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Since it's right around the corner are any SoCal seagulls going to this?
I've never been to it, so what can I expect?
General discussion about this con.
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Fuck you I was gonna make this thread

This is a fun social con, expect parties, a wide variety of cosplay, meetups and cool artists

This con is moving locations as you might have guessed so it'll be interesting to see how it goes
Planning too. Especially now since I live about 5 miles from the con center.
Can't wait. I got a room at the main hotel for 4 days.

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Prints get all the love these days, but no print dresses can be just as gorgeous and usually have interesting details.
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What material is this made of?
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these fuckin bags.jpg
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i know fairy kei is kinda dead but ey, whatever
post accessories and cute spank! shit to satiate my thirsty pastel-craving ass

also lately ive been drooling over fairy kei-able waistbags, but rarely do i ever come across them (at least the ones leaning towards the style im thinking of, pic related, found it on y!a and have been dying ever since) if anyone has any suggestions, tips or buzzwords i can use to snag one of these or view a wider selection, please tell me!
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oldfag /where are they now thread?

the old days have been on my mind a lot lately
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dude yeah what happened to masa?
They dead
I feel like most of the people on here haven't been around long enough to remember that shit. That picture is from like 6 years ago right?

Dear /cgl/,

What in the actual fuck is the technical term for the ring/rivet combo that holds the bell on collars?
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A ring ring.
fuck you thread killer, there's multiple threads you could have posted this shit to. you aren't going to get a whole discussion out of this.

shaking my head at your thoughtlessness
It's an imageboard. Thread will be in and out.

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Do you think there's an untapped market for lolita designs on men's clothing?

I'll admit, I don't follow lolita culture at all really, but whenever I pass by a lolita vendor at a con I can't help but wish I had that design on a nice suit jacket.

I know male lolita and brolita exist but I'm sure there's some middle ground that's yet to be considered, what do you think?

I made this mock-up to give a rough example of what I mean, I wanted to put in a classical lolita design but I couldn't find any good pictures of...
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I fucking wish. I want to dress up with my husband and match but the only options are to make everything myself or buy shitty borderline steampunk clothes. Guys need cute things too.
I can't even get ouji items with prints on them so I would kill for this.
I think there'd definitely be an appeal. Lolita was subversive when it first happened and this would be subversive as well.

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Post any new shironuri coords/outfits that you like or dislike (critique what you've disliked) and self posts are welcome.
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tumblr dump
File: image.jpg (125 KB, 640x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.jpg (137 KB, 640x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would you agree?
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she supports people like jnig and yaya so no. not with her. people like this always target the product of issues caused elsewhere.
Well, but she does make a point about cosplay being something that is a hobby and about fun. When you go to a halloween party you don't give a fuck if the fat guy in the ghostbusters costume is just himself in a brown overall and a soap box tied to his back because you have fun at the party. Do that on a con, and you're the target of ridicule, on the con and possibly on the internet as well. And that is even worse if you are female.
Sweetie do you know where you are?

The old one reached its image limit.
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Have you ever successfully deweebified a weeaboo?

Or you yourself, stopped being the embarrassing weeaboo?
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A thread died for this.
I stopped being a weaboo myself. It was a gradual process. I became one in isolation from people who could explain why it was so bad and I was too young to see past my own interests.
Yeah, some autosaged general that's already been remade.

File: miracleribbonodottemita.jpg (191 KB, 1626x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's be weebs and dance together, /cgl/! Post odottemita covers, group covers, performances, cringes, and more!
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Remember Yukapon? Her old videos make me cry with embarassment but she's actually pretty hot now and she's living the weeb dream in Japan, she still acts like an annoying kawaii baby though.
Careful anon, mods don't like it when yukapee is mentioned.

A good majority of net idols have actually gone to Japan and live the aidoru dream in some way. Secretly salty, but i can live on.
I love this dance but I feel like it's just doomed for bad covers.

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Last thread: >>8682837

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

Let's discuss:
> As we are basically at the end of the year now, what did you think of 2015 overall in terms of HS cosplays?
> What are some of your favorite winter themed HS cosplays?
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I still love that group.

>what did you think of 2015 overall in terms of HS cosplays?
I feel like there was a huge drop in the amount of homestuck at cons. Otakon Saturday still had a good amount of cosplayers, but Friday was just pathetic. Maybe the game will give us a second wind, but the current hiatus fells like the nail in the coffin.
And with that I'll just throw it out there that (if there's still interest for it, of course) I'll make my year end review in a week or two, and that if anyone have any new (or old) names they want me to take a look at, I'd like to know about them!
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Crunchy Anon, you deserve it.

I have to say it felt like that last thread was never going to max out. Also my guess >>8746062 for >>8745923 still stands.

File: shbwflm3octatidwnxxt.png (645 KB, 620x1364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So...anyone going to be cosplaying anyone from this?
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God I hope so

Didn't think anything of Zebei then I heard his voice and hnnnghhh gimme all the husbandos
I want to see Kushi with that giant fuck-off hawk. Or Tungar with his turbansword.
Fuck it, I really want to see all of them.

Except fatties attempting Phoebe, that'll suck.
There was a Razmi in a recent WIP thread

Times you thought twice about cosplaying thread?

>be 17
>at family get-together
>nobody in my family gives a shit
>at 8 PM they started bringing out the champagne glasses
>by 9 everyone's drunk (except for me)
>when my parents are drunk they usually tell their darkest secrets
>of course they get drunk off their asses
>somebody starts dancing on the dining room table
>walks into living room
>sees mom and dad making out on the couch
>"You know, Anon, this reminds me of when we conceived you."
>you can almost hear the barriers of my sanity breaking
>"It was Halloween when we did it... That would explain why you like cosplay so much Anon."
>even the sound of people screaming and the dining room table splitting in two would not drown out my own internal screaming now
>"I was dressed as Catgirl, and your father was dressed as the Wolfman."
>u focking wot
>can't handle it
>walk into the dining room again
>sees my aunt without a shirt passed out in a pool of her own piss next to the broken antique dining table
>looks outside
>sees everyone throwing up in the pool

>MFW I'm gonna have to clean all this up tomorrow
>MFW I realize my parents are furries
>MFW my last name is Wolf

I am now grossed out at the mere mention of cosplay. I don't know if I have the stomach to do it again without thinking of that terrible moment.
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thank you for this story, anon
But you need to be 18 to view this board.

What are you up to, Mass seagulls? Also, other than Anime Boston and AAC, what are your favorite cons that aren't too far from the home state? Been looking to branch out since those are the only 2 I attend annually.
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personally, i've always really loved ctcon
i live in nh and the only anime/cartoon cons in the area i've been to are AAC, drawncon and qck (which is shit dont go). i'm thinking about going to AB next year though.

you could try out portcon or conneticon, which are fairly well known. portcon is pretty cool from what my friends tell me

Ctcon is shit and literally the same price as some of the best cons in the country.

OP you could try ghosting Arisia, it's pretty alright if you don't pay for a badge and the parties are great

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