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new Larp thread, standard procedure
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new Larp thread, standard procedure
previous one
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does it werk?

I'd like to go fairy hunting some times.
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I am sad, larpfolks. I think someone took one of my clogs at the last educational demo we did.

I will be strong though, and give an update on my ACL/BotN kit, as funded by ya'll. I actually got someone to take photos of me in the Cock and Swallow colors and they should send them soon!

*CnS surcote is fit and done
* shield needs the birds and mottos added, the paint sealed, and to be strapped
*just got my new mace!
*new gauntlet fingers ready to be mounted to gaunts
Yup. You can see the plate and springs
forgot my trip.
Huh. In retrospect its obvious that clogs are medieval. I just found my new larp shoes.
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This shit is perfect

who am i to not listen to someone on the internetsss

pretty much
Except i never even tasted condensed milk and this idea is pretty alien to me.

Milk here come in bag because we have so much cows for red meat its just ridiculous how much fresh milk we have.
Funfact = French people from france hate mostly hate ou milk and i hate ther milk because its not real milk yeah i said it fuck your europeans with your false milk.

Chapel de fer is pretty much one of the most used helmet in the medieval period and its pretty useful and cheap to get.

i know that feel brah, i'm still looking for my mitton and my tibias are somewhere at someone place and they have been missing for some months.

Also i'm starting to change my armor for a a 14th century suit for me and my squire.

Starting with forearm because its the piece i need the most now because i do not have any protection on it rigth now.
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By the way its not my forearms on the pic.

I'll also get some lamelar tigths similar to pic related. its the one he did for himself and he's making me a pair too.

I should not say it but he's giving me a pretty awesome price because he's a friend and that i finaly started going for a 14th century look aaand that we are neighbors in the bico virtual wargame so we're pretty much all going for a 14th century look for all our province.
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So pretty much what i'm going for rigth now is the rigth sided guy but with different legs.

I'll give the Pigface visor to my friend making all that stuff for me because
1- he's been looking for a cheap one for long (his suit is pretty much the same as the middle one)
2- i never liked pigface
3- i'll install a Klappvisor instead

My squire is going for the left side guy's look.
>I am sad, larpfolks. I think someone took one of my clogs at the last educational demo we did.
someone took my calimacil dagger from Drachenfest after a battle. This is how I know there was one other hungarian there... or a romanian guy.

>Except i never even tasted condensed milk
Are you people even real? condensed milk is like the next best thing since the nuclear bread slicer.
And we also have bag of milks here. Actually most eastern european country has that
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>someone took my calimacil dagger from Drachenfest after a battle.
probably a gipsy or a rom

Also, milk is only liquid cheese.

I'm also gonna send some moneydollars at the dude selling the pigface and get it in 2-3 days
>probably a gipsy or a rom
you are being redundant, I already said it's probably a romanian guy
So how was everyone's larp weekend?

A long-time buddy of mine called in a marker and got me to go NPC a CASTLE Larp game this weekend. They didn't have a lot of NPCs and it was supposed to be a combat-heavy game, so they needed help.

Three hours into the game (a lightest-touch, NERO-esque game, mind), I'm fighting 1-on-3 quite happily on one end of a bridge, when a new player circles far, far around the fight, gets what I later hear is a 20-foot running start, and shield-checks me, from behind, off the edge of the bridge, into the ravine. Which is about 15 feet of free-fall and another 15 feet of bouncing down the cliffside onto the rocks of the dry stream bed. And now I'm waiting to hear back from the orthopedic guys on whether I simply have multiple severe sprains, or whether my left ankle is outright broken (non-displaced, thank god).

>"Oh, it's just NEA down there. Don't help him."
>Have to climb out of the ravine by myself
>Funfact = French people from france hate mostly hate ou milk and i hate ther milk because its not real milk yeah i said it fuck your europeans with your false milk.

What the fuck did you said ? In what way is our milk fake ? It come from the boobs of some cow, like every milk ! Most of it is semi-skimmed, and this is the only special stuff you can find on it. Goat milk, to.
Hope you punched the shit-bird nerd in the face for that.

I never saw him after that. Everybody had left the area by the time I climbed back out of the ravine.

Shit, I don't even know who it was. I was just told that it was a 1st-event player, and since it was his first game he was just getting a warning for "roughness".
pretty good. Not a larp, but an club called for a inter-club training and meeting.

so we had 40-something people playing in the park. Mostly duel, group and line fight, and fine to test stuff and tactic you don't want to waste a fight in a game to test.

weaboo still don't like people using theirs guards. I actually find kendo practitioner easier to fight in duel than most, because they are fast, but more predictable than others guys.
you do know that flamethrowers are technically legal in the US?
The rest should be obvious

Also I spent the sunday in the rain, larping
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wasnt really a larp, we did a small party at my friend's brewery/sugarshack (is that the correct word i dont even know)

we all had costumes including the dog (pic related)
>knock someone down a ravine
>just a warning
File: Flammenwerfer.jpg (44 KB, 450x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bright side: Ankle is not broken.

Down side: Grade 2 sprains in two separate places, plus a strained tendon on the top of the foot, plus an Achilles tendon so badly contused that the dent in the tendon actually showed up on the X-ray. Off my feet completely for a week, then 1-3 weeks of light duty, depending on healing rate.

Ludicrous Side: "You're coming back to help NPC for the next event, right?"
Having cripples around just adds to the ambiance.
you know the stories where US games are completely rterrified if some accidents happen and the players will sue them back to the stone age? You should do that. You should totally do that. Fuck those guys, seriously

Y'know what? That's not a half-bad idea.

I've made an appointment with a personal injury lawyer for Thursday. I really don't like being part of the sue-happy problem with US Larping, but goddammit if I'm not on my last straw here.
look, if you sprain your ankle because you stepped wrong that's your problem. If you sprain your ankle because someone falls on you in armour during a fight, that's still your problem.
But if someone tackle you down a ravine and doesn't even have the common decency to help you up and you get injured in the process... well that's kind of your problem but way past the line where you should make it to other people's problem too
There's a difference between an issue in regular game play, and being blindsided by a failed abortion
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Does somebody have information about what weapons are accepted at Bicolline, I only found a PDF from 2012 and a post with this image...
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Yeah its kinda blurry with the rules rigth now.

But starting 2016, only foam and latex weapon (and plastidip) weapons are allowed. no duct tape or buffer under 110cm , longer than that its okay since spears are often homemade.

pic unrelated but still nice, people are getting motivated for the cult, on the pic its the raccoon slave i bougth last year who made a deamonette suit.
So French is still a thing in worst Canada huh?

My local LARP event is 99% native speaking but even so they still consider English to be part of the common human language so you can switch if a foreigner is part of a conversation.
What are you talking about? This image clearly state that you do not need to speak french and that some people can't speak english, it doesn't say that 95% speak french only.
i was the one who did >>8664860

And French is still a thing.
But dont you worry we all love speaking english to americans and other tourist, just not to canadians.

We switch if a foreigner is part of the conversation because we like to include everyone.

Speaking french to canadians is a secret way to annoy them because angry canadians are funny as hell. (picture a angry canadian for a moment and you'll understand)

Actually we pretty much only do it to people from ontario... come to think of it we only just like to laugh at ontarians.

also yeah, like he said.

lets say you go to drachenfest, sure you can go and only speak english all the time, but knowing german migth help you get into the locals pants.

there is not that much difference here in north america except that the 3 main languages are english,french and spanish (well for the southern part of it atleast)
Ton F.A.Q. est vraiment bien fait et interessant, j'irai peut-être à Bicolline pour la première fois cette année. Cela dépend si je peux design un perso et le finir...
>picture a angry canadian for a moment and you'll understand

That's sorta hard to do, but I'll try

What if I'm from Ontario and genuinely want to be friendly with everyone?
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Laisse l'univers du jeu t'envahir et voit quel royaume qui t'intéresse le plus puis ensuite base ton costume et personnage sur le groupe qui t'intéresse le plus.

Au debut porte une chemise passe partout ca fit avec tout les groupes au début.

Then we would be friend. But be prepared to hear jokes about your lack of nigthlife.

4chan on a phone is shitty cant see

Purple knigth is telling me a story about 2 9yo sucking each other and the time he got stabbed by latinos raping a gurl and how he used his retard strength to beat them half to death and how he lost consuidnness and why he need to go identify dudes at the police place and its making me debuzz and now hes telling about how he likes to shit in houses still in construction
>lack of nigthlife.
I'm a married introvert...
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Well met travellers.

I used to wear clogs. They're ankle breakers on uneven ground. The sole is slippery as hell and they're harder than the tiny little bones in your foot. Plus they make you look dutch no matter what you do.

Anyway, I have a project. I want to make a flyer for an event. It's half strategy LARP, half PnP. So the motive is supposed to represent that.

Any ideas?
File: DSC_0716.jpg (3 MB, 3008x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I tried more elaborate things, but they seemed cluttery.
File: DSC_0735.jpg (3 MB, 3008x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3008x2000
Right now my thinking is: keep it really simple

Or I could try a more geometric pattern so the items form a visual whole.
Does anyone know how to make chain mail armor cheaply? I checked out theringlord.com and it seems like no matter what its gonna cost over $200 to make a shirt
no ideas?
and then this
Planning on going to Drachen next year, what camps are there what are their themes and which do i join?
well, you can find the main camps on their page to be honest.
From the top of my head here is what I can remember:
Blue camp: Party hard camp, greed and freedom there, mostly pirates but lots of other fun people too. Blue avatar is best avatar
Red camp: war, bloodlust, etc. There are people who say that the majority of the camp doesn't have much roleplay, can't confirm or deny it, I rarely talked with them, though there were a few good vikings there which is a rare sight.Their avatar was the second best, although they will change it now for family reasons.
Green camp: hunt, whatever. Lot's of archers and treehuggers
Black camp: magic, being shady and generally low life expectancy do to their own stupidity. Or at least that was true for everyone I've met from there so far. I mean really, attacking an LK guard in front of the LK camp is tier one stupidity.
Grey camp: fuck knows. Wisdom maybe?
Siler camp: I can never tell them apart from grey...
Triumvirate: Fuck knows but they got an avatar this year with fuckhuge antennas
Chaos camp: butt of all joke really, filthy heretics all of them.
Copper camp: discipline. npc camp. Can't go anywhere without marching. plebs tier.
Gold camp: either justice or balance. Always forget which one. kind of chill dudes, I like how they can justify stabbing people in the back.

then there are the smaller camps in the next post
Then there are the smaller camps where you can only join if you are approved by the camp (the process differs in every camp)
tribes: all kind of backward people, as the name says a big tribe of celts, mauritanians, scots, etc. I think you are only approved if you don't have a shirt or pants, or both.
Dwarf camp: bro tiers, lots of dwarfs, all with beard. In front of their camp there is always people who sell stuff or food, close to the taverns.
Orc camp: Filthy pig disgusting orcs. Although they can fight good.
Harbour town or whatever: splintered off of Blue camp. People who want to do the party hard but not the fighting. Had to massacre them this year because of reasons.
Town: basically npcs in the town, various kind of people.
Landsknechte camp: Best camp ever. The well armed circus. We always have drinks, food, bitches and weapons and obviously we are the most effective camp in the game. Pants are optional and war is not a reason for them.
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1 MB, 2100x2526
>Pants are optional
A good start, but they can do better.
whelp either blue or Landsknechte it is, depends what kit i take i reckon
The only way to make a "cheap" shirt is to do all the labor yourself. There's no way around cutting all the rings and the fact that you need to manually weave the 4-in-1 with the rings. There are machines that can cut and / or weave rings, but they don't make economical sense unless you are planning a chain mail business.

My thoughts are that you cannot compete with chain mail businesses on a cost per time basis because these businesses have machines. You either do it the old fashioned way and spend an absurd amount of time, or spend money and time to get / make machines.

I think it's a better idea to spend your time either making money or doing something else; there's no reason to be making your own rings unless you're making less than minimum range and have no skills or you have hard on for extremely inefficient use of your lifespan.
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nice try but those are not really better than barbarians. No style at all

you will find way more people in blue camp who speak english... or to be more precise people who don't speak german.
the LK camps huge majority is people who speak various kinds of german
any pictures of typical blue camp folk?
File: DSC03465.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here is a bunch of them
So Blue camp is the ren faire people that got lost?
Ren fairs in Germany are fucking awesome, kid.
They have castles and craftsmen. And the garb isn't made from polyester.
File: DSC03522.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
dunno, never went to a US renfaire
"Oh look at me, my country gives a fuck about things and tries. Blah blah blah"
Thank you for your advice, Do you reccomend any specific metal to use?
I use a 50/50 mix of riveted flat rings and solid washers, both in mild steel. Mild steel gives the weight and appearance of historical chain mail. The riveted flat rings are stronger than butted rings. The solid washers are the strongest, but they also dramatically reduce my labor because I don't need to rivet or butt half of my rings together.
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Since i stopped being a Templar i started so many groups with so many people from Bico just so everyone can meet new people.

The scabby dogs : the Longbowman, a kind of historical accuracy group about english longbowman

I kinda joined the Holy Relicary : a Bretonnian group for when i want to figth in armor

The Pyromancers Order : weed enthousiasms

The cult of slaanesh : Orgies, just plain orgies mah boii

The poisonners guild (wich i helped create but i am not part of) : The drug dealers helping each other out by sending users to who have what they are looking for.
(The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.)

Long meme silver and his salty dogs : Our musical band, everyone is welcome to play an instrument in it and be part of the band, we have no idea what we are playing but we all have historical instruments.

and then i followed newly created group like the one some new people from the sca created

The bottle order: the saturday before the end of bico, we go to every encampment with a giant bottle and people who put alcool in it are invited to take a sip of all the alcool put in it.
Its like a gallon wine bottle.
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Off to game early tomorrow. This is the game my spider character will die at- I will most certainly have stories when I come home.

In the meantime, this is one of the masks I made for game this weekend. Looking forward to seeing people's faces when NPCs come at them out of the dark wearing them.
I know this is your initiative. But may I express my condolences? That is one sweet costume.
God speed you wonderful Arachnid. May the multitudes of offspring sing your name throughout the ages.
Or at least take some fucker with you!
File: winternow.jpg (149 KB, 710x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 710x960
Today the 17th of Halloween at Bico.
went to a local con today and brought swords.
Also finally after a month I have internets at my home
File: Thericontiny.png (40 KB, 226x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 226x300
Home already. The wife of a friend of ours got really loopy on pain meds (she has a messed up knee) and I had to drive her home instead of staying at game. I was happy to do it for her, but I would have rather stayed at game. Now story time!
>Been spending the last 6 months trying to find my spider's adoptive father- a spider scientist who taught her to be civilized as an experiment- before going mysteriously missing 7 years ago.
>Tracked him all over the place, including to another spider den a few months ago where my spider got impregnated by a handsome spider boy
>Finally the trail ends at the edge of the Silvaryus wood, a special land for all people of his race (Mystic Wood Elf, kinda like fauns).
>Non-MWEs are not allowed into the wood because MWEs are hunted by Fae in this land and letting outsiders in is asking for trouble.
>Hunt all over for Fae, convince MWEs to give us troops to take back to the main town to fight against the big bad of the campaign.
>Because I'm a squire I volunteer to guide the troops, who have never been out of the wood, back to our town.
>Guiding troops through woods when all of the sudden they all stop
>The whole battalion is paralyzed in place, held in stasis by some kind of magic.
>Spooky shadow Fae steps out from behind a tree, picking his teeth with a MWE horn.
>He giggles when he sees I'm not paralyzed. Tells me he's been hunting me through the woods and now he's going to eat me and all my troops.
>His mouth opens wider and wider until we can all see down into his stomach
>In there is the half-digested remains of my father
>He explains he feeds on pain, memory, and sorrow. He consumed my father and decided the most hurtful thing he could do was find me and eat me too, since he (my father) loved me so much.

Cont. Sorry, this is gonna be long
>But because he eats sorrow, he's going to make it worse
>He rifts (teleports, essentially) in my knight, who was off eating cereal somewhere
>Curses my knight to hold still and not get involved with the fight
>Explains he's going to murder his squire right in front of him
>Go on my guard
>Throw all my magic at the fae
>But fae are essentially omnipotent so...
>Start leading the fae away from the troops, shout at my knight to get try to help the soldiers get out of there. They're all still paralyzed so there's not a lot he can do.
>Fae beats the shit out of me because lolomnipotence
>Consumes my dying body in a single jaw-unhinging gulp
>Knight is super distraught but is playing it cool
>He tries to scare off the fae and starts calling on all his Emperor-of-Nightmare powers
>Fae is surprised but shakes them off because lolomnipotence
>Fae's face contorts
>Suddenly he doubles over
>Looks really super sick
>He explodes outwards as thousands of baby spiders eat him from the inside and burst out
>He is rendering into goo as these tiny spiders flood out and away
>My (OOG Arachnophobic) knight looks totally horrified
>My dead body comes flopping out with a huge tear in my abdomen
>Super permanently dead
>Get my body carried home, get cremated, my page boy actually sobs over my dead body.
>For some reason they didn't try to round up any of my babies
>So now those woods are full of fucking fae-touched baby spiders with omnipotent magical powers
>It's okay, their dad is going to go pick them up
>Assuming he can catch them as they teleport through the planes of existence and the bounds of time
>tfw mother of the boundless spider gods
Now that's a legacy
Echoing >>8672984
That's quite a way to go out, I can only hope that when my character's time comes he leaves such an impression.

Unrelated question for the thread as a whole, I'm looking to buy a latex dagger as a birthday gift for a friend, but I'm having trouble finding one in the right style. Her character is strongly Nordic-themed, but nearly everything I can find has either a modern military look, or an "exotic" Middle Eastern/ridiculous fantasy one. This is the closest match I've found so far: http://www.museumreplicas.com/p-707-assassins-knife-latex.aspx
Anybody know where I could find anything in a similar style?
I love it.
Okay so like, 3 or 4 things

Spears. What's the best way to make Em and lots of larps are strict on their safety laws not stuff on them. If they require b offer ones is there any way at all to make them somewhat good?

Second is tower shields. Now I have an idea to use an old blue plastic barrel. But it out, find some way to stabilize it a bit. Not really sure. Any other ideas for a tower shield?

3rd I need help with planning. So the only way I can end up being a full spell blocking tank with a spear is by getting like 5 perks to use a spear and tower shield. So that's impossible right off the bat. Should I save up for it and get the magic blocking stuff first game? If so, what weapon should I use in its place?

Or should I get one spell blocking thing and just push push to get my spear tower shield and go from there?

I remembered the last thing!
Found this up for sale, thinking of modifying it for larp armor. Like adding metal or something? Painting it, latex in and painting. God knows. Tips?
Are you playing a medieval game? If so, I wouldn't do it. It would be cool for a post-apoc or a scifi game with a good enough paint job.

AHLF looks great in this photo.
>Quebece thinks it's actually France and has a lot in common with America
>>they haven't realized actual France goes to Quebec to laugh at them
all my keks
You know you're Canadian too right? Why would you laugh at your fellow country men?
medieval/fantasy LARP?

short answer: no

long answer, its a lot of work for something that won't really give good results. There are people who spend thousands of dollars and hours in to their costumes and gear and suddenly here comes a guy who bought... skater protection? and spray painted it in grey and silver and thinks it won't be noticeable. People are not very respectful of a guy who doesn't make any effort in to his character.

Chances are that it won't even get pass the check-in.

The only way to make it work will require a lot of metal plates and cover it entirely, and the hours needed to do that it is even more than starting from scratch with a basic plate armor, which would in the end cost less and look 10 times better (not joking, 10 times better). Since its basically 100% not LARP approved.

Save it for a post-apoc LARP though. That shit is pretty cash for smoker/bandit characters.

Yeah I was more thinking a post apoc one. There's a new one opening next year here according to a friend so I wanted a head start on making a costume.
So instead if modifying it to make it look like it was shottily self improved leave it as is? No problem
Spray paint it black then, transparency isn't very intimidating.

And considering adding spiked to one of the shoulder parts. Preferably some rubber/foam/latex ones so they won't accidentally hurt anyone.
well, he was the only one who doesn't looked like he is terminally ill in the weekend.

Also in the many years since we used calimacil weapons today we managed to break one. Well, a refurbished one that was shit to begin with but still, it's a first
>transparency isn't very intimidating.

It can be if you're really buff

They're so bright and colorful.
His thing ain't transparent. He's a fat sack under that.
Yeah I've got loads of foam and stuff. Should be great
>Can't use certain weapons/shields without buying a proficiency

My first piece of advice would be to find a larp with rules that aren't shit. But if you're in the US like me, good luck finding one that doesn't have weapon proficiencies. So failing that, I say go for the spell blocking first, since in my experience it's much easier to get good at throwing packets than fighting with a weapon.

Yeah well all I can do is have 4 proficiencies when starting out. It takes 200 xp to level up, then 500, then 1000 and it goes on.

So I can only have 3 "body" which is 3 hp and 3 weapon proficiencies. Being of a human race gives me 1 extra so that's 4.

What are the rules of other ones? I'd like to see?
There really isn't any more around here sadly
Rules sets between games vary significantly. The US bends a lot more towards... bulky rules. For example, the Alliance rulebook is a whopping 160 pages long (though a lot of that is fluff) and I've seen rulebooks that are 250+ pages.

Europe, and US battle games, have significantly shorter rules that often have a heavy focus on the honour system and can be as simple as "Get hit, fall over."

I can only speak to the Alliance ruleset with any experience, but they way Alliance handles these things is essentially like D&D. You earn XP by playing, and that XP gets translated into levels (it's a logarithmic progression, I believe. As you get higher level, the longer it takes to gain levels). Your XP count and level determine how many build points (things to use to buy skills for your character) you have. Your level and your chosen class dictate how many HP you have (you can't 'buy' more HP), which again is on some logarithmic scale that they don't provide an equation for.
Admittedly I'm being a bit elitist. I have a (possibly irrational) hatred of rule sets that cleave too close to tabletop rules--weapon/shield/armor proficiency, large HP/damage numbers, limiting how quickly players can attack, etc. I feel it stifles players who actually practice OOC and unduly rewards people just for being a long-time member.

If you're in the DC area, SimTerra has low numbers and no proficiency rules, but aside from battlegames, I haven't found anything else that does.
Well ours is sort of like that. Xp to level by attending and completing certain quests. A difference is there isn't a separate point system for skills. We can only get the skills by having the prerequisites for the skill and need to be brought with gold.
It seems to be like a weird combination of Alliance/NERO rules and Minds Eye Theater/WoD rules. That's so strange.
Best of luck to you anon.
The only limitation is the weapon choices require a point to use them. Other than that it's pretty hard to just stack hp. Or damage. Once you get the weapon proficiency it's about your skill and the literal handful of abilities. Shield break, cleave are the only two I can think of in melee.
Well the buying of skills and advanced archetypes aren't bad. It's explained as you require training off those with the ability. You pay 1000 if you're the first to get the ability but if someone else has it then you pay 1000 to the bank and you seek the person and ask to be trained. It's pretty fun and adds story as it forces character to character interactions.

Like to earn spell block I'd have to ask a mage to help train me. And they are sort of...aren't 100% with warriors

Like if they want your help, need you to do things for them it's their choice. It causes tension and problems and helps prevent min/maxing as a holy character won't be casting stuff like death. And warriors Won't be casting many spells.
File: bicosnow.jpg (96 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 960x540
You will have to try harder than that.

I dont really see myself as a Canadian but if i had to answer, it's the same reason an american from new york would laugh at a texan or the northern french laughing at people from marseilles.

Noone know who started first poking fun at each other but its just how it is and we are in reality pretty friendly to each other.

Hell , even people from Quebec city always laugh at people from Montreal, and in Montréal we just dont realise that Quebec city actually exist, its that big village who want to be a city.
(see what i meant)

pretty much like this guy said.

but then you better play in a warmer climate.
because y'see, rigth now we are the 19th of halloween and look at what bico looks like.
i am currently writing while under a big blanket and my fingers are getting numb.

Welcome to the north faggots, here is your complimentary hypotermia.

Disgusting littles freaks, rip in pepperonies
File: DSC_0283.jpg (853 KB, 3304x2194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
853 KB, 3304x2194
that's the point
2 guys from the Bico's Lansquenet group joined my Longbowman group.

I almost feel bad for how much their lansquenet suit cost compared to how low a longbowman basic suit cost.

The only difference is, we give people maximum one year to have everything historically accurate and we dont compromise.
(but we accept army boots in combat because nobody like falling face first in mud all the time)

Also i just discovered that Braids are not the same thing as pigtails.

Also on pic related, you can actually see what is not accurate and why we use it.

- The smoker
- the firepit
- the oil torch

Fire regulations by the municipality.
Firemens always come watch in every building at the start of each week to see if the fires are safe.
>I almost feel bad for how much their lansquenet suit cost compared to how low a longbowman basic suit cost.
that's the price you have to pay for being better than everyone else.

Also why do you always write it as "Lansquenet"?
File: studentexchange.jpg (64 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 720x960
But the thing is... Bico's LANSQUENET are really terribad at battle but they are okayish in party and fun. they are growing pretty old tho and it shows, many of them have childrens and wifes who are not that much into medieval but still want to come, sooo...yeah...yeah they grew old sadly.

>Also why do you always write it as "Lansquenet"?
Because i know you hate it.
I'm pretty sure that you don't know what I hate. I'm just disappointed in you.
Also if that's their clothing they are closer to Warhammer landsknechte then real ones
Bico used to be really Warhammer oriented at the start.

Some of the places name still feel very very warhammeresque.

- Mariembourg
- Haldorf
- Nasgaroth
- Erkengrad
- Vanaheim
- Montfort

Why did it change? probably because it was an impending lawsuit if it ever got bigger.

Now its 20 years later and we can feel a comeback from all that warhammer influence.

The ''old gang'' is making a comeback into the political landscape and the fantasy is getting darker and darker.

The events of this summer (the big reboot) a big meteor,did 3 points of damage to every building/unit/boat/banner.

it pretty much means that everyone except the biggest cities and armies are pretty much dead.

Bigest navy before the meteor - Arganne Navy (lots of small and versatile ships wich got killed except the bigger ones)
After the meteor - United pirate navy (wich will probably start trying to get power from each others)

Bigest armies - True faith combined army (full of meat for the grinder combined with overly powerful knigths)
after meteor - The Empire forces.

The most powerful building of defenses
before - The Empire
Now - Haldorf (10 years of war made them ready by boosting all castles)

Bigest religion
before - True faith
now - Still true faith but waaay less powerful because of how many churches and cathedral got destroyed

Bigest economy

- Arganne
- still arganne but way less and probably wont be next year

Most powerful leader in the virtual wargamme
before - The Emperor
now- The Sultan

Value of Domicilation card in 2014
- 300 solars
Value in 2015
- 40 solars (but i exchanged it for a 60solars value of peasants)

Value of a peasant in 2014
-15 solars aprox
value in 2015
-30 to 40 solars

Everyone is trying to rebuild and it's gonna be a good year to sell services and invade weakened nation.

Or to start a new nation.
this ''reboot'' is a godsend thing for the Kingdom of Ghoria wich took 3land provinces with almost nothing on it plus a naval territory.
also on the local con yesterday we found a hungarian seagull who may or may not will come larping in the near future
File: 40130_640.jpg (158 KB, 426x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 426x640
So, has anyone was at, or heard about Oldtown? A post-apoc LARP in Stargard. Would love to know as much as I can about it, because it looks awesome in the vids.
Do you guys have any advice for newer players on how to fit in or just generally how not to act like an annoying newbie?

- Play a commoner its easier this way to meet all kind of group
- Try to get involved in quest by npc , this is a good way to meet other players
- try to stay in character
- bring interesting stuff you can do like if you know how to cook medieval food/work leather/make weapon, its a good way to start talking to people
- understand that people migth take stuff too seriously and that you migth need to tell them that you are not your character and this is not what you really are.

- Try to be a special snowflake
- Empty people drink food or weed if they offer you some
- be a sore looser/winner
- have an annoying accent, just talk the way you talk normaly but try to not talk about modern stuff
- If you start talking ooc (it happens especialy at nigth during the calmer times) never ever ever talk about politics or stuff like that.
- take thing too seriously, its good to have muh immershion, but its not you getting killed its not you getting mugged or something, its a character and everything like that only bring deeper scenarios and its good.
Lot of other stuff.

I should make an infographic about what people shall bring to a larp.

Also; if you are new, say it before the game start, go see the npc and tell them its your first time at a larp and you are not sure what you can do, they will probably try to help you find your place, same thing for veteran players.

One of my fun is to try and get people to interact with each other, i dont do quest myself but i often help people with them, got asked a lot if i was a npc, even at bico.

I just like creating quest and making people feel immersed.

Throw the ideas and i will make one
So, I showed you guys my garb 6-ish months ago and this is from an event last weekend. Clash of Kings (Dagorhir). It's progressed nicely.
You had snow?
where are you located anon?
File: armor.jpg (73 KB, 788x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 788x564
TFW I cant find a halfway decent larp group in Florida.. everyone is amtguard. :(
Google wasteland weekend. Greatest post apocalyptic, thing ever.
File: IMG_3390-M.jpg (115 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 600x400
I'll go one day. Shit i should actually go this year its pretty much my last chance because my passport expire soon.
File: L7uD8T4.jpg (77 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 540x720
I'm still working on my ride for the nest one. Don't think i can top this kid though.
File: IMG_3325-M.jpg (167 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 600x400
Oh god yes...yes!

The only way you can help a canadian survive the southern weather is to ride fast fast and cool him off with the wind.

What kind of ride?
File: wastelandrat.jpg (288 KB, 1127x845) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288 KB, 1127x845
Last year I had modded an old beater into a off road rat. Next year I am building out a 79 corolla into a proper road warrior car. This has no power steering, no power breaks, no power ANYTHING. The engine screams like hell and it has some nice lines and looks good in flat black. I wanna go for a Mad Max 1 look for it.
File: getting there.jpg (326 KB, 1024x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
getting there.jpg
326 KB, 1024x735
That's fair, I suppose. I still think requiring weapon proficiencies to be bought is an awful idea, but it's still a lot better than I was expecting.
Mah boiii!

You shall now be called...
Petrolhead Larpfag!

Or whatever you would like, but get a name, its our way of knowing who is speaking and who we are speaking to huhu

Pic kinda related, my Post-apo pistol.

Still got 2 post-apo weapon from calimacil brand new still in the bag from the deal i had last summer.
File: pertolhead.jpg (154 KB, 598x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 598x900
I do like me some nerf repaints.

Found props are always the best for wasteland costumes though. you an distress something all you want but in the end I find some of the best stuff in old pawn shops, thrift shops and just discarded junk.
File: nerfma.jpg (198 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 1024x768
found this video about distressing to be useful.


I'm the dude on pic related.>>8676460

I should have done the black part the same way also but meeeh, it was only my second post-apo and i was on a budget.

pic related , its a reaaally nice nerf mod.
File: ww3.jpg (75 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 720x480
File: ww6.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128 KB, 1280x720
God damn Russians.
I have an old leather jacket that is like, 2 sizes too big. Hmmm. It may be time to find a gravel pit.
I'm kinda sad because all post-apo in quebec will pretty much be inside as ''bunker/vault'' scenario because its getting kinda cold for larp outside.

Legit question talking about cold.
because in french being Gelé ''literally being frozen'' is a slang for being high.

and maybe because i'm a little really high rigth now.
and because i'm watching the elections rigth now and its looking like weed will be legal in canadaland.

Do you play larp high?

legit question to everyone here.
Do you take drugs at larp?

-How is it seen in your country in general
- how is it seen in the larp scene?
- how do the people in the police force who also larp see this?
- How do your npc people (the organisation i guess is the word in english) react to this.
File: postapoclarp.png (504 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504 KB, 600x399
Ma famille est du Québec.

And, no I party after the larping, especially at wasteland. cant get caught with anything or they will toss ya out so we would ride off into the desert, get baked and ride back when it wore off.

Having a legit bunker/vault game would be kinda cool. Vault-tech easiest costumes ever. There are a few places I know of that could pass as a vault but getting permission would be a pain.

J'taime de plus en plus!

Yeaaah but... i like being outside and all the ''survivalist'' of a post apo.

being in the cold rain and getting into an argument about if we should ligth a fire.

Also, i now love the idea of smoking some dank memes while driving a hotrod.

My squire is making me an historical bong for bico to smoke some Noble's Herb.

Will post the result.
File: ww5.jpg (453 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453 KB, 900x600

TBH that is why I want to build the 79 out. So I don't have to worry about things like, high-siding in the cali desert. One of the guys I go with made a "water pipe" he calls red eyes out of an m38 gas mask.
Please show...for reachersh purposes.

We are also building a big shishaa for the Holy reliquary , the relic from Sainte-Abel, and make it ridiculously decorated with lot of cabochons

To smoke the ashes of Saint-Abel
Some Ent sap.
some grape.
Some lead.
some hash.

We dont take anything before and during battle, but after that we take stuff but we are still responsible adults about it.
I don't have a picture of ole redeye but here is the same gasmask and i'll explain what he did.

Step one remove filter. There is a threaded attachment hose you can find or make out of surplus parts you want to find a hose attachment that comes from a canister gas mask or something sterile enough to be cleaned out. The bowl was made out of a steel thin pipe and we used one of the plastic containers that new mask filters come in from the us army


we put a hole in it and fed the the bowl and hose into the plastic container and sealed it up. add water and ice and you're green 2 green.
File: redeyes.jpg (72 KB, 800x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 800x682
forgot my pic.
File: 20151019_232322.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4128x2322
I got a couple of updates on my ACL quest, should ya'll be interested.
>using a doublestrike instead of a hammershot
Why would you do that to yourself?
>because its getting kinda cold for larp outside.
and with that sentence you lost your right to be a canadian
>>using a doublestrike instead of a hammershot
>Why would you do that to yourself?

My gentleman of African - American origin.
The event was in Cleveland NY, it snowed around 11pm and continued through the night and into the morning. Was about 2-3 inches on the cars.
Look mostly, this larp in particular treated bullets and loaded gun like the scariest thing.

its a one shot incapacitate 90% of the time and bullets are rare as fuck.

So everyone pretty much have a melee weapon and maybe a bullet or two just in case thing go really bad or you need to intimidate someone.

not saying i'm one of those who think this. i'm saying i still want to play outside but people are starting to do larp inside. i can understand why, npc standing in the cold being cold as fuck or the number of player getting lower is pretty much to be expected when the 0celsius start showint itself.

>you lost your right to be a canadian
Shit, just as i was getting okay now to be a Canadian, it's done people...Canada is no longer under conservative rule since yesterday.

Ah okay yeah, the same clouds who gave us snow too, that confirm what i tougth, you were pretty close geographicaly.
>i can understand why, npc standing in the cold being cold as fuck or the number of player getting lower is pretty much to be expected when the 0celsius start showint itself.
Well... why would the npc only stand there in the first place?
Also if it's under 0 celsius that's a really good opportunity to throw THAT guys into frozen rivers
>that's a really good opportunity to throw THAT guys into frozen rivers
Hungarian confirmed for murderous psychopath.

But i meant...you know what i meant.

People started school so less time for larp.
its getting colder so people want to stay home and chill instead of catching a cough outside.

So only the irreductibles survivors go to larp outside now.

Also, its waaay comfier to do medieval larp in cold weather i think.

Because putting more and more layer of clothes is actually pretty nice thing to do under a chainmail.

Pic unrelated but i think i'll make a suit like this for colder nigths at bico.

I really love my esclavine but a longer cape would be nice sometimes.
>Hungarian confirmed for murderous psychopath.
hey it happened only once so far, okay?
No winter game near rivers since then...
What event were you at?
File: cat.jpg (223 KB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 1500x1000
You remind me of a guy i met this summer.
The kind of guy to shank people in the dark and then know exactly how to hise the corpse, the same guy who i was going to a larp with and he started going : ''Hey if i close all my ligths we can follow that car'' or knowing way to much about the criminal underground.

This weekend i stayed home. i was supposed to go to Aeon in Quebec but then i just went...meeeh i dont have a lift and if i need to take the metro to get a lift then i need to limit my stuff to one bag so i cant bring my armor.

Plus, most of my group could not go too so i would have been the only one of the ''Bougre Boucs''

Wich would translate as...Bugger goats..doesnt make a lot of sense in english.

That was a strange larp where people wore historical armor and others dressed up as cat and various furries.
I can't confirm nor deny it if such thing indeed happened in the first place
File: clash.jpg (152 KB, 1080x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 1080x720
Yeah, one bag for an event is a challenge.

Found a pic of Sunday morning.
Don't forget we have an IRC setup for you guys.
>using a web clinet
just a bulgarian can be this pig disgusting
Yes please!
File: florentine20151.jpg (148 KB, 376x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 376x724
So I got invited to the local renn faire by friends which gave me a reason to finish the brown Florentine gown I've been working on and off for nearly 2 years.

All Handmade and handsewn excepting the sleeves and coif that I sewed mostly by machine.

I need to get better at this style of ladder lacing as it pulled and got a bit uneven after a while.

Soo pretty, soo cold.

Both you guys look bad ass.

Amazing! I'm curious, how did you manage the fae eating you, exploding into baby spiders thing? Some sort of special effects? Rp storytelling?

Nice! I like how it looks so cozy and natural looking! Looks like something a real person would wear rather then a costume.

So how's it going?
Roma =/= Romanians
Roma are subhuman filth that got exiled from India, then got exiled from the middle east.
Romanians are just normal people.
>Reasons to use a hammershot
-can't accidentally be overdrawn
-cool aftermarket parts like metal hammer and six shot cylinder
-doesn't jam easily

>reasons to use a doublestrike
Yeah, well fuck you too Anon.
*Brand new mace! Custom made, 2 pound mace with matching butt cap, from Baltimore Knife and Sword Works
*Almost finished with final padding for my Sallet
*Won a freaking Talhoffer buckler at the last meet and beat.
File: IMG_12.jpg (462 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
462 KB, 1280x960
actually the guy on the stilts isn't me, I'm just in the background on that pic

it's more about gypsies than romas and just as a casual racism joke. And stereotypes about how hungarians and romanians hate each other
Gypsies are Roma
Sinti says what?
no, gypsies are worse. The difference is subtle but important
>I'm curious, how did you manage the fae eating you, exploding into baby spiders thing? Some sort of special effects? Rp storytelling?
So, the fae unhinging and eating me was all rp storytelling, but when he exploded I got in front of the fae, pulled out a bag of plastic spiders and just threw them at my knight without warning.

He never saw it coming.
He's probably happy I'm dead.
File: DF2015_IT_0574.jpg (2 MB, 2000x1333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2000x1333
In this pic, Hungarian being a character from a fps.
Gypsy are to proper Romani, as niggers are to black people and white people from florida are to normal white people.

I am Romani, but I won't knife you and steal your wallet

Sinti are north Italian/German (and I think central Europe). Im South Italian Zingari.

I'll make an exception and stab you for your wallet.


I kek'd
File: 1wHL7OMl.jpg (52 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 640x480
The LARP I go to.

Merican Larp sadly.

File: Esh bracer.jpg (164 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Esh bracer.jpg
164 KB, 640x480
That's Esh's turf.

We like Esh.
That's also an Esh Esh pic.

File: IMG_1725 (800x600).jpg (320 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
IMG_1725 (800x600).jpg
320 KB, 800x600
To stave off my LARP thirst (it's going to be 4 or 5 months before I can debut my new character) I have thankfully been given a commission for a werewolf mask for one of our players.

Here's the sculpt so far- I'm really enjoying it.
Fuckin A bro
The waterline of the eye is a little wonky but it's beautiful
>game is post-apoc
>picture of a dude with a pair of obvious fantasy swords
Muh autism
File: angry talhoffer.png (178 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
angry talhoffer.png
178 KB, 300x200
>Dystopia Rising

I mean I guess if you're having fun, great. But damn have I heard some horror stories.
>I'll make an exception and stab you for your wallet.
File: fifilafofolle.jpg (143 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 960x720
Y 'u got' be so cute boi! y u' got' be so cute!

This is one of the rare cat i like.

Dogs are awesome.
File: Hungariansanta.gif (3 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x270
Damn... you got talent.

Such is life in the zone
File: casque.jpg (29 KB, 428x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 428x640
Just received my new helmet and also an ocarina because...reasons.
File: diplomacy.gif (12 KB, 477x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 477x466
I'm a noob.I recently got invited to join a local group. I have no equipment, no gear, no costume and no idea what to do. As of right now they are letting me borrow equipment (sword & shield) when they practice but I don't want to mooch off of them longer than I have to. I'm just trying to figure out where to get started.
File: visiere.jpg (43 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 640x960
Even my helmet look high af
try to test as many type of weapon as you can, once you find your favorite go with it and make one or buy one.

But sword and shield is pretty much the basic way to win a figth 1vs1 and thats good.
>But sword and shield is pretty much the basic way to win a figth 1vs1 and thats good.
only with retarded rules or against retarded people.

if you tell us more about the larp you are playing we can help you more. If you won't we just be vague as fuck
if by retarded rule you mean not being able to gauntlet punch people in the face, then yes i agree with you.

Because this summer i'm creating a battle for knigths.

Basically its still foam but you only win if the opponent yield or his trainer throw his colours.

The way to win without the opponent yielding is sitting on his chest and putting a dagger where there is a soft spot.it helps if you can take the ennemy helmet off. (pic related) >>8676629

Its dangerous so we dont tell bico and we do it in a secret place inside a building big enough where there is also SCA combat going on.
Turn out i already posted the knigth battle pic so i'll just post a pic of when purple knigth had a really weird slav moment in his life.
care to share some of those horror stories?
I mostly mean retarded weapon rules or not allowed to hit legs kind of stuff, etc
1v1 shields only good if both participant is a beginner.

one guy once come here from one of the DR chapters and told how two guy who never even played there preemptively were banned from the game because they learned swordfighting and because of that they are surely will injure people and stuff like that
Fun fact is that we know those two guys and it was kind of news to them too as they never wanted to go there. Anyway the thing is they are hated around that part of the US in larp circles because they have standards and actually learned stuff that makes them better in the hobby.

But then again, the organizers of that chapter never answered to the question if those guys are really banned from the game and if yes what is the reason
if that was the HEMA guy, i still can't believe that actually happened.

my biggest concern is that 90% of DR players are the typical "special snowflakes" or AMC's Walking Dead fans.
File: Armor.jpg (120 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 720x960
God damn Scadians...

"The Iron chicken" is not a legitimate fighting style. and a wrap shot can not defeat the most basic level of armor.

SCA sword and board is good, ONLY in the SCA and nowhere else. First off, the "minimum assumed armor" that fighters are supposed to score blows on in the SCA is padding and maile. I have handed scadians my real sharpened swords and told them they could wrap shot me as hard as they liked while wearing my riveted maile and gambeson. Not even a bruise, it plain doesn't work. Simply because you can't cut iron with that kind of wrist flailing shot.

Sword and shield is a great combination yet I have never seen many people use it in a combat sport effectively. And when I use it doing classes with SCA fighters they outright do not call shots or complain that they "don't fight like that"

Shield and Spear is far more effective. Hell if you have on plate armor than you don't need a shield at all. In my full plate I can walk through blow that would crumple a man in maile. Only the heaviest swords, maces and specifically designed weapons could hope to have a chance of knocking me on my ass.

Scadians have rules that emulate 9th and 10th century armor and combat (poorly) but then try to bring in weapons and tactics from five hundred years into the future.
File: Amtgard.jpg (430 KB, 1685x1124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
430 KB, 1685x1124
Dickswords... dickswords everywhere...
Yeah its a lot of dick swords, but my roomies and I either have nice foam ones made or buy the latex blades that actually look like blades.

We are packing for an event tomorrow.


Tell us, what do you want to be?

Your salt aside, you use a big brush, and have to realized the SCA is a big game with lots of cultural differences based on locale. Atlantia does everything better and more accurate.

Someone fights me with iron chicken, and i'll blast their wrist and elbow until they do better.

That said, when I feel like proper fighting, I focus on my WMA/HEMA group or ACL for my ultra-violence kicks.

Where are you located? I'd be happy to go some full contact bouts with you! My new mace is my baby (until my new polearm head is finished anyways)
What the fuck is iron chicken?
As someone who primarily larp fights with sword and board I wan't to make sure I'm not looking like a total tool
you don't have a big enough car for that, it would take several turns. Plus the flashbang grenades are kind of tricky
File: iron chicken.jpg (21 KB, 659x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
iron chicken.jpg
21 KB, 659x466
Iron chicken is when you wing out your elbow and use a basket hilt to protect your offside face/head.

No one who uses gauntlets or studies real swordsmanship uses it. Its gamey and unrealistic, using the fact that the hand is not a legal target to act as a defense.

I find laying a heavy shot on the point of their elbow tends a few times makes them tuck it in.
I have a trailer I can hook up to my car, and its an SUV I can take seats out of.

We gypo's have our ways.
then the only problem will be keeping yourself alive while doing this
A couple who are regular attendees at my LARP tried out DR about a year back, since they're fans of post-apocalyptic stuff. The girlfriend has a condition where if she doesn't get a full night's sleep, she starts hallucinating, and if it gets bad enough it can cause mental breakdowns. She made sure the organizers knew about this before she went, and asked if there were sleeping quarters available for people who couldn't be ambushed at night for health reasons. They told her the infirmary was supposed to have sleeping space for that reason, but nobody had used it so they stopped providing it. They also said that she shouldn't worry, if there was a medical issue then they would leave her cabin alone. Her cabin was attacked that night, she was woken up, and was unable to participate the next day because her hallucinations.

They decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and went to the next event as well, hoping it had just been a fluke. They still didn't have sleeping space for non-ambush people, but assured her once again that she would be safe from cabin ambushes and her cabin would even be marked specially to let people know not to attack it. This time, when it was attacked, the NPCs shut off the power beforehand so the defenders wouldn't be able to see. Unfortunately, there was a guy in the cabin with a CPAP machine to help him breathe at night, and shutting off the power turned the machine off, which could have caused him to stop breathing.

And then there's the thing Hungarian mentioned earlier. So yeah, in general, very poorly organized, tended to ignore legitimate health concerns, and banning people for really stupid reasons.

Which DR game is this? Because thats super shit.

Down in Gatorland (Florida),
We have a medical cabin, that even if people don't use it, is ALWAYS the medical Cabin. Just for that reason.
Id like to know which DR game that is because I plan to avoid the shit out of it forever.
sweet jesus thats ridiculous. you'd think they'd keep around the infirmary just in case something like that came up.

if i do end up going, i have the option of going to the pennslytucky chapter or the new jersey chapter. would there be a reason to go to one over the other?
Just made this lil guy for surgery at game.
File: shiney&chrome.jpg (73 KB, 540x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 540x960
South Florida, Trimaris, aka land of the leather clad carpet warriors.

A year ago I was hosting a class on longsword and viking style combat and kept getting scadians sitting in on the classes and as soon as it came time to spar instead of drill they all went right back into iron chicken. Muscle memory i suppose.

I really do like the whole history aspect of it. That is what motivates me to train and fight and teach. IMHO if you're going to dress like a roman or a samurai, or a viking, than fight like one. None of these basket hilt swords and aluminium shields. with too many rules it feels like sport rather than proper sword fighting.

Oh, have synthetic swords like the rawlings line gotten any traction in the SCA? I know there are regional rules in some areas. I find these thing to be much better for teaching technique than a rattan sword.
Time to close him up doc.
who taught you how to suture a wound?
>South Florida, Trimaris, aka land of the leather clad carpet warriors.

See >>8680305
>Gypsy are to proper Romani, as niggers are to black people and white people from florida are to normal white people.

Trimaris is the redneck trailer park of the SCA.

I accept basket hilts and bargrills for what they are: safety equipment. I am fine with a roman or viking or whatever using a plastic or steel basket covered with leather to protect his hand. Using the basket unrealistically is lame as balls

>have synthetic swords like the rawlings line gotten any traction in the SCA?
Nope. We warp and break them here in Atlantia far too quickly. The experiments ended after they kept exploding into shrapnel. We DO use them for no contact drills and clinics on historic swordsmanship though, which here are quite popular.
File: turkisharmor.jpg (179 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 720x960
Exploding? bloody hell what line are you using? I've used my rawlings ones against steel and I can't break them. The Cold Steel ones though feel like clubs. only use them for light contact and drilling.

Bar grills just look silly to me, like I am watching a game of bloodbowl.. they look like football helmets. though with the chain drape it can look pretty good. Where I fight now there are too many bucket helms.

As for Florida don't believe what you hear on the news. Our police records are public so it is easy to get them out in the open and see the weird shit. Also the state superhero "Florida Man" has his lair somewhere in central Florida where he can contribute to the daily stream of dumb stories that flow out of this state.

Do you do rapier in the SCA? the guys i have met here that do it seem to be a bit better than the "heavy combat" folks but the rules for society just make it a bit too gamey. I recall trapping one guy's arm while demonstrating Spanish circle and he was shouting something that amounted to a safety kill like they do in airsoft when someone is too close to shoot.

I'm baffled there saying "No man, I have your sword in my hand and your arm and body bent backwards. you're about to die you don't get to say a magic word and win." and don't get me started on "Light Knights"
Anyone have some good pictures of 6th century Romans/Byzantines? I'm looking for inspiration for my outfit, trying to change it up from 1st century Roman.
>bloody hell what line are you using?
Rawling synthetics of all gens. They simply are not up to repeated, full contact shots, anviling or flex stress on the scale we put them through. We don't even use them in ACL practice for the same reason.

>Bar grills just look silly to me
You just gotta accept it and you grow to ignore it.

>As for Florida don't believe what you hear on the news.

I lived in Florida for a while. I went to school at Barnum and Bailey Clown college back when that was still a thing. I am well acquainted with Florida, and you can't lie to me. You're obviously a gator wearing mouse ears on spice.

>Do you do rapier in the SCA?
Yes, and Cut-and-thrust. C&T is awesome. Have you ever played in the SCA outside of america's wang? Trimaris is not a good litmus for the rest of the SCA.

>Safety kill
You mean he yielded? Yielding is something they did IRL. Just saying

>"Light Knights"
I don't remember which chapter it was, but it was relatively local, so somewhere in the DC area. For that reason, I'd recommend the NJ chapter, because it's much less likely to be the one in question.
So who else has heard about that Polish Harry Potter LARP that's coming to the states? I'm not super into HP, but I may give it a shot just for the sake of encouraging more LARPs over here to try out Euro-style rules.
Ah k, glad I keep my elbows tucked in then!
well putting out on the side your elbow even with longswords seen as bad form. But then again if the other guy cen hit your elbow wich is on the side that means he already got past your sword without you doing anything meaningful so you suck too
happened to meet the organizers once. Although it's too expensive to me to go there. Maybe one day in the future.

Also, what is this euro-style rules you are talking about? becasue there are so many different rules here I don't know which one are you calling that
That was the term the article used, they didn't go into detail on what the system is like--I get the impression they're using it as a shorthand to describe systems that are light on numbers and mechanics, focusing more on the roleplay, costuming, and what the player individually is capable of doing. I didn't mean to suggest that European larps all had the same rules, nor do I think that was what they meant. Sorry if I caused any offense.
>I get the impression they're using it as a shorthand to describe systems that are light on numbers and mechanics
oh boy.
the poland guys are so "light" on numbers and mechanics that it's technically non existent in most of their systems.
Testing, apparently some mlp fag used this IP address to get banned for doxing
OK looks like I fixed the IP issue. So to answer your question, yes I played outside of Florida, at a group in Georgia and visited one in Colorado.

The light knight was some white belt who was ignoring every hit I gave him with a great sword. I got upset, talked him into a grappling match and took his sword away and beat him over the head until he yielded. Admittedly not my proudest moment.

As for the rapier thing the way he described the rule was that I was too close to him and that meant he could have grappled with me or pulled a dagger and won the fight. I think it was added to stop people from getting into fist fights but this guy was doing it to game the system.
Also the reason the light rule bugs me so much is where I fight now there are only 2 types of matches. Points and yield.

In a points match you score by landing a clean hit (steel swords make it easier to tell if it was edge on) also we only use about %75 power and have heavier Armor standards. You acknowledge all blows given and it is on the marshal and on the opponent to say if it was good. Often if you know it was sloppy than you tell the guy or gal you're fighting not to take the hit.

Yield matches go until someone gives up or is put in a position where they can no longer fight. Even then we don't always swing for the fence as Armor failure could result in broken bones and hospital trips.
File: IMG_387983938523.jpg (252 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
252 KB, 1280x960
PS, is that nigga on the right wearing pajamas?!
I'm not a scadian, i just want to create a illegal armored combat ring at Bico where the Scadian do their private figth and they're down with it.

Only way to win is :
- Opponent yield
- Your squire throw the towel
- Referee stop the figth
- You sit on your opponent chest

Horrible thing



>make hungarian economy go to shit
>buy his stuff for cheap
>sell his stuff for a high price
>use the money to buy more of his stuff
>you bougth all his stuff now he's richer
> his economy goes better
> price go up every time you buy
> he now have a better economy than you
> you cant keep buying because you dont have enough money left
> he have to lower is price really low
> you buy it but nobody is buying anymore
> you both end up poor and without any armor
>that was economy for you kids.
Those are the oldest style of trousers in europe. You can use plaid pajama pants and look accurate for thousands of years.
Ah! I never knew this had a name! I always called it the "boop attack" because it looked like the person was trying to boop you on the nose instead of fight.
File: 1340774790741.jpg (93 KB, 525x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 525x316
I'd describe it as full contact except with foam. No, as they said, "sissy taps". Their events seem very physical or at least they described their events as more physical than other events. For example, (and this is how they described it to me), lets say you and your buddies come across a box full of mcguffinite and it needs to get back to camp. Rather than saying "We take the box back to camp," and returning to camp. They make it so you actually have to carry the box back and its full of weights to simulate the weight of the contents. Another example would be coming across a tunnel in a dungeon, rather than saying "we crawl through," they have a tunnel set up that you actually have to crawl through.
They do participate in other events, they are going to Winter War in Atlanta I think next week.

Like I said earlier, I have no equipment, no gear, no costume and no idea what to do or get. Also is there anything I should know about LARP in general before I jump into this further?
>I'd describe it as full contact except with foam.
ohhh boy...
> No, as they said, "sissy taps"
this rings some bells....
>. For example, (and this is how they described it to me), lets say you and your buddies come across a box full of mcguffinite and it needs to get back to camp. Rather than saying "We take the box back to camp," and returning to camp. They make it so you actually have to carry the box back and its full of weights to simulate the weight of the contents.
so... like in every sane larp ever?

Alright let me guess... It's either Dagorhir, Amtgard or Darkon.
File: 1433517863392.png (106 KB, 683x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 683x470
I'm okay with that, honestly.

>full contact
Oh man, this is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot by people trying to make their LARP seem hardcore. Definitely give us some more details--and, preferably, info on what you want to play, that way we can help you a lot more effectively.
Sounds like a pretty normal LARP populated by LARPers who have only ever done bad LARPs.

I'm most wary about the "muh full contact" and the weird... Kinda elitist? parts of it, but other than that it could be a good time.

With regards to equipment start slow. Since they are letting you borrow weapons start with garb. Get a basic set of pants, shirt, and maybe a simple tunic. Get shoes that aren't explicitly modern (black boots are fine for now) Google that shit, make sure it's linen/cotton/wool not polyester or other synthetics. You'll hate this set of garb and have a brand new set within the year as you learn, I promise.

Shields are hard to come by without making your own, ask your friends at the game where they got theirs. If they made them, ask how much it would cost to have them make you one too. If your game uses/allows latex swords (which it should) Epic Armory is typically allowed by all US games I've found, and Calimacil is allowed in most (some games think they are too hard).

Set aside or save up $200-$300 US to get your initial kit put together. If you're careful and do your research, it'll probably cost a lot less than that but saving more never hurt anyone.
>"no sissy taps"
>"Full contact"
Sounds cancerous. Buzzwords and tough guy talk.

>Their events seem very physical or at least they described their events as more physical than other events. For example, (and this is how they described it to me), lets say you and your buddies come across a box full of mcguffinite and it needs to get back to camp. Rather than saying "We take the box back to camp," and returning to camp. They make it so you actually have to carry the box back and its full of weights to simulate the weight of the contents. Another example would be coming across a tunnel in a dungeon, rather than saying "we crawl through," they have a tunnel set up that you actually have to crawl through.

Yes, that is the live action of live actuon role playing. How is this a problem?
>>I'd describe it as full contact except with foam.
>ohhh boy...
>so... like in every sane larp ever?
Please remember that the most experience I've had with LARP is a video of a dude with a roman candle casting "magic missle". I'm just telling you guys what was told to me.
Yeah that's them. Is that bad? Are bad times and drama in my future?

>I'm most wary about the "muh full contact" and the weird... Kinda elitist?
Yeah I kinda got the same impression when they were describing what their events were like. Especially when the words "Indi LARP" were spoken. I didn't think too much of it at the time though.
Other than that they seem to be pretty cool dudes.
File: chasteknigth.jpg (296 KB, 499x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 499x752
>"no sissy taps"
>"Full contact"

How am i supposed to have fun if i cant touch full contact the sissies?
>Yeah that's them. Is that bad? Are bad times and drama in my future?
well... Let's just say that dagorhir is more of a battle game than a larp.
No problem with it if you enjoy that but be prepared that it's mostly combat oriented, little no no roleplay depending on which part of the country you are playing and they mostly have a sense that because they hit each other with dickswords that means they actually know how to fight.
Costuming standards are very little or sometimes nonexistent

As far as I can remember there are classes too but not sure about that, anyway you will have to figure out WHAT kind of role you want to play then we can help with HOW you can make it happen
Like Hungarian said, nothing wrong with Dag. It's just not really a LARP in the true sense of the word, because it's all fight and minimal role play. If that's all you're looking for, great! You'll probably love it, and that's fine. I would say, if that's the case, you really don't need to sweat over a character backstory or motivation much. Just make a dude who likes to fight and you're set. Putting more effort than that into a Dag character is a bit of a waste.
let be simple.

Larp is like a RPG, or if you are vidya oriented a open world game. You get a brave new world, you choose/make a faction, or something like that, then you roleplay/trade/backstab/fight your way on the top. or try to stay alive, at the very least.

On Dag, you are playing paint ball, or for vidya, Counterstrike. you got a team, there is the ennemy team, you fight. You can have a shiny skin to your team, or a fancy name, but it's more or less that.
File: A-45.jpg (646 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
646 KB, 2592x1944
How do you keep these bitches from sliding off your arm?

The design I am building is very similar to the one pictured. The rear half of the forearm is fully encircled, but the fore half is only half encircled and exposes the inner wrist.

The gauntlet fits over a vambrace.

My hand lames go up to the first finger knuckles, but I don't have any finger or thumb plates.

I see a lot of references to a strap across the inner palm (about where the first finger knuckles are), but how does that prevent everything from sliding down when you drop your arms straight down? Am I supposed to have another strap around the wrist?
File: IMG_2687.jpg (2 MB, 2432x3648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2432x3648
you need a glove sewn into it, that's all
Hey guys a newfag larper here.
I need arrows for my bow but I can't spend money on regular archery arrows, they're too expensive.
Care to suggest anything?
well, arrows are arguably the hardest to make surely safe, You should consult with the organizers on the safety rules on arrows

What is this style of hat called?
File: 1373469532588.jpg (53 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 480x720
File: 1311022526592.jpg (54 KB, 399x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 399x600
File: florentine20152.jpg (234 KB, 620x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 620x740
I don't know of a specific name for it other then "low crown straw hat". They are really wonderful though. It was nice to be able to wear my hair up and a hat at the same time. I just fixed it in place with a hat pin and was good all day.

The hat started as a regular wide brimmed hat I found at goodwill. I took the crown apart, soaked it in hot water, reformed it with a shorter crown, and sewed back together.
Anybody have an relativly easy way to make a medieval looking cloak? Complete noob here.
File: esclavine_source1.jpg (16 KB, 130x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 130x314
mah boii, i like that.

Too bad 40k doesnt seem to be as big here and i have no idea why sadly.

i love your stuff.

Do an esclavine.
its a cloak that cover your head and shoulder but is not too long.

Longer in the back and shorter in the front.
all you need and tons of stuff that you don't
Thanks, but are there some easier guides anywhere, something smaller maybe and a little less technical?

[spoiler] sorry [/spoiler]
cut out a 3/4 circle, length should be from your neck to your knees. Do the things with the edges so it won't fall apart, done.
Alternatively you can use a half circle.
Most of the LARPs arranged in Scandinavia and Finland are very light on rules and operate mainly on the Rule of Greatest Drama (ie. aim for whatever creates the most drama and stuff to play for others), Laws of Physics and Common Sense. This is sometimes referred to as "Nordic Larp" and could be what you're thinking about.
The games I've participated have been mainly non-combat ones, with emphasis on character relations and/or politics.
The easiest of guides, thank you. Should I go for Wool or Linen? Linen is cheaper offcourse...
depends, if you want to use it in cold weather then wool, maybe with linen lining, otherwise linen is good enough, maybe make it two or more layers of linen, depends on you
Linen alone would make for an exceedingly light and flimsy cloak. It won't keep you very warm at all, wool will do a much better job of that and will hang better to boot. Not that you need much insulation, do you, Satan?
File: DSC05356.jpg (2 MB, 3264x4912) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x4912
depends on the thickness of the linen and if you use at least two layers it's perfectly fine.
Example, two layers or kind of thin linen cape (the kind you would use for shirts)
My bascinet with chain attached

thanks to my friend who did it because i had no patience.
>thanks to my friend who did it because i had no patience.

if not for your sanity then at least for your hands

Caution! not so funny green text incoming
>ordered a mail armor online
>arrived a few days later, could barely even carry the package home
>14 motherfucking kg
>maximum chest circumference is 140 cm, I have 80 cm
>looks like I'm wearing a metal tent dress, and the alleged 2/3 short arms are more like 4/5.
>shoulders and back hurt just from trying it one, this wont do
>put the armor on my work bench mannequin and grab pliers
>furiously work my way through the rings, detaching and reattaching etc
>this goes on for the entire saturday and sunday until I am done
>get to work on monday, work as a repair tech
>grab a screwdriver in my usual sleepy monday morning manner
>pain strikes with the fury of a thousand rings on my sore hand
>had to keep a straight face and continue working since I slacked a bit to much the week earlier
>had to cancel sparring practice night as well

only managed to cut off 2½kg off the weight so I sold it off after the first event I used it,

and that is the story of how I grew to hate chain mail. the end.
I paid him in food and weed.

Actually i just told him i had to do it and hated it and he proposed to help me, very nice guy.

Same bascinet without the visor.
Its always better to have some one else who is good at it to do the job. I usually repair 2-4 armors a year for similar payments.
I'm exchanging weed and food for some reduction of price to my ''blacksmith'' making my armor.

I make excelent food (pretty much why i'm a fatso) and know accurate medieval recipes.

Plus, my herborist is a really fine connaisseurs of dry weeds and provide me with the best quality that many envy.
(The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.)

Pic unrelated but i love Hennin
Yeah, I hadn't considered layering, that's a good point.
>I make excelent food (pretty much why i'm a fatso) and know accurate medieval recipes.

What are some of your favorites?
Does anyone have any experience with Planetfall? I haven't been able to find a lot of information about it online.
>Best weapon/combo for dueling?
>Best weapon/combo for big fights?

Also is Dual-Wielding any good at LARPs? Anyone ever had a good go with it?
La-Poule-au pot (yeah i know its 16th century)
Crêpes (because its always tasy as fuck.)
Meat pie (easy to do and always filling, but i must admit...i did not do the crust and i was not the one to do it so i never learned.)
Hypocras (technically a drink but fuck you m8!)
Onion Soup (trust me, you have to taste my onion soup)
All kind of soup and potages in general.

And the ever eternal, let that shit boil on the fire while we figth and then we come back and fill our bowl with lot of leftover meat and veggies at any time of the day while the fire is there to warm us up at the same time.
(so basically what every peasant where doing in a chaumière back in da days)

And then you got the dry goods like dry fruits, nuts , bread , saucissons.cheese.

Many people do their own alcool and some of them are actually pretty awesome. and the other...like my squire... well. its drinkable if you already lost the sense of smell and taste.

Pic somewhat related, our table at a medieval nigth.
File: No legs.jpg (56 KB, 600x424) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
No legs.jpg
56 KB, 600x424
The best weapon combo is the one that works for you. If you're a ten-thumbed baby who's never fought before, grab a polearm or a weapon and shield and keep at it until you learn from your peers.
Or, you know, join a HEMA club or dabble in Kendo/Escrima/what have you until you develop a workable knowledge of range, angle and weapon mechanics.

I'm not going to say you're wrong for asking, but holding two swords is a surprisingly alluring trap. It's important to bear in mind that a number of historic swordsmen advocated for it, and that there are provisions for fencing with two swords in just about every martial tradition from Europe to the Phillipines.
That being said, it's a hard style to make work in controlled sparring, much less in whatever chaos is going to be happening at a LARP. It's a layer of complexity that a beginner doesn't need, and you'll generally be inferior to someone of equal skill working with a different loadout.
File: caliss2.jpg (143 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 720x960
The question you asked will make all of us go all autism on your ass brah.

At first i'd say, nope its not.
but then i know one of the best dual wielder of Bico, backed by the (few) fencing manuals and images there is so he's still about historical accuracy but want to prove that dual-wield is efficient.

So yeah...its possible but you have to be perfectly ambidext.

If you are a drummer it helps a lot since you know how to use both hands.

>Best weapon/combo for dueling?
try sword and buckler, its usually the best for every begginners.
>Best weapon/combo for big fights?
for REALLY big figth where a battleline is formed then you want to learn with polearms, you will be the the one making the kills when the shieldmans keep the line. after some time when you get the hang of things you get some armor you get shield you can become a shieldman yourself.

I was gonna post a picture of this guy that is good with 2 swords but then i found this one with him on it first and had to post it.

at a larp-convention that we went there was this guy in a kilt and then we saw something we had to share.
>all of us

Don't you ever speak for me, you presumptive prick.
I'll do what i want , i'm free as a dryad.
polearms and polearms
Just how good is he? Or the 'top-tier' Bico fighters? My friends went to Drachen a few times so I know/heard about most of the dudes there, but we know literally nothing on Bico except it's a fantasy LARP that happens in... Canada or something?
Pink Ze Nun is best Ze Nun.
does it really matter?
There is no way to compare in a meaningful way how good two fighters over the internet
I find that shields are frequently OP because headshots aren't allowed. But really, the answer is >>8688018 >The best weapon combo is the one that works for you.
Whatever you feel fits your fighting style best, go with that and learn it, and you'll do fine.

>Big fights
Whatever balances out the group. If there's lots of polearms, they'll love you for playing a shield fighter. If there's lots of shields, they'll love you for picking up a spear. Good archers are always in short supply.

>Dual wielding
In my limited experience, it works a lot better for LARP than for actual combat. The main obstacle--weapon weight--is less of an issue, which opens up your options a lot. It does take a bit of practice, though, moreso than most other choices.
Looking good hun.

Yes. Its called a blanket. Get a good fibula. Pic related.


Jesus fuck. What gauge and what diameter?!

Im more of a shrooms guy.

I can dump some if you want.

Fuck you. You're a no one Anonymous. You are not part of the inner circle of larpfagdom.

Get back to tilling my lands.

Yay, Ze Nunne 2.0!
The college of wizardry game is comeing to america. You know what this means. things are about to get thug.
>You are not part of the inner circle of larpfagdom
fuck. there is an inner circle of larpfagdom?
Wait... there are circles of larpfagdom?
Fuck you guys for leaving me out!

what this means that a bunch of people will prais it like some kind of messiah, another bunch of people will be arguing why is it so expensive, a fuckton of people will be butthurt that it's not full contact, a whole bunch of people will always say from now on that there are euro tier larps in the US (even when the whole euro tier thing is bullshit and just a buzzword)
And there will be those who will actually go to the game
File: innercity.gif (931 KB, 500x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
931 KB, 500x260
i like to see it as a net positive for the american gameing scene. If it works it could mean good things for high doller/high work ethic centered games in the USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkBt6y11CK4
The problem is that it's completely different from usual larps. It was completely different from the other larps in europe too.
I won't pretend I know what will happen but there are a lot of factors and could get very interesting in one way or another.

Also did I ever tell you guys how some swedish SJW's were totally buttdevastated that in the Harry potter larp there was a faction that was called Brotherhood of whatever, because Brotherhood is a name that oppress women and shit like that. They obviously didn't cared about the fact that the brotherhood had only one male in it, everyone else was female. And that male wasn't even the leader.
File: evil.gif (2 MB, 314x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 314x208
i heard that at one point funny.
I wonder how americans will handle it?
there will be drama that's for sure.
File: whothecoiv.jpg (83 KB, 460x696) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 460x696
what sort is what i'm wondering
that's the part which depends on a lot of factors.
My phone wont load pics :(

>fuck. there is an inner circle of larpfagdom?
>Wait... there are circles of larpfagdom?
>Fuck you guys for leaving me out!

Yes, the grimoire of visages, where we contact each other by our true names!

If its anything like the harry potter themepark at universal studios, think of the worst of tumblr, all gathered in one place....
>If its anything like the harry potter themepark at universal studios, think of the worst of tumblr, all gathered in one place....
it's probably more expensive
File: gothim.jpg (105 KB, 364x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 364x471
File: images-AB2970_l.jpg (194 KB, 887x1337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 887x1337
I'm thinking about getting a new helmet from get dressed for battle but I want to put a crest on it because crests are cool, fancy, and I've already got a crest I don't use from a helmet that's too small for my head. But I've got no idea how to add a crest holder to a helmet that wasn't originally intended for one. Any ideas larpfags?

link related is the crest I have, it has a hole at the center where it would sit in the plume holder on a Roman Gallic style helmet and leather cords at both ends to tie it securely into a set of holes on either side of a helmet. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=AH6101&name=Roman+Crest+-+Red

Pic related is the helmet I'm thinking of getting.
What kind of metal working skills do you have? You'll need to make sleeves for crest mounts.



IMHO, a skullcap will look stupid with a fancy crest on it.
Nonexistant metalworking skills, read some Roman reenactment guides on how the crests were attached to helmets that were built to carry crests.

In my head it looks good, but I'm willing to acknowledge it might not be as good in real life as I think it would be.
You're literally taking the helmet of bumfuck poor infantry (which would later be worn under a hat or hood) and putting an officer's crest on it.

Just my opinion, but that would be like putting an $800 scope on a rusty Somalian AK.
File: 1394386633514.jpg (792 KB, 1368x2526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
792 KB, 1368x2526
This guy is also wearing the same helmet as bumfuck poor infantry and he looks pretty cool.
I have to agree with Gropey here anon.Since you have no metalworking skills it's going to look like an infantryman found an officer dead on the field and decided to glue their crest onto their helmet for shits and giggles.
...Or maybe your character is just the dumbest person ever and is trying to impersonate an officer but the officer's helmet didn't fit.
...Which may actually be fun.
No. He is not. He's wearing a Gallic type V helmet. A highly engineered and complex helmet for the era, issued by the state to its regular army. Its a one piece bow construction with hinged cheek plate, decorative reinforcing plates, and a complex neck guard.

The spagen skullcap is the helm of the poor auxiliary who had to buy his own kit.

File: hally porter.gif (2 MB, 360x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hally porter.gif
2 MB, 360x240
It's all well and good to speculate, but we really won't know until it's happened. We don't even know where it's going to be located yet, so I'd say it's way too early to jump to conclusions. It might be awful, and it might also encourage other larps to do better.
>He's wearing a Gallic type V
Clearly a Gallic G you fucking pleb.

>issued by the state to its regular army
And if you recall the purpose of the Marian reforms the whole point of issuing shit to the army is so the landless poorfags who were previously excluded from military service could make themselves useful.

>The spagen skullcap is the helm of the poor auxiliary who had to buy his own kit.
The one pictured from GDFB also fits my head. A consideration rather important to me, I'd buy an Intercisa style helmet if I could find one that fit me.
Im sorry, I meant F. Like in my picture here >>8689317. YOU sir, are the pleb. You can scrape the exertion and effluvium off me after I have ravaged you in the manner of the greeks.

The Marian reform covered the regular army. Auxiliaries got the regulars casts-offs and surplus. Anyone who was bellow issue, had to supply their own. These were typically the non-roman irregulars.
>Im sorry, I meant F
Neck guard is too flat for an F.

I'm also not trying to be Roman for once in my life. I've already got a full set of reenactment gear for an early 1st century AD legionary. I'm just trying to branch out but still find a use for some of the cool stuff I've picked up.
Point stands, $800 scope on a rusty Somalian AK.

But again, this is opinion. Mind you, mine is the correct one because fuck you, I am a clown.
>Point stands, $800 scope on a rusty Somalian AK.
I'll have you know I take very good care of my guns. Not a fucking spot of rust on my Somalian AK.
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190 KB, 600x400
Shrooms seems awesome but i'm intolerant to mushroom and dont want to take the chance to shit and puke myself while high. that would kinda...ruin the mood.

>Yay, Ze Nunne 2.0!
Ze nun 2 and ze nun 3 have became both Ladies in the Holy Relicary.
Lady Alyson and Lady Amandine.

Rigth now the only Templar still existing is the Original Ze nun and The old Guildleader who still think there is a way to save his guild.

And i can clearly say it now.
The Templar are dead and will not be remembered.

i now remember that girl that went
''Oh you got an ak47 on your pic!, yes i know guns and larp and i'm a girl!''

And i went.
''it's an ak74u''
>i'm intolerant to mushroom and dont want to take the chance to shit and puke myself while high. that would kinda...ruin the mood.

Yes, that would be bad.

>ze nun 3
Don't recall her.

>Rigth now the only Templar still existing is the Original Ze nun and The old Guildleader who still think there is a way to save his guild.

>And i can clearly say it now.
>The Templar are dead and will not be remembered.

My condolences. Slaanesh soon, fellow cultist.
Hey citizens of 4chun.

Not my typical questions but how would you make a Low-fantasy apotechary lab?
what would you put in the jar to make it look ''real''
(to be precise it would be for Bico)

By the way i would classify a low fantasy world as:
- Fantasy races exist
- Magic is hard to do and only some can
- orks are violent and strong
- goblins are smaller and weaker than orks but are smarter even if they dont use tech like in warcraft
- Elves are assholes who only think of themselves and are often hated
- Dwarves are stout warriors but there is no steam technology or if so, very little. (no gnomeragan like tech)
- Dark elves are matriarchal and dress in black
- not a lot of other races than the ''main'' fantasy races like these ones.
- the rarer races like fauns are seen as a rare thing to see and are often hunted
- Religion do not see their god directly but only by manifestations and even then its really rare.

This is kinda my pefect kind of setting for a Medieval Larp.

The other being a fully historical Larp...but i feel like only a spectator sometimes in those since you know that at this time in history this or that was happening and you end up with a moment in the scenario where it happens and you know that no player action could have stopped it.
heh, none of you will understand
Quirinus of Sescia?
actually "sisak" in hungarian means helmet. That and deep nationalist (thing about redneck tier ones) in hungary always think that hungarian language was the FIRST AND ONLY ONE AND EVERY LANGUAGE COMES FROM THAT and various other bullshits. So it's kind of funny
File: bait leech.jpg (89 KB, 634x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bait leech.jpg
89 KB, 634x511
>Not my typical questions but how would you make a Low-fantasy apotechary lab?
what would you put in the jar to make it look ''real''
(to be precise it would be for Bico)

You're in luck, as I do a display of medieval medicine for educational purposes.

*First, go to any store that sells fishing supplies and get latex bait leeches.

*secondly, get a round flask and fill it with apple juice. Thats your urine flask. Make a big deal of tasting that shit when diagnosing humors.

*Rolls of bloody halloween gauze

*Stage blood and a small bleeding bowl
File: 1420487900095.jpg (397 KB, 593x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
397 KB, 593x564
Since we're getting into cold weather, anybody got any good patterns for a cloak that'll keep the rain out and heat in? Doesn't have to be particularly simple, I've got enough sewing experience that I think I can handle a moderately complex one, at least--not that I imagine a cloak will be that complicated anyway.
see >>8685487
Does anyone have any experience with helmets while LARPing?
What kind did you use? Is there any 'preferrable' one? Or ones I should avoid?
I prefer kettlehats also known as best helmets.
If you are new to the helmet stuff then stick for open ones at first, then you might try closed ones. But whatever floats your boat
Avoid anything with big horns or other projections that will easily get caught on things. Other than that, helmets are really all about style.
File: klapp.jpg (77 KB, 329x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 329x400
thats good.

usually historical helmets are good for a reason.

You want 14ga or 16ga minimum, 18ga will not be enough to really protect you.

Have your face open unless you really want to protect it. try a removable visor.

I'm in love with my bascinet
File: DSCN4098.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
>Other than that, helmets are really all about style.
while this not necessarily true it reminds me that you should have something on your helmet to hold the feathers. Very important.
I would like to play a seedy back-alley merchant, the kind of guy who has a ton of illegal merchandise on his coat. Any ideas on how to make the inventory?
>Any ideas on how to make the inventory?
very subtly
also in the meantime we hit autosage again (and pretty close to image limit) so here is the new thread
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