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who /homemade pizza/ here
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who /homemade pizza/ here

what is you're go-to recipe?

heres mine http://www.food.com/recipe/quick-and-easy-pizza-dough-117532

it makes god tier pizzas desu. i do need to add more water than it says tho

tonight i will make a pineapple pizza. what about y'all?
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I'm gonna go get some ingredients from the shop and make a pineapple pizza just to trigger you
the girl in the picture is triggered not me. Although I think pineapple pizza is disgusting.
just pineapple pizza sounds weird
but pineapple and pork (almost any kind-Bacon, ham, prosciutto especially)
is incredibly dank.
sprinkle some feta on top of that shit and you just made heaven.
I need a good no knead dough recipe.

Don't have a mixer.
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I haven't eaten a pizza without pineapple on it since 1994.

Canadian bacon
Double pineapple
Double cheese
Extra sauce

try this

Will do.
op here, i knead the dough with my hands for a few minutes using the recipe posted in the op.
My fucking nigger. Sadly, I only order pizzas at parties and nobody shares my taste.
Why 1994?
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Too much gravity.gif
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>Don't have a mixer.

Are you an amputee? Just kneed that shit by hand, nigger.

Dough recipes are a pain in the ass because water, flour, yeast, humidity and temp all have an impact on the dough, which means you're going to have to tweak any given recipe to accommodate your conditions.

Current recipe: (you DO use a scale, don't you nigger?)

400 gr generic AP flour
7 gr salt
6 gr sugar
1.5 gr Fleicshmanns active dry yeast
14 gr olive oil
226 gr water

Directions: Use warm water (110 degrees ish...) and dump half of it in large bowl, and add the sugar, and the yeast, whisk it good to mix and aerate, and give it 10 minutes to start to activate.

Add salt to the flour and start mixing in the flour gradually, while aerating the mix as much as possible.

When the mix starts to get too thick, add the remaining water and oil, and continue this process until the mix becomes too thick to aerate, and then just add the rest of the flour.

Work the flour until it starts to clean the sides of the bowl, and then kneed that shit by hand until it is nice and smooth, soft and springy, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes, usually.

Cover in bowl, and let rest for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, divide into two balls for two 14 inch pizza's, or leave whole for a 28 incher, flour or oil so they don't stick, and refrigerate for at LEAST 12 hours, but it gets better if it's refrigerated for at least 24 hours, and my best results come from dough made on a Friday night and used on a Sunday.

When ready to use, pull from fridge and let it come up to room temperature before pressing out into shape.

Results give a dough and a crust that is crispy and chewy, without being too rubbery the way some NYC style crusts are, but would probably be better if baked an an actual pizza oven instead of my ghetto 500 degree home stove.

Good luck, faggots.
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That's when my best friend ordered it and I tried it for the first time.
I basically use the same things the above recipes call for, BUT: substitute the water with white wine. Do it. It's better. And I put some olive oil in it.
>2 riflemen, 2 squad gunners, 1 grenadier

Damn, son. Were you guys going to go fight the terminator or something?
We were going door to door, arresting Panamanian Defense Force officers.
Anybody got experience with putting milk in the dough? seen some recipes but didnt try yet.
I actually like Hawaiian pizza, but everyone else I know fucking hates it so I pretend that I hate it too so I don't get made fun of when we order pizza.
Unless you are from New York, you don't know shit inbred faggot.
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Nigger tier shit.jpg
1 MB, 1440x960

If those faggots don't like a pork / ham and pineapple combo on a pizza, there's something wrong with THEM, not you.

You can make a NYC quality pizza with stale flour, gutter water, salt from pretzels, yeast scraped off a stolen baquette and cooked over a bum fire in a back alley using ketchup packets and stolen government cheese...and a bit of poo.

Californians make better pizza than NYC does, and they're a bunch of limp-wristed faggots.
2 cups of high gluten (or bread) flour (plus additional for working)
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of grated unsalted butter
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 heaping teaspoon of Active Dry Yeast (or half a yeast packet)
You also need:
cooking spray
zippered poly-bags
small amount of corn meal
In large bowl add flour, dry-yeast, sugar, and salt (in that order), then mix with fork.
Using a cheese grater, grate butter into the dry ingredients, then add water, oil, and continue to mix with fork until you begin to create a ball of dough.
Switch to hands, and knead dough for several minutes.
Spray a large (freezer style) zippered plastic bag with cooking spray, and place dough ball in bag. Close bag and place in refrigerator over-night furthest from air vent. (typically in the bottom).
Remove dough from refrigerator and place in room-temperature environment in a bowl approximately 90 minutes - half a day prior to baking (dough should be room temperature, with numerous holes).
Preheat oven to 550° F.
Take a large pizza sheet and coat non-stick spray, then with corn meal, and spread dough over top, top with favorite marinara,cheese and veggies.
Bake for approximately 8-10 minutes on middle rack. (Caution the extreme heat blast when opening the oven door.)
Brush crust with Garlic and Herb sauce.
Garlic and Herb Butter Crust

2 tablespoons of butter
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon of onion powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
Pinch (1/16 teaspoon) of black pepper
Pinch (1/16 teaspoon) of oregano
Pinch (1/16 teaspoon) of Basil.
Melt butter in a bowl with seasonings in microwave for 40 seconds.
Stir mixture, and brush on crust after baking pizzas and before serving.
I've eaten multiple home-made and tons of ordered pizzas, but somehow none of the homemades got close to the shittiest ordered pizza. I don't know why though. Everyone is praising homemade as the best pizza, but i think they are just being polite
Probably the oven difference. Seems pizza does best when "flash" baked at high temps whereas fully cooking it in a house oven will end up with a really crispy texture and overcooked cheese
My parents have an outside oven, i'm not sure how hot it gets in there, but somehow the dough is just different, no matter the thickness
>walk out of my $8k/month studio apartment
>step over the junkie sleeping in the hallway
>pass open doors of somalians boiling bait fish in ketchup and cabbage
>walk outside, get frisked, cuffed for an hour, then released
>pass roughly eighty negroes selling their mixtape
>wait in line for three hours behind sweaty european tourists in bermuda shorts
>dead eyed puerto rican behind the counter says, "7.99, plus saturate fat 35% tax, plus 22% white privledge tax, that's $12.55... plus tip"
>he rattles a tin can full of coins in my face and coughs loudly
>pull out a $20
>he sighs and rolls his eyes really hard and mutters "chinga tu madres..."
>pull out another $20
>he takes it
>stuffs both in his pocket
> it's a foot long, and roughly an 8th of an inch deep
>look around to make sure everyone is watching, then fold it in half long ways, smile self satisfactorily
>take a bite of this freshly room temperature pizza
>the SYSCO industrial shredded cheese product balances perfectly with the US FOODS tomato flavored corn syrup puree and made-in-mexico frozen crust shell
>God King DeBlasio rides by in his chariot, wearing his ceremonial Shaka Zulu leopard pelt
>tells me something, but I can't understand with his giant clay lip disk and bone through his nose
>he rolls his eyes and sighs, then rattles a tin can labled "Tips"
>I put a $20 in
>he smiles and throws a flint tipped spear through my chest
>such is life IN DA BIG APPLE

It's a combination of the shitty dough, and not enough heat.

The purpose of the fermentation is to allow a lot of tiny gas bubbles to form in the dough from the carbon dioxide released by the yeast, and the best results are obtained by a slow cold ferment of at least a day, up to three. Most people just don't ferment their dough long enough, which means it won't expand the way it should when cooked.

To maintain the gas created during fermentation, and to put it to use when cooking, a dough has to have the right combo of strength and elasticity, which means your flour protein content and grind is important. If a dough lacks strength and elasticity, then it can't contain all the gas, and a lot of it simply escapes when being stretched into shape. If a dough is TOO strong, than the gas can't expand as fast, or as much, when cooking in the oven, which leads to a cardboard consistency and a crust like granite.

A good dough is strong, but elastic, so that when you expose it to heat it's strong enough to contain the bubbles, but elastic enough to allow for a lot of expansion. The higher the heat, the faster and the greater the expansion of the gas in the dough, and it is this expansion that largely separates home cooked oven pizza from the higher heat of pizza parlor oven, and fire cooked pizza.

Most chain store doughs make soft and rubbery pizza, and you can replicate that by tweaking your recipe's, and adding dough conditioner the way they do. Just keep tweaking and you'll get there.

I try for the Neopolitan style crust, which is crispy, and largely filled with air, and while it'll never be as good as a dough fired in a wood burning pizza oven, it turns out a lot better than chain doughs, and is FAR cheaper to make.
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Jesus approves.jpg
28 KB, 400x400
i dot and thats the recipe I use for the dough too, except I sub gluten-free all purpose flour for regular flour and I nix the corn meal because 1. I can't find it organic and non-gmo and 2. its too crunchy.

BASED even though pineapple on pizza is BASEDER

I just whip it about a bit in a big glass bowl (of my mixer) and leave it. It tastes fine.
You're my friend.
Cold ferment is like fridgerator cold or room temperature cold?
How can one man be so fucking based. Are you a seer?
Fridge, anon.

I flour the dough ball, and shove it in a zip lock, and put it in the fridge.

When it's ready, try to handle it carefully so you can save as much gas in the dough as possible.
Homemade pizza is great as a way to show off for your gf but it's so much easier to just order one.
40 M TX
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Pizza rolls are superior
This thread is amazing. I made authentic New York pizza for my flyover friends and their heads literally reddited.
Can you freeze pizza dough?
This brought me joy.
Of course!
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I figure when I discover a great dough abd sauce recipe that I'll just make a bunch of both up and portion it out and freeze what I don't use.
What's a good sauce recipe?

I've got peeled San Marzano tomatos, last time I used a little onion powder, salt, sugar, and oregano.

It was still kinda bitter.
I'm thinking about trying this one out:

Here's hoping it will be at least edible.
Depends on you, really.

I prefer straight up crushed San Marzano's with a bit of salt, and a figure 8 of olive oil.

However, oregano, dried basil, and rosemary are all good additions to a tomato sauce, and while some like to mix them all in the same sauce, I think the sauce is better when the spices are used individually with the tomato, with salt, and the olive oil.
1 28 oz. Can San Marzano tomatos
1 clove minced garlic (1 tsp)
1 tsp fresh chopped oregano
1 tbsp EVOO
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar

Simmer for 30-40 minutes.
>stale flour, gutter water, salt from pretzels, yeast scraped off a stolen baquette and cooked over a bum fire in a back alley using ketchup packets and stolen government cheese...and a bit of poo.
You're making me hungry
New York Pizza is not inherrently better than the pizza produced anywhere else.
Yes, New York Pizza is unique. It is a style of pizza. There are many styles of pizza. It may be your favorite style of pizza.
And that's fine.
But just because you grew up in a region of the country where every pizza joint tries to make the exact same style of pizza doesn't
mean that the rest of the country (and world) needs to accept your favorite style of pizza as their favorite style of pizza.
Here are three things you should know:
1 - Claims of "New York pizza is the best" are instantly refuted by people from other parts of the country who
have visited New York, tried various pizzas in New York, and concluded that they still prefer some other style of pizza. This
simple minded boast might have flown in another era, such as the era before people traveled. At all. Since the invention of the HORSE,
people have traveled far and wide, sampling the cuisines of various locales. People from Podunk Iowa have had pizza everywhere
from downtown Podunk, to San Francisco, Boise, Chicago, Miami, even ITALY. And New York. Not all of them agree with you.
2 - There is no magic to New York style pizza produced in New York City. Plenty of pizza makers have left New York, established
pizzarias in their new hometowns, and continued to produce the same style of pizza, with the same level of quality. So when you claim that
"New York pizza is the best", and somebody replies "Well I've tried Tony's New York Style pizza in my hometown of (wherever), and
I still prefer (Chicago style/St Louis Style, Seattle Style) pizza", you can't just come back with "Yeah well you have to try New York
pizza in NEW YORK to really know what good pizza tastes like". That's weak, and you know it.
3 - There are no pizza toppings that are sacrilegious. If somebody enjoys pinneaple on their pizza, they're not an idiot. You're an idiot
for being so small minded about what can and can't be put on a pizza.
No one asked
Nice blog
So this thread inspired me to try my first homemade pizza.

How'd I do cu/ck/s?

56% hydration...super easy to work with.

Only thing I would add is: forget it if you don't have a pizza stone.


The easiest, cheapest way would be to use a steel cake pan, like a 9 x13. It's possible to make first-rate pan pizza in one without a mixer, special flour, a peel or a stone. But fuck aluminum, which is what many people try, which is shit.
Looks great, would eat.

Looks good.

How'd the crust turn out?
looks like shit
You don't know what a blog is for, do you?
reddit, you really need to fuck off
And you don't really get reddit either. I suppose I should have guessed...
I used to make my own dough and all, including letting it ferment for 24-48 hours. Now I just get the premade raw dough from the dairy case at the supermarket. Not nearly as flavorful but a lot less work and it's only like $1/lb so it's not like I'm paying a huge markup.

Dough, plain sauce, various herbs, salt, pepper, moz cheese and pepperoni, usually. Boring but cheap, easy and delicious.
I clicked the convert to metric button and the quantities seem fucked up. I add olive oil to mine. I also don't use sugar, but I use fast-action yeast, so that's probably not needed.

Other than that, my method is very different. I let it rise for an hour, then knock it back and start assembling my pizza.
Really good. I can't believe how fucming good it was.

Had no idea that was possible to make at home.
I've made home-made pizza since I was 8. I always made pizza for my friends during my birthday partys growing up, which in hindsight was weird since I was cooking while my friends were playing in the other room...

Anyways, my parents had this bread book from the 80's or early 90's. I used that recipe for the pizza dough (I think it was a pilsbury publication? I'm not at my house, so I can't check. I inherited the book and it's in my library)

Anyways, I'm 29, so I've had about 20 years of making my dough on a consistent basis (why would you buy frozen when making your own is so better/cheaper; other than the one-off guilty pleasure or no-time to cook) I actually stopped measuring out the amount of flour/water because I've gotten used to the texture and feel of the dough.
I can tell if I can get a dough that's thin and crispy, flyover state, chicago, new york, pizza hut or everything inbetween. And you really have to get so experienced to make it by feel. Exact proportions is nice, but it just doesn't give you that individual "feel". Using your intuition and sense just gives your pizza an umph that a recipe can't give.
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>*tips fedora*
I've tried many different crust recipes and this one has been the best one for me. I have it labeled in my recipe book as "the good pizza crust". It's nice and crunchy on the bottom, good and bready but not too thick. I adjusted the amount to be the perfect amount to fit on a rectangle cookie sheet.

1 and 1/3 c warm water
.5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp yeast
3 c flour
.75 tsp salt

I also pretty much always use a can of diced tomato to make the sauce, just squeeze the juice out by handful and put tomatoes and whatever spices in the blender - perfect amount of tomato sauce.

Good deal, anon.

I fucked up the dough on the first few pizza's I made, resulting in cardboard / rock like qualities.

Now the dough and crust is better than any take out chain bullshit, and I actually eat all the crust, instead of just a few pieces.

Making pizza is a weekly ritual now.
I cooked some bacon and italian sausagage for my pizza but ended up eating most of it before it got to the pizza.

I use the autolyse method to develop gluten (and flavor) without a mixer.

Mix 1/2 the flour and all of the water, plus a little sugar and the yeast. Mix it with a whisk.

Wait for anything between 1 hour and 24 hours. Then mix in the remaining flour and all of the salt.

My favorite proportions:
100% flour
63% water
0.2% sugar
0.2% instant yeast
1.75% salt
Is Ray's the best pizza in New York?
How do I make Little Ceasars pizza?
Walk in
Give them $5.00
Walk out
How much cheaper is it to make your own instead of buying it? The ingredients seperately probably cost as much if not more than a pizza place.
it is much cheaper than pizza from a pizza place actually.
400g flour (0.45€/kg) = 0.18€
1 pack of yeast for 0.07€
50ml olive oil (1l=5€) = 0.25€
1 500ml pack of tomato sauce = 0.35€
1 pack of mozzarella = 0.55€
Salt, oregano and basil in small amounts amount to a few more cent at best. Tap water is practically free
varying topics worth 0.50-1€
So overall I pay about 2€ plus the energy involved which may be 2 kWh for a total of 0.50€

At a pizza place it would cost something like 25€ so ten times as much and I have less control over the ingredients.
The only thing I miss is the proper oven which you could build yourself if you have the room.
>tonight i will make a pineapple pizza

Was going to offer my knowledge until I read that.
>At a pizza place it would cost something like 25€
where the fuck do you live

you can get a pizza + something to drink for 5-10€ here
1 small pizza. A medium one is like 7.5 and my recipe is good for three of those.
oh that makes more sense
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Made a couple of pizzas earlier with my brother.
Pepperoni and sausage on left, pepperoni and bacon on right. They're delicious.
The recipe for the dough I made is the one on the back of the little Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast packets. You can find 'em in most grocery stores. Turned out a little thin, but that's just because I split the dough for a second pizza.

I flippin' love that there homemade 'za.
File: 20150904_180102.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't have a recipe. I just wing it. Here's the result
Big ol' crust/10

Do you stuff the crust, anon? Your pizza looks like delicious opportunities.
I'm never ordering pizza again this shit is delicious tbqh. I'm going to make a huge batch of dough and sauce and freeze it so I can have pizza whenever I want it.

Thanks family
get a bread machine... make fresh dough whenever. even program it to have fresh dough for you when you get home or wake up.
>not letting your dough cold ferment for 48 hours
My man!
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r8 my recent creation, used my new pizza stone, tasted very good but the cheese pooled a bit in the middle
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>tfw my first pizza has been seen by over 11k neckbeards.

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