape's blog down, what's the best up-to-date boystyle guide to link to in...
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>from an anon in the last thread:

I did some poking on archive.org and you can find copies of buttcape's posts there:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Also, I went by the fabric store today and got some dark brown striped wool-rayon, and a black-on-black herringbone stripe wool. Probably going to make a coat with the black, but anyone have any favorite earthtone coords for inspiration?

posting a few

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Wig thread.

Question: Is there any easy way to make sure the colors on a two-tone wig stay separated? I bought a wig that's half white, half dark purple and no matter how I put it on the white migrates to the dark purple and it ends up looking grey.
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How would I cut a Sonico style wig or whatever this style is called?
Razor comb
Thanks anon! I just finished it. Thank god I have one of those on hand

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>Post phone cases/accessories that you like or post your own
>cute phone apps and games
>your favorite shops and creators
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>go to post YY Kawaii
>too late
She is the best I've seen. I used to really love Jolie Petite but I ordered a case from her, she fucked up and I never got a completed case or a refund, looking for photos now, sounds like shit went down. But on the positive side, waiting on a YY Kawaii case! I'm so excited.
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I love the wallet cases but I have a 6 plus so no kawaii for me
All from ebay.

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Are there any cute characters with masks or helmets that aren't super heroes or fully armoured?

Pic related is all I could think of.
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Nothing sexual about it. I'm just ugly.
The great thing about cosplay is that it often appeals to fetishes of some kind or another, but you can also just appreciate the cosplay if you're not into whatever fetish it appeals to. Pretty much anything you dress up as, someone somewhere wants to screw it. Why bother with caring?
Celty. Bonus fetish for this guy >>8760951 celty is cosplayed by a Japanese girl also wearing a latex catsuit, see >>8746698

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What do you think of cosplayers who use too much photoshop?
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they are boring and their fans don't know what a human being looks like.

what about you, OP?
Is that the thing that claims to be MtF?
I don't understand why people do this. I photograph terribly and one of the most common things people who have seen me online say when they meet me IRL for the first time is "wow, you look so much prettier in person", I would be so fucking horrified if I knee people were thinking the opposite like with the types who shoop.

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Old Thread

Itabag FAQ:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE
/a/'s Buyfag Guide (mostly about figures, but helpful if you're really new to buying chara goods):https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1Y1U5YDGrvgFW-5H_cBnDoHwCfWjPDaQ6p05-HJMcVh4
buyf/a/g guide: buyfag.moe

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories
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At least from my experience ordering from cowcow (I'm >>8741415 to give you an idea), if in color it probably will print duller so brighten it if that is something that will bother you and I would try and stick to a color theme in your collage. Lines may end up a tad blurry but it shouldn't be too big of and issue. Try to localize your favourite shots in the center in case the the collage is larger than space on the shirt just so you can be sure they get in there. Also I am not sure about the rest but with the long sleeve...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Taobao has some legitimate things, anything with "Japanese version" or "geniune" or factory reject straps.

Some things are also licensed by chinese sellers for the chinese market, so they would count as legits for all means and purposes.

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Kawaii Slav-squat edition

>Bitch about Facebook groups and other online comms
>No singling people out
>Censor names in posts as much as possible
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am I the only one who's noticed this.. thing in RC? there's someone with a male name and a catgirl profile pic who's signing all of his posts with a female name. not sure if troll, mental illness or a creep, it's giving me weird vibes
90% of my comm is inactive, meaning they never post, comment or come to meets.
Very few girls are experienced lolitas the rest aren't even beginners, just people who claim to be "interested in the fashion" but never make an effort to buy tgeir first piece. Its enfuriating. I wish we could kick those members out of the comm.
He's giving me creepy vibes, too. Afaik he hasn't done anything bad yet but I'm keeping an eye on him (as paranoid as that sounds) just in case he ends up being a real creep later.

File: IMG_20151211_112659.jpg (1 MB, 1564x1564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
Last thread hit archive.

Post your dresses of questionable taste.
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I shouldn't like it but I do.
File: eyhofreshjsk1.jpg (224 KB, 652x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224 KB, 652x1027
I'm so sad this was posted. This is my number one dream dress that I have been searching for quitely and now I keep seeing people posting it and mentioning looking for it themselves.

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