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Post jfashion or cosplay Instagram accounts that you like. Of course feel free to share your own.

Also some questions for added discussion.
>what do you look for in an Instagram account when following?
>what do you hate when people post?
>what do you wish people posted more of?
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Is anyone else sick of seeing GLW and Lockshop shit in the eglcommunity tag? I had really hoped they'd stick to the obvious lolitafashion and lolita ones, and eglcommunity could be just for non-commercial stuff, but GLW tag all their non-lolita shit with the same tags and it's really annoying.
Yup it's super annoying. Honestly every tag seems to end up with so much commercial spam. It's frustrating to say the least.
I sort of wish you could report tag spam or something, it's really stupid. I just want to see people post cute shit and outfits.

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Old one >>>8722427

>tfw just got an adorable oldschool sweet piece but way too ugly and chubby for it to look cute

Thinking of selling it, I'm so embarrassed
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Work out!
Work out!


Everyone can do it, OP. If you need aduvce or backup, start a cos/lolifit thread.
I'm addicted to lolita, and my whole family knows it.

I'll literally blow my whole paycheck the day of pay day and do nothing for 2 weeks and hope I don't need gas in my car

My new years resolution is to budget. I'm going to put $50 automatically into savings for conventions and I'm going to start paying for a few of my own bills.
Start with walking anon! Park your car a bit further away from entrances to places, I always do that!

I do cardio at my house called 10-down
10 squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups

Then you do 9 of each, then 8 of each, then 7 of each, etc. I do that daily from martial arts and still do it!

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New Zealand cosplay scene thread. How goes preparation for Wellygeddon?
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Wellington Armageddon is seven months away.
You haven't started preparing?
bruh, these threads are usually about last-minute panic/crying, not sensible early costume preparation.

There was a recent Waikato cosplay picnic and a christmas picnic coming up for Auckland. How was the former and who's ready for the latter?

I bought my first kimono last year for black friday. With the holidays coming up, I was wondering if anyone has made any great purchases or are looking forward to any sales.

Feel free to post pictures, discuss & ask questions
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1 MB, 956x1280

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What shops are definitely having black friday and/or cyber monday sales?
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your mom
Anyone know where I can get a good ringlet style wig?
Lockshop isn't having a black friday sale this year.

Couldn't find a hair general and I didn't want to shit up the black hair thread.

I'm looking for inspo on a short cut with a short fringe. I have reservations against wigs so I'm trying to make the most with my current shaggy cut I have now.
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I'm afraid that if I go too weird I'll look like a douche.

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Are you doing something cool with your comm? Maybe you're just chilling by yourself or with some friends/family? What do the coordinates that you're working on look like?

I think it would be interesting to hear nice or horrific past ILD stories too.
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My comm has organized a high-tea and Secret Santa gift exchange, followed by a trip to look at Christmas trees!

It'll actually be the first meet I've attended, so I'm hoping that I can easily fit into the group.
I'm really looking forward to this meet as well. It's great when new people come out. We're a pretty friendly group.

My new meta bag came in today to finish my ILD coord.
So I'm assuming that you're another member of the Victoria group? (If that's the case, awesome! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone.)

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Women doing cosplay of male characters and men doing cosplay of female characters.
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Noctis supporting Patron and fundraisers is basically trying to justify begging companies to sponsor her because of her body, looks and likes
New Kita name:
that was so beautiful, I laughed my arse off

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I know it's a bit early (since they are about a month away~) but I wanted to start a thread on Lucky Packs/Happy Packs! All brands welcome.

>Are you going to get a lucky pack?
>From where?
>Have you gotten them before? If so, are they worth it to you?

I'm really looking to get an Angelic Pretty lucky pack this year. Is anyone else aiming for one? Do you use a shopping service, or do you try to get one through the Japanese website using tenso? What print do...
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I want one from IW but it sounds like they're hard to get :( so even though I don't really like AP I might get one if I can't get the IW one. I've been excited for this ever since I missed the outerwear one recently
I got the JSK set actually featured here and it a good JSK with a cute design. It's really nice when I don't want to think too hard about a coord or need to throw something on last minute as I don't have any other full sets. I didn't really like last years print but if I like it this year I would definitely get another one from AP.
Also I use the included purse and blouse all the time so I think it's pretty worth it.
Does anyone have experience with lesser known brand lucky packs/not the big lolita ones? I'm trying to assemble a doc of brands for several fashions.
Looking for info on:
> Listen flavor
>Nile Perch
> Amavel
> Ma*rs
> Datura
> Jane Marple
> Emily Temple Cute

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Hand forged scissor blade made from a bundle of scissors. Fucking hell, why do I even try to compete any more...
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Technically a costume but fuck me... That is epic.
The people who do that are professional black smiths, i don't think that's anything to beat yourself up over about.
Yea man, they get requests all the time for improbable weapons. Plus it's also hard for them to wield them cuz they use metals. They did Cloud's sword and barely could lift the fucker.

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What would be the best/recommended way to cover/ hide overlap ridges when using worbla? Especially if they can't be flattened out.

Also worbla general if you want
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Get a thick paintbrush. When the worbla is hot roll the end of the brush over the overlaps to smooth them out.

>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money.
>>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money.

How so? Not disagreeing with you, I've only used yellow worbla.
>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money

How so? i like how much smoother the surface is, it saves me hours of priming and sanding.

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Kickstarter Logo.png
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Any new Kickstarters looking good? Anything actually worth backing at the moment? Backed any past projects? Talk about it here!
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Ill just get it started, I found this one by Doc Dailey and friends, he did a successful project awhile ago, and is doing another helmet, looks intresting, pic related are helmets being made. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126202269/frontier-buccaneer-3d-printed-cosplay-prop-helmets
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People kickstarting their trips to cons? Seriously? And some weebs pay for that? Wow...

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What are your guys opinons on buying cosplay?
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boring topic

no one cares as long as you don't lie about it
Let me give you a run-down of how this thread will go
> buying your cosplay is fine as long as you don't lie about it
> I buy my cosplay because I'm not talented at crafting and obviously don't know that no one is born talented!
> Buying is lazy, craftsmanship is superior cosplay type because I am an elitist
> buying your cosplay is fine as long as you don't lie about it
> Buying and making has the...
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Hi! I'm Japanese.
I'll introduce Japanese cosplay culture and player photo.
It's up to anons whether you post images or not.
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It was recently held "World Cospley Summit" in Japan.
That said I was not took part that.
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Sorry about my poor English.(ToT)
it's cyborgnene!! omg I love her sooooo much !! she's hot, smart and funny !!!! a japanese jnig with naturally huge tits and great personality!

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