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what does /cgl/ say about masked cosplays?
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They are hot and make whoever's wearing them extremely fuckable.
just as long there's a mask over their head right?
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They should be reserved for big guys.

>no colorful fashion thread that isn't sweet lolita
>this needs to be rectified
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I'm going to be image dumping alternate j-fash
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Thoughts on the start of my new redhood cosplay? The bronze will be painted black.
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fuck me sideways
ayy lmao
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Are you wearing black sweatpants?
Other than that sign me the fuck up

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TLDR: Post your spare fabric and what nots and tell people what they can make out of theirs!

Ever have a pile of fabric and don't know what to do with it? Our local joanns closed which is sad, but meant I got $600 worth of supplies for $50 and I couldn't pass that up, but looking at what I managed to get (It was all that was left when I got there.), I'm not positive what I can do with it. I don't want to go the Jessica Nigri scrap fabric gijinka approach, so I'm game for suggestions
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My first thought with the white and pink was Guila from Nanatsu no Taizai. The anime seems to make a tiny tone differentiation between her shrug and her bodysuit (I never noticed until now, it doesn't show in a lot of pics,) but the manga doesn't so you could get away with all white.
Cosplay isn't as versatile as making quilts or table runners, unfortunately, since you'd have to take into account the hand and drape of the fabric on top of matching colors. It's very hard make suggestions since a lot of outfits are very specific in color, details, and appearance, unless you managed to get something as basic as white/black bottomweights/suitings.
I refrained from buying more than 3 bolts of fabric when my local JoAnn store liquidated (and moved into a newer, bigger location), and those bolts are still sitting around 7 years later.
Make Lottie's ballgown from Princess and the Frog. I have no idea what you could do with the rest of the fabric except maybe underskirts or something.

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Anyone prefer one over the other? How many lolitas actually wear a crinoline? Or is it reserved to accurate historical costumes instead?
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I wish more people who used crinolines understood that you still have to put pettis over them or you get lines in your dress. You can almost always tell who's using crinolines because they think it's a petti replacement.
They are usually called "cage skirt" these days, you see them with ero a lot.
I was thinking of trying a crinoline so I wouldn't have to worry about my pettis deflating anymore. Sitting sounds like a major pain in the ass though.

Any seagulls checking out the new con up in the Niagara Falls area called Fan World? Looks like they announced Beethy on their Facebook page today.
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Never heard of the con but everyone knows beethy. They paying his way?

Can we get a thread going of celebrities (preferably western ones) wearing cosplay or j-fashion?
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Dumping what I have. Most of it's really old but at least it's something.
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Both good and bad attempts are allowed
This includes bad interpretations of J-fashion

This mainly started because I was watching a tutorial that used this stuff. Badly translating the Portuguese it looks like just super glue, but the girl was putting her hands right in it without getting stuck. Is it like E600?

Similar strange international crafting materials thread. Plastimake was everywhere in Australia, but if you tried to find freezer paper to make transfers it was a fool's errand.
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There's this Japanese cosplayer who seals all his props with this odd yellow glue that he waters down with solvent...
Does anyone know if Frog Juice from that tumblr post really works?
It just says 'rubber, plastics, cork, ceramics and metals'. I assume that because it doesn't say 'skin, fingernails' that the girl thought it was safe to shove hands into.
On their website it says that this specific glue is a cyanoacrylate and that it's recommended for flexible surfaces. It also says that starts to cure as soon as a thin layer is applied, and that it glues skin and eyes in seconds.
Tl;dr that girl is either a fucking idiot or she really, really doesn't like her hands.

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Okay this seems like a standard mummy costume. Should be easy, but I need something that won't unravel within 15 minutes. Anyone got any ideas on how a costume for this guy would be worn?
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Oh! I have a good idea. Go to the help thread.
For reference: >>8836148

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Post con blues edition

As the xon coes to aclose, let's take a moment to thank those people who made this ALA a little special for yourself. Could be anything from some cute girl or guys giving you a smile to getting plastered all night with with your fellow gulls

Stay safe and see you guys at the next one.
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Admit it before the con ends. Who did you have the hots for at the party?
Space Randy dandy

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new thread since last one met bump limit
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is there a tasteful way to wear casual lolita with a band shirt? It always looks so lame when I see pics pop up.

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I was feeling nostalgic, and was remembering the 'live action anime girl' Apollo smile. She comes up sometime when cosplay is mentioned, especially when talking about current cosplayers like JNig. Out of curiosity, did she ever actually cosplay as anything other than her alternate persona? Random fact, she turns 49 on February 16th... which makes me feel old, as her introducing some anime on Sci-fi helped get me into anime a really long time ago.
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I remember her doing some lolita shit before she started hosting but that's it. I still have two of her CDs
I didn't start congoing until about 2008 so I really had never heard of her till now. She seems like the original cute blonde babe except with real skill. Honestly she's cute af and I'm sad I missed all this.
I don't think Apollo Smile was ever a cosplayer. She was just a "living anime girl" who tried to turn being a weeb into a performing art.

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I am searching for a Military/Marine type Lolita to make a better choice please send all you got in the following schema.

>link name
>(optional) cost

WOuld as well be lovely to have some with birds, make em look fancy!!!

thanks for the help

>current: http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/yolanda-uniform-style-velvet-lolita-outfit-with-cape-yo-002
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posting some more that you get and Idea

I will keep mine roling till i can't find any more. but i love to have you input here.

> http://www.my-lolita-dress.com/navy-blue-lolita-op-dress-sailor-college-style-sb-48
try out some more

> http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Wine-Red-Lapel-Collar-Army-Uniform-Style-Winter-Lolita-Coat-lol-game-cosplay/32600899116.html?spm=2114.010208.3.28.XCAlWO&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_3,searchweb201644_2_505_506_503_504_502_10001_10002_10016_10005_10006_10003_10004,searchweb201560_3,searchweb1451318400_-1,searchweb1451318411_6449&btsid=6ef9ff86-5646-4685-82d8-e8c1fe4cf39e

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Soooo...next week.
Who's going? Is there anything worth going to? Any cool stands for lolita stuff? Or just weaboo trash shit?
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I remember Lunieshop from the lolita Lunie being there in 2014. She was cute but you just feel she's kinda.."stuck up" in a way? But if i was spoiled by my parents and had a easymode life i would probably be kinda stuck up too.
but in general the convention isn't really worth it, besides seeing friends.
It's shit. Don't go.

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i can't remember there being any dangan ronpa threads in a while, and since there's a new game and anime on the way i thought it'd be reasonable to make one.

so, does anyone have any plans? or, any cosplays you're currently working on? i'm almost done with a mahiru, and hoping to do some other stuff later this year too
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How spooky is this? First, I was wondering "I wonder if the DR generals are gonna come back alive" about an hour ago. Then I started replaying SDR2 while in the bus today.
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you're too powerful, anon. you need to stop before you indirectly bring something even worse back
2013 had a lot of DR cosplays. Nowadays almost anybody cosplay it.
[Until new game]

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