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Old thread >>8621734

Itabag FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories.

New Itabag Topic Questions:
>How much merch is on your bag?
>What was your least expensive item?
>What was your most expensive item?
>Is your bag mainly for display or for use...
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Incoming huge spam of pics. Tried to get bags from series that haven't been posted to death (unless the bags are amazing) and some pics of shops selling itabag stuff.

>tfw I'm gonna want to drop $20 on 4chan Pass half way through this
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Bad photo thread everyone? It doesnt necessarily mean a bad cosplay, just bad photography, bad editing etc. I will start with this one.
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Petition for photographers to get their shit together and tell people when their wigs are messy
Fucking this
There's so much stuff photographers need to let people know.

>wigs are mess
>wig cap showing
>parts on costumes are crooked
>petticoats or other parts are peaking out when they're not suppose to
>jewelry is backwards(like a pendant that's flipped over)

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Last one autosaged. It got good. Any other comms harboring any spiteful, angry feelings they'd like to get out?
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Are there any gulls in the Louisville/Lexington area? If so, are you part of the Kentucky Lolita Society? Just curious.
Can anyone in the Ohio comm tell me how that Harry Potter meet went? I couldn't go but I saw the pics and holy shit there were so many people.
It was super crowded, the hostesses said they weren't expecting so many people to come. A lot of people showed up late and the movie didn't get stared until about 5:30-6 because people were still arriving and eating. I had a lot of fun, but there were way too many people in such a small building.

old thread >>8663168
rerelease thread so this one isn't clogged with HL >>8666442
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Re posting due to old thread dying quickly after posted.
I got my LolitaDesu lucky pack order in today. I'm a bit mixed on it, these are the first lolita items I've ever had. I'm a bit mixed because of the amount of items-I ordered the extra large size which is over 300 dollars and says "contains 5-11 items" I received 7- three of those being headbows and one being a low quality off brand tote bag. I'm pretty happy with the items themselves, especially the blouse I got.
Overall I got three headbows, one blouse, one skirt, one JSK, and a...
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thansk for the mini review and pic, anon! do you remember what your parameters were?
I mostly just asked for navy blue items that weren't OTT sweet, I mainly asked for larger second hand items.

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Inspired by discussion in the CoF thread.

Some people say that gothic makeup is difficult to pull off. Some people say that Mana's signature gothic look is outdated. What do you think? How do you see gothic makeup working in the family of lolita, aristocrat, and ouji fashion?

Tips, tutorials, selfposts and concrit encouraged.
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dumping examples/inspo to get started
Hey anon it's dreamsofgore. Share with me all your gothy makeup prowess
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1 (1).jpg
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Just a quick question about what's going on. I'm late to the party and want to know, why it's a thing now. Why is putting darker make up on racist all of a sudden?
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Why the fuck are people killing legitimate threads with all this bullshit lately?
For starters it never looks good. The white girls "Vivienne make up test" is some of the worst makeup I've ever seen, regardless of how you feel about her doing it politically. She didn't make herself look anything like Vivienne, she just globbed dark makeup on.

When you try to change your race with your makeup, one of two things happens:

1) Like the girl above, you think [black character's look] is nothing but their skin tone. You don't have do anything like contorting...
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its always been racist

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Halloween edition

Last thread >>8636287
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My wallet is out of control.
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That HL MTO, though...
Everything else is on it's way
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so, so happy to finally have melody poodle :D
To celebrate I'll probably be a poodle for halloween, lmao

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Last one hit image limit, so here we are.
Previous thread: >>8597930

It's nice to see that these threads have been getting more frequent. Let's talk mori!
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Going to dump a few coords with jeans for >>8665358 in the last thread.

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Let's post qt cosplayers. Qt men are welcome too.
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self post? Vendetta? nothing is cute about her really but that store bought Jinx cosplay is nice.
>Disgusting glasses
>Mouth and face is warped for no reason
>Skin isn't pale enough
Don't even make me start on the hair

Made me respond gj op
looks good to me

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>order shoes, get shipped with DHL, get tracking only a week after because Chinese holidays
>package gets here, but without prior notice, so can't pay absurd custom fees with cash (40 euros over 45 euros worth)
>package gets to a depot, contact customer service and get the package rescheduled for today
>today, no package and it's 9 in the evening
>search DHL on Facebook, Dutch branch has a 1,4 star rating

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>ordered a wig
>babbu's first cosplay
>a month until con
>get the tracking number
>seller says shipped
>two weeks
> tracking isn't working
>contact dad
>he works for USPS
>he tracks it
>it hasn't even been shipped

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let me tell you my favorite story.
To understand it better I should mention I'm a german gull.Getting hit by customs here means to either make a drive to your local costum office, open the package show them what's inside to pay your stuff or sent them the bills via (e-)mail, they open it for you to look inside and you get charged at your door.

>order a pair of shoes from Bodyline
>It's shoes, of course they got hit with costums
>last day before vacation, so decide...
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Name and shame seller please

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Does /cgl/ have any stories about how actors feel about cons ?
Pic related seems to dislike the experience and to be almost annoyed by fans.
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David Hewlett fuckin' LOVES it. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever met, period, let alone actor.

>He's also good friends with everyone he worked with on Stargate: Atlantis except Momoa. Figures.

Actors who love their jobs/acting are usually the ones who also love being around fans.
I have a feeling it would depend on their fanbase. There's always those poor people who have the worst fanbases and probably don't enjoy how their fans act or the weird shit they do.

I can imagine that's a partial reason why Moot never really went to cons, lel. But I don't know much about his reasons.
Yes, I've been meaning to share this story on here and keep forgetting!

>selling at my booth
>fucking BRUCE CAMPBELL comes walking up
>likes my shop name, says my stuff looks good
>his handlers are chasing behind him
>"Mr. Campbell, sir, please get back to your...
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Why do people think this sort of thing looks good?
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Because insecure girls think it's sexy and confident to morph themselves into sex dolls for validation when actually what they really want is respect yet they won't get it going down that road. Vicious cycle. Look what happened to Charms, after all.
fucking lost it at "gerard way's realdoll"
also ahripop or whatever is just one trainwreck after another. she's 100% white but does her makeup and Photoshop herself to look "azn desu"
because it does? you know, different tastes and what not.

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Why do people take part in cosplaying to Walmart/Whole Foods?
>Have you ever done it?
>What are your thoughts on it?
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>>8661191 cringe
That's usually done by prepubescent cringelords who have nothing better to do

A place to talk about fashion without a label. So long as it's cute and wearable, post it here!

jfashion/cfashion/kfashion/?fashion allowed.
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File: cowbuttcrunchies.png (2 MB, 1074x795) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have we found THE Rose Quartz wig, gulls?
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put it on someone who isn't ugly and we'll be golden.
I like the wig a lot, but I think the makeup is lacking. I feel like Rose needs big, dramatic lashes and pink lips to be Rose. Blush would be good too. Her appearance and personality is large and dramatic and stunning, makeup included.
I really don't like all the little tendril-y curls. Having some smaller curls in the back/on the top might be fine, but I think it looks really gross when pushed to the front. Especially since Rose Quartz typically only has two big ol' sausage curls over her shoulders like that.

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