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Old one: >>8713830

Self explanatory
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I''m shocked these two haven't been these threads yet. They burn enough bridges in the East Coast community.
>Self explanatory
About your vendetta? Yup.

There's nothing "bad" other than a yawn.

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Let's talk about Lolita and Jfashion youtubers, the helpful, entertaining, cringey, whatever. I need more to watch.
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Confused as to why this thread is dead?
Uhh... don't know why this thread hasn't gone anywhere, but I really like princessmei. She's really cute, and nerdy enough to where she's relatable.

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Old thread: >>8716134

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet...
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I ordered 2 things using the forwarding service, and when I checked only 1 of them has shipped. I don't want to risk having to pay warehouse fees. What's the best course of action here? I just ordered about 36 hours ago.
Reposting from last thread:
Does the Pastel Goth style have any certain terms to use on taobao? It's not in the dictionary and combining the terms for pastel and goth doesn't really work. I want to buy some stuff for a friend, so search terms and good shop links would be loved. I tried googling it, but almost all the links lead to dead shops.

Wait longer, it's during a heavy rush season and even outside of that items can take a lot longer to ship. You have 20 free warehouse days per item (the counting only begins once the item is at the warehouse), and the fee charged is 1 yuan per day so it's super minimal if you don't have many things. If after a couple more days they don't ship, you can go to your order management page click 'remind seller to ship'. If they still do nothing after more days, contact the seller and ask when the item will be sent.

Chill out, and take your time to look around your order management pages. If you use google chrome's auto translate and the english guides already published for taobao, you'll become more comfortable and won't panic so easily over nothing. Good luck anon!
pastel goth doesn't really exist like it does on tumblr and elsewhere, so there is no catch-all term for the clothing. I'm guessing combinations of soft sister (for the pastels) or ice cream color, and motifs like the crosses, skulls/bones, etc. accessories are pretty easy to search for using the dictionary terms.

what is fairy gore?
I heard it's a mix of Fairy kei/Lolita/Menhera?
Pretty much cute pastel with bloody sfx make up and self harm items?
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Please stop mixing fashions in an attempt different.
not a jfash.

go back to tumblr please
I don't think they are mixing it?

Fairy gore is a fashion not originated from JFashion
It was a fashion started by cosplays of Elfgutz and Saccstry.

The origin also started of a pale grunge and pastel goth.

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Can we have a decoden thread? We've had them before and they went really well.

I'm thinking about getting some whipple cream, anyone here have experience with it? Also what are your thoughts on the amount of people who use it to decorate phone cases? Is that market pretty much full or should I try to get in on that?
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I used to do a FUCKLOAD of Decoden (pic related of a couple did)

I actually just bought "Whipple" branded whipple cream today.. Its a lot like watered down fimo and Im not sure of its lasting capability, I actually used to use silicon as as much as it smelled horrid for the first week, it was waterproof and had incredibly strong hold on the case and the deco pieces.

Basically in the decoden market.. Its like:
1. How good are your creations
2. How cheaply can you price

When I was selling I bought in MASSIVE bulk and could undercut...
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Wish people made S5 decoden cases, but no one does it. Cases are too expensive compared to iphone I guess...
Your stuff looks a lot like what I see on instagram!
Unfortunately I don't know enough about silicone to make these kind of phone cases.
I thought it was like dyed glue? The video I saw of someone making a case made it seem that way because they put it on, and then stuck a bunch decoden stuff in it and it dried perfectly.
I've also seen videos of people dropping the cases they made to prove it holds up and it does, at least for one drop it does.

Most people only have their phones for like...
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What degree did you get in college?
What profession do you work in now?
Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
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> What degree did you get in college?

Theater arts with an emphasis on costume/set design and costume/set construction

>What profession do you work in now?

I'm a seamstress for a dress shop that makes ballroom dancing dresses for the competitive ballroom dancing circuit. Which is a thing. The dresses you see on Dancing With the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing? Shit like that except not held together with duct tape and prayers.

>Is your salary enough to buy the brand...
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>What degree did you get in college?
General English
>What profession do you work in now?
I'm in the Education field (and not a teacher). I work with colleges across the US to do data and enrollment reporting mainly.
>Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
Oh yes. I'm able to budget for brand easily.
>What degree did you get in college?
Master's in Library Science

>What profession do you work in now?
Librarian at a research institution.

>Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
Yes. I have to budget wisely, but I can usually afford to get at least one brand dress a month or more, depending on the cost of it.

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Lets have a new german thread, i'm gonna post pics from the Vienna comic con.
Everyone allowed, talk about cons/comms/photogs/whatever.

webm related is the winner of the cosplay contest at the VIECC, "Iron Man Germany" with his transformer cosplay.
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3rd place in category anime&manga
File: IMG_2658.jpg (203 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2nd place
File: IMG_2691.jpg (220 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1st place.

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len cos.jpg
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How do you all go about planning for a cosplay?
I'm curious about the approaches others take to planning and making a cosplay.

Let's share our processes.
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As I watch/play things I keep a list of characters that I could see myself cosplaying as. When I know I'll be going to a con in the next year I pick one or two and then start gathering every reference photo I could possibly need. I'll usually spend a week looking at tutorials that would related to that cosplay and picking out wigs. Then I start planning out all of things I'll make myself, I usually draw out the outfit in my notebook and make notes of the colors of fabrics I'll need.
Once all of that is planned out I head to the fabric store and start buying things.
Cosplanner. I'm absolutely hooked on it. Used to have an elaborate series of ref sheets, checklists and excel spreadsheets, etc, but now I basically just keep it all in the app except for one detailed measurement sheet if i'm making it for someone other than myself
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king sheet.png
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I used to hoard folders of reference images too but with my most recent cosplay I put together a sort of collage like lolitas do for coordinates, which I felt helped a lot since I'm a very visual person.

I never heard of cosplanner, I definitely want to look into that though!

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Can we discuss dodgy SS and webshops?
Having trouble with one of them and want to share your concerns and stories?
Were you scammed or are you still waiting for your goods after many months of waiting?
What SS and webshops should we avoid?

Here is my story.
I bought something from an SS on facebook named Loli Loli Paradise, they also have another SS account named Ieong Kam Seng.
This is a Taobao SS.
My transaction took place in May, it was a pre-order for an OP (not a print replica, fyi) and matching headdress.
At some point I sent them a pm which...
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You kinda fucked up there yourself. You forced them to send you something which they did and they cant make the stores work faster. They need to communicate better for sure if people are unsure about what is happening but with taobao waiting months is the norm.

Was the op you got the katrina replica?
Yeah I know fucked up a bit, but if I didn't file the claim I probably still wouldn't have had my dress?
Waited as long as I could with my claim to give them time but at some point you just have to you know?
I sent them so many messages politely asking for an update, which they all ignored, they only started replying when I filed the claim which says everything really.
Their biggest issue is definitely communication. I know it's hard to keep in touch with all buyers but if there's a big...
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>Order from Qutieland on Oct 5th
>Invoiced the 9th
>Pay immediately
>5 days later, order status still not updated (awaiting stock confirmation/awaiting payment)
>shoot them a mail about it
>Get a mail on the 18th saying the item I bought was out of stock, they ask if I want a diff colorway and that they will know next week if they can get confirmation of materials to make the one I originally...
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So I'm planning on making an as accurate version / model of the sniper rifle in pic related for a cosplay, however the con I'm going to says "no metal/funtional/explosive/heavy wooden weapons". How far can you go without compromising the look of the item, and assuming I still want to machine parts from metal, what problems will this logically cause at a con?

>inb4 just foam it

Rather not, planning to keep it later; the more realistic the better.

All opinions here are helpful.
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Most cons will say no "heavy wooden weapons" but all my guns are wood and I've never once been flagged for it. At most some cons will make you keep it strapped to your back or something so that other people can't grab it. Just email them in advance about it.
You made that with Sketchup?? That's fucking awesome man, I can barely build a retarded looking library
File: rifle_se.png (211 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sadly I didn't make this, I pulled it from the game files of PlanetSide 2. To be quite honest it's a pain in the ass because nothing is in detail, it's just bulky and even the barrel is an extruded decagon. I'm just in the process of measuring everything, and making individual pieces that can be machined/carved/printed.

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Now that cosmates is gone what are some good alternatives? I'd love to get my hands on another seifuku cardigan but I can't seem to find anything like cosmates used to sell anywhere.

These are the types of cardigans I'm talking about:

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Cosmates is gone? Reading the announcement is something else. I'm really sad to see them go, even if honestly, people like me are part of the problem. I just liked all the numerous stock they had from different sellers.
>that midi song playing
Hitting me in the feels.
Cosmates was just a reseller. Look for the Teens Ever (brand on pic) online shop or on Rakuten and you'll get the same thing. Also this goes in the nanchatte thread.
I did some Google searching but my Google-fu doesn't seem to be strong enough to find any stores that sell the brand.

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Anyone else having trouble with this? Sale started 40minuets ago and i've had no such luck with it working.
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Read better, retard, starts at 12am Central.
hasn't started yet... it's currently 11:48 CST
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Oh shit my clock is too far foward.

I didn't see anything in the catalog relating to events in Japan, any gulls out there actually living here? Discuss upcoming cosplay/jfashion events.

>>design festa - anyone else attend and spend as much money on cute stuff as I did?
>>harajuku fashion walk December 12
>>december comiket
>>tfw you live in Japan and have no cosplay/jfashion friendfs
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Typing fail.
No but I did pay a shopping service to buy me stuff at Design Festa. I would love to know what you bought. I hope that someday I can go to Japan and shop at Design Festa myself, it's so not fair to see all of the cute pictures of designers' merchandise on their Twitters and then just cross my fingers that the shopping service will do the best they can. I'm sure if I went there in person I'd buy about 100 more things.

Design Festa is sensory overload. I definitely recommend going, but only if you can dedicate the whole weekend to it and you have a lot of spare cash.

I ended up buying a ton of postcards and prints this time around, but I did get some cute accessories and stuff. I usually hate perler bead things but these I thought were pretty cute for a pastel coord I've been putting together.

>>neko hat + pin 3200 yen
>>matching dolphin rings 3800...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Alright gulls, you've got $2,000 to blow. Put together a coord.
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$2000 in which currency?
I'm not OP but considering there's a "$" sign, I'd assume US dollars
The $ is used for more than USD.

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Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8725775
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Old-School Lolita >>8688812
Price Check Thread >>8683617...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Can we just start shunning Misako?
Please. Lolita is just a paycheck at the end of the day. She doesn't care about the community
I don't know why we didn't a long time ago, seeing her being such great buds with the Leighs is a final straw
But it will never happen

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