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How did you discover lolita fashion? How did you get into lolita fashion?
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The fucking G-LOL set on Gaia made me look into it. I didn't get into lolita for years though. I got exposed to it more after picking up cosplaying and being in that scene.
I used to do pixel art way back when, and there was a girl (liveloveburndie) who did a lot of lolita pixels. I admired her work and had no idea what lolita was and looked into it from there.
I discovered it in middle school online and I spent hours on Milanoo's site. But my parents were divorcing, so I put it on the back burner.

Once I moved cross country, I went to a convention and saw that there was a lolita panel, and I attended. A year after attending that panel, I purchased my first coord. And I'm apart of that comm now.

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project 33-1.jpg
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So you may have heard of the Project 333 thing. If you had to go three months with 33 items of lolita clothing, what would they be? The original project includes jewellery in your 33 items, but I think that's a bit impossible with lolita and same with petticoats.

But still, what would you pick? Post a theoretical collage or pics from your actual wardrobe and maybe explain your choices a little.

I made a chocolate themed sweet lolita collection in mostly mint and brown with pink and white accents. I only picked one bag, because it matched everything, and only...
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What a fun challenge!
I'm going to attempt this now with a mixed classic/sweet/old school wardrobe.
I only have 19 items currently, plan to add another 2 skirts, an op, another print jsk, 2 purses and many more accessories.
This is much harder than I expected it to be!
I'm a little bit too lazy to make a collage, so I'll just write it out. I'd pick 2 colors for the main pieces, an accent color, and a neutral color that goes with the palette (like black/brown, or white if it's super pastel).

* 5 main pieces
- 1 solid color JSK
- 1 patterned JSK (stripes/polkadots/tartan)
- 1 print JSK
- 1 patterned Skirt
- 1 printed skirt

* 5 tops
- 2 plain white blouses, one short and long sleeved
- 2 "fancier" white blouses, short and long sleeved
- 1 blouse in an accent color

* 5...
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Share your funny /cgl/ related shit.
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We did one of these a while ago and I liked it.

Pic related: Please stop being shocked that my products have a price
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Going to be the first to say no matter how many times it happens I will never get used to people asking me for a custom, going through the whole commission process with me (price quotes included), and then backing out right as I ask for payment. If you don't have money set aside stop wasting both of our time. And teenagers who want to commission me, don't let on that they're underage, and then tell me something like "sorry, my parents said no so I can't anymore but maybe for my birthday " after a lot of back and forth.
I hope you ask for payment early
I don't officially start a project without it. But it's still aggravating to go back and forth working out details (size, materials, price, etc) for a commission that leads to nothing.

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Okay /cgl/, let's make up some Lolita-themed cards for CAH. The aim is to hopefully come up with enough supplement into a regular deck, or even create an entire new deck. I feel like I saw something similar online a while ago, but a lot has happened in the Lolita world in the last two years and there's definitely a lot that could work in a game of this.

Pic related. Black or white cards are cool.
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>Fatty-chan's sugarz
Did Deerstalker ever end up putting the Lolita CAH deck for sale like they said they would forever ago?
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For ease, there's a generator here: http://humanity.toadgrass.com/

Post your prettiest people in jfash. Go easy on the shoop, natural photos are better.

Watch your sodium levels. Everyone's taste is different.
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Opinions on this group calling themselves a "meido cafe"? They appear at small anime conventionss in Indiana.. and serve instant maruchan ramen

Pic related- it's them

second part of fb link to their page:
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op here- saying meido was the only way I could get the system to believe I wasn't spam
the link is for their fb page; I can't seem to post the first half because system thinks it's spammu
I don't really understand your question? Convention maid cafes are everywhere, they're not anything revolutionary or new.

What is casual lolita? What is not? What is acceptable and what isn't? Post your opinions and pictures!
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Real talk?

It comes down to how old you physically look. If you're still passing for highschool age, then the mish-mash j-fash styles incorporated with lolita look pretty cute and casual.

When you start to show your age, then it's time to hit up the Fanny Rose tumblr for style tips and aim for a more casual vintage feel.
I want every single thing in the coord! It's actually so lovely!
Sauce on skirt/vest?
I'm not keen on the tights but I can deal.

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Old Thread >>8722599

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8725775
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Old-School Lolita >>8688812...
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How did you do bitches do?
Earl grey and vanilla chai, I love anything with caffeine and have gone for tea casually before

Real talk though I better get dozing cat next time, I have never seen such a cute, non creepy cat print (I love cats but AP and other overly sweet prints make me cringe). I have a severe thirst for this print
Made out with nothing but I'll try again when they do the release. Still enjoyed myself though.

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I find this really inspiring and I want to try something similar on my next shoot. Let's have a cosplay photo before and after thread.
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For the longest time, Novala was the default name (for lolitas anyway) when it came to frilly fru-fru reading material. Now? Not so much.

Anyone have a favorite poem or story by him? I've been trying to find his novel Emily but that's been tough shit
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I have a Chinese translation of Shimotsuma Monogatari's sequel that I'm about 1/3 into, and it's kind of a dull read. The prose style gets tiresome after a while and there's still a lot of Isobe dicksucking. Momoko's as much of a bitch as before though, which is great.

>becomes Ichigo's manager for modeling gigs
>handles her money, secretly takes 90% of it
>buys more brand
I had no idea there was a sequel. What is it called? I can't find much information.
>crossing fingers for a korean translation
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God, I love how much of a cunt Momoko is.

There are so many scantily clad cosplays. I'd like some ideas and inspiration for characters that are much more covered up.
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Feather Suit.png
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Have /cgl/ ever considered making costumes as a job?
Skilled artisans are needed for the film and commercial industry.
Why not apply?

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That is my planned career path actually. I'm still in university, I'm studying Fashion Design at the top design school in my country. I decided to study fashion over actual costume because I felt like it would give me more options in industry and more transferable skills.
I have friends who study costume, and while their course looks fun creating beautiful and elegant ballgowns and such, they seem to cut a few corners, in drafting, construction and other areas.
it's the skilled part that's a problem
I'm actually in my final year at the top Theatre school in my country! I specialize in Lighting Design and Costume Construction. Having studied fashion design as well, I think the main difference is not so much 'cutting corners' - I don't think we do at all to be fair - but more the construction aspect. A fashion designer creates a piece of art that while intricate and very precise in it's construction, and does not have to withstand a week, or month, or longer, worth of run time. There are...
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I know this comes up on here every so often but whats /cgl/'s thoughts on cosplayers using Patreon?

Ive seen alot of cosplayers I know start these and I have had some friends insist I should try the same. I am a fairly accomplished male cosplayer but I don't think guys tend to have much success with the platform since it tends to encourage things like prints, which aren't nearly as big a thing for male cosplayers.
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Personally? I don't have much issue with it. As long as the person donating is getting something in return. Like a thank you email for lower amounts and so on. It is a monthly thing after all. If you can give something in return I don't see it as awful. But it was hacked recently so I'd be careful.
As long as you give good rewards to the people who are doing you a huge favor by giving you their hard-earned money. It peeves me to no end when people ask for money and give nothing in return, like they feel entitled to their fans' money.

I can be good for popular cosplayers with a big fanbase because they expect you to keep producing new things fast and that gets expensive. If you're an absolute nobody though, or your cosplays aren't anything extravagant/cost very little money, it's pathetic.
>. It peeves me to no end when people ask for money and give nothing in return, like they feel entitled to their fans' money.

No one is forcing anyone to hand over their money. If someone just wanted to hand me 100 bucks every month just cause they like me? Hey thank you.

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Is it...cool if we have a black hair jfashion inspo thread? I have a straight up afro and I have absolutely no idea how to uncorporate that into himekaji.
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Bangs. You definitely need bangs. I know someone is gonna come in here and yell at me in about five minutes for saying this but uncovered foreheads rarely look good, especially if you have a big one.
Get some clip in bangs from the local beauty shop, I think even chains like Sally's carries them. Bangs add cuteness and youthfulness
*Incorporate. Oopsie.
Clip-in bangs with a fro look stupid at worst, and at best they just look really obviously fake.

I do agree that it looks nicer with the forehead covered, I think you can simulate bangs with nice braids and all, but I don't have any examples.

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