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Unpopular cosplay/J fashion opinions that you have.

>Be me, 20 pounds or so overweight
>Going to gym everyday and dieting because I think body acceptance in cosplay is bullshit
>Fully aware if I want to do this as a hobby I should look the part
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That's not an unpopular opinion.
starve yourself so you can cosplay papyrus too
On it!

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con badges.png
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When did you go to your first convention? Which con was it and how old were you?
How many cons have you been to since?

For me, My first convention was Hama-con in 2010 when I was 14. I've been to about 25 conventions since then (7 as an artist), and kept my badges to most of them (I lost a few :/).
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>first con
katsucon 2011
i was 13
>last con
otakon 2013
i was 16
conventions were too overwhelming for me
i moved on to lolita and jfash
I went to Anime Iowa in 2011, but didn't really cosplay until Kumoricon 2014 after I moved

I keep all of my badges as well
>grandma took me to first con
>she had more fun than I did
>she be handicapped
>sat in lobby
>she had a blast watching the 'costumers' walk around
>she always asked for me to mail her pics of me at cons after I moved across the country

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If I'm right Phoenix Cactus Comicon in 2007 was my first con. Went to see Vic Micnanang, my 14 year old dreams were crushed when I found out he was a massive asshole.

I've probably been to over 20 conventions in since, but the only out of state con I've been to is SDCC, hoping to go to PMX this year and change that trend.

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Matches have been made and gifts need to be sent out by the first week of December!

Old Thread >>8684781
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To those of you sending a gift directly from an online retailer, are you sending a card seperately? I may forgo a card for my present santees so I can buy them better gifts
How is everyone doing with gifts so far? I chanced it on an item from China that I'm hoping will arrive before December.
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>mfw my match has god-tier taste and I'll never be able to meet her expectations
>mfw I was so afraid of coming off as picky and entitled that I gave almost no specifications. My Santa could send me a lucky pack of 17 sleeves and it'd be ok.

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/Eirtakon aftermath/ edition

>Con experiences/good buiys
>Fav cosplays
>Cosplay ideas for next year
>Con creeper stories/panel stories

Let's be havin' ye then, lads
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Cloak room wasn't a mess, so that's good i guess.
Akuma con didn't announce anything, did they?
They announced they're all virgins.

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Vkei thread lets go!! Gambatte!
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Is dead
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no pls
VK has been dead since the mid 10s

I'm looking for a good source for feathers.

Specifically black feathers, to create something like pic related.

If possible, I'd like naturally black (not dyed) feathers, to keep the iridescent look.

What I've found is that "pointer" feathers and longer types are pretty easy to find, but the plumage that would cover most of the mask is a bit harder to find. And most of the options out there are dyed turkey feathers.
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That mask is trimmed turkey flats on the forehead and around the eyes and rooster saddle/hackle/tail feathers on the neck. If you must have iridescent feathers for the small feathers, you can find freeze-dried hen skins sold for fly tying, you'll have to pluck the feathers and they'll be out of scale with a human-sized mask.
a very long time ago when i was a young weeb and my parents took my to cons, i ran into a girl at katsucon who was that guy from dnangel whose name i can't remember right now. she had a huge, amazing, pair of black wings. my dad was talking to her about them and apparently she made them from turkey feathers, and made sure to only use right feathers on the right wing and left feathers on the left wing since there is a difference
i was going somewhere with this but now i can't remember
Doesn't everyone use only right feathers on the right wing and left feathers on the left wing?

I always spend a shit ton of time separating mine. I can't even understand how could someone not separate them, they have a very obvious lean to a side and it looks pretty weird mixed up

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It's been a while since we had one of these threads, so let's get one started! What kind of reactions do you get when you wear more unusual fashion out in public (Fairy kei, visual-kei, lolita, etc.)? Mostly positive? Mostly negative? What are some of your most memorable experiences with normies while dressed up? Please share!
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I'm a sweet lolita, and the reactions are mostly positive. You get your "Are you in a play?" and "Who are you dressed up as?" questions, but they don't usually mean any harm. But I did get a "It's not Halloween yet!" yelled at me from a speeding car once. It was only a few days before Halloween, anyway. Even if I was in costume, people have Halloween parties early sometimes... Don't know what her problem was. Also got a "Little Bo Peep" comment from a mall Santa a couple days ago, lol. As if he was in a position to...
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I wear Lolita every Friday, since I typically have labs and can't wear skirts or dresses, and then I go out to eat with my mom.

I got froyo with another lolita recently, and people loved it. We actually found a mother who's daughter was a lolita and had been wondering if there was a local comm!

Out to lunch though, my own boss won't even recognize me, he charged me full price on accident when I wore gothic on Halloween.

It's mainly the older people who question it or ask if...
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I love the reactions from kids the best. Shortlisted:

The little girl who utterly lost her shit when she spotted our tea party through the front window of the cafe.

The toddler on the bus who was fascinated by my gloves. I held out my hand and let him touch the lace, he just patted my hands in awe.

The little girl who looked to the side and saw me waiting behind her for the walk signal and started yanking on her dad's arm and trying to whisper to him to look at the princess.

The group of kids who wanted to take turns wearing my flower crown....
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Post most favorite or unique accessories that you own or wish you had.
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I need one of these for the summer. Dumping some of my pics of accessories.
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Stupid hat edition.

Old one in autosage >>8677580

Nozomi, why did they do this to you?
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I really like the gold-trimmed roses just
>fluorescent purple
I don't understand
I knew her outfit wasn't going to look as nice as Kotori's, but this is just too much
The dress itself looks pretty nice though. Speaking of Nozomi, anyone know of a good wig for her on Aliexpress?

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Let's talk about fashion inspired by Junko Mizuno and Uchuu.

Warning: Aspects of gurokawa may include vomiting, self-loathing, abortion, and general self-harm.

Also please no discussion of real mental health or who can/cannot wear this stuff.

We are here to talk about pretty clothes with pills and syringes, so if you don't like the imagery, please go somewhere else.
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i thought it was fucking called menhera.
Menhera is part of it, but I want a thread to disscuss the Junko Mizuno stuff that was shown in the last thread, not just menhera. People pointed out that the two have much in common, so samethread?
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In light of the recent wave of well known Lolitas quitting, I've been thinking a lot about the subject. In almost every instance I've seen of this occurring over my 9 years in the fashion, it is usually someone deciding lolitas are awful and they can't deal with the community, even if the vast majority of attention they get is positive and they don't actually get any severe hate. Often times they also quit the fashion, while simultaneously saying how much they wish they could still wear it and some have said they were "forced" to stop wearing it...
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Your last bit is something that has perplexed me for years, and has led me to believe that anyone who quits under those circumstances never really loved the fashion that much anyway, and mostly wore it for attention. I mean, it doesn't add up. You wouldn't stop wearing sweaters just because a few people who wear them are awful, it shouldn't be any different.

There must be hundreds of Lolitas who either withdrew from communities or chose not to join them, but who enjoy the fashion as much as anyone else.
people are sensitive. a couple of death threats and "ew ur ugly" messages and its time to leave. keep in mind alot of lolitas have never experienced any type of hate constantly being to sent them. they dont know how to deal with it, instead of dealing with it they would rather quit everything all together.
if you ask me though, if you would leave an entire fashion just because a couple of trolls your love for the fashion wasnt very strong to begin with.
Death threats are different than what I'm talking about, I totally get someone leaving the community based on that. I was more talking about people who can't take any criticism, no matter how legit.

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I'm half French and spend my Summers in Paris. The situation over there is breaking my heart and a Paris themed lolita thread would really be nice right about now.

Feel free to throw in any Russian themed coords you like, too. I would also invite Lebanon themed ones, but I don't think that's a thing.
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I saw here once a collage on coord thread (or coord inspo, I don't quite remember) Of a French coord. It was so pretty, but I didn't save it. If someone post it, I would love you forever. Sorry for no contribution tho.
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does a soviet union themed coord count as russia

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3 weeks away.

Anyone actually going to this thing?
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me and my friends are
Decided to go to Holiday Matsuri instead. Better guests and an AP tea party.

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Mint x White
Mint x Lavender to start
I'll be posting whatever I can find for these colors, but there's not much so it may not be the best.
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Last one maxed out >>8708170
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Quite simple but really cute. I really like the photo as a whole too.
I have those same gloves and I'm considering throwing them out because they look super cheap here. Is there maybe a way to make them look a bit better?

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