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Do you guys know any western artist that wear lolita as inspiration?
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Thought it was pretty amusing that Amy Lee got posted in the ita thread recently.
Of course she'd be a fucking ita wearing tacky bodyline.
I like the mix of lolita and 50s in melanie style, but that teeth is really cringy...
I mean, those are just her teeth. I'm not a huge fan of them either, but I don't expect her to spend time and money to get them fixed when her career is going well.

In your opinion...
>Which brand has the highest quality? (materials, construction, print quality, etc.)
>Which brand has the lowest quality?
>Have you ever bought or not bough pieces based on quality concerns?
>Which Taobao brands have the highest quality?
>Best quality for the price?
Post some detail shots you have to prove your point!
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I haven't noticed any major quality differences between brands, but I do find that the two dresses I own from Innocent World are the most comfortable dresses in my wardrobe, lolita or otherwise.
With time, major brands have been decreased their quality, I can only talk about AP and Baby though
I'm constantly disappointed by new AP quality. Holy Lantern wasn't bad, but the one that really set me off was Cameo Window. The brooch was a cheap plastic that looked like children's jewelry and their fringe detail is cheap as Hell. For me I think that IW has the best quality for the price, but I agree that they all have kind of gone down hill. I'm still really impressed by JetJ, even if that's one that's suffered a bit as well.

Lolita, cosplay, jfashion, so long its related and makes you weep just a little bit for humanity.
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There are ita-pants and there are ugly-pants. This is definitely the second.
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I feel like my sister will end up with pants like this at some point. She even did a fucking presentation for her class about wanting to be a 'mangaka'. ....For fucks sake.
I totally did this shit in 6th grade. Thank god posting pictures online was really hard back then.

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sewing thread, post your tutorials, ask questions, and get help!
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My parents want to get me a sewing machine for Christmas but I know pretty much nothing about them.

What brand/model and new or used? My dad is looking at some kind of used Viking for around $200 right now.
Cheap supermarket sew machines like for 100€ are pretty well.
I would go for new with a warranty if you don't know anything about machines, old ones are usually reliable and easy to fix - but only if you already know a bit about sewing! I had an entry level janome which was fine, singers are a bit crap these days and brother is variable but if you have a comprehensive warranty you should be ok

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let's start a new one.

>what's you favorite oldschool piece? Do you own it?

recently bought this piece off of Wunderwelt and it was labeled as offbrand for aprox 6000 yen. turned out to be a Baby piece, Babydoll OP from 2002.
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How can I find out how old something from wunderwelt is?

Are you rooting for anyone? What happened to the last kawaii leaders? Discuss Kawaii.i's contest
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>Are you rooting for anyone?
Not really; it's basically a popularity contest.
I voted for this guy. Let's all vote for this guy!
>another one of these fucking things

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Hello /cgl/.

In July I'm going to go to a post-apocalyptic themed LARP (live action role-play) festival and I plan to wear a survivor-like soldier since I do play airsoft and so I have military-grade equipment.

I'm asking you to write me some suggestions about my future costume like kind of materials, body armors and stuff. It must look cool but also functional in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Also, if possible, I'd like to buy as less things as possible since is the spirit of the festival to improvise/make things with what I already have.

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shameless self bump
What's the event called?
hmm idk maybe post more pix

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/cgl/ confession thread? /cgl/ confession thread.

I am with my boyfriend since nearly two years now, "likes" lolita and such, and lately i've discovered he was texting another girl that was actually in cosplay and i saw he was sexting with her. (i basically trust in a relationship but it was accidental, mine was totally dead from the whole day and charging so i took his to make a call and...fell on all their stuff. He was basically sexting right before i came home. Wow)
Heart= broken.
He even said that my boobs were too small to "justify"...
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I think he got what was coming to him
OP you're my hero.
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fucking screencapped
serves him well

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Comic Con Edition

Post photos, share your experience, talk about your favorite and least favorite cosplays of the weekend, etc.

What's next on the calendar for Portugal?
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I think the next Portuguese event is Festasia, but it looks to me that they will delay it for another year.
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It was cool i guess. A LOT more stuff than last year, but the guests and panels weren't as good.

I went to that as a STALKER from Freedom. Don't suppose anyone arround got a picture with me, since i didn't actually take any?

It's not like it's a very recognisable thing or a very good cosplay, but it was a first and kinda put thogheter in a hurry...
Are we upping our cosplay quality, Portugal? I'm impressed

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dear god i hope there's spoilers
need more new AP prints
Pics are in Lolita Updates. Several new prints debuted, and one new Imai Kira collab.
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Cecilia Cross

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Crimson Thunder.jpg
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Has anyone got any good Ranger/Sentai cosplay?

I'm kind of tempted to get a Crimson or Navy Thunder suit, but i'm really sceptical of the quality and timeframe they give you.

I think Aniki is the most popular one but i've heard some really dodgy stuff he does, and people are waiting 6+ months for an order.

I talked to JTOKUCOSTUME and they've been quick and upfront with my questions, but they don't have any pictures of the finished product (no prior commissions I guess?) I want so i'm unsure how it would turn out.

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Navy Thunder.jpg
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What's your budget?

Low: --> Buy a kit for the helmet and paint/sand it yourself. Or use model for hobby/colorsuits stuff. Be warned, it won't look very good.

Medium -->($800-$1000) Aniki. Buy 1 year in advance, especially if it's not a super popular ranger they make all the time.

High -->($1500-$2000) Go on rangerboard and commission pieces from US sellers.
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Probably medium, but I don't want to wait so long.

I'm not very handy at all so making it myself would be out of the question.

>tfw JTOKU only does Navy

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Been craving some pretty/intricate costumes and haven't seen a Sakizou thread in awhile so share what you have!

Anyone know what happened to tights anon that was designing some tights?
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So I googled this and from the information I've gathered it's cosplay of art? If not please educate me.
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Yeah, Sakizou is an artist who draws a lot of intricate art with tons of details and people cosplay her art.

I'm looking for pictures and tutorials of hairdos for berets. Just got Chess Emblem and need to style my hair. Other hat hairstyles and inspo welcome as well.

ITT: Lolita hairstyles for hats and berets.
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I love berets
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Blog thread?
Share old and new blogs about Jfash/lolita/lifestyle/... anything nice to read and /cgl/ related, really
Selfposts are fine. I won't selfpost mine unless asked for and will send privately.
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>mfw guiltily updating mine right now because i've neglected it for like a month since i started my new job
Oh what is it about anon?
What platform?
I am looking for more blogs to comment on, i just wanna get some blog friends
>tfw too shy
There's a google doc with a list of blogs somewhere; on mobile so I can't link it right now.

I've sort of fallen out of blogging; I feel like I want to update but I have nothing to post about.

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Old thread is in autosage!

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first
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Ds: pastel a la mode skirt in pink. Asking $150 including U.S. shipping.
File: closetcleaning.png (2 MB, 1010x1404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1010x1404
Closet cleaning! If interested, shoot me an email and I can provide proof photos. If we work out payment today, I can ship tomorrow! All reasonable offers considered.

Most of these I never wore due to my bust size - I have a 90cm bust and often end up with things that just don't look quite right when I try them on.

I ship from the US. Shipping isn't included, it'll generally run $6-12 domestically for tracked shipping. Also more than happy to make Lace Market auctions for transparency.

1: CEL St Augustine's Abbey JSK, size M: $100....
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File: Nanchatte sets.png (3 MB, 1892x978) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nanchatte sets.png
3 MB, 1892x978
Selling nanchatte set, everything purchased from Korea, mostly from Sechuna. Never worn. Sets include everything that's on the photo and I will throw in free knee-highs (unworn, not tried on ofc), grey or dark blue, depending on what you want.
Set one: Plaid skirt and bow, cute oversized long cardigan (folded on photo) with two pockets. 30% wool coat with pockets. Coat is black, cardigan is charocal. Coat is labeled as size M, skirt aswell (will fit S too), cardigan is free-sized. (130$)
Set two is sold.

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