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Old Thread a kill>>8750376

Comm Thread >>8744550
Closet of Frills Thread >>8755493
Coord Help >>8738411
Dream Dress Thread >>8751124
Dumb Questions >>8737527...
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Do you think the new prints will be shown at the AP SF tea party?
What programs do you gulls use to draw and create your own custom prints? I have an idea for a forest print with centipedes and spiders and mushrooms but I have no idea where to start
That print is pretty bleh. It looks like something a Taobao brand would put out.

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Old one is at 315.

>Roll Call for Baby/Aatp packs

Are you planning on grabbing one, SS or trying yourself, Japan or USA site?

> what are the chances of getting those sweet disney collabs in the variety packs?

>How much pastel vomit are we looking at for AP's packs?

>does anybody pick up the indie brand etsy accessory packs?

I've picked up a few from kitty wood designs and have always been pleased
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I kind of know the ordering process for the baby packs, fill the former out like normal and wait on a confirmation email and paypal invoice.

But I can't for the life of me figure out what time they'll be launching. I know, I'm a moron but I'm horrible with time zones and shit.. so could somebody please tell me what time to be on the site to buy them for USA central time?
Also can I buy two packs on the same order? (Verity and Baby)
BTSSB's happy packs go on sale at 5pm Japan time; google "time zone converter" (and save the link for future use), it'll help you figure it out.
I don't think I'll get a AP Lucky Pack, but still I'm really curious what it will be like. I hope they are announcing it soon.
When did they annouce it last year?

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Haven't seen one of these in a while.
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Ooh I can get in on this.

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Describe the person in your comm that ruins every meet up he or she shows it's face to.
>Do other people cancel when they see that they are going to show up?
>How do they ruin the meet?
>Who invited them?
>Did they eventually go away? And so yes, how?
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wish the girls in the foreground were better dressed, that would make this funnier. girl on the right needs a blouse, girl on the left needs a hair accessory, bangs, and possibly better makeup
This image is old as hell. They look fine for the time this was taken, which was like 2007 or so I believe.
I'm aware of that, that's no excuse for skipping a blouse

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Hey /Cgl/ Im going to a local convention this spring I plan to cosplay as a S.t.a.l.k.e.r. (Pic related) however I plan to wear a gas mask but I fear that wearing the mask will be considered a threat of chemical warfare due to that one gassing of a furry convention. I don't plan to bring any prop weapons. So is it safe to wear the mask?
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I have seen plenty of stalker bros with gasmasks so I imagine you will be fine
>That one gassing of a furry convention

Oh god details.
Just be careful with the filters. many older ones (I think pretty 1980) used asbestos. You don't want that in your lungs unless cancer is 1st on your wishlist.

Plus breathing through the filter+ mask will be really difficult.

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I went to my first con earlier in the year (Dublin Comic Con) and was really thrilled to see so many cosplayers in person for the first time. Lots of Inside Out, SnK and Witcher this year, on top of the usual anime and vidya staples.
But the one type of cosplay I saw the most of were just random, military looking dudes. At least 50, maybe even 100 the day I was there, and none of them were recognisable. It was just a lot of kids with tactical vests, shooting gloves, glasses, maybe a hat, and airsoft rifles. I hadn't any idea what series they were from if any, though...
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in america, they tend to be called out for stolen valor, personally i feel like its kinda out of place, but i really cant give a shit about it so long as they dont bother me
That's not true. It's only "stolen valley" when they try to say they are actually in whatever unit. If that was true airsofters at cons would get shut down real quick.
America here. California to be specific, so one of the two states most afraid of guns (NY being the other, well, NYC is at least). I have a negative number of fucks to give. No, it doesn't weird me out. Yes, it's allowed. Again, no fucks given. Best advice: get over it.

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It's been a minute since an uchuu-kei thread!
Post uchuu or space-inspired jfashion, links to appropriate clothing finds, etc.
Any new inspiration?
Have you come up with a cute coord?
Please share!
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Shitty selfpost draw
File: 1442257459270.jpg (340 KB, 1280x854) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340 KB, 1280x854
I'll dump some stuff I have.

Old thread is kill. More ILD coords are pouring in late.

This is not even a sceptre, it's a staff, which seems to have been intentional. I hate sceptres and props but this isn't the worst, thought it looks horribly impractical.
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Poor dress..

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¿Os pareció guay pagar 8'5 por la misma mierda, con más polis, invitados de mierda y ningún sitio para sentarse?
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Please, talk in english or the thread will be deleted.
What gest come to the event? Any important cosplayer?
Also, happen something interesant with local cosplayers?
Oh yes, I'm sorry.
Well, "important", Aerëin and Mike Valo went to Mangafest. Shit happened.
Also, it was really expensive for the same shit, you know.
God bless whoever who post this shit. I really need this.

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new larp thread
previous one

now with 110% more shittalking
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File: DSC04157.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
also marginally related
got a chest today, and while it needs some serious repairs it was piss cheap
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loss saber.jpg
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Talking about Star Wars got me thinking... are dickswords actually acceptable if you're playing a Jedi?
dickswords are never acceptable. Also why would you leave your lightsabre on all the time?

Let's start this off with this cringe worthy duo
the pink haired.. thing. is suppose to be Punk ChibiUsa according to Hitomi
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lol did they take this when she was about to sneeze?

File: jellyfish0203.png (182 KB, 450x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can we do a crossdress/trap idea thread? Also cosplayers/resources in general, since there's none in the catalog.

Starting off with Kuranosuke from Kuragehime.
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rui ninomiya
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File: 5408-1350963252.png (767 KB, 850x1059) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you think about people who use cosplay to make a living, or at least earn money? (Whether through appearances, doing parties, etc)? Have you ever thought about it?
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Can we add making a living in Jfashion aswell? I'm curious about people doing it without being efame fucks.
As long as they're not scammers or ditching their fans and going somewhere else like JNig, I don't really care.

However, it's not a viable career option and people who think they can live a comfortable life just by doing cosplay are delusional.

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Let's try not to shit up this new thread.

ITT: best and worse conventions, upcoming events (cosplay and lolita related), general discussion about local and state wide stuff
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Still wondering about this. Like I know the answer is probably going to be "it's shitty, don't bother" but I'd still like to actually know.
I've heard a variety of things about A-Kon cosplay contest, either that its rigged or judges were spot on with their winners. It also depends on who your hearing it from. The best is to try it out for yourself.
I consistently hear that its rigged but I don't know where that comes from of if it's true. Would be interested to hear more if anyone knows?

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Old thread is dead. >>8723375

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
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Is it just me, or has Zapp removed stickers from their site? I can't seem to find them and I feel really blind.
I know cgl is against people undercharging for art in aa but what about extremely overcharging?
I met a semi popular artist I follow on tumblr at a con the other day and I was set on buying a print...until I looked at her prices. $25 for a big print (11x17) $15 for a small (copy paper sized) Then I asked about her buttons,$3 for a 1.25 inch, I understand $2 but $3? For such a tiny button?
Everyone else at the con,myself included was charging $15 a big print and $8-10 for a small and I would say that some of the art quality was on par if not outright better than hers,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If she can sell it at that price, good for her and that also means you can raise your own prices? If she can't, then she'll learn the hard way. Either way, as long as you're laughing your way to the bank, it's fine imo.

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