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Since the final Hunger Games movie is coming out this week, let's see some related cosplay!
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they could have least tried an angle what would hide the fat desperately trying to escape the dress and the double chin.
Shit that's gorgeous

Old thread is in autosage.

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
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does anybody know where you can get full colored lanyards printed from?
If you want them cheap, and don't mind mass quantities, the answer is pretty much always going to be Alibaba/Aliexpress. You can also get smaller runs at pretty much any place that does dye sublimation, but it's not going to be as profitable.
You're awesome, thanks! I never shopped Alibaba before. How do you know if a seller is legit and won't run away with your money?

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General discussion thread.

My friend and I were brain storming whether to enter but all of our 'detailed' cosplay options have been done in the finals the past couple of years. Like there's nothing we're in to that has, I don't know how to describe it, other than level of difficulty of previous entrants.

And finding something to like or paying our hundreds of dollars just for a competition costume seems like a cop out.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Any cosplays you wish people would do?
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I don't think your specific issue should be a problem, anon. Lots of costumes have been repeated over and over again for lots of different reasons. I know some teams prefer to choose costumes solely based on complexity or how well it fits a skit concept they have in mind, but honestly, as long as you don't copy a skit AND repeat a costume, you should definitely prioritize choosing costumes from a series you like.

But it is tiring to see the same five series in my country's finals (USA). Every...
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Just focus more on skit, make it flawless. Unless you want the brother award.
Any updates on the USA prelims location or any updates at all, honestly?

I know we have this thread from time to time, but i need some suggestions for my friend to help her avoid looking like pic related

she has every intent to lose weight, but in the mean time she wants to cosplay someone. she was suggesting pyro or fem heavy- and those are fine, but i don't know if i should encourage it because she hasn't cosplayed before and i doubt she can make something as elaborate as pyro.

suggestions? big gulls, what have you cosplayed in the past?
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Is she actually tall or just wide?
There was a good plus-size cosplay thread a while back, with a Miss Piggy I particularly liked. Search the archives.
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curvy hilda.jpg
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"Curvy" Hilda from Shadow Hearts 3.

Hell you could even go as "Slim" Hilda with her.

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What were cons like pre 2004ish?
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Pretty chill. We still had our lolcows, but I found a lot of feats in cosplay more amazing because of the lack of wide-spread materials. There weren't 5 million colors of wigs and worbla readily available. Katie bear tutorials and sharpie dying were like witchcraft.

I also found cons less autstic (granted, I'm a bit aged out now, but if kids are having fun that's good). It was much less competative cosplay-wise, in the fact that you were just excited to see someone cosplaying from whatever series, it didn't really matter if they were missing a wig...
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Pretty amazing, ngl. This might just be the nostalgia talking, but in ye olde day cons were a magical oasis that you pilgrimage to once or twice a year. The conventions themselves were shittier with garbage programming and guests unless you were at one of the huge ones like Otakon, but in the late 90s and early 2000s it was much harder to come by anime merch and videos unless you were in a dealer's room. So it was something to get excited about. It was also harder to meet other weebs and cosplayers in the wild since this stuff wasn't mainstream yet. Most anime cons...
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Less bitches showing tits

Last thread died, so let's have a new one...again.

Post your inspo, questions, favorite tutorials etc

No neogal or larme please
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Link is in German, but there's also a French version of it. Haven't managed to watch it yet

She's just too perfect
Rise(?) scares me a little, but who is the other girl, I love her oldschool inspired style!

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Old Thread >>8715449

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8716442
CoF Thread >>8717322
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Stupid Lolita Questions >>8686235...
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>lotsa layered tights
>long sleeved OP's
>fuzzy berets

Nothing too special as far as accessories are concerned, tho.
One of my friends is pissed at me because my outfit lineup for an upcoming con is all rare brand, so now she doesn't want to wear Lolita with me. It's really obnoxious because she actually has Cat's Tea Party and Puppet Circus, but refuses to ever wear them (neither have even been tried on despite having them both for over a year) on the grounds that they might get damaged. Now she's making nameless FB posts bitching about how easy it was for me to "replace" her as my con buddy. She's not being replaced, the other girl was always going to hang...
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She's not worth your time if she's seriously worried that you're gonna ~outshine~ her with your outfits. These kind of people make me wonder if they're in lolita for the right reasons (to wear the fucking clothes) or if they are more interested in status and popularity.

Be frank with her and tell her she's being petty and selfish by trying to discourage you from wearing what you want. You have no business pandering to her with your outfits.

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old one saging big time >>8708887

Write your feels gulls
>budgeted fun money to buy a silky wig from arda
>arda just announced a huge sale
>yes I should have expected it but now I want to spend my money when I don't need to. Feelsbadman
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Ah I should have added, I juuuuuust bought the wig less than 24 hours before the sale was announced.
You could email them and ask if they could give you the discount. They might do it. Can't hurt to ask.
Ah I thought about it but I'm a pretty shy person. I will give it a try.

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New larp thread because autosage happened again, so standard procedure
previous thread

also don't forget that we have an irc channel at irc.rizon.net #larp
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File: 1352752592205.jpg (108 KB, 400x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Embarassing moments you had in cosplay or jfash go! Share the shame. I will begin with what happened today
>day off todah
>decides to dress in sweet lolita
>put on a cute coord and feels good
>decides to go to a nice cafe to treat myself to a pastry
>everything is going well at the cafe,eating a slice of cake with some hot cocoa
>suddenly bowels movement
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Is this bait?
I legitimately avoid doing fun things like going out and car rides to conventions because of my IBS-D. It sucks so much.

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Old Thread >>8715449

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8717322
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Old-School Lolita >>8688812
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Don't know if this was posted anywhere but a Lolita in Melbourne got married and had a lolita styled wedding.

If you're talking about that airmail chemical smell, it usually isn't persistent and will go away once you air it out for a while and wash it. If your scent is strong enough to transfer, it might be something else entirely.

You can try:
- airing it
- putting it into a bag with some kitty litter or baking soda
- soaking it with some vinegar (it neutralizes some scents)
Everyone looks cute and elegant. Too bad the bride ruined her coord with those ugly fucking socks.

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Be it Insta, YouTube, Twitter, Weibo post your favourite cute/ inspirational /cgl/ related accounts.

I'm looking for some new accounts to follow on Insta, mostly Gothic and Classic lolita, Otome, pretty art/illustration and good cosplayers with work in progress pics.

Some of the accounts I like most :

Lolita -

Otome -

Art/ Illustration -
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You mentioned me on this list, i'm super flattered!

Some lolita instagrams i follow:

Sorgevinter (Gothic)
obsixwi (gothic)
tyrianjubilee (classic, otome)
opale.rose (gothic, classic)
milkamenthe (sweet)
francescaosterlund (gorgeous lolita illustrator)
I follow mostly classic/gothic, too. Some of my faves:
Does anyone else get people who like a bunch of photos but then not follow you?
I'm not desperate for followers or anything, it's just weird to open my IG and find someone has liked almost half of my posts (not hard, because I'm pretty new and only have like 40 posts) but then doesn't follow. I've had this happen a few times with different people, just today I had someone like almost 20 of my posts and comment on about 8 but then doesn't follow.
I just find it odd and don't understand the reason, I guess from my PoV, if it was me and...
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I have recently purchased a 3D Printer, I’m planning on using it to make bits and pieces not related to things I can immediately sow or make myself.

What are things /cgl/ would like to see 3D printed? I’m planning of making a business out of it selling cosplay items or additional trinkets from more obscure manga’s and shows.
Ie; Akumetsu masks, Behelits and other assorted stuff.
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tasukete kudasai

I've been looking at 3d printers lately as well, curious to know what you ended up purchasing?

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Screenshot (435).png
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Last one is dead >>8687761

Post any WTF sales, sellers, or buyers. Whether it's outrageous prices, horrible products, or just demanding buyers.
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When it comes to leaving feedback, bad or good, do you ever check the feedback of those who have previously left your buyer/seller feedback?

>have amazing interaction with seller
>she rushes to PO after work to post my dress the same day I buy it
>great communication
>wrapped very carefully cause she was worried about wet weather
>notice she has bad feedback about how she was a rude seller
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I don't do it often but when I see a situation like the one you mentioned I do check up on who posted that just to see what their reputation is. I mean, if someone has a bunch of positive reviews and then one or two bad ones that don't make any sense compared to the positive ones, I do see what the reviewer's feedback is to see if it's true or just a grudge.

Story somewhat related:

>selling delicate fandom necklace in original plastic packaging

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I sell wigs as a hobby and recently I've gotten some wtf moments from buyers.

>selling random Chinese brand short bob wig for $10
>"Hi! I'm interested in this. What brand is this, Arda or EpicCosplay?"

>sold another random Chinese brand wig for $10
>list defaults under the price like it's shiny and a bit thin
>get neutral review from buyer that borderlines on negative
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Make up a street style that you'd like to see, that is completely ridiculous, funny, etc.

>clothing tones from pure white to very dark grey
>floaty/poofy dresses, puffy jackets, anything goes
>as long as you look like a cloud.
>rain motifs/splashes of blue or sunshine could work too.

Do your worst, cgl
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>tacky glasses
>floral moomoos
>garish make up
>realistic cat shaped purses
>short curly wigs, especially blonde or grey
Honestly I think it'd be kinda cute in its own way?
>My grandma-kei
>Only wear clothes from Ashley Steward and black wool socks with Birkenstocks
Double points if the glasses are the old-fashioned cat-eye ones to match the bag?

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