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Everyone is booking Katsucon shoots. who should I book. who to avoid?
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$60 is small con? And you'd think he'd have better photos for the amount you're paying..
I know some people try to save a photo by making it black and white, but damn, try a little harder please!
AssB is also doing discounted $20 shoots

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>what did you buy for the 11/11 sale?
>any new outfits you've seen that you liked?
>is fall giving you mori lifestyle feels?
Selfposts welcomed.
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I just found this fuckery in the mori tumblr tag.
who the fuck are you
Shit went down at moriconfessions. I hate the large amount of SJWs in mori.

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The thread before last was a pretty good containment thread and even had a decent discussion going. Let's see if we can do it again and keep sissy derailment to a minimum.
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>keep sissy derailment to a minimum
Yeah good luck anon. At least you started with a better image I guess.
I'll start off with a question I asked in the last one to the anon in the mouse au chocolat(?) coord.

I find it quite hard to get a feel of size proportion in terms of lolita fashion just by lurking in shops or finished coords since males have different body proportions in most cases.

My question:
What are your meassured sizes: bust-waist-hips, height, shoulder width and maybe your weight?

How do you deal with your individual proportions to pass as a lolita as good as possible?

Where do you buy for your size? Did you encounter any specific...
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Musee du chocolat

99-78-95 5'10 175lbs. I'm kinda a fatty-chan

Buy stuff that fits. Honestly the shape of lolita is pretty flattering to guys bodies because it offsets our large shoulders.

I fit a lot of brands. I've got a lot of AP, a couple btssb, lief, krad lanrete, and elegy stuff. Blouses and boleros are taobao or innocent world. Shoes are taobao. Unless you're huge lolita is pretty forgiving with sizes. Except for OPs anyway.


Con's in a week and change. Anyone going? I know there was a thread last year though it didn't get a lot of interest. I'm really excited about the venue change

inb4 "Anime North is coming to Texas!?" Wrong con, bucko.
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Glad you made a thread, anon!

I'm local so I'm planning to day trip on Saturday, should be interesting at least.

I went the first year, didn't buy a badge, said my hellos to several con-friends and then left after an hour or so.

Considering buying a badge this year just to see Quantum Destiny's panels and maybe enter the costume contest.
I have a bunch of friends going, even some co-workers. They're all excited about Asuna from Sword Art being there.
What is everyone wearing?

I know ANT posted about all the pretty photo locations so we should at least get some good photography out of this, I hope.

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Do any of you guys use DA anymore?

I noticed a lot of my favorite cosplayers have abandoned their accounts, some even leaving journal entries announcing their departure and telling people to follow them on Tumblr and Facebook instead. Even some of my friends ditched Deviant Art for Tumblr.

So is Deviant Art officially dead for cosplay?

Oh, and if you do still use DA, feel free to post your URL. I'm looking for more people to watch.
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Christ that new logo still makes me shake my head. It doesn't make sense no matter how I look at it.

Ever since they re-branded the site its really gone downhill. The price for premium membership has gone up drastically and unless you want your page to look like arse you better be ready to fork out the dough for it.

FB and other stuff is more relevant but I always preferred DA over them since you can present everything nice, clean and organized without all the bs ads and junk that comes with FB and...
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Not really a big fan of the updated site and logo and as >>8712957 mentioned, that premium membership price increase is rather off-putting. I used to use and renew regularly but now, hell no.

As you observed, most of the community has shifted to other sources and likely brought their following with them. I used to like having a way to create folders and rearrange/organize costumes individually or by source but since letting my premium membership expire and seeing the kinds of shit that groups were allowing in (and as a mod...
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I quit deviantart after they changed their policy so that they basically own all the rights to your pictures as long as you hold them on your site. So if they wanted to make money with your prints, they could. You agreed to the terms.

The community was shit too and attracted furries and fetishists so I gave up.

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Last thread is autosaging >>8690043

I have a new cringe to share from our bestest aidoru evar~!
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>all that autotuning shit

The video is so badly made, too. The production budget must've been two bottles of ramune soda and a takeout dinner from a konbini
>"Her eyes are like a camels..."

I love how jfash stores decorate, so let's have a store/schowcase thread!
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Where do you get your lenses?
Bought any recent one? Review them!
Have any questions, drop them there.
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Where can I get lenses that are orange/yellowish?
Picture related.
I have astigmatism. How fucked am I?

forget having options. just be happy with what you can find. hope you like natural colors and paying out the ass for torics.

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Screenshot (424).png
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Veterans Day is today and Black Friday will be soon upon us so post any relevant ads or deals here!

>pic related is for Michaels craft store for Veterans Day
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All Brother sewing machines are on sale at Michaels.

They've also got a 3D Printing Pen for $99.99
Anyone know of any possible airbrush/compressor deals happening for Black Friday or the holidays? Hoping to get one before December.
$80 is a good price. I might have to grab one of these.

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this aired in Australia tonight. Opinions?
all that brolita is making me cringe... and the badly dressed...
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I watched it, it was so fucking cringeworthy. That brolita tho

>nobody knows that I'm male

I'm sure they do, judging by your ugly masculine face, and I'm pretty damn sure no one tried to have sex with you because you look like a little girl.
I'm surprised xylia-x is in this, I thought she'd be above cringey documentaries, but I guess I was wrong.
an article for it, so many inaccuracies holy shit
and i thought sbs would be different
This wasn't that bad compared to others that make us seem crazy, but it made lolita seem like a secret recluse club.

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Last thread was saging.
It's been a while since we've had some selfposts- Show makeup tests, hall shots, WIPs, or just say what you're working on to help get the thread started. (pic not related, just grabbed from last thread)
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I was just cleaning out photos on my phone and realized bought the fabric to make Pearl over a year ago. I have the bottom half of the costume done, but I've lost a lot of motivation with how the fandom has been going.
Might as well finish it and then either keep it or sell it to a SU fan.
People who loose interest in something because of a fandom are weak.
You realize that everything you like is also liked by crappy people? Are just gonna stop liking everything then? Treat yourself better than that anon

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Let's have some fun /cgl/


>Jadeのロリータ服は黒を基調としていて柄は星柄 。頭にはバラの花をつけており、髪は桃色のツーサイドアップ。ブランドはAngelic Prettyがおすすめ!
>Jade should have dresses that are black with star patterns. You should wear a flower crown, and your hair should be pink with two-sides-up. Recommended brand is Angelic Pretty!

Shindanmaker thread I guess
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fuck me, recomended brand was bodyline
>tfw destined to be ita forever
Maria of Lolita clothing can handle have tones and sax plain. The head has put the roses, the hair of black tails. Brand recommend metamorphose!

>Meta is my fav and I prefer black wigs
It knew I love pink Victorian Maiden dresses!

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How many other cosplayers here have the problem of barely having space to make a cosplay. I mean you live in an apartment where you don't have a balcony, backyard or can get on the roof.

How do you deal with it?

Do you often just commission instead of making stuff? Only work on things that don't require stuff that would leak fumes? Or just plain limit your cosplay choices?
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I usually make do by driving to a relative's house for the weekend, though I have been known to Bondo things in my apartment. I wouldn't recommend it.
I usually use every single surface I have, like the little floor space, my bed and desk. Which means that everything I have is covered in paint and stains.

I just suck it up when dealing with fumes, maybe going for a walk or turning the fan on.
I lived in a smaller apartment for about a year and a half. It did limit my choices for what I could make. While I did have a balcony, anytime I would go to spray paint something out there people would post to the tower Facebook page bitching about fumes (I don't really blame them though). There are places you can go to that you can rent a spot to paint stuff and use their equipment but that gets a little pricey after awhile. Sewing small things like uniforms, dresses, and tunics were no issue. I think you would...
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i want to see more like this- less costumey, more "real" cosplays. where the dresses are intracate and the wigs are multi-toned and look more like real hair. is there a name for it? historically accurate? grounded?
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I'm torn, OP.
I like seeing some more realistic costumes sometimes, especially when done well/right but far too often people try to do this and just end up adding a bunch or unnecessary bling to make the gowns 'fancy' or 'real-life' instead of tackling the (more difficult) source material.
Examples I'm specifically put off by being the style popularized by homestuck's FancyTier bullshit and hoards of inaccurate disney princesses.

I find that the above groups typically...
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Old thread >>8670388

Itabag FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories.

Itabag Topic Questions:
>How much merch is on your bag?
>What was your least/most expensive item?
>Have you encountered other itabags in the wild?
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i love these threads for letting me do everything my faggoty little heart desires

>i was going to post this in the mail thread but i feel you guys would appreciate it more
>sweet jesus im going to be broke at the end of the month
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