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Con Love
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Tell me about con love, /cgl/. I want to live vicariously through your stories.
A myth. An urban legend. A meme.
I met my boyfriend of a year and a half at a con. I really love him but it's a little embarrassing when people ask how we met

Most the boys I've met at cons aren't dating material so be careful though.
The closest I got to con love was when a girl invited me into her hotel room and we made out. Since I was being beta as fuck, we talked a lot and at some point, one of her friends returned to the room and after a bit of talking, I discovered they were both in High School. After that, I made some awkward excuses then sheepishly left. One of the most shameful moments of my life.. since they also thought I was in HS.

How did she even get a hotel room? I thought you had to be at least 18 to even book a room; I remember when I went to a con when I was 15 or so and I had to hobo it up with a group of friends. But yeah, after that, I decided cons were for making friends only. I wasn't that much older than her(I just turned 19, she was either a Sophomore or Junior in HS)

Asians, not even once. You can't tell who's a 25 year old who looks 15 and who is a 15 year old who looks 25.

Don't date at cons dudes, just find true love elsewhere then bring your gf to cons. It may be rude to ask a lady her age, but you could fuck up pretty badly.
>meet cuties at con party
>talking to one
>going great
>guy starts getting sick inside and outside of hotel room
>someone says "OMG security is coming"
>cutie and her friends (understandably) run
This is so incredibly embarassing and cringey, but hey. Also not at a con but w/e.
>cosplaying to promote society at university
>(not anime club)
>Sleeping Beauty
>meet bf of coming up to two years now
>sit and talk for almost the entirety of the event instead of promoting
>"hey, you're cosplaying Sleeping Beauty, right?"
>chuckles to himself
>one of his mates asks what's so funny, he refuses to say, cue more asking, etc.
>"this is really cheesy but I was thinking you've certainly got the Beauty part down"
>big old cheesy wink
>everyone starts laughing
>mfw it fucking worked
con love is a myth, con vagina is not however. weeb grills are notoriously easy to get "down and dirty" with. Whenever there are any upcoming cons around here, there are threads about it on various imageboards where anons get ready to tap some weeb ass.
> Have a booth at the biggest local con
> See a cute-ish guy walking around in a kilt
> Seems nice but too busy to leave booth and chat
> Guy ends up coming to me and asked me out after some chatting
> Accept
> Guy writes me a poem on the second day of the con
> Thinking "Aww so romantic"
> Meet up for actual date about a week after con
> Turns out guy wears a kilt in daily life as well
> Ok, I can deal with some weirdness
> Guy starts singing me a country romance song as we walk down the street
> Weirdness overdose, say no to further dates
> Now I just say awkward hellos to him at conventions.

I know he meant well, but it felt like I was in a cheesy rom-com.
>be on staff at convention
>qt grill confesses to me on the last night of con
>she thinks i'm cute and would like to date me
>i drape my spaghetti all over her and excuse myself to panic in peace
>avoid her forever

Can't wait till I am old and creepy so people stop hitting on me. I like making friends, but I don't like emotional or physical intimacy.
>big anime convention in my town
>First time i'm going all three days
>First time dressing in Lolita
>First day i meet this group of girls&1guy
>All cool af
>one girl dress as rize from toyko ghoul
>get separated at one point, sad face
>met up with group again
>starts to lightly flirt with rize girl
>day 2
>rize girl now in lolita looking lovely as fuck
>starts to flirt and crush harder
>she flirts back
>rave that night sucked went back with group to the hotel room
>almost kissed her
>last day
>goes to BTSSB/AatP tea party
>confesses feels to her friend
>"go for it anon"
>before i have to leave i pull the cutie off to the side
>it would make my convention if i could kiss you
>kisses for a good bit
3months later
>now dating
>love this cutie to death
>dress in lolita on simple outings
and who said con love aint real?
>who said con love aint real?

these guys did
>Meet cute girl in a big circle at an outdoor con
>Cute girl starts a dance line
>I'm right behind her
>inside of my helmet getting steamy cuz im blushing and sweating
>girl asks me to go with her to get water
>random chick tags along
>thanks me a with a kiss on the helmet
>Cute little heartshaped lipstick mark
>doki doki
>other chick decides to kiss it too
>other chick is meh-tier
>other chick is also creepily clingy now that cute grill is here
>cute grill has a photoshoot
>gives me her number
>spilling spaghetti everywhere trying to make sentence
>cute girl pats my helmet lightly, texts me so i have her number for sure
>texts her friend she'll be there
>runs off
>heart boner the whole con every time i see her
>she sees me on last day and waves
>date her for a while
>she helps me become more confident
>shes pretty chill, we're still friends after the breakup
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Fuck yeah breh, I love runnin thru these hoes like draino

>yeah i care about anime or w/e
das kyoot
We'll have to take a trip in the wayback machine for this.
>the year is 2003 and I am but a young weeaboo that has just started to cosplay
>enjoying various con activities
>notice another cosplayer, he's cosplaying Mana and looking cute
>too much spaghetti to say anything
>see him again the next day, this time cosplaying Testament from Guilty Gear
>briefly talk to him at "Hentai Twister", face too red for me to handle
>fast forward to 2004, a convention in February
>I'm helping out a big cosplay group that a bunch of my friends are in, need to go run and do something quickly so the photoshoot won't be delayed
>eyes instantly pick him out of the crowd, he's sitting with a group of people and cosplaying as Carrot Glace
>oh well, I have to hurry
>fast forward again, March 2004, another convention
>I find him in an upstairs hall, sitting down with his eyes closed and stuff spread around him
>YES, this is my chance
>What's something suave to say to catch his attention?
>"Hi, I'm stalking you."
>turn around and walk away leaving him looking confused, catch up with my friend that had been talking to another cosplayer
>to make a long story short, he looks for me, finds me, we exchange info and meetup multiples times throughout the day and start dating the next month
>now we're 11 years and two kids later
And that's my story of con love. Also,
>tfw the well-known con photographer takes adorable couple pictures of you even when you aren't cosplaying
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>having children

Good goy
I went to Jack In The Box at 5:00 AM on Sunday, and while I was there I overheard four guys talking about what they had been up to at the convention, which it quickly became clear mainly involved sexually harassing women. I went back to the con, and about half an hour later I passed them in the hall. I didn't think much of it until I heard their voices from behind me:

>"Oh shit, it's that guy from Jack In The Box. I hope he didn't notice us."
>"I know, he had those crazy eyes. I swear he kept looking at us."
No real romance at anime-cons, anime-cons celebrate anime culture in more ways than I realized.
Was this SoCal and was he wearing cat ears? :|

If I overheard them talking about me, I'd tip off con security that they were harassing women and tell them to keep an eye on those shitheads.
>Friends back out of con a few days before leaving me with an empty hotel and a few passes
>I see that my con crush isn't going to the con due to money issues
>Invite her to come with my as I still want to go and dont want my hotel room to go to waste.
>She is a bit hesitant about going but she ends up accepting my offer
>We don't really hang out during the day as we both had different photoshoot times and different groups of con friends that we wanted to see.
>Night time comes around and we both decided not to go to any events or meet ups and just hang out with each other.
>Have a few drinks and start to talk share details about our pasts and really get to know each other.
>She has been in quite a few abusive relationships and has trouble trusting guys.
>She starts to cry so I hold her and try to comfort her.
>"Anon, do you like me?"
>She smiles and starts to calm down.
>"I am getting tired so can I lay with you?"
>I say yes and hold on to her all night.
>I wake up early and try to get out of bed with out waking her
>She grabs my arm and asks me to lay with her for a bit longer.
>Booty keeps rubbing against my morning wood.
>Turn her around and pin her down.
>Both lust and fear in her eyes and I go to kiss her.
>No resistance so everything is good.
>Before I go to take her clothes off I ask her if what we are doing is ok.
>She asks if I like her again.
>Have some decent con sex
>I fall asleep after while she gets ready and leaves for the con
>Don't see her at all through day 2 until the night.
>We just watch anime, cuddle, have sex and sleep.
>We spend all of day 3 together, have a good time and head home.
>While I am dropping her off she thanks me for taking her to the con and thanked me for taking care of her and making sure she was comfortable before I made any advances on her.
>We plan to go together to another con two months later.
>She ends up cancelling due to school being to much stress on her
>Slowly stops talking to me.
>See her a few times after that but she avoids me.
>I send her message asking her why she has been avoiding me.
>She tells me that she is afraid to fall in love with me and she doesn't deserve to be treated so nicely
>I tell her that she shouldn't be afraid, and I just want to make her happy.
>"Seen at (x time)"
>" you cannot reply to this conversation"
>A year has gone past and I have seen her since.
Honestly I don't know where I went wrong. I really liked her and I thought she like me as well. I guess I am just not allowed to love.
It sounds like her issues, not anything you did. Sorry, Anon.
You didn't do anything wrong, I'm sorry you had to go through that.
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That roastie bitch is probably fucking Chad Thundercock while she decides if she's "ready to fall in love again"

Take some advice from one anon to another, it might've been better not to jump onto that boat. It seems like she has her own problems to deal with before going into anything serious with anybody else. She has to make herself happy before anything else.
You seem like a nice guy, anon, but you probably deserve a girl that loves herself, so that you can have a pretty stable relationship. A relationship isn't all about making one person happy, it's about making both of yourselves happy in the process. Another person's happiness won't necessarily make you happy, and sometimes you'd have to give yours up in exchange, which isn't right.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just reminiscing off of a past relationship that really put me through a lot of experiences. Some things are just really hard to get over.
>volunteer for con, make friends with other volunteers, fun times.
>volunteer again, same friends are volunteering as well, we decide to go on a weekend away to a winery since it's been a while since we've all caught up together
>during wine tour one of my friends confesses that he's been in love with me ever since we met
>we both had partners at first so he didn't make a move until now
>hookup that night
>still together now, about to celebrate our four year anniversary next month
>everything went better than expected
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way to go anon

you were boring. she likes exciting emotional roller coasters. she realized you're not that kind of dude and she bailed.

how do you not understand that girls dont just want to cuddle and fuck all the time. that shits hella boring. wheres the challenge
that's fucked
>She has been in quite a few abusive relationships and has trouble trusting guys.
>She tells me that she is afraid to fall in love with me and she doesn't deserve to be treated so nicely

Basically, she doesn't think you're very interesting. Maybe it's because you're actually boring, or maybe it's because her idea of interesting is abusive relationships. Either way, the both of you aren't compatible.

If she ever tries to contact you again, you should probably ignore her.
>beta boy at con
>heading back to hotel
>see female roommate at con
>she forgot her keycard and asked for mine
>told get I was coming back to hotel
>we go together
>ask if I could kiss her
>goes close to my face about to kiss
>dodges because I don't kiss in public
>make it to hotel
>go inside elevator
>we then start to make out
>reach our floor
>Both go to sleep

Nothing else happened after the make out.
That's not always how it works. I posted upthread about turning someone down. she was cute and interesting and into me, but I cannot handle being close to someone.
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>we then start to make out
>reach our floor
>Both go to sleep

what the fuck?

I don't know man, did you miss the part where she says she has been in QUITE A FEW abusive relationships. Usually a couple is more than enough.
I met him a big convention about two years ago.
>Go get drunk in best friends hotel room. She's got like 5 other people in her room. One is pretty attractive and quiet, but not my usual type.
>All get drunk and she passes out, so I spend the night wandering the con with attractive guy.
>Drunk and uncomfortable in my costume, he lends me an outfit to wear.
> Best night ever, kereoke is actually fun for once.
>He's hilarious and charming, my heart
> Back to the hotel, everyone's asleep, we play video games until I fall asleep on him.
>Next day lady friend tries to keep the two of us separated.
>Bump into him anyhow and exchange numbers so I can return his clothes.
>go home

We met up a week after the con and started texting everyday. It's not long before we start dating. Now we have been living with each other for a year and I couldn't be happier. He's everything I could ever ask for. Our mutual lady friend disowened us for it, but it was super worth it.
Con love is not a lie!
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Well I suppose my story counts

>went to modest local con with large group of friends/friends of friends
>I'm bound to a wheelchair and I'm pretty shy I don't dress up but I'm happy to be with my super talented friends they all look really good
>one guy in the group I've only met once or twice before
>he seems nice but sort of quiet
>throughout the day he ends up by my side a lot helping me in really subtle ways
>like he opens my soda and chips for me without me having to ask
>or he'll move my chair so I can get a better look at things
>he does this all without making it a big deal or drawing attention to my differences
>I start getting this feeling like in his own quiet way he's showing he cares
>I begin to notice how handsome he is and his cute dry humor
>oh gosh I have a little crush
>have lots of fun feeling really special
>all of a sudden I notice this older man starring at me
>notice he's following me around the con
>tell myself I'm being paranoid and to get over myself
>digging through a bin of key chains when I hear from beside me "So whats wrong with you, you in an accident or something?"
>It's the man from before he's right next to me
>I get flustered I don't know what to do I can't believe he just word vomited like that all over me and my nice day
>suddenly I didn't feel special anymore
>I feel ugly and embarrassed
>I try to stammer a response but nothing comes out
>"There's nothing wrong with her. What's wrong with you?"
>it's the quiet boy, the one whose been helping me all day
>he's not quiet now he's starring this guy down
>I feel so touched he's standing up for me
>I knew then I really liked this boy

We started dating a few months later and I couldn't be happier. We have a nice home with two spoiled cats and it's paradise.
That's adorable anon, I'm jealous. Are you still wheelchair bound? Why were you in a wheel chair in the first place?
Only couple I know that met at a con and got married are both kind of awful but they can tolerate each others awful so yay?
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I met my boyfriend of one year at comic con last year!
Were celebrating our anniversary together there this year, its lovely hes 6''4 and im 5''1 but he still wont let me dominate him and thats my only existant complaint with this pup
Why was your friend so opposed to it?
>"So whats wrong with you, you in an accident or something?"
>"Are you still wheelchair bound? Why were you in a wheel chair in the first place?"

Fucking really?
AHH that is so adorable im happy you found smeoen who sees past your wheelchair and values you for who you are anon, this gives me hope
>>Both lust and fear in her eyes and I go to kiss her.
>Both lust and fear

>but it felt like I was in a cheesy rom-com.
For some reason I feel like he felt it too.
The difference being that he enjoyed it.
>Acen 2015
>usually get my badge from a vendor
>vendors phone broke so he couldn't contact me if he needed backup
>vendor uses another friends phone that happened to be at the convention
>phone owner happens to be a grill, we text back and fourth during the con
>FF to Saturday around 4 AM
>send her a text asking for what she looks like
>We exchange pics, turns out she's a solid 8/10
>we agree to spend all of Sunday together
>been with her since
>arguably the best relationship i've ever been in

What is wrong with asking? I'm curious to know as well.
Because it's potentially a sensitive subject that Anon may not want to talk about. There are plenty of messed up things that can land you in a wheelchair.
oooh gurl get it
I've actually heard many girls say similar things just like that and that's why I just stay by myself. Emotional rollercoasters are just unnecessary B.S
My only story about con love ended horribly but I do love to share the misery.

>be shy lesbian crossplay anon
>back in weeb days Gravitation was all the rage so I cosplay from it
>happen to see androgynous ideal type cosplaying Yuki from Gravitation
>friend sees me crushing hard, makes me go take a picture
>Yuki (easier to just call her this) flirts with me
>I end up becoming close friends with Yuki's friend by chance
>everyone knows I'm totally crushing on Yuki and Yuki seems to like me too
>every time we meet she flirts and lets me cuddle with her
>too shy to ask if we're dating because we've never properly had a date alone
>assume we're in that odd not-friends-but-not-girlfriend/girlfriend stage
>she tries to have sex with me one night, too shy to even get clothes off but she doesn't mind
>surely we've got something going on?
>birthday comes around
>Yuki brings me a rose as a gift
>"I thought you'd like one since you're a romantic, anon, so I saved you one out of my girlfriend's birthday bouquet!"
>heart completely broken
>things become awkward but Yuki doesn't notice, still hang out and be friends
>always wants a hug and a kiss on the cheek for her birthday when I see her at a cosplay event, give them to her because I'm such a loser
>gain a little weight and stop bothering to look pretty and do makeup for events because I'm depressed over stuff
>Yuki spots me and asks for hugs from my friends but just looks at me and says hello and then ignores me
>feel worse about myself than before

Took a year or two but I think finally I got over her and now I don't try to look at anyone at a convention like that or read too much into what people say/do while at conventions.
Anon, let me give you some advice. 95% of the time, the lesbians you'll meet at conventions are batshit crazy and are just extraordinarily hormonal. I wouldn't look for romance at a con unless you've gotten to know the person throughout a five month period or more...
I wasn't actually looking for romance, just had an instant crush because physically she was my preferred type and then it just went from there because I saw her a few times a month for nearly a year. I was also a very naive and newly outed lesbian and barely legal so there's that as well.

I'm actually relieved it was someone like her for my first heartbreak instead of one of those crazy yaoi fanservice girls that make out with other girls just for photos and then are like "Ew no I'm straight."
>Meet dude in hot tub at ALA
>He seems nice
>Mixed signals all weekend, not sure if he's hitting on me or just being really friendly
>end up headbutting him in the face Sunday afternoon for almost throwing all my camera equipment in the pool on accident
>We've been friends ever since

Ahhhhh, young love
>see Tomoko cosplayer at a con
>she has that exact same "she looks really plain but would probably be really cute if she cleaned herself up" vibe to her
>try to talk to her
>she just stares at me while standing still
>doesn't say anything
>only slightly nods or shakes her head
>occasionally her hands tremble ever so slightly
>took me a few seconds to realize she was trying to stay in character
>my kokoro goes doki doki because that's fucking adorable
>her pretending to lose her fake spaghetti makes me lose my actual spaghetti
>stand there in uncomfortable silence with her for like a minute because I have no idea what to say to someone who's pretending she can't talk
>without saying a word I turn around and start to slink away
>tfw I realized afterwards she's probably really extroverted in real life and she probably laughed about that weird guy that tried talking to her at an anime convention with all of her friends
>tfw you just want a cute asian boy to cuddle with at cons
I feel like I wrote this. ..
I forgot to go to the speed dating at NYCC, oh well I'll keep being lonely.
No not even close, and not a weeabo/anime fan at all so not even really sure that he's ever worn any.

I think so too, which is why I ended it before things could escalate further. He was a very romantic old fashion kind of guy and I'm just not into that sadly.
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You guys don't have a leg to stand on asking a question like that
>getting triggered FOR somebody

I met my ex-boyfriend at a convention, I was Kairi and he was Sora from Kingdom Hearts, so we were pretty happy to see each other and it went on from there. It lasted for almost a year but he was really overbearing. Dumped him due to that and other issues with our relationship. Well I checked his YouTube the other day and "he" is now a "she" and makes videos about trans rights, feminism, etc.
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What a lame joke
File: 1372480599131.png (145 KB, 511x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone have good experiences with Speed dating at cons?

I really want to try it but get turned off immediately to the thought of all of the good looking girls giving it a pass because of all of the cringey/awkward guys, which frees up slots for the desperate fatties.

call me shallow, but I've got standards.
I mean you can try it and just say no to the hamplanets
Never been to any, but those that I've seen at some cons I've gone to charge the dudes like 25 dollars or so just to get in. In essence, plenty of them are paying to get rejected.
Or, she's actually introverted and wanted to cosplay her spirit animal.
I tried to talk to a girl and threw up, dunno if that counts
Is there a polite way to let a guy at a con know you don't care anymore about what he's talking about? I feel like a cunt but holy shit I can only hear a guy talk so much about his favorite vidya.
Go back to /r9k/
Holy shit, this. I once had a guy come up to me and talk about mecha anime for half an hour. I was cosplaying from a slice-of-life series and said multiple times "I've never watched a mecha anime, it's not really my thing" and he kept on going. If I cared, I'd be doing more than nodding at you. Please, guys, do not do this. Ask her what she's interested in. You can show her your shit later on, if she wants to know.
I'll humor them for a little bit, a minute or two depending on if they can make it interesting or not. But when you're sitting there nerding out over minuscule crap about characters that are as far as I'm concerned not real, you're just wasting my time.

I feel that's just true of any topic though, again though, I don't wanna be mean, we are a con of nerds. I just want to let them politely know I would rather talk about a different subject.
>"I've never watched a mecha anime, it's not really my thing"
Translates as "please enlighten me" to fedoralords.

I'm the Anon in the wheelchair who posted earlier. The reason why I became uncomfortable when the man at the con asked me about my handicap was because it took me out of my nice day and reminded me that I was anything other than a young woman at a con surrounded by friends. I have noticeable scars from surgeries and it's obvious there is something wrong with my legs. I was born with a skeletal muscular disorder and I wasn't in an accident, this is who I've been my whole life. I don't mind if I'm friends with someone and they eventually ask questions, but I've never understood why complete strangers feel that its perfectly acceptable to come up and ask "so what's wrong with you". I'd like to say that I'm one of those disabled people you see on tv that are fine with who they are and their bodies but I'm not, I have self esteem problems and I'm constantly worried that all people see when they look at me is my wheelchair. I understand the other anon's curiosity, my handicap was a large part of my story and I was vague, but I suppose I do wish the first response to my story wasn't "so what's wrong with you". Thank you to the other Anons who understood that.
>call me shallow, but I've got standards
Honestly, considering the fact that you're desperate enough to want to try speed dating at an anime convention for any reason other than fun tells me you really can't afford to have standards
Wanting to try it isn't out of desperation, if I was desperate, I'd go regardless if there was undesirables or not.

It's for experience, I want to see what happens. I don't see whats wrong with wanting to expand on my prospects.
I'm going to one for fun in like 2 weeks, and I'm about a 6 or 7 according to anon internet people, so you might meet people higher or bout the same as me

good luck bruh
I've done gay speed dating and it was full of autistic normies and faggots. No Asian boys, either. 2/10 would not do again.

The guys waiting for the straight version were mostly neck beards and the girls seemed like a mix of hambeasts and Tumblr-esque trash. The ratio was worse than 5 to 1, too.

You can do better, and the fact you're on 4chan probably indicates that you probably wouldn't be a good match with most of the girls. If you just want your dick sucked, there are more efficient ways.
>the fact you're on 4chan probably indicates that you probably wouldn't be a good match with most of the girls.

Could you fucking expand on this
not the poster but i would never date a guy who spent his time on 4chan or reddit
File: 1391643636298.gif (3 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>still thinks everyone on 4chan is a NEET basement dweller
That's uh, pretty hypocritical. I know some great guys that come on 4chan that I'd totally date if I were single.
all my friends use 4chan or have in the past

most of them grew out of it.

sure a guy who casually looks but a guy who sits here all day? no way

if you spend too long on the internet it shows in your social skills irl
If they sit on here all day they probably frequent one of the containment boards, so that's how you weed out the creepers.
>had friends over to play cards
>one of them is an attractive, charming guy, goes on a lot of dates
>mentions he goes on /r9k/
>fucking double-take
>"It's so funny to go on there when I feel bad!"
I guess I'll never find a girlfriend, I'm usually browsing primarily on /a/
no. get off /a/ and go be social irl
I am social, I'm a Mailman soon to change careers to be a police officer.
File: 1398505153329.jpg (55 KB, 333x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just visited r9k for the first time. What the flying fuck is going on in there? What was the original intention of that board?
It's always been a containment board. It's supposed to be all OC, but it's a way to keep the reallllly sad sacks away from the regular sad sacks.
Please stop oppressing me, /r9k/ is one of my main boards and this is really triggering;)
It's a good board.

More like if you have no social skills your only possible source of social interaction is spending all day on the internet.

By the way I really like all these cute and happy love stories:3
I've posted this before so just going to copypasta
(Part 1 of 3)
>Be at con last year in August
>Spent the saturday volunteering
>Had to work a shift with someone that makes my blood boil (they were incompetent as fuck)
>Also see other people I absolutely hated due to other drama
>Sleep deprived and exhausted for two days now
>shitty mood throughout the day
>Friends want to go to open mic karaoke
>Room was full
>Friends decide to sit outside the room waiting for the numbers to go down
>start breaking down due to shit mood
>hides in locker because don't want anyone to see
>One guy that was a friend of friend notices that I'm not coming out of locker
>nobody else in the group wanted to help
>he asks if I wanted to go with him for hot pot with the rest of his crew
>"s-sure do I have to pay?"
>he says he'll treat me
>hot pot was really good
>waddles out of restaurant awkwardly after we're done because overwhelmed
>couldn't properly thank him
(Part 2 of 3)
>next day
>finishes shift
>goes around looking for him
>finds out he already left the con to go back home
>still have his fb so it's ok
>thanks him over fb
>he says "don't worry about it"
>we start talking regularly for a couple months after that

>one night less than a week from my birthday
>can't remember what we were talking about
>leads up to asking each other questions and answering them
>helped him deal with a rejection prior to the con in august
>he eventually asks what I look for in a partner
>describes it to him
>he knows i was trying to go for this other guy at the time
>we also have 6 years age difference
>also gotta take long distance into consideration
>he comes up with a response on what he looks for in a partner as well
>I basically hit all the points he brings up
>he wants to hold back his feelings because I'm still young and there are better options out there like the guy I was trying to go after
>asks what he would do if i rejected him
>he would still be here for me, but it would leave a bittersweet feeling
>knows that I won't date him out of guilt because I'm better than that
>decides to pursue relationship with mr.hotpot despite all the potential complications
>talk to him over skype
>stayed up until 8am talking
>passes out until 1pm and wakes up to him with overjoyed screaming
>decides that we keep our relationship a secret until the next big con
>he decided two days before my birthday he would drive up to see me
>"B-but it's a 3 hour drive... 6 hour round trip"
>>8663665con't (part 3/3)
>fast forward to birthday
>he shows up at my door
>he wasn't joking
>tells all my friends that he was just here because why the fuck not
>friends buy into it
>party was super fun
>didn't get to be alone with him until everyone left around 11pm
>cuddles gogo
>he leaves at 1am after talking to my parents for an hour
>sends me video over instagram dm saying how it was worth it after he got back around 4am

We just celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend!
> After a few cons I decide to enter a masquerade in 2010
> Sat next to this cosplayer (girl A) who was super proud of hand making her costume (Ciel from Kuroshit or something)
> Mine was made by my grandmother
> I ended up beating her in novice division because I made a cool weapon
> Fast forward one year later to same con
> I don't fucking remember her because I was chasing after another girl (girl B) and we ended up kissing on the 3rd day of the con.
> Had a good run but once I got to 3rd base with Girl B I learned some unfortunate things like how her uncle had forced himself upon her when she was a kid and she did want sex at all
> It ended on that note but much like the weeb I was I fawned on her even though we weren't together.
> Fast forward to the next con
> Girl A clearly remembers me but because I'm a dumbass fawning over Girl B I don't.
> After eventually giving up on GIrl B I found out Girl A was having her own issues with being cheated on during that con with her ex.
> Decided to just hang out with Girl A because I understood what was going on.
> Eventually we started talking over IM
> Followed each other on tumblr and shit
> For the next few months we talked and at each con we ended up talking with one another because our friends would ditch us like assholes
> She kinda knew I had feelings for her but since I was a creepy weeb she didn't really reciprocate
> Eventually it got to a point where we mutually agreed we wouldn't date because we were scared we'd lose each other as best friends who could confide in one another.
> Shit lasted a few months before we finally decided to go out.
> Relationship was rocky because she was going to school about 6 hours away and would visit me every other weekend and I couldn't visit her because my car was shit.
> Eventually I moved in with her and went to school with her because I'm a beta ass bitch and she had been facing a lot of problems with room mates.
> We've been together almost 4 years now.
Lost my shit at Mr. Hotpot, that is literally a great name
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cozy pepe.jpg
135 KB, 670x424
Hamplanet detected
File: itistime.jpg (3 KB, 109x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Look 17, am 21
>Have a decent face
>Keep getting hit on by underage girls
>Swerve everyone that attempts to actually get my number because all of them are too young.
>I think cons are were you would find your waifu irl
>either that or graduate school
Posted this before but hey.

>December last year
>Be me
>Be at con
>Con sucks but there's a cosplay prom typ event
>Which is 100% awesome
>I have never in my life danced so much
>Evening starts coming to it's end
>"We will now crown the prom kind and queen!"
>They call up a QT3.14 for queen
>"And the king is... Anon!"
>Wait wut
>Never been popular before wtf
>Girls eyes just widen as I approach her
>She mumble something about how she's not a good dancer and I'm just like well, neither am I. It'll be fine
>Slow dancing to great song, she's clearly nervous, realize we've talked briefly before
>After the dance she basically pull a cinderella on me

>FF to new years
>I'm with my mom and her partner in his cottage up in the mountains
>I'm not one for skiing so I mostly just hang out by the fireplace
>Have at this point detectived my way to her tumblr and Facebook (admittedly not very hard) and started to chat
>She's super sweet
>The whole 6.5hr bus trip back home I chat with her

>FF to February
>My ex is like yo what's up we gotta talk
>Essentially just tell me that apparently I was a pretty shitty partner to him, I had no idea
>He felt used etc.
>Feel really shitty about the whole thing for good reason
>Super hesitant to continue flirting with girl because it's pretty obvious she likes me at this point and I'm afraid I'll hurt her too
>She apparenly goes on a date with someone else in her town and our shared circle of friends
>My blood boils
>Aight so I may actually be really into this girl
>She tell me it wasn't anything serious and she wasn't feeling it
>Decide to ask her if she want to hang out at an upcoming con because theres like five hours between us
>She say yes
>I'm only there over the day but we hang out together and with some friends, have great time
>She and another mutual friend follow me back to the train
>Awkward good byes, I had a great time, see you guys whenever
>Want to kiss her
>Chicken out
>Kiss her hand instead

>Friend later tell me how she was just a flustered mess all the way back to con

>She comes up to me in April
>I feel super awkward
>Decide to just push through because she's sweet and I like her a lot
>Also would really like to avoid heartbreak
>Have a good time, but at the end I am super exhausted.
>Give her flowers on her trip back

>Meet again at con in May
>I'm working at the con, staffing night
>We don't meet a lot during the con but at the end of it she's confirmed for girlfriend.

>Another prom type event
>Dance with her a lot this time
>Life is good

>Back in August
>I come to visit her
>Super nice and chill
>Her family all approve of me

She's been up here again since and isn't nearly as on her toes and nervous as when we first started talking, which is in all honesty really nice.

On the other hand of the spectra, me and the mentioned ex can barely even go to the same cons anymore which sucks.
It started off using the robot9000 script made by Randall Munroe of XKCD fame. The script itself mutes you and didn't post your comment if it had been said before. Each consecutive mute on the same person was for exponentially (2^n seconds) longer, dropping a tier every set number of hours. Images were also one post only.

That was the only caveat, it was experimental, sort of a quality enforced /b/ (at the time of its inception, the shitposting on /b/ was very formulaic image macros and memes.)

It worked for a while, then people would get in the habit of just adding gibberish to the end of posts, altering one pixel in their photo, etc.

Eventually, it found a focus as a relationship board, and from there became a "that feel when no gf" board.

It had stints where it was prison gay, stints where they tried to be pua, and I guess recently they collectively lost their mind or something, and now hate all "normies".
Its just a faze, they'll grow out of it.

Just like dressing up in anime/video game characters.
Oh my god what is it about weebs who like mecha and ranting on to girls who don't care? Just yesterday I was walking around downtown with my friend in lolita and he wanted to check out this new comic shop/table top gaming club and while he was talking to the owner about card games and memberships and stuff this guy came up to me and lost his shit over my outfit and started going on and on about how I looked like some character from some mecha series I've never seen and just would not shut up about it.
Sounds like youre overreacting.
Sounds like youre afraid to make people upset by being direct.

Damnit, I knew I shouldn't read the second half.

I just had a feeling it was going to be sadness
Stop spoon feeding the fucking tumblr retards who flock here

Now they're going to go back and spout off "DAE this evil board called r9k" to sound hard to their stupid sheltered faggot friends and drag even more dipshits here.
>Katsucon Valentines Day
>Get stood up by platonic date
>Go to get shirt for cosplay group
>happens to also be the room my crush was in
>See him putting on cosplay
>Come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist
> 'hey, wanna be my valentine?'
> said yes
> pretty much nothing happened because it was about 9 by then and we had to go to our group
>Had to pin them to a wall the next day because I was supposed to meet up with some people and he was dragging me with him to the dealers room
> End up dating after the con
This sounds sad as fuck but sometimes I chill with friends and we're all just on 4chan or Tumblr in the same fucking room.
Same tbh fam
It's important to know 4chan's history, and history in general. If you know where you've been, you can know where you're going.

There is a lot of stuff that had been forgotten, around here. A lot of people who have never even been around. If we don't tell them, how will they ever learn? They'll think "Fuck normies" and "rare pepes" and "dank memes" are the way 4chan has always been.
I thought i was the only one.
I try to get something going but i have to pretty much force a conversation to get them to get off the shit.
Thanks to my addiction I know bf now reads /cgl/ and a couple other boards.
>Sorry sweetie

>Hometown's giant yearly convention
>At Lolita bar meetup with the girls
>Cute guy also in line dressed as Fate/Stay whatever character
>Ask if this is line for drinks and think nothing of it
>Sit back down with girls and my drink
>Bar is packed and cute guy ends up sitting next to us
>Idly chat with him and comm because I'm a way nicer/more outgoing person at cons when I'm dressed up
>After meet awkwardly ask if he likes vidya
>Loves vidya
>Play smashbros etc in gameroom
>Decide to hang out the next day too
>Meets my best friends and doesn't run
>This is good
>Offer to drive him back to airport the next day
>Kiss goodbye
>Have been dating for a year now
>Perfect guy (if slightly awkward/weeby, but w/e I am too)
>Also in medical field. Understands all of my work idiocy
>Most importantly not crazy/jealous/poorly adjusted

And that's how I met my boyfriend. I broke two of my dating rules:
>Don't meet guys in bar
>Don't date weebs at cons

But it worked out.
Oh come on, I've been here since 2007. There are still a couple of boards I've never clicked on, ever.
This gives me hope that maybe I'll find a cute cosplay weeb to love me.
File: 1444699322066.png (2 MB, 1496x1380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1496x1380
Dude you made the mistake of falling for a woman too fast and she lost interest.

Look dude there's no use getting worked up over it though. She is doomed to a life of foolishness and frivolity, not you. Just learn from this experience and move on. Stop dwelling on what empty headed women thing so much.

Look, let me break it down for you.

IImagine a life where you have never been great at anything, never felt the urge to be great at anything, never felt that magnetic admiration to someone who was great at something, wanted to imitate and ultimately defeat him. Just nothing. Literally all you do in life is exist. Occupy space. pass the time. You're a chick.
You're bored,tweeting about your fucking hair and not even feeling any kind of happiness from it, just soothing your constant need to be bitter and cunty and petty toward other women. Every single thing you've done in the past year was mundane, shallow, and boring. You spent the last six hours reading kinda-interesting Reddit stories about people who made interesting Halloween hats for their kids or some stupid bullshit that you think is interesting and you may say is interesting but you're not really sure if it's really interesting. You're just fucking sitting there, gestating, fermenting, with a moist hole between your legs that guarantees you'll at least never have to get up and move around and work to support yourself.
File: animu pepe.jpg (102 KB, 775x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
animu pepe.jpg
102 KB, 775x719
And then you see men, over in some corner, having fun. You've never seen this before. What are they even doing? Instead of their consciousnesses merely sitting in their thick skull and revolving around itself, they are imbuing their conscious energy and intentionality into external objects, crafts, goals, projects. All the bitterness and cuntiness you feel nonstop seems to be absent, as they congratulate each other for being victorious, and happily learn from someone who defeated them. These creatures are truly content to be alive. They have found purpose in a purposeless universe.
And your gaze turns back on itself, on your self, and you realise you've never had that. You can never have it. You're just a stupid cunt.
So you get up, you walk over there, and you fucking ruin everything. Just ruin the whole fucking thing. The five seconds of attention you get will be worth destroying it. Because you're a woman.

Get it? There's no point in getting worked up over something as fickle and frivolous as a woman's attention. If she doesn't want to be with you so be it. Swap her out for the next one.
this is the best thing i've read all year. Etiquette is dead in my country and wow, how popular is this? I'm assuming not very.
No good stories from me.

Met my ex when we were both cosplaying the same series. We talked for a while after that and started dating. I took some pics of her, the pics got big, she became "cosplay famous." Relationship went downhill but we stayed together for four more years, she was controlling and constantly suspicious of me, etc. Finally a con came up where I was sick and she went without me, and she cheated on me with some guy from the con, then let me be the one to give her the boot so she could make herself look like the victim. She then spread bullshit rumors about me that destroyed my reputation in the scene for a couple of years until everybody figured out she was full of shit.

Fuck con relationships. Hell, fuck relationships in general. I may be miserable, but at least I'm free and miserable.
It wasn't this guy, by any chance?

I've had him do exactly that to me, and heard similar stories from quite a few other people.
Not the guy who posted before, but there are legitimate reasons to go to a speed dating kind of thing without being desperate.

I know I've considered it before, because it provides an easy environment where everybody is explicitly there because they're looking for dates or relationships and they're likely to share your interests. I don't approach random girls at cons because I don't like making people uncomfortable, and that's going to be the result of doing it 90% of the time, unless I hide my intentions, which is creepy and counter-productive.
Sorry to hear that anon. I feel like if I stayed in my last relationship, this would have been me. I feel like I did everything right, but the overly suspicious attitude and stuck up/self-deprecating attitude really made me exhausted with everything.
But yeah, now I'm just super paranoid about dating girls at cons because I don't want to get caught up in another emotional rollercoaster.
get a life. you're just being a petty human being.
that's soooo cute
i'm ded
>have the gall to call yourself an /a/ browser while still chasing 3D whores

You disgust me.
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tbh you're 100% right

Women are a meme
Yeah what was ladyfriends issue?
And not wanting to make people upset is a bad thing..? Shouldn't have to be a bitch for someone to take a few social cues unless you have the world's biggest mental disorder.
Nah, he was a lot bigger than that guy. But it was 5 years ago in England, so.
Not shitposting, but have you ever considered yourself to be asexual?
No one has ever touched your dick, right anon?

Only like 1% of people are actually asexual. Occam's Razor dictates that it's more likely (s)he's just spaghetti, since fear of intimacy is one of the major symptoms of being spaghetti.
Was your ex taskisiski?

Either way, that shit sucks but it's unfortunately common when dating weebs.
My boyfriend was just my best friend at first.
>we both go to tiny ass local con that was generally terrible
>we both decide to chill and go to bubbletea instead
>bubbletea shop closes soon after we just get our drinks (it was almost 3am)
>we decide to chill in an almost empty parking garage
>when we decide to go home, car won't start, almost 4am at this point
>guy calls insurance company who sends car but they say it'll be 2 hours
>I call my father to jump start the car instead
>place looks sus as fuck, he totally thinks wwe had sex
>drive of shame back home
>his parents yell at him and tell him not to see me anymore
>cue last day of con, we bought a weekend pass might as well try to enjoy it
>he isn't picking up my calls despite the late hour
>I never go to con because it isn't the same without him
>cue a week later, he sneaks his way out of the house to chill with me
>he confesses that he realized that he was in love with me when he wasn't allowed to see me
>I had a mad crush on him but resigned myself to being friends
>he gives me my first kiss

We're celebrating out 1 year in a week. :)
This thread made me feel.
I just want some con love now ._.
>tfw no chubby weaboo girlfriend
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smugs bunny.jpg
26 KB, 529x399
how you doin?
No. I won't say who she was out of respect for her privacy and a desire to keep my own anonymity. The most I'll say is that she was a quite high-profile US cosplayer.
>tfw no chubby weaboo girlfriend

The best kind <3
I used to have a hubby weaboo girlfriend but I don't anymore.
File: broniesdotjpeg.png (599 KB, 600x552) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just because you went and got yourself banned from /mlp/ doesn't mean you have to take it out on us
>going to a place chocked full of people in a costume designed to make people look at you
>implying girls can even be introverts
Women are the ones who don't know what introvert means
File: aug_sermon.jpg (64 KB, 447x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's sad.
my girlfriend and i started talking before a convention, but the con was where we planned to meet in person for the first time

>see her where we agreed to meet up on friday of con; me trying not to stutter in front of her because i'm nervous and bad at talking to people
>she's super excited to see me and we're inseparable
>all day we planned on getting lunch/having a date but some friend-related drama happened and we had to postpone it
>saturday of convention i'm freaking out getting dressed and ready to confess for real this time
>she looks great and at the end of saturday i ask her friends to go away for like ten minutes so we can talk alone
>they knew, cgl, they definitely knew. i was clueless that everyone else around us was aware we liked each other
>i confess and she likes me back! hooray!
>we got together on that saturday evening and our whole cosplay friend circle knew within an hour
>my phone vibrated for a solid five minutes with texts and my sister calls that night to ask how it all happened
>have to leave at noon on sunday and she walks me to the bus station so i can ride 9 hours back to school after an awesome weekend

six and a half months later, we're still together. our 1 year anniversary won't fall on a convention weekend but we have some couples cosplays planned for our next con together. feelsgoodman.jpg
I have a feeling most of these were original when they first came out, but now they're just putting ridiculous quotes next to pictures of random guys.

I know it isn't an instant disqualifier, but this dude is wearing a cross and most neckbeards are atheists, so he may have taken this pic as a joke. That's grasping at straws tho.
7 billion divided by 100 is still 70,000,000
Do those actually work?

I'm sure they can for the girls, at least.
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It's just like my japanese comic books
Sure, and only 40% of people have Internet access, and only 24% of people speak English. So, that's about 6,720,000 possible people out of 672,000,000 people you might meet on the Internet.

Plus, the 1% incidence rate is self-reported from a first world country.

Point being, it's a vanishingly small chance that any given person is legitimately asexual.
Nice copypasta.

I'm usually not a fan of bullshit sexualities, but I know someone who I'm 99% sure is asexual.

She also has a bunch of other issues bundled with her though. As she put it, she doesn't enjoy being human, which includes eating, fucking, and actually getting out of the house.
>2 years ago, at con "rave" dance
>annoying guys keep trying to grind, grab me without asking etc
>about to head back to hotel
>suddenly, a cute guy politely asks me if i'd like to dance with him
>say yes
>dance the whole night, never gets creepy like other guys
>end up talking after the dance, stay out all night
>exchange contact info at the end of the night

Unfortunately we fell out of contact for most of the year, but...

>fast forward to next year's con
>go to dance the second night
>almost first thing after entering the dance - "anon, is that you?"
>it's the qt from last year
>dance all night again, walk around the city together and just hang out all night
>hang out the next day at con too
>go home, actually talk lots this time
>meet up at a different con
>hang out again, and by the end of the con we have kissed officially become a couple!
>now together for over a year

I'm so glad I ran in to him again that second con. Perfect coincidence. I later found out that the first year he had been gathering up the courage to ask me to dance most of the night, which I find quite endearing. I never thought I'd meet my SO at a convention!
I knew a girl who broke up with her boyfriend for a guy she met at a con. She eventually moved a state away to live with him but came back when he cheated on her with another guy or something.
Going outside is the worst.
I had a guy I met at a con cheat on me with another guy, but I was only in middle school.
The people I meet who are the same age as me often feel like they're 8 years younger just by the way they act so I don't interact too much. I'm not saying this to be an elitist, it could just be that I'm a cynical asshole and I rarely cosplay so I come off as a total normie but shit, some of these people seem to be weird.
guys at cons usually get weirdly clingy or have crazy exes in my experience.
For all you attractive people out there, have you ever turned down someone because of your preferences and then get called a racist?
alot of pol fags are cocktail christians beleive it or not
1) You aren't supposed to vocalize your racial preferences to someone asking you out.
2) The person calling you a racist is somewhere along the autism spectrum disorder. Love is the one place you are allowed to discriminate as much or as little as you want; everyone knows that.
what did you do, say "no thanks, i don't date xxx race?"
that's kind of really rude and stupid, anon. Should have just turned him/her down regularly
That's so cute it feels like a story book romance, congrats OP.
Holy shit, I forgot about when it was for hook ups and shit. That seems like forever ago.
>have known cute guy for a while online, ask him to meet up
>he says okay, i see him at a con
>i ask if i can have sex with him
>he says no, since i'm ugly and he thought I was only trying to be his friend
>pull out $200
>"how about now?"
>he says yes
>see Weiss cosplayer
>jack off thinking about her
Greatest love story ever told.
I just imagine where she is and what she is doing right now and I hope she is thinking about me as well.
File: 1312787511327.png (29 KB, 149x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Staffing AX in 2011
>Met girl after Vocaloid concert who had some questions about the show
>Exchange contact info
>Don't talk for like a year after a week of texting
>One year later, meet up at con
>Hang out every day and have an amazing time
>Start dating a month later
>Get into relationship
>Next month is 3 year anniversary
>Could not be any happier

File: 1442940042242.jpg (164 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1024x1024
must be nice to go to cons and have crushes and shit

I don't really feel strong emotions.

No emotions strong enough to make me a weeb or nerd enough to even want to go to one. Like, what's the point of even going?

And not enough emotions to have crushes anymore. I haven't had any since highschool maybe.

And no online friends to meet in person if i decided to go.

What do I do.

I don't even like anime or video games anymore.

Why am i still on 4chan.
It's ok, i was there when r9k was still fresh and was the new better /b/ for a while.

I forgot about it and this kind anon is reminding us.
Bitter and jealous since he's pretty much A+ boyfriend material and she couldn't manage to keep him for herself.
> Dress up as dante from dmc 3. me and my brother went to nycc this year.
> live in a small city in the Canadian prairies. Not many geeks there. Only care about football and shit.
>Get hit on a bunch while at NYCC.
> two girls go nuts and says that I'm so sexy.
> Another girl looks at my face, looks down , then looks up, bites her lip and goes "nice."
> Go to this afterparty club thing with my brother. Other cosplayers there and shit.
> standing in line for the bag check. Some cute cosplayer lines up behind me and says I look amazing.
> She does a phone selfy, I joke and say I was temptedto photobomb it.
>She replies by smiling and saying "I wouldn't have minded"
>Not really into one night stands, want a nerdy Gf. So I don't really follow up on these obvious come ons.
> fuck my life.

I have to get out this place.
Must be nice anon. Literally no girl has ever complimented me in public, let alone checked me out and bit her lip.

I'm jealous.
Do you have depression?
File: 1443159464537.png (275 KB, 561x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 561x471
I used to be really depressed 24/7, cry all the time and lock myself in my room, never talk to my family.

I got over that so I'd say no because I'm a lot happier compared to my old self. But I feel like I don't have my emotions anymore. I guess I'm still not content.
>Speed Dating
Fuck no, and I actually volunteered to work at that event.
Depression isn't just sadness, it can be a lack of emotions too. Like the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry. I'm not saying you might still be depressed, I'm not diagnosing you here, just saying it's a possibility. Take care of yourself, anon.
Ugh, this reminds me of one from the last con

>Hanging out near hotel entrance with friend, smoking a cig
>Two girls come up, one is an acquaintance
>Her friend, who's pretty cute, starts complementing me
>I'm bad at taking complements and get kind of awkward about it, but things seem OK anyway
>We chat it up for a few minutes
>Friend suddenly realizes a girl he has awkward history with (he shot her down saying he didn't want a relationship and then hooked up with his current GF a few weeks later) is nearby
>Friend insists that we take off to some shitty room party where his GF is
>Leave party, run into the two girls again in the hallway but they're going to the party and my friends are making me leave
>Figure it's OK, my other friend knows the girls and can get in touch later
>Other friend and I have a bad falling out after the con, haven't spoken since.

Ah, what could have been.
My recent experience (the past two days actually) was a guy like this.
He was cute though and we clicked instantly. <3
You're obviously depressed. Take some meds anon.
File: 1440007190536.jpg (263 KB, 1279x718) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 1279x718
>year: 2000
>actively participate in anime/video game chat room
>make friends with guy and meet up with him at con
>turns out he's socially awkward and hanging out with his siblings who frequeny chat room too
>sister says she likes me the next week on chatroom
>date her 60 miles away at the age of q14

Needless to say it didnt last because im a fuckin idiot who wanted to do sexual stuff at that age and broke up with her for long distance

Never met a girl who accepted me 100% for whom i am since
I dont think i would even for money
How was the sex?
Pretty sure it's more along the lines of
>hey i like you wanna go out?
>no, i don't like you that way

Actually saying, "No, I don't date XXXs" is as you've pointed out rude and stupid.
How do you bang? Can you even feel it?
You mean lewd.
Not sure whether or to be be amused or mortified.
Even though I'm horrified, I'm sorta curious.

Ever since I read that you need to be able to feel pain to orgasm I've been wondering about things like this.
>meet a 8/10 guy, a lot of other girls also hitting on him
>pretty much everything I like in a guy
>totally crushing on him until he tells me that he has a crush on me
>get too awkward and stop talking to him
>couple months later still isn't dating or flirting to anyone else

At least I talk normally to him now instead of avoiding messages and hang out with him from time to time. He might be the greatest thing that has happened to me for being so understanding and sweet but still I just can't have a relationship.

>having another crush, here we fucking go again
>flirting, having inside jokes, great time together
>ends up dating my best friend
>I end up being in his bro group
>heartbreaks everytime they even relatively talk about those two dating
>mfw friendzoned myself there

Daddy issues definetely, I stop talking to any guy who asks me out because I get too awkward. I don't wanna be like this. I just want a great guy who plays with me, is accepting about my hobbies and doesn't care for romantic stuff. I prefer being best friends in relationship over romantic partners.
I don't get it.

You say you prefer being best friends, but you don't want to be friendzoned, your heartbreaks because they are dating, but you don't want to date him. How the fuck is anything relationship going to work out for you like this?
Same here anon. Even when I get a crush on someone if they ever like me back I would suddenly be angry and dislike them.
>I dont like emotional or physical intimacy
>if they ever like me back i would suddenly be angry and dislike them
fucking hell i thought i was the only person who does this shit, I just figured I have some undiagnosed psychological disorder.
There's a reason why tsundere characters are so popular
>I just figured I have some undiagnosed psychological disorder
You do. You both do.
Sorta the same. Even if I like someone, if they reciprocate, I'll get scared/nervous and never want to talk to them again.
is there any hope, doc?
I-it's an 18 and over board, no need to keep it clean, how stupid.
This, I wanted to here them sex stories
You're a woman of course theres always hope
>wheelchair bound
>therefore paralysed and can't feel anything
How retarded are you? There are a multitude of reasons why someone uses a wheelchair, a whole range of acquired and congenital conditions. Loss of mobility and loss of sensation do not always occur together, stop assuming everyone in a wheelchair has some kind of spinal cord injury.

But most importantly, even people with mobility impairments can live fulfilling lives, and have beautiful, therapeutic, meaningful romantic relationships. And for you to reduce that to 'can you even have/feel sex or not' is ignorant and frankly, the fucking rudest thing I've ever read on this website. Just be happy for anon and let your morbid curiosity (and ignorance) take a back seat for once.
Riddle me this, if I was already assuming she was paralyzed via spinal injury (and thus unable to feel) why would I ask IF she can feel it? Wouldn't such a question imply I'm wondering if it was a spinal injury or some other reason? Seems like you're the retarded one here.

And if a question like that was the rudest thing you've ever read on 4chan this is clearly your first day, and if I could make a suggestion, preferably your last. Seriously go back to tumblr.
There's no way a blunt, but honest question like that is the rudest thing you've heard in 4chan. Quit getting offended on behalf of others, there are no brownie points to be won here, and your smug sense of moral superiority will lead you into more trouble than it will ever put an end to.
File: 1440132371738.gif (221 KB, 567x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Meet gf here
>hang out
>go to cons
>be 2 years later
>running small business and looking for a bigger apartment

It's all enough to make me flustered sometimes.
Oh no don't ask the person on an anonymous image board about their sex life. Clearly being handicapped means they can't fucking handle answering a simple fucking question.
Calm down anon, it's just a question on an anonymous korean imageboard. They're just curious.
This post was as cringeworthy as a white person trying to be offended on behalf of a black person.
You squirming awkwardly and making odd facial expressions might be interpreted in multiple ways, unlike a polite but direct sentence.

maybe you have a mental disorder.
File: tRG8nWe.jpg (70 KB, 609x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>on the internet nobody knows you're disabled
I did this on a less extreme scale, I just lose potential interest in someone when they like me and can't recognize signs. That might just be because the girls that liked me were weird.

>hot girl likes me
>I don't understand this
>girl tells me about the fact she's dating 18-yo guys (we're 13)
>alright crazy, 5ft clearance
>"can I lick your finger"

Should figure I'm forever alone now because I'm ugly and boring and haven't met a new girl in 6 years.
did you really just use an example from middle school
You want me to give an example from college?
>Meet cute girl at con
>Talk to her quite a bit
>Flirt with her a lot
>Everything seems to be ok
>Get super busy at work
>Try to find time to talk to girl but its hard
>Slowly stop talking to her
>Haven't talked to her in 2 months.
I don't know if this belongs here but how do I go about trying to revive a dead friendship? Should I try talking to her again or just leave it be. if she really like me she would of tried talking to me in the past two months, right?
>if she really like me she would of tried talking to me in the past two months, right?

Sorry, but yes.
Maybe she's busy too and thinking the same about you, lol. Just say hi and ask her what cons she's going to next.

Message her and explain what was up. Worst case she continues not talking to you right?

Just don't try to contact her a bunch of times if she doesn't reply.

I don't necessarily agree. If someone stopped talking to me, I immediately assume they hate me now or something. I am bad at stuff.

I usually avoid starting conversations with people I know if I just see them in passing too though. Like, I'll go out of my way down a different aisle at a store. I might not be normal
Had a three-way at the executive club room in the Sheraton during this year's Otakon. Pretty sure it was caught on the security cams because they beefed up security the next day.
In cosplay?
File: Unbenannt.png (323 KB, 651x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 651x383

>grill so ugly, has to pay to get laid
Bad experience here.
Long story short, met a girl at a con after talking online for a bit, hookup and eventually we start dating. After months she randomly gets all distant then breaks up with me over 'distance' despite her being the clingy one the entire relationship and goes out with a new guy.
I'm doing good with my current gf who I also met at a con, so it's all good now.
Where are you guys meeting all these people online?
you just gave him a chance because he's chad
fuck you, chanel
Online. Duh
Link archive
Sounds more like a neutral experience than a bad experience honestly. No real drama, no psycho, just a girl who figured out she was more into local relationships than long distance. Sounds like it turned out fine for you both.
It wasn't long distance, should've clarified that point my bad. We somehow ended up living less than an hour from each other and she was always asking to drive to my place/pick me up so we could have sex and other couple things that led to sex.

Ironically, I was the one that didn't restrict who she hung out with (to the point where she watched anime with her ex who she's friends with) whereas she got really jealous whenever I talked to girls, especially at cons (Was new to cons at the time so I just talked to anyone regardless of gender)
Well, it was still reasonable of her to do it. I don't see what the big deal is aside from some bitterness.
>oh no she was sooper jealous!
some people are, yeah, but that doesn't make them bad people, especially seeing as she saw the error of her ways and broke up with you.
Tbh you just sound bitter, though I completely understand where you're coming from and why you would feel that way.
>meet cute nerd boy
>oh no doki
>we hang out all con cuz his friends ditch him
>he kissed me after karaoke
>he had previously hung out with another girl while hanging with me
>she seems nice
>he texts me that shes his gf
>then texts me his gf is crazy and not currently his gf
>says his ex somehow got his phone (???)
>he has friends who back him up
>text him a bit more but ultimately stop talking

I know it's my own fault, but I just couldn't trust his friends vouching for him. I didn't know they were dating when he kissed me either so I'm just angry at him. The same con is coming up and he keeps trying to contact me but I'm dodging this guy like mad.
Actually I wanted to go to my local con's speed dating panel just for shit and giggle. Turns out every year it is at the worst time possible and my staff duties gets in the way.
Also I read online that a few years back, someone got pissed that there was a bunch of jailbaits
An other year. there was apparently a crossdresser that came looking for an other man and some dude got mad pissed
what a twist!
that real sketch mah nigga. dodge that shit like the plague.

I think he was saying the first message was from his crazy ex, which I could totally see. Sending a message saying she was his gf, then a message saying she wasn't his gf makes no sense, compared to her getting his phone somehow and deciding to "mark her territory" all over you.
Essentially, I doubt they were actually dating when he first kissed you.
This. She might have gotten on his phone and was essentially trying to ruin the relationship between you two to 'get him back' or whatever. However, that does beg the question: why was she close enough to get his phone in the first place?
>meet group of people at a con
>connect with one guy via FB later
>start chatting a little
>hang out at next year's con
>become friends
>start dating
>5 years later
>he proposes in front of the giant Gundam in Japan
>my weeb dreams fulfilled

Less of an at-con love and more of a because-of-a-con-love. We still go to that con every year together.
I'm glad it worked out so well like that, I guess it's different for everyone.
I met two different girls, two different years at the same con.
Goes the same both times
> we hit it off well
> end up spending whole con together for as long as we could
> both understand there could be something there so we exchange info
> months of talking on skype and messaging
> realize holy shit this person is amazing
> go for it
> same cookiecutter bullshit of long distance or LOL SEEING SOMEBODY DIDNT WANNA HURT UR FEELINGS
It's rare I get confident enough in a friendship to want to try and go further. Usually because the ones I like don't want me and cant give a decent reason. Meaning like, hey I get you don't wanna date me, mind telling me what's so off putting so maybe I can have a chance with somebody else in the future?

I never went to cons looking for love or even wanting anything more than to dress up for a weekend.

Sad part is im in a relationship with somebody who I know loves me dearly but..... I often find myself pining for The past. Somebody I'd do as much as my current girl does for me... And I get where she came from now.....
It's way more complicated than I can fit in the post and I don't care to talk about it further but I will say this to any young man thinking he met somebody cool:
They're that cool, they may think you're cool too. Don't try and push it farther. Just realize they may want to screw you, just take it and leave it because as soon as you even remotely let them know you like them you lost.

Femanons you can try to deny it.... But it's true. Multiple occasions. Sad part is?
As a man I'm guilty of that shit too and it fucking works.
i met my current boyfriend of over two years at a con through a mutual friend
we did a couple cosplay for our one year anniversary since it landed on one of the con days
I go to cons hoping to find my future husbando but it always ends up in failure. One guy even made the "I have to go to the bathroom excuse" and left the rave. I wonder if it's because I'm a crossplaying female. Does that sort of thing turn guys off? I want to attract guys at cons, but I also want to be myself and cosplay what I enjoy most. How can I acheive both of these things?
I guess it depends on how convincing you are. He may have been interested you as a guy and then realized you were actually a girl and got freaked out.

If I could tell you were a woman just cross playing that wouldn't stop me from being interested. Especially if you got pretty eyes. I'm a sucker for pretty eyes.
this shit right here, its wierd.

older women look younger and younger women look older.
That was my first thought. It's why I dropped that relationship. If a dude thinks his ex is crazy but keeps her around he's bad news.
Be yourself and cosplay what you like. If someone doesn't like you because of that then they're seriously not worth it.

FWIW my friend met her now-husband at a con while she was crossplaying. Her husband was cosplaying Jack Harkness at the time too which is all the better.
Are you introducing yourself as a girl? I absolutely love androgynous girls but I'm always terrified to even probe down that path lest they be FTM and I end up looking like an insensitive douchebag.
I don't think crossplaying turns guys off (non douchebag ones anyway) but like
said, it's entirely possible that in today's climate they might think you're ftm or are somewhere in the middle on the gender line and thus don't wanna say something dumb and shoot their foot off. Easiest way around that is to either introduce yourself with your real name (assuming it's a feminine name) or have one of your friends throw a pronoun into the conversation. "She's really into blah blah blah"
File: 1434847313714.jpg (40 KB, 477x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does horribly spilling your spaghetti terribly in front of a cosplay cutie at con and then having a crippling crush on her for a year and a half since count?
An ambiguously gendered person with a wingman going out of their way to use certain pronouns would just make me suspicious that i'm being setup with a tranny.
File: 1432028379602.gif (42 KB, 192x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be this weekend irl
>first time ever going to a con (Animate Miami)
>hyped as fuck for some qts in cosplay
>team up with bro, got a hotel room, ready to obtain some females
>every single girl who catches my eye has a very obvious boyfriend attached (including a really cute Komeiji Koishi cosplayer whose boyfriend was crossplaying as Satori, anyone else see them? )
>"rave" is lame as fuck, lights are on, 12 year olds on the dance floor
>spend entire weekend alternating between playing Smash and sucking each other's dicks in the hotel room /my car (no homo)

I expected more, thanks to this thread.

at least I got in some good Smash practice
Girls can smell when you're purposefully looking to get your dick wet.
Not quite sure what your goal was here.
>be me

Kill yourself, fam
I fucked someone from here at the last Momocon. Didnt find out she was from here until after.
Dude, just put some effort into your current relationship. At least fucking try. When you've got a gf who apparently does a lot for you, appreciate her, or she's going to be one of those girls you're pining for later. You might actually enjoy it.
>want a gf
>can't get gf
>dudes who have gfs not appreciating said gfs
>tfw found a perfect grill, hung out with her all day at a con, then forgot to get her number

Feels bad. I cant even remember anything but her first name

wasn't even the problem, m8. I had a fun time and talked to lots of people but the qts were all taken

goal was bringing some cosplay girls back to the hotel room for some light-hearted fun. it works at festivals but I guess most of the cute cosplay grills are taken since the ratio is sausagefest++... guess I'll just get a girlfriend and buy her a costume
Are you for real.
Reeeeeee indeed.
File: 1435851076612.jpg (140 KB, 640x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was I misinformed? do nerds not, in fact, hook up for casual nerd sex at anime conventions?

I went to two room parties and everything but there just weren't any eligible bachelorettes
I think you should just stick to sucking dicks with your friend.
>obtain some females

bro. this may shock you but women are people.

also calling women females will make them run. they'll be polite but they will actively avoid you.
>Be 23
>Maybe look younger than I am, I've been told I do.
>Girl comes up to me after con, we start talking
>She's pretty damn cute
>Can't stay, head to the hotel.
>"Anon, you know she had braces?"
>"Yeah she was probably underrage dude"

NEVER AGAIN. If I asked and they said they were underrage, I might have just died. It's too dangerous.
I don't go to cons anymore because I'm 32 now and have a career.

When I did go in my younger days I mostly went to hook up with mildly unattractive women and drink other people's booze at con parties.

It's amazing how far decent good looks and an out going personality can reap at nerd conventions.
there are some 18 year old girls with braces
>knew my boyfriend via facebook back then
>talk about stuffs here and there, stayed as acquaintance at most
>went to a con & joined the cosplay comp
>he joined too
>first time seeing him IRL, hang out while waiting for our turn to perform
>he ended up winning the first place, I won Best Costume
>can't stay behind for the prize-giving, he offered to collect my prize and pass it to me when I'm free
>exchange numbers and all
>& then we knew each other more, & then sort of got together

Been together for 5 years, went to conventions together and all. Currently in LDR as I'm studying abroad. He has a very clear mindset towards his future (he's working as of now, aim to buy an apartment so we can stay together) & I think we will stay strong.
At my last job I knew a woman in her mid twenties with braces. She just got dental and was getting them fixed.

I was at a formal ball at a con earlier this year, meet qt with what I thought was an oroboros tattoo from FMA (it wasn't) on her chest partially under her dress strap. Ask her about it. She swipes over the strap showing a good bit of skin but not close to exposing anything. Find out later she was 16. Feel bad.
You give me hope. I've known an acquaintance for a while now. We really connected at a convention over the summer and had a lot of deep conversations. Trying to figure out how to take the next step...
Does the person look like he/she is interested in you? If you think you two can be alongside each other fine & things can be work out, why not?
I'm 20 and have braces anon.

>Tfw you look like a high schooler and wonder whether the people who hit on you at cons think you're underage
Not really love and boring as fuck
>cosplay for the first time, quickly thrown together a week before.
>get to the convention nervous as fuck feeling hot and woozy waiting in line like an idiot for my pass
>get out finally and walk around waiting for friends and checking stuff out.
>girl recognizes my character and asks for a pic
>takes my photo-cherry
>says "you're a cute Kira"
>not prepared for this, so I just say thanks or something and continue walking around.
I met my bf at a con.

>I'm very shy especially in social situations
>He saw me the first year I cosplayed when in a group
>would mention me around his friends as an inside joke telling them they missed out on seeing me

The next year him, his gf, and his friends added me and my one friend on fb.

>friend wants to meet up and hang out with their group at the con coming up
>don't remember meeting them the first time but agree
>see the guy and completely spill my spaghetti
>super qt
>dont talk much of the con just kind of hide behind my friend
>guy messages me after
>super easy to talk to
>have almost exact same interests
>start hanging out with him and others
>talk almost constantly online
>get tipsy with each other once hanging out
>tells me about how he's had a crush on me
>breaks up with his gf
>the rest is history

I feel a little guilty he broke up with his ex for me sometimes but let's just say she wasn't exactly a catch lol. He's the best friend/boyfriend I could ever ask for and treats me like a total princess. It doesn't feel real sometimes. There's love out there for you too, gulls!
Butthurt lady friend detected

Nah, you shouldn't feel guilty. Just watch out that he wont find someone better than you, i mean he dropped his ex without problems for you, so if someone who is better than you comes along you might get dropped as well.

spilled your spaghetti eh

Can someone please explain "spilling spaghetti" to me?

I've been out of the loop for a while, and I keep thinking that the phrase has to do with the Eminiem "mom's spaghetti" meme.
she was scottish, and because all scottish people sound older than they are, its even more dangerous

next time I'm just going to open with 'SO WHERE DO YOU GO TO UNIVERSITY OR WORK?'. flawless plan.
yeah that was my first worry actually. but he was already planning on breaking up with her cuz they had a lot of issues. He goes out of his way to reassure he won't leave and dedicates pretty much everything to me. He's like a puppy. I honestly couldn't get away from him if i tried lol. Even so I'm careful enough to make sure everything's perfect and healthy but I guess only time will tell
It means when you utterly embarrass yourself in a humiliating way in front of someone important or at a critical time. Like in front of a crowd of people during a speech or like if you're confessed to by your secret admirer, and you want to do a good job talking it out and secure the relationship but you fail miserably and just "spill your spaghetti" and its none too fun.

This. It is also in a more expanded sense referring to simply being awkward, if somebody "is spaghetti", they're probably shy and fumble their words, etc.

The meme comes from some fitness board, or maybe just /fit/, where people were talking about embarrassing moments and one guy mentioned his spaghetti he packed for lunch falling out of his pockets. I think he had them in ziplocs for some reason, but the notion that he had regular spaghetti just in his pockets, overflowing info the ground, just tickled people.

Especially since there's no reason to keep that in your pockets, I mean what the hell. It also helps that he mentioned them spilling out first, without explaining their presence.

So, from there, boards, especially /v/, used the term for being awkward, and it's gone on since.
>It's rare I get confident enough in a friendship to want to try and go further. Usually because the ones I like don't want me and cant give a decent reason. Meaning like, hey I get you don't wanna date me, mind telling me what's so off putting so maybe I can have a chance with somebody else in the future?

Yea man that is the worst. I mean, I can accept rejection, I'm not that great.

But, like every girlfriend just drifts off and stops talking to me randomly. I don't remember doing anything wrong and they never state a problem.

How am I supposed to fix shit if they never say anything?
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I blew the fucking chance of a lifetime last summer guys

>go to con
>decide to try out some speed dating game they have there
>get matched with this loli (she's actually 21 but looks much younger)
>have to talk to her for 5 mins for the game
>at the end, she says "Listen, boy, you're pretty cute. I have to go but why don't you call me in an hour and we could go get lunch together"
>gives me her number
>lunch was great
>we hang around the con together all day
>all day, she calls me "boy"
>"bad boy" when I'm a bit of a dick, "dumb boy" when I'm a bit stupid, "goood boy when I'm nice to her, etc.
>makes me call her "ma'am"
>slaps my ass
>dom lolis make my dick diamonds
>can't fucking think because all my blood is in my el penor
>day comes to an end
>no hotel room because it's the last and we both have to go back
>she lives in a town pretty close to mine though
>a week later, she calls me
>tells me she's coming over the next day
>tell her I have plans that day
>she tells me to cancel them
>day goes pretty much like before
>we wander around town, she toys with me and gently doms me
>can hardly believe this is happening to me
>three days after, she tells me to come visit her
>day goes nicely
>at the end, she kisses me
>we visit each other three or four times like that afterwards
>at the end of one day, she tells me that "a cute boy like me should go back home alone this late"
>brings me back to her place
>she fucking prepped for this
>candles everywhere
>mood lighting
>mood music
>brings me to her bedroom
>things get hot'n heavy
>she gets on top of me
>suddenly remember she has a skeleton inside her
>get spooped

Taiga and ryuji cosplay?

8/10 got me food



Woman who are in high school that are dating dudes that are 20+ are usally psycho. This chick named angie sitowski in my high school had like 2-3 restraining orders on some of her past boyfriends, whats worse is that it seems like she was one of those girls who always had to be with somebody. So she had like 20+ boyfriends through out the 4 high school years I knew her. She always had these hickies and some weird self cut tally mark scars on her left boob like zsaz from batman.

Crazy girls, not even once.

Do any seagulls here self harm themselves? Because thats probably the thing I am always watching for now in woman i'm interested in.
Maybe he's interested? It's hard to tell. He kinda just popped up out of nowhere. We were acquaintances, but when we finally got to meet face-to-face at a convention I felt like we really hit it off. He said and did some extra-kind things for me, and we got to spend a lot of one-on-one time together the one day.

I know I just need to talk to him, I just have to figure out how to best approach the subject in case I read him completely wrong.
Yes, but not in any visible way. I used to cut my hips, right under my underwear, but I figured that it would still be too obvious so I weaned myself off it. There aren't any visible scars as far as I'm concerned. Now I have occasional episodes where I hit myself to stave off the bad thoughts or asphyxiate myself, but nothing that leaves marks. The episodes are getting less frequent though, so there's that at least. I myself kind of wish that hurting myself wasn't also comforting.

> sage for OT
>Do any seagulls here self harm themselves?
Not unless you count drinking all the time.
might as well throw my hat in here

>break up with gf at end of senior year
>still virgin
>Go to bronycon back in 2012
>see a twilight sparkle
>ask her about her book prop how she got interested in the show
>we become friends , I ask her for her number because i like her and i want to meet up
>trying to find internet friends, found them and we shoot the shit
> we split up i find twilight , and we talk about stuff
>she says pls stop giving me that look
>Maybe i can do this
>she goes into her past talking about how shes been hurt before and raped
>I say iv been through alot of the same stuff she has ,
>we walk somewhere quiet and cuddle , I start kisssing and grabbing evreything i want to
> I pin her to the wall and start fingering her
>eventually go back to just talking walking around holding hands
>we go back to the hotel room
>meet all of her roomies and freinds , really nice cool open ppl
>wait for evreyone to leave
>oh my
>orders me to take off my pants
>yes yes yes yes.jpg
> she gives me incredible and painless oral
> later i ask roomie if i give 100 bucks could i stay
> more then happy
> sleeping with twilight
>shes moaning and ridiculously wet
>put it in right now she says
>hump her for a good 2 minutes , came so fast. virgin penis and all
>fall asleep ,
>morninng do it over again
>worry i might have gotten her pregnant
> Over time have to part ways because she lives in like Connecticut
>remain in contact
>next year she cucked me.

Funny how someone u thought you loved ,or at least connected with can be erased from your present life completely
What an awkward story.
> she gives me incredible and painless oral
I really wonder what's happened in your life that you feel the need to specify that it was painless.
Sometimes oral sex is painful it truly depends on your partner , it's a talent
Uh, yeah, I'm aware. But feeling the need to specify says something about a person.
It wasn't always a containment board. It used to be grandiose but after it got revived it turned into the bullshit frogposting reeee fuckpile that it is now. Goddamn I miss the first /r9k/

>she goes into her past talking about how shes been hurt before and raped
There is your problem

No man, you just had really, really shitty oral partners.
>go out with a con fuccboi
>cheats on me in less than a month on my birthday
I'm not sure what I expected
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>she goes into her past talking about how shes been hurt before and raped
>I pin her to the wall and start fingering her
Master of romance
What the hell is a fucboii anyway?
>Ravens jacket

Theres your problem
>oral sex is painful
Clearly I need to do a panel on this for next Yaoi-con

Like... That's like saying "sometimes a hot dog has bones in it."

I mean, in a technical sense, yes, but most hot dogs should never have bones in them.
Well teeth are bones, and all mouths have those in them. Hard, pointy, sharp bones.
you'll bitches are fucking crazy.
I would just be with you, but I'm afraid you will knife me one day
A submissive feminine gay man
>planning on breaking up

Yeah that really is something you need to carfully plan out.
How do I find con love as a dude? I don't sperg out, but I'm generally quiet around strangers.
just b urself
>>get spooped
You had ONE job anon

Jesus Fucking Christ I am so done with this board you don't even know
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smug nonon face.jpg
320 KB, 2500x3226
Holy jesus your eyers are so heavy set that the autists are screeching that you stole their style.

Your face is so generic that I'm afraid if you didn't get laid you'd shoot up a school.

The Ravens? You know how they're like possums? They lie dead at home and get killed on the road.
Probably describes the sex at >Bronycon as well to be honest.
We're just having a bad year

Sage for ot
I had the same thought. Wtf cgl.
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