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Didn't see one in the catalog. Here's my Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII that I plan to revamp soon.
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Is this a vendetta thread? I just feel like a seagull wouldn't produce that sort of cosplay
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you look great!!

i'm hoping to fix this up a little by katsu and even do an actual photoshoot of it, but here's my monomi/usami from sdr2, i worked really hard on it and i think it came out pretty good!! (and i do actually have shoes for it, they're gold, i'm just not wearing them in this pic because i was at a meetup at a friend's house and had already taken them off)

next time show cleavage

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old thread >>8716442

ILD is coming up. Any cute winter/holiday meet-ups your comms are doing (for ILD or otherwise)?
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whoops, sorry for humongous image
not as humongous as tartan-chick's arm
Some people have no experience hosting events and don't feel comfortable taking on all that responsibility by themselves the first time, anon. There's no need to insult them for it. I really hope you're not my comm's mod.

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Mail arrived destroyed or didn't even arrive at all?

Mail carriers steal your packages and the wonderful goodies inside?

Share here!
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Sharing some stories/pics I found.

>Dear USPS,
>Thank you so much for sending me such a nice letter to apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused when you lost the contents of the package I sent through your high-quality shipping service.

>Thank you also for sending back the damaged, empty package (as pictured) that looks like it has been drop-kicked by a postman that “went postal” and then thrown into a puddle of water, driven over by said postman followed shortly...
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>Item advertised as shipped through UPS. Kind of expensive for shipping a simple envelope but whatever.
>UPS does not like to leave packages at my house, so ship to work address instead
>Turns out that package is sent through monstrous piece of shit service known as Surepost where delivery takes twice as long because UPS drops the package at random UPSP location, who then later on delivers it
>Tracker says item delivered on Saturday, left in front

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Screenshot (9).png
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I think most established lolitas have had one or two binges, whether they be because of a tax return or a bonus at work or anything, really. Tell us about them, gulls! Did you blow it all on that new release or just buy 5 new dresses all at once? Do you regret it? Why or why not?

My most recent binge I spent something like 500$, so not too terrible. I have no excuse other than I was sad.
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My last binge was 1000 euros, I spent it all on oldschool dresses and the Misty Sky re-release. I only regret not getting more tops, because I promised myself I was going to use it for more blouses and in the end I bought like 7 new main pieces and 1 cutsew.
>pretend shopping by making a y!ja watch list
>not so much pretend anymore
>going to justify it by saying it's a christmas present to myself
>almost 2k16
>binging brand instead of melty cream donut replicas

Old one at over 300 >>8686675

Some questions left open from the last one:
>Is there any real way to fade stretch marks?
>Epiduo replacements?
>handcream recommendations
>correct asian skincare order
- see pic related

General links
reddit.com/r/asianbeauty or /r/skincareaddiction
skinandtonics.com for asian product reviews, ingredients to avoid and (a heavy and expensive) routine
any more link tips?
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another routine order infograph
skincare myths infograph
last point is interesting - seen a lot of "drink more water is a myth" posts in the last few months. I can personally say that everything seems to work better when i drink at least 2-3l of pure tea or water a day. from digestion to guaranteed no stinky breath, and i don't look as sad and crumpled when i wake up.

but yeah if your cleanser makes your skin feel dry it's wrong for you, no amount of water can help with that.
Hey fellow fine-line/undereyes/dark circles anons (I know there's at least two of you)

-how's it going? Seen any improvement?
>>I have matching single fine laugh lines that entend past my undereyes and touch the very tops of my cheeks (I know that sounds haggard and terrible but they're verrrry fine and unnoticeable) I swear it looks like they're getting shorter, I think the continued retinol is paying off. And being more hydrated and rested..

-found your go-to retinol product yet?
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Countdown to Christmas Edition
Old Thread >>8736452

Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8739917
Coord Help >>8738411
Dream Dress Thread >>8729715
Dumb Questions >>8737527
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Does anyone know a shop that has decent quality straw boaters that's preferably US based?

I know it the middle of winter, but I want to wear a country coord god dammit.
If you are requesting US-based for shipping purposes, you can filter ebay results by USA only. If you're looking for US-based construction...that's going to be a lot harder to find or else a lot more expensive. If you want Made-In-The-US, let me know and I'll keep looking.
I got mine from Forever 21 for like 8 bucks. Simple but functional.

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Post your favourite Christmas/winter lolita outfits!
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Post coords/dresses/skirts etc. with the main colour scheme being a shade of pink!

In a mighty need of pink insp, hence this.
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This is literally almost every thread.

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Old one reached limit
Old Thread >>8724906

Will we ever find a perfect Undyne?
Any tutorials you can share?
Post your upcoming or completed cosplays
and WIP's
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I'm upcycling my velvet Eridan cape into Asgore. It's pretty much the same process as any HS cosplay. Just... snout? What to do?¿
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Finished the base of the napstabot chestpiece. I'm hoping to completely finish it by the end of the night. I just need to add the speaker and create the cross-faders that are going to be on the other side of the chest.
>What to do?¿
go back to tumblr

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This was just announced.

Really feeling like the US branch is crashing and burning thanks to shitty organizers.
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I'm willing to bet a lot of cons turned this down because of the sheer cost involved for the "privilege" of hosting. I still wish someone in the USA would start a different cosplay competition that wasn't run like a shitshow.
This is my local con.

What does this mean for me?
Song and dance dog show

>Anime Matsuri Hawaii invites YUEGENE, cosplay guest from Thailand
>She gets to Hawaii
>Con organizer doesn't send anyone to pick her up
>Con organizer doesn't contact her
>No one does shit
>Doesn't speak english, no translator
>Issue with her visa
>Police arrest her and throw her in jai
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Holy fucking shit. You don't get a strike two after that.
Man, I knew there was gonna be some shitstorm at this thing. Did any seagulls end up going?
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>people trusting anime matsuri
>people even going to anime matsuri
What happened to that boycott?

I'm surprised she even got out, I full expected them to outright claim she was never invited

Can we get another gyaru thread going? They die so fast, but I love them so much.
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Where is the best place to sell gyaru clothing? And how much does the luckypack trunks/bags go for? I'm thinking of selling everything I don't wear anymore as a huge lot
What are you selling anon? I might be interested.
I'm interested in buying as well. Feel free to shoot me an email

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One thing I spaced on before my last Japan trip was the possibility of visiting a thrift store in Japan. I'd like to avoid that this next time around and would love to hear seagull stories. Talking points:
>Stores to check out. I've been bookmarking Okoku or Purchase Kingdom
>Selling clothes. Anons have mentioned that bringing a suitcase of ridiculous retro American clothes can fetch a pretty penny
>Stories and finds
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I had a really...werid thrifting experience in Japan. I'm not even sure if it was thrift store to be honest, it was just a small store across the street from ... I think it was Abeno Belta. There were no duplicate items and nothing had tags so it seemed like they were all donated, but I'm not sure. I was carrying all my groceries but I decided to take a look inside and I was greeted by a super sweaty old man who had a heavy kansai accent and was stuttering and was almost impossible to understand. He talked to me for like 30 minutes before I could get started shopping....
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Most "thrifting" in Japan is expensive, and they won't give you much cash for anything you bring in
>ridiculous retro American clothes
But that stuff is great, and if you have any that's usuable in Jfashion you might have better luck/make more money selling things like that on EBay or something, especially if >>8742260 is right.
Off topic, but years ago, for a brief moment in London, a big American thrift store opened up selling loads of imported retro American stuff for cheap; it was great, I still have a few items. If the...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Old one is sagging
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>goes in thinking not that bad
>zooms in

y? because she's fat?
Dress is ill fitted,
No makeup for a character shown to wear it.
jeggings rather than tights
Terrible posing that makes one look like a man in drag

>why is bad??

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