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What are some of the worst stories that you have for conventions? Figured I'd start one since I just had one today

>crowd into an elevator at hotel
>door closes
>guy next to me says "I'm going to let you all know now that I have a knife and none of you are leaving alive"
>heart skipped a few beats as I jump back in terror
>obviously he was joking otherwise I wouldn't be alive

I mean fuck he wasn't even cosplaying and he generally looked a bit creepy too.
>Everyone in the elevator takes him down
>Restrain him until police arrive
>Problem solved

Oh the horror!
Nobody wants to be the one person that gets stabbed.
>it's on like donkey kong
>bust out my own knife
>let's do this
I work in a warehouse so I always have a knife out of habit. It's a practical tool to have too.
If it's not in his hands you can restrain him before he even gets a chance to pull it out though :(
surprised he didn't get destroyed in there
have a bag or jacket take the hit
guy gets swarmed
I will remember this if a stabbing ever comes up. I always have a bag with me.
I do. I'm crazy.
>at con
>no scissors
>realized that i forgot to cut bangs for my wig
>mfw i look like a shitty newbie cosplayer

>asks bf to hold my sword
>he accidentally snaps it right in the middle
>its ok the con is over anyways and im otw home soon

my cosplay horror stories are pretty mild
Florida is a cosplay horror story in itself
I do.

I'm a sadomasochist, so I'd want to stab as well as get stabbed.
You understand me, anon.
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Shin had a hard life...
>woke up late, no time to put on cosplay
>fuck it
>dash to the nearest open elevator
>suddenly sardines
>enter qt3.14
>might have a chance
>think of a joke as an icebreaker
>fullblown autismo
>joke comes out as a threat
>qt obviously horrified
>thats enough reality for today
>go back to harassing minecraft players
One time I saw a cosplayer poop their pants.
what were they cosplaying?
Someone from Attack on Titan. Standard uniform. Started screaming to their friend group that they needed to go to the bathroom now. Friends were all "Okay, okay, hold on." Girl started running. Stopped. There it was. Poop on white pants. I saw it.
...How unfortunate...
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>be me met a trap at con
>we both end up drunk
>making out to the hotel
>we both went to my hotel room
>dat trap love my spit dripping into traps mouth
>female room mate came in drunk too
>tfw 3 way make out
>super intense now we all naked
>mfw trap has a pussy
>boner strength of a thousand gods peirce the heavens. when I am fucking 2 girls like no mother fucking buisness
>when I woke up, I woke up next to 2 body pillows
Same here anon. Carry a knife everyday. I would have mine ready if I was in that elevator. Also have a ccw license but I'm not going to carry during a con
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boner stop.png
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That is my fetish
I read this as cow license and wondered what exactly that allowed you to do.
I'm going to bed.
>homestucks had a meet in the middle of a con
A bunch of Homestuck cosplayers decided to combine spin the bottle and truth or dare, which attracted people until there were about 100 people just making out with each other in the middle of this hotel at like 3 in the morning.
>strapless white dress
>forgot to bring strapless bra

I had to wear my ugly nude t-shirt bra and pin my capelet weirdly around the straps to make sure the straps wouldn't show.


im not even surprised
what the fuck that's actually fucking terrifying

it always astounds me how the homestucks manage to pull shit like that together at conventions given their rep. then again, it could be the reason for that rep.
This is actually how an ex of mine lost her girlfriend; the one she cheated on me with. I guess the chick went to one of these "Spin the Faygo" things and made out with people.
When she told me about it I didn't know whether to feel bad or just see it as karma.
Brace yourselves, this is a long one.

>Working a con last year, can't say which because I think I signed a NDA after all this shit went down
>Stage managing the fashion show
>International fashion guests errywhere, NHK is there, etc
>Lighting/sound guy is useless as fuck, wasted our entire budget on really tacky plywood decorations that looked like shit, we have about $200 to feed our models and do hair/makeup
>Our call for hair/makeup was 7am, he didn't show up with the keys until 9am so we had to do hair/makeup in the hallway outside of the staging area
>There was no changing area even though we were promised one, so when I asked him if he could get someone to move pipe/drape into the room where we finally got to set up hair/makeup he was all "I can't do that, I'm not allowed to"
>I ask him if /I'm/ allowed to, he says yes
>Myself and my 2IC have to move six fucking massive panels of pipe/drape into the next room ourselves to make changing rooms
>As we're moving tables in the next room to make the changing rooms we find a MASSIVE pink dye stain on the carpet and a pair of thrashed fur raver leg warmers underneath a table, everything suddenly stinks like raver sex
>we laugh it off because we'd finally found where the tufts of pink fur everywhere had been coming from
>Terrible lighting guy sets up the light trees that hit the stage with your regular yellow-toned white stage lights, no color gels
>Does the runway in true-white purple-toned LED strip lights, from the floor like a fucking airport runway
>All of the models look like they're holding a flashlight under their chin when they walk down it
>He refuses to change it despite my pointing all of this out to him
>This is when the Japanese guest liaison shows up, a crazy motherfucker I'll call Kurae. Japanese trust fund baby, has a very low opinion of women, etc
>Meanwhile none of the actual guest designers have shown up yet

OT, but I thought it was CCDW. Not trying to be a grammar nazi, just wondering if I've been saying it wrong or it's a regional thing.

>Guest designers FINALLY show up, with their translators and in-house models in tow
>Kurae the guest liaison is the reason why we have to make every one of our local models walk twice (in some cases three or even four times because every designer wanted the girl)
>He was given 60 models to choose from, he picked 15 of them, was supposed to pick at least 30, didn't want to because none of them were apparently attractive enough for his tastes
>Everyone starts ranting about how some of the girls will have to change in like a 5min window

Flash forward to after the dress rehearsal:
>One of the guests' translators starts screaming at me because they hadn't been able to run sound check for the live performance the designer was apparently going to do
>We were already opening an hour and a half behind schedule because Kurae kept trying to change the run order and the lighting guy showed up two fucking hours late
>Meanwhile the translator is still pitching a bitch fit, but she gets calmed down by someone that wasn't me
>Show starts without much of a hitch, we get through the first batch of girls pretty quick
>I go backstage to check on where the next models are at, same translator is telling one of the models that she's up next
>Girl isn't up next, she's not walking again until the end of the show, I say as much
>Translator flips the fuck out at me, starts trying to flaunt her staus as a guest translator like it means she's in charge or something
>Politely tell her that her status as a translator means absolutely nothing in this situation (not in those exact words, but I can speak Japanese too so she's nothing special in this situation)
>She literally SCREAMS at me to "Go fuck yourself" as I'm going back to the wings to supervise

Flash forward again to the end of the show:
>Dept. supervisor comes up to me, asks if I told the translator to go fuck herself

TBC, also just realized this is 'cosplay' horror stories and not general 'con' horror stories, whoops. =

>Apparently the translator had told Kurae that I screamed at her, not vice versa
>Kurae is shit talking myself, my immediate supervisor, my 2IC, and basically all of the models to anyone who will listen at this point
>He's speaking Japanese (and he's saying all this shit to NHK and the designers) because he thinks that we can't understand him
>Most of us speak Japanese, can very clearly hear him call us crazy bitches etc to a fucking news crew and a bunch of guests
>I'm crying at this point because I'm pretty sure the entire building could light on fire at this point and it would be an improvement
>Model that had been standing there when the translator screamed at me comes to my rescue, calls the translator out on her bullshit
>Dept. supervisor is cool about it, my whole team is apparently made of the best bros on the face of the planet
>I don't get banned from the entire state of california like my paranoia and anxiety makes me feel like I was going to be after all that shit

Everything turned out well enough in the end but it was so fucking stressful that I ended up hiding in my hotel room for most of the rest of the con. But hey, Kurae got fired for being the biggest piece of dog shit ever so not everything was terrible.
Wow, that was a whirlwind of shit. I'm sorry you had to deal with all that. I always feel bad for con staff, none of the credit and all of the blame.
>reasons I always carry a knife and pepper spray
Come at me motherfucker.

>putting on a skit at local con
>weeby ex-friend is begging to have some kind of part in it as usual
>she cosplays one of those 'lol sooo crazyy!! XDDD' characters, of course
>"hey I have a great idea for your skit anon! how about I come in half way through and throw a fake bomb into the audience THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNY"
>literally think she's joking
>she wasn't
>shortly after that cut contact

Some people are fucking psychos man.
Well mine's not the worst thing ever but it could've been worse.

>Meet a guy during his panel for one of my favorite shows
>He comes off as pretty nice and very informative and talkative guy
>Hangout with him last day of the con
>We're going through a large crowd
>Suddenly he has a tight iron grip on my arm and won't let go despite my gentle struggling to get loose
>Nervously laugh and say you can let go now
>He lets go finally after a few minutes of walking around awkwardly clamped onto me I gtfo once I find an excuse
>See him again at another con and think maybe he was just being awkward and I was just overreacting
>Foolishly get into the car with him
>To go eat with him
>Nothing strange happens and he doesn't try cutting through the awkward silence
>Going to the restroom
>Come out he's waiting directly at the door for me
>Clumsily make my way around him while dreading the worst but nothing comes of it
>Later on the second night I come up from the bar drinking with two friends and we're heading to my room to chill
>A little tispy but not brain dead drunk at least
>Feel the sudden need to turn around
>See the guy at the end of the hall and from what I can tells his eyes are dead set on us
>Suddenly grab my tallest friends arm and start moving to my room faster and lock the door

Feel like I overreacted but being tipsy and having some guy following me around put me on high alert. I didn't wanna be one of those people who condemns people for being weird or creepy but he had so many chances to clear his name and only made it worse.
If you're still wondering, cow licenses allow you to transport cows in trucks.
A lot of different terms work for it. Going by the wording on mine it would be a CDWL but they all mean the same thing
It was Jinx wasn't it?
I bet it was Jinx
I can't read it can someone summarize what happened? I'm a newfag.
Open the full file by clicking the filename.

But man what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck
did you at least respond in japanese to let him know you could understand him?

doesn't even have to be something like "niggah, fuck you," just anything. snarky, normal, anything.
>get in elevator for con
>guy that looks like he's in 9th grade pushes me while rushing in
>think to myself he's probably alone and nervous so don't bother lashing out on him
>knocks me the fuck out while I look away, shit starts to fade
>think to myself "dear god, I'm being fucking raped by a kid"
>sight starts to clear up, we reach the floor and kid runs away like hell

The worst part is I was starving myself up till then and I felt REALLY shitty for days after. Ruined the con for me.
what'd you say to her

No, we were too busy with finishing up the show. Besides, it was way better and more rewarding to just turn (as a group) to our department supervisor and tell him "Yeah the guest liaison is being an unprofessional piece of shit and calling us crazy bitches to fucking NHK, this is really going to reflect badly on the con as a whole, you should probably report him to the higher-ups"

>mfw our dept. supervisor was like "Yeah I'm going to talk to his supervisor. He's not coming back next year."
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even better to yell out "kurae, eat a dick" in Japanese while he's in the middle of talking to NHK and then report him

They weren't interviewing him or anything, he was talking to the guy in charge of the crew. The cameraman was busy filming the stage.

also lol telling him to eat a dick would be "nikubou o kurae" which is why I substituted Kurae for his actual name in the story.
Bet he would have wet his pants when I pulled out my gun.
the main goal would be to make him think "oh fuck they can speak japanese and know what i've been saying." get him panicking.

Not that anon, but I think it's good he didn't get any warnings, so he can't make excuses to top brass before anon's team got their complaints in. Plus it always looks bad if you have to explain how you were immature enough to verbally harass him while he was in the middle of what seems to be off-duty chit chat with the guests' crew.

Exactly. The mature response isn't to blow up at someone for shit talking you. It's to go to their boss and snitch for maximum punishment.
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Not really a horror story, but I can't find a general rant thread here.

>one friend who does cheap as fuck cosplays
>always bumming wigs that are "close enough" off of other friends because she doesn't want to spend money to buy her own
>she comes over one day to work on cosplay and we're all discussing it
>the topic turns to wigs and stuff
>I mention that Ireally want to get a good wig now that I'm getting more into cosplay
>she sees what color I'm getting (pink) and replies with "Oh, that's good! I might need a pink wig in the future for a cosplay I want to do"
>mfw I straight up tell her I'm not sharing it

She got really put out and kept asking why, and I kept just telling her "I don't want to share my cosplay stuff." I felt like a dick, but I don't want my stuff ruined. She can barely even brush her real hair properly, nevermind a wig.
>she sees what color I'm getting (pink) and replies with "Oh, that's good! I might need a pink wig in the future for a cosplay I want to do"
Holy shit, what an entitled attitude.
Fuckin good. I hate people who think their entitled to other people's shit. I used to have a friend that would do that shit at cons, tried to sell her pass and was just like "Teehee if I want to do anything I'll just borrow your pass!"
The fuck you won't, bitch.
That brings me back.
Holy shit I feel this my friend is always asking to borrow wigs and if i can help her with her cosplay cus she has absolutely 0 skill! and I'm just too nice so I never turn her down but this past con I spent 3 days making her something that everyone complimented and ended up rushing my own costume
my thoughts exactly
>Walking around with friends at a con
>Some fuck with a domo hat kept on bumping into us asking for hugs
>continue walking and ignore him

If it wasn't for the fact that we were in the middle of the actual convention center, I would've punched the shit out of him
While not the worst thing to happen at a convention, it's a story easy to tell and I'm a lazy fuck.

>little ol' me doin my first high-tier cosplay
>am doing San from Princess Mononoke
>I made that shit with quality materials
>I'm talking legit deer skin, fiber fabrics, clay, the works.
>Meanwhile, 2 a.m. rolls around, and our shit group leader who was supposed to have rooms ready for us BEFORE the convention tells us all, "HEHEH LOL I DON'T ACTUALLY HAVE ROOMS FOR 5 OF YOU LOL"
>SO we wait for him to talk to some of his shit-tier buddiez to see if the have room for any of us
>Meanwhile, an hour later, little sleepy 14-year-old me is nodding off. First convention, so I wasn't used to the late-night life and had no idea how I could contribute to our problem.
>Remember that god-tier costume I made and spent about 100 hours and 4 months on?
>Hand-made San's mask from red clay. Fired it, glazed it, and everything. (I had some good sculpting skills back in the day.)
> I start to nod off while waiting on the tiled floor in the lobby (not enough chairs for everyone)
>Mask weighs 10 poinds
>Restraints came loose
>Falls onto the ground
>Cracks in half while still attached to the pelt.
Omg, my roommate is EXACTLY like this. I'll order stuff online for myself or my boyfriend, and when she gets home and sees it on the coffee table she'll say something along the lines of "LUL YOU GOT THAT FOR ME LULTHX". FUck no I didn't get it for you. I told you ahead of time it's for ME. At one point I thought she was just trolling, but then she started getting seriously pissed that we didn't get her enough. Also, when you tell her she can "borrow" something, she hears "keep". She borrowed my desk for her snake cage, and swears by the old gods and the new that it's hers (not like that desk hasn't been in my family for like 40 years or anything. I lent it to her before I knew what a prick she was about owning things.)

Sorry, I know that's off-topic, but I just had to rant.

Ok, unrelated, but before you expand your filename it looks like "batman just pissed in you". I keked hard.

>be young inexperienced grill
>cosplay OC "magical girl" inspired avatar
>made of cheap white sorta see through linen and pink fabric
>what are period cramps? what is stress and why would it affect my period? what could possibly go wrong?

>having a fun day until I need to run to the bathroom feeling nauseous and like I have to shit
>fuck, all the stalls are full
>finally get in one and discover I have bled past my pad and underwear and it's baaaad.
>luckily nothing leaked to the outside layers yet but you can still see the darkness from it because it's so see through
>fuck, how am I supposed to walk around all day like this?
>bathroom gets less crowded so I can get paper towels and clean up as best as I can
>stand in front of mirror to check damage, looks like I am wearing wet shorts under my cosplay but it's better than before
>feel like shit physically, too embarrassed to leave bathroom
>end up in handicapped stall crying in pain and humiliation

>friends come looking for me
>none of them has a pad or a car or extra clothes
>they offer to get staff, or wait for me to dry out but I'm too embarrassed. I just want to go home.
>at this point I'm mad because I basically have to ride the bus all the way home smelling like Jack from Croniclesof Riddick, I don't even want to walk around like this or enjoy the rest of the day.

>someone walks into the bathroom and says hello to my friends, then knocks on my door
>Are you the one that needs a pad?
>uh yeah, at this point I would need a mop, a tampon factory and some morphine
>girl literally passes me a giant ziplock bag with a mop, a tampon factory and morphine inside it.
>okay, it was a bunch of vagina wipes, some pads and tampons, some midol, a bag for my wet underwear, and a pair of new underwear from a pack of kawaii panties from the ex hall.
>I got clean and dry and changed.
>tampon factory hero girl disappeared before I ever got to see her face, I was in the stall when she handed me the bag and she left before I was done cleaning up and changing
>The face on the butt of the underwear was totally visible if you looked close at my butt, but i didn't care, they were cute af and clean!
>I enjoyed the rest of the day and only cried again when I got home and finally showered
>still have the undies
>ty, tampon hero. Ty.
That girl is a bro. That was very kind of her.
I believe I'm about to get stuck in the same situation

> wear elaborate cosplay to con
> took me months to get all the details right
> friend's girlfriend who never talked to me before adds me on facebook after the con
> sends a message telling me how much she loves the costume
> repeats a bit too often that it's her favourite character
> asks out of nowhere if I could tell her the exact measurements of the costume
> weird question but answer it anyway
> "Oh, I see. That means I would fit in it."

My friend (her boyfriend) once told me she wants to cosplay but doesn't want to spend any money on it. I know where this is heading and my answer will be a solid no. Like hell I'm going to let a stranger flaunt my hard work.
so if i'm reading this right, you got mugged?

or he just decided to punch you?
Bless that kind girl.
That's adorable. I wish a tampon hero came to my rescue ;_;
Bless tampon heroes all around the world.
This just reminded me to pack some emergency supplies in my bag before the con.
Ty anon, you're a life saver.
mild story but

>walking around with friends at con
>guy comes up and asks for my photo
>sure thing
>strike up a conversation after photos
>he is the weeb king supreme
>we tried to get away but it was too late
>fifteen minutes of extremely awkward conversation, mainly of him talking about how great vocaloid is
>tries to get me to sign up to be an anime reviewer on his shit tier review blog
>'i'm not really into that sort of thing, sorry'
>forces me to take a business card and tells me i need to email him about being a reviewer
>i have to take the card and tell him i'll consider it because he is adamant i am going to be a reviewer on his blog
>about to go away
>he stops in his tracks
>looks to me and then my friend and then back to me
>sooo, are you together or are you TOGETHER? like.. lesbians??
>awkward silence
>walk away quickly

>a couple of hours pass
>checking out the anime dvd stall
>tap on shoulder
>it's weeb king
>wont let us go until he's shown us all of his vocaloid UFO catcher dolls
>gets to rin and starts chirping about how he wants a girlfriend to dress up as rin and-
>'okay, we've got a panel we need to go to, bye now'
>grab friends hand and push past him
>finally we've lost him
>friend turns to me
>'so are you gonna do some anime reviews'
This warmed my heart.
See? We aren't all bitches, guise c:
This has inspired me to be a tampon hero too.
Up boot and giv'er anon. You don't have to put up with that shit. She doesn't like it, she can get her own shit.
That girl is a hero to us all.
I need to start making period packs like that.
Idk if this counts but
>have two close female friends
>go to AX
>we meet EBK there and we talk for a while while he takes pictures of us
>he came off as kind of creepy
>two female friends pretend to be lesbians and dating to ward him off
>EBK says he wants to see them have lesbian sex
>???? We literally just met
>avoid him like the plague
>I'm going to let you all know now that I have a knife and none of you are leaving alive
Who the fuck thinks that is an okay thing to do?
>My sides have left Sol's orbit.
I'm so sorry. That fucking sucks.
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>not carrying during a con

Why, so you can drink? A con is where you should absolutely be carrying. So many freaks.
Yeah, the freaks are the only ones carrying.
>implying mouthbreathing creepy full autismo NEETs have that kind of disposable income

They spend it all on figmas and zip ties, you should know this
>zip ties

What would these be good for?
File: 1362712290570.jpg (199 KB, 669x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>What would these be good for?

Lashing together the stacks of milk crates that they use to build their NEETcaves.
Oh, I thought you were referring to some kind of BDSM play.
>Oh, I thought you were referring to some kind of BDSM play.

Not... exactly, no. BDSM is consensual, after all.

What do you think they DO in those NEETcaves?

or rape.

There's been enough rapes and attempted rapes relayed in these con horror story threads that you'd think /cgl/ would take the risk seriously.
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>go to alamo city con with bf as first timers
>he dressed as red from the manga and I a shiny umbreon gijinka
>just having fun, not really too worried about panels and such just walking around
>leaves me alone so he can pee even though he insists on me staying close by
>leave to look at the prop weapons at a dealer stand like 10 feet away so he can see me when he gets out of the potty
>dealer starts chatting me up, saying I need a sword to protect a pretty lady like myself
>checking out the cheesy master swords for bf
>dealer asks me how old i am
>bf walks up hands still wet and slides up next to me to feast his eyes on the sword
>dealer laughs an anxious squeaky laugh
>turns to boyfriend and says "You like them young too huh?"
>bf is trying to piece together his sentence, the gears are turning
>dealer adds "they don't like us even around here, we aren't hurting anyone right?"
>bf just wtfs at him
>tfw dealer thought i was 14 and my bf was in his 20s
>tfw dealer was sleezing on me because I look like I just hit puberty
>tfw we got the sword at a different stand cheaper

Somehow that just seems to fit the kind of people you usually see selling that horridly cheap mall ninja trash.
Haha we bought the sword for his little brother in the end for 20$. Pedo Dealer wanted 70$.
>Haha we bought the sword for his little brother in the end for 20$. Pedo Dealer wanted 70$.

Jesus Christ. I don't doubt it.
are you sure you're not fucking 14?
I'm 19, was 18 last year since that was our first con. I am not 14.
This reminds me of this only time that I wore flats to a con and I got separated from my friends.

Then I got assaulted. By two footfags. Needless to say I just let them play with my feet since they threatened to spill shit on my costume otherwise. One of them was hot af, slim, asian, but I was still weirded out as heck (I was 14 at the time). Otakus are fucking weird.
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591 KB, 908x727

Reading about this kind of thing on /cgl/ makes me sick, and it makes me want to strangle someone. Fucking bastards. Ugh.
This is why I keep extra female supplies and underwear on me at all times. If some poor girl isn't too grossed out to wear my underwear, I'd gladly give a pair up to someone in need. (of course I do try to keep new pairs in my bag).
I, um, might have played along there. They didn't seem like the types to ruin people's costumes. I wasn't the talking kind of person and I thought whatever awkward shit to leave my mouth would be worse than having them feel me. Stupid shit, I know.

That's called "predation on minors." You were 14 years old and confused and scared - that's why they targeted you. That's exactly why it pisses me off so much.
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It's mostly the fault of other friends letting her do it. She's done this kind of shit for as long as I've known her, and I honestly have no idea why people who know her well enough keep feeding into it. This isn't cosplay related, but:
>we would all go out somewhere (food, movies, whatever)
>once we get there she expresses concern about the price and says she just sit out and we should go without her and she's fine
>finally somebody will offer to pay for her
>she'll weakly protest but go along with it
>mfw I found out she had over 3K in her bank while she was pulling this shit
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I guess I'll follow suit and also contriboot my "not actually horror" story, rather a story of mild annoyance of people that don't know what normal behaviors are.

>outdoor convention
>fantasy themed, hosted at the extensive gardens of an actual castle (we can't go inside sadly)
>amongst the people there, there's also fringe groups of cosplayers that like to tour large events like these all over the county, like the steampunk group (they're ok I guess) and the post-apocalypse punk group.
>post-apocalypse group's gear consists mostly of ripped/dusty/"aged" clothing, motorcycle helmets, army helmets, old motorcycles, metal jerrycans and oil drums, gas masks, and neon dyed mohawks that would make you fit in with king's thugs from fist of the north star if you get what I'm saying.
>Like basically a mix of old military buff, zombie apocalypse (paint-stripped vehicles with welded on spikes and metal grilles where the windows are supposed to be), and mad max.
>They have a parade where they drive their modified vehicles slowly and make a scene. Whatever floats your boat. I don't really mind. They might not fit the theme too much but you're entitled to do your thing just as much as the steampunks or medieval buffs by me, as long as you have fun and don't actively ruin others' fun.

File: 1411900691732.jpg (42 KB, 352x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 352x395

>I eventually get hungry and get a sandwich at a stand while my gf holds down a table for us.
>The street (easily 3 lanes) is packed shoulder to shoulder with people and a large section of that is a line for people to order food at this stand. I wait 30 minutes for my food but what can you do.
>As I am about to sit down and enjoy our food I hear a motorized "Vrrrrrr! Vrrrrmmmm! Vrmmmm!", people yelping in surprise and jumping away/getting agitated.
>I look and there's some kind of lord humongous/jason vorhees mix (guy had ragged clothing and a hockey-like mask), and he's wielding a chainsaw, and revving it up. It's producing a lot of smoke.
>before I get concerned I realize that the chainsaw's teeth are immobile. The guy must have rigged it so it can't actually function properly but still produces the noise and uses up fuel.
>He's slowly waving it around in a sluggish manner, people get excited or surprised and move out of the way. He slowly walks while "cutting through the crowd" like this. People awkwardly shuffle away from him as understandably nobody wants to be within 5 meters of him.
>He continues to do his "vrrrnnn vrmmmm!" revving up antics and moving at a nails pace through the crowd.
>Just as I think he's done, when he reaches the end of the crowd, 100 meter down the road, he turns around and goes back.
>He ends up passing the food stand 3 times.
>Though this guy has never actually been any closer to me than 10 meters, everything fucking stinks of gasoline exhaust fumes and I have lost my appetite. Other people around seem to start getting annoyed at him too.
>He finally stops and leaves.
>Fuck you, chainsaw dude. Once was enough, three times was just annoying.

I don't know if security or anybody actually kicked him out but I'm pretty sure somebody must have personally said to him that he was being a dick at some point.
That fucker would have been beat the fuck up if I had been in there. It's a shame he wasn't given an ass kicking at the moment.
I don't carry during cons for the simple reason of the crazy weebs who only know about guns through anime and video games. This reminds me of an encounter I had at a con at the beginning of the month.

>Walking around through the dealer room
>Stop to check out the swords, I always liked the swords.
>Sword booth this year have realistic looking older model prop guns. A large blunderbuss, many pistols all with intricate "carvings". I know they are not real but I would love to have the real guns these are modeled after they are beautiful.
>I'm standing there admiring some of these props.
>spergmiester walks up and says something about them. I reply about how nice they are.
> he ask if I have real guns.
>mention that I have a few and have my ccw
> he starts telling me how a revolver is better for "Combat" and to not use speed loaders. Just keep a pocket full of bullets because your opponent won't know how much ammo you have left and if you can learn to reload with one hand you can be almost as fast.

I really just wanted to tell him that IF you actually needed to draw your gun, the encounter will probably be over after the first 2-3 shots fired. If you're ever in a situation where you need to reload you're probably not going to survive. Its best just to have gun you can draw quickly and fire fast/accurately. And that guns are not toys, If you have to draw somebody is going to die. I didn't want to cause a big scene because this guy has seen one to many episodes of Trigun.
Jesus Christ.
File: 1429590807505.jpg (425 KB, 1200x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mention that I have a few and have my ccw
>concealed weapon
>tell them you have it

Not to go full /k/ommando sperk on you here, but that kind of defeats the entire point of having a concealed weapon. It goes double if you decide not to carry in a venue that is not only well populated by insane people, but often targeted by muggers and thieves because they know they'll have their share of overweight jittery weebs to pick on.

>he starts telling me how a revolver is better for "Combat" and to not use speed loaders. Just keep a pocket full of bullets

That's quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Good god. This is why you never mention it. I even have a codeword for my pistol so me and my friends can discuss it freely without giving anything away.
>I even have a codeword for my pistol
nobody is not autistic itt
File: 1382467788084.png (141 KB, 500x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 500x448

Yeah it's totally autistic to have a way to be discreet when you're out in a world full of SJW left-wing hippie retards who will get triggered and have spaz attacks if they know someone's carrying a baby killing auto-death murderizer 3000 within five square miles of them. That's so autistic.

Did I just get trolled?
>friend's a blacksmith
>goes to cons

the stories he must have about katanaboos
I use period cups so I never think about these stuff- but I'm planning on bringing both pads and tampon and freshly bought underwear in case shit happens to other girls. Though, I always have a sewing kit but I should also start carrying girly hygiene kits now!
>smelling like Jack from Croniclesof Riddick
That's a hell of a fucking reference, and for some reason, I can imagine it clearly.
if you put it that way it sounds a lot more reasonable.
Do people ever think your code word is for your dick
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Carry a gun like an effective person

If they do that just makes it hilarious.
here's a story from a con in Jacksonville, called wasabi con
>November 1 2014
>I'm a internal affairs officer for my local PD
>get into cosplay during college haven't stopped since
>get off that weekend and go with friends to wasabi
>help them with their label why not
>dress as slenderman
>buy an eevee, cuz bitches love eevees
>some crazy bitch cosplaying I don't even know some detective puzzle game crap
>runs around with a fake knife
>"tries" to stab people
>tries to stab me, and hits my concealed gun
>keeps grabbing at it to see what it is
>the entire time I am trying to avoid a scene by quietly telling her to fuck off i don't know you
>bitch continues to try to investigate like she is ace Ventura
>inform her I'm LEO, and trying to grab a LEO gun is a felony
>she goes white as a sheet
>crazy bitch runs off
>continue about my day admiring everyone's cosplay
>see crazy bitch
>she still running around trying to stab people
>she interrupts the cosplay contest constantly
>bitches when she loses
>pretty sure she gets kicked out of the con
>go buy a drink for a Georgia fan in the lobby that just lost to my alma mater royally in football.
>crazy bitch runs up once again on her way out and tries to stick me again.
>decide it's not worth it to be a dick and cause a scene arresting her, but if she continued the next day I'd let the local municipality take care of it
>next day she is a no show
Con went well after that, I carry a gun to every con I go to, they are usually under enough clothing that they won't print or risk a child running up and grabbing it thinking its a prop. Just make sure if you are cosplaying something skimpy or something that will print, throw your Gun into your backpack or fanny pack to avoid a debocial since not everyone is well versed in the law.
>not everyone is well versed in the law.

Then I'm sure you know that in most states, private businesses (like hotels and con centers) are well-within their rights to ban weapons and ask concealed carriers to leave. Being a trained cop is one thing, but who wants Joe McAspie Weeb with a carry permit bringing guns or knives to the con? There's a reason the first item on most cons' prop policy is "no real weapons."
this was me! i've got some more homestuck fandom horror stories from more recently if anyones interested.
pray tell.
>San Diego ComicCon
>Wait 25minutes for J. Scott Campbell to sign my comic
>As I put my comic away a sexy Disney princess troupe gets behind the desk with Campbell
>Get shoved and pushed by photographers
>Good samaritan has to hand me my stuff through the wall of photographers
SDCC photographers are ruthless.
Seconding, moar stories!

Also, what is with that video of homestucks spitting into a bucket?? Is that a thing?
Yes please!

you're talking about this, I'm thinking!
it's been unlisted but a google of "homestucks spit in a bucket" should pull it up!
I have a few, but I'll write up the most recent and go from there.
not a common thing in the fandom though. no one thinks the video is funny. just disappointing because that's the viral face of the fandom. every homestuck I've talked to about the video thinks its gross and really disrespectful.
It's not being well versed it's, knowing that concealed carry is a thing
File: fuckthisfandom.jpg (25 KB, 208x326) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>unnamed small con in ontario
>forgot why i only wore troll cosplay once
>arrive at con, have to take subway and walk through busy mall to find venue
>not terribly embarrassed, people in mall asking for photos, more curious than rude
>realize i should buy a drink before getting to con
>hop into elevator alone to go to first floor for the food court, leave friend on balcony to window shop
>hear yelling and screaming outside of elevator doors
>immediate paranoia, theres a gunman in the mall and i'm going to die painted grey with candy corn on my head
>elevator doors open
>jaw drops
>stomach drops
>memories of this shitty fandom drop
>in front of elevator and food court is a fountain
>20 homestucks in fountain, splashing eachother
>grey puddles all over the floor
>suddenly one of them catches sight of me
>smile and wave, try to run off to the side
>a few climb out of the fucking fountain and start running toward me
>freeze as they hug me
>mfw I'm a solid 8 inches taller than all of them
>they're 12
>paint dripping down arms, grey puddle beneath me
>watered down paint all over shirt and skirt
>mall security shows up
>get pinned as the ringleader because I'm the oldest one there and two of these dingos keep calling me someone's big sister
>friend rescues me finally, watched the whole thing
>soggy homestucks are in a big group laughing, leaving to go to the food court
>inb4 none of them get in trouble
>'still get banned from mall
>"and tell your friends they can leave too"
>"you're lucky there's no charges being pressed"
>day ruined, just go home
>mfw i remember why i was irked by this fandom at conventions
>be 2014
>another small con
>haven't learned from experience, still want to cosplay homestuck
>justify it by not cosplaying a troll
>show up at con in hotel
>homestucks everywhere
>theyre strangely well-behaved
>some girl goes around to all the homestuck cosplayers, tells them about a photoshoot
>sounds pretty well organized
>show up to photoshoot
>all is going well until they call out for a ship where one character has a metal arm
>"Oh shit, there's blood on your arm!"
>cosplayer laughs, starts talking about all the time she put into the metal arm
>other half of ship looks down, his arm is shanked open
>bitch used real metal and didnt secure it
>blood all over this kid
>someone in the photographer section pukes
>sympathetic vomiters everywhere
>someone having a panic attack
>someone screaming about being triggered
>tumblr personified
>finally get this kid to sit down, holding his arm
>"where's metal arm girl?"
>she's gone
>con staff come, freaking the fuck out
>clearly not trained for this
>someone called 911
>somehow things seem more normal in chaos than the well-behaved homestucks did earlier

the photoshoot dispersed and the ground was a fucking mess. i feel terrible for whoever had to clean that up. im assuming the kid got stitches, he was bleeding pretty good. couldnt really figure out how the girl got metal into the con but chalked it up to low quality/disorganized staffing
have one more about that 'spin-the-faygo' game if anyone's interested.
Please tell.
The metal arm one was great.
I don't know if I shared this story or not. I think this is more of an "awkward" and less of a "horror", but I would rather not relive it:
>At Soapbubble.
> Been wearing thigh high six and a half inch boots for cosplay all day.
> Feet have finally had it.
> Thank god, chairs. Need rest and wait for friend because not gonna try to walk back to hotel alone.
>Upon sitting and waiting, is approached by guy, who sits down next to me.
>[insert awkward small talk here]
>"Do you go to high school in the area?"
>"Uh. no. I'm in college..."
>"Oh." Cue him looking me up and down before grinning. "Good. Congratulations."
>"Um... thank you?"
>"You don't look old enough to be in college. I thought you were like... sixteen."
> .... never sure how to respond to this, ever, so I'm pretty sure I just nodded.
> "Would you like to dance? Maybe I could get your number?"
> "No... thank you. I've been wearing these all day..." gestures to previously mentioned boots. "And I'm not looking for a date..."
>awkwardness continues until friend finally notices and comes over to help me back to the hotel room.

I really think the guy was harmless, and just a socially awkward nerd, but it was always a bit jarring to be asked out the moment someone realized that I was in my twenties, not a minor.
>anime north
>still mostly new to the fandom
>wandering around on saturday, no interesting workshops and panels so bored af
>significantly less homestucks than expected upon first glance
>waiting in line for dealer's room and hear a ruckus behind me
>bicycle horn
>could it be?
>turn around
>there they are
>i've found the hive
>close to 50 homestucks sitting in a circle
>is that a meetup?
>i leave the line to investigate
>looks like a huge game of spin the bottle
>"Hi Jade! sit here sit here!"
>wearing homura from pmmm
>inb4 i look around and realize that half the people in this circle are no older than 14
>realize about 6 guys are 25-35 years old in cosplay
>suddenly worried about outcome
>sure enough, a girl spins and it lands on a neckbeard wearing a troll shirt who has only painted his forehead, nose, eyes a streaky grey?
>mfw i notice the neckbeard has a girl on his lap whose tongue is probably the reason for the lack of paint on his neck
>he moves her aside and she starts whining about her ship
>girl who spun gets up and goes to centre
>neckbeard waddles over to her
>brace for impact
>surprisingly good guy neckbeard goes for a hug
>cue circle "d'awwwh"
>girl grins and grabs onto his hair suddenly, pulling him down and pushing her face against his
>no more paint on his nose
>girl literally licking his face
>girl lets go and starts giggling
>"im in character right now"
>neckbeard looks unsurprised, turns to sit down
>girl proceeds to lick everyone's face forcefully every time the bottle lands on her
>manage to avoid any mouth to mouth contact for myself
>about 10 minutes in i look across the circle to see the girl who was licking everyone's face on another neckbeard's lap
>shes 'stealthily' grinding down
>neckbeard has a hand in her crotch, her face is red
>other homestucks keep playing, unfazed

oh my god i think i remember something like that happening, but for which con?
>sudden honking behind me
>splash noise and something wet on shoulder
>look beside me and the girl who had initially invited me to sit down is covered in brown, gooey, greenish liquid
>almost puke, it smells absolutely putrid
>girl starts scream-crying, loud clang behind me
>turn around and theres a bucket rolling away
>two homestucks are naruto running away from the convention centre

and thus i gtfo'd almost immediately after the crying girl ran away and the game continued
>tfw normal Homestuck
I just like the webcomic and I can never go to meets and talk to people about it because of these kinds of people.
did you ever find out what the liquid was?
>immediate paranoia, theres a gunman in the mall and i'm going to die painted grey with candy corn on my head
my sides
I know a few 20+ guys who used to go to local homestuck meets just to hit on minors

It was disgusting and laws were most likely broken
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I go to those when I can, barely know anything about hamsteak but it's free pussy, same with cons
File: best.png (248 KB, 597x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you're disgusting
>Then I'm sure you know that in most states, private businesses (like hotels and con centers) are well-within their rights to ban weapons and ask concealed carriers to leave.

In most states that doesn't matter much. Here's how it works:

For the most part, the "right to ask concealed carriers to leave" is just their already-existing right to kick anyone off their privately-owned property for any reason that isn't specifically forbidden by law (for instance, racism.) However, in order to do that, they have to know you've got a firearm in the first place, which they won't because it's concealed. Many businesses have a "no firearms" policy for varying reasons; thus, if you keep your firearm discreet (like you damn well should,) you won't have any problems, and if you don't (which could cause a disruptive environment for the business owners) they're well within their rights to ask you to GTFO. Refusing to do so then constitutes trespassing, and gentlemen in institutional blue will be along shortly to make sure you GTFO. This also means that the business can protect itself from legal liability - it was Against Our Policy, so you can't blame us for Joe Citizen bringing a concealed weapon in, because we had no way to know he had it, thus we couldn't enforce our policy, etc.

In a few states, the "No Firearms Allowed" signs have force-of-law, which means it IS a crime to bring a firearm into an establishment which is properly equipped with said signs (the criteria for proper signage is laid out in the law.) I have personally never seen a con or convention center that bothered with said signs.
>There's a reason the first item on most cons' prop policy is "no real weapons."

That's because weebs are breathtakingly stupid. There's also the simple practical issue of identification - police responding to an assault, a fight, etc. at a con (which happens pretty often, all things told) might show up and see someone with a cheap airsoft gun that looks identical to a real one. I've got a $25 plastic spring airsoft gun next to me right now which is indistinguishable from a real M92F Beretta. If you paint over the orange on the tip, any cop on earth would shoot you for pointing it at him. Many dumb weebs do not realize this. It's similar to the rule against live steel or even heavy/long props; many weebs run around and happily hit people with them, because they are dumb.

>but who wants Joe McAspie Weeb with a carry permit

The issuing government has certified that permit holder is trustworthy to carry a concealed firearm in public, with the exclusion of particular sensitive areas (almost all of them government or federal government buildings). Joe McAspie Weeb is therefore trusted by The Government and The Police to carry in grocery stores, parking lots, public parks, and pretty much every other goddamned place. Why do his rights and privileges suddenly stop at the door of the convention center?
Just for future reference, two women "pretending" to be lesbians won't discourage any guy. If anything, it only arouses them more.
He was hoping you were a minor so he could sex you.
>being that dense
This happened like 5 years ago back when my gf was just my friend and we used to go to every con in the area.

>Be me and Friend
>Both of us being 15-16 yrs old respectively
>Friend is a fashion freak and loves the gyaru fad
>Also, being the awkward, tall and thin, baby-faced cutie
>Too pure for this world.
>Walking around, buying shit and snapping some pictures having a good time.
>Friend gets lots of compliments from people cuz she looks too animu.
>I double as bodyward if Friend starts feeling uncomfortable.
>The world is at peace for now.
>Need to make a stop, let Friend waiting for me outside the bathroom for a while.
>Go back calmly.
>Where the hell is Friend?
>Look around frantically.
>Finally spot her talking to a Deadpool cosplayer.
>She's tall, but this guy towers over her.
>Constantly poking her and grabbing her wrist.
>He's trying to convince her into going to a tcg tounament with him on the other side of the building.

>Why do his rights and privileges suddenly stop at the door of the convention center?
Gun-free zones are a thing. That's why. Businesses and organizations are legally allowed to ban guns from their premises no matter how many permits you have, unless the carrier is some sort of law enforcement officer.
Haha what.
>She declines plainly.
>Spaghetti in-character attempt of pick up lines.
>She's blank-faced the whole time.
>"Hey Friend, I'm ready let's go" I call while approaching them.
>She tries to get away from him, looking relieved.
>Suddently Sperglord lifts her princess style and fucking runs away.
>People laugh and cheers because, duh Deadpool being lolsodrandom
>Almost shitting my pants I start running behind them.
>I start screaming the Chilean equivalent of "MOTHERFUCKER LET HER GO"
>Guy is spotted by the security wards who start screaming at him.
>Apperently this guy was already banned from the con for carrying a real katana with him.
>Finally someone stops the guy and he drops my friend, who clings to me scared shitless.
>Guy yells bullshit that he thought I was a thug about to rob them.
>Also that friend was his gf.
>friend is in shock, and can't barely talk.
>I mention to the officers that we were minors.
>Into the car you go, Deadpool.
>Friend is really fucking traumatized after that.
>Well, she almost got kidnaped by a Spandex Nerd.
>She now hates people who wear masks at cons.
>I can't fucking trust any Deadpool cosplayer.

Good thing we never came back to that Con ever again, fucking disgrace.
Deadpool cosplayers are nothing but obnoxious and creepy. I've never met a decent one.
Certain states actually have carry everywhere, no fucks given laws. Tbh it's alway the criminals you have to worry about and not the licensed ones. The licensed ones know they have a shit load of hoops to deal with and will act accordingly
>Chilean equivalent of "MOTHERFUCKER LET HER GO"
Well I didn't think I'd find another one of my species here. Which con was it?
>be me staffing con
>Get to help answer questions in a Q&A panel for staff
>audience members giving pretty decent feedback about con and staff
>what we all perceive to be a girl, raises her hand
>She's a bigger girl, can tell there's boobs but possible binding
>con director says "Yes, the lovely lady in the front"
>Girl: First off, you've misgendered me. Second, could you put different pronouns on the badges. Misgendering is such a big issue...
>girl proceeds to cry
>never mentions to staff if they're boy/girl/trans
>constantly getting upset at staff and crying in front of 30-40 people because we all kept misgendering her

I really don't get why people get so upset over this. If you have visible boobs as this girl did, we, as staffers assume it's a woman. What i don't understand is why people like that just assume we should know what they are right off the bat. If we don't know, they get mad.
I don't remember that well, in ViƱa del Mar they used to organize lots of Cons back in the days.
But I think it was in Valparaiso, maybe the Daicon or the Comicon, expensive ass entrance, crowded as hell and inside a building/pub/warehouse.
Dashcon-A horror story unto itself.
If it was for the TransTrenders of Tumblr, everyone should greet you with a "What are your preferred pronouns?" Instead of "How are you?"
Like, they told you "It's transphobic to assume that a person is female just because they look female" and vice-versa. And that's fuckIng insane.
Dude if it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, and looks like a duck, don't' get all bitchy on me telling me it may be a flamingo and that I'm a horrible human being for assuming the obvious.
Not so much a horror story so much as wtf but...

>Day 0 of con, friend and I bumming around the con hotel
>Get into elevator to browse main floor, guy gets in with us
>Has bag of food, think nbd
>"Hey do you guys like Attack on Titan?"
>Friend doesn't know it, tell him I do
>"Do you know potato girl?"
>"Yeah she's pretty cool-"
>He pulls a raw potato out of his bag
>And bites into it, continues to eat it until we hit main floor

Like it's just a potato but. It's a fucking raw potato.
that's more lol wtf than horror
that's probably a good thing
I have issues as a person that's transitioning into a man with this, but I do understand your way of thinking. Like, if you literally make no attempt to present as the gender that you identify as, then that's dumb. What I don't believe in is when people tack the female gender on me (when I'm in my binding and presenting my best) because of the fact that I tend to dye my hair unnatural colors. I always get the "oh, you have purple in your hair, so I assumed you were a girl" which is dumb, because the other colors were blue and green.
I eat raw potatoes on a regular basis. The presentation sounds awkward, but don't slam something until you try it.
W-was it dirty?
In my head it sounds like there was mud on it and all.
File: 1324535099567.png (15 KB, 175x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 175x178

If the "no-guns" signs do not have "force of law" in that state, then they quite literally do not have the right. That's how it works.

>real sword, with an edge and everything
>kidnapping and assault

Speaking of prop policies, "breathtakingly stupid weebs" and valid reasons to carry one's CCW in a con...
>What i don't understand is why people like that just assume we should know what they are right off the bat. If we don't know, they get mad.

They don't assume that at all. It's just an excuse to make a big fucking scene and get lots of attention for being a special snowflake.

My biology teacher from high school used to munch on raw potatoes all the time.
Hey, /k/ommando here. I know you're against it, but concealed carry is very important, especially during cons. Lots of creeps and unsavory types, plus you are generally in an unfamiliar area during a con. It's a dangerous world out there, especially for women. And feminine men, like yours truly.
I was talking to a friend about con creeps awhile ago, and she said that deadpool cosplayers are raging creeps, too. Ugh. What a shame.
>can't see their face
>character is loldeadpoolfunny
>it's a convention
combine all three and BAM total idiots
File: kekleon.png (80 KB, 511x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Guns are okay in a crowded area?


Average range of a police shooting: 9 feet. Average range of a civilian self-defense shooting: 6 feet. Some tiny carry pistols don't even have rear sights. Ain't John Woo shit, bro.
File: 509198[1].jpg (399 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds like they had some Mad Max themed costumes. Would have loved to see those
File: 2014-10-11 13.31.28.jpg (548 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2014-10-11 13.31.28.jpg
548 KB, 1080x1920
>At miku expo
>This thing comes up
>Starts talking about god knows what, mind was on dem sweet sweet nendos
>Puts on his costume inline
>Sure sure you're running late, i understand bro
>Keeps standing REALLY really close
>hot as fuck LA heat
>has enough BO for 4 men
>Asks me to hold his sonic screw driver
>Sure, why not. I'm in a good mood
>why is it sticky?
>Turn around and he's gone to the bathroom
>Is this a?
>Oh god
>He comes back and takes a long ass vape off his robot dong
>Thankfully he left soon after coming home and hiccuping robot cloud semen
>Went to look intentionally shitty and he outshittied me
don't think i've ever been more uncomfortable at a con. I was in a 8 hour line for nendos. Not like i could have gone anywhere, or told him to fuck off without seeming like a major douche.

Probably not as good as other people's stories but eh.
>Guns are okay in a crowded area?

As long as you're not a dumbass, yeah. This pertains to safety in general.
File: monty-python-no-o.gif (737 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
737 KB, 320x240
>Let's just make crime free areas! That'll surely stop criminals!
File: road_warrior.jpg (39 KB, 582x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh, man. I would give anything to have been there. That sounds amazing.
Not a horror story by any means but it was still annoying. Actually I've kinda got two of them.

>March Toronto Comic Con this year
>A bunch of normal fags are there
>This guy with this massive cardboard iphone covered in random pictures
>He asks me and friends for our photo and made us pose while he pretended to take our photo with his cardboard phone
>Got mad at us when we didn't buy the "stickers" on his phone
>They were literally shitty slogans on printer paper with tape on the back

>MTCC this year again
>In the bathroom doing my makeup
>Girl comes in dressed as captain america shiny spandex thing?
>Starts taking off the entire costume in the middle of the bathroom, literally everyone is uncomfortable
>They're literally down to their panties
>Then their dick flaps out from their panties, in full sight
>someone asks her to go change in a stall since a lot of people are uncomfortable
>she chews the lady out for being transphobic
>The poor lady just walks away while the transgendered girl keeps screaming and flopping her ding dong around
>The poor lady just walks away while the transgendered girl keeps screaming and flopping her ding dong around

That made me laugh harder than it should've. Sounds like it was hell at the time, but that's one of those things you'll always joke about later.
>he somehow kept a boner through all that terror to actually do it
>Then their dick flaps out from their panties, in full sight
>someone asks her to go change in a stall since a lot of people are uncomfortable
>she chews the lady out for being transphobic
>The poor lady just walks away while the transgendered girl keeps screaming and flopping her ding dong around

Exhibit B: Attention whores.
You claim to be 19 and not look underage. In order to prove that, we need proof in the form of photos.
the girl was probably pushing 200 lbs, just had her hair in a braided pony tail, was wearing jeans and a t shirt. Under the shirt however it looked like there might have been very loose binding or it was just a bra that gave up on life as she was big chested too. There was no sign to us, or probably to anyone in that room, what she was and that just really rustled my jimmies. unfortunately she followed it up with more questions:

>she mentions how some people don't like to be hugged
>'you should make badges that are different colors: Green means its ok to hug, yellow is maybe, and red is no'
>mfw pic related

Ngl, i entirely understand that not everyone is comfortable with a stranger just hugging them. But to ask us to have multiple badges ready just for anyone who isn't comfortable, that's just such a waste of time and money. I had someone approach me as i was discussing this with a staffer and said person that approached made the comment: "Lemme get this straight, you're in a social event but you don't want to be social? Also, what if you start the event off in a red badge and by the end of the weekend you're a green? You'd have to go back in line just to get a different badge made out going from red > yellow > green."
Sorry to rant about this chick, she just kept blowing out so much tumblr stuff.
"being social" doesn't mean you have to be willing to let any random come up to you and hug you out of nowhere. that's really gross. if you're one of those rare people willing to have that happen to them, put a goddamn "free hugs" sign on like all those disgusting people who usually have those signs

though I agree that the idea of colored badges is also fucking dumb. back in my day we used our social skills and common sense to realize that hugging random people without asking first is not okay
I completely agree with that and I understand that not everyone wants hugs randomly without asking. I think what just made it all frustrating is that you'd come to a large event and need some way to let others know you dont want any sort of interaction(aka badge colors). I have a cousin who is very high functioning autism and barely has the ability to speak. But even if he were to come to the con , you'd have the parent/ adult present.
If people are really that uncomfortable, find someone to go with you that you'd feel safe with.
>as long as you're not a dumbass
>talking about a con center full of stupid weebs

These idiots manage to injure each other by throwing their bodies/shitty props at other people... you really expect them all to act miraculously responsible with live steel or guns? I mean I get that you guys love Muh Gun Rights!! but come on.
File: my meme.png (66 KB, 843x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my meme.png
66 KB, 843x229
Something that happen to me at an anime con last year.
>Australian's first international con, Madame Hydra on first day of con
>Some guy is taking photos and a seedy looking guy comes up with the hottest fem Winter Soldier I have ever seen
>Asks to take photos, there's a link between characters because Hydra so okay
>Guy starts taking photos all is cool
>then starts asking me to hug WS
>Really uncomfortable as he gets more insistent about this shit
>Successfully stopped creepy middle of the walkway shoot and we take uncomfortable selfies
>Seedy guy is watching
>Starts talking about latex body suits
>"I really want to do a shoot with a girl in a clear latex suit, you have great tattoos WS you should do this shoot with me"
>Never seen someone more uncomfortable in my life
>She says no I'm not comfortable with that
>"Oh come on, you don't have to do it now just give me your details"
>WS makes another attempt at saying no
>Guy gets more insistent
>I step in and tell him she's clearly uncomfortable and can he stop asking
>Nope the fuck out of there
>"We're going this way, you go that way"
>Steer her away from seedy guy and have never had someone so grateful before

I made a really good friend out of that though and I hung out with her a few times over the convention. Never had someone that openly creepy at an Australian convention so it was an interesting experience.
I had sex on a fucking patio.
>very high functioning autism
>barely has the ability to speak
That's not what "very high functioning" means, "very high functioning" means barely has aspergers
>I look at him oddly

cringe-worthy writing bro
Yeah I am not the best at this kind of thing.
I may be just speaking from a Canadian perspective on this one, haven't been to any US cons. But here's the thing, 'glomping' and the like have been a pretty common thing to the con community for a long time... There's a point con-goers have to reach where they realize that not every attendee is like-minded and mature. And in that, accepting that random hugs and shit happen at cons (unfortunately). Even if these coloured badges were a thing, I doubt every single person would follow that ruling simply because of their maturity level.
tip: when writing first person POV, it is dorky to describe your own facial expressions. it shifts the camera of narration from your own eyeballs to outside you looking at yourself, and demonstrates some kind of self-conscious pretentious affect by describing yourself in 3rd person. especially with an adverb like "oddly" because that would only be used if you were at a loss as to how to interpret the facial expression of someone whose emotions were not known to you. but you know your own emotions and your own facial expressions shouldn't be strange... but if they were, that would be a story of its own!

>glance in mirror
>my face is doing something odd, idk how to describe it, but it doesn't look like my face?
>smile and try to look normal
>just keep looking odd though, wtf

I'm too nice to say no to one of my friends that just started cosplaying. I offered to do her make up once and some how I ended up doing it every other time.

I'm losing time and rushing before cons Just to make time to do my friends make up.

I atually gathered the courage to tell her to buy her own make up recently becuase I spend such a decent amount on it I dont want to use it on her.

Need to tell her if she wants to cosplay she's gotta learn to do her own make up.
Handing out love live flyers with to people at a con and made the worst decision to hand one to a dead pool cosplayer who preceded to ask me I he could draw a dick on the pamphlet and take more...

I didn't even bother listening to whatever else he had to say I just got the fuck out of there
Anon don't be a creep
"being social" means using your grown up words and telling someone to leave you the fuck alone
Yea, how do you think she has saved so much? From mooching
And low functioning means they can barely function on their own.
My sister is high functioning because she can work at her job, pay her bills, and take care of all the necessary adult stuff she needs to on her own, but the autism fucks up with her social abilities. My cousin is low-functioning because he can't do enough on his own and he'll probably never be able to take care of himself all the way.
High or low functioning refer to social and dependance issues seperately. You can be highfunctioning independant but lowfunctioning socially.
I am 19 and do look underage. That's the problem.
jesus fucking christ, I have no idea whether I should feel bad for the guy or laugh at this...
... Then don't give him more and tell him to fuck off or ignore him? Drawing a dick is immature sure but if you were with two people there's not much he could do to you. Sounds like you overreacted
Not really a horror story of much, I kinda feel bad for posting this but..

>Be me
>Heading to train station to meet up with my friend and her bf
>She is cosplaying candy addict Miku
>Awful bodypaint patchy as fuck
>Eyeliner everywhere because she doesn't wear makeup every day so can barely apply it to a good degree
>Wig shiny as fuck, not even twin tails, just some party store wig she shoved into pigtails
>Body paint has gone all over her dress which isn't that well made

Mfw I see her boyfriend though

>NEET as fuck tangled curly hair that looks like it hasn't been washed for a month
>Spray in hair colour going EVERYWHERE including all over my own cosplay
>Supposed to be cosplaying as I think a Steins Gate character, I wasn't sure it was that bad
>Carrying some shitty prop made of duct tape looking like it would break at the slightest touch

I honestly had second hand embarrassment for her. Anyone else experienced this sort of thing? I've always been pretty obsessive over trying to guide my friend when it comes to cosplay now to prevent her making further mistakes.
she sounds just as fucking cringy, anon. why do you feel sorry for her? i'd be embarrassed for both of them if i wasn't so embarrassed about how you seem to think your friend is better than her bf in the slightest. they're both clearly greasy weebs.
Not gonna lie, that's the norm at my school. When you introduce yourself people typically ask for name, pronouns, and major. There are tons of tumblrinas here.
I've known her for a long time, it's one of those kind of things y'know? But yeah, they are really weeby but she has gotten better with time, when I first met her she was REALLY bad for it. I didn't spend much time with them at the con anyway so it was all okay. She isn't cosplaying something as complicated this year, she's going as Yuki Nagato (the costume was bought so at least it won't fall to pieces). I was cutting the wig for her on Tuesday. I'll help her where I can basically.
ugh, she's going to be just awful as yuki. she's probably going as that new 'yuki' too
just to jump on the bandwagon. you have my sympathies.
man I would love to visit your school
I go to New College of Florida, if you're actually serious about that.
I would love to visit to see the looks of tumblrist rage as I purposely called everyone wrong, just to clarify. Thanks for the location, though
I have the most horrifying story of all

>be lonely weeb
>23 years old
>difficult for me to stay up too late
>never know how to go to room parties
>no cool stories
You'd probably get thrown out for being an asshole, just saying.
Tampon hero is a fucking bro. I carry a brand new pair of panties and shittons of tampons with me at all times both for myself and for other girls, since I'm a mod of a cosplay community and all with a lot of girls who are just around the age to start their periods, if not already on them.
>tfw the walmart panties i buy are 30 cents a piece, so i grab a lot
None of the following is meant to be detrimental.

By who? Have the tumblrites actually gotten rules into place such that campus security would come, or would a mob of said SJWs crowdsurf me out?
which comm? it used to happen in mine kek
People would probably complain that a non-student is stirring up shit on campus and you'd be thrown out due to trespassing. You can't expect to stir up shit on private property and not get kicked out for it.
Makes sense. Totally worth it, though
This is the shit that makes me feel sad for legit trans women who just wanna go to the ladies' bathroom. Fucking fetishists ruin everything.
Whoah, what the fuck. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I'm trans myself and people like that are the reason I never tell people and pretend to be cis. The trans community is so fucking obnoxious, attention whorey and disgusting.
It's hit or miss. A friend of mine is a 6'3" m2f, but he goes by male pronouns and only tells close friends. Partly because around the midwest here, he's legitimately concerned about his safety, as some people will fuck you up if you're trans/crossdressing/gay etc.

Others get a little too openly SJW though
Please leave.
Oh this guy. I was just ahead of him in the line to get into Miku Expo. Pretty cool dude minus the BO. He was playing Project Diva on his vita the entire way. I waited just as long for the nendoroids only to find out they ran out of the 2013 snow miku kimono. I picked up two Halloween Miku.
munch my ass
In your dreams, newfag.
Whatever, honey
Don't get so worked up over a shitty img
Oh hi there!, /a/
here in the netherlands, I have a friend who swears that an acquaintance of his had a job packing potatoes a small cardboard boxes with plastic foil over it. He would have to also add a small wad of dirt/clay to one of the potatoes at random. Since the potatoes are washed during harvest they were already clean.

The potatoes are priced up and sold as "organic"

And now that I think about it there's this one brand of eggs where there's always one egg that has a small feather stuck to one of the six eggs in the carton.

i have a policy that is "I dont lend out my stuff. If I do, and something happens while you're wearing it, even if its not your fault, we cant be friends anymore, so I dont lend out my shit."

I have problems letting things go, and I dont buy cheap shit. all my friends understand this and accept it. Some of them are considering doing the same after some mishaps. The only thing I have lent out was a ebay petticoat.
From a homestuck thread a year or so back.
Thanks for the unwanted help, you hyper-analytical sperg.
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78 KB, 366x263
The worst day of my life happened in just 3 hours.
>Be me on Super Popular Local Con
>Be cosplaying School uniform Moemura
>Excited because first "Important" Con I assist (expensive ass entrance).
>Coming along with friend and her Alpha bf
>Meets super cool Kyoko and Mami who starts hanging out with us
>Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time.
>Suddently I hear a mighty scream
>This hairy guy dressed in a Madoka outfit advances through the crowd like a raging bull towards us
>Oh hell n--
>Too late, I'm being lifted into the air by this screeching crossdressing meatball
>Buries face on my chest
>At this point I'm screaming
>Suddently my ass hits the floor
>All the front of my shirt is wet with... something
>Look around while Mami and my friends help me get up
>Alpha bf and Kyoko are punching the shit out of Meatball
>Con Security comes into action
>Meatball says we assaulted him
>We call him out in his bullshit
>"Nobody" had seen anything around us
>Security having a hard time deciding what to do with all of us.
>Being banned for the first time from a Con, along meatball and my two friends.
>Luckily we managed to let cool Mami and Kyoko out if this.
>Meatball flees
>I start searching my phone to call mom
>Wait, didn't I had it on my hand the moment of....?
I didnt say anything, I just left. How was hat overreacting?
Unless you provide us with pics, we'll never know.

Post pics, and we will decide if you look underage.

Until then, it's just a false claim and a fabricated story.
I'm so sorry anon akjlfds
Did you get your phone back??
File: 1427156549967.jpg (544 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
544 KB, 1280x960
sure sure
Damn, my plan to visit my penpal at her girls-only college and piss the SJWs off won't work then.
I can see it I guess.
We have one in Florida who is a total creep behind a "pretty face",
I'm also 5'2 and didn't have on a revealing costume. It was still pretty weird.
>These idiots manage to injure each other by throwing their bodies/shitty props at other people... you really expect them all to act miraculously responsible with live steel or guns? I mean I get that you guys love Muh Gun Rights!! but come on.

Please stop shoving words in my mouth.

Not all cosplayers are raging weebs. Chances are if they've taken a CC course, passed the class, have their license and are carrying, they're not weeb-tier-dumbass. Your feelings don't trumph someone's right to safety.

To clear it all up, I never said those frenzied weebs should have guns, I said someone who a concealed carry permit holder should be able to conceal carry for their own protection. Especially when around people who might injure them.
.....I live in Florida and I already feel bad for you. The state is primarily tumblrinas.
File: starekuya.png (67 KB, 354x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>These idiots manage to injure each other by throwing their bodies/shitty props at other people

Do you, uh, know what it takes to get one of those permits? They don't exactly hand them out on streetcorners. It's not like you move to the US and get your complimentary gun and carry license in the mail, you know?

Some people have really strange ideas about this stuff.
Yeah with all those anime convention shootings, THANK GOD we can all carry our guns there amirite?
>They don't exactly hand them out on streetcorners. It's not like you move to the US and get your complimentary gun and carry license in the mail, you know?
>Among U.S. states, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Vermont and Wyoming allow residents to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.[33][34][35] These states also allow the open carry of a handgun without a permit.
>In Montana, Utah, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, bills are being discussed that would allow unrestricted carry

they actually, really do. CCW permits are ridiculously easy to get, it's not like they actually test anything. the extent of a background check is: have you ever committed a crime? no? there's your gun
that's not a CCW
>all these sparsely populated rural as fuck states don't require a permit!

But you'll need one anyway if you want to actually go to a convention; which is why lots of people get out-of-state Florida permits or something similar. But I bet all those Wyoming cons are hell on wheels amirite

>the extent of a background check is: have you ever committed a crime? no?

Lol, no. First they run this: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics which is what they use to screen people buying a gun. After that, you get an in-depth background check; in almost every state you're disqualified for any violent misdemeanors (and any misdemeanor regarding losing your temper or being a fuckwad,) and you might be called in front of a hearing board to defend yourself if they turn up anything questionable in your past (if you've ever been involved in any violent altercation ever, even if it was considered self-defense and you were never charged with anything, expect to show up to refresh their memory.) States have reciprocity agreements where they honor the carry permits of other states... *if* those states are at least as rigorous in applying permit criteria as they are. Most states that issue permits have reciprocity in most other states, because they almost all stick to the same criteria.

While we're at it, crimes that will disqualify you - or get your permit yanked - include "brandishing," which, depending on local law, could be as simple as lifting your shirt to show off your gun, depending on how you're acting or talking. Because that's threatening people with a weapon, and that's against the fucking law pretty much everywhere.
From http://www.usacarry.com/florida_concealed_carry_permit_information.html
>What are the requirements for an Florida Concealed Weapons License?
>To obtain a Florida Concealed Weapon License, you must be 21 years of age or older and display competency with a firearm.
>You must currently reside in the US and be a US Citizen or permanent resident alien. If you are deployed with the Military, you must submit a copy of your deployment documentation with your application. If you are a permanent resident alien you must provide your Permanent Resident Alien card

Wow, so hard, such difficult
I like how your disaster of a post just rephrased what I said 50 times as many words

background check: have you committed a crime? no? here's your gun

I never said they ASK you if you committed a crime, just that it's what the background check is. CCW permits are fucking jokes.
>the extent of a background check is: have you ever committed a crime? no? there's your gun.

Background checks are not Concealed carry licenses, dumbass.

Also, it's different state-by-state to get a concealed carry license. I'm from Texas, where you have to pay a $100 fee, get a background check, attend a class about proper firearm handling and safety, then pass a test. Also the waiting period.

You're also forced to hand over your concealed carry license first thing if a police officer ever stops you and notify him you're carrying.

Plus guns are expensive, and most gun dealers and gun show guys won't sell to you if you seem suspicious.

>This roots out the weeb
So what? The tripfag is trying to argue that only normal, competent people can get CCW permits, not aspie weebs. Like you just pointed out, they're screening for police records, not giving you a test to evaluate whether you'll try to show it off at a convention while dressed as Spike.
>Background checks are not Concealed carry licenses, dumbass.
>I'm from Texas, where you have to pay a $100 fee, get a background check
you really don't see how stupid you are?
I don't live in Florida.
No. I see how you are, though.

>I'm from Texas, where you have to pay a $100 fee, get a background check

Left out a little bit there.

>attend a class about proper firearm handling and safety, then pass a test. Also the waiting period.
Literally click any other state on that site then.

Okay so NOW it's not the background tests that root out the weeb, it's the fact that gun dealers are great judges of character? OIC.
>From Texas
>Gun rights nutjob
>It all makes sense now
...that's still not the point...

jesus christ you're so dumb.
>Be me

pls stop this. pls.
File: dollglare.png (95 KB, 431x551) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 431x551

I'm having trouble understanding your hang-up, here. You do understand that people can - and do - already carry concealed at conventions all the time, right? And that in most states they have no legal ability to ban it, right? There's literally nothing that would stop these armies of crazed weebs from packing heat into every convention center, right the fuck now. Which means either A. it's not happening or B. it is, and those filthy dumb weeby scum who actually carry are sane and responsible with their firearms.

>not giving you a test to evaluate whether you'll try to show it off at a convention while dressed as Spike.

Again, if this is so likely to happen, why hasn't it happened already, many times? Guns are fucking expensive. They cost hundreds of dollars. That's on top of the 100 dollar-odd fee required to register for the permit, and the few hundred dollars required for the training course and the ammo. Said training/certification courses are given by private professionals with very little patience for morons or weebs - they're not shy about taking your money and kicking your ass out the door if you're too autistic to follow simple fucking instructions. People managing a shooting range get really picky about simple rules like "don't touch your gun when I'm downrange where your autism could get me killed."

Sneering at us and calling us "gun rights nutjobs" isn't an argument, just you being stuck-up about something you don't understand while you make outrageous claims about something that's already been put to the test. When concealed carry laws were first passed we were treated to doom and gloom stories about the rampant shootings that would take place in bars and stadiums across the nation - these never happened. Concealed carry is here now, and has been for over two damn decades in most places, and yet I've never seen a single /cgl/ con horror story about a crazy weeb who somehow also had a permit and a pistol.
You guess? She looks 13 or 14.
>Okay so NOW it's not the background tests that root out the weeb, it's the fact that gun dealers are great judges of character?

No. I'm just saying it's an additional hurdle the weeb must trip over.

>From Texas
>Gun rights nutjob
>It all makes sense now

Ad hominem, where art thou?
Weebs are different than general congoers.
...that's still not the point...

Then what is? Are you still sperging out over the background check?

Do you know what a tripfag is?
>not giving you a test to evaluate whether you'll try to show it off at a convention while dressed as Spike.

What is brandishing?
I'm a particularly bad judge of age.

Maybe if she walked up to me and asked me to guess, I would say 14. But if somebody told me "no actually I'm like 30" I would go "oh okay" and not think twice about it.

Past around 12 it's really a crap-shoot. Everybody's different.
I know that feel

I had a 14-year-old flirt with me once and I really thought she was like 19

then she said she was 14 as a passing mention in the conversation and I ran the fuck away
File: 1429211152793.jpg (265 KB, 1778x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 1778x1000
>Weebs are different than general congoers.

They're still citizens in the eyes of the law. They're still able to apply for carry permits, and purchase pistols if they pass the background check, and all of that. Therefore, if anon's premise is correct (weebs gonna weeb with loaded guns) why isn't it already happening? I mean here we are on /cgl/, home of the con horror thread. We're literally in a con/cosplay horror thread right now. And yet I cannot recall a single instance of anything like

>whether you'll try to show it off at a convention while dressed as Spike

ever being mentioned in those threads. Ever. All the conditions are present already, so the theorized scenario should be here. It isn't. This *is* status quo, right now. So where are the nutty weebs flashing the gats?

What I really don't understand is how the mere idea of ~evil bangshooties~ in a con generates this much upset, to the point of sneering insults and lurid predictions of casual brandishing. I mean, scroll up and read >>8273509 for instance. The guns being brandished in conventions already aren't the metal kind. I doubt very much any CCW permit holder will get in your face over being misgendered or get bitchy over their "preferred pronouns," like in >>8273011 We're not the problem, as these very threads can attest, so why the actual fuck are you gunning for us so hard? Explain yourself.
It was a pain in the ass to try fighting the securities too, they weren't going to let me in and report it.
We tried to call my number and someone had already shut it down.
File: 059d56a6ff.jpg (38 KB, 480x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me at con
>be me I see a fat QT I wanna take a pic with
>tfw her jelly friends screaming out "do you even know what she is cosplaying as?"
>mfw when I look at them smiling saying "NO CLUE" hue hue and ran away with the pic my friend took

I feel horrible when I don't know what they cosplay as but still want a pic....
You should write a book
I'm so sorry, Anon....
Do people really get angry if you don't recognize their cosplay but want a picture anyway? That seems a little strange to me.
some people are just too prideful.
They feel like they wasted all this time doing this super obscure cosplay and then bitch that nobody recognises the character.
I go to cons with an older friend and her daughter pretty often. Her daughter is 15, but is very tall for her age and usually likes to hang around with me while going through the vendors hall. Ever since she hit 12 or so people have been assuming she's the same age as me, and that we're both 17-18. It gets really awkward when someone hits on both of us and I have to tell them that no, she's way too young for them and they're way too young for me.

Didn't there used to be cons that gave special color badges to different age groups? Maybe that should become more standard. I mean some minors would still probably try to swap them but it would stop accidental flirting with the ones who aren't.
i just get disappointed because i get all hyped because i think they like the weird ass series and that we can sperg out together then it turns out they don't know wtf im dressed up as
this is how i feel about people dressed up as characters they don't know, but usually i don't have enough time to talk to people taking pics.
Usually there's an 18+ thing on badges, and being 23 that's all the matters for me.

Too bad I never hit on anybody and nobody ever hits on me.
File: 1426367502967.jpg (66 KB, 348x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 348x327
I've been on the other end of this, even.

>holy fuck someone cosplaying from my niche favorite series!
>bubble over with excitement, i happen to be cosplaying another character from the same series
>approach him
>dude gets really confused
>'oh haha yeah my friend made this i don't know much about it or anything she just wanted me to wear it'
not once at the 5 or 6 various cons I've atteded
Th-thanks, anon. I do have some friends who like making fun of tumblrinas though, so it's not too bad!
Yep! i could post some stories if anyone is interested
Yeah this is the anon that brought it up and its never been a thing at any con I've gone to. Some have had a wristband for late night 18+ panels but that's usually not given out until 10pm or later and is just so they don't have to hold up the line checking ID at the door.
File: 1351377151428.jpg (34 KB, 600x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 600x560
>be me with 2 of my friends
>chatting up girls like Chad ripping my shirt apart because I am alpha
>mfw one of my friend is socially autistic and another one a whiny little bitch
>all day they complain about me going to the restroom or waning to eat
>dat rage when I am first-time going to bathroom and haven't had breakfast

Fucking nigga can't function without me being away for one second like what you afraid of! Fucking every con from now on I shall go alone.

>tfw you are turning 25 and go to con alone
> then realize you are a 9 ldete cosplayer that may or may not be seen as creepy

please do
You going to Collective Con? I know some NCSO people that might be going if they're not on-call.
please share
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