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Quick! Dress up as your favorite fictional character using only items you already have in your closet.

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> Closet Sylveon gijinka cosplay

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Old thread is autosaging >>8807194

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

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Make a collage of what's in your cart. Other anons critique it.

Helps trim the fat of large orders.
I'll review most of everything, I will also take a photo swimming with everything hah.
I'm also using SpreeNow. They have higher shipping rates but the customer service is A+ so imo it's worth it.
For those of you who still want fukubukuros, BoBon21 just released their LPs.

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It's been about 5 years since I've posted on this board, but here goes:

I've been feeling really out of place at conventions lately. Is it just me or have the crowds gone through a drastic change in the past few years? I mean, I feel like cosplayers are always giving each other the stink eye for cosing from the same series and everyone's copying the same two tutorials so they all look the same. Do you ever find yourself missing the days of wearing terribad cosplay and doing embarrassing anime dances in the hallway? Speak to me, I'm here for you,...
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I'll bite
>Went to local small con back in 2008 w/normie high school friend
>Really into deathnote
>Cosplayed L, friend was blonde so naturally she chooses to be Halle Litner
>not Misa
>We enter the costume contest and caramelldansen with a paper mache face ryuk who wins the cosplay contest
>couldn't even find the fast version of the caramelldansen they only had the slow version...
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ye olde con thread is this way. >>8813619

Plenty of gems and reminiscing in there.

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General discussion for creating a productive and lively EGL community on G+ reminiscent of LiveJournal's Golden Days.
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We'd have better luck trying to make something out of the Reddit lolita group than trying to do anything with G+ desu. No one uses G+.
This makes me wish wardrobe posts had been on g+.
>+1 photos you like
>browse your past +1's for easy inspiration
The reddit lolita group is another one I'm pretty active in but honestly it's filled with newbies who dislike criticism.

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Lacebook thread

>do you have a code?
>do you want a code?
>do you believe it can solve the fractioning off of the online lolita community?
>what could be done better?

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How does the invite thing work? Do you need to ask people you already know to approve you? Heard a few people talking about it but haven't used it myself
I've only heard bits and pieces about this but I'm intrigued. More info?
Is this even still relevant? I never hear about it anymore.

Competition seems pretty fierce this time around
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The others can't hold up at all compared to this one.

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No ebay/amazon store buys.

Post your good, bad, and ugly...
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Comissioner- HK Armor

$100 + $75 SH
Came with all armor/weapon seen (no cape, etc)
He's from mexico and has won awards. Communication wasn't too great, but he always responded.

Required 20 different measurements to get GMP. Once paid, it took 4 months. Fits PERFECT.
I have a question as a comissioner.
I actually plan to make 3D models of stuff relative to sci-fi, Anime and Comics on demand for cosplayer.
i need to know how much i can ask for it. i i purpose a finish 3d models in multi format ready to be print in any service. i have to make sketches and plan for the construction so it takes a bit of time without counting the modelisation itself.
so how much can i charge for this type of work ?

Old Thread >>8824247

Bodyline Thread >>8814807
Closet of Frills >>8832362
Comm Thread >>8799979
Coord Help Thread >>8791454
Dream Dress Thread >>8807220
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I feel like shit right now because I just spent $120 of birthday money on an OP and a bolero when I am supposed to be saving money for College, which starts soon. What do?
regret then either have a closet cleanout or stick your non-essential money in a proper savings account that you can't get it out of
it's ok to occasionally impulse get shit just don't let it become a habit
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Just had to share this:
>google "lolita reaction images"
>first result is a google ad
>"Child abuse is a crime. Even on the internet"
What the hell nooo

Old thread
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I wanted those shoes, but everyone and their mother has them so now.... I don't.

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Hey gulls, kind of like a progress thread, but let's see your earliest coord you have a photo of in comparison to your latest/greatest.
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An early coord with my first brand dress vs a recent one. Neither is perfect but I like to think I've come-a-ways since then.

Also my first self post, please be gentle.....
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BeFunky Collage.jpg
2 MB, 2290x2400
First coord 2-3 years ago. Very Ita bodyline... now AP everything but still a WIP.

Also first self post. Be gentle to a lurking gull.
Honestly, the "be gentle" shit is unnecessary and cringey. Both of you have made a good amount of progress, although (perhaps personal nitpick, I hate most white shoes over black/dark tights).

Looking to fill up my inspo folder with general cute jfashion related outfits this can be nanchatte, larme, otome, mori, lolita, etc.
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mon lilly.jpg
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2 MB, 1024x768
File: 1435192930827.jpg (204 KB, 600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old one died and I needed to get this out

>Have friend
>Sweetest girl ever talented UX designer
>But also overweight and makes terrible cosplay choices
>She posts progress photos for Miss Monochrome costume made purely from duct tape
>Pretty much as bad as it sounds

I'm caught in this weird feeling of I know this is a failure that deserves to be shared on cgl. but if she ever found out she got posted...
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>found out a friend of mine is also a cosplayer
>go on her cosplay page
>some really cute cosplays
>but mostly lingerie shoots with FiveRings
>replies to thirst comments on her photos with flirty comments and winking faces
>mfw she goes out of her way to tell me that it's for her own pleasure and not for male validation despite that I didn't even question her about it.
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>tfw awaiting packages
I went looking through old cosplay photos tonight after years and years. Most of them come from back when I struggled with an eating disorder. I realize now how very thin I was and hate that I spent so much time obsessing over feeling otherwise when I might have been able to appreciate my cute little figure had I not, you know, had a disorder.

But I also feel kind of gross now. I've put on weight, both fat and muscle, as I've gotten better over time, and while I'm a healthier weight now, I would never look as good in some of these costumes. I feel fat and...
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This is what we are working with here. What else can we do?
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Also this.
>what else can we do?
Use the recommendations thread.

What kind of food or tea do you bring for meets? Share recipes, tea blends, and stories relating to lolita outings and fun meets you've been to.
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My area has a little colonial tea room. It was a a shop and the neighboring victorian home the owner bought and renovated into a tea room. My local comm goes there a lot. You have to make a reservation, and you pay a flat fee per person and can pick a tea and meal set, it's really great! The worers wear colonial garb, and they have a bunch of cool vintage lady hats to wear for tea hats. They love us, since we all come decked out and it's very fun. The place is pretty classy, lots of older women go there, and the tea sandwiches and stuff are pretty good. It's probably the best tea house I've been to, which is why we go so much.

It's a shame because the owner really wants to sell it since she's so old and it requires a lot of work. The store it's attached to used to have more things, but it's a victorian novelty store, they sell lots of lace table liners, doilies, tea sets, etc.
I just tend to make a little selection of flapjacks and cake pops. Flapjacks are good for energy and are easy to store, and cake pops are super fun to decorate. I usually dip mine in pastel icing and edible glitter, or if I'm feeling fancy I'll do simple lace designs and patterns. Sometimes I make cookies with print-inspired designs if there's a release I really love, but they're a pain so I don't make them much. If it's someone's birthday I'll make a cake or something decorated...
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I'm not a lolita (too tall), but I'll never turn away a tea thread.

I always drink black blends. Cinnamon, vanilla and ginger blends are my favourite. Ginger or lavender biscuits go really well with tea, but if you want something more fru-fru, caramel or custard tarts are great too. I wouldn't have something chocolate with tea, but maybe that's just me.

I don't know too many other people who like tea, but going to a tea party would be really nice. Usually I just have people around and bake sweets/make tea while we play tabletop games.

I'd like it if some local cons had tea rooms.

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Let's have a new gyaru thread!
Current issues:

- gyaru awards
- the Gyarulovers Wintermeet in Germany
- what Japanese circles do you know?

And sure everything else gyaru related!
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Japanese circles I know of are: BD, Queen Sisters, Schwarz Weiss, White Crystal(?) someone knows more?
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kuro gals.jpg
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I miss ganguro.
Roma Gyaru okay as well?

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