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I can get a 12 pack of Ramen noodles for...
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I can get a 12 pack of Ramen noodles for under $2.50. What are some other poor people foods? I've heard beans are necessary to supplement for protein, but canned beans are more expensive than uncooked beans in bags. Campbell's has 53.25 oz Pork and Beans for $2.38. Help me slum it /ck/. Give me some ideas besides a better job.
Go to a food bank and eat for free. Why is this never mentioned in these threads? Anybody can go to a food bank. They will give you more food than you can eat, and it will be nutritious as well. Just remember that some of the produce will be getting ready to spoil so cook or freeze. This advice is for Americans only though. I don't know if other countries feed their hungry.
your mom feeds me every night m8
Do you have food banks in your country?
Sacks of potatoes.
Bags of Rice (try to get brown if possible as the whole grain has more fiber = more filling so you can get more servings and stretch it out longer)
Whole Wheat Pasta and Canned Sauce
Canned veggies like carrots, peas, and corn are usually less expensive than frozen per oz.
If possible spring for whole wheat bread which has half the calories of white slices with 2-3X fiber
Bake your own desserts. 95% of recipes = bags of sugar and flour which are cheap and you can substitute apple sauce for expensive eggs as your binding agent, cheap margarine or vegetable oil for your fat instead of butter, and water for milk as your liquid, which yields more products on a per pound basis than buying prepackaged things like Twinkies, Oreos, or Candy

Obscenely expensive items you should stay away from are:
Candy/Snacks like chips/crackers
Cereal (and by extension milk)
Meat & Cheese
Fresh Fruit/Veggies
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All of these items and more are absolutely free to anyone who gets off their ass and goes down to the food bank. Seriously is this board like 90% bots and shills? I guess I am the one taking the bait by posting in here. Oh well, hahaha anon we trolled you hard. All that aside if you're hungry in America there is free food everywhere just waiting for you to claim it before they ship it off to become feed or compost. But here is a can of smegma to spread on your toast.
Sardines and potted meat
Lentils are a good alternative to beans. Same benefits, but dried lentils cook relatively quickly, with no presoaking.

Cheap veggies (per unit weight) tend to be the ones that keep a relatively long time, like onions, carrots, cabbage (the dense style).
1. Buy green onions (scallions)
2. Slice, use in food
3. Save whole bulbs
4. Place bulbs in glass of water
5. It sprouts
6. Use it, repeat

Scallions forever.
I get 5lbs. of good rice from the Asian store for $10, and I could get 15lbs. for a touch over $20 if I wanted (I don't have a container big enough tho). My rice cooker comes with a steamer, so I buy whatever veggies fresh or frozen I can find on a good deal, steam them while I'm making rice, and I have a cheap and tasty vegetarian meal in like 30 minutes with zero effort. Add in a can of beans (or make your own if you have a crock pot) and you're good to go.

>Fresh Veggies

In the UK at least these are not always that expensive. I know the USA has strange tax laws on vegetables.

Admittedly meat will rely on you finding a good butcher so you can buy the cheaper cuts without them being complete shit.

Obviously also any dried pulse is going to be worthwhile.
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You have the right idea with your pic, but step your game up a bit.
Pic related will cost about 75 cents more per meal, but it's worth it and you'll never look back
Family sized potato chips/doritos bag, literally a day's worth of food in a bag. Like 2,500 calories to be exact. I think they cost like $4 at most.

Not healthy but you won't die of hunger so better than nothing I guess. I think vomit chan posted the nutrition thingie, I think I saw like 20 grams of protein too.
what do you store it in? i want to start bulk buying things such as flour and rice but dont really have an idea about airtight containers
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