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What was the most you ever spent on a cosplay/lolita outfit?

I just ended up dropping $200 on Spider-Gwen, once all the accessories were accounted for.
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Most of my bigger cosplays end up falling in the $150-$300 range. I usually don't spend more than $15/yd for fabric because I have a few local stores that are accessible, so it keeps the price lower than it might otherwise be.
I just spend 1,200 buying new from Baby a dress, underskirt, blouse, bag, tights, shoes, bloomers, wrist cuffs, necklace, bracelet, headdress, and parasol. I have no self control. I walked out of the store and immediately went, "oops". But it looks pretty at least ;-;

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Can we please discuss this movie?
I remember threads from a year or two ago with people finding it on a chinese website and roughly translating it. It's super obscure for some reason.
It includes
>maid cafe
>kawaii net idoru
>greasy otaku
>AKB48 members
what's not to like?
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There also is a small manga serie that this movie is based on it looks awesome but unfortunately it's nowhere to be found online and even less translated
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I actually used the movie for reaction images

I see all these people posting about slots being open for Katsucon, and last thread here wasn't very helpful. I'm looking what good photographers are good to work with at Katsucon.
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Tbh I want to know the answer too, however this is 4chan. You could get a lot of photogs self-promoting, or vendetta-chans whining about photogs that may be lovely to work with. So this isn't the best place to ask this question.
Or you could just have assholes that want to fuck with your head to reply. Or people know some good ol dirt on photogs.

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Hey /cgl/ lets have a maid cafe general!

Have a maid cafe near you? Work at a maid cafe, even if its just at a con? Come share stories, pictures, etc.

I'll Start:
I've been working for a small con the past few years doing maid cafe, and we've changed some things around and need some nice, not too expensive dresses for the maids to wear. Anyone have any ideas?
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>all those facial lines
definite head maid right there
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Yay I love maid threads!

bodyline has some cute ones that aren't too bad of a price. Their quality is okay and slightly better than if you were to get one of the amazon dresses.
That does look cute!
is there a way to get them in different sizing though? some of our maids are... well, bigger...

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Cleaned my external hard drive and hit the motherload
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Starting off with a question;
what does /cgl/ think of The sushi times? Love it, hate it?
I've always found it rather...annoying...not sure why. But I must admit most articles are well written.
I like it, though the typos are annoying.

who else is going to the summer tales teaparty?

Old one
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This is like the fourth high-priority wishlist dress I've found this year. I thank Maki, Asuka, and the Holy Isobe every day for their generosity.
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excited for my weeb shirts
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This little cutie is about to be shipped out and I snagged three lenses for $28!

>bless Honeycolor and mBok

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Bring out your dead, seagulls.

Show me the crazy shit folk used to do in the name of Japanese fashion. I'll start.

>this fucking hair
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>decora lolita
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>ero lolita: "all you need is bloomers!" edition
Wow. I love this hair. I must have missed it.

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I thought I'd start a thread for the little things roommates do that annoy you.

Being noisy on the toilet in the morning. Yes I realise you probably thought I was still asleep but I could have done without hearing you groaning on the toilet as you strained to take a dump

Snoring, enough said.
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My worst con roommate experience was at Katsucon 2015 when I shared a room with a semi-famous cosplayer and her super awkward boyfriend.

>>out until 3am or later every night, made a ton of noise coming in each time and woke everyone up
>>turned off the air conditioner at night because "it's February!!" Even though there were 6 people in the room, literally woke up in a puddle of sweat each morning
>>spent the whole time bitching about how shitty other people's...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>big group of friends maybe 12
>have two rooms next to each other at big con
>One designated quiet room one designated party night owl room
>group splits about 5 to quiet 7 to party
>couple in party room causes such drama that by the end of the weekend it was 2 to the party room and 10 in the quiet room
What sort of drama?

Old Thread

Starting off with Cadney in gothic.
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She looks really great, I think gothic suits her face much more than sweet.

Also, hahaha when will it stop...
It definitely helps that she's not doing her usual forced smile. I almost didn't recognize her.
Posting some recent outfits to get things rolling.

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Christmas is less than a month away.
What's on your wish list?
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A friend.
Sonico figures and a black Milk purse right now

I'll likely just get money from my parents, so either way, I'll be happy
My dad got me a dremmel as an early gift, which has literally been a blessing from god, hoping for a dress form and a few Monster/Ever After High dolls from the rest of my family/bf. My bf's been hinting at having gotten me a Super Sonico figure so I'm excited for that also. If I get money I might end up saving it to get some nice blouses or something.

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I had an idea for a thread that I thought would be nice. What's the best meetup you've ever been to, or your fondest memory of wearing lolita? I thought back on all the fun times this fashion has given me and I'm curious about yours. Describe your favorite lolita memory, either with your comm, with friends or another situation!
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I think my fondest memory was when I decided to dress up to go to the museum with my SO. There was a group of young girls, maybe around 5 years old, that were on a field trip. They were so excited to see me. They all wanted my "autograph" and kept asking me if I was a real princess. I told them the generic "all girls are princesses" response, which they loved. One of them grabbed my hand and begged me to go with them. It was the sweetest moment in lolita I've ever experienced.
This melted my icy heart, anon. That's adorable.
I had a similar experience to that and it really does feel absolutely wonderful! (and is really adorable)

When I was in college I had an elective class that was fiction writing, and for the whole semester we worked on our children's book. Did drafts, illustrations, submitted it to *pretend* publishers, etc. Instead of taking a final, we all just went to a local elementary school and had a reading day with the kids. I was decked out in full VM classic as it sort of matched the theme of my book and all the...
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So pic related finally came out in my country and I've just started playing it and wondered if anyone else is playing?

This thread is for CGL related games in general so feel to post suggestions for games that people might like to play!
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I want it so badly, it's really good and have a lot jfashion outfits
it's still not out for NA right?

I've just been playing trendsetters and making larme coords lately.
We pirated it on a japanese new 3ds because NOA still hasn't announced this for NA.

So good though, only down side is the buying center only stocks once a day in real time so you have to time travel to get more merch :/

I hope more people are playing because i'd like to talk about where to unlock all the colors!

Old thread in auto sage >>8720742
Remember that gifts need to be sent out by the first week of December!
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Reporting since the last thread is almost dead:
ML from OH and KAL from NY, do either of you have allergies/food issues? I would like to bake some holiday cookies (linzers and gingerbread or sugar cookies, probably) and send with your packages, but if you can't or won't eat them, I'll just hold off.
KAL here, I don't have any allergies. looking forward to the sweets!
Should we mark them somehow? I have a ton of packages coming and would hate to accidentally open it!

>mfw I accidentally opened a gift today because I got 3 packages at once and had no clue it was even a gift

Maybe write Lolita Gift Exchange or /cgl/ on it somewhere?

old one is saging
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Reposting from old thread. I think the bolero might be too light of a brown...
I'm having the exact same problem coording sweet cream house at the moment, do all the browns match
Looks a good coord though. I think the bolaro could work really well even if it doesn't really match!
I think you are safe with the bolero because sweet cream house has like 3 different shades of brown.

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