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post here the wonders of lowcost cosplay
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<insert any homestuck cosplayer ever>
but that's wrong nigga
that's a temmie


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Want to see worn coords? Post requests here.
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Looking for Chocolate Rosette JSK in Navy and Ivory. I know tons of coords exist out there. Looking for nicely balanced examples.
Not terribly specific, but I'd appreciate any worn coords of any underbust cut JSKs. Thanks in advance!
I would like to see Fantastic Dolly JSK in pink, preferably the non high-waisted one.

Can we have a sewing room inspo thread? I didn't want to shit up the bedroom one.

I'm finally unpacking from my move and I want ideas!!
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You know. I can't really keep my paints and stuff in my sewing room. But you know what I've found is pretty good for organizing my paints and such?

A rolling tool chest. Especially when you get one with lots of drawers. I have one drawer for craft paint, one holds my fabric paint, one my tape, one for larger paint brushes, etc...

The one I own was my dad's old tool chest. It has a cabinet part at the bottom, so I keep stuff like my drill in there.

It may not be the prettiest thing, but it does keep my stuff organized. I've seen Costco...
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I guess Costco doesn't sell it anymore but it looks like this and you can find it on Amazon and other sites.

You can also Google stuff like "wooden tool chest" and see some options.
Huh, that's pretty clever. I dont have nearly that much to keep track of paint-wise, but I use pic related instead. Holds all my paints, brushes, glues, palletes, and safety gear (goggles, masks, etc for sanding and woodwork) like a charm, and nicely labeled/accessible too!

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How do you think about it?
Personally I fucking hate people who makes one to post buyed cosplays or made it by other persons.

I want to see cool cosplays, not shitty buyed on internet.
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Some people just use it as a way to stay in contact with people while still keeping their personal facebook private.

I'd only create one if I considered cosplay more of a job than a hobby, personally.
It is a way to keep personal facebook private and a cosplay fanpage for people who really just want to follow them for cosplay.

I personally do not have one and feel a lot of pressure from friends to get one. I honestly don't see the appeal in some random creeper I don't want following me on Facebook to know what I do every con on a "fan page".
OP here.

Out of curiosity, does anyone go to these things?
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this one just happened
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>Dragonball vs. One Punch Man
I'm having a hard time comprehending why that would be a good matchup
what are "these things"?

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Let's see everyone's cosplay's. This was my first cosplay captain Spaulding from house of 1000 corpses and the devils rejects
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Isn't this the guy from Children's Hospital?
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I also cosplayed as kingpin

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I want to sew together Hanekawa's pajamas for the Kizu premier on the the 27th. What is the best way to print the cat pattern on orange fabric?
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Maybe ?http://cosplayhelpwithdecember.tumblr.com/post/138143674645/paint-on-fabric-walk-through
What type of paint is she using?
Seems like its just fabric paint

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Is your cosplay great, but it's missing that "wow" factor?

Are your coords all frill and no thrill?

Let's have a thread dedicated to upping our respective games with suggestions on how to enhance our looks or outfits with a crash course and advice from your fellow peers.
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I'll start first:

How I want to up my game: I want to learn how to use makeup for guys, and fully comprehend the practices of color matching, blending, and concealing. I want Makeup - 098 - An intro to makeup. I want to make babby's first armor piece either out of worbla or eva foam. I also want to l learn how to make (or have made for me) a prosthetic chin to use at cons in combo with my makeup to hide my goatee.

I'm asking a lot I know, but I plan on stretching these goals out over the next year or two .
This is what the help and dumb questions threads are for. And then there's also threads for specific things like make up. People can spoonfed you if you pull back a little but you should be posting in the generals that already exist if you need that help. All the information about colour matching and concealing is available online so you should spend the time yourself reading about it and then ask questions in those threads if you don't understand certain things.
I could spend a lot of time trying to defend my own thread, but when you're right you're right. I will utilize the generals in the future. Thank you and I apologize.

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Old one is auto-saging.

For discussing local comms. Online comms go to the online thread.

>How long have you been in your comm?
>Do you have friends in the comm or do you only see people at meets?
>What's the standard of the fashion in your community?
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Been in the ATL comm for 6 years. Will continue unless they catch me being a pervert.
I met some friends through my comm that I hang out with all the time now.
I'm just glad not everyone is an Ita.
>actual active comm thread there
Any info on the AL comm? I might be transferring down there for a job, and I'm kind of worried that they're going to be a bunch of itas. I don't have a very good impression of most of the Southern comms.

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Old thread >>8837594

Bodyline >>8814807
Closet of Frills >>8843282
Dream dress >>8807220
EGL wardrobes >>8794401
Oldschool >>8816742
Online comms
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sorry if any threads are missing, I tried.

what's your comm planning for Valentine's?
We're going to have a cute little meet up at a cafe and exchange valentine's. I'm excited..One of my good friends is throwing it. Hopefully none of the annoying girls show up.
Potluck tea party. There was a gift exchange that was going to happen, but only two people signed up for that part since the host said it wasn't mandatory, so I'm not even sure that part's going to happen. Too bad.

Anyone ever hear of Cosplay Foam Fighting? I played it at Ramencon and Midoricon. Are they competing with Sleeping Samurai or something?
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imagine that but if it was TF2 themed that would be fucking awesome
It's just boffer weapons. Nothing fancy.
that fat plutia

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Old thread


Do you have your coordinate planned for the 14th yet?
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If you're gonna start a thread at least dump some pics, anon.

She says she's happy with this coord...Try again.
The flower crown is too huge and the flower tights don't match the theme of the dress at all. But at least the colors don't look super jarring so I'll give her that.
The meme crown and matching tights kill it for me
Not a fan of the wig or tights.

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X-Con Myrtle Beach, May 20-22nd.
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Thought this said xcom cosplay contest and got really excited
Same, been thinking of putting together a Grenadier outfit.

Might be a stupid question for anyone, but do people often show up at anime cons dressed in non-anime cosplay? Closest con place to me is a less hick part of a hick state, and I've never been to one.
>Myrtle Beach

Hard pass.

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Once again another holiday sale has started on Bodyline's Rakuten and gone unannounced on their FB and international websites.

Has Yanners forsaken us?
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Perfect timing. Did bodyline stop making their oxford style shoe? I can't find it anywhere on their new site
They discontinued a lot of their shoes so it might have been.

File: Devil_Bringer_2.png (373 KB, 701x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ok, for a while now Ive been trying to figure out how to make Nero's devil arm, to make it fit onto my arm and be relatively flexible, at least able to move the hand. Ive watched some vids and read some tutorials but a lot seem quite vague. Also since this would be my first time ever making a prop, I would be interested to know on how to add the LED's, or at least where to hold the battery pack, maybe in the sleeve of the devil arm?
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do they not have catalogs or help threads where you come from, OP?
Really my first time ever using this board, I came on here a few times, sorry anon.
serious question for a newfag, did we get linked somewhere recently? I mean we always get these threads and it's nbd but the sheer quantity of aggressive noobs recently has been killing my vibe

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