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Show us what you're working on!
Previous thread: >>8679216
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Combat Cross from Castlevania I threw together in 2 days for a friend. Made entirely from scrap parts and leftover paint I had lying around.
Abel Nightroad crusnik wings. Realized I fucked up the proportions after looking at a better (non-cropped) reference image, first try on the right and somewhat amended one on the left. Still hate them.

gdi Temjin why is everything you make perfection
>2 posters
>2 replies
Lol one of you is samefagging.

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Seagulls, Linkle will be like the new Elsa?
Is cute, is relative simple compare to others important female Zelda characters.
>Also, overused cosplays to next year thread
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female Link was already overdone
But now Nintendo did it canon
Mettaton EX. It's all over tumblr.

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I've noticed a lot of newbies in my comm have an intense fascination with the old school days and massive tendancy to romantacize the shit out of it, or have lots of crazy misconceptions about it, like that everyone was completely ita and the major brands never put out anything that wasn't hideous. I'm wondering how common this is among people who didn't get into Lolita until 2010 or later? When did you get in the fashion and what's your take on old school? Any questions about that time for oldfags?
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I think people who have been in the fashion forever are giving themselves too much credit.

People were definitely itas in the west back then. Prints from brands were pretty ugly, or they were plain (black and white, pink and white). The style was much more of an experiment then so people tried all kinds shapes and color combos and whatever that looked pretty bad.

I think people talking about "old school" style these days are using their current lolita knowledge to make old school better than it was.
I was about 11years old when i discovered ""lolita"" off course i had nothing lolita in my closet until this year (am 20) when i left my parents house, they were against lolita (and homophobic at that, i have a girlfriend, we now live together). And i kinda discovered lolita when it was still way simpler than it is now where everything tends to be kiiinda...over the top? This is the lolita i fell in love with, so when i see old kera snaps and such (i had a few,and gothic lolita bibles, my parents...
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Just plop some old Bibles in front of them, end of story. That's what was available, styled as well as it could be (models) and realistically (street snaps). But to be fair, I still think old school is pretty cool and wear everyday coords that are pretty close to it. My first bible was no7. I bought it when it came out so I've been around a while. I enjoy the ott coords of the current time too though.

Anyone know a way to make your eyes look "droopy" with makeup? Have looked for tutorials but have only found ways to fix droopy eyes or whatever. My eye shape is somewhere around almond/upturned. Pic related, cosplaying genderbent Gray in May. I'm relatively new to makeup so any general tips would be appreciated too. Thanks gulls!
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Look up some gyaru eye makeup tutorials or gyaru eyemakeup in general. Also tare eye might help you as well as ulzzang puppy eyes

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So, a friend of mine is kinda dragging me to this con and it's my first time going so I have to ask:

>What to expect at this convention?
>What events are worth going to at said con?
>Who to avoid at this con, be it photog or congoer?
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>>Who to avoid at this con, be it photog or congoer? Travis Photography goes every year. Avoid him.
whats wrong with travis? I always thought he was nice.
Yep, I'd definitely avoid Travis.

Have some questions that need answering about a few certain things. Unsure of which threads to ask them.

1. What are the best cons I should save for next year?
2. Who is great to commission and who are the worst commissioners to watch out for?

3. I heard Texas should be avoided at all costs because the cosplay community is fucking nuts. Is this true?

4. At Colossalcon, there was talk about a fight between BlackstarLee and Artemis Moon about their relationship and that one cheated on the other. Is there any real claim to this or is it just someone poking...
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Although she stopped doing commissions, some girl who goes by Skye H.
Skye Honey?
Bumping because curiosity

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Old one saging
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Wrong thread link...sorry gulls
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Bike is arriving tomorrow.
Had to borrow a toolkit from my lecturer so I can put it back together.
Rest from AliExpress from the 11/11 sale - all pretty generic, apart from the oxblood satchel - from Zatchel UK
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Items with hearts are in the mail, everything else is pre-ordered or being made

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At what point will we have to forefeit going to conventions based on age? I know that I sometimes see people and think "well damn, you're a bit old to be here aintcha?" but I never really thought about what age that was, exactly.
Or, do you think that anime conventions will just start getting older as time goes on, like star trek cons did?
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You stop going to cons when they don't interest you anymore, it has nothing to do with your age.
Just don't be a creep. There's this elderly couple who I've seen attending east coast cons multiple times and they're cute
Sage for dumb thread
cómic conventions seem to be the better for the elderly. it's like "hey I was a young comic fan when this and that series was starting", and that's what people want to hear at those conventions.
While at anime cons, the seniority thing just sounds like nostalgia faggetry "hue hue I watched all the original Dragon Ball as it came out, you fucking newbs".

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Old >>8687800

Post really bad cosplay, preferably new content

Vendettas are not welcome
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this raises so many questions I don't even know where to begin
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This cosplayer is confused. Couldn't decide wither to be Lara croft or add ketchum

We haven't had one of these in a long, long time. Post ideas for meetups, about your favourite type of meetup activity, what has worked well in your comm, and what hasn't. Any croquet success stories or pottery meet horrors?

Also, for those who have organised swap meets, how did you put them together? Our comm has never had one, but there's an issue of where to hold one. Should garments be laid out or just brought in bags? What works best with a swap meet?
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Disclaimer: I have never run a meet, so in an ideal world where the logistics don't matter, I think these would be thematically cute:
>ice skating meetup
>portrait meetup (in this one the Lolitas pose for a long time and someone professional paints a portrait of the comm together)
>baking meetup (it's messy though)
>ice sculpture meetup
>yacht meetup...
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In my experience, it's pretty easy to book a room at a university or a library. Some place clean with a lot of tables you can use. It's also useful to have a washroom or a nearby reserved room for changing to try on stuff.
If you're selling stuff at a swap meet, I recommend laying your stuff out if you're comfortable with people touching your stuff because people are probably going to ask to take stuff out of the bags and try it on.
Also, bring a stack of post it notes to label your stuff and price them.
>touring historic sites, mansions, etc.
>attend local fair (craft, food, not barn animal)
>attend or create charity event
>take part in local holiday parade
>attend open university events like poetry readings or lectures on interesting subjects
>sponsor girls' athletics or science programs
>sponsor general children's...
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You know the drill.
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Do you know this feeling?

I do Cosplay for 12 years and it was pretty nice. I make some big cosplay projects and many people like my costumes. But more and more cosplay bores me. I feel not too old or whatever, just my Cosplay spirit is gone. I still like it to visit events and meet friends... but cosplay is no longer the the big main thing for me. I still wear a cosplay of a event but always old but good costumes or simple and nice-looking costumes. Always I think about to do a new hobby.

Now to all Ex-Cosplayers: what kind of hobby do you have now? I want to...
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Bored with costumes?

Start making props and sell them.
Never too late to pick up a new hobby. :)

I've been cosplaying for 12 years too, and I know what you mean. Used to be I would get super hyped for cons, making 2-3 new costumes for each con, bringing up to 6 (?!?!) costumes per con.

I guess it's like drugs - once the rush fades after you've been using awhile, the effect fades. It gets stale. You're used to the attention, you don't need to make new friends because you know most of the people there, the novelty is gone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This past year, I have had no drive to make new costumes, and even going to some cons felt like more of a chore than anything. But just recently I got a resurgence and found a whole bunch of new costumes I want to do. And then some friends told me their plans and I got excited for those. And then we started thinking of group ideas and I am back to being excited about it again.
So, I guess it can come in waves? Take a break for a bit and see what is happening later on and see if there are any new costumes or ideas...
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The time of year we can wear almost as many layers as we want. Post your favorite winter co-ords.
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I don't know if I should ask this here, but does anyone know how to keep warm in lolita without a coat?
I want to participate in my comm's ILD meet but it's a mostly outdoor event and I own 0 lolita coats as I'm just starting out.
layers are you friends
I've heard of people layering thermal tops under blouses. I think Fanny Rosie really recommends the Uniqlo HeatTech line.

I've also heard good things about fleece lined leggings.

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A lot of cons have formal dances as one of their events. What are your guys' opinion on them. Like them? Hate them? Go to them?
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I love them and wish even one of my local cons would have one. But no, everyone is too low budget and can only spend dolla-dolla on their animu cosplay and buying crap snacks. Meh!
I make an effort to go to one if whatever con has one. Usually take a few shots before going and force myself to dance with strangers. I've even gone on dates with girls I've met there.
Plus, it's nice to actually see variety since people are in cosplay instead of just the typical dress or suit
The ones I've been to have been either free or maybe $5.

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We all know prop makers make a lot of money with ebooks, but how to they protect their content?
Every ebook on propmaking I read so far didn't have any disclaimer regarding protection of their original content and ideas.
Is it even protectable? What is keeping other people from just copying it and selling books with their content as their own?
I'm wondering because recently, that one person from my cosplay comm is starting to sell their own horrible ebook with content of a rather famous prop maker and it's basically just a translation in their own language, they didn't even change the title. Is it really just bad manners or legally debatable?

Pic unrelated, Kamui made her own translation
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They can't protect shit if they aren't patenting it, and in order for them to patent it it needs to be innovative and new. Just because cosplayers figured out how to do it on their own though is nothing, since professional prop and costume builders have been doing it already. It's protected as much as any ebook is without the author getting it copyrighted by a legit agency. If you don't get a copyright filed, you can't sue for lost profits or punitive damages.
Oh don't worry, it was already plagiarized by Kamui so your comm is just recycling the same plagiarized material Kamui googled and claimed as her own
Common ways of production are not protectable.

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