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Hey /cgl/

Me and my girlfriend are split on whether to go to Comic Con Tampa (August) or Dragoncon (September) this year. We're only going to one.

We've both been to Dragoncon twice, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know Comic Con San Diego is the shit, but I never hear anything about Tampa. I've compared the two websites and CC hardly has anything posted as far as celebrity guest list and events. That kind of concerns me. DC has more info posted despite being a month further away.

>Comic con Tampa pros
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It's only a couple hours longer to drive to ATL than Tampa from Jax. Go to Dragon*con.

Any experience with Comic con Tampa?
TBCC was a train wreck. It was so unorganized and the staff were clueless. I don't care who they get as a guest I won't be giving them my money again. DragonCon might be crowded but at least there are plenty of other entertaining things to do. TBCC was bland, the only attraction they have is their guest list.

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What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a fabric? Most expensive costume you've made?
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I once spent $80 on a yard of Japanese silk.

Most I've spent on a whole cosplay is about $1500.
I think the most expensive fabric I've bought was fake fur at $30/yard.

The most expensive costume I've ever made was around $700. 10 yards of bridal satin, 50 yards of organza, and then a floor length wig, drywall stilts, aluminum tubing and feathers for wings, and some Wonderflex. And ultimately it was still kind of rubbish because it was 2009 and I didn't know what I was doing.

Jesus, for $80 a yard it better have been a hagoromo or had unicorn-hair warp threads or something.
I can't believe Yaya's fabrics cost 20-40 bucks a yard and you can't use coupons on them

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Posting because I'm a fatty who is working hard on losing weight and getting in shape. I'm about 180 pounds and I want to try to get back down to 130. Post good workouts, good diet tip, what music you listen to during workouts, etc.
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I'll start by dumping some of those character/series inspired workouts
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So the yaya cosplay fabric is starting to show up in Joann stores. Discuss quality/price/etc

Fabric stores general I guess
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Do only select stores get quality faux fur? The only times I've seen fur that wasn't scratchy thin garbage was like 5+ years ago.
My store started getting good fur last year. It's pretty expensive though so most people still just buy the pubes-on-burlap kind.
Unfortunately the good quality stuff still only comes in hideous colors and franken-animal prints.
I work at Joanns and we just got in some new fur with the cosplay line that's really nice. It is however 40$/yd which is crazy. But if you break out the coupons it's not so bad

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Pepakura based Cosplay
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This is me. I've never been more honored to find someone else post my work.

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>after 6y i finally get to buy my first lolita piece
>poor student,grew with old school and think it might be wise to begin with something simple
>find a white Karami JSK for 80$ shipped
>My "friend" C. orders it for me as i cant use paypal atm
>C. is a lone lolita since 8 years, closet full of AP,living at her grandma house, all bills payed by her so she can spend all her salary on lolita and her grandma love lolita....
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Second part. Sorry for the bother
>"i just washed all my wardrobe so it would kinda bother me..."
>"it's fine it's your stuff not mine"
>"i COULD give you some offbrand shit and a pair of shoes but my bf got them for me
>"no it's fine please don't bother plus i dont want to risk damaging your beautiful items"

I just feel sad...
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She sounds like a bitch desu, you realistically need to start your wardrobe with simple pieces, and karami jsks are generally really nice.
Are you the same anon that posted awhile ago about getting (and coording) the white Karami JSK and pink/white AH skirt? Don't let C's opinion get to you, it's what you think that matters; they're your clothes after all. Maybe she doesn't like BTSSB's older style, that's fine, it's her opinion, it doesn't mean that what you bought is shit.
I understand that you're upset but don't think about selling your stuff yet. Wait until you have the JSK and skirt in your...
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Reservations almost closed.

Anyone going to Detour? Meet ups?
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Any big photographers showing up? I know it's Minnesota, not a very important state to the cosplay community.

I'm not into a con that's all about staff power trips.

i wanted to buy myself a stormtrooper costume but they are so expensive
can someone explain why, i mean its just a few pieces of plastic
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Not sure if bait, but there's an awful lot of money and work that goes into making a full suit of armor. Unless you want some cheap Spirit Halloween tier costume, expect to pay a lot.
You must be 18+ to be here, OP. Go ask your parents for a raise in your allowance.
if it's just a few pieces of plastic then why don't you do it yourself? sounds simple enough

10/10 mad eme reply

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What do you say when your friends are bad at cosplay or lolita? Do you try to help them? Do you lie and say they look nice so you don't hurt their feelings?

>know a girl
>she's very sweet always friendly
>recently started cosplaying regularly
>she looks horrible
>everything she sews herself looks like it's falling apart
>sometimes just draws things on in sharpie

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Friends don't post friends on cgl, newfag.
If she's as sweet as you say, she'd probably be up for helpful advice from a more experienced cosplayer. I would ask if she's willing to listen to concrit before just blurting out all the things wrong with her costumes though.

>have this girl in friend group, but dont really like her personally
>she never wears make-up
>never styles her wigs, same out-of-bag style always
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>friends with a girl who is a member of an ~uguu~ cosplay group
>I don't cosplay but I chill with them sometimes
>one of the other girls approaches me about wearing lolita
>I try and give her the basics
>bitches and moans about everything
>but anon, I can buy this petti on on ebay for $3!
>but anon, I found this cupcake fabric!
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Why does the East Coast treat cosplay related events so much better than West Coast? West Coast has some good cosplay related panels but cons always just stick them in panel rooms and do little to promote them. Meanwhile the West Coast just treats these events like a giant free for all where they'll take anyone.

Meanwhile cons like Anime Boston or Tora-con actually feature these events. Boston puts cosplay chess and cosplay death match on the main stage, they get hyped crowds


Hell Anime Boston goes as far as to...
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East and West coast con culture is just incredibly different in a LOT of ways. It's still possible to get free photos on the west coast, meanwhile greenbox newbies are charging 150$ for three photos at Katsu. AB and Ota both focus a lot on getting asses in chairs due to space constraints, so any big draw event gets hyped, but the weather out West is always nice and people can wander around outside doing shoots instead. Lots of factors culturally.

But probably the answer has to do with how incestuous most con staff is. A lot of people work for multiple cons in their...
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Toracon's cosplay chess only works because it's a college club that gets to work on it all year. Outside of a condensed community like that it's hard to pull off something like that and also it took them years to refine the process and is only helped by the fact some graduates are still around. Previous years were awful and gave 10 minutes of stage time to terrible gags. With a regular con taking community volunteers you would have too much turnover and flakes.

Also west coast has a lot of game shows and it's own unique panels like Banzai Arcade....
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>katsucon masq

Lol nope, try again

Discuss shopping services (Japan & China).
Ask your questions here.
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I'm so overwhelmed by all the SSs available. How do I go about choosing one? I'm interested in buying from zozo and kera shop
I have a question about Japanese shopping services that let you bid on auction sites.
Normally, I use Buyee a lot, not the cheapest but I like how easy it works and that they only bill you after you've won, so no deposits of any kind.
The only downside is, that they won't let you edit the amount on the invoice.
Sometimes I use from Japan so I can change the invoice on the package, to avoid or reduce customs the high fees we get in the Netherlands.
But unlike Buyee, From Japan (and Japonica) requires a full in-advance deposit (I understand why that is not...
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I have been looking for a shopping service where you don't have to use paypal at all. The one I used to use is on hiatus.

I also really prefer more personal shopping service instead of a company, like the ones there used to be on livejournal (I always used the service of momoirokumasan, she was a darlinh)

I know its still 4 months away, but is anyone doing A=next despite the location change to atlantic city?
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>was thinking of making an ANEXT thread

Thank you for being a step ahead, anon.

I'm going for sure, it's become a tradition between my close group of friends and I. We're just trying to find a place to stay (which our one friend is supposed to ask her mom about their timeshare in AC).

I've never been to AC and I'm used to the greenery and quiet of Somerset so I'm curious to see how things will turn out this year.
>actual black jack and hookers
>go to con and spend money doing nothing

Well now that it's in AC I no longer have to make the choice. Fuck Anext. They've been going downhill for years and they've almost hit the rocks on the bottom.
went for the fist time last year, had no idea that this had been going on literally down the street from me. I think that having the beach nearby will present some nice photo ops, but nowhere near the diversity in location that somerset had

So LED swords, whats the best way tackling this?

The lightsaber I'm trying to make (Inquisitor's) is unique so I can't just buy it premade
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do they not have catalogs and help threads where you come from
Could get a strip of LED's and put them into a perspex tube, then sand and paint the surface white to better diffuse the light.
Ask the 501st.

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Keep the conversation and feedback going guys

Still waiting for the photo dump, by the way.
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>tfw major post con depression
I don't think I've experienced post-con depression this badly until now. This year made up for how gloomy last year felt.
So what ribbons did you end up getting. I know some of my friends got close to 300. I was there mostly Saturday and wasn't trying very hard, so I got just a few. All the ones I got were from friends except for the lesser dog ribbon. I found that one on the ground on Sunday when I was picking up a friend for lunch.

I know for most of us it's winter time, but can we have a floral dress/clothes thread? Lolita, Natural Kei, Cult Party Kei, Mori Girl, or whatever. As long as flowers are the main part of the print or design.
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